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I-League Round 18: 10 men East Bengal lost Away to Dempo Sc by 0-1.

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DEM : Kattimani, Debabrata, Simon, Narayan, Pronay, Beto, Sanju, Clifford, Haroon, Tolgey, Alwyn,
KEB : Gurpreet, Saumik, Arnab, Gurwinder, Khabra, Sueoka, Mehtab, Cavin, Tulunga, Joaquim, Chidi.... REF: Vishnu Chouhan.

Match End. Dempo beat 10-man East Bengal in 1-0
90'+1':Romeo's shot, well saved by Gurpreet
90':Referee added 3 minutes injury time
90':Players Change in Dempo: Jeje in place of Tolgey
87':Mehtab's free kick, cleared in defence
85':EPL: HALF-TIME SCORES: Liverpool 3-2 Swansea, Newcastle 0-0 Aston Villa
83':Players Change in Dempo: Prabir in place of Alwyn
83':Back to back 3 corner to Dempo. Cleared in defence
81':Players Change in EB: Lenn in place of Lobo
80':Another chance to Pronoy, cleared in defence
Dempo Sports Club registered an important win in a royal battle against East Bengal by a solitary goal at Goa today . It was really an exitement match in the first session when both the teams had their chances with some creative moves . But the dimension had chanced in the second half completly as Dempo are in full command of the match and got the match winner through Tolgey Ozbey at the 74th minute of the match.

It was the referee Vishnu Chauhan who was the main culpit to spoil the temperament of a really good football match at Margao today. Gurwinder Singh was fouled from behind by Debabrata Roy near the Dempo penalty area and it was Amiri who kicked to Gurwinder with the ball when he was on ground. Gurwinder pushed Amiri in response an Tolgey Ozbey who was not at the spot came and reacted by pushing the East Bengal defender.

But it was a really surprising to see that referee Vishnu Chauhan to flash the Red Card to Gurwinder only. Where was Vishnu Chauhan when Amiri kicked Gurwinder with the ball when the East Bengal defender were on ground. Where was Vishnu Chauhan when Tolgey pushed Gurwinder coming from behind. The unconsistency and the unprofessional approach of these superviser are really effecting the temperament of the matches . The time has came for the AIFF to think and decide the importance of good and efficient referees to supervise the matches.

Dempo scored the all impotant goal at the 74th minute when Tolgey Ozbey heads in following a measured pass from Clifford Miranda from the left. Tolgey was unchallenged inside the eighteen yards as Raju and Soumik behind him. Dempo had their changes in the second session played almost in the oppornants half utilising the numerical supremacy.

In fact the second blow that Armando had to face when Chedi was forced to be replace follwing an injury. East Bengal were in ultra defensive stategy depends only on counter attacks. So, the chances of East Bengal to be in the reckoning for the championship are in vain now . Though it's still a long journey and the unexpected happenings can change the dimension of the league.
78':Tolgey's long ranger, deflected and went wide. Corner to Dempo
78':Dempo leading 1-0 now against East Bengal
74':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Clifford's centre and Tolgey's header finds the net
72':Beto's chip to find Tolgey, but Tolgey is in offside position
69':Raju's long throw-in, cleared in defence
67':Good through pass of Tolgey to Romeo, Gurpreet saved it
67':Beto's forward pass to find Tolgey, Gurpreet clears the ball
64':Beto's free kick, deflected by human wall and cleared
64':Players Change in Dempo: Romeo in place Sanju
63':Tackle of Jaoquim to Pronoy. Jaoquim looks injured. Free kick to Dempo
61':Moga'a centre to find Sueoka, straight to keeper Kattimani
59':Solo effort of Tolgey, but Gurpreet saves it well
 dempo vs East Bengal in I-league 57':Counter attack nearly a chance to Moga, fails to hold the ball properly
57':Beto's shot straight to Gurpreet
56':Ball cleared from corner
56':Debabrata's centre cleared and a corner to Dempo
55':Tolgey's cross, cleared by Khabra
52':Narayan fails to trap the ball properly in left flank
51':Score remains still same.
49':Players Change in EB: Moga in place of injured Chidi
49':Again Chidi Slips, looks like a hamstring injury
48':Players Change in EB: Raju in place of Tulunga
46':Chidi slips, chance wasted
46':Second half resumes
A poor referring by referee Vishnu Chauhan are going to unsettle the temper of a good match.It was at the flag end of the 1st session when Gurwinder Singh was fouled from behind by Debabrato. It was quite evident that Amiri kicked with the ball to the East Bengal defender. Gurwinder reacted when he pushed Amiri , but Tolgey did the same offence by pushing Gurwinder. But the refeeree showed RED CARD TO GURWINDER ONLY. It is really a unprofessional approach on part of Chouhan. ?
HT: Scoreline is 0-0 and East Bengal now down to 10 men.
45'+3':Saumik's free kick, cleared in defence
45'+2':Mehtab's free kick cleared in defence
45': 3 minute added time.
45':RED CARD to Gurwinder. A needless red card to Gurwinder
43':Debabrata committed a foul against Gurwinder. Gurwinder looks angry and a push to Amiri.
41':East Bengal's attack, centre to find Sueoka, cleared and a counter attack of Dempo through Clifford. Alwyn's shot went wide
40':Lobo's free kick, went over the bar
40': No score yet in the match. 0-0
39':Simon handed the ball, free kick to East Bengal
38':Joaquim's powerful free kick, narrowly wide
38':Clifford's sliding tackle to Lobo, free kick to East Bengal
36':Brilliant move of Dempo, Beto' cross but no one to follow the ball and ball cleared
35': No score yet in the match. 0-0
34': Tolgey's ground shot from counter attack of Dempo, well saved by Gurpreet
33': Chance to Chidi, his shot but a brilliant block in defence
32': Tolgey's shot from a brilliant pass of Clifford, cleared in defence
31': Pronoy committed a foul against Lobo, free kick to East Bengal
30': No score yet in the match. 0-0
27':Brilliant chance to Sueoka, but his shot straight to keeper Kattimani. Brilliant move from left flank
26': Corner earn by East Bengal.
25':Nearly a chance to Beto, good save by Gurpreet
25': Still the scoreline is East Bengal 0-0 Dempo SC.
22':Chance to Sueoka from Chidi's pass, ball went wide
20':Brilliant shot of Lobo, Kattimani clears the ball
18':Beto brought down Lobo, free kick to East Bengal near left corner flag
18':George Alwyn clears Mehtab's free kick
16':Misunderstanding in East Bengal nearly creates a chance to Beto, his weak shot directly in Gurpret's hand
15':Chance to Chidi, 2 defenders block him. good block by Simon.
8': Attack of East Bengal, Lobo to Chidi from left but cleared.
5': No score, East Bengal 0-0 East Bengal.
4': Togey with ball turn to inside and passed to Narayan but cleared.
3': Throw in for East Bengal, Khabra's throw cleared.
2': Free kick for Dempo, Sanju's kick cleared.
1': Match starts at Goa.
0': Match will start from 6 pm.