18.02.2019 : FC GOA 3-0 KERALA BLASTERS (FT.)
FCG : Ferran Corominas 22', Edu Bedia 25', Hugo Boumous 78'

FC GOA <b><font color=red> 3-0 </b></font> KERALA BLASTERS (FT)

FCG : Naveen Kumar, Mourtada Fall, Lenny Rodrigues, Edu Bedia, Seriton Fernandes, Carlos Pena, Jackichand Singh, Brandon Fernandes, Ferran Corominas, Mandar Rao Dessai, Ahmed Jahouh.

KBFC : Dheeraj Singh, Cyril Kali, Lalruatthara, Sandesh Jhingan, Anas Edathodika, Mohamad Rakip, Sahal Abdul Samad, Courage Pekuson, Seiminlen Doungel, Slavisa Stojanovic, Matej Poplatnik.

Man of the Match - Ahmed Jahouh : FC Goa
Club Award - FC Goa
Limitless Player - Ferran Corominas : FC Goa
Winning pass of the match - Brandon Fernandes : FC Goa
Emerging player - Mohamad Rakip : KERALA BLASTERS

14.02.2019 : FC GOA 3-0 ATK (FT.)
FCG : Jackichand Singh 1', Ferran Corominas 52', 81' (p)
FCG: Naveen, Jahouh, Mandar Rao, Corominas, Brandon, Jackichand, Pena, Seriton,Bedia, Lenny, Fall.
ATK: Arindam, Gerson, Johnson, Arnab, Ricky, Everton, Kalu, Jayesh, Hitesh, Pritam, Garcia,

FC GOA <b><font color=red> 3-0 </b></font> ATK (FT)
FC PUNE CITY <b><font color=red> 2-2 </b></font> ATK (FT)
Man of the Match : Ferran Corominas - FC GOA
Club Award : FC Goa
Limitless Player :Jackichand Singh - FC GOA
Winning pass of the match : Ferran Corominas - FC GOA
Emerging player : Brandon Fernandes - FC GOA

04.02.19: DELHI DYNAMOS ( 0-0) FC GOA (FT)
DDFC : Francisco Dorronsoro, Rana Gharami, Marti Crespi, Narayan Das, Gianni Zuiverloon, Nandhakumar Sekar, Marcos Tebar, Lallianzuala Chhangte, Bikramjit Singh, Rene Mihelic, Daniel Lalhlimpuia.
DELHI DYNAMOS (<b><font color=red> 0-0</b></font>) FC GOA (FT)
FCG : Naveen Kumar, Mourtada Fall, Seriton Fernandes, Carlos Pena, Ahmed Jahouh, Hugo Boumous, Mandar Rao Dessai, Ferran Corominas, Brandon Fernandes, Jackichand Singh, Lenny Rodrigues.

Man of the Match - Brandon Fernandes : FC GOA
Club Award - Delhi Dynamos FC and FC Goa
Limitless Player - Francisco Dorronsoro : DELHI
Winning pass of the match - Ferran Corominas - FC GOA
Emerging player - Lallianzuala Chhangte - DELHI

01.02.2019: MUMBAI CITY FC ( 0-2 ) FC GOA (FT)
FCG : Edu Bedia 28', Ferran Corominas 79' (p)
MUMBAI CITY FC (<b><font color=red> 0-2 </b></font>) FC GOA (FT)
MCFC : Amrinder Singh, Anwar Ali, Arnold Issoko, Subhasish Bose, Lucian Goian, Sauvik Chakrabarti, Matias Mirabaje, Milan Singh, Raynier Fernandes, Paulo Machado, Rafael Bastos.

FCG : Mohammad Nawaz, Carlos Pena, Seriton Fernandes, Mourtada Fall, Ahmed Jahouh, Brandon Fernandes, Mandar Rao Dessai, Jackichand Singh, Edu Bedia, Lenny Rodrigues, Ferran Corominas.

Man of the Match : Ferran Corominas - FC GOA
Club Award : FC Goa -
Limitless Player : Edu Bedia - FC GOA
Winning pass of the match : Hugo Boumous - FC GOA
Emerging player : Mohammad Nawaz - GK-FC GOA

01.02.2019: MUMBAI CITY FC ( 0-2 ) FC GOA (FT)
FCG : Edu Bedia 28', Ferran Corominas 79' (p)
MUMBAI CITY FC (<b><font color=red> 0-2 </b></font>) FC GOA (FT)
MCFC : Amrinder Singh, Anwar Ali, Arnold Issoko, Subhasish Bose, Lucian Goian, Sauvik Chakrabarti, Matias Mirabaje, Milan Singh, Raynier Fernandes, Paulo Machado, Rafael Bastos.

FCG : Mohammad Nawaz, Carlos Pena, Seriton Fernandes, Mourtada Fall, Ahmed Jahouh, Brandon Fernandes, Mandar Rao Dessai, Jackichand Singh, Edu Bedia, Lenny Rodrigues, Ferran Corominas.

Man of the Match : Ferran Corominas - FC GOA
Club Award : FC Goa -
Limitless Player : Edu Bedia - FC GOA
Winning pass of the match : Hugo Boumous - FC GOA
Emerging player : Mohammad Nawaz - GK-FC GOA

28.01.2019 : FC GOA ( 0-0 ) JAMSHEDPUR FC (FT)
FCG : Nawaz, Hugo , Mandar Rao, Corominas, Brandon, Jackichand, Carlos Pena, Seriton, Edu, Lenny, Mourtada.
JFC : Subrata, Raju, Tiri, Mario Arques, Pablo Morgado, Farukh, Robin, Sergio, Memo, Soosairaj, Dhanachandra..
FC GOA (<b><font color=red> 0-0 </b></font>) JAMSHEDPUR FC
Man of the Match : Subrata Paul - JAMSHEDPUR FC
Club Award : FC Goa and Jamshedpur FC
Limitless Player : Ferran Corominas - FC GOA
Winning pass of the match : Zaid Krouch - FC GOA
Emerging player : Michael Soosairaj - JAMSHEDPUR FC

14.12.2018: FC GOA 5-1 NORTH EAST UNITED (FT)
FCG : Ferran Corominas 59', 84', Edu Bedia 69', Hugo Boumous, Miguel Fernandez 90'
NEU : Artholomew Ogbeche 71'
Man of the Match - Ferran Corominas : FC GOA
Club Award - FC Goa
Limitless Player - Hugo Boumous : FC GOA
Winning pass of the match - Jackichand Singh : FC GOA
Emerging player - Seriton Fernandes : FC GOA

FCG : Mohammad Nawaz, Hugo Boumous, Mandar Rao Dessai, Ferran Corominas, Brandon Fernandes, Jackichand Singh, Carlos Pena, Seriton Fernandes, Edu Bedia, Lenny Rodrigues, Mourtada Fall.

NEU: Pawan Kumar, Jose Leudo, Federico Gallego, Bartholomew Ogbeche, Reagan Singh, Rowllin Borges, Gurwinder Singh, Mato Grgic, Robert Lalthlamuana, Redeem Tlang, Juan Mascia.

REFEREE : C.R. Srikrishna

11.12.2018 : FC PUNE CITY 2-0 FC GOA (FT.)
FCPC : Marcelo Pereira 74', Marko Stankovic 90'(P)
FC PUNE CITY <b><font color=red> 2-0  </b></font> FC GOA (FT.)
Man of the Match : Marcelo Pereira -PUNE CITY
Club Award : FC Pune City
Limitless Player : Ahmed Jahouh - FC GOA
Winning pass of the match : Sarthak Golui -PUNE CITY
Emerging player : Kamaljit Singh - GK-PUNE CITY

FCPC : Kamaljit Singh, Nim Dorjee Tamang, Matt Mills, Adil Khan, Jonathan Vila, Iain Hume, Marcelo Pereira, Sarthak Golui, Martin Diaz, Ashique Kuruniyan, Robin Singh.

FCG : MD Nawaz, Hugo Boumous, Ahmed Jahouh, Mandar Rao Dessai, Ferran Corominas, Brandon Fernandes, Seriton Fernandes, Edu Bedia, Lenny Rodrigues, Mourtada Fall, Mohamed Ali.


28.11.2018: ATK 0-0 FC GOA (FT)
Man of the Match - Pronay Halder : ATK
Club Award - ATK and FC Goa
Limitless Player - Mourtada Fall - FC GOA
Winning pass of the match - Ahmed Jahouh : FC GOA
Emerging player - Mohammad Nawaz : FC GOA

ATK  <b><font color=red> 0-0 </b></font> FC GOA
TEAM - ATK : Arindam Bhattacharja, Gerson Vieira, John Johnson, Ricky Lallawmawma, Everton Santos, Manuel Lanzarote, Jayesh Rane, Pronay Halder, Hitesh Sharma, Andre Bikey, Ankit Mukherjee.

TEAM - FCG : Mohammad Nawaz, Ahmed Jahouh, Chinglensana Singh, Ferran Corominas, Brandon Fernandes, Jackichand Singh, Carlos Pena, Seriton Fernandes, Edu Bedia, Lenny Rodrigues, Mourtada Fall.

ISL PRESS RELEASE: Two-time Hero Indian Super League (ISL) champions, ATK held free-scoring FC Goa to a goalless draw at the Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan in Kolkata on Wednesday. Both teams had enough chances to nick the tie, but neither were ruthless enough on the day. The point takes the Gaurs back to second in the table while ATK remain in sixth, two points off the final playoff spot.

ATK  <b><font color=red> 0-0 </b></font> FC GOA
Speaking at the post-match press conference, ATK boss Steve Coppell seemed unsure as to whether the result was a positive or negative one for his team in the long term. “I think time will give me the conclusion. For us to keep Goa quiet, they had two good chances early on when we were trying to get used to our formation and what we were trying to do. After that, I thought we had the more clear-cut opportunities. To keep Goa quiet is an achievement in itself but maybe, with time it might be points dropped rather than gained. Time will tell,” he said.

ATK did well to shackle Ferran Corominas by denying him any space or time to work with and Coppell valued the collective effort of his players. “Yes, they got really good players. The core of the team has been together for two seasons now and that familiarity is hard to achieve in a short space of time. From what we wanted to achieve, I think we did well. We kept Coro quiet. But he’s still always dangerous. He only needs one mistake, one lapse in concentration, and he takes advantage. So, that was a team achievement. But we have to start taking more opportunities ourselves. We are solid but now we need to be a little bit more expressive,” Coppell remarked.

Goa’s head coach, Sergio Lobera on the other hand felt that both sides had equal amount of chances to steal the win and hinted that the result was a fair one. “I think both teams had equally fair amount of open chances. I think the one that dropped to (Mourtada) Fall is quite a good chance. Towards the end as well a chance went begging for us... I think both teams had equal amount of open chances,” the Spaniard said.

Lobera also commented on Corominas’ struggle to cope with the physicality of the ATK defence. He felt the center forward did his best but was marked out by a combination of ATK players. “For me as a coach you play like that. If you analyze as a spectator, and because he didn’t score it might feel like he didn’t play well today. For me as a coach I think he played well for the team today. It’s very difficult to play against a team who put so many people of their own team in their half. Because as a forward when you receive the ball, there’s at least seven players around him. Today I think, ATK received what they wanted, which was a draw,” he said.

22.11.2018: FC GOA 1-2 BENGALURU FC (FT)
BFC :Rahul Bheke 34', Sunil Chheti 77'
FCG : Brandon Fernandes 72'

KERALA BLASTERS  <b><font color=red> 1-2 </b></font> BENGALURU FC
Man of the Match : Sunil Chhetri
Club Award : Bengaluru FC - BENGALURU FC
Limitless Player : Rahul Bheke - BENGALURU FC
Winning pass of the match : Udanta Singh - BENGALURU FC
Emerging player : Brandon Fernandes - FC GOA

KERALA BLASTERS  <b><font color=red> 1-2 </b></font> BENGALURU FC
FCG : Hugo, Jahouh, Coronomis, Brandon, Jackichand, Nawaz, Pena, Seriton, Lenny, Fall, Ali.
BFC : Gurpreet, Rahul Bheke, Albert Serran, Juanan, Harmanjot Khabra,Dimas Delgado, Xisco Hernandez, Udanta Singh, Nishu Kumar, Chencho Gyeltshen, Sunil Chhetri.

ISL PRESS RELEASE : Bengaluru FC relied on a late winner from Sunil Chhetri to pick up a crucial 2-1 victory over table-toppers FC Goa at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Goa on Thursday. Rahul Bheke and Brandon Fernandes got on the scoresheet for Bengaluru and Goa respectively in a fiery encounter. It was a tense affair between the two sides featuring red cards for Dimas Delgado and Mohamed Ali.

At the post-match conference, a jubilant Bengaluru head coach Carles Cuadrat spoke to the press about the important victory. “I am very happy because we know how difficult it is to win at Goa. We had a plan for the game and it was working well and then there were some circumstances that changed things. Two red cards changed everything. In the end, it was a question of the one who scores the second goal will be the one to win. We were clinical in that counter attack with Udanta Singh and Sunil Chhetri and we got the goal, so I am very happy,” he stated.

Speaking about the key absentees from the match – Miku and Erik Paartalu – Cuadrat conceded that he was not sure how long the pair will be out for. “We don’t really know for sure. It was something that happened suddenly. Miku had an ankle problem. With Erik, it was just a very unfortunate infection in the toe. He had to stop suddenly so I am not sure of the time of recovery for him,” he said.

When asked about Delgado’s red card incident, the Spaniard admitted that he was bemused with the decision but acknowledged the hard job referees face. “I made a gesture because I was shocked about the reason of the red card. But I think that the referees have a very difficult job and we have to help them. But sometimes they take the decisions because of the circumstances. So maybe in another moment of the game and without a red card for the other team, maybe he is only showing a yellow card in that situation,“ he answered.

Sergio Lobera was present from Goa’s end to answer the media’s questions. The Spaniard was disappointed with the final result and felt that his side deserved a draw on the night. “I think a draw would have been a fair result. But you know (what happens) when you commit mistakes in a game so equally balanced. Again, we conceded a goal from a corner yet again. And again, after having done all the hard yards from coming back and equalizing and having done within five minutes to concede a goal as such. A team like this will always cause damage,” Lobera remarked.

11.11.2018 : KERALA BLASTERS 1-3 FC GOA (FT)

KERALA BLASTERS <b><font color=red> 1-3 </b></font> FC GOA (FT)
Man of the Match : Ferran Corominas - FC GOA
Club Award : FC Goa
Limitless Player: Seriton Fernandes - FC GOA
Winning pass of the match : Ahmed Jahouh - FC GOA
Emerging player : Mohammad Nawaz - FC GOA

KBFC : Naveen, Krcmarevic, Stojanovic, Poplatnik, Prasanth, Rakip, Anas, Kizito, Halicharan, Sandesh, Lalruatthara.
FCG : Nawaz, Jahouh, Corominas, Brandon, Jackichand, Pena, Seriton, Bedia, Lenny, Mourtada, Ali.

KERALA BLASTERS <b><font color=red> 1-3 </b></font> FC GOA (FT)
ISL PRESS RELEASE : FC Goa registered a comfortable 3-1 win over Kerala Blasters FC at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Kochi on Sunday after a contest which saw both teams go all out for the three points. Despite some commendable effort levels from both sides, it was the visitors who took their chances in front of goal and secured the win. Striker Ferran Corominas bagged a brace and young forward Manvir Singh scored the third for the Gaurs. Kerala pulled back a late consolation goal through Nikola Krcmarevic.

After the match, Kerala's local hero CK Vineeth and Goa's Brandon Fernandes joined Paul Masefield and Khuri Irani for the post-match interview and Vineeth had some interesting views to share about the match. Talking about the impact of the loss on Kerala's season, Vineeth said, "We lost two in a row and I think we need points on the board and we don't have that." A disappointed Vineeth reminisced further on tonight's loss against the Gaurs and added, "We made them look good. We didn't hold the ball in the midfield and conceded two silly goals that made us drop the points."

Asked about his reaction to Vineeth's claims, Brandon replied, "We stuck to our plan and kept the possession that made them defend. Our strength is to keep the ball and create chances. That's what we did and maybe what Vineeth said is right."

Kerala fell two goals behind in the first-half, but looked a much more organised side in the second-half. Analysing the shift of momentum, Vineeth, who was a second-half substitute, said, "In the first-half, we didn't pressurise them enough in their third and we waited in our half for them to come. That helped them keep the ball all the way. (Ahmed) Jahouh was playing, Edu Bedia was playing and it was like 10-15 passes every time. We didn't put pressure on them in their half. In the second-half, we did that and played well."

Vineeth had a couple of good chances to score late in the game but couldn't make the most out of these. The striker talked about these misses and said that things were not going his way. "I don't know what to say. Nothing is going in for me nowadays."

Brandon was asked about the effect of Sergio Lobera's brand of coaching on the team, to which he said, "He is always backing us. Even when we make a mistake, he doesn't shout at us. He always motivates us and it helps us on the pitch."

Vineeth concluded his part of the interview by talking about the amazing home support in Kerala. "As I always say, this crowd is amazing. Playing in front of them is amazing. Almost everyone wants to play in front of them. Everyone in India and everyone coming to the Hero ISL," the Kerala Blasters man said.

Brandon also shed some light on how difficult it was for an opposing team to play in front of the crowd in Kochi. "It's always difficult to play in this type of stadium. In the dressing room, we wanted that first goal. If we got that first goal, things change here. If they had the first goal, the pressure would have been on us. We got the first, and then the second, but we weren't happy. We came out in the second-half and finally got the third goal and only then, could we relax," the young midfielder revealed.

08.11.2018 : FC GOA 3-2 DELHI DYNAMOS FC (FT)
Man of the Match : Ahmed Jahouh - FC GOA
Club Award : FC GOA
Limitless Player: Edu Bedia - FC GOA
Winning pass of the match: Hugo Boumous - FC GOA
Emerging player : Lallianzuala Chhangte - DELHI DYNAMOS FC

FC GOA <b><font color=red> 3-2 </b></font> DELHI DYNAMOS FC (FT)
FCG : Mohammad, Seriton, Fall, Mohamed Ali, Mandar Rao, Jahouh, Lenny, Bedia, Boumous, Jackichand, Corominas.
DDFC : Dorronsoro, Pritam, Zuiverloon, Crespi, Narayan, Nandhakumar, Tebar, Bikramjit, Chhangte, Carmona, Lalhlimpuia.

FC GOA <b><font color=red> 3-2 </b></font> DELHI DYNAMOS FC (FT)

ISL MEDIA RELEASE : FC Goa’s constant persistence to press harder up front paid dividends as the Gaurs came from behind with two late goals in gap of 8 minutes to snatch three points away from the Delhi’s Lions 3-2 in an entertaining game of the Hero Indian Super League at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Goa on Thursday.

Bikramjit Singh's long-range strike put the visitors in the lead as early as the sixth minute. It took almost 50 minutes and a change of side for Goa to find the equalizer through Edu Bedia at 54th minute. However, Delhi found the gap in host defense once again to go 2-1 with a Lallianzuala Chhangte goal in 70th minute. But the Gaurs known for their aggressive play breached Delhi with late goals by Brandon Fernandes and Edu Bedia in the 82nd and 89th minute respectively.

Delhi Dynamos drew first blood through Bikramjit Singh as early as the sixth minute of the match. The midfielder received Adria Carmona's pass on the edge of the box and curled a magnificent shot into the top left corner, leaving Mohammad Nawaz helpless in goal. Ferran Corominas looked hungry to score on his return from suspension as he forced Francisco Dorronsoro to a good low save to his right at the other end. Jackichand Singh crossed the ball into the box from the left and Goa's leading goalscorer skipped past defenders inside the box before pulling the trigger.

Seriton Fernandes' ball from the back allowed Lenny Rodrigues to dribble into space down the right flank and deliver a teasing ball across the face of goal that Dorronsoro's outstretched hands failed to meet. Jackichand Singh met the cross at the far post but directed his effort wide.
Constant vigilance seemed to be the order for the Delhi defence as they thwarted Goa's forays forward with a well organized offside trap. Marcos Tebar missed a free header at the far post from a Carmona free-kick. Marti Crespi headed wide from handshaking distance from Carmona's free-kick at the stroke of half-time as the visitors threatened to pull ahead.

FC Goa's increased pressure on the Delhi defence after the restart yielded a deserved equaliser in the 54th minute. An excellent build-up saw Corominas release Mandar Rao Dessai into space on the left flank and the Indian winger's perfect cross into the centre was slotted home by Edu Bedia. Goa's midfield took control of the game after the equaliser and the hosts strung passes together in the attacking third to pin the visitors onto the backfoot.

However, Mihelic's introduction gave Delhi renewed energy in the attacking third. Delhi's persistence was rewarded with a second goal in the 70th minute. Mihelic's cross into the box was backheeled into the path of Lallianzuala Chhangte by Nandhakumar from the byline. The young winger made no mistake from close-range to put the visitors ahead.

Mihelic threatened with his cross again, this time from the right flank. Chhangte attempted a diving header from the centre of the box to guide the ball into the net but failed to test Nawaz. Lobera's response was to bring on Brandon Fernandes in place of Jackichand Singh and the substitute pulled the hosts level in the 82nd minute. The Indian winger picked up Dessai's pass into the centre and beat Dorronsoro with a powerful shot from the edge of the box. Goa found the winner in the 89th minute when Boumous delivered a delightful free-kick into the centre where Bedia glanced a header into the net.

01.11.2018 : JAMSHEDPUR FC 4-1 FC GOA (FT)
GOAL--JFC : Michael Soosairaj 17', 50', Memo 77', Sumeet Passi 78'
GOAL--FCG : Mourtada Fall 33'

Man of the Match : Michael Soosairaj - JAMSHEDPUR FC
Club Award : Jamshedpur FC
Limitless Player: Mourtada Fall - FC GOA
Winning pass of the match: Sergio Cidoncha - JAMSHEDPUR FC Emerging player : Sumeet Passi - JAMSHEDPUR FC
JAMSHEDPUR FC  <b><font color=red> 4-1 </b></font> FC GOA

JFC : Subrata Paul, Tiri, Pratik Chowdhary, Mario Arques, Pablo Morgado, Robin Gurung, Sergio Cidoncha, Bikash Jairu, Memo, Michael Soosairaj, Gourav Mukhi.

FCG : Mohammad Nawaz, Hugo Boumous, Ahmed Jahouh, Chinglensana Singh, Mandar Rao Dessai, Miguel Fernandez, Jackichand Singh, Seriton Fernandes, Edu Bedia, Lenny Rodrigues, Mourtada Fall.
JAMSHEDPUR FC  <b><font color=red> 4-1 </b></font> FC GOA

ISL PRESS RELEASE : Jamshedpur FC stunned high-flyers FC Goa with a commanding display, beating them 4-1 at the JRD Tata Sports Complex in Jamshedpur on Thursday.

The hosts started the game as the better of the two sides with Gourav Mukhi and Soosairaj teasing the Gaurs with their pace and trickery. Soosairaj, who has been in a rich vein of form over the past few matches, opened the scoring for Jamshedpur in the 17th minute. The youngster ghosted behind the Goa defence to pounce on a loose ball inside the penalty box and fire home from a few yards out.

After going a goal down, Goa finally started imposing themselves on the match and almost got the equaliser 10 minutes later through Hugo Boumous. The Frenchman got on the end of a lay-off from Miguel Fernandez before drilling the ball goalward. His shot seemed destined for the bottom corner but scraped the outside of the post instead.

Five minutes later, Goa got themselves back in the contest after Fall headed in his second goal of the campaign. The big centre-back’s diving header was perfectly directed into the bottom corner, leaving Subrata Paul with no chance in goal.

Before the half-time whistle, Cesar Ferrando’s men were awarded a golden chance to regain the lead. A set-piece from Sergio Cidoncha fell perfectly to the unmarked Memo in the penalty box. However, the midfielder blazed his shot over the bar from six-yards out – a real let-off for Goa.

Nevertheless, Jamshedpur came racing out of the blocks in the second period and took the lead after five minutes courtesy of Soosairaj again. The winger displayed his astonishing pace, racing past the Goa defenders before poking the ball beyond an outrushing Mohammad Nawaz.

Goa went in search of the equaliser but could not create any meaningful chances in the absence of their star man Ferran Corominas. Jamshedpur took full advantage of the situation and extended their lead in the last quarter of the game when Memo scored one of the goals of the season so far. After the Gaurs failed to clear their lines from a corner, the ball fell to the Brazilian, who struck an arrowing shot which flew into the top corner.

Only a minute later, Jamshedpur sealed the tie with their fourth goal of the night. An inch-perfect through ball from Cidoncha released Carlos Calvo down the right wing. The substitute squared the ball to Passi, who had the simple task of tapping home into an unguarded net.

With the match done and dusted, substitute Tim Cahill thought he had scored Jamshedpur’s fifth of the night with a simple finish. However, the linesman disallowed the goal for offside, much to the bemusement of the Australian. That would prove to be the last notable piece of action from a memorable night in Jamshedpur.

28.10.2018 : FC GOA 4-2 FC PUNE CITY (FT)

Man of the Match : Ahmed Jahouh -FC GOA
Club Award : FC Goa.
Limitless Player : Marcelo Pereira -FC PUNE CITY
Winning pass of the match :Ferran Corominas -FC GOA
Emerging player : Mohammad Nawaz - GK-FC GOA
FC GOA  <b><font color=red> 4-2 </b></font> FC PUNE CITY
FCG : Nawaz, Boumous, Jahouh, Chinglensana, Mandar, Corominas, Jackichand, Seriton, Bedia, Lenny, Mourtada.
FCPC : Vishal, Gurtej, Mills,Villa, Alfaro, Marcelo,Stankovic, Ashutosh, Kuruniyan, Robin, Fanai.

ISL PRESS RELEASE : FC Goa climbed back to the top of the Hero Indian Super League on Sunday in an entertaining game here at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Fatorda which saw a six goal melee in first 35 minutes and teams being reduced to 10 men towards the final whistle. Sergio Lobera and his attacking game play ensured Goa walked off the pitch with 4-2 win over FC Pune City.

Ferran Corominas’ brace (5’, 35’) and goals from Hugo Boumous and Jackichand Singh gave the hosts their third win while Marcelinho (8’) and Emiliano Alfaro (23’) scored for the visitors who remain winless. Diego Carlos and Corominas were sent off late on as both teams finished the game with just 10 men.
FC GOA  <b><font color=red> 4-2 </b></font> FC PUNE CITY
Just like he had done against Mumbai, Corominas gave the Gaurs an early lead. A well-worked Goa move in the fifth minute saw Ahmed Jahouh release the Spaniard behind the Pune defence and the striker held off Gurtej Singh before applying a smart finish past Vishal Kaith. The Stallions hit back immediately though, as Marcelinho beat an outstretched Mohammad Nawaz with a brilliant chipped finish into the top-right corner.

In typical ping-pong fashion, Goa retook the lead by the 12th minute through another well-worked move as Coro turning provider this time. Boumous delivered an inch-perfect cross back to the midfielder to head past Kaith. Coro had a second assist to his name just minutes later after he sprung the off-side trap before laying the ball for Jackichand to smash into an empty net.

It was a game of shaky defences as Pune once again responded in kind, this time due to an error by Mohammad Nawaz. The young goalkeeper was at fault after he was beaten at his near post by a fierce Alfaro shot. A frantic first period saw attacks from both sides thrive as chances kept coming with regularity at each end but it was the hosts who extended the lead with Coro bagging his second of the night following a goalmouth melee.

The second half started just as frantically as the first with Alfaro and Marko Stankovic coming close to reducing Pune’s arrears on separate occasions. Alfaro then earned a penalty for the visitors when he went down under Chinglensana Singh’s challenge after the defender had lost possession. However, Nawaz pulled off a fine save from his spot-kick to preserve Goa’s two-goal lead.

A goal-line clearance by Ashutosh Mehta at the other end denied Coro his hat-trick as both attacks continued to prosper.The Gaurs frustrated the visitors by keeping a stranglehold on the ball and starving them of goal-scoring chances.The visitors finished the game with 10 men after Diego Carlos was shown a straight red for his knee-high challenge on Seriton Fernandes.Goa’s night would be marred towards the end as Coro was also shown a straight red card after he slid into a tackle on Stankovic with his studs raised.

24.10.2018 : FC GOA 5-0 MUMBAI CITY FC (FT)
Man of the Match : Edu Bedia - FC GOA
Club Award : FC Goa.
Limitless Player : Hugo Boumous - FC GOA
Winning pass of the match :Seriton Fernandes - FC GOA
Emerging player : Chinglensana Singh - FC GOA

FC GOA <b><font color=red> 5-0 </b></font> MUMBAI CITY FC (FT)

FCG : Nawaz, Seriton, Chinglensana, Mourtada, Mandar, Lenny, Jahouh, Bedia, Boumous, Jackichand, Corominas.
MCFC: Amrinder, Souvik, Goian, Subhasish, Shouvik Ghosh; Milan, Machado, Sehnaj, Issoko, Sougou, Bastos.

ISL MEDIA RELEASE: FC Goa surged to the top of the Hero Indian Super League table after a comprehensive 5-0 win over Mumbai City FC at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Fatorda, on Wednesday.

Star striker Ferran Corominas converted an early penalty (6’) to hand the hosts the lead before second-half strikes from Jackichand Singh (55’), Edu Bedia (61’) made it 3-0. A late brace from Miguel Palanca (84’, 90’) condemned Mumbai City to a heavy defeat.

The game got off to an end-to-end start and Mumbai should have taken the lead when Arnold Issoko scuffed his effort from a corner. From the ensuing counter, Souvik Chakrabarti brought down Coro with a horrendous challenge which left the referee no option but to point to the spot. The former Espanyol striker pulled off a Panenka which bewildered Amrinder Singh and handed Goa the lead.

The visitors had several opportunities to score the equalizer as they won several free headers inside the Goa box but just could not test Nawaz. Goa threatened themselves but Amrinder came to Mumbai’s rescue on occasions. The floodgates opened in the second session when Seriton Fernandes’ cross into the box was turned into the net by Jackichand who got ahead of Souvik Chakrabarti to make it 2-0.

The Gaurs then added one more to the tally through Bedia’s stunning outside of the foot shot which sailed into the back of the net. Goa were in cruise control by this time. Miguel Palanca, who came on in the 82nd minute, hammered the final nails in Mumbai City’s coffin with a well-taken brace. First, Palanca took Manvir Singh’s cross in his stride and lifted a finish over substitute goalkeeper Ravi Kumar before sending a left-footed finish past the goalkeeper in the 90th minute after bringing Ahmed Jahouh’s cross from the right wing.

The victory would be proof for Sergio Lobera that his tiki taka ways were producing results. Goa have now scored 10 goals in their first three matches and will next face FC Pune City in the next home game on Sunday. The win sees Goa climb above Bengaluru FC and NorthEast United on goal difference at the top of the table while Mumbai drop to the seventh spot.

06.10.2018 : CHENNIYIAN FC 1-3 FC GOA (FT)
CFC : ELI SABIA (90+3')
Man of the Match : Ahmed Jahouh - FC GOA
Club Award : FC Goa.
Limitless Player : Ferran Corominas - FC GOA
Winning pass of the match : Lenny Rodrigues - FC GOAV
Emerging player : Mohammad Nawaz - GK/FC GOA

CHENNIYIAN FC <b><font color=red> 1-3 </b></font> FC GOA

CFC : Karanjit, Lalrinzuala, Sabia, Mailson, Calderon, Anirudh, Germanpreet, Nelson, Raphael, Jeje, Francis.
FCG : Nawaj, Konsham, Mourtada, Seriton, Lenny, Jahouh, Bedia, Mander, Boumous, Jackiechad, Corominas.
ISL MEDIA RELEASE: FC Goa notched their first win of this Hero Indian Super League season after a convincing 3-1 result over defending champions Chennaiyin FC at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Chennai, on Saturday. A first-half strike from Edu Bedia (12’) set them on their way before Ferran Corominas (53’) and Mourtada Fall (80’) sealed the result for the Gaurs. Eli Sabia scored the consolation for the home team deep into stoppage time.

FC Goa had all the early possession as expected while Chennaiyin were camped in their own half, trying to get a measure of their opposition. With their full-backs playing high up the pitch, Goa were finding space down the wings and Mailson had to be alert to clear a cross from Coro in the eighth minute. Two minutes later, Jackichand Singh raced down the left wing and fizzed a ball across the box which was almost met by Coro.

The sustained spell of pressure paid off for Goa in the 12th minute as Lenny Rodrigues got to the touchline down the right wing after a smartly worked throw-in routine. His cut-back into the box found Edu Bedia who placed a smart finish into the bottom corner of Karanjit Singh’s goal with the help of a slight deflection. Chennaiyin slowly grew into the game and fashioned several chances. Gregory Nelson set up Anirudh Thapa on the edge of the area around the half an hour mark but the youngster’s attempted curler went wide.

Shortly later, Inigo Calderon ventured into the penalty box before finding Francis Fernandes. However, the winger’s shot was saved by Mohammed Nawaz.
The home team started the second period with urgency but FC Goa doubled their lead, capitalising on some poor defensive work from Chennaiyin FC. A throw-in down the right saw Seriton Fernandes get to the touchline and fizz a low ball across the face of the box. Nobody picked up Coro who darted in at the far post to knock in his third goal of the season. Chennaiyin almost got a goal back in the 67th minute when Calderon’s long throw into the box was flicked on by Jeje Lalpekhlua. It fell for Raphael Augusto who blazed over from point-blank range.

Any hopes of a Chennaiyin comeback were extinguished in the 80th minute. Ahmed Jahouh picked up the ball down the right and swung in a cross which was flicked on by Coro towards Mourtada Fall and the Senegalese managed to direct a looping header into the top corner. Chennaiyin got a consolation goal in the end through Eli Sabia who headed in Andrea Orlandi's corner in the 95th minute. Goa are now on four points from two games while the defending champions are yet to open their account.

01.10.2018 : N.E UNITED 2-2 FC GOA (FT')
FCG Federico Gallego(8'), Bartholomew Ogbeche(53')
NEU : Ferrán Corominas (14', 38')
Man of the Match - Ferran Corominas (North East)
Club Award : NorthEast United FC & FC Goa
Limitless Player - Bartholomew Ogbeche (FC Goa)
Winning pass of the match - Keegan Pereira (North East)
Emerging player - Nikhil Kadam (North East)

N.E UNITED <b><font color=red> 2-2 </b></font> FC GOA (FT')

NEUFC : Rehenesh, Keagan, Komorski, Grgic, Pereira, Borges, Leudo, Tlang, Gallego, Nikhil, Ogbeche.
FCG : Nawaz, Fernandes, Fall, Pena, Chinglensana, Lenny, Jahouh, Jackichand, Boumous, Mandar, Corminas.

MATCH REPORT: ISL PRESS RELEASE : In an open-ended Hero Indian Super League (ISL) clash at the Indira Gandhi Athletic stadium, Guwahati which saw chances galore for either side, NorthEast United FC and FC Goa played out an entertaining 2-2 draw. Ferran Corominas (14’, 38’) bagged both goals for the visitors while Federico Gallego (8’) and Bartholomew Ogbeche (53’) were the scorers for the hosts.

After a stop-start first few minutes, the hosts were gifted a goal after a terrible error from 18-year-old Mohammad Nawaz, handed an ISL debut. The Goa custodian charged out of his box and handled the ball in the belief that Bartholomew Ogbeche was offside. However, no such whistle was blown by the referee who instead awarded the free-kick to NorthEast United for a handball. With Nawaz yards outside the box, Federico Gallego showed some quick thinking to chip the dead ball into the empty net, much to the horror of Nawaz.

Having profited from Nawaz’s error to take the lead, the hosts relinquished it minutes later after an error by their own goalkeeper, TP Rehenesh. The NorthEast custodian failed to collect a floated cross from Jackichand Singh and Spanish sharpshooter Ferran Corominas was on hand to bundle the ball into the net. The visitors gained a foothold in the match after the equalizer and came close to taking the lead twice through Jackichand but the winger’s first attempt was deflected away for a corner, while the second just bounced over the bar.

Goa had their deserved lead in the 39th minute with Corominas bagging his second of the night. A midfield scramble saw Hugo Bomous release the Spaniard in the box and the prolific striker did well to evade two tackles with body feints before beating Rehenesh at his near post with a perfectly placed shot. In the second half, the Highlanders did not have to wait too long get their second goal with Ogbeche getting off the mark with a thumping header. The NorthEast forward’s header after a perfect cross from Keegan Pereira gave Nawaz no chance as 18000 home fans roared in delight.

The hosts had two gilt-edged chances to take the lead around the 65th minute when Nikhil Kadam beat his man to come one-on-one with the Goa custodian. The winger attempted to curl the ball into the right-hand corner of the goal but Nawaz pulled off an excellent dive to deny him. From the resulting corner, Grgic had the goal at his mercy but the central defender directed his header wide. Minutes later, Boumous made a darting run into the hosts’ box after being released by Carlos Pena. The Goa midfielder had done well to beat his markers and was poised to take a shot with only Rehenesh to beat but a last-ditch tackle by Leudo averted the danger. The end-to-end action continued till the final whistle with the teams sharing the spoils.