CFL PREMIER LEAGUE 2012: East Bengal was leading 1-0against BNR but match stopped after 68 minute.

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08.09.2012 : EAST BENGAL   1-0   BNR CLUB (YBK - 68'..)
KEB : Gurpreet, Soumik, Gurwinder, Okpara, Khabra, Penn, Sanju, Mehtab, Isfaq, Baljit, Robin.
BNR : Kishan, Abdilai, Protim, Sudip, Dipankar, Francis, Jowl, Barun, Soumava, Ananda, Bipen.
Referee Mr. Asit Sarkar unable to complete the IFA Premier division league match between East Bengal and BNR as BNR denied to play. The incident occurred at the 68th minute, when the referee compeled to stop the match due to bad light and poor visibility. At the time East Bengal was leading by the 49th minute goal of Penn Orji. The Yuba bharati authorities and the IFA in consultation with the higher rank and file, decided to switch on the flood lights to complete the match. After a long delay of about 1 hour and 10 minutes when the lights are fully on and the visibility was clear the referee asked both the captains to get prepare within five minutes for the start of the match. East Bengal captain Sanju Pradhan was within the playing arena with his team but the BNR captain Pratim Sarkar after discussing with his team officials denied to play due to unsatisfactory conditions. The referee along with the other officials left the field and they briefed that they will submit their reports to IFA for further decisions. Talking to Press, East Bengal manager Swapan Ball said that they are now waiting for IFA decision, while the incident is really a frustrating to the East Bengal coach Mr Trevor Morgan.

68': Referee and Match commissioners will send the report to IFA and IFA will take the necessary Decision about the fate of the match.
68': BNR refused to play, Referees and other match officials are returning from the pitch.
68': Referees and East Bengal players are in the centre circle. BNR is not happy with the current situation. Referee called the captain of BNR.
68': In JAMMU & KASHMIR Valley, Mohun Bagan beat J&K XI 4-0 in their 1st Exhibition match..... LIVE HERE
68': 1 Hour 10 minutes already gone but still not start of the rest 22 minutes match.
68': Referee and other Match officials are now inspecting the field.
68': 1 hour gone. In YBK in the year 2004, World Cup qualifying match betwen India Vs Japan stopped for Flood light problem and resumed after 45 minutes.
68': Playing is about to resume ??. Players are warming up.
68': East Bengal Manager and Coach also requesting the BNR Manager to start the match.
68': Est Bengal Coach and Manager is requesting to referee for resuming the match immediately.
68': Stay with us.
68': No Chance of Match? Referees are in the YBK tunnel. Still dark in the Stadium.
68': Derk cloud in the sky along with raining. Match stopped. Referee and linesman are discussing about the fate of the match.
68': Poor visibility in the ground due to bad weather. BNRteam appealed to Referee for poor visibility. Match stopped now.
64': Still East Bengal is leading 1-0. scorer Penn.
58': PENN's shot sent wide from Mehtab's corner kick.
58': Another corner of EB from an attack of Manandeep in right. Again corner for EB from Mehtab's shot now in left.
57': EB got a corner in right, Mehtab's kick blocked by BNR defence.
56': Manadeep shot from top of the box well saved by Keeper of BNR.
53': FRee kick for EB, Mehtab;s kick and header of Manandeep went wide from a close.
51': Another Chance for EB, Penn passed to Baljit and he scored but Referee said he was offside.
49': East Bengal is leading 1-0.
49': Khabra's cross from right side deflected from a BNR defender and it went to Penn who scored goal through right footer.
46': 2nd half match starts.
STAT : BNR player Bimal Kar was the top scorer of IFA 1st DIVN league in 1943, 1944, thn Debu Ghosh in 1951, Mewalal in 1959, Appalarazu in 1959 and 1960, and Appalarazu again in 1963.
. 46': 2nd half match will start now.
HT: It;s half time now in the match. 0-0.
45': Goal kick for BNR. No score yet in the match.
45': Mehtab got a ball from Sanju but his shot went over the cross bar.
44': Well tackled by Gurwinder in EB box, Francis got a loose ball from behind and attacked in EB box.
44': 8th corner for East Bengal from Penn's attack in right. Mehtab's kick cleared.
43': Penn's cross clared by BNR defence.
42': Chance came to East Bengal, Sanju's cross and Peen's header went out.
39': BNR defence is playing well.
38': No score yet in the match.
36': 7th corner for East Bengal but failed to capitalized. BNR mainly concentrated in their deep defence.
35': PLAYER CHANGE : EB: Robin singh out and Manandeep in.
33': Mohun Bagan team against J&K XI : Shilton, Rajib, Eche, Mehraj, Lalrozama, Manish, Denson, Jewel, Lalrinfela, Odafa, Tolgey.
31': Penn's effort from right, passed to Baljit in BNR box but well cleared.
30': East Bengal is going to all out attack, only Gurwinder in defence.
30': EB attacked from right, Sanju passed towards left flank, Soumik crossed from left cleared from BNR box.
28': BNR keeper again injured and under treatment.
27': Khabra's long cross from right towards upcoming Baljit but it went for corner, BNR Keeper Kishan saved.
25': Robin Singh injured and under treatment. Now fit.
24': Good attack of BNR, Francis's left footer inside the EB box just went wide, he got a cross from right flank.
23': Very slow pace in the match. Sanju missed pass to Penn.
In last CFL Premier League East Bengal beat BNR 4-0. Robin, Seimeinlen, Soumik, Tolgey scored for East Bengal in that match.
20': No score yet in the match.
20': BNR keeper Kishan injured and he is under treatment.
18': Corner of Mehtab from right side cleared by BNR defence.
16': Scoring chance came to East Bengal through Baljit in 6 yards box but good saved of Kishan. Corner for East Bengal.
15': East Bengal is dominating the match now.
14': Baljit scored a goal from Isfaq's pass in BNR box but Referee said he committed a foul.
12': Penn attacked form left, passed to Robin and Robin's left footer went direct to BNR keper Kishan.
10': No score yet.
9': Good pass of Gurwinder to penn but went for Throw in in right flank of BNR side.
8': Missed pass of Dipankar of BNR went to Gurpreet.
7': Gurpreet saved a shot of BNR player.
5': Soumava Das of BNR good effort but Okpara blocked him from top of the box.
2': Corner of Mehtab cleared for another corner. Now the kick of Mehtab cleared.
1': EB attacked in right, Robin was trying to enter but Abdulai blocked him for a corner.
1': Match starts at YBK.


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Tagore International School, East of Kailash annexed the inaugural Delhi Soccer Assocation (DSA) Inter-School Girls Football Tournament title defeating Vasant Valley School, Vasant Kunj by 1-0 in the final held today at DDA Netaji Subhash Sports Complex, Jasola.

In an evenly contested match, both team got equal good opportunities through-out the game, but Tagore International's striker Laveena Khurana was successful in sendind home the ball (1-0) in 27th mintue of the initial half proceedinhs. Vasant Valley's forwards particulary Naina Lal missed an easy sitter.

DSA President Mr. Subhash Chopra, MLA was the chief guest on the occasion Other prominent diginitaries present were Sandeep Narang, NRI, Chief Strategy Officer, Angilan Football former olympian S.S. Hakeem, international Volleyball players-Shakti Saggar, Madam Mukesh Saggar, Umesh Sood, Sharafat-ul-ah etc., also distributed the prizes.

The best four players chosen by the committee viz.

Chandrika Singh (Goal-keeper of Sanskiriti)
Meghna (Defender - Alcon Public, Mayur Vihar)
Jyanti Jha ( Mid-fielder - Vasant Valley)
Dalima Chhibber (Highest scorer- Tagore International)

Mohun Bagan trounced J&K XI in their 1st Exhibition match and Kashmir valley.. 07.09.2012 : .JAYABRATA GHOSH...KFC. | HOME PAGE


08.09.2012 : MOHUN BAGAN   4-0   J&K XI (BAKSI STAD - FT)
MMB: JEWEL 35', Tolgey 50', Manish , Odafa.
MMB: Shilton, Rajib, Eche, Mehrajuddin, Lalrozama, Manish Jr., Denson, Jewel, Lalrinfela, Odafa, Tolgey.
FT: Mohun Bagan won the 1st Exhibition match against J&K XI 4-0. Next match on 11th Sept.
90': Throw in for MMB, from left flank, Cleared by J& K defence.
90': Mohun Bagan is leading 4-0.
> 87': Offide of Eche. He scored goal but Refere denied.
85': Lalrozama's cross from left to Odafa and his shot went for goal kick.
82': On of the Kolkata Giants, Mohammedan SC lost here two Exhibition matches but Mohun Bagan is still leading 4-0.
80': Good attack of J&K, Shot of a player hit the post and out.
80': 10 minutes left, Mohun Bagan is leading 4-0.
74': Nice saved by Shilton Pal, a 6 yard shot of J&K player from left.
72': Counter attack of Bagan, Odafa is behind the ball but JK keeper cleared it advance.
71': Mehraj well clared a long cross from right side flank of J&K side.
70': Mohun Bagan 4-0 J&K XI
68': J&K attacked from right, ling cross towards Bagan box but went over the cross bar.
65': Mohun Bagan is leading 4-0 now.
62': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 4th goal of Baga. Now Odafa scored the 4th.
57': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 3rd goal of Bagan. Manish Maithani scored the 3rd goal
55': Right sided cross of J&K went direct to Shilton's hand.
52': J&K Keeper Habibi well saved Eche's shot from a closer.
50': Mohun Bgan is leading 2-0.
GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL; 2nd goal of Bagan scored by Tolgey.
50': Slow pace in the match now.
46': 2nd half started.
HT: It's half time now.
36': Mohun Bagan is leading 1-0.
35': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Mohun Bagan scored goal. Brilliant pass of Odafa in the box towards JEWEL who made no mistake.
32': No score yet in the match.
24': Long ball from Mehraj towards Odafa in right sided box but J&K defender cleared for Throw in.
20': No score in the match. J&K is dominating well in their home ground.
15': Nice attack of J&K again, bicycle kick of Toufiq from inside box from a right sided cross went just missed the target.
13': A house full green Grasses Stadium is looking beautiful.
12': J&K is playing well.
Mohammedan SC lost two matches against J&k XI few days ago here in exhibition match.
10': Nice attack of J&K, left sided cross and Asif's header just missed the target.
7': Free kick for Bagan side in right flank of Kashmir XI. Manish shot cleared.
6': J&K own a corner in left, but cleared by Eche.
5': J&K attacked from left, crossed well but Shilton was alert and collected it safely.
2': Jam packed Stadium in Kashmir.
2': Match starts at Bakshi Stadium-J&K.