Last day of Football Seminar : Culture of Football

Today it was the last day of the three days International Seminar on “Culture of Football” that was held at Jadavpur University. In the last day, the session started from 11 Pm sharply. The first lecture was delivered by Mr. Silajit Guha, Senior Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mass Communication, Assam University on “ Football, empowerment and native identity: The curious dilemma of the Northeast”.

Here in this lecture he mainly described how the northeast Indian people are facing the socio-cultural; tension but in spite of that how they are trying to establish their identity through football in Indian football scenario. The next lecture was delivered by Binu Sundos, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Social System and Anthropology, Sikkim University on “Identity, fans and football club: A case of United Kurseong Club”, mainly discussed on a famous football fans club of Kurseong. The last seminar of this session was on “Football in Manipur: Present situation and future prospect” by L.Santosh Singh, Lecturer in Physical Education and Sports Science, Manipur University.

After the tea break, the young and enthusiastic football fan and research fellow of Department of English and OMEL, Viswa-Bharati, Mr. Indranath Chattopadhyay delivered a nice topic “The fish rot from the head: Fan’s quest for ‘fit and power owners’ in English football”- an informative discussion on English football fans culture. The next two topics were “Popularity of Manga: Japanese Soccer: manga no ninki no aru: nibon no sakkaa” (mainly how football culture developed in Japan after 1980) delivered by Sonali Roy, Lecturer in History, Deshbandhu College and “Different shades of football in Africa with special reference to Nigeria” delivered by Bernard Oparanozie- that really got good appreciation from the audience.

After the lunch break, Mr. Debasish Majumdar delivered a lecture on “White rivalry in black soil”, on the rivalry of the British football teams those were present here in Kolkata like Dalhousie Club, Calcutta Club etc. The next topic was on “Samajik hingsha o football” by Emanuel Haque, Lecturer in Bengali, Chandannagar College where he tried to discuss how football can be used to the social vulgarism. The last topic of this session was on “Kolkata football o darshak hingsha: ekti oitihasik parjalochona” by Kaushik Ghosh, Department of History, JU.

During the valedictory session, Mr. Iman Kalyan Lahiri, the convener of the seminar delivered vote of thanks to all who were presented papers and those who have made this seminar a successful one. A film screening session was there, where three documentaries movies were screened- “Joy Run” on passion of football among children in Calcutta, “Shoot Goals!! Shoot Movies” on Iranian Women’s Football and “A legend lights his 84th candle” on Indian football legend Padmashree Sailen Manna.

So, over all it was an excellent seminar session on “Culture of Football”. Valerian Soccer foundation deserves colossal appreciation for organizing this seminar so successfully. They are trying to nurture the football culture in Bengal and hope we will get more of such programmes in near future too from their side. Credit also to be shared by School of Media, Communication and Culture, Centre for studies in African Literatures and Cultures, JU for their support.


AIFF U -19 I - League(Jr) preliminary round fixture

Junior I League is conducted for Junior teams (Under 19) teams of I Leagues and academies.This tournament is aimed to develop Football by clubs and academies at club level

Preliminary Round (Phagwara)

TEAM: Mahindra United, Air India, Mumbai FC, Pune FC, JCT

08 .5.     Mahindra United   VS   Air India FC

09 .5.     Mumbai FC   VS   Pune FC

10 .5.     Air India FC   VS   JCT

11 .5.     Mahindra United   VS   Mumbai FC

12 .5.     Pune FC   VS   JCT

13 .5.     Mumbai FC   VS   Air India FC

14 .5.     Pune FC   VS   Mahindra United

15 .5.     JCT   VS   Mumbai FC

16 .5.     Air India FC   VS   Pune FC

17 .5.     JCT   VS   Mahindra United

Preliminary Round (Goa)

TEAMS: Dempo, Sporting Goa, Viva Kerala, Chruchill Brothers, Salgaocar,

07 .5.     Dempo SC.  VS  Sporting Goa

08 .5.     Viva Kerala  VS  Churchill Brothers SC

09 .5.     Sporting Goa  VS  Salgaocar S.C

10 .5.     Dempo SC .  VS  Viva Kerala

11 .5.     Churchill Brothers SC  VS  Salgaocar S.C

12 .5.     Viva Kerala  VS  Sporting Goa

13 .5.     Churchill Brothers SC  VS  Dempo SC.

14 .5.     Salgaocar S.C  VS  Viva Kerala

15 .5.     Sporting Goa  VS  Churchill Brothers SC

16 .5.     Salgaocar S.C  VS  Dempo SC .

Three Kolkata Teams M.Mohun Bagan, KF East Bengal, Chirag United and The team from Meghlaya, Shillong Lajong FC will participate in Group C. AIFF will announce the Group C fixture later. The 6 teams Final round may be held at Salt Lake Stadium Kolkata
Read 2008 - 2009 Tournament Report


Dempo beat Sporting in 150th Match of I-League 2009-10

Sporting Goa   1 - 2   Dempo S.C

SCG: Adil Khan 22' :: Dempo : Beto 50', 90'+1'
M.O.M : Beto (DEM)

91': Beto again scored in injury time. Peter Cavalho crossed from left which entered in the Sporting box and an unmarked Beto converted it through his nice header. Dempo win 2 - 1.

50': Dempo equalised through Brazilian Beto. Long throwin of Valeriano Rebello towards Dempo Box. Beto received well placed the ball into the goal after beating two Sporting defenders brilliantly.

22': Sporting got a Free Kick near Dempo Box. Adil Khan scored goal from Free Kick of L.Biswashor Singh.


Mohun Bagan beat Mahinra United 3 - 1 at home

21 .04 2010 - M. Mohun Bagan   3 - 1   Mahindra United

MMB: Seuoka 11', Chidi ( pen 45'), Snehasish 68'

MU : Md. Rafi (pen 22') :: M.O.M : Chidi (MMB)

MMB: Shilton, Surkumar, Deepak, Manju, Biswajit, Manish (James), Marcos, Seuoka (Tomba), Snehasish, Chiddi, Barreto (Mickey).

MU: Subhasish, Dias, Ajayan, Debabrata, Denzil, Paresh, Sushant, Kali Aluddin (Tamba), Ravanan, Rafi, Mijin,

FT:Match end. Bagan beat Mahindra United 3 - 1. Chiddi of Bagan has been declared man of the match.

90': Another change for Bagan.Tomba Singh came in place of Seuoka.

87': 2nd Change of Bagan. Barreto out and Micky Fernandez came in his place.

82': Surkumar got a ball from Snehasish and his shot saved by Mahindra Keeper Suhbhasish.

77': Mahindra got a free kick just out side the box of Bagan. Steven Dias took the kick but well alert Shilton saved it brilliantly.

75':Bagan is leading now 3-1.

68': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.. Snehasish scored the 3rd for Bagan. James took a corner. Ball went to Barreto who quickly passed it to upcoming Snehasish. Snehasish made no mistake to push the ball into open net.

67': Barreto good effort from out side the Mahindra Box. But his shot missed the target this time.

63': Again attack of Chidi. Went to Mahindra Box and shoot/ But Subhasish well saved .

60': Open net missed by Chidi. Well passed by James in the Box.

56': Mahindra attacked through S.Mijin. His powerful shot well cleared by Biswajit through a corner. Steven's corner cleared by Chidi with a nice header. Counter attack by Bagan.

53': Bagan got a chance again but Chidi missed. James well passed him.

49': Bagan got a corner. James took the corner and Manju's header went away over the cross bar.

48': JCT is leading 1 - 0 against Chirag United . Henry scored the goal. 5 minutes left to end of the match at Ludhiana.

47': Start of 2nd half match.

HT: It's half time now in the match. Bagan is leading 2-1.

45': Now the scoreline is 2-1 in favour of Bagan.

45': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.. Chidi scored the 2nd goal for Bagan from the spot kick.

44': Player changed by both teams. James Singh came in place of Manish for Bagan and Lamine Tamba came in place of Kali Aluddin of Mahindra.

43': Refere shown yellow card to Mahindra Keeper Subhasish Roy Chowdhury for his foul.

43':Bagan got a Penalty. Mahindra Keeper Subhasish fouled Barreto in the Box. Referee awarded penalty in favour of Bagan.

36':Barreto got a chance. Seuoka well crossed from left but Barreto header missed the target.

34': Bagan got a corner. Marcos took the corner..Goalkeeper of Mahindra was alert well and cleared the Bagan chance.

32': Mahindra Defender tripped Seuoka in the Box but referee denied the appeal of Bagan Players as penalty.

25': Now the scoreline is 1-1. Bagan is attacking now from left.

22': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Rafi equalized for Mahindra from the spot kick.

21':Mahindra got a penalty. Deepak tripped Md.Rafi in Bagan Box. Referee awarded penalty in favour of Mahindra . Md. Rafi will take the spot kick.

20': Mohun Bagan is leading 1 - 0.

14': Chidi well passed to Barreto. Barreto header went away over the cross bar..

12': Paresh Shivalkar of Mahindra good effort but his shot missed the target.

11': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL...Seuoka scored the goal. Barreto got a ball from mid field and well passed to Chidi. Chidi passed it to advancing Seuoka in Mahindra Box and Seuoka well finished.

8': Seuoka missed a chance after getting a ball from Marcos. His shot went away over the bar.

5': Bagan got a chance. Marcos tested Mahindra Keeper Subhasish. His shot went to hand of Mahidra Keeper Subhasish.

2': Mahindra got a chance in the starting. Majnu's Goal line save. Md. Rafi got a ball from Dias but bagan defender Manju saved the ball from goal line. 1': Match started.


Decisions taken at the AIFF Disciplinary Committee

Following were the decisions taken at the Disciplinary Committee meeting held on April 20, 2010 at AIFF Football House:

Churchill Alemao (Patron, Churchill Brothers Sports Club Pvt. Ltd): The Committee felt that the statement of Mr. Churchill Alemao has done more harm to the cause of football and referees than good. Though, Mr. Alemao is a senior official but unfortunately in the habit of making such remarks repeatedly, he need to refrain from such acts in future failing which he cannot escape disciplinary action.

Goa Football Association: The committee has decided that the Goa Football Association needs to share the blame for the lack of security inside the stadium in the match between Sporting Clube de Goa and East Bengal and have imposed a fine of Rs. Fifty thousand to be paid within 15 days.

Indian Football Association (IFA): The committee noted that disturbances caused by the crowd have been occurring repeatedly in Kolkata, in spite of assurances given by Indian Football Association (IFA). Consequent the committee imposed a fine of Rs. Seventy five thousand on IFA to be paid within 15 days.

Arindam Bhattacharya (Churchill Brothers): Arindam Bhattacharya has been fined Rs. Twenty five thousand to be paid within 15 days and in addition to this, he is also issued a warning that a more severe punishment will be handed pertaining to such offence in future.

Daljit Singh (JCT, Phagwara): Daljit Singh has been fined Rs. Twenty five thousand to be paid within 15 days and in addition he is also issued a warning that if an offence is repeated in future, he will be suspended for a period of six months or more.

Ryan Valles (Vice President, Sporting Clube de Goa): In spite of categorically stating that Mr. Ryan Valles is ‘’ just a supporter’’ and not an office bearer. It was found that he himself had requested for the World Cup tickets , as endorsed by Goa Football Association , and was mentioned as the Vice President of the club. Consequently committee decided that it was a very serious offence by such a senior member of the club and he is suspended with immediate effect, from taking part in any football activities for a period of 12 months and in addition a fine of Rs Two lakhs is imposed to be paid within 15 days.

Tushar Dev (Manager, Simla Youngs): The committee felt that in spite of Mr. Tushar Dev being present in Delhi , he did not attend the meeting himself and deputed a person who was not prepared and enable to answer given on his behalf. Further, He also did not bother to reply the charge sheet and hence is asked once again to explain why serious action should not be taken against him for this improper act. He has also been asked to send his responses within 7 days.

Courtesy: www.the-aiff.com


2nd Day of the Seminar:" Cultures of Football"

Today it was the second day of the three days International seminar on “Cultures of Football” that was started yesterday at Jadavpur University under the efficient collaboration of School of Media, Communication and Culture, Centre for studies in African Literatures and Cultures, JU and Valerian Soccer Foundation.

Today’s programme started sharply from 11’o clock. The starting lecture was delivered by the eminent sports journalist and columnist of Aajkaal (the Bengali daily), Mr. Debasish Datta on “Reality Check List: World Cup 2010”- in which Mr. Datta briefly described whether South Africa has the potential to organize the World Cup, 2010, mainly discussion was concentrated on the security status in the different states of South Africa.

The second lecture was delivered by Mr. Dhiman Sarkar, Assistant National Sports Editor, Hindusthan Times on “Africa’s first World Cup: Is South Africa prepared?” and he mainly discussed, how South Africa is preparing themselves for the coming FIFA World Cup and he also added the note that the preparation is quite satisfactory. In the next session, Priyadarshi Khastagir, student of Comparative Literature, JU delivered a smart presentation on “Africa, football and the French” followed by an interesting lecture on “Looking for African success with style-identity” by Mr. Prasun Bandyopadhyay.

After the tea session, the first lecture was delivered by Mr. Nirmal Nath, Senior Sports Correspondent, Bartaman on “Where football knows no bound: History of football in Kerala”. This was followed by an excellent presentation by Mr. Sunandan Banerjee , President, Sabuj Maroon Swapno , the Registered Premium Fans Club of Mohun Bagan. Sabuj Maroon Swapno, most probably is the first ever football fans club of India to get an opportunity to represent themselves in an International Football Seminar and also the first fans club to present a paper on this elite platform. Mr. Banerjee delivered the lecture on “Cult formation in modern day football”, that was really appreciated by the audience.

After the lunch break, Mr. Subhransu Roy, Research scholar in History, Rabindra Bharati University and also the President of Valerian Soccer Foundation delivered a research paper on “ History of women soccer in Manipur: Issues of culture, politics and gender”- that really raised some serious issues regarding the women football culture in India. After that Mrs. Suparna Bhattacharya Ghosh, Lecturer in History, Loreto College discussed on “Triumphs and tragedies: Women soccer in twentieth century Bengal”.

In the next session, audience got a nice presentation by Prince Rufus, the FIFA futuro III (admin and Management, National Instructor) on “Development of Indian football: Touching the elusive milestone?”. Two other lectures in this session were on “Role of SAI in the promotion of Indian football” by Mr. Ananta Ghosh, Director, SAI, Burdwan Center and on “The uncertain future of Indian soccer” by Md. Aminul Islam, senior journalist of The Times of India.

Two topics of the last session after the coffee break were “Decolonize Your Park” by Jennifer Doyle, Associate Professor of English, University of California and “Football punjibad” by Santanu Dey, reporter of Ganashakti Patrika.

Tomorrow is the last day of this seminar and couple of good topics will also be discussed there, so those who have missed the two earlier days, try to manage some times for the last day. Hopefully you will get some more information regarding football from those discussions.



They outperformed at least 50 top players from different states of India in the selection trials to confirm their berth in the SAIL Football Academy at Kolkata. Three budding soccer players -Sahbar Nabi, Feroze Ahmad Bhat and Imaan Bhat – from valley are among five out of 50 contenders from India who made it to the academy. Playing with the local clubs of the valley they had never thought of rubbing shoulders with the top young players who occasionally represent U-17 soccer team for India.

Football Players Welfare Association (FPWA) played an instrumental role in facilitating the selection trials for the trio for the SAIL football academy. After spending three months with the leading football academy in the football hub of India, Kolkata, the footballers feels they a proud lot.“The berth in the football academy has proved the turning point of our career. Now we are hopeful of our bright future in football,” they said who are back on vacation. After playing with the professional footballers, the young soccer players have realized their potential which according to them would take them to higher standards of the football.

“It was unbelievable to play with the top footballers of India at this age. I will work hard to break into the Indian squad. We have talent which we could not realize earlier,” said Sahbar Nabi.His friend, Feroze seconds Nabi’s aspirations saying their dreams can come true and “we will touch new heights”.“We have played with many local clubs here in Kashmir. We worked hard but that would not have given us chance to play with the top players. Our state needs the football academies badly which can improve the standard of the football,” said Feroze.They players said they are under the tutelage of top Indian coaches.

“It is a great privilege to be under the supervision of top qualified coaches. We have learnt a lot which would help us move ahead in our football career,” said he.“They lay more importance on physical fitness and also inform us about various game plannings and strategies. “After every match, the coaches and players sit together and discuss all the flaws that we may undergo in the game and try to work on them,” he added.While as Imaan Bhat-the third footballer who is now part of the SAIL football academy-was overwhelmed with the sports infrastructure besides other facilities at academy.

“SAIL academy has everything of its own to chisel the young talent into a professional footballer who can later represent India.” said Imaan.The trio is looking forward to get berth into the final squad of the academy for the upcoming Kolkutta league and other mega tournaments.“This would be the toughest time for us so far in the academy. Now, we have to display our mettle by registering berth in team. Right now, berth in the team for league is our main focus,” they said.

According to them they have to compete in All India Trials with the most professional players of the nation. The trio praised the efforts of FPWA for giving them platform to display their mettle at national level. “We feel like we are ambassadors from Kashmir. FPWA made it possible for us and we got chance to realize our long term dreams,” they said.

The trio expressed their grief for poor situation of football in the valley, they said, “the football scenario of Kashmir is very poor, we lack academies like SAIL to hone talent at grass root level.” They also thanked President FPWA Mehraj-ud-din Wadoo and Vice President Sajid Dar for lending supportive hand to local talent.

Meanwhile the Vice President Sajid Dar said their stay in SAIL is an achievement for Kashmir and also for FPWA. “They are future assets of our state and the country also. FPWA seeks to facilitate talented footballers of the state join leading football academies of India,” said Dar adding, this is contribution from FPWA towards the football in Valley.

From: Football Players Welfare Association


UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Inter trounces Barcelona 3-1 in San Siro

Jose Mourinho’s Internazionale exploited their home advantage as they went past Barcelona 3-1 in San Siro last night.

The defending Champions Barcelona will face an uphill task when they take on Inter in Camp Nou for the second leg encounter. Barcelona has to beat them by an aggregate of 2-0 in order to register its name in the final. But it is surely not going to be an easy task.

Barcelona could have won the match but was undone by some solid attacking maneuvers of Inter. The Catalan giants were the first one to score after Pedro received a superb pass from former Barcelona full-back Maxwell in the 19th minute of the game and converted it into a classy goal.

The goal was a wake-up call for Inter as they did woke up and replied back in 30th minute of the game courtesy the Dutchman Wesley Sneijder.

The first half ended in 1-1 but San Siro was Inter’s den and it’s always hard to win an encounter in San Siro against its home teams. Inter came back hard in second half and went ahead after Maicon capitalized through the space given to him by the Barca defenders in the 48th minute of the game.

Barca lost the whole act in the 61st minute when Milito hammered the 3rd goal for Inter making it 3-1.