31 January

NIKE MUPC India Final will start tomorrow at Goa.

U-15 NIKE Manchester United Premier Cup India Finals will start from tomorrow where eight Indian top teams will be participate in the Tournament.Last Year Champion Salgaocar will play in Group "A".THe Champion team will represent India in the FINAL World Round to be held in Engladn.

GROUP - A : JCT | Salgaocar S.C | Shillong Lajong | MSSA

GROUP - B : Kalyani MSA | Mahinr United| Dempo S.C | Sikkim FA


01.02.2010 : JCT  vs  Salgaocar S.C
01.02.2010 : Shillong Lajong FC  vs   MSSA
01.02.2010 : Mahindra United  vs   Kalyani MSA
01.02.2010 : Dempo S.C  vs   Sikkim FA
01.02.2010 : Salgaocar S.C  vs   MSSA
01.02.2010 : JCT  vs  Shillong Lajong

02.02.2010 : Mahindra United  vs  Dempo S.C
02.02.2010 : Kalyani MSA  vs   Sikkim FA
02.02.2010 : MSSA  vs   JCT
02.02.2010 : Salgaocar S.C  vs   Shillong Lajong FC
02.02.2010 : Kalyani MSA  vs  Dempo S.C
02.02.2010 : Sikkim FA  vs  Mahindra United


02.02.2010(1st Semi): Winner Gr 'A'  vs  Runners Gr. 'B'
02.02.2010 (2nd Semi): Winner Gr 'B'  vs   Runners Gr. 'A'


03.02.2010 : Winner of Semi 1  vs   Winner of Semi 2

31 January

India U-19 made goalless draw against Sri Lanka in SAF Games.

India u-19 made goalless draw against Sri Lanka in their 2nd match in SAF Games Football at Chattogram Bangladesh today.Earlier India lost to Afganistan 0-1 in the opening of the Tournament.

Today India played well, Dominated all time throughout the match.Sri Lankan team was unable to open any chances to score.While India got more than six chances to score but unfortunately due to poor condition of the Ground, failed to utilize them to the fullest.India keeper Sandhu got only one or two balls in the whole match.

India coach praised the Boys afer ending of the mach.He said "our boys performed excellent in both the matches.He added "Had the game been held in Dhaka the result could have been different. however let's see what happens".

India Men's last match against Pakistan tomorrow.On the other hand India Women team routed Pakistan 6 - 0 in their 2nd match of the Games.India Captain O Bem Bem devi scored Hattrick,Sasmita Malik scored two and Chanu scored one goal .

31 January


This is what one of the leading sports newspaper in London read as its headlines. It read EASY, easy for England. Well, I don’t think so. Nothing is easy in this world as it comes. May be on paper it is. When will people realize that the team on paper doesn’t win you matches? It is their performance on field at that very point that determines and proves a side’s strength and dominance. Other than Spain, England, no doubt, stands as the strongest team in the competition on paper. I can go a step ahead and argue that England is, in fact, a better team than Spain. They are more balanced considering the three aspects of the game i.e. Attack, Midfield and defence. Although Spain has the strongest midfield but if you take a look at England you will realize why I would consider them as a favorite more than Spain to win the World Cup.

The first and foremost thing that is to be seen is that England have probably the best manager in the world considering the experiences and track record over different clubs and nations for a long period of time. There has been nothing so far that Fabio Capello has touched and it has not turned to gold. He is the only manager to win domestic league championships with four different clubs (A.C. Milan, A.S. Roma, Juventus and Real Madrid) and all of them, considered to be the giants of the business. He became the manager of A.C. Milan and lead the likes of Maldini, Baresi, Van Basten and Gullit known as the invincibles, to four Serie A titles in 5 years. He then went on to rout, the then favorites, Barcelona 4-0, in the final to win the UEFA Champions League making Milan one of the great sides in the modern era. After which he went on to win the La Liga with Real twice(1997 and 2005) in a gap of almost 11 years as he had other spells in charge with other teams in between, the 2001 Scudetto with Roma and then scudettos with Juve in 2004/05 and 2005/06. The records with the experience says a lot but alongside those factors, the fact, he being a strict disciplinarian a shrewd and a no-nonsense manager, makes him a perfect choice for the English national team which although, over the years, has produced some outstanding teams and players for the World Cup and at present boasts of the best domestic league in World but quite typically it has failed to win anything.

Talking about the players, the defence looks rock solid, comparable to or even better than the Italians. With John “The Rock” Terry and Rio Ferdinand at the back, backed up by the dynamic Jonathan Woodgate and Matthew Upson, well supported by the attacking wing backs like Ashley Cole, Glenn Johnson, Leighton Baines and Wayne Bridge, this team has a water-tight defence. Moving on to midfield, we have Stevie.G (Gerrard), Lampard, Joe Cole, Aaron Lennon, Gareth Barry, Michael Carrick, James Milner and the evergreen, outstanding and Mr. Consistency David Beckham. Although Becks’ position is still not assured, but a player like him should always make it to the squad. Upfront, the team has, according to me, currently the best player in the world, Wayne Rooney, the only player in the world for whom the word “form” in the football pitch doesn’t exist. He considers football as an all round game. He doesn’t believe in only scoring goals being a forward himself as he can cover almost every part of the ground and play the game in every position as perfectly as one can. If he is unable to score goals upfront, he comes back in midfield and plays midfielder, goes right or left as winger, comes behind and defends, plays right back, left back wherever not. According to me, he is the only player of the present generation who can be called as the Ruud Gullitt of the present world and he is well supported by Crouch, Heskey, Bent and Carlton Cole. This team looks like a million bucks but you never know.

Algeria and Slovenia will look to get a result against each other in order to stand a chance of progressing through as beating England or USA looks unlikely. Algeria have a moderately decent side but their performance on the pitch will tell you that football is all about playing well on the pitch and not having big names. They are a strong side on pitch, will not give you much space to run, will commit fouls if necessary and do have two excellent wingers in form of Nadir Belhadj and Bouazza who can run channels against any team in the world and cause danger. Slovenia will also look to pose a challenge however they look the weakest in the lot. Their performance have been good as they beat Russia to qualify however it was more due to Russia’s complacency and lethargic performance than their own effort. Slovenia should be easily brushed aside by England and the US but the Algeria – Slovenia match will be a crucial fixture for both. Slovnia will look to Novakovic to give them as many goals as possible and also Dalibor Stevanovic in the midfield for all the playmaking.

The last comes the “Yankees”, United States of America, the only team in the group that can beat England on their day. Their Confed cup performance cannot be forgotten which saw them beat Spain in semis and almost beat Brazil. With Landon Donovan leading from the front and supported by Jozy Altidore and Clint Dempsey, USA doesn’t look short of goal scoring power. However interestingly the player to watch out for in the side would be the son of the National team’s manager/coach, Michael Bradley. The father son duo can be extremely lovable to watch and yet dangerous. Michael Bradley is one of those rare species of player who can control the midfield in both attack and defence and has been tagged as the scorer of the most important goals for the country or in short “the crisis man”. The other stars in the side are Freddy Adu, Eddie Johnson, Bocanegra and the towering Onyewu. United States look favourites to go through, along with England, in the next round finishing second however they can even better by beating England and finishing top. The matches to watch out in the group would be England-USA, Algeria-USA and England-Algeria. However, my favorites to finish the group top would be England certainly and USA finishing second. Slovenia finish last while Algeria, the only team to give US and England a run for their money.



England | United States | Algeria | Slovenia

12 June 2010    England   VS   United States  (24.00 PM IST)
13 June 2010    Algeria   VS   Slovenia   (17.00 PM IST)
18 June 2010    England   VS   Algeria  (24.00 PM IST)
18 June 2010    Slovenia   VS   United States   (19.30 PM IST)
23 June 2010    United States   VS   Algeria   (19.30 PM IST)
23 June 2010    Slovenia   VS   England  (19.30 PM IST)

31 January

CAF Banned Togo for Next Two Editions of African Nations Cup.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) finally decided to ban Togo for the next two editions of the African Nations Cup. During the last Nations Cup due to a terrorist attack on January 8 in which three members of the Togo team were killed the Togo team returned to their country in between the tournament. Thus the CAF declared the penalty to the national team of Togo.

The Manchester City striker and the captain of the national team of Togo Emmanuel Adebayor labeled this decision of CAF as ‘outrageous’. Even he also argued that the CAF President Issa Hayatou had “completely betrayed” the Togo team and called for him to leave the post.

While Mr. Hayatou stated that the Togo squad returned to their country on the political call of their national government and they did not listen to the CAF so the Confederation caused 2 editions ban on them from the Nations Cup. Whereas Adebayor remarked that the government sent the national team to defend the colours of their country so they are obliged to accept the order of the national government.

Togo’s French Coach Hubert Velud was also very much astonished with this decision of the CAF and he wanted to know either this one supported the FIFA President Sepp Blutter and UEFA President Michel Platini or not and he also very much eager to know about their reactions.

31 January

AIFF U-21 National will start form 11th at Gurgaon

AIFF organised M. Dutta Ray trophy U- 21 National Tournament 2009-10 will be held at Gurgaon & Faridabad, Haryana from February 11 to 28.

27 state Football teams of India will participate here which will be divided into eight clusters. Defending champions Punjab are placed in cluster I, while runners up Mizoram in Cluster II.

Preliminary qualifying round will kick off from February 11 and will be held at Gurgaon and Faridabad simultaneously.

Cluster I, III, VII and VIII matches will be held at Gurgaon, while cluster II, IV, V and VI will be held at Faridabad.Semi-finals and final will be played at Tau Devi Lal Stadium, Gurgaon.

Cluster I   -   Punjab, Karnataka & Rajasthan

Cluster II  -   Mizoram, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh & Andhra Pradesh.

Cluster III  - Haryana, Madhya Pradesh & Pondicherry.

Cluster IV  - West Bengal, Uttarakhand, Chandigarh & Jharkhand.

Cluster V  -  Kerala, Manipur & Bihar

Cluster VI  - Meghalaya, Maharashtra, Gujrat & Jammu &Kashmir.

Cluster VII  - Goa, Orissa & Uttar Pradesh.

Cluster VIII  - Assam, Tamilnadu, Delhi & Daman & Diu.

30 January

Mahindra United beat Salgaocar to enter in NIKE MUPC U-15 India Final

Mahindra United beat Salgaocar 1 - 0 to enter in the FINAL Round of NIKE MUPC U-15 Football India Finals.4 teams from Goa are - Mahindra United, Salgaocar,Mumbai School Sports, Dempo S.C. and the other 4 Finalists are Kalyani MSA, Sikkim FA, JCT, and Lajong FC from Gurgaon Chaptar will play from 1st Feb at Goa.The winner of this competition will represent India in the FInal phase at England.

Mahindra boys played well today and beat last year's India Finalist Salgaocar 1 - 0. The only goal of the match scored by Aryaman Setti.He is the son of famous Bollywood Actress Archna Puran Singh and was represent India in U-14 National team.

Two East Bengal Footballers Mehrajuddin Wadoo and Nirmal Chhetri were present today to watch the match and inspired the Boys.


Brazil Football Academy (Goa)
Barca Football Academy(Gujrat)
Mandya District Sports (Karnataka)
Pondicherry State Team(Pondicherry)
ONGC (Mumbai)
Idduki District Football Academy(Kerala)
Churchill Brothers(I-League Team from Goa)
Sporting Clube de Goa (I-League Team from Goa)
Salgaocar S.C (I-League Team from Goa)
Dempo S.C(I-League Team from Goa)
Viva Kerala(I-League Team from Kerala)
Air India(I-League Team from Maharashtra)
Pune F.C (I-League Team from Maharashtra)
Mumbai F.C(I-League Team from Maharashtra)
Mahindra United(I-League Team from Maharashtra)
Shillong Lajong F.C(I-League Team from Meghalaya)
MSSA (Mumbai)

30 January

4 Kashmiri footballers join SAIL Football Academy

Living up to the expectations of the soccer players in the Valley, Football Players Welfare Association (FPWA) which came into being in 2009, has facilitated four budding soccer players of the Valley to join Steel Authority Indian Limited Football Academy (SFA), Bakoro. FPWA had arranged six players for the selection trials out which four were selected.

After much deliberation with the SFA, President FPWA, Mehraj-ud-din Wadoo had arranged the selection trials for the six Valley boys.Sehbar Nabi of Iqbal Sports, Feroze Ahmad of Food and Supplies football team and Aiman of Novelty Sports were selected in U19 category while as Liyaqat Gul of Young Iqbal has been selected in U16 category. The six players from valley had participated in trials on January 27and January 28. Sehbar Nabi, Feroz Ahmad and Aiman have joined the academy on Friday. However, Liyaqat Gul will join the academy next year.

The selected players will be provided all facilities including boarding, lodging and education and the pocket money by the academy for one year.General Secretary FPWA, Dr Zahoor Haroon, while confirming the selection of the four players said that the selection of the players is part of the football welfare program by FPWA. “FPWA endeavors to promote football in the step and sending youg players to the top football academies is a step in this direction,” said Dr Harroon.

“It would have been impossible without the efforts of Mehraj-Ud-Din Wadoo,” he added.Joint Secretary FPWA, Hilal Ahmad Parry, said that they were bound to send the budding soccer players to the football academies out side the State due to lack of facilities here.“The players would get round the clock upbringing in the academy besides making career in soccer. We don’t have this system here,” said Parray.

Notably, another young soccer player, Mohammad Danish, is expected to join other academy in March.SAIL football academy trains youths from poor and middle class families. And its alumni are now playing for top clubs of the country such as Mohan Bagan, Chirag United, Mohammedan Sporting, Air India, Tollygunj, Dempo, Indian Army and BSF. The youngsters are not only coached by international players and trainers from National Institute of Sports, Patiala, they also get a chance to study at state-run schools

29 January

SAF GAMES FOOTBALL:India Men lost while Women Win

Indian U-19 Football Team lost to Afghasintan 0 - 1 in their first encounter in 11th edition of SAF Games Football Tournament at Chattogram, Bangladesh today.The Indian Boys has lost so many chances to score but their lick not favoured them today.Afghanistan scored the loan goal of the match in 42nd minutes through Belal Arezou.

India Boys will meet their 2nd match against Sri Lanka on 31st January.

But Indian Women team won against Sri Lankan Women team in SAF Women Football today. They routed Sri Lanka 8 - 1.Moirangthem scored hattrick while Naobi Chanu scored two goals.The others goal score of the day was Pinky Bompal,Sasmita Mullick,Yumam.

29 January

AIFF Executive Committee meeting decision

AIFF Executive committee presided by Praful M Patel, President AIFF met in New Delhi on Friday,29th Jan 10.The following decisions were unanimously adopted : All affiliated State Associations to conform their Statues in line with FIFA, AFC & AIFF constitution by Dec 2010.

To have at least two dedicated venues for the AIFF to conduct competitions.

To add two teams to the I League next year by direct selection. These teams shall not be from either West Bengal,Goa or Maharashtra. Special criteria to be laid by AIFF for such teams.

Two teams will be relegated from I League 2009-10 ,Two teams will be promoted from 2nd Division and Two by direct selection to make it 16 teams for the I league 2010-11.

All I league clubs to meet club licensing criteria in the time frame to be issued by AIFF.

National Team players ( Asian Games and Senior National Team ) will not be allowed to play in the National Football Championship for Santosh Trophy.

National team preparation programme was approved .Following camps will be held :

Senior team:4th Feb – 26th Feb 2010 at Dubai.

24th Jun -15th Aug 10 : camp in Europe.

Asian Games Team : 4th – 14th Feb 2010 at Pune.

The team will participate in AFC Challenge cup in Sri Lanka from 15th Feb to 27th Feb 10.

Mr Joaquim Alemao was elected Vice President AIFF from the West Zone.

Courtesy: www.the-aiff.com

28 January

East Bengal Managed a Goalless Draw Against Dempo.

In a vital away I-League encounter against Dempo at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Goa East Bengal ended with a draw and thus managed to clinch a point from Dempo. The boys of Phillip de Rider fought with honour and therefore confirmed one point from this away match.

In the first half both Dempo and East Bengal organised certain good counters but no team got the success to open the scoreline and the players of both team missed certain close opportunity. Thus in half time the scoreline remained goalless.

Early in the second half Dempo showed certain urgency for scoring but all the Dempo attempts were well denied by the East Bengal defence and as the match continued the visitors fought back in the match and built certain effective counter attacks but in the 83rd minute of the match Hammond missed the golden opportunity to clinch all the 3 points from the away encounter. Towards the end again Dempo increased their pressure but East Bengal defence successfully protected their goal till the final whistle and the match ended with 0-0 scoreline. Samir Nayek was declared Man of the Match.

Whereas in another I-League encounter Viva Kerala registered a 2-1 victory against Air India. Shibinlal (20th min) and Sakeer (86th min) scored the goals for Viva while N.D. Opara (60th min) scored the only goal for Air India. M.P. Sakeer of Viva Kerala was awarded as the Man of the Match.


KEB: Abhra, Nirmal,Mehraj,Opara,Nabi,Mehtab,Alvito,Hammond, Bekhokhei,Baichung,Yakubu,

DEM: Kattimani, Samir,Dias,Gawli,Rebello,Miranda,Carvalho, Climax,Anthony, Sunil,Abranches.

Man of the Match: Sameer Nyek of Dempo

90': End of the battle.No score.Goalless. Outstanding play by Mehrajuddin Wadoo today.He should be Man of the Match. Viva Kerala beat Air India 2 - 1 in an another match of the day.
89': Last time effort by both teams. Okpara saved an attack of Sunil through corner.
88': No change by Ridder? Again changing by Dempo.?
87': Well corner of Clifford and well cleared by Mehrajuddin.
86':Player changed by Dempo. Cliffton Gonsalves came in place of Abranches.
83': Hammond again missed a chance. His powerful close shot well saved by Dempo Keeper.
80': Abranches. Beautiful diagonal shot but went away.
79':Anthony Pereira Free kick cleared by EB defence.
77': Beautiful shot by Sunil Chhetri but went away luckily
76': What a brilkliant shot by Hammond from right flank. Kattimani saved by a corner. No impact in the corner of Alvito.
74': Still no score in the match.
71': Again Mehraj intercepted a brilliant attack of Abranches.Clifford passed him well.Dempo is attacking more now.
70':Bad foul by Peter Carvalho to Mehtaab from behind.
68': Effortless pass of Alvito form their Penalty Box.Target was yakubu but too long pass for him
66': Samir Nyek overlaping from left crossed in the box.. Nabi cleared with a header.
65':Kattimani saved an well effort of Yakubu in the Box of Dempo.
64':Rebello to Climax in the right side of EB Box. well blocked by Nirmal timely.
62':Nabi passed well towards Alvito. It was too long to received for Alvito. Mahesh Gawli cleared the ball.
60':Air India equalised against VIVA in another match at Kerala. N.D. Opara scored for Air india.EB should some change now.
57':Mehraj played well in EB defence.Corner for EB.Albito shot cleared by Dempo defence.
53': Corner for Dempo. Miranda took the shot. Well cleared by Mehraj.
52':Mehraj's risky back passed to Abhra to prevent an attack of Samir Nyek.
49':Dempo got a free kick. Miranda kick went away over the cross bar.
47':Baichung to Alvito to Yakubu in the mid field area.Yakubu back hill towards NAbi..Missed.
46': Starts of 2nd half. No score in first half
HT: End of First Half.No score. Viva Kerala is leading 1 - 0 against Air India at home after end of First half. 45': Few minutes to end of first half. Stilll no score.East Bengal got a Free kick out side the Dempo Box. No impact in Alvito's shot
43': Alvito passed towards Yakubu in Dempo Box. Samir Nyek cleared the ball.
42': Abhra well saved a Peter Carvalho shot in the Box.
40':Where is Yakubu's Churchill's match day? Hammond was tryinng to cross from right off a Nirmal pass but Samir was alert to clear the ball.
38':Dempo is Pressurising EB defence with their both wing.
38': No wing play by East Bengal. Nabi and Hammond not got balls from Midfield.
36':Samir Nyek. Well anticipation. Blocked a movement of Yakubu-Hammond.
34': Gallore of miss passes by both teams. Nirmal Chhetri well skill but no finishing.
33':Alvito action from the left flank. where is yakubu? missed pass.
32':Missed pass pf Lawrance in EB Box.
30': Mahesh Gawli guarded Baichung every moment of his action. A weak shot of Baichung went direct to Kattimani.
29':Foul..Anthony fouled Nabi in East Bengal area.Free Kick.Ball went to Yakubu.But his effort cleared by Lawrance.
27': Samir Nyek's long shot well gripped by ABhra.East Bengal is now attacking.
25':Samir Nyek wants to enter from left, Nabi was there. Throw in for Dempo. Long throw of Samir cleared by EB defence.
23': Alvito took a Free Ckick. High Ball. Kattimani want to grip the ball failed. Ball deflected. no EB player in the spot.
21':Match was stopped for a few minute now resume, Referee shown Yello card to Miranda of Dempo for fouling Nirmal badly.
20':Nirmal Chhetri injured. Bad tackle by Miranda from behind.Miranda also injured.
17': Chhetri missed the target off Miranda cross from left.
16':Yakubu's well close shot saved by Dempo Keeper Kattimani through a corner. No impact in Alvito's corner.
14': East Bengal is playing small passes among themselves.Yellow card to valleriano Rebello who fouled Okpara.
12': Miranda's corner went away.
10':Free -Kick for Dempo just out side the Box of East Bengal.Okpara fouled Gawli. No damage done in free kick. Abhra well saved by corner.
9':Corner for Dempo. Okpara disturbed Abranches in right.Corner cleared by Mehrajuddin.
8':Hammond well crossed from right.Baichung header went away over the bar.
6':Clifford Miranda guarded by Mehraj, want to enter in East Bengal Box.But blocked by Mehraj.
3':Baichung long ball towards Hammond..Too long for him.
2': Samir Nyerk long pass towards Abranches.Too long for Abranches.
1': Msatch Starts.

29 January


Steadfast Sports and Adventure Academy of Mumbai is conducting the "LIVE THE DAVID BECKHAM SOCCER SKILL CONTEST" .Live the David Beckham football skill contest will culminate at the St Andrews Grounds, Bandra (W) for a thrilling grand finale, on 31st January, 9am onwards. After a preliminary skill contest hosted in the leading schools of Mumbai, the participants will set the grounds ablaze to win the multiple skill contest. The overall winner will be the proud recipient of the official Adidas JAMBULANI football.

28 January

Dempo Vs East Bengal : All Past Head to Head Encounters in I-League

Goan Giant,Dempo Sports Club,currently the league leader will face FEd cup winner Kolkata Giant East Bengal at home tomorrow in the round 12 match at the Nehru Stadium in Fatorda to keep their winning streak .

Dempo, who played without their two foreign players Ranty Martins and Brazilian Mideo Beto played well against Sporting Goa and regain the top spot with 22 points, now two points ahead of Mahindra United and Mohun Bagan.In that match Dempo's Peter Carvalho and Clifford Miranda played well.Joaquim Abranches who replaced injured Ranty Martins also played well and scored a goal.

East Bengal beat defending champions Churchill Brothers'in a 3-2 thriller in their last match.Ghanaian Stat Yusif Yakubu, who created history in Indian National Football League to complete his 100 goals with star striker Bhaichung Bhutia, Hammond and Alvito D'Cunha in that match at Kolkata. East Bengal will play tomorrow with their full strength .coach Philip De Ridder is confident to win as the team has no yellow cards and no injury. East Bnegal who have 16 points from 11 matches and are currently in the seventh position in the points table will play allout to gain full three points.


2008/2009  -   East Bengal  2:2   Dempo SC
2008/2009  -   Dempo SC  1:0  East Bengal
2007/2008  -   East Bengal  1:0   Dempo SC
2007/2008  -   Dempo SC  2:2  East Bengal
2006/2007  -   Dempo SC  5:3  East Bengal
2006/2007  -   East Bengal  0:0  Dempo SC
2006  -   Dempo SC  1:3   East Bengal
2006  -   East Bengal  5:3   Dempo SC
2005  -   East Bengal  2:1  Dempo SC
2005  -   Dempo SC  3:2  East Bengal
2004  -   East Bengal  0:0   Dempo SC
2004  -   Dempo SC  3:2  East Bengal
2003  -   Dempo SC  2:2   East Bengal
2003  -   East Bengal  3:2   Dempo SC
2000  -   Dempo SC  2:0   East Bengal
2000  -   East Bengal  1:1  Dempo SC
1998  -   Dempo SC  0:0   East Bengal
1998  -   East Bengal  3:1  Dempo SC
1997  -   East Bengal  2:2  Dempo SC
1997  -   East Bengal   1:0   Dempo SC

KF East Bengal All Time

Played 20, Win - 7, Drawn - 8, Lost - 5, GF - 34 :: GA - 31

28 January

Both Mohun Bagan and Chirag United Faced Defeat in I-League.

Today in two different matches both Mohun Bagan and Chirag United faced defeats. In an away encounter Mohun Bagan lost to Salgaokar with 1-2 margin. Though Mohun Bagan took an early lead in the match with the help of a fantastic goal scored by Sueoka Ryoji but soon Salgaokar took the control of the match and in the 43rd minute of the match Keita scored the equalizer for Salgaokar. Whereas with the beginning of the second half Salgaokar went into lead due to a fine goal of Iknewa. Till the final whistle Salgaokar protected the lead and finally won the match with 2-1 margin. Luciano Sabrosa was declared as the Man of the Match.

On another I-League encounter another Kolkata team Chirag United faced defeat against Pune F.C. In 40th minute Venkatesh scored the opener for Pune F.C. but early in the second half Joshimar scored the equalizer for Chirag but in the 79th minute of the match Douhou scored the winning goal for Pune F.C. Venkatesh was selected as the Man of the Match for this particular game.

In another encounter JCT registered 2-0 victory over Sporting Club de Goa as Ajay Kumar and Baljit Singh Saini scored the goals for JCT. Ajay Kumar was awarded with the Man of the Match Title.

Finally in another match Mahindra United made a goalless draw with Mumbai F.C. and Noel Wilson of Mumbai F.C. became the Man of the Match.


FT: Match end. Salgaocar win by 2 - 1 over Mohun Bagan. This is their 2nd win in I-League .
89': Sabrosa may be man of the Match today. Last time attack of Bagan. Tomba singh shot went away.
87': Suoka missed a golden opportunity. Marcos crossed from right. his close header went away over the cross bar.
82': Outstanding playing by Salgaocar Defender cum captain Luciano Sabrosa. Well cleared an effort of James in the Box.
80': Ten minutes to go. Still Bagan is trailing 1 - 2. Barreto is trying hard.Tomba Singh was attacking from right side.Crossed well. beautiful saved by Sabrosa through a corner.
77': Player change by Bagan again . Tomba singh came and Biswajit Saha out.
77': James to Kulothungan. Where he passed? no bagan player was there.
74':Corner for Bagan. James took the coner.Salgaocar Keeper Kalyan cleared the ball but Rakesh got the ball from Kalyan's clear.But his header just went away over the bar.Good effort.
72': Luciano Sabrosa fouled Marcos just out side the box. Free kick in favor of Bagan. His kick well collected by Kalyan.
70': Player changing by Bagan. N.S. Manju out and Rakesh Masih came in.
68': It could be a goal but finally wonderful saved by Shilton by beautiful dyving. Keita attacked from right side.Manju was their but unable to stop him. Soot towards target but Shilton saved.
66': Still Salgaocar is leading 2 - 1. Player change of Bagan . Isfaq Ahmed went away and Snehasish Chakrabarty came in his place.
54': Chance missed by Bagan. Barreto's flying header well cleared by Sabrosa. Isfaq crossed well from left.
48':Salgaocar is leading 2 - 1. Brilliant pass of Keita form the right flank. Bagan defender Manju was unable to follow the ball to block Ikenwa who finished brilliantly.
47': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL .. Ikenwa scored for Salgaocar.
46': 2nd half started. Salgocar dominated in the first half, lost few positive chances to score.
45': End of first half. Result is 1 - 1. Both teams got 5 corners each but unable to make any impact from those.
44': Again attack by Salgaocar. Ikenwa from left side . His sudden shot just missed the target.
43': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL ..Keita equalised for Salgaocar with his own effort in the Bagan Box. Sagram Mandi was not in position to block him. A long pass of Milagres chested down by Keita and scored the goal well.
42': Isfaq crossed from Left in Salgaocar Box. Barreto was there but unable to head the ball timely.Counter attack of Salgaocar .
40':Gupreet cleared a ling goal kick of Shilton through header. Throw- in for B agan. Zenith passed to James Singh in right. James missed it.
38':Bagan is leading 1 - 0. Seuoka scored in 13th minute. Keita is now off side trap . Cjetan crossed from left towards him..
35': Bagan got a Free Kick . Marcos kicked well but cleared by Salfaocar Defender Sabrosa. Corner. No damage done in corner.
33':Ikenwa fouled Biswajit Saha in Bagan area. Free kick.
30': Bad foul by Cjetan Fernandes. He tackled Barreto from behind just out side their own Box. Free kick in favor of Bagan. Marcos's kick went out.
29': Player changing by Salgaocar. Ikenwa came in place of injured Avneet.
27':Keita to Beevan D' Mello in left flank.Bevan to Avneet who crossed into the Bagan Box. well effort of Keita but his header cleared by Bagan defence,
24': No damage done in Marcos corner.Avneet of Salgaocar slightly injured but now fit.
23': Barreto shown his beautiful skill. want to attack from left. corner for Bagan.
20':Ball is now middle of the ground. Salgaocar is trying to use their right flank through Keita.
19': Well attack by Keita from right. crossed well but no team mate in Bagan Box.
18': Isfaq was trying to enter from left side.. Salgaocar defence well blocked him.
15': Zenith well crossed and Seuoka header went to salgaocar's net. Mohun Bagan is leading by 1 - 0.
13': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL ... Scored by Seuoka for Mohun Bagan.
10':Hand ball of Barreto. Salgaocar again in attacking mode. Francis Fernendez went to right side and crossed but Sagram Mandi was alert to clear the same.
7': Well defended by Milagres off an left sided attack of Isfaq through a corner. No damage done in Marcos corner.
6':Francis Fernandes well attacked in the Mohun Bagan Box. Biswajit Saha cleared.
5': Well attack of Salgaocar from Left..Keita crossed but Shilton came out timely and gripped the ball.
3': Free kick for Mohun Bagan. James Singh's shot went wide.
2': Match Starts. Salgaocar got a corner. Milagreo header went away.
SAL:Kalyan,Gurpreet,Francis,Avneet,Keita,Beevan,Rocus,Milagrwo, Cajetan,Peter,Luciano,
MMB:Shilton,Biswajit,James,Isfaq,Marcos,Barreto,Seuoka,Manju, Kulothungan,Sagram,Zenith,


FT: Match end. Pune FC beat Chirag United 2 - 1.
87':Few minutes more to end of the match.
85': Pune FC is leading 2 - 1. Chirag is now playing all out to equalise. Pune defence is tight.wasting times professionally for their win.
79': GOALLLLL..Again goal by Pune.Scored from Penalty.Du fouled Douhou in box.Douhou scored from Penalty.Referee shown Yellow Card to Du of chirag.
77': S. Venkartesh has taken load in Fune's mid field. Asim Biswas and Joshimar well attacked but Pune Defence cleared well
75': The scoreline is 1 - 1.
64': Chirag got a corner. Tulunga took the corner. Du well header missed the target.
57': Well attack by Jayanta. solo run from midfield and his powerful right footer well saved by subrata.
53': Corner taken by Tulunga. Joshimar header beat Subrata Paul.
52': GOALLLLL.. Chirag Equalised 1 - 1.

HT: End of first half. Pune FC is leading 1 - 0.
43': Player change by Chirag. Edmilson went away and Asim Biswas Came in his place. Pune is leading 1 - 0.
40': GOALLLLL Venkatesh scored for Pune F.C. Dounou Pirre well passed to Venky in the Box.Du was there but unable to stop Venkatesh.
37':Chirag Got a Free Kick. Edmilson shot went away. Counter atttack by Pune leaded by Tokov.Tried to cross in the Box. Rahul Kumar blocked .corner. Godwin Took the corner for PFC. Went away.Somnath Khara was in right position.

35': Edmilson well tested Subrata Paul with a right footer. High ball came to him out side the Box.He turned and vollied the ball. But Subrata well anticipated.
30':Tokov of Pune FC is playing well. Pune got a corner. No damage done.
20': Counter attack by Chirag United. Joshimar to Edmilson to Jayata..But finally Jayanta missed pass. Selwin Fernandez cleared the effort.
18': Du well saved an attack of Sergei tokov who got a square pass from Izumi Arata.
15': Du was injured when cleared a ball with Pune's Tokov. Match was stopped for few mihutes. No tha match has started again. du came back in the field.
11': Counter attack by Pune F.C. Darren to Edmar. But Well blocked by Du inside the box.
8': Brilliant attack of Jayanta Sen. His well shot just went away over the cross Bar.

CHI: Somnath,Rahul kumar, Du, Kinshuk, Dhanarajan, Tulunga, Denson,Jayanta, Gouranga Biswas,Edmilson, Joshimar.

PFC:Subrata, Kuttymani, Arata, Douhou, Chikawali, Godwin, Venkatesh, Tokov, Rahul, Sunil Kumar. Selwin Fernandez.

27 January

Salgaocar Vs Mohun Bagan : All time Head to Head

Mohun Bagan to meet Salgaocar Sports Club in the I-League match tomorrow at Nehru stadium, Fatorda. Salgaocar will play on their home soil in a must-win situation to stay in the title race.

Salgaocar coach Tim Hankinson had put up a brave face and feels that his team is not entirely out of the context. He belives he acan win the match.

Salgaocar will play without their Iranian defender Rohatulla Semaniya who failed to recover from his foot injury. Skipper Luciano Sabrosa of Salgaocar must be played well to block Mohun Bagan attacking force leded by Jose Ramirez Barreto. Nigerian striker of Mohun Bagan Chidi still absent with the squad for his injury. The Defence of Karim Benchirifa,who has conceded just one goal in the last two matches will face Salgaocar’s African pair of Ekene Ikenwa and Mandjou Keita's attack.

All Time I League Encounters between two

2007/2008 :: Mohun Bagan AC 1 - 0 Salgaocar SC
2007/2008 :: Salgaocar SC 4 - 5 Mohun Bagan AC
2006 :: Mohun Bagan AC 3 - 0 Salgaocar SC
2006 :: Salgaocar SC 1 - 1 Mohun Bagan AC
2005 :: Salgaocar SC 1 - 0 Mohun Bagan AC
2005 :: Mohun Bagan AC 0 - 0 Salgaocar SC
2004 :: Mohun Bagan AC 1 - 0 Salgaocar SC
2004 :: Salgaocar SC 1 - 0 Mohun Bagan AC
2003 :: Salgaocar SC 0 - 1 Mohun Bagan AC
2003 :: Mohun Bagan AC 0 - 2 Salgaocar SC
2002 :: Salgaocar SC 4 - 3 Mohun Bagan AC
2002 :: Mohun Bagan AC 0 - 0 Salgaocar SC
2001 :: Mohun Bagan AC 2 - 1 Salgaocar SC
2001 :: Salgaocar SC 0 - 0 Mohun Bagan AC
2000 :: Mohun Bagan AC 2 - 0 Salgaocar SC
2000 :: Salgaocar SC 0 - 1 Mohun Bagan AC
1999 :: Mohun Bagan AC 0 - 1 Salgaocar SC
1999 :: Salgaocar SC 3 - 1 Mohun Bagan AC
1998 :: Mohun Bagan AC 0 - 1 Salgaocar SC
1998 :: Salgaocar SC 0 - 2 Mohun Bagan AC

Mohun Bagan
Played - 20 : Win-9 , Drawn - 4, Lost - 7 , GF-23 :GA- 19

27 January

Valerian Soccer Foundation of Kolkata Presented 5 Valuable Papers on History of Football in the 26th Itihas Samsad

On behalf of Valerian Soccer Foundation of Kolkata,5 members of the Poschimbongo Itihas Samsad presented 5 valuable papers about the History of Football from different aspects in its 26th conference held in North Bengal University (24th-26th January, 2010).

Subhransu Roy , presented his unique paper about the role of media in Indian Women Soccer while Debashis Majumder critically explained the effects of the game of football in the cultural, social and political life of colonial Calcutta. Pijush Kumar Dalapati discussed about the comparative study regarding 5 Goals debate in Calcutta Maidan.

Snehasis Bhadra discussed about the history of 3 major rivalries of Indian Football and Koushik Ghosh presenter his paper on the historical analysis of the Crowed Violence. Except them Kaushik Bandyopadhyay (Eminent Historian) presented his valuable research paper about the role played by the game; ‘football’ during the freedom struggle (Mukti Yudha - 1971) in Bangladesh.

26 January

Italian Teen Stabs Father Over FIFA 2009

An Italian man giving video game advice to his son Sunday evening was repaid with a 15-inch kitchen knife to the neck.

A 46-year-old storekeeper identified as Fabrizio R. was watching his 16-year-old son, Mario, play EA's FIFA 2009 on the PlayStation Sunday evening. According to reports, the father began giving his son advice on how to play the game better, which led to an argument between the two. In response, Fabrizio turned off the PlayStation in the middle of Mario's game.

That's when Mario got up, went into the kitchen, grabbed a 15-inch knife, and then returned to the living room, stabbing his father in the neck. He then returned to the kitchen to clean up, according to Fabrizio's wife, identified as Monica B., who discussed the incident with Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera.

"I saw Mario come back into the room, he seemed calm, he went to the sink and I noticed him washing a knife," Monica told the newspaper. "Then my husband came into the room with a hand round his neck, dripping blood."

Fabrizio was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, and hospital officials say he will recover from the wound.

After washing off the knife, Mario went to his bedroom, making no attempt to resist arrest when the police arrived. According to RIA Novosti, he is currently being held at a juvenile detention facility while police continue their investigation.

With the father surviving the viscous attack and the son safely in police custody, we can on to the message woven into this story. Sometimes video games have nothing to do with how violent we can be.

"Mario is obsessed. He's forever playing on his PlayStation, and we bought him FIFA 2009 because we didn't want him playing violent games," his mother told Il Corriere.


26 January

Baichung scored for Zidane XI in Portugal

More than 50,000 people turned out at Lisbon's Stadium of Light,on Monday for a fundraiser match for victims of the Haiti earthquake.The massive 7.0-magnitude earthquake on January 12 killed around 150,000 and has left around a million people homeless.

French legend Zinedine Zidane and Kaka donned their boots to do their bit.Team India Captain Baichung Bhutia was invited in the occasion and scored one goal in the match. The match was organized by the United Nations Development Program and Portuguese club Benfica, which hosted the game at its Stadium of Light on Monday.

Portugal legend Eusebio took centre stage after a minute’s silence for a ceremonial kick-off before Kaka put the all-stars ahead. Benfica’s Nuno Gomes then scored twice before Zidan set up Robert Pires for the all-stars second but Benfica again hit the front through Eder Luis.Baichung Bhutia scored the equalizer 3 - 3 on behalf of Zidane All Star team.The match between two all stars sides ended 3-3.

"The most important thing is to raise as much money as possible to help Haiti", said former French World Cup winner Zidane ahead of kickoff."I know there are many problems in the world - but Haiti is the most urgent situation," said Brazilian Kaka, who plays for Real Madrid.


25.01.2010 ( FT'..): ZIDANE XI   3 - 3   SL.BENFICA XI :: Scroll Down 4 LIVE Update

93': Match end. Baichug Bhutia Captain of India, saved Zidane XI form defeat by scoring a nice goal.The result is 3 - 3. Benfica coach Jorge Jesus praised Baichung.The winner is Football.
89':Again Baichung in action. He could score the goal but finally passed to Jr. No 44 , who missed the target.
84': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.. Baichung Bhutia Scored for Zidane's team.. Got a pass in the right corner of the box.From their his one touch Beautiful right footer went to goal .Moreira saw the ball when it crossed the goal line.Now scoreline is 3 - 3.
80': Baichung got two chances in the Benfica box.one he passed to Tymoshchuk but he missed the target.
77':India Captain Baichung Bhutia came in the field in place of Akwa for Zidane XI. His Jersey No. is 31 .Good change by coach Louis van Gaal.
70':Who can say that it's an exhibition match? Benfica is playing small passes and pressurising contineously.
65':Benfica is leading by 3 - 2.
61': GOALLLLLLLL..Benfica scored again against the motion.They are leading by 3 - 2 now. Where is Indian Captain Baichng Bhutia? Yes, he is warming up in the side line.
55': Brilliant save by Benfica Keeper Morares off an effort of Pavel Nedved.Well dived by Moreira timely.
53': Now Captain Zidane left from the field. Veteran Laudrap of Denmark came in his place.
53': GOALLLLLLLL.. Oh.. Zidane.. What a brilliant pass from left after beating two defenders of Benfica.He passed to Pires whose right footer volly went to the goal.No chance for Moreira to save.Scoreline is 2 - 2.
49':Beautiful save by Moreira, the keeper of Benfica. one to one situation.Pattrick Cluivert missed the target.
48': Some changes made by both teams. But Captain Zidane is still in the field.
46':Starts of 2nd Half. Benfica is leading 2-1.

HT: Its Half Time Now.
44': Luis Figo.Shown his Great skill in Benfica Box.. Passed to Jr. no 12. His header went away.
41': Brazilian Alves fouled Benfica Veteran Salana.Hey Alves what are u Doing?
40': Oh..Zidane..Why you retired from Football? come again please. We want to see again your skill.
38':Still Benfica is leading 2-1. Jam packed Estadio da Luz Stadium.
33':Ufffff...what a skill still now with Zidane..His powerful left footer well saved by Benfica Keeper Moreira.
30':Is it Exhibition match or Competition? both teams are playing seriously.
24':Hey..referee?.all most goal..Equalised by Zidane Team.Jersey no 2 scored the goal. No... referee Collina cancelled the Goal because of Offside..
22': GOALLLLLLLL Benfica Scored another through Nuno Gomes and leading now by 2 - 1. Counter attack by Zidane team..
20':OWOOO Zidane..Zidane..show his skill again.. passed to Pauleta in the box.His shot well collected by Benfia Keeper.
18': Barcelona Star Henry got a pass from Edgar Davids of Holland, who is playing by wearing Spectacles like his past days..Henry missed the target otherwise Zidane XI could lead now.
16':GOALLLLLLLL..Equalised by Benfica..Beautiful back heel pass of Moccoli..Goal scored by Nuno Gomes.Score Line 1-1.
14':GOALLLLLLLL..Kaka scored for Zidane XI. Dribbled two players of Benfica in the Box after receiving a square pass from Davids.
12': still no score..
8': Speedy match..Looks like EPL or world cup match.
1': Living Legend Footballer of Portugal, Eusebio Kicked off the Match.


RONALDO & ZIDANE XI :- Fabien Barthez (Luciano 32', Lehmann 45'); Daniel Alves Rafael Marquez (Fernando Hierro 31'), Fernando Couto (Olic 30', 71'), Jean Sony (Cocu 6', Graeme Le Suax 45', Ricardo Pereira 85'); Luis Figo (Nedved 45', 88'), Zidane (c) (Hagi 53', Dugarry 71'), Edgar Davids (Obikwelu 45', Alfredo Esteves 55') , Kaka (Popescu 31'); Henry (Kluivert 31', Akwa 62', Baichung Bhutia 77') and Pauleta ( Robert Pires 31', ')

Extras : Jens Lehmann, Luciano da Silva, Pavel Nedved, Michael Laudrup, Baichung Bhutia, Timoshchuk, Robert Pires, Popescu, Graeme Le Saux, Olic, Hagi, Alfredo Esteves, Dugarry, Baichung Bhutia, Francis Obikwelu, Ricardo Pereira
Coach: Van Gaal & José Peseiro

BENFICA ALL STARS XI : - Quim (Neno 32', Moreira 45'); Miguel (Abel Xavier 31', Veloso 45'), Humberto Coelho (c) (Mozer 5', Helder 45', Pietra 76'), Luisao (Miguel Vitor 20', Paulo Madeira 76'), Dimas (Shéu 45'); Vitor Paneira (Ramires 27', Eder LuIs 45', Abel Silva 66'), Katsouranis (Manuel Fernandes 45'), Rui Costa (Poborsky 45'), Karagounis (Chalana 32', Stefan Schwarz 45', Mats Magnusson 87'); Miccoli (Saviola 45', Valdo 65') and Nuno Gomes (Cardozo 45', Rui Aguas 65', Nene 83')

Extras: Moreira, Neno, Mozer, Miguel Vitor, Paulo Madeira, Abel Xavier, Sheu, Ramires, Manuel Fernandes, Karel Poborsky, Stefan Schwarz, Chalana, Nene, Rui Aguas, Valdo, Cardozo, Saviola, Pietra, Pedro Valido
Coach: Jorge Jesus

25 January

India U-19 Team is ready for SAF Games at Bangladesh

India U-19 National team will fly for Bangladesh tomorrow evening to participate in the SAF Games football Tounament. The Tournament will be started at Chattagram Bangladesh on 29th January, where India will meet Afghanistan in their first encounter.All though the tournament is scheduled for u-23 boys, but India is sending their U-19 team.

This is an another acid test for AIFF, who send U-23 team in the last SAAF cup at Bangladesh where India win the title.Under the guidance of Colin toal, the India boys were in a camp at Kalyani Municipality, Bengal from 5th January where they were preparing themselves for the tournament.

While paracticing in the Kalyani camp India U-19 played two practice match against Mohun Bagan Sr. Team and Easter Railway Sr. Team. They hold Mohun Bagan 1 - 1 and won 4 - 0 against Eastern Railway F.C.

Goal Keeper Coach of India Team Tanumoy Bose said that The team is fully fit and confident to win the game.They are dare to face U-23 players of other teams in the Tournament. Bose also told that,this team played well in AFC u-19 Qualifying Matches at Iraq.From then to till date they are staying along with like a family and combination among them for the reason is sound.Not only that some players of this team played in SAFF cup for India u-23 team also and they have got a better experience. He hoped his tem will perform well in Bangladesh

India U-19 Boys for coming SAF games at Bangladesh

GOAL: Gurpreet singh Sabdhu, Jagpreet Singh

DEFENDERS : Visal Kumar, Avishek Das, Raju Gaikwaed, Deepak Devrani, Inderpreet Singh,Souvik Ghosh

MIDFIELDERS:Tirthankar Sarkar, Lalrindica, Milan Singh, Jewel Raja, Subodh Kumar, Bikramjeet Singh, Akshoy Kumar Mall

FORWARDS: Malswamfela, J.J. Lalpekhula, Manamdeep Singh, Jaagtar Singh

Coach: Colin Toal
Asst. Coach: Francis Bruto Da Costa & Jude Barreto
GK-Coach: Tanumoy Bose

25 January

AIFF 18th Senior National Women's Tournament will be held from March 7 to 25 at Manipur

The 18th Senior National Women's Championship will be held from March 7 to 25 in Imphal, Manipur. 24 states Women Football team will fight for the title and are divided into eight clusters from A- H. Cluster I- Manipur, Jharkhand & Uttarakhand.

Cluster II- Orissa, Karnataka & Rajasthan.

Cluster III- West Bengal, Maharashtra & Pondicherry.

Cluster IV- Tamilnadu, Meghalaya & Uttar Pradesh.

Cluster V- Goa, Delhi & Kerala.

Cluster VI- Haryana, Andhra Pradesh & Jammu & Kashmir.

Cluster VII- Assam, Bihar & Chandigarh.

Cluster VIII- Punjab, Tripura & Chhattisgarh.

24 January

JCT beat Kalyani in the North-East Final of NIKE MUPC

JCT beat Kalyani Municipality Sports Academy 2 - 1 in the finals of U-15 Nike Manchester United Premier Cup North, North East and East Zone qualifiers which played at the Tau Devi Lal Stadium, Gurgao, Haryana today.

In the 11th minute of the match Kalyani scored through Sameer Bansfore but just after five minutes Kalyani skipper Bhaskar scored an own goal in while clear a ball. In the regulation time (40 minute) score line was 1-1 ,so the match went into extra time. JCT’s Subham Kumar scored in the 61st minute and win the match.

Champion JCT, Runner's up Kalyani and two other semi Finalist team Shillong Ljong FC and Sikkim FA will take part in the INDIA FINAL in Goa from first week of February.

In Goa there will be 19 teams will fight from 28th January where two semifinalist and Winners and Runners wiill play against Four North East Finalists.The winner will qualify for the main Tournament to be held in England.

24 January

Baichung is waiting for tomorrow's match in Benfica

A considerable number of World Football Stars have confirmed their participation in the fund raising Football Match tomorrow at Lisbon,Portugal to help the Earth quake victims of Haiti.Barcelona and France Super Star Therry Henry confirms his presence as a player of Zidane & Kaka XI, where Indian star Baichung Bhutia also be played in this noble cause.

The opponent team as well as host of the match Benfica, wants a full house tomorrow.Benfica World All Star team will be Karel Poborsky,Fabrizio Miccoli, Rui Costa,David Luiz, Valdo, Humberto Coelho, Nene ,Abel Xavier, Simao Sabrosa and many more.Benfica central defender David Luiz donates 7,500 dollars to the Haiti earthquake victims.

The game will take place on the date of the anniversary of all time greatest Portuguese Football Star Eusebio, and also the death day of Hungary born Benfica Striker Mick Feher who died on 25th January 2004 .The cause of death was a heart attack during a match against Guimaraes FC.

To mark the day more memorable "Black Panther" appeal to the organiser to invite some of his best friends like Sir Bobby Charlton, Franz Beckenbauer, and Alfredo Di Stefano.The living legend is now in Angola to open an exhibition “the marks of the black panther”, but will present at the stdium tomorrow to kick-off the match.

The tickets at the stadium a low 10 euros- around 17 dollars.

24 January

JCT hold Chirag United in away Match while Dempo beat Sporting.

Subrata Bhattacharjee’s Chirag had the home advantage but couldn’t do enough to gain full points against JCT.

The Salt Lake Stadium witnessed a great encounter today between these two teams that ended in a draw. Goals scored in first half of the game by Chirag Joshimar and his counterpart Penn Orji did brought there team into a fierce battle which ended without a result.

Both the teams started well with the first attack on the 10th minute of the game courtesy Joshimar but was well cleared by Balwant. In the 12th minute JCT tried to counter attack via Orji’s pass but Balwant’ shot went off the target.

Chirag was the first one to draw blood as Joshimar headed the ball past JCT custodian Karanjit Singh. Joshimar converted a measured free kick taken by Denson. Chirag could have made it 2-0 in the 18th minute of the game but Joshimar couldn’t capitalize from Edmilson’s cross. In the 36th minute of the game Arnab Mondal came into action as he blocked a through pass of Penn Orji that could have been easily converted by Balwant.

JCT’s hardwork did paid-off as Penn Orji equalized for his team in the 36th minute of the game.

Going into the 2nd half both the teams had lot to play for but somehow they couldn’t capitalize from their chances. Tulunga came in for Gouranga Biswas but he was not able to get that one goal for his team. In 52nd minute JCT tried to fire through Baldeep’s pass to Ajay but again it went into vain.

Chirag’s Asim Biswas came close to provide that breakthrough in 55th and 62nd minute of the game but his pass went wide. But today’s man of the moment was JCT’s goalie Karanjit Singh who kept his position intact saving lots of shots from the Kolkata outfit. The decisive moment came in the 72nd minute of the game when Karanjit first cleared a header from Du followed by a Joshimar nudge and then gathered the ball from Denson to keep it level for his team. That was the turning point of the match and Karanjit did well to earn his team a single point from this crucial away encounter.

Meanwhile Dempo sealed a victory against Sporting in Goa retaining their top spot in the table followed by Mahindra Utd and Chirag.

CHIRAG UNITED : Somnath, Subhasish, Arnab, Dhanarajan, Gouranga Biswas (Tulunga 46'), Jayanta, Denson, Asim, Joshimar, Edmilson(Gouranga Dutta).

JCT :Karanjeet,Lalchulwama,Gurwinder, Daljeet,Jaspal,Saktar, Penn,Rakiderjit,Parminder,Ajay ( Pawan),Balwant.


FT: Match end. Result is 1 - 1. Outstanding performance of JCT Keeper Karanjeet Singh who saved not less that four sure goals in the match. He may be declared man of the match.

90': Referee added three minutes more.Lalkamal Bhowmick came in plce of Jyata Sen.

86': Still the score line is 1 - 1. Both teams are trying to score in last moment. five minutes to end of the match.

80':Karajneet Slightly injured in a collision with Gouranga Dutta while to stop his action. No he is fit to play.

75':Penalty for Chirag? Referee denied. Gurwinder blocked Joshibar with a side tackle i the box badly.
72': What a save..Kaanjeet. First he saved a header of du. Ball eflected from his hand then joshimar pushed, again ball deflected nd fially Denson again pushed and Karanjeet gripped the ball.Good save.

70': Joshimar and Du missed to score respectively.Now corner for Chirag.

68': Edmilson went out and Gouranga Dutta came in his place for Chirag.

62': Asim Biswas well shot in the Box but wet away. It wuld be better if he passed the ball to Joshimar.

58': Free Kick for JCT.Arnab Mondol fouled Balwant. Yellow Card to Arnab.Well Free Kick and well saved by Somnath.

57':Du Well effort.Joshimar passed his with his heal i the JCT BOx.

55': Asim Biswas missed to cross timely in the JCT Box. Edmilson and Joshimar both were in goal scoring position. bad mistake

54': JCT is attacking more than Chirag just now.

52':Baldeep passed to Ajay of JCT..But Somnath was alert. well saveed the ball.

50': Rakinder Singh cleared an attack of Emmilson by throwing.JCT is playig with a full of confidence after equalising the goal.

48':Starts of second half after lemon break.

46': Tulunga came in place of Gouranga Biswas of Chirag United to play in the second half.

HT: It's half time now.. Score line is 1-1.

45': Chirag well attack dismissed by Karanjeet. Well play. Arnab Mondol's close shot well saved by Karanjeet.

44':Beautiful saved by Chirag Keeper Somnath Khara.. Well block by dying in right side off Penn orji's powerfull shot from very close.

42':JCT defence well cleared an attack of Joshimar.

38': Fantastic one handed save of Karanjeet.. Joshimar's bad luck.

36':GOALLLLLLLL..Penn Orji equalised for JCT. Well pass by Balwant Singh from right flank. Subhasish was not in correct position.

32': Well done Arnab. Block a through of Penn.otherwise Balwant was in the Box.

31': Danger in Chirag Box. Penn short pass to Balwant. Du was not in position.Balwant's left footer from very close went away over the cross bar.

27': Chirag is playing small pass and and all time two or three players beside the ball and.counter attack of JAC now..Got a corner but no damage done in the corner.

23':Chirag is eading 1 - 0. Dempo also leading by 1 - 0 now at goa against Sporting goa.

18': It could be 2-0. Billiant cross of Edmilson from right.Joshima was trying to volly for showmanship and missed the target.

15': GOALLLLLLLL Joshimar scored for Chirag.Beautiful free kick by denson in the JCT box..Joshimar header beat karanjeet. Chirag is leading 1 - 0 .

14':Yellow card to Gurwinder of JCT for a hand ball out side the penalty Box.. Free Kik.

12': Balwant shot off the target.Brilliat pass from Penn orji.

10': Gurwinder well cleared a ball in Penalty of JCT from an attack of Joshimar of CHirag.

8': Good corner by Subhasish of Chirag United. Karanjeet received well.

7': Good ball from Jayanta to Edmilson from midfield. Edmilson took too much time to received..all cleared by JCT defence.

5': Match started.Action going on.Both teams are trying to pressure opponents defence area.

24.01.2010 : Dempo S.C   3 - 1  Sporting Goal(Goa - FT..)
DEM:(C.Miranda 20',Joaquim Abranches 27', Peter Carvalho 62'
SCG:L. Biswasher Singh 36' :: M.O.M: Peter Carvalho(DEM)

23 January

East Bengal will face Al-Ittihad in their opening match of the AFC Cup 2010 on 10th March at Salt Lake.

This years Federation Cup champions East Bengal ok Kolkata will face Al-Ittihad of Syria in their opening Group D match of the AFC Cup 2010 on 10th March at the Yuba Bharati Krirangan in Kolkata.Group D consist of Al Nejmeh (Lebanon) and Al Qadsia (Kuwait) besides East Bengal and Al-Ittihad of Syria.

The best show ever by an Indian club in AFC Cup is the semi-final appearance of Dempo SC in 2007.

The boys of Red & gold brigade's first away match will be at Lebanon against Al Nejmeh on March 17. East Bengal is only Indian representative of this years AFC Cup 2010 while I-League defending Champions Churchill Brothers will play in the play-off for a spot in AFC Champions League. If Churchilly fail to win the one-off play-off match then they will play in the AFC Cup.

Churchill Brothers are just a win away from playing in the champions League as they have received a first round bye and will face the winners Al Karamah of Syria and Al Wahda of UAE. The time and place of the match will be announced later.If Churchill win in play-off they will face a clubs from Iran.

Performances of East Bengal in AFC Cup

2004: Quarter-Finals
2005: Group Stage
2008: Group Stage, 3rd place


24 February 2010  :   AL QADSIA (KUW) VS AL NEJMEH (LIB)

10 March 2010  :   KINGFISHER EAST BENGAL (IND) VS AL ITTIHAD (Runers - Syrian Premier League 2008–09)

17 March 2010  :   AL ITTIHAD (SYR) VS AL QADSIA (KUW)


24 March 2010  :   KINGFISHER EAST BENGAL (IND) VS AL QADSIA (W -Kuwaiti Premier League 2008–09)

24 March 2010  :   AL ITTIHAD (SYR) VS AL NEJMEH (LIB)


06 April 2010  :   AL NEJMEH (LIB) VS AL ITTIHAD (SYR)


20 April 2010  :   AL NEJMEH (LIB) VS AL QADSIA (KUW)

27 April 2010  :   KINGFISHER EAST BENGAL (IND) VS AL NEJMEH (Winner - Lebanon Premier League 2008–09)

27 April 2010  :   AL QADSIA (KUW) VS AL ITTIHAD (SYR)


2009   : Al-Kuwait SC
2008   : Muharraq Club
2007   : Shabab Al-Ordon
2006   : Al-Faisaly
2005   : Al-Faisaly
2004   : Al-Jaish

23 January

Real Madrid to help rebuild school in Haiti while Thierry Henry will donate through his Foundation

Real Madrid the best club of the 20th century after an exhaustive study by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) plans to provide funds to rebuild a school and also build a social and football academy which was destroyed in the earthquake in Haiti.

Real Madrid President Florentinto Perez was joined by Haitian ambassador to Spain, Her Excellency, Ms. Yolette Azor-Charles and Mr.Jose Miguel de Haro, President of a Spanish NGO 'Acoger and Compartir' to present Project

    "Haiti - Building the future"
in a press meet at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium where three star footballers of Real Madrid ; Raul, Casillas and Sergio Ramos were present.

Real Madrid will work with the Spanish NGO that founded the school and donate money for reconstruction of the St. Gerard School in the Carrefour-Feuilles neighborhood of Port-au-Prince and build a social and football academy where children will receive the proper nutrition and healthcare. It had 1,200 students but was flattened in the quake on 12th January, with some 300 children killed, Mr. Perez said press conference at a ceremony.

  • French World Cupper Thierry Henry has shown his support for the earth quake victims of Haiti with a huge donation for purchasing Medecines from his own foundation "The One 4 All Foundation". He told that he can to help and has made a donation of €56,000 to the campaign.

    The Barcelona and French forward still remembers when "Hurricane Hugo" had a similar effect on Guadalupe, the spanish island where his father was born. he said that the situation of Haiti has touched him because 20 years ago, similar happened to Guadalupe and he knows what the Haitians are going through for survive.

    He also expressed that, Haiti is a former French colony and where He has a lot of friends. So he felt that he must have to do something for Haiti.

  • 23 January

    Haiti Relief Fund Raising : Baichung Bhutia will play in Zidane XI

    Indian Sr. National Football Team captain Baichung Bhutia will play in an exhibition match against Benfica All Star Team at the Stadium of Light in Lisbon on Monday the 25th January.Previously he extended his helping hand in Goal4Africa charity match in Allianze Arena, Bayern Munich, in 2008 and scored two Goals in that match where he was in the squad of AC Milan's Clearance Seedorf's led XI. Baichung Bhutia once again brush shoulders with the finest footballers in the planet.

    25th January's exhibition match is organised by the United Nations and the profit will go to the victims of Haiti earthquake.The Haiti earthquake that happened on the 12th of January is one of the worst in the history of mankind and natural disasters claiming more than 100,000 lives.

    Zidane, Kaka, Portuguese football legend Eusebio and Haitian players Jean Sony and Joseph Peterson will kick off the VII Match Against Poverty in Lisbon on January 25.The Match Against Poverty is supported by the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA).

    The match will be refereed by Italian legendary Pierluigi Collina.More top international names are expected to confirm in the coming days.More than 20 TV channels around the world will broadcast the match live.

    The complete list of confirmed players is as follows:

    Ronaldo, Zidane & Friends team

    Akwa (Angola)
    Kaka, Marcelo and Luciano da Silva (Brazil)
    Pavel Nedved (Czech Republic)
    Michael Laudrup (Denmark)
    Alfredo Esteves (East Timor)
    Graeme Le Saux (England)
    Zinedine Zidane, Fabien Barthez and Christophe Dugarry (France)
    Jean Sony and Joseph Peterson (Haiti)
    Baichung Bhutia (India)
    Edgar Davids, Patrick Kluivert, Phillip Cocu (Netherlands)
    Luis Figo, Fernando Couto and Pauleta (Portugal)
    Gheorghe Hagi and Gheorghe Popescu (Romania)
    Lucas Radebe (South Africa)
    and Fernando Hierro (Spain)

    Benfica All Star team
    Rui Costa, Nuno Gomes, and former Benfica players will compose the Benfica All Star team.

    23 January

    NIKE MUPC U-15, Kalyani MSA reach in the Final Round

    Last year's semifinalist Kalyani Municipality Sports Academy from Bengal beat Sikkim FA 1- 0 and entered in the India Final Round which will be played at Goa. Today the only scorer of Kalyani was Abhijit Das.In an another Semi Final match of the day U-15 boys JCT beat Shillong Lajong FC boy by 1 - 0. Tomorrow JCT will meet Kalyani Municipality S.A in the Final.

    20.01.2010: Kalyai Municipality SA 1 - 0 Aizawl FA ( Sumon sarkar)

    21.01.2010:JK Bank 0 - 5 Kalyani Municipality SA
    KMSA:Somnath Dey, Gopinath Murmu 2, Izaz Murtza, Samir Basfore

    22.01.2010:Uttrakhand FA 0 - 2 Kalyani Municipality SA
    KAL:Sumon Sarkar, Raju Mondol

    23.01.2010:Kalyani MSA 1 - 0 Sikkim FA
    KAL:Abhijit Das