15 MAY

"A former world cupper from Ireland interested to coach in India"

  Terrence "Terry" Phelan (born 16 March 1967 in Manchester, England) is a former Irish footballer who played as a left-back for a number of clubs, including Leeds United, Swansea City, Wimbledon, Manchester City, Chelsea, Everton and Fulham.

Nicknamed "the scuttler" he also made 42 appearances for the Irish national team, whom he represented at the 1994 FIFA World Cup. He is currently coach at Otago United F.C., New Zealand.

KFC :Terry please tell us about your backround, you have played at the highest level of English football for so many years during your playing days?

TERRY : I started my early career at Leeds United aged 13 yrs having had many trials at various different clubs. I chose Leeds United over the others as they were one of the biggest clubs in Europe at that time. Progressing through the Youth ranks to playing in the reserve side at aged 15 yrs to playing in the Leeds United First team aged 17 yrs.

I went on to be a First Team regular for a number of Years. I was released from Leeds and went on to Swansea City were I was picked up by Ex Leeds United Captain Terry Yorath from 1986- 87, then signed for Wimbledon FC for 100,000 Pounds and went on to play their for 5yrs under Bobby Gould and Don Howe.In that time I went on to win the Famous FA Cup Against Liverpool FC in 1988 who were at the time Champions of English Football. I was sold in 1992 for a world record at that time for a Full-Back for 2.5 million pounds to Manchester City under the Ex Everton Captain Peter Reid.

I went on to play at City for over 31/2 yrs then went on to Join Chelsea FC for 1 million pounds under the Ex England Manager Glen Hoddle.Staying their for two yrs under the Management of Glenn Hoddle and Ex Holland Captain Ruud Gullit.At Chelsea it was their that I experienced the great movement of the foreign players, playing alongside players like Zola, Vialli, LeBeouf, Hughes Dan Petrescu, Mateo all World Class Internationals who were all at the Peak of their CareersI signed for Everton FC in 97-98 were I had regular first team football until I got injured and was out for 18 months. I went to Crystal Palace on loan under Ex England Steve Coppell were I stayed for 3 months to get my match fitness. I returned to Everton FC for a short spell and then went on to sign for Fulham FC under Ex England International Paul Bracewell and French International Tigana. Were we gained promotion winning the 1st Division Championship.

I stayed on for 2 yrs then Considered my future at age 35.Moving to the USA in the March 2002 were I signed for the USL 1 A League Team Charleston Battery were we went on to win the A League Championship Under Tottenham Youth Coach Chris Ramsey.Playing abroad has been an Amazing experience, not only playing but from the Cultural side of things. I finished up in 2004 and started a Coaching Business with my Ex Goal-keeper team mate Todd Hoffard. www.oneononesoccer.comRunning residential programs year round and running successful College Programs with the Division 1 and Division 2 Collegiate Coaches throughout the USA.In 2005 I had an option to travel to New Zealand a part of the World that I had always wanted to experience. I had the option of taking on a Head Coaching role were I stayed for 4yrs.

I have moved into a new position for the South Island Football Federation as FDM ( Football Development Manager) were I work alongside New Zealand Soccer were I experience working at all levels from Grassroots to Senior. I am also working with the coaches on gaining there Coaching Education .I haveI have had some amazing experiences playing and coaching alongside some of the Worlds best Coaches and players from around the world.

KFC :You have also won one of the most coveted trophy "The FA Cup".Was it the most satisfying moment of your playing career?

TERRY : Yes I think it was one of the best moments of my career. Because when you are playing on the streets of Manchester as a young boy, that is were I grew up your dreams were to win the Prestigious FA Cup and always to beat the mighty Liverpool who I grew up watching in the 70's and early 80's.It will always be remembered for one of the biggest upsets in English Football to this day, were the paupers of football Wimbledon FC beat the then Mighty Champions Liverpool. Playing at the old Wembley stadium in front of 100,000 people was just unbelievable but not forgetting meeting Lady Diana Spencer .Playing at such a wonderful venue knowing that the greatest players of all time had played at this stadium is something I will always Cherish.

KFC :Please share with us your experince playing with the Irish National team?

TERRY : Playing with The Irish National team over a period of ten years was a truly amazing experience. To be able to represent your country at all levels which I did from youth level to first team playing on the WORLD stage playing with and against some of the best players in the world is just a feeling that I can never describe. As A young boy it was a dream of mine to play for my country. Playing under such wonderful managers as Jack Charlton and Mick McCarthy was exhilarating. To be able to have traveled the world with such amazing team mates and wonderful coaching staff is something that I still learn from to this day.

KFC :You also represented Ireland in the World Cup how was the experince?

TERRY : My World Cup experience was truly fantastic to go to the USA and represent your country as one of the 32 Top Teams in the world "That is what Dreams are made of" especially watching my first World Cup in 1978 when the Great Argentina side went on to win.I think it's always every young footballers dream to represent their country at this level. The experience of playing against the Italians who had already won the 82 World Cup which I watched as a young boy then to be faced up against them in the Giants Stadium in 94 was just breath taking especially when their was 92,000 people watching inside and the rest of the worlds eyes on us global.On that day Ireland went on to win the famous Group of death Game 1-0.

KFC :What do you have to say about your coaching career thus far?

TERRY : My Coaching career so far has been a great experience. Seeing and learning from some of the top coaches who have guided me through my career have help[ed me immensely.Like any coach you can never stop learning, their will always be up's and down's which I myself have experienced from youth level to senior level.It is something that I thought I would never go into but I have a passion for giving back what I have learnt and am still giving back to the game.If I can help the youth or the senior players of today get to the next level like I myself did then I find this a great reward.I myself as a Coach would like to say You have to have the commitment, the drive and the passion.And that is something that I have always been told throughout my playing career.

KFC :We have come to know that you have an interest in coaching a team in India ?can you please elaborate?

TERRY : I would love to have the opportunity to travel to one of the most Beautiful countries in the World and to be able to coach which is something that I love to do on another Continent were the game is very "upcoming" I would love to be a part of the wonderful structure that is going on in India at present.If I can bring my experience as a former player and know a coach to get the right pathways for the Players I would be grateful for the oppertunity to give my knowledge and experience to the Indian football structure.

KFC :What kind of idea do you have about Indian football?

TERRY : The idea that I have at the moment about Indian Football is that the structure and pathways for the youth and senior is very strong. I think the grassroots have been set in concrete, and with the youth teams and coaches traveling abroad it can only be a win win situation. As always in the game their is still areas that need to be developed just like here in NZ it takes time and patience as shown by the NZ National Team Qualifying to go to South Africa.I AM SURE IN iNDIA IT IS VERY MUCH THE SAME AT LOT OF WORK HAS TO BE DONE.

KFC :What kind of impact do you think you can have in India?Hope you are aware that the India National team coach is from England (Bob Houghton) and he has helped the team qualify for the Asia Cup 2011.

TERRY : I would love to think that I could have some sort of impact on Indian Football. with my knowledge of the game. From the Youth wether it is at a club, or a youth set up giving the players the benefit of my past experiences and knowledge of what I have learnt i.e. getting players scholarship in the USA with colleges or getting players to the next level of their game.I am very much aware that Bob Houghton has done a wonderful job on guiding the Team to qualify for the Asia Club 2011. He is somebody who I have the up most respect for with his background as a player and a coach. It can only help Indian football if people like Bob are in the Country working to help shape and raise the profile of you game.

KFC :Are you in touch with any of the clubs in India at the moment?

TERRY : No I am not in touch with any clubs at the moment. But I am working alongside Arvind Narayan at Libero Sports.

KFC :Are targetting only the big clubs from India or you are also ready to coach even the lesser known teams?

TERRY : If it means me starting with a lesser team it would not hurt the structure of their youth players or the senior players. Rembering I myself played for a team called Wimbledon FC and that itself showed you can achieve things with lesser sides as long as their is already some sort of structure from the top to the bottom. If not I would not be scared of the challenge.

KFC :Recently a player from India,Sunil Chettri made it to the MLS club,Kansas City Wizards becoming only the third Indian to play overseas.Do you think this is one way of bringing about positive changes in Indian football,where players from India go abroad and play in the stronger leagues.

TERRY : Yes It can only help the dreams of young players to go on and play abroad and gain another playing experience and a cultural experience to maybe one day come back to their home country and give back to the game that they have gone on and learnt. Wether it be playing or Coaching. I have some great College Coaches and first Team coaches who I have worked alongside over many years. So I do think it is a Positive thing for all.

KFC :So can we expect you in India as a coach of one the I-league teams next season?

TERRY : I would like to think that the people of India would give me this opportunity to share my experiences with them.

KFC :Any message for the football fans in India?

TERRY : My message to the Football Fans of India:Keep on Supporting your teams and players And Always get behind your Coaches. Support your Team all the way in the 2011 Asian Cup and maybe I will have the chance to be apart of it all.

12 MAY

East Bengal win their last CFL match against George Telegraph

East Bengal   4 - 0   George Telegraph ( YBK- FT' )

KEB: Riston Rodrigues 35', Budhiram 48', 74', Hammond 82'
M.O.M : Budhiram Tudu (KEB)

KEB : Abhra, Nirmal, Firoz, Saikat, Saheb, Jeeban( Sanju), Gobin, Mumtaj( Hammond), Riston ( Kima), Poibang, Budhiram.

FT : Match End. East Bengal win the match 4 - 0. East Bengal end the League with 30 points from 15 matches while George got 15 points form same matches.

90': Last minute effort of George. Samar Dey shot went away over the cross bar from right.

86': Few minutes left to end of the match. East Bengal is leading 4 - 0 now.

82': GOALLLLLLL ...4th goal of East Bengal. Hammond scored this time from a ground pass in george box and beat keeper swarup with his nice placing.

78': Sanju's shot from kima's cross from left but nice saved by George keeper swarup. East Bengal is leading 3 - 0.

74': GOALLLLLLL ... 2nd goal of Budhiram and third for East Bengal. Hammond shot deflected from Swarup's hand and advancing Budhiram scored in open net.This is Budhiram's 10th goal in Sahara CFL.

70': Kima to Hammond in the George box. But what a miss by Hammond.

65': Last change of East Bengal. Hammond came in place of Mumtaj Akhtar.

63': Nirmal missed a chance from a closer.

60': Corner for George. Souvik's corner cleared by Nirmal Chettri.

57': Another player change of East Bengal. Sanju Prodhan came in place of Jivan Singh.

53': Player change of East Bengal. Malswamkima came in place of Riston .

48': GOALLLLLLL ..Budhiram Tudu scored with his own effort.

46': George missed a sure chance to score. One to one situation with Abhra and Swapan Mandi of George but Swapan shot went away.

46': 2nd half starts.

HT: End of First Half. East Bengal is leading 1 - 0. In Bangalore 2n Divn. I-League match Mohammedan Sporting beat Sesa Goa 2-1. Scored by Theo and Debkumar. ONGC beat Oil India 4-1 in first match where Tarif Ahmed scored a hattrick.

45'+2': Again attack of George. Mithun attack from left cleared by Riston by a corner. No damage done in Pradip Roy's coner kick.

45+1': Pintu Prosad of George well effort but his shot went away.

45': Referee added 2 minutes more.

43':Yellow card to Saikat of East Bengal.

40': Gobin Singh of East Bengal cleared an attack of Achyanta Saha.

37': Collission between Achyanta Saha of George and Wasim Firoz of East Bengal. Both are under treatment.

35': GOALLLLLLL ... Riston Rodrigues scored for East Bengal. Brilliant cross of Budhiram Tudu from left and riston header went to George goal.

33': Nirmal Chettri's header from a corner well saved by George keeper Swarup.

29': Saikat Saha Roy of East Bengal well crossed from left but it was too long to receive for upcoming Jeebon Singh .

25': George attack from left. Pradeep Roy nice crossed from left but Saheb Ali well cleared.

22': Still no score in the match.

17': Mithun Saha of George another attack from left but his shot easily collected by Abhra.

13': Well attack by East Bengal.George keeper well saved an attack of Jeeban Singh who got a pass from Nirmal in right.

11': Corner for George. Swapan Mandi shot went away.

8': George striker well shot towads KEB goal but it was weak. Abhra collected easily.

6':Budhiram went to left and crossed but George keeper Swarup was alert well.

4': Subhash Singh wants to enter from left but ball cleared by Geroge defence.

1': Match starts.

12 MAY

NIKE Manchester United Premier Cup - Africa Final

SIXTY-FOUR of the finest African under-15 footballers are travelling to Holland next week for the Premier Cup 2010 Africa Qualifications at NIKE’s European Headquarters in Hilversum. Teams from Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana and Tunisia will take part in the Opening Ceremony & Draw on Monday 17 May at 1900hrs, before tournament matches kick off on 18 May.

The Final takes place at midday on Wednesday 19 May, when the top two teams will walk out at NIKE’s Hilversum Campus to battle for the title of Premier Cup Africa Champions and win a highly coveted place at the 2010 Manchester United Premier Cup (MUPC) World Finals in August.

Cameroon & Ajax Midfielder Enoh Eyong: "Africa is producing many talented young footballers across the continent and this tournament is a great forum for them to meet, compete - and learn from each other. I am particularly pleased to see teams from Cameroon participate for the first time so they too can benefit from international experience at a young age.

"I wish you all luck in Holland, enjoy yourselves, work hard and play with passion for your team, your country, and for Africa. Listen to your coach and learn everything you can. May the best team win and go all the way at the MUPC World Finals in Manchester!"

Cameroon’s Daga Young Stars FC secured their place in the Africa Qualifiers in emphatic style with a 4:1 win over Ased FC. The boys from Cameroon were so thrilled to book their place in Holland that they stayed on the pitch singing for an hour and Coach Ndigui Louis Cedard promises they will continue to “sing their way to qualification for Manchester!” He has no doubts about the competence of his young side but admitted: “cold weather could be a little problem but I’m sure the boys will adapt. I hope they will come back home having learned something - and having won a place in Manchester of course.”

Tunisia is also represented for the first time this year - by Esperance of Tunis, whilst Egypt’s ENPPI return to Holland for the third year in succession after beating Heliopolis 1:0. Spokesman Mohamed Ahmed Ismail is determined that his team: “learn and develop their skills on and off the field. They have a very strong team spirit, and always challenge themselves and the opposition. We want to win and don’t expect any problems – but will be watching the team from Ghana, who are fast and extremely fit for their age.”

Although hopeful that his young squad can once again go all the way to Manchester, Right to Dream’s Coach Johnny McKinstry is taking nothing for granted. “We are prepared for talented opponents, and know we will have to be at the top of our game to be successful. Some of the younger members of the team have shown great character and determination to rise through the ranks - I hope this continues and they can step up to perform in what will be their biggest football challenge to date.”

He concluded with a common concern: “For many of our boys, this will be their first time travelling outside Ghana, so their own nerves could prove to be their biggest weakness. We are working hard to take the pressure off them, so they can relax, enjoy the experience and go out and show what talented footballers they are.”

Over 9,000 teams have fought their way through local, national and regional tournaments over the past twelve months to win 1 of just 20 places at the MUPC World Finals in Manchester. They will then have the opportunity to measure their skills, their passion and their determination against the very best of their peers; in an effort to prove that they are the top under-15 team in the world.

On May 19th, a new team will be celebrating and dreaming of becoming the first ever African MUPC World Champions. The Road to Manchester continues…

The Premier Cup Champions of Africa will join host team Manchester United in August, alongside already qualified Premier Cup Champions; Orlando Pirates; Internaçional, Colo-Colo; Shillong Lajong(INDIA) ; Kyoto Sanga; Hyundai Junior High School; Werder Bremen, FC Torino; Newcastle United; Bucaspor – and the first ever Premier Cup Champions, FC Porto. Tournaments continue over the coming months to find the top 20 under-15 teams in the world!

11 MAY

Ronaldinho, Adriano out from Brazil World Cup initial squad

A two-time FIFA world player of the year, the 30-year-old Ronaldinho, Adriano and Neymar were omitted from Brazil coach Dunga's initial 23-man list. They could be among the seven more players to be announced later by Dunga, but would only be on standby in case of injuries. The coach has stuck to most of the players who helped Brazil win last year's Confederations Cup and finish top of South American qualifying.

Play maker and winner of 2002 Japan Korea World Cup for Brazil, Ronaldinho hadn't been called up for the national team since April 2009 but had been playing reasonably well this season with AC Milan and many wanted him to be included in the squad even King Pele also.

Kaka is likely to be Brazil's main leader in South Africa, commanding a midfield which will also probably have World Cup veteran Gilberto Silva as a starter, and maybe even Barcelona's Daniel Alves. The defense will be anchored by Juan and Lucio, and the attack will have Luis Fabiano and Robinho.

Brazil will practice for about a week in the southern Brazilian city of Curitiba before heading to South Africa on May 26. The five-time world champions will play against North Korea, Ivory Coast and Portugal in Group G.

Seriously injured players may be replaced up to 24 hours before the team's first match, as mentioned in the 2010 FIFA World Cup Regulations.

The 23 Brazil Squad

Goalkeepers: Julio Cesar (Inter Milan), Heurelho Gomes (Tottenham), Doni (AS Roma).

Defenders: Maicon (Inter Milan), Daniel Alves (Barcelona), Michel Bastos (Lyon), Gilberto (Cruzeiro), Lucio (Inter Milan), Juan (AS Roma), Luisao (Benfica), Thiago Silva (AC Milan).

Midfielders: Elano (Galatasaray), Kaka (Real Madrid), Gilberto Silva (Panathinaikos), Josue (Wolfsburg), Ramires (Benfica), Felipe Melo (Juventus), Kleberson (Flamengo), Julio Baptista (AS Roma).

Forwards: Luis Fabiano (Sevilla), Nilmar (Villarreal), Robinho (Santos), Grafite (Wolfsburg).

11 MAY

Bagan lost crucial points to Viva kerala in I-League match

Mohun Bagan just managed a draw against Viva Kerala. Bagan’s poor form is continuing in the I-League. Today in an encounter against Viva Kerala Mohun Bagan just managed a 1-1 draw to secure just one point from the match.

In the first half Viva came out as the better team among the two. Viva played more organized football than Bagan in the first half and caused repeated threat to the Bagan defence. In the 23rd minute of the match from a decent pass of Sabeeth, Karma scored the opening goal of the match and thus put his team in the lead. In the first half Bagan could not create any effective counter to level the scoreline.

In the second half the scenario changed and the Kolkata giant’s players gave everything to the match in search of the equalizer. Finally in the 50th minute Bareto scored the equalizer and leveled the scoreline. In rest of the time Bagan completely dominated the match and create numbers of opportunities for scoring but due to poor finishing Bagan could not make any change to the scoreline and the match ended as a draw with 1-1 scoreline.


Viva Kerala   1 - 1   Mohun Bagan

VIVA: Karma T.(23') :: MMB: Barreto 50'

VK: Sahinlal, Sajesh (Naushad 34'), Amarwant, Rasaq, Surjith, Karma. T, Sakeer, Sisupalan, Sirajuddin .C (Anish KP 80'), Sabeeth, Reuben (Sibinlal 54').

MMB: Sangram, Surkumar, Manju, Rakesh, Mohanraj, Sueoka ( James 67'), Subho Kumar (Branco 46'), Marcos, Santa Kumar (Snehasish 60'), Barreto, Chidi.

Mohun Bagan played good football in 2nd half after introduction of Branco and Snehasish, but team missed few golden chances to score, especially Manju and Chidi missed easy chances. Barreto played good football from behind the strikers.

FT: Match ends, 1-1. Barreto has been adjudged Man of the Match for his brilliant performance today.

90: Excellent play by Barreto, gets past two players but his pass for Chidi, cleared by defence.

89: Surkumar takes a shot but straight to goalkeeper.

87: Both teams attacking now, score is 1-1.

82: Naushad of Viva shown yellow card . Siraj out, Anish in.

77: Sakeer pass to Sibin, forward pass towards MB box, but Rakesh was alert.

73: Chidi fouled once again outside the box. Snehasish takes a nice free kick which curles but both Manju and Chidi fails to get a touch to the ball, otherwise it would have been a sure goal for Mohun Bagan.

72: Mohanraj takes a long throw but cleared by defence.

70: From Marcos' free kick, Chidi's head over target.

70: Barreto fouled outside penalty box. Free kick for Mohun Bagan.

67: James in Sueoka out.

63: Branco's pass to Chidi, but nicely saved by defence.

62: Branco's introduction has changed complexion of the game, as now Barreto-Chidi-Branco combination is causing problem in Viva defence.

60: Snehasish in Santa out. This change should have been made much earlier.

59: Naushad gets a chance due to mistake made by Manju in defence, Naushad fails to score.

57: Viva gets two corners but defense was alert.

54: Reuben out Sibinlal in.

53: Good play by Mohun Bagan. Barreto pass to Chidi, who gets past 1 player but before taking the shot, nicely covered by Viva defence.

51: Sirajuddin's shot brilliantly saved by Sangram.

49: Chidi gave the ball to Sueoka from whose cross Barreto heads the ball inside goal. Good goal from an excellent move.

50: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL . Barreto scores for Mohun Bagan.

47: Good movement by Mohun Bagan. Marcos to Barreto, gives ball to Branco, good defending by Viva.

46: Subho out Branco in. Mohun Bagan goes for a more attacking formation with Chidi and Branco in forward while Barreto is playing behind them.

HT: Viva 1-0.

44: Santa Kumar's corner finds no one in the box, goalkeeper was beaten.

43: From counter attack, Sueoka's pass to Barreto, but nicely tackled by VIva defence.

42: Sabeeth pass to Reuben but his shot straight to Sangram.

40: Marcos free kick, Barreto head over crossbar.

39: Chidi Barreto combination almost worked, but ball cleared by defence.

36: Midfield action going on now. Still Viva leading 1-0.

34: Change for Viva, Naushad in, Sajesh out.

33: Barreto's cross towards Sueoka but his head just over cross bar.

30: Good attack by Kerala, Reuben's effort goes out.

27: Barreto pass to Chidi whose long ranger shot narrowly miss target.

26: After conceding the goal, Mohun Bagan trying to attack.

23: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL . Karma scores for Viva from Sabeeth's pass.

22: Viva putting continous pressure on Mohun Bagan defence. MB defence looking very shaky.

21: Karma gets the ball in open, 1:1 situation with goalkeeper, but his shot saved by Sangram.

18: Santa got a good chance from Barreto's pass, but shots wide from close range.

16: Mohun Bagan gets a free kick, Santa Kumar was fouled, but nothing results of the Marcos freekick.

15: After initial few attack, Viva controlling the game now, Mohun Bagan defending.

13: Viva gets a golden chance to score, lucky escape for Mohun Bagan.

11: Free kick for Viva Kerala outside the box, but nothing results out of this free kick.

8: Good move by Viva Kerala, Reuben made the run but lacked support and his shot goes out.

6: Chidi attacks for Mohun Bagan from Barreto pass, ball cleared for corner. Marcos corner, cleared by goalkeeper.

3: Corner for Viva, ball collected by Sangram.

1: Match starts.

11 MAY

Probable India U-19 team for Asian Games Camp

Goalkeepers : Gurpreet Singh Sandhu (East Bengal), Jagroop Singh (Tata Football Academy)

Defenders: Vishal Kumar Ravindra Kumar (Karnataka), Abhishek Das (East Bengal), Inderpreet Singh (Salgaocar S.C), Deepak Devrani (Delhi), Raju Eknath Gaikwad (East Bengal), Shouvik Ghosh (West Bengal) and Lalrozama (Pune F.C)

Midfielders: PP Maulingkar (Dempo SC),Akshay Vimal Kumar Mall (Gujrat), Subodh Kumar (East Bengal), Milan Singh Ongnam (East Bengal), Jewel Raja Sheikh (Dempo S.C), Lalrindika Ralte(Churchill Brothers), Shilton D’Silva (Maharashtra), Tirthankar Sarkar (Salgaocar S.C)

Strikers: Jeje Lalpekhlua (Pune F.C) , Manandeep Singh (Haryana), Jagtar Singh (Mohun Bagan), Malswamfela (Salgaocar S.C), Jibon Singh (East Bengal) and Bikramjit Singh (Chandigarh), Ravi Kumar (TFA),

11 MAY


Sports Business School (SBS) today announced it was offering Certificate level programs, starting mid-June, in two sports-business disciplines: Marketing, and Management.

SBS Director, Nigel Empson, explained that the courses were designed to accelerate the learning process within developing sports markets by giving students access to leading practitioners in the sports industry: “India and similar developing territories are poised for rapid growth within the sports sector. This creates a demand for people with leadership qualities, and a knowledge and understanding of the global business of sport.

“These programs will give candidates access to industry professionals from across the world, and from a broad range of sports and sports-related businesses. Through this exposure candidates will acquire a practical understanding of current thinking and best practice. We aim to move beyond the academic to add skills, knowledge and understanding that will enable candidates to make an impact – they will be involved not just in extensive case studies but also in ‘live’ projects.”

Stephen Constantine, former India National Coach, FIFA Coach Instructor, UEFA Professional Diploma Holder and now Coach of European club side APEP, welcomed the launch of the SBS program: "Sport in India needs talented managers and administrators, and these programs should go a long way towards meeting that need. India has huge potential but there's a lack of experience and expertise in many key areas - I'm delighted that SBS has stepped in and I'll be discussing with them how I can get involved in supporting what they're looking to achieve."

10 MAY

FIFA new web-based system TMS ( Transfer Matching System)

The implementation of the Transfer Matching System (TMS) does not spell the end of player agents, believes a top FIFA official.The global system of player transfers is set to be regulated in a web-based application by October 2010. Transfers cannot take place unless MAs sign up via the Internet.

The idea for a new electronic transfer system, namely Transfer Matching System (TMS), was mooted after the FIFA Congress in Marrakech in 2005. FIFA is determined to ensure the money involved in player transfers is clean and that the transactions are not a ruse for other purposes.

The network went online in early 2008 and most major leagues have been using it during the last couple of transfer windows.From 1 October 2010, more than 3,000 football clubs in nearly all the 208 FIFA member Associations will be required to log the details of each player either sold or purchased in an international deal or else the transaction will be blocked.“Under TMS, there will be no more behind-the-scene transfers,” Mark Goddard, General Manager of FIFA Transfer Matching System GmBH, told www.the-afc.com.

“Everyone must come clean and stick to the rules. Any breach-the-rule transfer is considered illegal will be referred to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee.“There are no holes to try and squeeze through. Rules are rules. If you want to be involved in transfer activity, you have to adapt, no matter how big or small your club are.

“There will be no tolerance for any wrongdoings,” added Goddard.The FIFA honcho said everyone should adhere to the regulations when it comes to transfers."TMS is like a speed camera. It will be developing processes to check that every club are disclosing the correct information and if they do not then it will be a very clear breach of the regulations,” he said.“The obligation is to tell the truth and the consequences of not doing so will be substantial for anyone who is caught doing it. We have set up a strong team to monitor everything closely and spot checking regularly.”

To complete a transfer, both the buying and selling clubs must enter a number of details into the web-based system, including the transfer fee, the player's salary, the agent or lawyer involved and the length of the contract.So far, 144 national associations and 2,010 clubs participate in the system, which has already registered more than 4,000 transfers since 2008.

“The money must be transferred from and to a bank account. We will be making sure that rules are being nforced,”said Goddard. “It will be very difficult for Clubs to argue if the evidence is all there in the system.”The transfer system “revolution” will enable the world governing body to address not just money laundering but also third-party ownership of players.

“It will be a lot harder to abuse the rules with this new method. Compare to the ‘paper and fax era’, it is now possible to keep track of what is going on. The system will become standard business practice.“A players registration belongs to the clubs, not third parties such as companies or agents. No one can own players. It doesn’t matter what has happened before, by October this year, everything must be transparent and there will be no stone left unturned.

Goddard said the ultimate target is that all money from football goes back to football.“Our first target is to reshape the whole transfer system to ensure everything is transparent and clear. We will also ensure that young and talented U18 players are not being snapped up.“And most importantly, money belongs to football. It needs to remain in football for good use such as development purposes." he said.

“The transfer market is one of the last places on the planet where you have billions of dollars and no one is really checking, but it will soon change.”

Couresy: www.the-afc.com

  • As of today, 108 associations (including all 53 Uefa associations) and 1,263 clubs are participating in the Fifa programme, which encompasses 4,312 recorded transfers. The global roll-out of the TMS will be completed for all 208 associations by March 2010. From 1 October 2010, only electronic ITCs will be accepted for the transfer of professional players, thus ensuring complete transparency.
  • The first ever electronic transfer certificate was drawn up in September 2009, when Jean-Joel Perrier-Doumbe left Scottish club Celtic to play in the French Ligue 1 for Toulouse. The Glasgow giants also hold the record for the fastest-ever transfer to date via TMS, which took a mere seven minutes in total. The player in question was already allowed to turn out for his new team the same afternoon. During the recent transfer window, 2,500 transfers were carried out using the new electronic system.eptember and continue till December, and the 2nd league will start in February, which means National Team players can participate in 2nd part of I league. Federation Cup will be held in December-January without National team players.

  • 10 MAY


    Following are the decisions taken by AIFF on the meeting held last week.

    1. The transfer period is 1st June 2010 to 31st June 2010 and 15th January 2011 to 15th February 2011.

    2. 64th Santosh Trophy will be held in Kolkata from middle of July 2010.

    3. As part of Asian Cup preparation, AIFF has decided to keep 30 players from 1st June 2010 to 31st January 2011.

    4. U-19 team comprising of young football players that will participate in Asian Games and Olympic, will play in I league.

    5. For the season 2010-11, 3 foreigners and 1 asian player can be registered for I league. However, only 2 foreigner and 1 asian player can participate in I league. For other tournaments, 2 can be registered and 2 can play.

    6. All transfers including foreigner players have to be done during the transfer period. Transfer of foreign players will be done through FIFA TMS transfer system. This is a computerized system that has been introduced by FIFA. Transfers which are not done during transfer period will be automatically rejected.

    7. I league will start in September and continue till December, and the 2nd league will start in February, which means National Team players can participate in 2nd part of I league. Federation Cup will be held in December-January without National team players.

    10 MAY

    Substitute Manjit Singh nets winner for Salgaocar against Mahindra United

    Placed in the bottom half of the league standing, Salgaocar Sports Club recorded their first away win of the I-League when they came from behind to overcome the challenge of Mahindra United by a two one margin in their penultimate encounter played at the Cooperage ground here on Monday.

    Looking fairly good with their passing and been cohesive in their approach play, especially from the wider areas, Salgaocar struck the winner through substitute Manjit Singh at the stroke of the final whistle to pick the precious three points, a result that has clearly helped them to move away from the shadows of relegation.

    Mahindra United, looking to at least end their campaign strongly after fading away in the title race took the lead at the half-hour mark through their leading scorer, Nigerian striker Muritala Ali but were unable to protect their slender one goal advantage going in at half-time with Ekene Ikenwa restoring parity for the goan outfit off a counter late in the first half.

    Lacking the sharpness with their work in the final third, the only major bright spot for Mahindra United in this 25th round encounter could be viewed as the consistent efforts rendered by their custodian Monotosh Ghosh (man-of-the-match) who was quite impressive under the bar on his debut.

    Following a series of disappointing results at the business end of the league, second place Mahindra United (38 points) suffering their second straight reversal are clearly in danger of slipping down further while Salgaocar after recording back-to-back wins, have moved up to the eight position in the league table with 30 points.

    Mahindra United, playing with a slightly different formation struggled early on to establish their passing game as they were guilty of losing the ball quite cheaply while instead it was the visitors who looked more threatening with their attacking play while creating clear-cut opportunities.

    In this return leg encounter, where overall the quality of finishing was not up to the mark, the second half saw both teams squandering clear-cut chances before Manjit Singh, minutes after his arrival slotted the winner late in the stoppage time.

    By:Neeraj Anand : Mahindra United :Press Coordinator /Community Development

    9 MAY

    Dempo the winner of I-League for 4th time

    Goan outfit Dempo SC emerged the I-LeaAgue ChAmpion for the fourth time as the only Indian team And qualify for next years AFC cup when they beat Shillong Lajong SC 1 - 0 in their Away match. Depmo needed only a draw against Shillong Lajong FC to become champions before one maAtch in hand. Dempo became only the third team to win in Shillong Against Lajong FC.

    The Skipper of Dempo Anthony Pereira scored in the 37th minute to clinch the I-League title for 4th times. With this win, Dempo eArned 53 points. Their nearest rivals Are Churchill Brothers And Mahindra United.

    Dempo's Brazilian midfielder Beto was declared the Man of the Match And was handed the Award by Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul SAngma. On the other hand Shillong Lajong have managed only 26 points with just one Round   :   to go.

    Dempo Coach Armando Colaco said that he is very proud of his boys who have given their best.

    I League 2009/2010 - DEMPO SC ( Round wise Results)

    01. Round   :   03/10/2009   : A : Mumbai FC   :   3:1

    02. Round   :   07/10/2009   : H : Salgaocar SC   :   1:1

    03. Round   :   11/10/2009   : H : Shillong Lajong   :  4:1

    04. Round   :   23/10/2009   : H : Mahindra United  :   2:2

    05. Round   :   28/10/2009   : A : JCT FC   :   2:1

    06. Round   :   01/11/2009   : A : Pune FC   :   1:1

    07. Round   :   08/11/2009   : A : Churchill Brothers  : 2:3

    08. Round   :   12/11/2009   : H : Viva Kerala   :   3:1

    09. Round   :   09/01/2010   : H : Air-India   :   3:1

    10. Round   :   20/01/2010   : A : Chirag United   :   1:1

    11. Round   :   24/01/2010   : H : SC Goa   :   3:1

    12. Round   :   29/01/2010   : H : East Bengal   :   0:0

    13. Round   :   02/02/2010   : H : Mohun Bagan   :   3:1

    14. Round   :   04/03/2010   : H : Mumbai FC   :   3:2

    15. Round   :   08/03/2010   : A : Viva Kerala   :   0:1

    16. Round   :   14/03/2010   : A : Salgaocar SC   :   2:3

    17. Round   :   20/03/2010   : H : Churchill Brothers  : 4:2

    18. Round   :   27/03/2010   : H : JCT FC   :   2:1

    19. Round   :   01/04/2010   : A : Mahindra United   :  1:3

    20. Round   :   11/04/2010   : A : East Bengal Club   :  1:0

    21. Round   :   16/04/2010   : H : Chirag United   :   3:1

    22. Round   :   22/04/2010   : A : SC Goa   :   2:1

    23. Round   :   28/04/2010   : A : Mohun Bagan   :   4:1

    24. Round   :   05/05/2010   : H : Air-India   :   2:0

    25. Round   :   09/05/2010   : A : Shillong Lajong   :   1:0

    Dempo - Home And Away Status

    HOME - 13 | Win - 10 | Draw - 3 | Lost - 0 | GF - 33 : 14 - GA | Points - 33

    AWAY - 12 | Win - 6 | Draw - 2 | Lost - 4 | GF - 20 : 16 - GA | Points - 20

    Total Goals (Upto 25th Round) - 53 : Foreigners - 23, Indians - 30

    15 - Ranti Martins (F -Dempo)
    08 - Sunil Chhetri
    08 - Beto (F -Dempo)
    08 - Joaquim Abranches
    04 - Climax Lawrance
    03 - Peter Carvalho
    03 - Anthony Pereira
    02 - Anwar Ali
    01 - Clifford Miranda
    01 - Nicholas Borges

    Man of the Match - 19 times ( Foreigners : 7 ; Indians - 12 )

    5 times - Beto
    3 times - Joaquim Abranches
    2 times - Climax Lawrance
    2 times - Sunil Chettri
    2 times - Ranty Martins
    1 time - Anthony Pereira
    1 time - Peter Carvalho
    1 time - Samir Nyik
    1 time - Anwar Ali
    1 time - Abhijit Mondl