Manipur Eves are national Champion for 13 consecutive time

Manipur Once again emerged as victorious as they edged pass Orissa 1-0 today in the Final of 18th Senior National Women's Football Championship played in Khuman Lampak, Sports Complex,Imphal.the all important goal came from free-kick of Y.Kamala Devi in 8th minute of First-half. This is 13 consecutive national title for Manipur.

The final of the 18th edition was well contested with Manipur having a large say in the proceedings.All Orissa strikers Susmita Mallick and Pinki Bhompal's efforts to regain the initiative went in vain as the home defence stood firm amid mounting pressure.

Y Kamala Devi, Jersey no. 6 of Manipur scored the only goal of the final in the 8th minute of starting play. However it was not easy for the Manipur team to try and defend their lone goal till the end of the match. Striker Ng Bala, jersey no. 10, of Manipur lost quite a few opportunities of scoring. The striker was unable to play as her usual self as she had not fully recovered from an injury recieved in a previous match. She had to be replaced in the dying minutes of second half with L Naobi Chanu.

Orissa seemed to have improved a lot from their previous matches. Although Sasmita Mallick, Jersey no 11of Orissa was unable to score in the match and add to her 20 goals, she was nonetheless the highest scorer of the championship. Custodian Sita Sharma of Orissa was able to save many shots from the Manipuri players, and stopped the Manipuri players from increasing the lead.

S Premkanta Singh, Manipuri coach in his post match press briefing stated that he always knew in his heart that his team will be the champions, even though he never said that in front of his players. Y Kamala Devi has been lucky enough in most tournaments of scoring goals in critical matches like she did today, added the Manipuri coach. He also added that even though most of the Manipuri players are from poor families, they have the fighting spirit, which is very much needed to play sports at the highest level.

Y Kamala Devi started her football career at the NYTH Club, Okram Chuthek, under the guidance of Indramani. Goal scorer, Kamala while comparing the Manipuri players with players from other state has stated that players from states like Orissa gets added facilities like education apart from the various practicing facilities including hostels, etc.

As a result their players have improved a lot from the previous match where the two sides had met. She also added that if the Manipuri players were given the same facilities as given to players of other states, the Manipuri players would be able to play at the highest level.

Nanda Kishore Pattnaik, the Orissa coach has stated that the Manipuri players were playing with such passion and energy and deserve the championship trophy. He also added that he was high with hopes that his team would win the championship trophy.

On the other hand Sasmita Mallick has praise the way the crowd showed support for both the teams. She also stated that she has never played in front of such a big and supportive crowd till date. She also added that playing against the Manipuri players has helped her to improve her game a lot.

The closing ceremony was attended by L Jayenta education minister, Bijoy Koijam president Manipur Olympic Association, N Lokeshore, MLA, E Suraj MLA and A Santoshkumar, president AMFA as the chief guest, president and guest of honur. In the meantime the Governor of the state Gurbachan Jagat in a separate release has congratulated the Manipuri team on their retaining the Senior Women’s National Football Championship.


Sl No. Year Winner Runners
1. 1991-1992 Bengal Manipur
2. 1992-1993 Manipur Bengal
2. 1993-1994 Not Held Not Held
3. 1994-1995 Manipur Bengal
4. 1995-1996 Manipur Bengal
5. 1996-1997 Bengal Manipur
6. 1997-1998 Manipur Bengal
7. 1998-1999 Manipur Bengal
8. 1999-2000 Manipur Bengal
9. 2000-2001 Manipur Bengal
10. 2001-2002 Manipur Orissa
11. 2002-2003 Manipur Bengal
12. 2003-2004 Manipur Bengal
13. 2004-2005 Manipur Bengal
14. 2005-2006 Manipur Kerala
15. 2006-2007 Manipur Orissa
16. 2007-2008 Manipur Orissa
17. 2008-2009 Manipur Bengal
18. 2009-2010 Manipur Orissa


I- LEAGUE : 2nd Divn. Preliminary Fixtures

Preliminary Round :: Group C (Tinsukia,Assam)

Teams: Guwahati Town Club, Arhima Club, Oil India, Denzong Boyz, JCB Bhillai Brothers, NISA, Manipur, Mumbai United

27 Mar,   2010   : Guwahati Town Club  VS   Arhima Club

27 Mar,   2010   : Oil India  VS   Denzong Boyz

28 Mar,   2010   : JCB Bhillai Brothers  VS   NISA, Manipur

30 Mar,   2010   : Mumbai United  VS   Denzong Boyz

30 Mar,   2010   : Guwahati Town Club  VS   NISA, Manipur

31 Mar,   2010   : Oil India  VS   JCB Bhillai Brothers

02 Apr,   2010   : Arhima Club  VS   NISA, Manipur

02 Apr,   2010   : Mumbai United  VS   JCB Bhillai Brothers

03 Apr,   2010   : Guwahati Town Club  VS   Oil India

05 Apr,   2010   : Denzong Boyz  VS   JCB Bhillai Brothers

05 Apr,   2010   : Arhima Club  VS   Oil India

06 Apr,   2010   : Mumbai United  VS   Guwahati Town Club

08 Apr,   2010   : NISA, Manipur  VS   Oil India

08 Apr,   2010   : Denzong Boyz  VS   Guwahati Town Club

09 Apr,   2010   : Arhima Club  VS   Mumbai United

11 Apr,   2010   : JCB Bhillai Brothers  VS   Guwahati Town

Club 11 Apr,   2010   : NISA, Manipur  VS   Mumbai United

12 Apr,   2010   : Denzong Boyz  VS   Arhima Club

14 Apr,   2010   : Oil India  VS   Mumbai United

14 Apr,   2010   : JCB Bhillai Brothers  VS   Arhima Club

15 Apr,   2010   : NISA, Manipur  VS   Denzong Boyz

Preliminary Round : Group B (Delhi)

TEAMS: Hindustan F.C, Sesa F.A, New Delhi Heroes, Simla Youngs, Indian National F.C, Amity United, ONGC

27 Mar,   2010   : Hindustan F.C  VS   Sesa Football Academy

27 Mar,   2010   : New Delhi Heroes  VS   Simla Youngs

28 Mar,   2010   : Indian National F.C  VS   Amity United

30 Mar,   2010   : ONGC  VS   Simla Youngs

30 Mar,   2010   : Hindustan F.C  VS   Amity United

31 Mar,   2010   : New Delhi Heroes  VS   Indian National F.C

02 Apr,   2010   : Sesa Football Academy  VS   Amity United

02 Apr,   2010   : ONGC  VS   Indian National F.C

03 Apr,   2010   : Hindustan F.C  VS   New Delhi Heroes

05 Apr,   2010   : Simla Youngs  VS   Indian National F.C

05 Apr,   2010   : Sesa Football Academy  VS   New Delhi Heroes

06 Apr,   2010   : ONGC  VS   Hindustan F.C

08 Apr,   2010   : Amity United  VS   New Delhi Heroes

08 Apr,   2010   : Simla Youngs  VS   Hindustan F.C

09 Apr,   2010   : Sesa Football Academy  VS   ONGC

11 Apr,   2010   : Indian National F.C  VS   Hindustan F.C

11 Apr,   2010   : Amity United  VS   ONGC

12 Apr,   2010   : Simla Youngs  VS   Sesa Football Academy

14 Apr,   2010   : New Delhi Heroes  VS   ONGC

14 Apr,   2010   : Indian National F.C  VS   Sesa F.AAcademy

15 Apr,   2010   : Amity United  VS   Simla Youngs

Preliminary Round : Group A : Bangalore

TEAMS: Golden Threads, SBT, Chandni F.C, Malabar United, HAL, BEML, Titanium,

27 Mar,   2010   : Golden Threads  VS   SBT

27 Mar,   2010   : Chandni F.C  VS   Malabar United

28 Mar,   2010   : HAL Bangalore  VS   BEML

30 Mar,   2010   : Travancore Titanium  VS   Malabar United

30 Mar,   2010   : Golden Threads  VS   BEML

31 Mar,   2010   : Chandni F.C  VS   HAL Bangalore

02 Apr,   2010   : SBT  VS   BEML

02 Apr,   2010   : Travancore Titanium  VS   HAL Bangalore

03 Apr,   2010   : Golden Threads  VS   Chandni F.C

05 Apr,   2010   : Malabar United  VS   HAL Bangalore

05 Apr,   2010   : SBT  VS   Chandni F.C

06 Apr,   2010   : Travancore Titanium  VS   Golden Threads

08 Apr,   2010   : BEML  VS   Chandni F.C

08 Apr,   2010   : Malabar United  VS   Golden Threads

09 Apr,   2010   : SBT  VS   Travancore Titanium

11 Apr,   2010   : HAL Bangalore  VS   Golden Threads

11 Apr,   2010   : BEML  VS   Travancore Titanium

12 Apr,   2010   : Malabar United  VS   SBT

14 Apr,   2010   : Chandni F.C  VS   Travancore Titanium

14 Apr,   2010   : HAL Bangalore  VS   SBT

15 Apr,   2010   : BEML  VS   Malabar United


Orissa Girls will take on mighty Manipur in Women's National Football Final

The new rising power house in Indian women's soccer arena Orissa will face up-heal task as they are placed against mighty Manipur side in the final of 18th Senior Women's Football Championship today in Imphal's prestigious Khuman Lampak Main Stadium (Polo Ground).

Orissa who defeated Tamil Nadu 3-0 in the Semi-Final to reach in the final while Manipur had defeated Bengal 1-0 in the first semi final match.The final match will be an interesting match with the two equally strong team vying for the champion's trophy.Orissa is all set to win the final match defeating Manipur in its home ground. Manipur team is also well prepared to win the trophy in front of home-crowd.

Education Minister of Manipur Mr. L. Jayentakumar, Deputy Chairman, State Planning Board and also President of Manipur Olympic Association, MLA Bijoy Koijam will be present in the Final match.

Earlier on two occasion while Manipur is not only defending champion but also they are consecutive 12 time champions in this tournament.The match will commence 2 p.m tomorrow.


Sl No. Year Winner Runners
1. 1991-1992 Bengal Manipur
2. 1992-1993 Manipur Bengal
2. 1993-1994 Not Held Not Held
3. 1994-1995 Manipur Bengal
4. 1995-1996 Manipur Bengal
5. 1996-1997 Bengal Manipur
6. 1997-1998 Manipur Bengal
7. 1998-1999 Manipur Bengal
8. 1999-2000 Manipur Bengal
9. 2000-2001 Manipur Bengal
10. 2001-2002 Manipur Orissa
11. 2002-2003 Manipur Bengal
12. 2003-2004 Manipur Bengal
13. 2004-2005 Manipur Bengal
14. 2005-2006 Manipur Kerala
15. 2006-2007 Manipur Orissa
16. 2007-2008 Manipur Orissa
17. 2008-2009 Manipur Bengal

Churchill Brothers beat Al Hilal 2 - 1 in AFC Cup

I-League defending champion Churchill Brothers win their away match 2 - 1 against Yemen's Al Hilal in their second Group B match of AFC Cup at Ali Mohsin Al Muraisi Stadium at Yemen today.Churchill Brothers's Nigerian striker Odafa Okolie and Midfielder Ogba Kalu scored the goals.

In first half Al Hilal lost their easiest scoring chance when Burhanu Kasim had missed a penalty in 6th minutes which Chruchill Keeper Arindam brillantly saved. Churchill took lead through Odafa bOkolie off a nice Free Kick in 15th minutes.

Churchill got an another chance to score in 25th minutes but Filex shot went away over the cross bar from a close.

Al Hilal equalised in the 37th minute through Yaser Basuhai nice header.Just two minutes after the goal Al Hilan missed another chance to score.Churchill Keeper Arindam saved few good chances of Al Hilal.First half was ended 1 - 1.

In the 2nd half Churchill increased their margin through Ogba Kalu.In 56 th minutes, Churchill midfielder Robert Lalthalma well crossed from left and Ogba kalu made no mistake to score.

Al Hilal missed an oppertunity to eqalised in 75th minute but Ala Al Sasi's shot missed the target.

Churchill Brothers:Arindam, Rowilson, Gourmangi, Robert , Naoba, Kalu, Vasum( Charan Rai 91'), Nacimento (Leni 94'),Lalrindika (Ashely 90'), Felix, Odafa


Team GP W D L GF GA +/- Pts
CHURCHILL BROTHERS 2 1 1 0 4 3 1 4
KUWAIT SC (KUW) 2 0 2 0 4 4 0 2
AL HILAL (YEM) 2 0 1 1 3 4 -1 1


East Bengal lost 2 - 3 to Al-Qadsia in AFC Cup

After a fighting performance East Bengal lost to Al Qadsia in their home match in Yuba Bharati Krirangan, Salt Lake. Today the team of Phillip de Rider presented the example of excellent fight against their superior opponent from Kuwait. But the day did not belong to the home side as the away team took all the points from the game by registering close but effective 3-2 win over the home side.

As soon as in the 2nd mi9nute Badar scored a sudden goal to put the Kuwaiti team 1-0 up in the match. After conceding a very early goal the home side tried hard to fight back into the match but in the 20th minute Jehad Al Hossain increased the lead further by adding another goal to the tally. But East Bengal never gave up hope and only in the 25th minute of the match Subhas Singh reduced the margin to 2-1 by capitalizing a fantastic pass forwarded by Mehtab Hossain. In rest of the first half both the teams tried to get further goals but could not get even a single one.

In the second half East Bengal provide their best game in search of the equalizer. But the Red and Golds wasted number of opportunities but still in the 68th minute East Bengal got their desired equalizer as experienced Yakubu scored an intelligent goal to level the scoreline. With the 2-2 balanced scoreline the Away side offered their best in the field in search of the winning goal. When it looked to be a draw the disaster happened for the home side as in the 84th minute of the match Badar again stroked another goal to confirm the victory of Al Qadsia.

East Bengal could have done nothing to save the match in the little time left after the third goal of Al-Qadsia. Finally the match ended with 3-2 scoreline in favour of the Away team but no doubt that the home side also provides a very tough resistance for their opponents with fantastic fighting spirit and well composed game plan.


KF East Bengal (IND)   2 - 3     Al Qadsia(KUW) :: ..FT..

ALQ: Badar 2', 84', Jehad Al Hossain 20'

KEB: Subhash Singh 25', Yakubu 67'

KEB: Priyant, Okpara, Hammond(Alvito),Subhas(Sanju), Yakubu,Mehtab,Nabi,Mehrajuddin,Bekhokhei,Soumik,Gobin.

FT: Match End. Al Qadsia win the match by 3 - 2.East Bengal played nice football today mainly in 2nd half and equalised 2 goals .

90': Qadsia is leading 3 - 2 now.Referee added 4 minutes injury time.

87': What a miss? Yakubu right sided cross well header by Bekhokhei but missed the target.

84': East Bengal defender Soumik Dey was injured and laid down in the KEB Box.Bader got a ball from right side and his shot went away into goal. But Qadsia should be shown their sports man spirit by kicking out the ball to stop the match for Soumik's treatment!! East Bengal defence thought so.

84': GOALLLLLLLLLLLL .. Bader scored the 3rd Goal for Qadsia and his 2nd.

83': Soimik Dey of East Bengal slightly injured and laid down in the ground.Qadsia is attcking from right.

81':Yakubu to Alvito.Alvito's shot was blocked by Qadsia defence.Counter attack by Qadsia.

79':The score line is 2 - 2. Okpara cleared an attack of Qadsia's Keita.Alvito came in the field in place of Abel Hammond of East Bengal.

76': Alvito d counha is warming up in the side line. Nabi's pass was too long to received for Sanju in the left.

75':Long ball of Qadsia defender towas his left out team mate but Mehraj good anticipated the pass and cleared .

73': Soubik Dey well cleared an attack of Qadsia. Counter attack by East Bengal.

71':Corner for East Bengal. Sanju took the corner.Ballwent to Mehtab but his shot went away.

69': Now the scoreline is 2 - 2. By trailing 0 - 2 , East Bengal nicely came back in action and equalised two goals.

68': GOALLLLLLLLLLLL .East Bengal scored through Yakubu.. Sanju Prodhan's brilliant lob went to Yakubu in the Box.Qadsia keeper came out to collect but missed the flight and Yakubu header went to the goal.

67':Beautiful attack by KEB. Mehtab to Yakubu in the Qadsia Box.But Qadsia Keeper was well alert.

65':Sanju Prodhan is warming up in the side line. Rider may replaced him with Subhash Singh for more attack.

63': Corner for KEB. Yakubu well attacked from right. Mehtab took the coner.Cleared by Qadsia defence.Ball came to Subhash Singh.Subhas well shot well collected by Qadsia keeper.

61': Yakubu to Subhash Singh but Subhash close volly went away..

60': Nice attack by Yakubu from left. Subhash Singh passed him but Yakubu shot well gripped by Qadsia keeper.

55':Qadsia Free Kick went away after deflecting KEB wall.

53': Referee Salim Ali of Maldives gave a Free kick in Favour of Qadsia just five yards behing the KEB Box. Okpara fouled Faisa.

52':Bekhokhei blocked an attack of Faisal of Qadsia in the KEB box.

51': Priyant again good saved an attack of Al Qadsia. Left sided attack.

50':The score line is 2 - 1 in favour of Al Qadsia.

49': Qadsia is attacking now from left. Nabi snatched the ball and back passed to Mehraj.

46': Free kick in favour of Al Qadsia out side the KEB Box. Yellow card to Mehraj who fouled Bader.No damage done in the free kick.

46': East Bengal is playing 4 - 4 - 2 System.2nd half started.

HT: It's half time now. The score line is 2 - 1 for Al Qadsia.

45': Great Chance missed by Nabi.Well passed him by Yakubu in the box who got a ball from Mehtab.Nabi unable to score with his left footer.Qadsia keeper came out from goal but Nabi's shot went away.

40': Nice effort by East Bengal. Chance missed to score again.Subhah Singh well passed to Yakubu in the box but Yakubu header hits the post and returned in the box. Qadia defence cleared the ball by a corner.

36': Okpara saved another attack of Jehad in the Box.

35': Nice attack by Qadsia from right. Priyant well blocked the shot of Jehad.

33': East Bengal got a corner. Subhash to Yakubu..Qadsia defender saved it through a corner. No damage done in the corner.

32':Mehraj blocked a Qadsia attack.Now the visiting team is in action.

30':Qadsia defence clread an attack of Nabi from left side.

29': Corner for Al Qadsia. Priyant saved a shot of a Wadsia player by a corner.No Damage done in the corner. Nabi cleared it.

27': Now the score line is 2 - 1 for Al Qadsia.East Bengal is attacking now. Hammond attacked from right. corner for KEB.

25': GOALLLLLLLLLLLL ..East Bengal scored a goal through Subhash Singh. Mehtaab well passed in the Box from right side. Advancing Subhash lobbed the ball when Qadsia Keeper came out from his position.

23': qadsia is leading now 2 - 0.

21':Jehad Al Husseain scored the 2nd goal for Qadsia. East Bengal keeper was unable to block his sudden shot.

20': GOALLLLLLLL ..Again goal of Qadsia.

18':Hammond to Yakubu to Bekhokhei but Qadsia defence was alert.Counter attack by Qadsia.

16': Mehtab is playing well.

14': Faiz well cleared a right sided attack of East Bengal's Yakubu.

13': Well attacked by East Bengal from right. Mehtab to Subhas Singh but lineceman said Subhash was offside.

10': Qadsia is leading by 1 - 0.

8': Counter attack by East Bengal. Well shot by Yakubu.Qadsia keeper saved it by a corner.

7': Al Qadsia again attacked. Closely missed by Jahad. Priyant well blocked.They are playing in 4 - 4 - 2 system.

3':Priyat was trying to block Jehad's powerful shot but it deflected from his hand and Badar who followed the ball and pushed the ball into the goal.

2': GOALLLLLLLL .. Al Qadsia scored a goal.

1': Qadsia was attacking from the first minute.Reached to the East Bengal goal mouth.

1': Match started. Very hot weather. 39.2 degree c Temperature.

1': One minute silence in memory of Fire victims in Stephen court Building at Park Street, Kolkata, where more than 6 people died.


East Bengal to face Al Qadsia in AFC Cup tomorrow

Fed Cup winner East Bengal has not registered any win in their last 11 matches but will hope to retain his glory when they will take on Al Qadsia of Kuwait in their third match of the AFC Cup to be played tomorrow at Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata.

From the beginning of this season East Bengal has produced a poor performances .Out of 41 Matches they played so far, the win came only in 14 matches while they drew in 14 matches and lost 13 matches .Their Goalkeepers conceded 43 Goals against 47 goals scored for.

The Federation Cup winner have lost the last two AFC Cup matches as they conseded seven goals.East Bengal went down to Al Nejmeh 0 - 3 in their last encounter in away match and earlier they also lost to Al Ittihad 1 - 4 at home.

East Bengal will be missing the services of Nirmal Chettri due to double yellow card, while Baichung Bhutia is still injured with his hamstring problem.

On the other hand the visiting team Al Qadsia,the Kuwait Champions have got two points from two matches played so far in AFC cup.They hope their win against East Bengal to move up the ladder in the group D standings.

Tomorrow math will be started at 15.00 hours.


  • Kuwaiti Premier League: Winner 12 Times (1969, 1971, 1973, 1975, 1976, 1978, 1992, 1999, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2009)
  • Kuwait Prince Cup: Winner 12 Times(1965, 1967, 1968, 1972, 1974, 1975, 1979, 1989, 1994, 2003, 2004, 2007)
  • Kuwait Crown Cup: Winner 6 Times (1998, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009)
  • Al Kurafi Cup: Winner 2 Times (2003, 2005)
  • Kuwait Super Cup: Winner 2 Times(2009)
  • Gulf Club Champions Cup: Winner 2 Times(2000, 2005)
  • Kuwait Federation Cup: Winner 2 Times( 2008, 2009)

    AFC Champions League

    2004: Group Stage
    2006: Semi-Finals
    2008: Quarter-Finals

    AFC Cup : 2010

    Asian Cup Winners Cup

    1990-91: First Round
    1994-95: Second Round

    Gulf Club Champions Cup

    Winner: 2005,2000
    Runner Up: 2006
  • 23 MARCH

    Tough fight for Churchill against Al Hilal of Yemen tomorrow

    Churchill Brothers of India will face Al Hilal of Yemen tomorrow in their Group B match of the AFC Cup at Ali Mohsin Al Muraisi stadium.

    Both sides drew 2-2 with defending champions Kuwait Sports Club in their first match.So oth teams are in a must win situation to qualifying for the next stage of the tournament.

    Al Hilal coach Al Nash feels confident that his team can secure three points from tomorrow match. He said his team's match preparation were good and he is thinking about teams winning against India Champion Churchill Brothers who played a better game in their last match agaist defending chpion Kuwait FC.

    Churchill Brothers who made a 2-2 draw with Kuwait SC with a disappointing 4-2 defeat to arch rival Dempo S.C in theie last match of Indian Domestic league. Churchill's Brazilin coach Carlos Perreira admitted his team will play a better game against Al hilal.HE added that if his team will win the math then they will have a great chance of qualifying to the next stage."