indian football live score

I-League :

18.02.17 : MUMBAI FC 0-0 BENGALURU FC (FT..)

MUM: Kattimani, Shrityar, Anderson, Alex, Thoi, Chinta, Farukh, Densil, Mehraj, Munmun

BFC: Amrinder, Juan, Lenny, Khabra, Sunil, Sandesh, Watson, Alwyn, Udanta, Salam, Daniel

Referee: Ramaswamy S
MOM: Densil Theobald

FULL TIME. Mumbai FC hold defending champion Bengaluru FC.
90'+2':Densil's corner, Munmun's shot but Arindam save it nicely.
90':3 minutes of added time.
88':Yellow Card to Thoi Singh.
87':Udanta's cross, Eugeneson's shot, went wide.
85':Players Change in Bengaluru FC: Euguneson Lyngdoh in place of Daniel.
82':Bengaluru FC's corner, Kattimani again made another fine save to deny Bengaluru FC.
82':Players Change in Mumbai FC: Siam in place of Alex.
81':Shrityar with a goalline save from Sunil's shot. Corner to BFC.
75':Sunil's free kick, went too over the bar.
70':Daniel with open net after Kattimani failed to clear the ball properly but his shot sailed over the bar.
69':Munmun's fine cross and Sandesh cleared it with fine header.
68':Thoi's short corner, cross straight to Arindam's hand.
66':Watson's free kick, Sandesh's header just wide.
66':Yellow Card to Shilton
65':Players Change in Mumbai FC: Shilton in place of Anderson.
65':VIneeth's shot, straight to Kattimani's hand.
62':Players Change in Bengaluru FC: C K Vineeth in place of Alwyn Geroge.
53':Munmun's cross from left, Karan's header, Arindam made a fine save.
51':Players Change in Mumbai FC: Karan Sawhney in place of Farukh Choudhary.
46':Second half resumed.
HALF TIME Score remained goalless at the end of first half .
45'+3':Silva's shot, went wide.
45'+1':Ball cleared from corner as header went out.
45':4 minutes of added time.
45':Watson's cross, cleared and corner to Bengaluru.
42':Ball cleared from corner.
41':Alwyn's header, cleared and corner.
39':Players Change in Bengaluru FC: Arindam in place of Amrinder.
37':Foul against Farukh by Salam Ranjan Singh, free kick to Mumbai Fc in a very good position.
33':Thoi's shot, straight to Amrinder's hand.
29':Yellow Card to Watson.
26':Udanta's cross, Daniel's header just over the bar.
25':Mumbai FC's corner cleared and a counter attack of Bengaluru FC. Alwyn's shot, Kattimani save it.
23':Khabra's cross, cleared in defence.
21':Thoi's low cross, cleared in defence.
17':Udanta's shot, went over the bar.
16':Udanta's fine cross, but no Bengaluru players there.
14':Chance to Thoi, Amrinder cleared. Corner to Mumbai FC.
3':Yellow Card to Udanta Singh.
0':Kick off.