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MMB : Odafa Okolie (2'-Pen), Stanley 53'

BHP : S.Sanju Kumar 43'
MMB: Arindam, Nirmal (Ibor), Mehraj, Deepak, Khelamba, Rakesh, Denson, Snehasish, Manish Jr. Stanly, Odafa (Biswajit).
BHO : Debjit, Dipendu, Richard, Jonney, Arun, Santosh, Sagram, Goutam, Uttam, S.Sanju, Barreto.
The decision regarding the status and necessary actions arising under the I-League Regulations regarding the match played on December 9, 2012 between Kingfisher East Bengal and McDowell Mohun Bagan is under consideration. Hence, the scheduled Match No. 72 between McDowell Mohun Bagan and Pailan Arrows to be played on December 15, 2012 stays deferred till further notice.
FT : Match end. Mohun Bagan win the match 2-1.
90': Another attack of MMB, Manish shot deflected from Debjit's hand but BNP defence cleared it.
90': Few minutes left to end of the match Mohun Bagan is leading 2-1.
88'; Another attack of Bagan, Manish to Stanley and his shot went out.
87'; Arun's free kick was too high and went out over the cross bar.
86': Free kick won by BNP from Sanju's attack.
84': Good pass of Barreto in MMB box but MMB defence well clered it.
82'PLAYER CHANGE : MMB : Dipendu in.
81': Ibor and S.Sanju collision in Bagan box, both injured and under in treatment. match stopped.
80': Corner cleared from MMB box.
79': Corner for BNP in keft from Barreto attack.
78': PLAYER CHANGE: MMB : Ibor in and Nirmal out.
75': Mohun Bagan is leading 2-1.
70': Dipendu Duari's long ranger went wide over the cross bar.
67': Sanju Kumar's left footer from out side box well saved by Arindam.
63': Denson well tested Debjit with left footer from out side box.
62': Sanju Kumar's long ranger miss the target and went wide.
STAT : In the year 1948 IFA shield finals fist day between Bhowanipur and Mohun Bagan ended 1-1, in and 2nd day Mohun Bagan beat them 2-1. Rashid scored two for Bagan.. 59': Barreto got the ball in left sided box of MMB but his effortless right footer went out far from 1st bar of Arindam.
57': Arindam saved an attack of BNP.
55': Now 2-1 for Mohun Bagan.
53': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Mohun Bagan scored through Stanley. Nirmal Chettri's forward pass to Manish Jr. in right sided box of BNP, Manish cross and Stanly's header beat Debjit in his left.
> 51': 1-1 is the scoreline.
50': Free kick from MMB, Snehasish kick cleared for corner. No corner of Snehasish cleared from defence.
49': Stanly's cross from left went out over the bar.
48': YELLOW CARD: BNP: S.Sanju Kumar 46': Starts of 2nd half. Scoreline 1-1.
PLAYER CHANGE: MMB: Odafa out and Biswajit Saha in.
STAT : In the year 1952 Bhowanipur Club got the Runners - up award in IFA Kolkata 1st Divn League where East Bengal was the League winner. Bhowanipur scored more goal 38 than East Bengal's 30 goals but they lost 5 matches, 2 more than East Bengal while both the teams won 6 matches each.
HT : It;s half time now in the match. Scoreline is 1-1.
45+2': BNP defender Namibian Richard again blocked Odafa in left of their box.
45+2': Another well attack of BNP from left, Cross went to Arindam's hand.
45': 2 minutes added time.
44': Now the scoreline is 1-1.
43': Confusions? Sanju used his right hand while scoring? Hand of ---? Deepak was near, he appealed to Ref but no response.
43': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Bhowanipur equazized the scoreline from corner kick. Sanju Kumar scored with a header from the croner kick.
42': BNP win a corner in right.
41': still 1-0 for Mohun Bagan.
40': Slow pace in the match.
38': Odafa's shot went for corner kick. Short corner of Snehasish cleared finally.
37': Free kick again for Bagan as Manish Jr. was fouled.
35': Free kick for Bagan. Nirmal's kick went wide.
32': Odafa and Jonny Routh both are injured in a aerial ball collecting. Both are under treatment.
30': Jr. Manish well effort from left sided box of BNP but his left footer went out.
STAT : Mohun Bagan last won Premier League unbeaten in 2009-10 played 15 matches where they won 12 matches and drew 3 matches. Barreto scored 5 goals for Mohun Bagan under Karim's coaching
26': Still 1-0 is the scoreline for Mohun Bagan.
25': Dipendu's crossed from right to MMB box cleared by Khelemba.
23': Richard win one to one in BNP box and cleared well.
21': Corner for MMB in left, Snehasish corner kick and Nirmal's header went out.
19': Dipendu's Free kick clered from Bagan defence.
18': Free kick for BNP, Denson fouled out side the MMB box.
17': Corner for BNP from Dipndu's right sided attack. Corner cleared.
15': Scoreline 1-0 for Mohun Bagan.
14': Again Jonney but this time he played fair side tackle to upcoming Odafa.
12': Sanju Kumar's corner kick cleared by Khelemba.
11': FREE KICK for BHP. corner for them from the free kick.
10': Snehasish attacked from left, Odafa passed him out side of BHP box, but Snehasish's left footer well blocked by Debjit.
9': Barreto's cross and S.Sanju Kumar's header went to Arindam's hand.
8': Free kick for BHP, ball cleared from MMB deep defence.
5': Debjit well collected another shot of Odafa.
4': Mohun Bagan is leading 1-0.
3': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL..Odafa scored from spot kick with grounder.
2': PENALTY for Bagan, Jonny Routh fouled Odafa in Box when Odafa moved alone in Bhowanipur box. YELLOW CARD to Jonney.
1': Match starts.
0': Mohun Bagan last got the CFL Premier league crown in 2009-10 under coaching of Karim Bencherifa.
0': Barreto is gong to play against Mohun Bagan in Bhowanipur Jersey.
0': Match will start soon.
STAT : In the year 1978 Bhowanipur Club won the historical IFA TRADES CHALLENGE CUP.

India to play Pakistan in AFC U-14 Championship qualifiers

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India will be squaring up against traditional rivals Pakistan in GROUP D of the Central and South Zone of the AFC U-14 Championship 2014 qualifiers to be played next year in Iran. The hosts (Iran), Turkmenistan, Sri Lanka and Kyrgyzstan are the other members of the group. The draw took place at AFC House on Tuesday. The 46 teams - scheduled to play in the qualifiers of the inaugural meet - were divided into four zones (West, Central and South, ASEAN and East) with 12 of the teams coming from West Asia, 13 from Central and South, 11 teams from ASEAN and 10 teams from the East. The participating teams were drawn into eight groups with the West, Central and South as well as ASEAN regions each having two groups of six teams each, while the East region has two groups of five teams each. The top two teams from each zone will qualify to the AFC U-14 Championship 2014 Finals. Myanmar and China will host the ASEAN and East regions respectively while Oman, Saudi Arabia, Nepal and Iran will be the venue of their respective groups. The dates of India’s group will be given at a later date.