Siliguri : 34th FED Cup Venue visited by AIFF vice President Subrata Dutta..



Today afternoon AIFF vice President Subrata Dutta visited Silliguri Kanchenjungha Stadium to see the preparation of upcoming 34th AIFF Federation Cup's 2 Group League Matches and Semi Final and Final. Silliguri will be the venue of Group 'C' and Group 'D' where kolkata ginat East Bengal and Mohun Bagan will play.

Five officials including Seretary Mr. Arup Ratan Ghosh and working President Kuntal Goswami of Silifuri Mahakuma Krira Parishad assisted Subrata Dutta while he was visiting the ingrastructure. Mr. Dutta was assisted by IFA official Debu Mukherjee.

AIFF vice President first visited related practice grounds where the playing teams will practice during the Fed cup Tournament. He visited S.S.B football ground at Ranidanga, B.S.F. Football ground and Kadamtala and then Uttrayan football ground at Matigara. He is pleased with th practice ground. He also expressed that Siliguri could be the venue of any International match. AIFF is eager to start a Football coaching camp here to collect the football talents from North Bengal.

In the press meet after the visit, SMKP high ofiicial Mr. Kalyan Bhattarjee handed over the folder where all the details of the area around the Stadium along with the details of arrangement to be provided while the match will be played and some pictures of Old stadium and changing stadium. In Fed cup ticket price may be Rs 20 - 50 and season ticket may be Rs 1000. SMKP will try to sale the tickets from 15th of this month.

In last Fixtures of AIFF, two groups "A' and 'D' and one semi-final will be held in Ranchi. Siliguri would host the two other groups 'C' and 'D', a semi-final and the final. AIFF vice President Subrata Dutta visited the Ranchi Morabadi Football Stadium and Mega Sports Complex in Hotwar tow days ago but it has been learnt that, the both field is unfit to play Fed Cup. On the other hand JRD Tata Sports Complex in Jamshedpur, where the 6 teams qualifying matches will start from tomorrow, seems the most likely option but there is no Flood light system. Siliguri have the Floodlights. Now AIFF will finaly decide the Group A and D Venue soon.

IFA KOLKATA PREMIER LEAGUE : United SC beat George Telegraph 3-2..



09.09.2012 : UNITED SC   3-2   GEORGE TELEGRAPH (YBK - FT..)
USC : Ranti 36', 44', Carlos 48':: GTS : Shiladitya 34', Okorogor 72'
USC : Sangram, Ravinder, Dhanchandra, Bello, Deepak, Gouranga, Tulunga (Vineeth), Md Asif, Rafiq, Carlos (Zakir), Ranti
GTS : Chirodeep, Amit, Sukdev, Babatunde, Indrajit, Chanchal, Shiladitya, Ajay (Bikash), Swapan (Orok Orok), Yasin (Laltu), Okorogor
FT : Match end. United SC beat George Telegraph 3-2.
90': Added time playing is gong on now.
90': Another chance came to United for Scoring. Asif's kick from corner and Vinit's shot just went over the cross bar from close.
89': United is still leading 3-2.
87': What a miss of United, Gouranga's cross from left and Vinith's header hits the bar post and out.
86': PLAYER CHANGE: USC : Zakir in and Carlos out.
83':Ball cleared for their consecutive 3rd corner
82':Deepak's cross cleared and another corner
82':Corner and a shot, went wide. But touches George's Player and a corner
81':Another positive move of United SC through Ranti, ball cleared and a corner
81':Carlos's corner, ball cleared
80':Deepak's cross, ball cleared in defence, corner to United SC
79':Brilliant through pass of Amit to Orok Orok, but he is in offside
78':Indrajit's shot from corner, directly in Sangram's hand
77': Counter attack of George through Okorogor, Bello clears the ball. Okorogor looks injured. Corner to George
76':Another chance to Asif, missed a brilliant chance
75':Vineeth's forward pass, chance to Asif, can not reach
75':United SC leading 3-2 now
73':Bad tackle to Rafiq, free kick to United SC
72':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Okorogor scores from the spot kick
71':Bad tackle of Bello to Okorogor in box. Penalty o=to george
71':Players Change in GT: Laltu Hembram in place of Md Yasin
70':Players Change in USC: CK Vineeth in place of Tulunga
69':Deepak's cross, Ranti trapped the ball brilliantly, but he is in offside
68':Carlos's shot, nearly finds the second post. Ball cleared and a corner to United SC
68':Bad tackle of Indrajit to Asif, free kick to United SC in a very good position
67':Forward pass to Asif, failed to trap the ball. Amit clears it
66':Brilliant header of Ranti from Tulunga's centre, deflected by post.
65':Score remains still same
64': George's attack through Okorogor, good block by Deepak
63':Carlos's shot, went wide. No problem to Chirodeep
62':Carlos tries to give a forward through to Ranti, Sukdev clears the ball
61':Shiladitya looks injured, game stopped
60':Yellow Card. Bad tackle of Bello to Shiladitya, referee shown yellow card to Bello
59':Carlos's shot, directly in Chirodeep's hand
58':Tulunga's cross to find Asif, Indrajit clears it
57':United SC displaying good passing now
56':Deepak's right footed centre from right flank, went wide
55':Forward pass to Rafiq, failed to trap the ball
55':Prayag leading 3-1 now
54':Players Change of George: Bikash in place of Ajay
53':Md yasin's long ranger from a wide corner. Weak effort to beat Sangram
53':Chance to Okorogor, ball cleared and a corner
52':Players Change of George: Orok Orok in place of Swapan
51': Another chance to Ranti from a miss pass, bad shot of Ranti, ball went wide
51':Chance to Ranti, failed to score.
50':Bad tackleof Okorogor, free kick to United SC
50':Ball cleared from corner.
49':George's attack, ball cleared corner to George
48':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Carlos scores for United SC. Carlos got a pass from Tulunga, after a little outstep, a good instep and a quick right footed long ranger, beat Chirodeep, finds the net
47':United SC's attack, Ranti's pass to Asif, failed to beat defender
46':Carlos's shot from free kick, Indrajit clears the ball
46':Second half starts
Half Time United SC leading 2-1 after the end of first half
45':Referee added 2 minutes of injury time
44':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL United SC scores once again. Ranti scores for United SC from corner kick.
42':Chance to Bello, good save by Chirodeep
42':Ranti's header from a corner, went over the bar
40':Scores now goes to 1-1
STAT : In Last CFL Premier League, United SC and George Telegraph match ended 1-1. Joshimar Da silva scored for United while Sumit Oraw scored for George Telegraph. Md. Yasin showed Red Card in that match.
38':Bad tackle of Ravinder, free kick to George Telegraph
37':Brilliant goal by Ranti, beat 2 defenders, right footed shot beat Chirodeep. 36':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Ranti Martins scores for United SC
34': Shiladitya's long ranger from 22 yards, Sangram misjudges the ball.
34':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL Shiladitya scores for George
32':Forward pass of Shiladitya, Bello clears the ball
31':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Amit for his bad tackle to Rafiq, free kick to United SC.
30':Play resumes
29':Amit Chakraborty looks injured, again game stopped
28':No score yet in the match
27':Swapan's right footed instep, good save by Sangram
26':Play resumes
25':Collision between Okorogor and Bello. Both Bello and Okorogor looks injured
25':Another attack of United, good block in George's defence
24':Ranti's pass to Tulunga in box, Tulunga's header went wide
23':Back to back attack of United SC, Md Yasin clears the ball. Corner to United SC
22':Score remains still goalless
21':Another attack of United SC, bad tackle of Ranti, free kick of George
20':Babatunde looks injured, game stopped
19':chance to Ranti from a forward through, but he is in offside
17':Ravinder's long shot, aimless shot, went wide
16':Brilliant forward through to Asif, ball cleared, corner to United SC
15':Okorogor looks injured, game stopped
14':Okorogor's shot, brilliant shot, good save by Sangram
13':Miss passes by both the teams.
12':Bello's centre, directly in Chirodeep's hand
11':Ranti's shot, Chirodeep save it. Tight angle causes the problem
10':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Swapan for his bad tackle
9':George's attack, ball went wide
8':George's attack, Bello clears the ball
7':Shiladitya's shot, blocked in box
6':Long pass to find Okorogor, but a clear offside
4':Another attack of United through Ranti, but he is in offside
3':Chance to Carlos, only goalkeepers to beat, missed a open sitter
1':Ranti's shot, directly in Chirodeep's hand
0':Kick off 0':Match is very near to the start