FEDERATION CUP : 2012 Siliguri Venue expected match timing .

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GROUP B : Churchill Brothers, Air India, Mohun Bagan, Mohammedan SC.
September 20: Air India   VS   Mohammedan SC (3.00 PM)
September 20: Churchill Brothers   VS   Mohun Bagan (7.00 PM)
September 22: Mohammedan SC   VS   Churchill Brothers (3.00 PM)
September 22: Mohun Bagan   VS   Air India (7.00 PM)

September 24: Mohun Bagan   VS   Mohammedan SC (7.00 PM)
September 24: Air India   VS   Churchill Brothers(3.00 PM)

GROUP C : Sporting Goa, ONGC FC, East Bengal, Kalighat MS.
September 21: ONGC   VS   Kalighat MS (3.00 PM)
September 21: Sporting Clube   VS   East Bengal (7.00 PM)

September 23: Kalighat MS   VS   Sporting Clube (3.00 PM)
September 23: East Bengal   VS   ONGC (7.00 PM)

September 25: East Bengal   VS   Kalighat MS (7.00 PM)
September 25: ONGC   VS   Sporting Clube (3.00 PM)

27.09.2012 : 1st Semi - 7.00 Pm
27.09.2012 : 2nd Semi - 7.00 Pm

30.09.2012 : FINAL - 7.00 PM


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The September edition of SportsMeet witnessed intriguing talks by Arjuna awardee Reeth Abraham, representatives from EduSports, b'Twin - Decathlon, and The Fans of Hockey.

Winner of several medals in both national and international level, athlete Reeth Abraham, ventured into the main agenda of this edition - Giving back to sports. She, very articulately explained the need of former sportsperson or people with proper knowledge and experience of sports to occupy important positions in the sports organizations.

She went on to explain that due to several reasons, this has not been the case in India. Some of these reasons stem from the fact that majority of Indian sportsmen were "created" from poor or rural background as they saw sports as an opportunity to get a government job and now due to their lack of education and exposure, they hesitate to get into administration jobs.

Reeth is a part of Clean Sports India movement, which aims to create an environment wherein former sportsperson can manage local level clubs, state level associations and national level federations. She emphasized on the fact that most of the bureaucrats and politicians who run sports bodies generally tend to have very limited knowledge of sports and often turns out to be corrupt. Clean Sports India comes as a unique forum where all Indian sportsperson can come together and raise their voice.

Reeth added that one needs to have passion for sports and not necessarily be a top level sportsperson to contribute for the development of sports in our country. She also talked about inculcating a sporting culture in India, making physical exercise a habit; a way to keep us fit.

Earlier, the event was started by Dr. Gautam Mukherjee, from EduSports, a company which aims to provide a more holistic education by involving school students into physical education in a more structured and planned way. The basic mantra of the company is to make sports and Physical Education (PE) accessible to all kids, not necessarily to make them champions in sports, but rather to make them champions in life. He explained how sports not only keeps the body fit, but also imbibes lessons of life like leadership, teamwork, and so on.

The current physical education programs in schools are inadequate to provide opportunities for all kids and lack the systematic assessment tools like in the case of other subjects. The focus is on developing champions and medal winners, which sidelines non-exceptional but interested kids. EduSports' curriculum makes sure that any kid who is interested in participation can participate.

Furthermore, he emphasized that assessment of PE teachers should not only be on how many champions they have produced but also on how many kids have they been able to involve into sports. With more involvement into sports we can hope to have a fitter and healthier generation.

21 year old Rachan Singh gave a very energetic talk about the wide array of cycle services from brand b'Twin and the other range of products available in Decathlon. Given that Bangalore has now become a cycling hub and interest in cycling is growing, he focused his talk mainly on cycling and showed variety of cycles provided by them. The main advantage of Decathlon is that they recommend the products based

on need and purpose, furthermore, one can try and test them first and only then proceed to buy. He also mentioned about the opportunities of working in Decathlon, where passion for sports is the chief criteria, certificates hardly matter.

The last talk was by Manoj Mahala who runs a hockey fan website. In between the talks, SportsMeet's Naveen Ningaiah, kept on chipping in with interesting and useful information about the speakers as well as some of the happenings around. He introduced run Arun run, a unique ultra-distance running initiative by 43 year old Arun Bhradwaj, aiming to run from Kargil to Kanyakumari in 60 days, starting from October 1 2012.

SportsMeet also compiled a presentation on job opportunities in sports, aiming to benefit some section of the audience.

IFA CFL PREMIER LEAGUE: Mohuyn Bagan trounced West Bengal Police 6-0. .

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15.09.2012 : MOHAMMEDAN SC   4-0   HAL (JAMSHEDPUR - FT)
MSC : David Sunday - Hattrick, Ashim Biswas.
IFA CFL PREMIER LEAGUE 2012-13 :: Scroll down to read..
15.09.2012 : MOHUN BAGAN   6-0   W.B.POLICE (YBK - FT.)
MMB : Nirmal 6', Odafa 8', 72' Sabeeth 51', 65', Tolgey 75'
MMB : Arindam, Nirmal, Eche, Warundeep, Lalrozama, Snehasish, Jewel, Denson, Manish Bhargav, Sabeeth, Odafa.
WBP : Soumava, Sajal, Dipankar, Swarup, Kishore, Manoj, Bidesh, Kaliram, Kapil, Mehtab, Subhash.
FT : Match end. Mohun Bagan beat W.B.Police 6-0.
90': Referee added two minutes more.
85': Nirmal's cross from right went to WBP box and Sabeeth's header went out over the cross bar.
80': Mohun Bagan is leading 6-0.
76': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1st CFL goal of Tolgey in Bagan jersey.
75': Mohun Bagan is leading 5-0 now.
74': PLAYER CHANGE: MMB : Rakesh Masih in and Manish out.
72': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL : Mohun Bagan's 5th goal scored by Odafa again.
. 73': Nirmal well heder from a cross of Lalrozama well saved by WBP Keeper.
70': In other two CFL Premier LEague matches, Army XI is leading 2-0 against Railway FC while Ranaghat Match between BNR and Eastern Railway postponed.
68': Bagan lost an another opportunity form left sided corner kick of Lalrozama.
67': PLAYER CHANGE : MMB : Khelemba in and Warundeep out.
65: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL : Mohun Bagan's 4th goal scored by Sabeeth again.
. 63': Another corner for Bagan from a well move of Tolget, Passed to Odafa but Ball clared by WBP defenders. One WBP defender is injured.
61': Lalrozama's corner and Jewel's weak shot went to Keeper's hand.
60': Odafa's shot deflected from WBP keeper's hand and went to corner.
58': Tolgey scord goal in Jammu and Kashmir Friendly for Bagan but the Fans of Bagan is waiting for hit a official Goal in the Green and Maroon Jersey.
56': Nirmal's long shot missed the target.
55': Odafa passed towards Manish in WBP BOx but Manis was slow to shot iut, Ball cleared.
55': PLAYER CHANGE : MMB : Tolgey in and Snehasish out.
STAT : In Federation cup Qualifier last Match, Mohammedan Sporting is leadin 2-0 against HAL upto 1st half..
. WBP has changed their Goal Keeper .
52': Mohun Bagan is leading 3-0 now.
51: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL : Mohun Bagan's 3rd goal scored by Sabeeth. Snehasish well passed from left and Sabeeth received it well and beat the keeper.
50': No impact in the WBP corner.
50': WBP attacked, Arindam misjudged the ball which deflected from his hand and went for corner for WBP.
47': Slow pace now in the match.
46': 2nd half match starts.
STAT : West Bengal Police have no Foreign Players..
HT : It's half time now in the match, Mohun Bagan is leading 2-0.
45': WBP counter attack, Kishore Mollick wanted to shot from out side box but Arindam was alert to collect before his shot attempt. well saved.
45': Still Mohun Bagan is leading 2-0. Tolgey is in Extra player Squad.
43': Jewel scordd a goal from a pass of Odafa but he was in off side trap as per referee Pranjol Banerjee .
42': Snehasish good effort from left side, passed to Manish and Manish again left the ball for upcoming Jewel, but he imbalanced, ball snatched by WBP player.
40': Still Bagan is leading 2-0.
39': Odafa attacked again, surrounded by 4/5 WBP players, finally his shot deflected from a WBP player and cleared from defence.
35': Mohun Bagan is leading 2-0.
33': Odafa paased a nice ball to Sabeeth in open area but he missed the target.
32': Jewel Missed an open goal, Odafa passed him but he missed from a closer. Goal kick for WBP.
30': Odafa shot went out.
15': Odafa and Sabeth is in attacking force of Bagan side today, But Odafa is all time guarded by thre or Four WBP players.
8': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL : Mohun Bagan's 2nd goal within 2 minute, Odafa got the ball from Nirmal's right sided and beat the upcoming keeper to score.
7': Nirmal is playing in right back.
6': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL : Corner kick of Snehasish and Nirmal scored the opener for Bagan through a nice close header..
5': Bagan got a coener from Odafa move in right side.