31 MAY

Kareena Kapoor, Salim-Suliaman and FIFA World Cup 2010

The Fever of FIFA World Cup has seized the whole world and the Indian Film stars are not far behind of it. The FIFA worldcup 2010 is likely going to be a star—studded event. The Indian Film stars are making its own starry contributions to the "GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH" in this year.

Indian music composers duo Salim-Suleiman has already composing a song dedicated to the FIFA World Cup event.The Musical brothers Salim and Sulaiman Merchant, who collaborated with South African singers Loyiso Bala and Eric Wainaina for the FIFA World Cup 2010 song on Africa, will perform LIVE at the opening and closing ceremony of the games. The opening ceremony will be held on June 10 at Orlando Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa. They will left for South Africa on June 6 to preent in Nelson Mandel's charity show on the 8th before the FIFA World Cup.

After Salim-Suleiman an another Bollywood star is going on the same way.Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor has reportedly signed on for a FIFA music video, which also stars Hollywood hunk Matt Damon. Kareena is in talks with the FIFA event promoters and has also taken time off from her busy filmy and other schedules to get the time for the said video. It has learnt that World Famous Kevin Spacey and Jessica Alba also making their appearances in the music video.

31 MAY

Wonder Juggler Manoj Mishra is going to set an another World Record

Manoj Mishra, a 26 years old, ball juggler from Panskura, Midnapore, left home 7 years ago for football. He made it into the "Limca Book of World Records" in 2005 by juggling a football non-stop 20,000 times using his feet, thighs, head and chest and did not allow the ball to touch the ground. The event was held at Shivaji Park ,Mumbai in presence of a large crowd on April 6, 2005.

In 6th January 2006 in Mumbai, he bettered the 2-hour Guinness record of Mexico’s Adalberto Sanchez by balancing a football on his head, he beat the record four times over.

Balancing (not juggling!) a soccer ball on a foot, Manoj Mishra (India) set an another world record on 15 August 2007 in Sainik Nagar, Calcutta (India) . See the record of SainikNagar, Kolkata

On January 6, 2008, he set another record for balancing the ball on his head for 12 hours without a break.

Manoj developed his juggling technique while working in Gujarat. He said, “I was living on my own and there was no one to play with. But I did not want to stop playing. So I used to practice juggling and balancing the ball,” says Mishra, who shifted to Mumbai about three years ago and started working as a caretaker of a Dadar based Bengal Club.

Again Monoj is going to make an another world record on 6th June in Mumbai. Vintage football Club of Mumbai has arranged the programme for Manoj's record where he will move through a Motor byke from Boriveli to Kandiveli by a road show with a football on his forehead. Manoj wants to break Kenneth Yoga of Kenia's World Record, Who covered 3.3 KM on 20th Nov 2008 from Perklands Sports Club , Nirobi in Kenia. But Kenneth got the help of a co-driver of his byke where Manoj will drive it by his own with a football on his forehead.

31 MAY

Sporting Goa win U-19 ONGC I-League title

What a relust! When the sr. team of Sporting Clube de Goa have been relegated from the ONGC I-League sr. level then their brothers emerged the Champions of U-19 ONGC I-League beating East Bengal 4 - 2 in tie breaker today at packed East Bengal Ground.

The match was settled in the penalty shoot out after a ninty minutes and then additional times of 30 minutes fight.The host team played 10 men from 87 minutes when referee showed red card to Uttam Das but in this 3 minutes Sporting was unable to capitalise the situation.

Last year’s runners up, Sporting goa enjoyed a late advantage but failed to capitalise on it when the hosts were reduced to 10 men in the 87th minute after referee showed marching orders to Uttam Das. In the scheduled times both the sides lost a lot of scoring chances but unble to score for a poor finishing.

In the tie-breaker, Sporting players Pedro Gonsalves, Reliston Fernandes, Pritam Ningthoujam and Joston Pareira scored while for East Bengal, Bhim Oraon and Arijit Singh could only find back of the net but Abhijit Sarkar and Sumit Ghosh’s missed to score. Sporting won the title 4 - 2.

Sporting: Koushik Ghosh, Reliston Fernandes, Gary D’Mello,Joyner Lourenco, Joel Martins, Mackenze Fernandes, Mackroy Peixote, Valerian Rodrigues, Joston Pereira, Pritam Singh and Valzinho Fernandes.
Subs: Pedro Gonsalves,Stephen Barretto,oyston Carneiro,Randell Dias, D.C. Cardozo, Rowlin Borges, Xamaro Rodrigues, F. D’Souzaand , O Rodrigues.

East Bengal : Priyant Singh, Saikat Saha Roy, Arijit Singh, Toton Das, Avik Guha, Rajib Ghorui, Uttam Das, Abhijit Srkar, Biswajit Natto, Budhiram Tudu, Pankaj Moula.'
Sub: Abhishek Das, Avijit Dey, Bhim Oraw, Santu Das, Tanmoy Paul, Sumit Ghosh, Pappau Das.

U-19 ONGC I-League - 2010..( FINAL ROUND RESULTS)

28 May: Pune FC   0 - 2   East Bengal (FT)
KEB: Pankaj Moula 42', Rajiv Ghoriu 73'

27 May: Mohun Bagan   1 - 1   Sporting Goa

26 May: Dempo SC   0 - 3  Pune FC

25 May: Sporting Goa   4 - 2   JCT

25 May : East Bengal   3 - 4   Dempo SC

EB: Pankaj Moula 2 , Biswajit Notta
DEM: Josua Vaz 2, Merino Fernandez, T erence Fernandez

23 May : JCT   0 - 2   Mohun Bagan
MMB: Dipendu Duari, Souvik Chakrabarty

17.05.2010 : Mohun Bagan   0 - 2   East Bengal
KEB : Pankaj Moula 8', 42'

17.05.2010 : Chirag United   0 - 0   shillong Lajong (HOW-F.T.)

14.05.2010 : Mohun Bagan   6 - 0   Chirag United
MMB : P. Puia 23', Joseph 30', 52', 75', Self 40', Dependu Dowary 45'

14.05.2010 : Shillong Lajong   0 - 3   East Bengal
KEB: Pankaj Moula 58 sec, 84', Avjijit Sarkar 30'

11.05.2010 : East Bengal   5 - 0   Chirag United

11.05.2010 : Mohun Bagan   3 - 0   Shillong Lajong
MMB: T. Puia 2, Dipendu Dowary .

30 MAY

IFF 2010 : "Indian Football - at the crossroads"

SportzPower a forum of renowned sports persons organized a workshop on development of the game of football in India. The Indian Football Forum 2010 did the usual soul-searching as it discussed threadbare, “Indian Professional Football – The Imperative is Change”.The discussion was all about the dearth of money-flow into Indian football. For once the panel speakers refrained from putting the blame on cricket. There were no comments of the type, “cricket is eating us away”. The experts, luminaries of the sports discipline lent their voices for football’s cause.

The keynote address was delivered by the All Indian Football Federation, Secretary General, Alberto Colaco, which had ESPN Star Sports as the Associate Sponsor, AIFF’s CEO for ONGC I League Sunando Dhar gave a stark warning to the old football clubs: change or die.Mr. Dhar reiterated that the Asian Football Council has set out stiff new criteria for professional football clubs and these have to be sown into the club constitutions, failing which the clubs will not be allowed to play in the I League or Asian championships, Dhar said. The deadline is short: 31 December, 2010, he reminded.

Dhar’s warning was aimed at the older clubs of repute, Kolkata’s East Bengal and Mohan Bagan. He commended the efforts of the newer clubs instead, like Shillong Lajong or Pune FC. He lauded the ‘unthinkable passion’ that he witnessed at the 25,000-seat stadium in Shillong where Lajong was playing and said that this was the real I League success story. He also spoke of the ‘fairytale success of Pune FC’ in a town that had no football history, but where football has now become a big passion. He felt that this does auger well for the game of football.

The panelists also regretted Mahindra United’s pull-out from the game at this important juncture and whether this was a forerunner to many such ominous steps by corporate teams.The general feeling during the course of the discussion was that there was money that can easily be channelized into the system. The only impetus for corporate to step in for football sponsorship was the need for a change in the way football is being run. Dhar without revealing names said, “This is not the end. We at AIFF have received many more offers from business houses willing to become franchises, and we are working on them,”

Speaking at the session, Marcus Luer, CEO, Total Sport Asia, expanded the horizon further: there is money enough in India, he said, but there is also money from abroad looking for a window to Indian football, but the only limiting factor was the need for major structural changes in the I-League that will ensure protection for the investors. He said there are millions of dollars waiting to be invested, but the I-League does not have the desired structure. Luer said that the money that was looking to take wings on Indian football was not from television sponsorship, but on clubs proper, as investments, but there is a lot to be done.

Luer also commended the efforts of Mr. Lalit Modi and wished there was someone who could step in with innovative ideas and project Indian football in much the same way as the IPL. He wondered whether it is a good thing that Modi now ousted from cricket could handle football instead. Luer made this reference while discussing on the issue of lack of a dynamic leadership.In Indian football, leadership lacks authority, what is needed is a person who can set his goals and go about it directly without a bother about who says what. “There are models available globally that can be tailored into Indian conditions and reality,” Luer said and stressed that the national team for India need not wait for the next two decades.

“There are good players of Indian origin playing football abroad, and they can be induced to play for the country,” Luer said, adding that many players from his own German national team were from other countries. Renowned football commentator and sport historian Novy Kapadia, the Session Moderator, had his doubts though. He wondered whether given the Indian bureaucratic mentality, issues such as dual citizenship would be allowed, or even whether the Indian origin players, having made so much effort to settle down abroad, would want to get uprooted and return to Indian conditions.

Fraser Castellino, COO, Sports Marketing Business, UB Group also held out the hope of money coming into football, but spoke of the need for image building, supporting the comments on Modi made by Luer. “We have a lot to learn from IPL,” Castellino said, adding: “We need a model that will work for the sponsors, the brands and the fans.” Taking the example of IPL, where the initial franchise cost for a team had been pegged at a bid-start figure of just $ 50 million, and where Sahara has now paid $ 333 million for the Pune franchise, Castellino said, “This just shows we can do it.”

There were other issues as well. Yogesh Joshee, CEO, Match World Ltd, and the first FIFA recognized Indian football agent, spoke of how the situation evolved in England, where he has been all his life. He said that football clubs were social clubs where the entire family would congregate, but what changed was television. He spoke of rivalries as a factor that could boost football, and said that the original East Bengal versus Mohan Bagan rivalry was a model but that has died.

Rivalries, glamour and role models, Joshee said, were three key factors, and there is also need to look into transfer fee issues for players to be bought and sold. The Delhi Soccer Association secretary and a football veteran of decades, NK Bhatia also spoke of the role of icons and said that the old icons have gone, and new ones have not arrived. “One needs to look at the jersey number of the player and then tally it with the name in the official list to see who scored the goal,” Bhatia lamented.

Bhatia also addressed the issue of change that Dhar had spoken of, but said that resistance to change was not within the Association, but coming from the clubs. Interestingly, Bhatia too said that corporates were ‘hotly chasing Delhi teams’. Dhar finally did mention that there were many global models, whether from Australia or Japan or other countries, but the key was to judiciously choose the model best suited to Indian conditions and then going about implementing it in right earnest.

29 MAY

Congratulations! DEMPO S.C for Winning ONGC I-League : Dudu Omagbemi

One of the best ever foreign recruit of Sporting Goa in In Indian Football, now rocking in the Premier Legue of Hungary Football ( DVSC ) - DUDU OMAGBEMI :, is caught in a telephonic interview by our Pune correspondence Debabrata Biswas last night.

Though he is out of Indian Football, till he is updated with all the latest happenings. He was frank about Mahindra to Muritala, Dempo to his current team DVSC, his leg injury to chilhood friend Muritala - Exclusively for www.kolkatafootball.com readers.

KFC : Hello , Dudu How are You Great to have you with us today.

DUDU : : I am Fine, Thank You.

KFC : : We are getting to talk to you after a long time.

DUDU : : Yes I have been a bit busy of late.

KFC :: So DUDU :, Do you Know that Mahindra United have withdrawn their team from I-League & all competitive football ?

DUDU :: Yes, I got the news from your site. It is a really sad News. I am not sure what is the reason for it.

KFC :: Do You think this is going to be harmful for Indian Football ?

DUDU : : Yes, If a team like Mahindra is going Down, it will definately impact Indian football. They were a strong & professional side, proffessional atmosphere, they have good record and also have won a lot of trophies.

KFC :: If corporate house like Mahindra are doing so, do you think Other corporates may follow suite ?

DUDU : : Yes Its defeinitely possible now that Others might be thinking similarly. It actually takes Indian Football five steps behind.

KFC :: Dempo S.C win the ONGC I-League title this year for a fourth time and qualified for playing AFC Cup .But your previous team Sporting (Clube de Goa) relegated to 2nd Divn..what is your reaction?

DUDU : : I would like to firstly congratulate Dempo S.C for winning I- League . But I am really surprised to hear the news of sporting's relegation which has never happened. Guess They have to keep playing & praying Hard to play better in next season. My soul wish is always with them cause my heart remains in the Goa stadium.

KFC : : Your friend Odafa is the top scorer now with 22 goals ...

DUDU :: Thats Great, He has always been a great goal scorer. I wish I may compete with him.....

KFC :: He is just ahead of Ekenwa of Salgaocr 17 , Joshimar D Silva of Chirag United and Muritala Ali of Mahindra who have 16 goals each.

DUDU :: Good To know that Muri is doing well. He is a good friend mine since childhood. I will tell him Well Done, This is his time. Muri's playing always charms fans - so he also should deserve it.

KFC :: Would you like to send any message to Odafa, Who is likely to become top scorer for the 4th consecutive year ?

DUDU : : Really like to wish him many more goals in his career, hope he keeps working hard and keeps doing well.

KFC :: OK, Tell us a bit about your current team.

DUDU : : Well we have been not been playing for long, but we have a good team now.We have a game coming up in the weekend,hope we can win.

KFC :: Have you completely recovered from your leg injury ?

DUDU : : I am better now. I was in the playing eleven in the last midweek game.

KFC :: Which competition are you participating now ? Is it your local league (like GOa League) or National League(I-League)?

DUDU :: This is the National League Hungary, played all over this country.

KFC :: are you Enjoying your time in Hungary ?

DUDU :: Yeah, Its Good to be here. Good proffesionalism moves here - which is really needed in Indian Football too.

KFC :: How long is your current contract ?

DUDU : : My current contract runs till 2011.

KFC :: So any chance that you might return to India ? Or are you planning to play for another European Team ?

DUDU :: Lets See where God wants me to be next. Hoping for the best.

KFC :: Thanks DUDU : for your time. We would like to catch up with you soon about the world cup.

DUDU : : Sure, Not a Problem !

KFC :: Thank You & Bye !

DUDU : : Bye ! See you again.

28 MAY

Mumbai F.C beat Mohun Bagan and save religation

28.05 : Mumbai FC   2 - 0   Mohun Bagan ( Mumbai - FT )

MFC: Abhishek Yadav (Pen) 10', 23'

MMB: Proloy, Deepak, Zenith, Masih, Biswajit, James, Mickey, Lalramluahah,Isfaq, Seuoka, Suraj.

MFC: Nithinlal, Quao, Goutam, Darren, Bernard, Anas, Subhash, Noel, Bashiree, Abhishek, P.Mohonraj

FT : Match End. Abhishek Yadv Man of the Match who scored two goals.

FT: Mumbai FC wins 2-0 and saves relegation.

90: Mohun Bagan played much better football in 2nd half. Sueoka was outstanding in his last match for Mohun Bagan but did not get much support and team missed few easy chances in 2nd half.

85: Lalramluah shot saved from goalline.

78: Good play by Ishfaq from Sueoka's pass, but nicely defended by Mumbai FC team.
70: Branco missed an easy chance.

55: Only Sueoka is trying hard, not getting support.

50': 2nd half of the match started. Nice attack of Mohun Bagan by Suraj Mondol but saved by Nithinlal.

23': Goalllllll...Again goal of Mumbai FC. Abhshek Yadav scored from field goal. Nice passed by Subhash Chakrabarty from left.

10': Goalllllll.Mumbai FC scored goal from penalty.. Abhishek Yadav converts the penalty. Biswajit had fouled Subhash Chakraborty inside penalty box.

28 MAY

World’s Oldest Football Coach calls it a day

Most people do not live to see ninety-three summers. The fortunate few who do, find themselves physically incapacitated in more ways than one. But not Ivor Powell, a Welsh footballer turned coach who has finally decided to hang up his boots and quit coaching at a ripe age of 93 years. He has over the years trained more than nine thousand budding footballers over a career span of thirty seven years.

Powell began his career working in the mines of South Wales before taking up the game of football as a profession. He began with the famous Queen’s Park, Rangers in 1933, over three-quarters of a century ago. Inducted into the Royal Air Force with the outbreak of World War II he was forced to shelve his football career and travel across to India. During his stay in India, he came in close contact with Mahatma Gandhi and his spiritual beliefs.

Powell had a relatively successful football career and commanded a record transfer fee of ₤ 17,500 in 1946, during transfer from QPR to Aston Villa. He had represented Wales in fourteen international matches and was a team-mate of the legendary Sir Stanley Mathews in Blackpool Club who later ended up being the best-man in his wedding. A no-nonsense tough tackler he started his playing career as an inside-left.

Quitting active play he became a member of the Leeds United Board along with the likes of Billy Bremner, Jackie Charlton and Norman Hunter who were instrumental in forming Don Revie’s famous Leeds side. Thereafter he took up the job of a football coach for various clubs like Port Vale, Bradford City and Carlisle United and Greek side, POAK before finally moving over to the Bath University and serving them for thirty-seven years. Under his coaching, Bath University qualified to the first round of the FA Cup in 2002 and six years later he was awarded the MBE for services to sports.

To Powell, football remained his only obsession in life and he did once jokingly mention, “I joke that I've been trying to get out (of the game) for years, but they won't let me. But really, I just can't get enough and can't imagine my life without football. I feel so proud of what I've done. I've been very, very happy at the University of Bath and I mean that. "I'll still be putting on my boots and popping in once a week to keep an eye on things…"

The University of Bath in acknowledgement of the illustrious service instituted the Ivor Powell Sports Scholarship Fund, which has already raised £30,000.