Football's First Ever Green Card Has Been Shown In Serie B-Italy League 2016

Football's First Ever Green Card Has Been Shown In Serie B

10.10.2016 : Yellow and red cards were introduced at the 1970 FIFA World Cup in Mexico, and have since become part and parcel of the game. They were "invented" 49 years ago by Ken Aston, an Englishman who sadly passed away in October 2001. In the year 2015, according to the Italian newspaper La Stampa, Italy’s Serie B professional league will add the green card to reward players who commit conspicuous acts of sportsmanship. The idea was first adopted in Italian youth leagues and could spread other professional leagues, the newspaper said.

Now the history was made in Italy's Serie B this week, after Vicenza's Cristian Galano received football's first ever green card. Italian second tier match between Virtus Entella and Vicenza sees first ever GREEN CARD given for fair play IN THE HISTORY OF FOOTBALL.

The green card, which is awarded for fair play, is an initiative that the league's officials announced they were introducing at the beginning of the season. The player who is awarded the most green cards will receive an award at the end of the campaign.

Vicenza's Galano was awarded the green card after admitting that no Vitrus Entella defenders had touched the ball when his team were awarded a corner kick