Salgaocar hold Mohun Bagan,Barreto missed Penalty

M.Mohun Bagan   1 - 1   Salgocar SC (..YBK - FT...)

MMB:Chidi 62' :: SAL: Keita 77'
M.O.M : Kalyan Chowbay (GK-SAL)

Mohun Bagan: Sangram, Biswajit, Manju, Surkumar(Mohonraj), Masih, Mickey(Manish), Marcos,Isfaq, Seuoka(Snehasish), Barreto, Chidi,

Salgaocar: Kalyan, Sabrosa, Beevan(Lestor), Vijesh, Pradeep, Lamare, Francis, Agnelo, Barbosa(Ikenwa), Keita(Manjit), Cejetan.

FT: Match end. Mohun bagan 1 - 1 Salgaocar. Barreto missed the penalty for Bagan. Kalyan Chowbey, the goal keeper of Salgaocar has been declared Man of the Match today.

90"+2': Last Minute attacking by Bagan.Snehasish left sided cross well gripped by Kalyan.

90': referee added 3 minutes more for injury time..

89': Last Player changed by Salgaocar. Keita out and Manjit Singh came in

87': Still the score line is 1 - 1.

85': Kalyan vs Mohun Bagan. Again saved an attack of Barreto from right side.He should be man of the match today.

84': Player changed for Bagan. Snehasish Chakrabarty came in place of Seuoka.

83'; What a miss by Barreto!. His right sided shot well saved by Kalyan from Penalty.

82': Penalty for Bagan. Kalyan fouled Chidi in the box.Kalyan missed the flight of Mohonraj throwin. Ball came to Chidi but Kalyan pulled his leg and chidi fallen down. Refere awarded penalty on behalf of Bagan.

81': Golden Chance missed by Chidi in an one to one situation. His right footer vrom close went away over the bar.

78': Danger for Bagan. good luck for Bagan. Francis Fernandez well effort fro right beat Sangaram but went away.

77': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL..Keita equalised for Salgaocar.Bagan defenders were not in therir position. Keita got a ball and beat two defenders of Bagan and finally scored his 7th goal in I-League

74': Barreto's left sided cross well saved by Kalyan by a corner. No damage done in the corner.

73': Bagan got their 10 corner of the match. Marcos corner well cleared by Sabrosa.

70': Bagan missed a chance.. Barreto header well saved by Kalyan off isfaq cross from left.Nice save by Kalyan.

67': corner for Bagan. Marcos shot cleared by Salgaocar defence.

66': 2 player changes of Salgaocar. Ikenwa came in place of Beevan and Lestor Fernandes came in place of Barbosa.

65': Manju of bagan is injured. Barbosa's powerful shot directly hits Manju's belly.

64': Corner for Salgaocar. Francis shot cleared y Bagan defence. Bagan is attacking now.

62': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL.. Chidi scored a goal for Bagan from Marcos corner. Nice header went to Goal.

59':41 Degree temparature now in Kolkata. Bagan has changed player. Manish Maithai came in place of Mickey Fernandez.

57': Danger.Fracis Fernandez well corner saved by Biswajit Saha.

56': Biswajit Saha fouled Keita just outside the box. Yellow card to Biswajit of Bagan. Free kick of Lamare cleared by Bagan defence. 3rd corner of Salgaocar.

55': Biswajit Saha well cleared an attack of Keita who got a loose ball from a salgaocar counter attack.

53': James Singh of Bagan is warming up in the side line.

52': Agnelo Colaco fouled advancing Surkumar out side their Box. Free Kick of Bagan.Marcos took the kick. Kalyan cleared the ball.

50'; Bagan got a corner. Marcos corner cleared by Sabrosa from Box.

49':Isfaq well blocked an attack of Anthony Berbosa of Salgaocar from right side. 46':2nd half started.

HT: It's the time of Lemon break now. The score line is 0 - 0.

45': Manju cleared an attack of Salgaocar from a corner kick.

45': Positive chance for Bagan but Mashi missed it now.Marcos took corner but Masih header hits the post.rebounded ball came to unmarked Chidi but chidi was unable to utilise the chance.Counter attack of Salgaocar.

44': Marcos crossed.Surkimar header went away.

43':Few minutes left to end of First half.

41':No positive attacking now from both the teams. 36':Isfaq got a ball just out side the Salgaocar Box but missed it finally. Manish Maithani of Mohun Bagan is warming up in side line.

33': Bagan is now moving towads Salgaocar defence.Barreto to Marcos but ball snatched by Cajetan.Counter attacking by Salgaocar.

32': Still the score line is 0 - 0.

29':Salgaocar counter attacked. Keita beat Manju but finalyy his shot went away.

28': Again attack of Bagan. Sueoka to Marcos.Marcos to Surkumar but Kalyan well saved it from Surkumar.

26': Bagan got a corner.Marcos sheot well heaer by Surkumar but went away.

23':Sangram well collected a Free kick of Salgaocar.

21':Still the result is goalless.

19': Surkumar of Bagan good tackled to stop Beevan in the box who got a ball from Keita.

17': Yellow card to Rakesh Masih of Bagan who will miss next match.Isfaq good attempts in the Salgaocar Box but finally beevan cleared the ball.

13': Seuoka square passed to Chidi who wall passed to Barreto. Barreto entered in the Salgaocar Box but Keeper Kalyan well saved it by a corner.No damage done in Marcos corner.

12': Good attack of Salgaocar from right side.Keita beat Biswajit Saha of Bagan but missed the target finally.

10': Bagan got a free-kick in left side of Box. Morcos took the kick but Chidi header went away over the bar.

9'; Bagan is now attacking through Barreto and Chidi pair.

7': Salgaocar attacked from left. Keita's effort blocked by Manju of Bagan.

5':Yellow Card to Sabrosa of Salgaocar who fouled Chidi.

4': Barreto to Marcos from left but Salgaocar defence cleared the ball.

3': Sal gaocar attacked.Keita effort cleared by Manju

2': Good attack by Barreto. Passed to Chidi.Chidi to Isfaq but Isfaq was unable to cross the ball.

1': Match started at Salt Lake Stadium.


Seminar on History of Indian Football in Sadhan Chandra Mahavidyalaya

Sadhan Chandra Mahavidyalaya, Falta, South 24 Pargans in collaboration with Valerian Soccer Foundation organised a unique seminar on ‘History of Indian Football; Debate, Confusion and Development’. Renowned Football Research personality Mr. Subhransu Roy and Mohun Bagan’s Operation Manager and FIFA National Instructor Prince Rufus are the chief speakers of the Seminar.

Subhransu Roy as the first speaker of the seminar discussed in his fantastic presentation about the history of the rise of football in Kolkata and he also discussed about the reasons responsible for the tremendous popularity of football in the city as well as towards the end of his presentation he also made a brief but significant discussion regarding the problem of extreme masculinity in Indian football due to which the women football suffers a lot in India.

On the other hand Prince Rufus threw light on the development aspect of Indian football in a unique style and with the help of simple but significant and fine examples he explained the AFC programme for the development of football in India and here he also presented a time to time comparative measures of Indian football with the other Asian countries starting from the 1950’s.

Two different but fantastic presentations enriched the atmosphere of the seminar and the lecturers and the students of the college took part actively in the discussion during the question answer session. The students of the college conducted freely with the two speakers during this session.

The seminar was presided by the Principal of the College and renowned Educationist Dr. Haraprasad Samaddar.


Spanish La Liga :: Barca Vs Real tomorrow

On the 10th April, 2010, football lovers all over the world will wait anxiously for the “Clash of the Titans”. It is the derby match of the La Liga, the crucial tie between two of the top football clubs of Spain and the world. After this clash both sides have to play eight more rounds.

Real Madrid and Barcelona FC are tied on points and what separates them is the goal difference. Real Madrid are marginally ahead than Barcelona.

Real Madrid will be hosting the Catalan side at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium and the season’s 90-minute decider will put to rest as to the top Spanish side this year.

Real Madrid lost the first leg, last November at the Nou Camp but their performance graph has been improving ever since. They have topped the league standing for the last few weeks, although on the basis of goal difference and will be upbeat to face their arch rival.

The Real Madrid side will have to redeem themselves. They exited their beloved Champions League quite early and desperately need to put their hands on the La Liga title to justify that the quarter billion Euros spent for building the side this summer did not go to waste. Equipped with stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Xabi Alonso and Gonzalo Higuain but perhaps will miss the services of the touch artiste, Ricardo Kaka and the flamboyant Karim Benzema, Real Madrid look quite formidable. However, as Lionel Messi rightly summed up, “It is not about massive spending, but about how players perform on the pitch. They have great players and they'll fight to the end, that's for sure. It's only normal after everything they've done in the summer”.

. Barcelona FC are a strong side. Having annihilated Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal in the Champions League, “Little Leo” Messi will again try to weave his magic in the Santiago Bernabeu. It was four individual magical moments by Messi which enthralled the world and stupefied the Gunners.

Barcelona are the reigning champions and take the field in high spirits and as the bookies’ favourite.

Real Madrid recent Form

Beat Getafe 4-2 in the La Liga (25/03/2010);

Beat Atletico Madrid 3-2 in the La Liga (28/03/2010);

Beat Racing Santander 2-0 in the La Liga (04/04/2010);

FC Barcelona recent Form

Drew with Arsenal 2-2 in the Champions League (31/03/2010);

Beat Atletico Bilbao 4-1 in the La Liga (03/04/2010);

Beat Arsenal 4-1 in the Champions League (06/04/2010);

Both teams will be without a few of their stars. Real Madrid will perhaps be missing the services of Ricardo Kaka and Karim Benzema (both have groin injuries), Royston Drenthe and Pepe. Barcelona may not field Gerard Pique (indisposed), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (thigh muscle tear) and Eric Abidal (thigh strain).

Players to watch Tomorrow

Real Madrid – Cristiano Ronaldo: Having produced a stellar first season thus far, the memory of his crucial miss at the Camp Nou match will haunt the former Manchester United star. Cristiano Ronaldo will be looking for revenge this time around, on home turf and should he display top form, he could prove to be unplayable for Barcelona.

Barcelona FC – Lionel Messi: Fully capable of matching or even surpassing the immensely talented Cristiano Ronaldo. The Argentinean has enjoyed perhaps his best run of form ever these past couple of weeks, and after smashing four past Arsenal’s Manuel Almunia, will try his best to make sure the fans at home go to bed happy.

Match Prediction

This Clasico could potentially be the best in recent memory. Real Madrid hold their formidable home record, and are smart enough not to repeat last year’s abysmal display. Barcelona look upbeat having clinically annihilating Athletic Bilbao and Arsenal.We guess is a 2-2 draw seems to be a likely outcome.


Bagan Vs Salgaocar will fight tomorrow : H 2 H

Mohun Bagan :: M-21 : Win-9 : Drawn-4: Lost-8 : GF-24 : GA-21 Mohun Bagan : Last 10 Matches

2009/2010     Salgaocar SC     Mohun Bagan AC    2:1
2007/2008     Mohun Bagan AC     Salgaocar SC    1:0
2007/2008     Salgaocar SC     Mohun Bagan AC    4:5
2006     Mohun Bagan AC     Salgaocar SC    3:0
2006     Salgaocar SC     Mohun Bagan AC    1:1
2005     Salgaocar SC     Mohun Bagan AC    1:0
2005     Mohun Bagan AC     Salgaocar SC    0:0
2004     Mohun Bagan AC     Salgaocar SC    1:0
2004     Salgaocar SC     Mohun Bagan AC    1:0
2003     Salgaocar SC     Mohun Bagan AC    0:1
2003     Mohun Bagan AC     Salgaocar SC    0:2
2002     Salgaocar SC     Mohun Bagan AC    4:3
2002     Mohun Bagan AC     Salgaocar SC    0:0
2001     Mohun Bagan AC     Salgaocar SC    2:1
2001     Salgaocar SC     Mohun Bagan AC    0:0
2000     Mohun Bagan AC     Salgaocar SC    2:0
2000     Salgaocar SC     Mohun Bagan AC    0:1
1999     Mohun Bagan AC     Salgaocar SC    0:1
1999     Salgaocar SC     Mohun Bagan AC    3:1
1998     Mohun Bagan AC     Salgaocar SC    0:1
1998     Salgaocar SC     Mohun Bagan AC    0:2

27.03.2010.     Lajong     1:4
20.03.2010.     Sporting Goa     1:2
15.03.2010.     JCT     0:0
10.03.2010.     Pune     0:0
04.03.2010.     Chirag United     5:1
02.02.2010.     Dempo     1:3
28.01.2010.     Salgaocar     1:2
21.01.2010.     Mahindra United     2:1
17.01.2010.     Air India     5:0
08.01.2010.     Churchill Bros     2:2

Salgaocar: Last 10 Matches

03.04.2010.     Sporting Goa     1:3
29.03.2010.     East Bengal     4:1
21.03.2010.     Chirag United     1:2
14.03.2010.     Dempo     3:2
10.03.2010.     JCT     1:1
03.03.2010.     Viva Kerala     1:1
13.02.2010.     Viva Kerala     1:0
01.02.2010.     Churchill Bros     1:2
28.01.2010.     Mohun Bagan     2:1
22.01.2010.     Air India     1:2


Ten men Chirag Registered another Draw in the I-League

Chirag registered two back to back draws in home. Today at the Yuba Bharati Krirangan Chirag United just managed another draw against Pune F.C. Earlier in their last match in the same stadium just one week earlier Chirag registered a draw against Viva Kerala with the same 1-1 scoreline.

With the kick off Chirag definitely came out as the better team among the two and they created repeated pressure towards the visitor’s goal. Edmilson got couple of good chances during this span of time. But the golden chance came to Chirag in the 16th minute of the match when Selwyn Fernandez fouled Edmilson with in the penalty box and referee made no hesitation of awarding Chirag with a penalty and Edmilson made no mistake in converting the spot kick into goal. But Chirag failed to hold this lead for a long time.

In the 24th minute of the match Chirag keeper Sandip Nandi made a silly hand ball outside the penalty box and thus was shown red card and the home side got down by one man. Taking the one man advantage the visitors fought back in the match and in the 34th minute Pune F.C. leveled the scoreline as Jeje Lalpekhula scored as intelligent goal from a rebound.

With 1-1 scoreline the two teams came out in the second half but in this half the Chirag defence played an excellent game and thus the visitors failed to capitalize their one man advantage. But similar kind of efficiency did not show by the strikers of the home side and both Edmilson and Joshimar made certain crucial miss in the match. Towards the end of the match Pune got a very wonderful opportunity of winning the match with a fine attack built up by Aseem Hassan but the confusion between Arata and Kuttymani wasted the opportunity and substitute keeper Somnath Khada made no mistake to hold the ball this time.

Finally the match ended with 1-1 scoreline which confirmed about another draw of Chirag in home.

Chirag United : Sandeep, Kinshuk, Du, Sukhen,Dhanarajan,Gouranga Dutta(Gouranga Biswas),Denson, Jayanta, Asim, Edmilson, Joshimar.

Pune FC: Balaji, Caitano, Selwin, Gunosekhar(Lal Rozama),Arata,Lalpekhula,Tokov, Hassan, Chika, Edmar,Douhou,


Chirag United   1 - 1   Pune FC (..YBK - FT...)

CU: Edmilson 19'(P) :: PFC : Jeje Lalpekhula 34' :: R/C: Sandeep Nandi(24'GK-Chirag)

M.O.M: Jayanta Sen(CU)

FT: Match end. Chirag United who played 66 minutes with 10 men made 1 -1 against Pune FC.Somnath Khara, the substitute Keeper in place of Sandeep Nandi played well and saved few attacks of Pune.

90': Player change for Chirag. Gouranga Dutta out and Gouranga Biswas in.

90': Chirag got a corner. No impact.Chirag Midfielder Jayanta Sen has been selected Man of the Match today.

88':Arata missed a golden chance for Pune. Aseem Hassan well crossed a ball from right but Arata unable to touch the ball in one to one situation.

87':Pune defender fouled Joshimar out side the box but referee denied it.

85':Edmilson shot went away over the cross bar.

74': Pune FC is pressurising more and more to score again. Most of their players are now in Chirag Box.

68': Player changing by Pune FC. Gunoshekhar out and Lal Rozama came in his place.

65': Still the result is 1 - 1.

57': Pune FC lost a good chance.Jayanta Sen fouled Douhou just out side the box and referee awarded a Free Kick in favour of Pune. Edmar's Shot hits the post and out.

46': 2nd half match started. 10 men Chirag is fighting against the full squad of Pune.

HT: It's now the time for lemon break. The score line is 1 - 1.

44': Edmilson injured . Pune defender chika Wali fouled him. Few minutes more to end of First half.

42': chirag got a corner but Pune defence cleared.

40':Du cleared an attack of Jeje but fouled him when the ball was in air. Referee awarded free kick on behalf of Pune. But no impact in free kick.

35': Now the score line is 1 - 1.

34':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL .. Pune FC equalised through Jeje Lalpekhula. A powerful shot of Arata rebounded from Somnath's hand and unmarked Lalpekhula who followed the ball easily pushed into the net.

32': 10 men chirag is fighting wel. Joshimar who is guarded by three players of Pune want to enter in the box from a long pass of Gouranga but failed 25': Player changing by Chirag. Asim Biswas out and Keeper Somnath Khara came in his place.

24': RED CARD .Referee shown red card to Chirag Keeper Sandeep Nandy who blocked a ball just out side the penalty box from an attack of Douhou.Referee awarded Free Kick in favour of Pune.

19':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL ..Edmilson scored from Penalty.Chirag 1 - 0 Pune FC.

16': Selwin Fernandez fouled Edmilson in the Penalty Box and Referee awarded penalty in favour of Chirag. Edmilson is goint to take the spot kick.

16': Edmer's shot from left side went away over the bar .

13'Again attacking of Pune. Lalpekhula took a shot but it just went away by beating sandeep.

11': Counter attack by Pune.Jeje Lalpekhula tested Sandeep from right side but Sandeep was alert.

9': Chirag is attacking from left side.Asim Biswas wanted to pass towards Admilson but pune defence cleared the ball.

5': Emilson took the free kick for Chirag but nice saved by Pune keeper Balaji.

4': Edmilson is attacking.But Pune defender fouled him just out side tha box. Referee awarded Free kick in favour of Chirag.

1': Match Starts. Chirag is in action.


East Bengal beat Kalighat MS 6 - 1 in Sahara CFL

Apr 09 : KF East Bengal   6 - 1   Kalighat MS (Howrah -.. FT...)

KEB: Priyant, Gobin, Rennedy (Khabra), Riston(Sanju), Mumtaj, Suman, Saheb, Nabi, Subhash, Budhiram(Malswamkima), Poibang.

KEB: Budhiram 30', Sanju 54', 62',74', Subhas 88', Kima 90'

KAL Subhankar Das 42'
Man of the Match : Sanju Prodhan (KEB)

FT: Match end .East Bengal win the match by 6 -1.

90:GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL. Malswamkima now scored 6th goal for East Bengal.

88':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL.Subhash Singh scored 5th goal for East Bengal.

86': Few minutes more to end of the match.East Bengal is very close on the way of their winning after a long gap of 14 matches.

83': East Bengal is leading 4 - 1 courtesy Sanju Prodhan who has been selected Man of the Match today.

75': Malswamkima came in place of Budhiram Tudu of East bengal

74':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL..Sanju Pradhan's Hattrik who scored his third goal from the penalty.

73': sh. Alam of Kalighat fouled Subhash Shing in penalty Box. Refere awarded penalty in favour of East Bengal.

72': East bengal is leading 3 - 1 now.

68': Nabi missed an another golden chance to score from a close.His shot went away over the cross bar.

62':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL ..Again goal by Sanju off a powerul left footer.

54':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL..Sanju Prodhan scred the 2nd goal of East Bengal.

48': budhiram miseed a chance .Got a ball from riston in the box but finally missed the target in an one to one situation.

45':It's half time now.The score line is 1 - 1.

42':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL.Subhankar Das equalised for Kalighat.Scored off a free -kick.

39': East Bengal got a free kick. Kalighat defender fouled Mumtaj Akhtar. renedy Singh took the free kick but no impact.

35':Nabi of East Bengal missed a golden oppertunity to score in one to one situation.His shot went away.

32': East Bengal is leading 1 - 0 now and again in action from right side.

30':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL.. Budhiran Tudu scored for East Bengal.Got a ball in Kalighat Penalty Box and beat two defenders before scoring.

26': Kalighat missed a good chance.Cristiano shot went away iver the bar.

22': Still no score. East Bengal is attacking more and more.

11': Kalighat well attacked. Saheb Ali cleared at attack of Cristiano.Now East Bengal is in action.

7': Budhiram of East Bengal got a ball from right side but missed the target.

6': No score yet.

5':Nice free kick of Renedy Sing from right side. Saheb Ali header went into the goal but referee said Nabi was offside.

3':East Bengal got a corner.Renedy Sing corner well cleared by Kalighat defence.

1': Match started.


Chirag United will face Pune FC tomorrow in I-League

Kolkata team Chirag United will clash with Pune FC in Round 20 match of ONGC I-League tomorrow at Salt Lake Stadium. Currently Chirag Unite are at the third spot with 30 points from 19 matches while Pune earned 26 points from 18 matches and placed 5th rank in table just ahead of Mohun Bagan.Chirag who won all it's last three matches will get the home advantage and try to earn full points tomorrow from the match. Chirag won against pune FC 2-1 in first leg.

Chirag's Brazilian duo Joshimar and Edmilson who scored 23 goals for Chirag jointly will be supported by experienced striker Asim Biswas.Joshimar who scored 14 goals so far and just one goal behind Odafa and Muritala Ali will try to increase his goal tally.Chirag's defence will be led by Du along with midfielder Jayanta Sen, Denson and Gauranga Biswas who played well in the earlier matches.Veteran Ex-India Keeper Sandeep Nandi may be played in goal.

Chirag Coach Anjan Nath is hopful about their win who tested their players in their last Kolkata Premier league match against Cal Port trust where they won 5 - 1 with help of Joshimar's hattrick and Gouranga Biswas's brace.

On the other hand Pune FC, won their last match against Mumbai FC 2-1, lost the previous two outings against Lazong FC and Air India by 1-0. But their coach Derrick Pereira is more confident due to return of their Nigerian Stopper Chika Wali from suspension.Ivori Coast striker of Pune FC Douhou Pierre also came in the main stream after recovering his leg injury. Pune will be missing their experienced Indian National team keeper Subrata paul, Othalo Tabia and midfielder Godwin Franco for card problem.


World Record : Fastest goal in professional Football

On Saturday 7th NOV 2009, 21-year-old Saudi striker Nawaf Al Abed scored an amazing goal. The News paper and media of the country has claimed that, this is the fastest goal ever recorded in a professional football match in the world.

The incident took place in the match between Al Hilal and Al Shoalah, which ended 4-nil to the hosts in the Prince Faisal bin Fahad Cup, with the goial officially clocked at two seconds.

Straight from the kickoff, Al Abed spotted the Al Shoalah goalkeeper off his line and that was all the invitation needed for the striker to try his luck from the halfway line. With power and accuracy, Al Abed launched a shot towards goal, which flew over the keepers head and went into the net.



FIFA has long been plagued with the problem of handling the issue of home matches played by Bolivia. Their matches are normally played in the Hernando Siles stadium in the capital city of La Paz at an altitude of 3,640 meters (11,942 feet approx.) Most CONMEBOL countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile etc., are averse to playing their matches at such high altitude. Players often complain of breathlessness and team doctors have carried with them oxygen bottles for the players.

FIFA had banned the matches in La Paz in 2007 and instructed the Bolivian Football Federation to find out a place below 3,000 meters. However, in 2008 they reversed the ban but the undercurrents still exists as formidable teams like Brazil and Argentina travel to La Paz and gasps for breath and lose their matches unable to cope with the thin air.

To address this problem FIFA has chosen two premier football sides of Kolkata, India, Mohun Bagan Athletic Club and Chirag United to play two matches. The first is scheduled on the 3rd August, 2010 in the Mohun Bagan Ground and the other in Leh, which is at a height of 11,000 feet. FIFA has appointed a high altitude research scientist, Mr. Bengt Saltin of the Copenhagen Muscle Research Center (CMRC), Denmark, to monitor the players’ conditions at both the altitudes. Mr. Saltin will be assisted by the members of the medical council of the AFC.

With a view to crystallizing the effort FIFA had deputed a three-member team of AFC’s Medical committee comprising of Mr. Gurcharan Singh and Mr. Nishith Ranjan Chowdhury to meet the Mohun Bagan Athletic Club’s functionary, Mr. Anjan Mitra for his concurrence. Mr. Mitra has accepted the proposal in principal and assured of all cooperation.

FIFA’s medical committee will take “possession” of the players at least three days prior to the first match to conduct extensive medical test on each individual player of both the sides. Suitable tests will again be conducted before and after each of the matches.

On being questioned as to why Mohun Bagan and Chirag were selected, the committee members said that Mohun Bagan being the oldest club of the country had more fan following than any other side. Besides them, Chirag have also performed creditable this year. However, both sides have quite a few players of the North East which is nearly 3000 feet above the sea-level and have had a taste of playing high altitude football in their formative years. It would have perhaps been ideal and proper if players only from the plains were subjected to such experimentation.

Nevertheless, this experiment by FIFA is laudable. The tests will rest all doubts of any vagaries of playing competitive football at high altitude. The medical research on the players of the two Indian football sides will serve as a benchmark for resolving the contentious issue of whether matches should be held in La Paz Bolivia or not, in future. We wait eagerly for the outcome.


PIFA announces soccer camp to Barcelona will be from 14-22 May 2010

Premier India Football Academy have organized soccer camps to the greatest club in Europe.PIFA has planned exciting soccer camps from India to Europe this summer for boys & girls between the ages of 10 & 18 years of any ability.Children will be escorted at all times by two adults from India. The camps are specially designed with the children in mind, ensuring that the children enjoy, learn football and make new friends in a safe and healthy environment. This experience makes them independent and develops their social skill.

PIFA have tied with the best football academies in the world for their soccer tours. The camps have been highly rated by Mr Nirvan Shah, PIFA Director and UEFA licensed coach. The camp is of the highest standard with emphasizes on health & safety of the children.The proceeds of the camps help develop the PIFA Community Programs namely the PIFA Colaba FC Elite, First & 4th Division teams in Mumbai. This successful program helps the players to prepare for a top clubs, state and/or national teams.

Children will visit the Nou Camp stadium and museum; they will watch FC Barcelona play R. Valladolid in the last game of the Spanish La Liga. They will get an opportunity to meet the players such as Messi, Puyol, Inesta. PIFA campers have met Peter Crouch, Maldini, Ronaldhino, Pato & Gatuso at earlier camps.The participants will also get to play a match against a local team. At the camp the child will get a training kit, awarded a certificate and a photo CD of the tour.Seats are limited to 20 per camp.

PIFA have been successfully organizing football camps like these since 2003. They have already conducted eighteen camps taking over 500 children to Europe. They are most reliable organisers with a100% safety record.For once children can do what they like during their holidays. Their dream to visit the best club in the world and an opportunity to be trained by the best football academy. Undoubtedly making it the most cherished & memorable experience.


Mohun Bagan sent a letter to AFC

Courtesy: Mohun Bagan Press Release


Messi Magic : Barca reach in the semi

The world’s best footballer, Lionel Messi lived up to hisreputation as he mesmerized Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal FC by pumping in 4 goals at their Nou Camp stadium. With this 4-1 victory and an aggregate score of 6-3 Barcelona FC march into the final of the UEFA Champions League and are to take on Jose Mourinho’s Internazionale (Inter) Milan.

Wenger had spoken about this game being the closest football comes to art before this tie. How fitting that Messi, 22, put the finishing touch to his four-goal super show by dribbling past half the Arsenal defence and beating Manuel Almunia at the second attempt.

Both teams kicked off at the Nou Camp after having met earlier in the Emirates Stadium where the score line was 2-2. Barcelona was playing with their full squad and whereas Arsenal, for a change, playing in white, had to rest quite a few of their regulars from the starting lineup. They were without their top trio, skipper Cesc Farigas, Andrey Arshavin and Alex Song.

Barcelona, started off by creating a couple of chances when stand-in captain for the night Xavi, in the absence of suspended Carlos Puyol, flicked the ball wide before Messi fired an angled shot just over the bar. It was a precursor and a sign of things to come. It came totally against the run of play as Arsenal spent the opening 15 minutes suffocated inside their own half trying to stay calm and dry in a Catalan cataclysm. Yet before the Arsenal celebrations had died down, before the shell-shocked home fans had regained consciousness, Messi flicked on the afterburner and the Gunners were left gasping for air.

In 21 minutes from hell, the planet's top footballer completed a majestic hat-trick to all but kill off the visitors.

However, it was Nicklas Bendtner who got into the act as early as the 18th minute when he struck to shock the Catalan side. Theo Walcott was put on the clear by Abou Diaby down the right wing and he dashed into the Barcelona penalty area before squaring to Bendtner. Victor Valdes did make a good reaction save, but the in-form Denmark striker was quick to stab the rebound into the net and put the English team ahead in the tie for the first time. The Gunners then wasted another chance of a breakaway, as Diaby pushed the ball left to Bendtner when Walcott was in space on the right.

However, Lionel Messi soon drew Barcelona level on the 21st minute after capitalizing on a costly defensive error by Mikael Silvestre. Silvestre, inducted in the side ahead of veteran but not fully fit Sol Campbell, failed to clear the ball on the edge of the Arsenal penalty area - and Messi needed no second invitation, lashing his shot into the top right corner.

Arsenal were again punished by Messi for some poor defending as Barcelona went 2-1 ahead on 37 minutes. Eric Abidal crossed the ball into the Arsenal box from the right, which was partially cut out by Thomas Vermaelen. However, his team-mates were slow to react as Pedro knocked the loose ball out to Messi and he smashed it past the hapless Almunia.

Messi continued to torment Arsenal as he collected the ball on the right touchline before weaving into the box and drilling a shot into the side netting. The Argentina forward then added a second from close range before dashing clear to make it 3-1 on the night just before the break, and grabbed a fourth with three minutes left to complete a comfortable 6-3 aggregate victory for the tournament holders. The Argentina international completed a stunning hat-trick four minutes before the break when he latched onto a header from Abidal to race clear before dispatching a brilliant chip over the Arsenal keeper. Messi nearly had another at the start of the second half when Pedro whipped a low ball across the Arsenal six-yard box from the right, which was just too far ahead of the Barcelona forward.

Arsenal had little choice but to go forwards, but that left the visitors exposed at the back. The visitors nearly found a way through when Diaby stabbed the ball to Bendtner just inside the Barcelona box, but the Danish striker was hustled out of possession before he could shoot on target. Thereafter, left-back Gael Clichy broke and fed Bendtner, the home defence again got back in numbers to clear.

Diaby's low ball across the edge of the Barcelona box went all the way through to Tomas Rosicky, but the Czech snatched at his shot, which flew harmlessly wide. Messi's clever quick free-kick released Pedro, but his angled chip was off target, before at the other end Bendtner's header crashed against the post - but the offside flag was up.

With 18 minutes left, Wenger sent on Eduardo for Rosicky, with Samir Nasri moving out to the left in a classical 4-4-2. Clichy knocked Alves off the ball to charge forwards, but, with team-mates well placed, drilled an ambitious but harmless shot over from 20 yards. Maxwell then forced Almunia into a good save at his near post after cutting into the right side of the Arsenal penalty area.

Messi then completed a fine night's work with another well-taken goal three minutes from time as the holders marched on towards a mouth-watering semi-final clash against Jose Mourinho's Inter Milan.

Arsene Wenger's injury-hit squad must now regroup and focus on overhauling Chelsea and Manchester United in the Barclays Premier League title race. They face Tottenham next Wednesday in the Barclay’s Premier League.

Post match, Arsene Wenger was all praise for the Argentinian wonder boy. “The fourth goal he scored, I don't know many players in the world who can score that goal. He makes the impossible look possible. He has several great years ahead of him and, touchwood, if nothing happens, he can reach unbelievable levels. He's PlayStation. He can take advantage of every mistake you make. I actually believe we played quite well."

However, Wenger did not elaborate on the model of perfection. Whether he actually meant Sony PlayStation 3 or maybe 4 is anybody’s guess!!

Barcelona – Victor Valdes, Dani Alves, Jose Marquez, DiagoMilito, Abidal (Maxwell 53), Busquets, Xavi, Keita, Pedro (Iniesta 86), Bojan (Yaya Toure 55), Lionel Messi

Subs Not Used: Pinto, Henry, Fontas, Jeffren.Goals: Messi 21’, 37’, 42’ and 88’.

Arsenal – Almunia, Bakeri Sagna, Vermaelen, Mikel Silvestre (Eboue 63), Clichy, Denilson, Diaby, Walcott, Nasri, Rosicky (Eduardo 73), Bendtner. Subs Not Used: Fabianski, Traore, Campbell, Merida, Eastmond.Goals: Bendtner 19.

Referee: Wolfgang Stark (Germany).


16/09/2009    Group stage Inter Milan 0-0 (D) Barcelona  0

29/09/2009    Group stage Barcelona 2-0 (W)  Dynamo Kyiv  1

20/10/2009   Group stage Barcelona 1-2 (L)  Rubin   0

04/11/2009   Group stage Rubin   0-0 (D)  Barcelona   0

09/12/2009   Group stage Dynamo Kyiv  1-2 (W) Barcelona  1

23/02/2010   Round of 16 Stuttgart 1-1 (D) Barcelona   0

17/03/2010   Round of 16 Barcelona 4-0 (W)  Stuttgart   2

31/03/2010   Quarter Finals Arsenal 2-2 (D) Barcelona   0

06/04/2010   Quarter Finals Barcelona 4-1 (W) Arsenal   4