Ex Olympian and 1951 Asian Games Football Gold winner India team player T. Shammugam no more. .

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...Thulukhanamm Shanmugam (T.Shammugam), The ex-India International Footballer no more. Today at 11 PM he passes away at the age of 93. He turned 93 on 19th June this year.

During the 1950-60 he was one of the most popular players of Mysore which is now called Karnataka. He was the player of Bangalore Student then moved to British-ruled police force in his young age. Austine Town of Bangalore is famous for Indian Football as the first Olympians for the Country came from here like great players T.Shammugam, Raman, Kannayan and J. Anthony.

Shanmugam captained the Mysore team for ten long years. In this period, Mysore won the National Championship and Santosh Trophy twice. He played the in Football Gold Winner National team the first ever Asian Games. He was included an essential player in 1952 Helesinki Olympic football in Indian team on the basis of his wonderful Skill and performances. THE INDIA TEAM in 1952 : B. Anthony; S. Azizuddin, Chandan Singh, Sailen Manna, Abdul Latif, T. Shanmugham, P. Venkatesh, M.A. Sattar, S. Moinuddin, Ahmed Khan, J.Anthony. HE was the captain of the Mysore team, which won the Santosh trophy in 1946 and 1952(Beat Bengal both times 2-0 and 1-0)

He received the Dassara Award in 1990. He is also getting an honorarium of Rs. 2000 from the Government of India for being one from the winning team of Asian Games in 1951. He was the life member of the Karnataka State Football Association. He servived his four well- estiblished son's and seven grand children.


13.12.2012 : KFC. | www.kolkatafootball.com HOME PAGE


13.12.2012: EAST BENGAL   1-2   ARYAN CLUB ( EB - FT..) :: SCROLL DOWN

ARN : Gopal Debnath 12', Pankaj Moula 75' :: KEB : Raju Gaikawad 65'

KEB : Jayanta, Saikat, Raju, Sunil, Roberts, Vasum (Manandeep), Ralte, Lobo, Subodh (Sushant), Robin, Doungel (Alvito).
ARN : Shibram, Raju, Richard, Srikanta, Pradip (Satyajit), Gopal, Ram, Pankaj, Sukanta, Emeka, Tayo.

FT: PEEP !! PEEP !! PEEP !! from Referee. UNLUCKY 13 of EAST Bengal? Winning hattrick of Aryan against East Bengal and Raghu Nandi, the Bengali coach stopped English Coach Morgan's 21st unbeaten run.
90+3': Going to winning hattrick of Aryan?. Referee is watching the watch.
90+2': Aryan Changed a player.
90+1': Most of EB players are in Aryan box.
90': Referee added 4 minutes.
90': Corner of Robert cleared from Aryan box.
89': EB got a corner in right of Aryan box.
89': Aryan 2-1 East Bengal.
88': Robin Singh fouled Michel.
86': Morgan's last 20 matches unbeaten streak in 2012-13 season going to stop by Aryan? Still few minutes hand to East Bengal.
84': In 1998 League East Bengal beat Aryan 5-0. Aryan also beat East Bengal 4-0 in 1954 IFA 1st Divn League.
83': Ram Malik, Once United Sc player again beat East Bengal defence and passed to anopther but is shot went to Jayanta's hand.
82': 8 minutes to left, can East Bengal dismiss Aryan's winning hattrick??
80': PLAYER CAANGE : ARYAN: Pradip Roy out and Satyajit Bose in.
80': Ram Malik, a Jr. player of Burdwan District, who played in right in first half now operated from left now.
77': The scoreline is 2-1 for Aryan.
75': Ram Malik crossed from left and Pankaj Moula's brilliant header beat EB keper Jayanta Pal.
72': PLAYER CHAHNGE: EB: Subodh Kumar out and Sushant Mathew in.
70': 1-1 is the scoreline now.
68': East Bengal is attacking now after equalizing the score line.
66': 1-1. is the scoreline now.
65': Robin Singh's right sided corner went to Aryan box and Manadeep's back header went unmarked Raju who heded the ball in open net.
65': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Raju Gaikwad equalized for East Bengal from corner.
64': Nice save of Sibram, Lobo to Ralte and his shot saved by corner.
62': PLAYER CHAHNGE: EB: Doungel out and Alvito D Counha in.
61': Last Year Aryan's Charles scored hattrick against East Bengal in CFL Premier.
60': Can East Bengal able to stop Aryan's winning hattrick?
62': PLAYER CHAHNGE: EB: Vasum out and Manandeep in.
60': 30 minutes in hand to East Bengal, Aryan is leading 1-0.
58': Good sudden shot of Ralte but missed the target.
57': Doungel was fouled. Free kick for East Bengal. Ralte's shot cleared from Aryan box.
56': Another good attack Aryan from right, Gopal Debnat's cross went out from 2nd post.
55': YELLOW CARD: EB: Ralte who fouled Gopal Debnath.
53': Pankaj Moula's effort cleared from EB box, counter attack of EB.
51': East Bengal is pressurizing but Aryan defence is playing well.
50': Vasum to Subodh in right but cleared fro throw in.
49': Robin Singh's cross in Aryan box, Cleared.
47': In 1955 Aryan stood Runners up in IFA 1st DIVN league, East Bengal got 3rd place and Mohun Bagan won the League.
46': Match resume with 1-0 lead of Aryan through Gopal Debnath in 12th minutes.
46': Will East Bengal unbeaten or lost first? Just to start of 2nd half.
46': 2nd half match will start soon. East Bengal have to score to remain unbeaten in CFL Premier and to continue the 2012-13 season in 21st match.
HT: Aryan is leading 1-0 upto half time.
45'+2: Another Free kick for EB. 25 yards now. Subodh Kumar's kick went to Sibram's hand.
45': 2 minute added.
42': Free kick for EB. 35 yards. Ralte's Shot cleared.
41': Sunil Kumar cleared an attack of Aryan through Emeka.
40': Still Aryan is leading 1-0.
39':Vasum shot blocked and rebounded ball crossed by him but went wide.
37': Chance missed to EB, Robert's cross from left and Kevin Lobo's header hits the post and out.
35': East Bengal in pressure. Saikat right footer went wide.
33': Again Robin Singh effort blocked by Sukanta.
32': Free kick for EB out side box of Aryan. Robin Singh's 30 yards free kick Nice saved of Sibram through corner.
30': Another attack of Aryan, Ram Maliks cross from right went to Tayo and his shot missed the target.
28': EB attacked through Vasum from left but finally he was stopped in Aryan box, Fouled him. No Free kick.
26': Free kick for EB in left sided corner flag of Aryan side, Ralte's cross went to Sibram's hand again.
25': Scoreline 1-0 for Aryan.
24': Good attack of EB, Ralte's left footer cross in Aryan box but Robin was unable to touch his head.
23': Attack of Aryan, Ram Maliks cross and Emeka's effort went out.
21': Last 20 matches excluding I-League Derby, East Bengal is unbeaten in 2012-13 season.
STAT: Aryan beat East Bengal 4-1 in 2010-11 in CFL Premier League played on 10.01.2012 where Charles (Probably in Mohammdan SC) Scored a hattrick, Gopal Debnath and Tolgey (Now in Mohun Bagan)scored for East Bengal.
20': Lobos's attack cleared from Aryan defence.
18': Saikat was fouled, Free kick for East Bengal. Free kick went to Sibram's hand
16': Robin Singh fouled Sukanta Banerjee of Aryan.
16': Scoreline is 1-0 for Aryan.
14': Gopal Debnath also scored last year against East Bengal when they won 4-1.
13': Aryan is leading 1-0.
13': East Bengal conceded first goal in the league.
12': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Gopal Debnath scored a brilliant score from free kick. His powerful right footer beat Jayanta in left side.
11': Aryan got a free kick. 35 yards Free kick
10': No score yet. 0-0.
STAT: Aryan beat East Bengal 2-1 in 2009-10 CFL Premier League played on 14/12/10 where Snehasish Dutta (Now In Bhowanipur) scored twice for Aryan and Rajib Ghosh (Now in Mohun Bagan) scored for East Bengal. That Year Aryan beat Mohun Bagan and Mohammedan SC also. Aryan was unbeaten in the league stood 3rd position.
7': Robin Sinbgh's left footer cross went to Sibram's hand.
6': No score yet. 0-0.
5': Aryan won a corner in right from an right sided attack of Ram Malik. Corner kick cleared.
4': EB attacked from left, Doungel crossed went to Vasum in right but finally Raju Koley of Aryan cleared.
3': Tayo attacked for Aryan but Saikat cleared. Gopal Debnath offside in left.
2': Corner won by EB from a Free kick. Corner kick cleared from Aryan defence.
1': Match starts at East Bengal Ground. Kicked off by Aryan.
0': STAT: East Bengal still unbeaten in CFL played 6 matches scored 17 goals without conceding any goals while Aryan played 8 matches so far and collected 12 points.
0': Match will start soon. East Bengal will play without any foreigner today while Aryan placed 3 foreing players today.

STAT: Aryan beat East Bengal 4-1 in 2010-11 in CFL Premier League played on 10.01.2012 where Charles (Probably in Mohammdan SC) Scored a hattrick and Tolgey (Now in Mohun Bagan)scored for East Bengal.