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The official slogan of the 2014 World Cup is "All in One Rhythm,".

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The Final wualification of FIFA 2014 Brazil World Cup has completed in November where 32 teams of the 6 continents got the tickets. Now fans are much more waiting for the World cup draw which will be take pace in December 6th. The draw will be started at 1 p.m. local time (11 a.m. ET, 4 p.m. GMT) and is set to be will be telecased 193 countries, according to In the programme Over 1,300 guests and 2,000 journalists will be present.

Brazilian pop singers Alexandre Pires and Vanessa da Mata as well as Brazilan famous dance group Companhia de Danca Deborah Colker, Actors Fernanda Lima and Rodrigo Hilbert will perform in a 90-minute musical performance during the draw. Three top World Football Heroes King Pele, Ronaldo and Bebeto will present. The official slogan of the 2014 World Cup is "All in One Rhythm,"

After 1950, again the FIFA World will take place at Brazil, In 1950 Brazil lost to Uruguay in the Final 1-2. Five times World Cup winner Brazil got their last triumph in 2002 at Japan-Korea World Cup, while theu suffered quarter-final exits in 2006 and 2010 to France and Holland, respectively in Germany and South Africa World Cup.

I-League: Mumbai FC win against East Bengal in their home match.

02.12.2013 : KFC. | HOME PAGE

MFC : Nidhinlal, Ahmad, Amiri, Anwar, Nicholas, Ashutosh, Climax, Pradeep , Meitei, Yakubu, Rafi.
KEB : Abhijit, Naoba, Arnab, Okpara, Soumik, Khabra, Tulunga, Dika, Lobo, Chidi, Sueoka

REF : C.R. Shrikrishna

FULL TIME: Mumbai FC 3-2 East Bengal. MFC-Yakubu, Ahmed, Pradeep KEB - Lobo and Seuoka. 3rd match of East Bengal new coach Armando Colaso, 1 win, 1 drew and 1 lost.
90+3: Counter attack of East Bengal, Effort of Chidi dismissed in Mumbai Fc box
90+2: Attack of Yakubu but Arnab fouled him, Free kick for Mumbai FC., Okpara cleared Nicholas kick
90: Referee added 3 minutes.
87: East Bengal is trying to equalize the scoreline.
87: Mumbai FC 3-2 East Bengal. MFC-Yakubu, Ahmed, Pradeep KEB - Lobo and Seuoka.
87: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL East Bengal reduced margin from a header of Seuoka from a cross of Soumik from left.
86: Dika's free kick cleared from Mumbai FC, Counter Attack.
86: 10 men from 80 minute Mumbai FC is defending well now, Free kick to East Bengal.
86: Mumbai FC 3-1 East Bengal. MFC-Yakubu, Ahmed, Pradeep KEB - Lobo.
84: Bad pass and miss pass galore of East Bengal going on.
83: Corner for Mumbai FC , poor kick cleared in East Bengal box.
82: Foul to Seuoka, RED CARD as 2nd yellow card to Ahmad of Mumbai FC now they down to 10 men.
80: Mumbai FC 3-1 East Bengal. MFC-Yakubu, Ahmed, Pradeep KEB - Lobo.
78: Corner for Mumbai FC, Sandjar shot went to side net in East Bengal box.
76: Mumbai FC attacked. Yakubu long ranger went wide.
75: Mumbai FC is still leading 3-1 against East Bengal.
74: PLAYER CHANGE-EAST BENGAL. Naoba out and Raju in.
72: DANGER - Yakubu missed a chance to another goal,cleared finally..
72: No positive attack from East Bengal. Playing long ball which easily cleared from Mumbai FC Box..
67: PLAYER CHANGE-EAST BENGAL. Tulunga out and Lenn in.
66: Mumbai FC is still leading 3-1 against East Bengal.
65: GOAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLL. 3-1 for Mumbai FC, N.P Pradeep scored he 3rd goal. No body came to block him. Easy scored from a brilliant header from Nicholas cross from left.
64: Ball cleared in East Bengal defence, Okpara to Naoba in right but he mmissed.
62: Goal kick for EAst Bengal, Abhijit's shot went to Yakubu, counter attack of Mumbai FC.
60: Mumbai FC is still leading 2-1 against East Bengal.
59: Mumbai FC keeper Nidhinlal injured with Lobo and he is under treatment.
58: Naoba's cross from right to Chidi but cleared.
57: Mumbai FC 2-1 East Bengal. MFC-Yakubu and Ahmed, KEB - Lobo.
54: Match resume, Long ranger of Naoba went wide.
53: Seuoka is under the treatment in ground. Match stopped. Seuoka is out side of the field for treatment
53: Seuoka injured with Nicholas and kying on the ground
52: Naoba to Seuoka to Khabra but ball missed pass finally by Khabra.
50: Mumbai FC 2-1 East Bengal. MFC-Yakubu and Ahmed, KEB - Lobo.
48: Throw in for MFC, Ball in KEB box, Okpara cleared..
48: East Bengal in Yellow Jersey.
46: 2nd half started, Header of Yakubu saved by Abhijit.
46: 2nd half started, Header of Yakubu saved by Abhijit.
HALF TIME: Mumbai FC 2-1 East Bengal. MFC-Yakubu and Ahmed, KEB - Lobo.
45'+2:Chance to Chidi from a forward pass. But he is in offside position
45'+1: Abhijit saves the ball from corner
45': Referee added 3 minutes of injury time
45': Mumbai FC 2-1 East Bengal. MFC-Yakubu and Ahmed, KEB - Lobo.
45': Nearly another chance to Mumbai FC and again run of play. But this time ASrnab made no mistake. Corner to Mumbai FC.
44': Naoba's cross from right. Ashutosh cleared and another corner
43': Ball cleared from the corner kick.
42': Dika's centre, Nidhinlal fists the ball. Naoba's tries for another centre from right. cleared and a corner to EB
40': Mumbai FC 2-1 East Bengal
38': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL AHMED SCORED. Mumbai FC scores once again. Ahmed scores from a good pass of Yakubu, ball enter to beat Abhijit after hits the post. Too many space in EB deffence
37':Ball cleared from Dika's corner
37': Suicidal backpass of Nicholas, nearly finds Chidi in box. Nidhinlal clears the ball. Corner to EB
36': Mumbai FC 1-1 East Bengal
35': Khabra's forward pass to find Lobo, Amiri clears the ball
33': Lobo beat 3 defenders and a right footed powerful shot outside the box finds the net
33': tackle to Lobo, he looks injured
33':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LOBO SCORED - Brilliant individual display of Lobo to equalise as away team.
32': Ball cleared from corner
32': Chance to Sueoka from a through pass, he fails to make a pass
31': Mumbai FC 1-0 East Bengal
30': Naoba's centre from night, Chidi's header but a brilliant save by Nidhinlan. Corner to EB
29': Lalrindika's free kick, well collected by Nidhinlal
28': Hatife committed a foul,m free kick to EB
26': Another chance to Mumbai FC when Abhijit fails to collect Yakubu's long ranger. Pradeep follows the ball. Finally Abhijit saves it in second try. Abhijit looks injured, game stopped

25': Mumbai FC 1-0 East Bengal
25': Saumik's centre from left, no EB player in position. Ball finally cleared
24': Chance to Sueoka in box from free kick. Ball cleared in defence
24': Tulunga's long ball to find Sueoka in box, Amiri clears the ball
23':tackle to Lobo, free kick to East Bengal
23': Lobo's left footed shot, deflected and went over the bar
22': Ralte's corner cleared
21': Khabra's pass cleared and a corner to EB
20': Mumbai FC 1-0 East Bengal
18'East Bengal made too many misspasses in early minutes
17'Attack of East Bengal, good block of Mumbai FC box, ball finally went wide
16'tackle to Lobo, free kick to East Bengal
15': Yakubu's centre from rught, Md Rafiqe's side volley, went wide.
14': Anwar's forward pass, directly in Abhijit's hand
12': Naoba's long ranger, from right but it was too long to receive.
11': Ralte's centre, Amiri clears the ball
10': Chidi's shot, blocked in box
9': Ahmed's tackle to Saumik. Saumik looks injured once again
8': Saumik looks injured, game stopped
7': Long ball to find Chidi, Nidhinlal clears the ball. Amiri looks injured
5': Mumbai FC 1-0 East Bengal
5':Nicholas tries to chase the ball, but ball went wide
3': Mumbai FC leading 1-0 now
2':Arnab fails to clear the long ball, brilliant Yakubu made no mistake to finds the rare post
2':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Yakubu scores for home team
1': YELLOW CARD- KEB: Referee shown yellow card to Lobo for his bad tackle to Md Rafi.
1':Naoba's cross, defenders cleared the ball..
0': Match just start now..
0': Both teams entered in the pitch.
0': Mumbai FC last match drew with Rangdajied UFC 1-1.
0': East Bengal last match drew with United SC 1-1.
0': The match will start AT 6.00 PM AT PUNE.