AFC : Abdoulaye Kanoute 45',ISAK VANLAL 80'
CRB : Robert Junior 64', Vinil Poojary 78'
MOM : Isak Vanlalruatfela (AIZAWL FC)

08.01.2020: AIZAWL FC <b> <font color=red> 2-2 </b></font> CHURCHILL BROTHERS (FT) (FT)

AFC : Lalramhmunmawia, Richard Kassaga, Paul Ramfangzauva, ISAK VANLALRUATFELA, Joe Zoherliana, Alfred Jaryan, C.Lalrosanga, Lalawmpuia, Ramhlunchhunga, William Lalnunfela, Abdoulaye Kanoute,

CBFC : AFAR MONDAL, Vinil Poojary, Ponif Vaz, Kalif Alhassan, WILLIS PLAZA, Robert Junior, Richard Costa, Vanlal Duatsanga, Lalkhawpuimawia, Glan Martins, ABU BAKR,

AIFF PRESS RELEASE : Aizawl witnessed an intense encounter between home team Aizawl FC and the Red Machines from Goa – Churchill Brothers FC Goa, played on Wednesday, January 8, 2020. The match ended in a hard-fought 2-2 draw, much to the disappointment of the home crowd who were there to witness a potential first home win of the season. With the draw, Aizawl FC are placed fifth on the points table with nine points from seven games whereas Churchill Brothers go to the top of the charts with 10 points from five matches.

08.01.2020: AIZAWL FC <b> <font color=red> 2-2 </b></font> CHURCHILL BROTHERS (FT) (FT)

Aizawl FC started with a few new names in the line-up today which saw the inclusion of the January transfer import Ramhlunchhunga. There was another change which was seen in the form of Lalrosanga who was playing in the position of Joseph Adjei who was out due to his suspension in the last match against Gokulam Kerala FC.

The match started on a slow note as neither team looked dominant from the onset. The first major moment came in the 29th minute with a set-piece from Kalif Alhassan of Churchill Brothers. His dipping strike at the goal was going to find the lower right corner of the net when the Aizawl keeper carrying his form from the last match made a diving save to his right. Churchill Brothers again got a chance with a free shot for Vinil Poojary soon after but his strike from inside the box just went wide.

The moment of reckoning finally came in the 44th minute as a low cross from the right flank by Joe Zoherliana was foiled by the away keeper and it fell to Aizawl’s Abdoulaye Kanoute who made no mistake and tapped the ball into the net from close range. Aizawl went into half-time leading 1-0.The second half resumed and it had a different flavour to it. Churchill Brothers came out with more attacking intent and looked sharper. Another factor was also the introduction of Israil Gurung — their set-piece expert at half-time who proved his worth immediately.

In the 64th minute, Israil got a free-kick from the right side of the Aizawl box and produced a dangerous curling strike which produced a save from the home team’s keeper but he couldn’t control it and the loose ball was finally tapped in Robert Jr. Primus to level the score at 1-1.Both teams were now trying to score the winning goal but Aizawl fell behind in the 78th minute as a poor defensive clearance by the team resulted in a close-range strike by Vinil Poojary giving the away team a 2-1 lead.

The onus was now on Aizawl and on a day when the Churchill goalkeeper wasn’t at his best, they fancied their chances of a comeback. In the 80th minute, a cross from the left side of the box was spilt by the Churchill keeper and the ball landed for an easy tap in at the feet of Isak Vanlalruatfela. He made no mistake and smashed the ball in the back of the net levelling the score at 2-2.In the dying moments of the match, both teams tried to score a goal but none could create a clear chance. The match ended with the scores level, which also marks the fourth consecutive draw for Aizawl FC at home.

MOM : Willis Plaza ( CB)

04.01.2020: CHURCHILL BROTHERS</b> <font color=red> 1-0 </b></font><b> EAST BENGAL (FT)

CB: Jafar, Ponif, Abu Bakr, Primus, Jovel, Lalkhawpuimawia, Costa, Alhassan, Poojary, Martins, Plaza.
QEB: Raltey, Kamalpreet, Crespi, Mehtab, Abhishek, Abhijit, Kassem, Juan, Dika, Marcos, Santos.

90+1': Chance for East Bengal....Jafar saved a ball from almost the feet of Crispi.
90': 5 minutes added time.
89': GOAL...... Churchill leading.
Plaza's header of a cross from Isreal from the left finds the target.
87': Juan's cutrling cross collected by Jafar, Marcos was slow to reach the ball.
85': Marcos shoots wide of a pass from Santos with only goal keeper to beat.
84': Crispi's long ranger curling shot acrobactically saved by Jafar.
82': Juan's corner from the right cleared by Churchill defense.
80': REPLACEMENT EAST BENGAL; Toondomba in, Dika out.

04.01.2020: CHURCHILL BROTHERS</b> <font color=red> 1-0 </b></font><b> EAST BENGAL (FT)

77': REPLACEMENT CHURCHILL: Sanga in , Jovel out.
75': A feeble header from Santos of a cross pass from Marcos, safely collected by by Jafar.
73': Scores are 0-0.......both the team had a number of chances, but failed to convert even from the close range.
71': REPLACEMENT CHURCHILL: Isreal in, Poojary out.
STAT- LALTU CHAKRABORTY : 2017-18 and 2018-19 East Bengal was unbeaten to Churchill Brothers in home and away both 4 matches.
68': Easy chance for Raltey of a counter attack......shoots wide of a pass from Santos.
65': Chance for Churchill again.....Abu Bakkar's header of a lob from Plaza just missed the target.
63': Raltey was the saviour of East Bengal again........Punched away a powerful header of unmarked Plaza from a close range.
61': A brilliant save by Raltey......denied Plaza from a close range.
59': REPLACEMENT EAST BENGAL: Brandon in, Abhijit out.

04.01.2020: CHURCHILL BROTHERS</b> <font color=red> 1-0 </b></font><b> EAST BENGAL (FT)

STAT- LALTU CHAKRABORTY : Churchill Brothers big home loss to East Bengal was 0-3 in 17th Round Match of 2012-13 I-League.
58': Plaza's flick of a free kick from Al Hassan wenrt wide.
56': Juan was challanged by Jovel at the age of 18 yards ball rolled over the touch line.
55': Marcos was a bit slow in reacting to a pass from Kamalpreet, Jafar collects finally.
53': Juan's shot of a pass from Santos clreared by Abu Bakkar.
51': Churchill creating pressure in East Bengal defense looked positive right from the start of the second half.
48': Churchill on counter attack.....Lalpuia's header went straight to Raltey .
47': Marcos's lob saved by Jafar....Marcos collected the ball of a rebound from Dika's free Kick.
46': Second half kicks off.
STAT- LALTU CHAKRABORTY : Churchill Brothers Big home win 3-0 against East Bengal in 8th Round match of 1999-00 NFL.
45'; 3 minutes added time.
43': YELLOW CARD to Kassem for rough play against Martins.
41': Plaza shoots wide from a close range of a pass from Al Hassan.
40': Al Hassan's free kick went wide.
39': Free kick for Churchill......Al Hassan fouled by Abhijit.
38': Churchill now had some good moves creating pressure in East Bengal defense.
35': A curling free kick from Jovel but Raltey punched away before Plaza could create any danger.
32': An advanced Plaza was time blocked by Abhishek, ball cleared out of the danger zone.
29': YELLOW CARD to Marcos of East Bengal for rough play.
27': The home side yet to settle down, but the visitors wasted some easy chance.
26': Dika's corner cleared by Ponif out of the danger zone.
25': Dika's free kick cleared for a corner by Churchill defense.
23': A brilliant opportunity wasted.......Juan shoots wide from a close range of a pass from Santos.
20': Free kick for Churchill....Martins free kick cleared by Mehtab.
STAT- LALTU CHAKRABORTY : IN 2019-19 I-LEAGUE home Match Churchill lost 1-2 with East Bengal. Plaza scored for Churchill while Lalrindika Ralte and Colado scored for East Bengal.
19': East Bengal had some good openings so far but failed to utilise the situation.
17': A long ranger from Santos after covering a long space, but Jafar collects the ball easily.
14': A miss by Abhijit...... failed to control the ball of a pass from Marcos with only the goal keeper to beat.
12': Marcos shot went straight to Jafar of a forward pass from Santos.
10': Dika's corner from the left cleared by Churchill defense.
8': Kamalpreet's corner from the right went wide.
7': Abhijit was blocked by Poojary ball rolled over the goal line for a corner.
5': Santos failed to control a pass from Marcos deep inside the Churchill half, ball cleared.
4': Isreal's corner from the right went wide.
3': Plaza's forward pass cleared by by Abhishek for a corner.
2': Al Hassan's free kick cleared by Crespi
1': The home team are playing in short passes in the midfield.
1': Match started.
0': An important match in I League coming up shortly from Goa.

East Bengal currently placed at the pole position in the I League table with 8 points from 4 matches. East Bengal won 2, drawn 2 matches, scored 8 goals and conceded 4 goals. East Bengal and Real Kashmir FC are the only two teams who are yet to face a defeat so far in the competetion.

Churchill Brothers are at the forth position in the I League table with six points from three matches. Churchill Brothers won 2 matches, but lost the match against Indian Arrows, scored 8 goals and conceded 4 goals. JUAN MERA of East Bengal scored 4 goals from 4 matches in the competition, while WILLIS PLAZA of Churchill Brothers scored 3 goals out of 3 matches played so far.

CB : Abu Bakr 42'
ARW: Givson Singh 77', telem Suranjit Singh 89'
28.12.2019 : CHURCHILL BROTHERS <b><font color=red> 1-2 </b></font> INDIAN ARROWS (FT..)
CB : James, Ponif, Abu Bakr, Kalif, Plaza, Primus, Israil, Lalengzama, Vinil, Lalkhawpuimawia, Jovel.
IA : Lalbiakhlua, Akash, Hendry, Vikram, Givson, Saurabh, Ricky, Harmanpreet, Hormipam, Manvir, Ayush
MOM : Givson Singh (Indian Arrows)

AIFf PRESS RELEASE : n the first massive upset of Hero I-League 2019-20 season, Indian Arrows came from behind to defeat the in-form Churchill Brothers FC Goa in their own backyard by a score of 2-1. Reaping the benefits of the tactical brilliance of Shanmugam Venkatesh, the substitutes of the Arrows proved to be the game-changers. This was the first win for Indian Arrows in four matches and the first defeat for Churchill Brothers in three.

It was one of those rare days for Churchill Brothers when Dawda Ceesay was starting on the bench. Instead, Coach Bernardo Tavares started with Khalif Al Hassan. The half started to the home team’s surprise as Indian Arrows looked like a completely different team. Arrows dominated possession and pressed high, trying to get the first break of the match. The first major attempt came within five minutes of the start of play as captain Vikram Partap Singh made a run down the left flank, but the cross from him went straight to the Churchill keeper.
28.12.2019 : CHURCHILL BROTHERS <b><font color=red> 1-2 </b></font> INDIAN ARROWS (FT..)
Churchill seemed to be on the back foot but the same didn’t stay for long. With 16 minutes on the clock, Willis Deon Plaza started to assert his presence in the game, beating two Arrows defenders, eventually to be tackled by Lalbiakhlua Jongte. The shot, though, was going towards the goal, which was eventually cleared off the line by Hormipam.

In the 30th minute, Churchill again came close as a cross from the right by Robert Junior Primus hit Hormipam and fell for Abu Bakr, but the latter failed to score with an open goal in front of him.The home team was finally rewarded for its repeated attempts as a beautiful delivery by Israil Gurung, from a corner found the towering head of Abu Bakr, to give them the lead minutes before the half-time whistle. In the added time, Khalif Al Hassan’s shot from distance tested the Arrows keeper but the score stayed at 1-0 going into half-time.

The second half resumed with Churchill trying to slow down the pace of the game and Arrows looking to get an equaliser. In the 47th minute, Aman Chetri who came on a substitute for Harmanpreet Singh, created a chance from the right but the cross couldn’t be tapped in by Vikram. With 64 minutes on the clock, Churchill came on with two changes as they brought on Dawda Ceesay for Vinil Poojary and Richard Costa on Vangchhia. Arrows also made their second change by bringing on Telem Suranjit Singh for Manvir Singh, who was struggling in the second half.

The moment of glory for Arrows finally came in the 78th minute, when a low cross by Aman Chetri from the right was smashed into the back of the net by an onrushing Givson Singh. It was looking as if the match will end in a draw but a misunderstanding at the back between Junior Primus and James Kithan gave Arrows the lead, as substitute Telem Suranjit Singh capitalised on the offer and scored the second goal for the away side in the 90th minute.

Arrows didn’t back down till the end as Aman Chetri, who was proving to be the real impact substitute, showed immense individual skill and hit the goal post moments before the end of the game. Arrows finally held on to their lead and closed the match 2-1 to get their first win of the 2019-20 Hero I-League season.

08.12.2019 : MOHUN BAGAN - ( 2-4 ) - CHURCHILL BROTHERS (FT.)
CB: Plaza 1', 37', Primus 28', Abu Bakr 75'
MB: Fran Gonzalez 34', Subha 88'
MOM: Willis Plaza (Churchill Brothers)
08.12.2019 : MOHUN BAGAN - (<b><font color=red> 2-4 </b></font> ) - CHURCHILL BROTHERS (FT.)

MB : Debjit, Ashutosh, Morante, Daniel, Gurjinder, Britto, Naorem, Beitia, Fran Gonzalez, Colinas, Suhair.
CB : Jafar, Ponif, Abu Bakr, Kalif, Ceesay, Primus, Vinil, Glan, Jovel, Lalkhawpuimawia, Plaza
REFEREE : Om Prakash Thakur

FULL TIME Churchill Brothers beat Mohun Bagan 4-2 in their first away game of the I-League 2019-20 season.
90'+5':Beitia's powerful strike, James Khitan saves the danger. Brilliant save.
90'+4':Substitution for Churchill Brothers: James Khitan in place of injured Keeper Md. Jafar Mondal.
90'+2':Beitia's corner kick, cleared in defence.
STAT: Laltu Chakraborty
MOHUN BAGAN won 3-0 with CHURCHILL BROTHERS at home for 2 times. 17th Round 2002-03 and 5th Round of 2011-12.
08.12.2019 : MOHUN BAGAN - (<b><font color=red> 2-4 </b></font> ) - CHURCHILL BROTHERS (FT.)

90'+1':Chance to Salva, another fine save by Jafar. Corner to Mohun Bagan.
90': 4 minutes of added time.
88':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL Subha Ghosh reduced the margin for Mohun Bagan. Morante's touch finds Subha, and he scored from the close range.
86':Beitia's corner kick, Cyrus committed foul.
85':Chance to Colinas after a good one two with Beitia, Jovel and Jafar blocked it well.
83':Plaza's left footed shot, went wide.
83':Morante's flick, went straight to Jafar.
STAT: Laltu Chakraborty
MOHUN BAGAN drew 2-2 with CHURCHILL BROTHERS at home for 4 times and Drew 1-1 for 3 times also.
08.12.2019 : MOHUN BAGAN - (<b><font color=red> 2-4 </b></font> ) - CHURCHILL BROTHERS (FT.)

80':Salva tried another, but his flick went over the bar.
79':OFF THE POST!! Subha Ghosh's shot, deflected by post and went wide.
Today's Attendance - 14238
76':Churchill Brothers leading 4-1 now.
STAT: Laltu Chakraborty
MOHUN BAGAN was unbeaten to Churchill Brothers in Home Match from 1997-98 to 2011-12. 15 Matches and first home loss 0-2 on 2012/13 season.
75':GOALLLLLLLLLLLL Abu Bakr's fine header from Israil's cross from right flank, finds the net.
73': Lalkhawpuimawia's header went wide.
72':Substitution for Mohun Bagan: Subha Ghosh in place of Nongdamba Naorem.
70':Plaza with another shot, deflected and results corner.
69':Good one two between Ashutosh and Colinas, but Colinas ruled OFFSIDE in final touch.
68':Ceesay tried a left footed long ranger, went wide.
67':Julen Colinas's long ranger, went wide.
08.12.2019 : MOHUN BAGAN - (<b><font color=red> 2-4 </b></font> ) - CHURCHILL BROTHERS (FT.)

67':Jovel's cross, cleared in defence.
STAT: Laltu Chakraborty
MOHUN BAGAN drew 0-0 with CHURCHILL BROTHERS at home for 3 times. 7th Round play-off in 1009-99 // 21st Round in 2003-04 and 16th round of 2010-11.
63':Another fine pass of Colinas, but Salva Chamorro failed to touch it. Excellent chance to Mohun Bagan.
62':Substitution for Churchill Brothers: Israil Gurung in place of Vinil Poojary.
62':Ceesay's free kick, cleared in defence.
60':Beitia's free kick, cleared in box.
59':Colinas's another fine centre, Salva failed to touch the ball, otherwise it could reduce the margin.
58':Good move through Morante and Colinas, fine chance to Ashutosh in box, tight angle but his shot went over the bar.
56':Yellow Card to Jovel. Beitia's free kick, Mornate's aerobatic volley, went wide.
54':Another chance to Salva, goal line clearance by Primus.
52':Ashutosh's cross from right flank, Salva Chamorro's header went wide.
50':Morante's long ranger, went over the bar.
49':Beitia's free kick, header cleared.
08.12.2019 : MOHUN BAGAN - (<b><font color=red> 2-4 </b></font> ) - CHURCHILL BROTHERS (FT.)

48':Yellow Card to Vinil for his bad tackle. Free kick to Mohun Bagan.
47':Churchill Brothers's corner, Ceesay's corner kick, cleared in defence.
46':Beitia's shot, went straight to Jafar's hand.
46':Substitution for Mohun Bagan: Salva Chamorro in place of Britto, Sk. Sahil in place of Fran Gonzalez.
46':Second half resumed.
HALF TIME Churchill Brothers leading 3-1 against Mohun Bagan at half time here at Kalyani Stadium.
45'+3':Britto's cross from right, straight to Jafar.
45'+2':Britto's shot, Abu Bakr cleared it from Goal line.
45':3 minutes of added time.
45':Another chance to Churchill Brothers through Lalkhawpuimawia, but his shot went wide.
44':Ceesay's free kick, cleared in defence.
08.12.2019 : MOHUN BAGAN - (<b><font color=red> 2-4 </b></font> ) - CHURCHILL BROTHERS (FT.)

STAT: Laltu Chakraborty

38':Colinas's cross from right flank, deflected and Suhair's header went over the bar.
37':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL Plaza scored once again for Churchill Brothers. Plaza's long ranger, Debjit fumbles and it went to net.
35':Beitia's corner kick, cleared in defence.
34':Another counter attack of Mohun Bagan, Jafar cleared the ball. Corner to Mohun Bagan.
34':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL Fran Gonzalez scored from the spot kick.
33':PENALTY to Mohun Bagan after Khalif committed bad tackle to Naorem.
STAT: Laltu Chakraborty
MOHUN BAGAN BEST HOME WIN AGAINST CHURCHILL BROTHERS WAS 2017/18 ROUND 2 MATCH WHERE MOHUN BAGAN WON 5-0. Scorers were Ansumana Kromah, Pierrick Dipanda Dicka-2,, Sheikh Faiaz, Sony Norde.
08.12.2019 : MOHUN BAGAN - (<b><font color=red> 2-4 </b></font> ) - CHURCHILL BROTHERS (FT.)

30':Beitia's free kick, Primus's header and Glen with another header to clear the ball.
28':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL Robert Junior Primus's header from Ceesay's corner, finds the net.
27':Another mistake of Daniel, chance to Vinil, his left footed shot cleared by Debjit. Corner to Churchill Brothers.
24':Beitia's corner, cleared in box.
24':Gurjinder's cross from left flank, blocked and another corner.
23':Beitia's corner, Colinas's header went wide.
22':Another corner to Mohun Bagan, this time from left.
20':Fran's header from corner, cleared in goal like, return shot of Suhair again blocked, and a final shot went over the bar.
20':Back to back two corner of Mohun Bagan. Beitia to take it.
19':Colinas with another good long run through right flank, Primus blocked the cross. Corner to Mohun Bagan.
18':Fran Gonzalez's forward pass to Julen Colinas, but he is in OFFSIDE position.
08.12.2019 : MOHUN BAGAN - (<b><font color=red> 2-4 </b></font> ) - CHURCHILL BROTHERS (FT.)

17':Another good move of Mohun Bagan, but final pass of Suhair blocked and cleared.
15':Another move from Mohun Bagan, forward through to Britto, but this time he committed foul.
12': Forward through to Plaza, good save by Debjit in box.
7':Fine run of Britto, but a block by keeper Jafar.
6':Beitia's free kick, nearly finds Morante in box, went wide.
5':Foul against Britto, free kick to Mohun Bagan.
2':Churchill Brothers leading 1-0 now against Mohun Bagan.
1':GOALLLLLLLLLLL Ceesay's centre from left flank, Plaza's header finds the net.
0':Kick off.
STAT: Laltu Chakraborty : HEAD 2 HEAD ( NFL/I-LEG/Super Cup)
Mohun Bagan Home - 20 Match // 8 Win // 10 Draw // 2 Lost // 30 Goals For // 19 Goals against
Mohun Bagan Away - 20 Match // 5 Win // 8 Draw // 7 Lost // 23 Goals For // 32 Goals Against.
Mohun Bagan - Super Cup : 1 Match // 1 Win // 0 Draw // 0 Lost // 2 Goals For // 1 Goal Against.

2018/2019 / 18. Round / Churchill Brothers ( Antony Wolf) 1-1 Mohun Bagan ( Dicka)
2018/2019 / 6. Round / Mohun Bagan 0-3 Churchill Brothers ( Dawda Ceesay, Willis Plaza-2)

01.12.2019 : CHURCHILL BROTHERS 3-0 PUNJAB FC (90+4'FT)
CB : Lalkhawpuimawia 45+1', 81', Willis Plaza 70',
MOM : Lalkhawpuimawia ( CHURCHILL)
01.12.2019 : CHURCHILL BROTHERS <b><font color=red> 3-0 </b></font> PUNJAB FC (90+4'FT)
CBFC : Ponif Vaz, RADANFAH ABU BAKR, Kalif Alhassan, WILLIS PLAZA, Dawda Ceesay, Robert Primus, MD JAFAR MONDAL, Vinil Poojary, Lalkhawpuimawia, Glan Martins, Jovel Martins.

PFC : Bhaskar Roy, BAYSAH DENNIS, Danilo Augusto, ANWAR, Sergio Barboza, Jason Stewart, Sanju Pradhan, Y. Raju , Thoiba Singh, Dipanda Dicka, Munmun Lugun

01.12.2019 : CHURCHILL BROTHERS <b><font color=red> 3-0 </b></font> PUNJAB FC (90+4'FT)
Churchill Brothers FC Goa came away with the three points against Punjab FC to get their 13th Hero I-League season underway on a confident note at the Fatorda Stadium in Goa, on Sunday, December 1, 2019.

Both sides were looking to play to their strengths and fielded their strongest XIs. The duo of Trinidadian Robert Primus in defence and Ghanaian midfielder Kalif Alhassan made the Churchill lineup and started against their former club. Talisman and club skipper Willis Deon Plaza led the line, with Dawda Caesay behind him. Also making his club debut was former Aizawl FC forward Lalkhapuimawia (Mapuia).

Punjab FC, on the other hand, went with a traditional 4-3-3 formation. Anwar Ali started in the heart of defence, with former East Bengal man Sanju Pradhan in midfield. Dipanda Dicka started up front, making his Punjab debut. The match kicked-off at a high tempo as both sides pressed and looking to pounce at the slightest of openings.

Churchill had the better of the exchanges in the first half, eventually leading to their first goal in added time of the half. Ponif Vaz delivered a cross in, which took a nudge off Anwar Ali and fell to Mapuia, and the Mizo forward made no mistake in scoring on his debut and giving Churchill the lead.

Punjab FC came out after halftime as a more organised unit. However, Churchill doubled their lead in the 70th minute, when a darting run down the middle by Gambian Dawda Cessay paid dividends as he found Plaza, who completely caught the Punjab defence napping and scored with a clinical right-footer to give the home side some breathing space.

The game was put beyond any doubt when Israel Gurung, in the 81st minute, lobbed one over the Punjab defence with Mapuia as the target. With a defender on his shoulder and keeper Bhaskar Roy in his peripheral vision, Mapuia unleashed an acrobatic scissor kick from outside the box to seal his home debut with a potential goal of the season contender.

Punjab tried, but failed to stitch together any real threat for the remainder of the game as the referee blew for full-time. Anwar Ali had a match to forget, with a red card in the dying stages. Churchill Brothers FC Goa, thus began their Hero I-League campaign with a convincing 3-0 victory over Punjab FC.

81': 3-0 for Churnill Brothers. 2nd goal of Lalkhawpuimawia from Israil Gurung Pass.
70': 2-0 for Churchill Brothers. Willis Plaza scores from Gabriel Sessay's pass. 55': STILL CHURCHILL BROTHERS IS LEADING 1-0.
HT: CHURCHILL BROTHERS LEADING 1-0. Lalkhawpuimawia scorers from P. Vaz's pass.
35': No score yet. score line is 0-0.
15': No score yet. score line is 0-0.