cfl derby 2016 06.09.2016 : The CFL derby between the two arch rivals East Bengal and Mohun Bagan are still uncertain. After a week long drama Mohun Bagan once again intimated the parent body, IFA, that they are unable to play the match within a very span. In a letter to the IFA Secretary this evening Mohun Bagan stated, they require at least 48 hours time to prepare for the match against East Bengal.

Meanwhile East Bengal team reached Kalyani today morning to play the Derby on Wednesday and had a practice session in the afternoon at the stadium. Even the members of East Bengal collected their entry passes from the club tent at Kolkata.

In response to a letter from Mohun Bagan,the IFA Secretary Utpal Ganguly sent a mail where he clearly stated that the Derby will be as per schedule on the 7th of September at Kalyani. IFA finalized the date of Derby on 26th August and Mohun Bagan had a time to prepare themselves for the match and had their practice session at Kalyani.

IFA executive committee had an emergency meeting today where it was finalized that the Derby between the two arch rivals will be as per the schedule date and time. Mohun Bagan did not participate in the Managers meeting at the IFA office today afternoon, as the representative from East Bengal and the match officials were present.

Now the question arises what will be the fate of the Derby ? The rule of IFA clearly states that if a Club did not sent their team in the field then the match officials will wait for some time before he called of the match. The match officials will sent their report to the technical committee of IFA who will decide finally regarding the fate of the match.


05.09.2016: The much awaited CFL Derby between the arch rivals East Bengal and Mohun Bagan are uncertain now. The match is being schedule on the 7th of September at the Kalyani Municipal stadium .The drama regarding the derby continues as Mohun Bagan refused to play due to improper distribution of tickets and inadequate time for proper training schedule before the high profile match.

In a letter to IFA, the General Secretary of Mohun Bagan, Mr Anjan Mitra wrote, the club are having 6324 valued members.IFA communicated earlier to Mohun Bagan that 4000 tickets will be provided for the Derby. Furthur ,Mr Mitra mentioned that today evening IFA e mailed and informed to reduce the number of tickets to 2000 as the Government authorities did not permit the temporary structures to be filled up during the course of the match.So, how Mohun Bagan will cope up with the shortage of the entry passes.

Mohun Bagan are not satisfied regarding the training schedule before the Derby. While interacting with the media at the club tent Mr Debasish Dutta,the Finance Secretary of Mohun Bagan said the technical committee of the club are of the opinion that footballers did not knew the pitch of Kalyani. So, it requires two practice sessions to get accustomed before the match.

Meanwhile, East Bengal are ready to play the Derby on 7th September.But they will not participate in the Derby after the schedule date. IFA Secretary, Utpal Ganguly are in a mood to host the Derby on 7th September at Kalyani.


cfl derby 2016 cfl derby 2016


27.08.2016: Kalyani, a small industrial town in the district of Nadia to host the most prestigious match of Indian football. After a prolonged discussion, IFA decided to organize the CFL Derby between the two arch rivals East Bengal and Mohun Bagan at the Kalyani Municipal stadium on 7th of September.

Though Kalyani Stadium hosted the match between East Bengal and Mohammedan Sporting and some important matches of I League in the past but this will be first instance when a high profile match is organize at the industrial town of Kalyani. The other two high profile matches of the CFL between East Bengal and Mohammedan Sporting and Mohun Bagan and Mohammedan Sporting will be held at Kalyani on 11th and 14th September respectively.

After a week long dilemma regarding the date and the venew of the Derby IFA finally decided and declared Kalyani as the new venew where a temporary gallery will be install for the Derby at the two ends of the ground. According to the organizers almost sixteen thousand spectators are likely to witness the match and 25% of the counters sales will be shared by the participating teams and the remaining amount by IFA.

The Kalyani Municipality are in touch with the local Police authorities for security on the match day in and outside the playing arena on 7th September. It is expected to have almost twelve thousand security personnel on the Derby day at Kalyani stadium.

The members of both the participating teams can collect their entry passes on production of their current years valid membership cards. A limited number of tickets (Rs 100/-) will be on sale by the organizers from the counters of the stadium.

The Derby will start at Kalyani Municipal Stadium at 3 pm IST.