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I-League Round 17: East Bengal ended goalless with defending champions Churchill Brothers.

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KEB :Gurpreet, Abhishek, Gurwinder, Arnab, Robert, Tulunga, Mehtab, Seuoka, Dika, Moga, Chidi->> REFRESH
SAL : Lalit, Sanjy, Ravanan, Raju Y, Ales, Satish, Lenney, Sabana, Balbant, Wolef, Lagos. REF : Pratap Singh.

East Bengal and Churchill Brothers locked at goal less in an important I league encouter at Kolkata today. The match did not rise to a great height where the Red and Gold failed to capitalize the opportunities. Apart from the first fifteen minutes, the match was controlled by East Bengal but at the end had to loose two valuable points....... LIVE COMMENTARY BELOW

It was a rather an unimpressive football where the co ordination between the two strikers Chedi and Moga was visulised. Even at the middle of the season these two strikers are not at there peak and there selfishness proved to be negative in the performance of East Bengal.

Armando Colaco while interacting with the media at the post match meeting expressed his dissatisfaction with his team. Though the midfeild leading by Mehtab Hossain were in control of the match and kept the danger man in Churchill midfeild Abdel Hamid Sabana under there close eyes, but the forward passes from Mehtab, Tulunga and Dika were waisted by Chedi and Moga from where the could have scored. Tulunga was the culpit at the flag end of the match where he failed to score following a forward pass from Chedi as Lalit Thapa at his mercy.

Lalit were a busy man today under the Churchill bar and collected a number of cross passes and centres from both the wing to save the citadel of the Goan team. He is adjudged the man of the match rightly. East Bengal are at 19 points from 12 matches where the Fedaration Cup winners Churchill Brothers are with 14 points 15 matches has managed to save the religation.


FT : Yes, Match ended 0-0.
90+2': Going to 14th Draw of the two team out of encounter? Eas Bengal earned 19 points from 12 matches.
90': Added time 3 minutes.
90: East Bengal 0-0 Churchill Brothers.
89': Chance missed by Tulunga, Chidi to Tulunga in Churchill box but well saved Lalit came in advance.
87': Open net missed by Churchill's Balan from Rajy's cross, and Khabra cleared finally.
86': PLAYER CHANGE- East Bengal : Lobo in Seuoka out.
85': East Bengal 0-0 Churchill Brothers.
84': Foul to Seuoka from behind, Free kick for East Bengal.
83': ou of last 32 encounter between the two the match ended Goalless for two times. (STAT-Laltu Chakrabarty).
82': Golden chance to Chidi but his close shot from top of the box went wide.
81': Yellow card ti Khabra of East Bengal for a foul.
81': East Bengal earned corner but tulunga's kick cleared.
80': East Bengal 0-0 Churchill Brothers.
78': Yellow card to Sabana of Churchill Brothers. Free kick to East Bengal.
76': East Bengal met Churchill Brothers 3 times in particular 17th round match in NFL or I-League where both team won 1 time each and 1 match ended 1-1. (STAT-Laltu Chakrabarty).
75': Still the score line is goalless.
70': East Bengal 0-0 Churchill Brothers.
70': PLAYER CHANGE- East Bengal : Lenn in Dika out.
69': Corner kick of Tulunga went to Thapa.
69': Another chance to East Bengal, Satis singh cleared for corner from an attack of Mofa.
69': Chance to East Bengal, Dika's cross and Tulunga's half volley went wide from close.
67': PLAYER CHANGE- CHURCHILL : Balan in Lagos out.
66': Free kick to Churchill, no impact.
64' Yellow card to Robert of East Bengal for rough play.
61': This is the 17th round match of I-League this year where East Bengal face Churchill Brothers. How many 17 th Round match they faced earlier? what was the result?.
60': Still East Bengal 0-0 Churhill Brothers.
59': Dika's left footer from out side box went to Lalit's hand.
58': Moga's attack went to East Bengal corner kick in left.
55': East Bengal 0-0 Churchill Brothers.
54': Mehtab to Moga long ball but Raju cleared from Churchill box.
54': Chidi to Mofa in right but Moga failed.
53': Moga from right sided move but he fouled during collecting the ball.
52': Free kick of Dika no impact.
51': PLAYER CHANGE-CHURCHILL: Khabra in Abhishek out.
50': East Bengal 0-0 Churchill Brothers.
48': Great miss of Churchill, Lagos missed a header from very close.
47': Corner kick to East Bengal, Dika's shot cleared by Ravanan.
46': PLAYER CHANGE-CHURCHILL: Saran Singh in Alesh out.
46': Starts of 2nd half match.
HALF TIME East Bengal 0-0 Churchill Brothers.
45': Referee added 2 minute more.
45': Goal kick for East Bengal from right side move of Balwant.
44': Robar's long shot went to Lalit.
43': Abhishek to Moga to Seuoka in right but Seuoka's aimless cross.
42': Lalit is injured and under in treatment, now he is fit.
41': Moga to chidi in churchill box but Lalit cane advance to resque.
40': East Bengal 0-0 Churchill Brothers.
39': Right sided attack of Curchill by Balwant his corss went to Alesh but Alesh right footer went wide.
38': Y.Raju got a close chance but finally Arnab cleared.
37': Dika moved abd Lalit was alert.
35': East Bengal 0-0 Churchill Brothers.
34': Mehtab's corner and lait cleared.
33': Free kick to East Bengal in 18 yard box. Dika's free kick cleared by Lalit for corner.
32': Yellow card to Raju of Churchill for Foul.
30': East Bengal 0-0 Churchill Brothers.
30': Chidi got chance but his right footer in side of tbox was too high.
29': This is the 3rd time where East Bengal and Churchill faced in particular 17th Match of NFL or I-League.
28': Chidi moved behind a long ball in right but went out for Churchill goalkick.
25': East Bengal 0-0 Churchill Brothers.
22': Chidi's shot deflected in Churchill human wall.
21': Free kick for East Bengal just out side of Churchill box.
20': East Bengal 0-0 Churchill Brothers.
19': Moga's sudden long ranger went to Lalit.
18': Abhishek's throw in missed by Chidi.
17': This is the 17th round match of I-League this year where East Bengal face Churchill Brothers. How many 17 th Round match they faced earlier? what was the result?.
16: 98 goals in I-League so Far scored by chidi Edeh of East Bengal.
15': East Bengal 0-0 Churchill Brothers.
14'; First corner to East Bengal, Mehtab's corner kick and Dika's header went wide.
14': Churchill is attacking more.
13': Alesh corner kick finally cleared.
13': Again attack of Churchill, Gurpreet well saved Balwant's shot for corner.
11': Corner to Churchill but Alesh's kick went to Gurpreet.
10': East Bengal 0-0 Churchill Brothers.
9': Offside Moga.
8': Goal kick for East Bengal for an attack of Alesh.
7': 0-0 is the scoreline.
6': Chance to Tulunga in right but miss passed to Chidi which was cleared in Churchill box.
5': Yellow card to Mehtab, Sabana was fouled, Free kick for Churchill but Gurpreet collect.
5': East Bengal 0-0 Churchill Brothers.
4': Mehtab injured with Sabana but fit for play.
3': Again attack of Churchill, Gurpreet well blocked Wolef in his left.
2': Danger attack of Churchill from right wing.
1': Ball now in East Bengal defence area, Churchill got the chance header of Wolef went to Gurpreet.
1': Match kicked-off by Churchill Brothers just now.
0': 2 Minit silence for mark of respect of sudden demise of Churchill defender Denzil Fanko's father in this mornning.
0': East Bengal in Red and Gold Jersey while Churchill in Blue Jersey.
. 0': The organisers are requesting the spectators not to throw fire crackers during the match inside the playing arena.
0':Today is the 100th match of this year's I league.
0':East Bengal to meet Churchill in an important I leagud match at home . After a frustrating performance in Fedaration Cup and IFA Sheild the Red and Gold is confident in their I league misson.
0':East Bengal take on I-League and Federation Cup holders Churchill Brothers in the round 17 clash of the Airtel I-League at the Salt Lake Stadium on Tuesday evening. It will only be East Bengal's 12th match of this I-League season so they do have plenty of games in hand but the red-and-gold brigade can't afford too many more slip-ups as they have already dropped 15 points.