128th Durand Cup Final: ARMY GREEN WIN THE TITLE

11.09.2016: Neroca FC 0-0(5-6) Army Green (FT)


NER : :Lalit, Govin, Ashok, Johonon, Subhas, Bisheshwar, David, Meitei, Sushil, Dhananjoy, Kallon

ARM : : Sahanoos, Harojit, Linesh, Lalawmkima, Bikash, Nanish, P D Gurung, Uttam, Boby Chand, Subhas, Muzammil

REF: Umesh Bora

Army Green beat Neroca FC in 0-0(6-5) to win 128th Durand Cup
Neroca FC 5-6 Army Green ..Vikram Adhikary scores
Neroca FC 5-5 Army Green ..Govin Singh's shot, deflected by bar
Neroca FC 5-5 Army Green ..Bikash scores...Calmly placed to Lalit's left
Neroca FC 5-4 Army Green ..Ashok Singh scores...Powerful shot finds the net
Time for sudden Death.
Neroca FC 4-4 Army Green ..Linesh scored...well placed
Neroca FC 4-3 Army Green ..Dhananjoy scored...
Neroca FC 3-3 Army Green ..Uttam's shot finds the net
Neroca FC 3-2 Army Green ..Sushil Singh's saved...straight to the keeper Sahnoos.
Neroca FC 3-2 Army Green ..Bobbychand's shot...Lalit saved in his left.
Neroca FC 3-2 Army Green .. Sohail scores.. grounder left to the keeper, finds the net.
Neroca FC 2-2 Army Green .. P D Gurung scores.. Fine finish
Neroca FC 2-1 Army Green .. David scores.. Perfectly placed
Neroca FC 1-1 Army Green .. Lalwankima scores.. Well placed
Neroca FC 1-0 Army Green .. Subhas Singh scores. Sahanoos anticipates but still it finds the net.
Neroca FC to shoot first.
END OF EXTRA TIME Match will be decided on Penalty Shoot out.
120':2 minutes of added time.
118':Brilliant chance to Sushil in 6 yards box from Sohail's cross from left, his header went wide.
117':Vikram's shot, went wide.
116':Players Change in Neroca FC: Sohail in place of substitute player Ronald
113':Yellow Card to Uttam for his tackle to Lalit.
112':Players Change in Army Green: Akhil in place of Muzammil
111':Ronald's cross, nearly a goal scoring chance to Anant. He failed to touch the ball.
109':Lalit made another good save to deny Army Green.
108':Ashok's shot, went over the bar.
106':Ball cleared from corner.
106':Corner to Army Green after Lalit made a good save.
106':Second half of the extra time resumed.
HALF TIME OF THE EXTRA TIME Score remains still goalless after the first half of the extra time.
105': 1 minutes of added time.
104':Good move of Neroca from left but a cross straight to keeper Sahanoos.
100':Forth corner back to back by Neroca. Too many chances to Neroca but ball finally cleared as Ronald committed handball.
97':Long cross of Ashok, Sahanoos saved the ball.
92':Vikram's corner, wide corner, cleared.
92':Corner to Army Green.
91':First half of the extra time starts.
END OF REGULATION TIME. Score remains still goalless between Neroca FC and Army Green. Match will be decided on Extra time.
90':1 minutes of added time.
89':Players Change of Army Green: Vikram in place of Nanish.
88':Ball cleared from corner.
87':Corner to Neroca FC.
82':Meitei's long ranger, went wide.
78':Army's corner. Bikash take it. Neroca defence cleared the ball.
76':Meitei's corner, cleared and a long ranger of Ashok touched upper net.
75':Corner to Neroca FC.
73':Brilliant chance to Army XI. But no one to support Lalwamkima.
69':Ball cleared from corner.
68':Meitei's cross from left, Sahanoos cleared initially, but Sushil's shot cleared by Harojit. Corner to Neroca FC
67':Meitei's corner, Sahanoos cleared the ball.
66':Corner to Neroca FC.
63':Sahanoos cleared the ball from corner. Foul against Sahanoos.
62':Sushil's free kick, deflected by human wall and went wide. Corner to Neroca FC.
61':Bikash committed foul, free kick to Neroca FC.
61':Ball cleared from corner.
60':Sahanoos failed to trap the ball properly. Corner to Neroca Fc.
59':Harojit's free kick, went over the bar.
58':Bisheshwar committed foul against Lalawmkima.
57':Anant committed foul against P D Gurung.
55':Score remains still goalless .
54':Subhas tackle against Harojit singh, treatment is there.
53':Players Change in Neroca: Anant Kumar Singh in place of Johnson.
52':David's long ranger, went wide.
51':Chance to Meitei after Sahanoos cleared a cross, Nanish blocked it brilliantly.
46':Subhas Singh's shot, went over the bar.
46':Second half resumed.
HALF TIME Score remains goalless at half time in 128th Durand Cup final.
45':1 minutes of added time.
43':Sahanoos fists the ball from corner, rebound shot of Bisheswar but Sahanoos again cleared the ball.
42':Chance to Bisheswar, good block by Uttam. Corner to Neroca FC
40':Foul against David, free kick to Neroca FC .
39':Nanish's centre from right, Kallon cleared the ball.
38':Subhas's cross from left to find Sushil, but good save by Sahanoos.
35':Subhas's cross from left, went over the bar.
29':Meitei's pass, but a tackle by Johnson. Foul against Johnson.
26':Back to back attack of Neroca, but Army Green defence cleared the ball.
23':Lalwamkima's shot, went over the bar.
21':Chance to Sushil, good block in Army defence.
20':David's corner, cleared in defence.
20':Corner to Neroca FC.
18':Govin's bad tackle, free kick to Army Green.
17':Ashok's cross, brilliant chance to Meitei after a mistake by Army defence but his shot went wide.
16':Harojit's long shot and a back pass, straight to keeper Lalit.
13':David's long cross, went wide.
12':Nanish Singh looks injured, treatment going on.
10':Linesh's cross from right, Lalit save the ball.
8':Lalawnkima's header from a cross from left, went wide.
6':David's foul to Uttam Das, free kick to Army Green.
3':Ball cleared from corner.Lalit's fist clears the ball.
3':Bikash's cross, Kallon cleared, corner to Army Green.
0':Kick off.

09.09.2016 : DSK Shivajians- 0-3 - NEROCA
NER : Sushil Kumar Singh 36', Malemnganba Meitei 65', Anandkumar Singh 90+3'

09.09.2016 : ARMY GREEN- 3-3, 4-2 (Pen) - AIZAWL FC
AIZ : Bright Mends-2, Chullova (P)