24.07.2016 : KOCHI - 1-1, (2-3 pen) MUMBAI
KOC : Deives Moares
MUM : Angellot

Team Mumbai          Team Kochi

Foglia   –  Missed =  Chaguinha – Goal

Angellot –  Goal   =  Paulinho  – Missed

Ramirez  –  Missed =  Moraes    – Missed

Perez    –  Goal   == Gekabert  – Goal

Giggs    –  Missed == Salgado   – Missed

Aarmado  –  Goal   == Casalone  – Missed
GOLDEN BOOT WINNER : Angellot of Mumbai Scored 8 goals in the Tournament.
Player of The Tournament : Chaguinha of Kochi won player of the tournament.



23.07.2016 : KOCHI (FINALIST) - 2-1 GOA
KOC : Chaguinha-2

23.07.2016 : MUMBAI (FINALIST) - 4-2 KOLKATA
MUM : Angellot - 3, Ramirez
KOL : Carioca, Gabriel
DAY - 6:21.07.2016 : BENGALURU - 0-3 GOA
GOA : Michael Silva, Rafael, Vampeta

DAY - 6:21.07.2016 : CHENNAI - 3-3 KOCHI
CHN : Camilo 12', Nandha 18', Falcao 39'
KOC : Moraes 37', Chaguinha 38', 40'

DAY - 5: 20.07.2016 : BENGALURU - 1-1 KOLKATA
BEN : Jonathan Piers
KOL : Pula

DAY - 5:20.07.2016 : KOCHIN - 4-6 MUMBAI
KOC : Moraes, Changuinha-2,
MUM : Fogila-2, Chanpreet, Angellot, Ramirez, Mannikoth
DAY - 4: 19.07.2016 : KOLKATA - 2-2 GOA - FT
KOL : Pula 3', Carioca 15'
40': Match end. 2nd draw of Kolkata. Today match ended 2-2.
35': 2-2 is the score line still.
32': 4th Qr starts.
30': SCORE LINE 2-2.
28': GOALLLLLLLLLLL 2-2. Santosh Vampeta double score and equalized the margin.
24': GOALLLLLLLLLLLL 2-1. Santosh Vampeta reduce margin for Goa.
20': 2-0 leading by Kolkata.
19': Good attempt of Pula but no score.
18': Still Kolkata is leading 2-0.
14': Bebe of Goa saved Pula's goal attempt.
10': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL : 2-0 to Kolkata, Carioca scored the 2nd.
GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1-0 to Kolkata, Pula scored.

DAY - 4: 19.07.2016 : MUMBAI - 4-3 CHENNAI -FT.
CHN : Romulo.
MUM : Foglia, Angellot, Giggs
MUM : Amado, Giggs, Foglia, Ramirez, Chanpreet.
CHN : Espindola, Manel Rion, Romulo, Younus, Falcao

17.07.2016 : DAY-3 : BENGALURU - 2-7 GOA ( FT.)
GOA : Ronaldinho 6', 18', 19', 32', 40', Marshal 33', Raphael 39'
BEN : Maxi 10', Jonathan 15'
GOA : Mohd Ali (Indian), Rafael, Vampeta, Ronaldinho and Bebe
BEN : Elias, Neto, Jonathan (Indian), Scholes and Maxi

40': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 7-2 and 5th goal of Ronaldinho.
39': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL 6-2 for GOA, Raphael scored.
30': End of 2rd Qr. 3-2 lead of GOA.
27': Jonathan missed a sure chance to score for Bengaluru.
20': END of 2nd Qr. GOA is leading 3-2. Hattrick of Ronaldinho.
19': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2-2, 2nd and equalizer of Ronaldinho.
15': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2-1 to Bengaluru through left footer of Jonathan.
12': Chance missed by Ronaldinho.
11': 2nd Qr. match starts.
9': Attempt of Scoles of Bengaluru just wide.
10': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1-1. Argentine Maxi scored equalizer.
6': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1-0 to GOA, Smba Magig of Ronaldinho who scored to beat GK.
4': Goa Attacked from right, Raphael's shot to keeper.
2': Attack Bengaluru, Jonathan;'s shot went out.
1': Match starts, Ronaldinho in action for Goa side.

17.07.2016 : DAY- 3 : KOCHI - 4-4 CHENNAI
KOC : Chaguinha 17', 36', Moares 7, 32'
CHN : Falcao 10', 12', Cirilo 18', Camilo 27'

CHN : Espindola, Romulo, Nannda, Cirilo and Falcao KOC : Casalone, Chaguinha, Mohd Ameer and Salgado
Day 2:16.07.2016 (M-2): BENGALURU 1-1 KOLKATA (FT.)
KOL : Pula 18'
BEN : Pires 6'
40': Match end 1-1.
38': Free kick near Penalty box for Bengaluru as Md Islam fouled. No score.
30': Still score line is 1-1. Kochi won 4-1 over Mumbai earlier.
18': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1-1. Pula equalized for Kolkata as GK came out.
10': End of 1st Qr. Bengaluru is leading 1-0. In first game Kochi win 4-1 over Mumbai.
6': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1-0 to Bengaluru. Jonathan Pires scored eith poweful left footer. 1': Match starts.

DAY-2:16.07.2016 (M-1): MUMBAI 1-4 KOCHI( FT.)
KOC: Moares 23', 31', Gilbert 32', Salgado 38'
MUM : Caro 29'

FT : End of the 1st match. Kochin beat Mumbai 4-1.
38': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL 4-1 to Kochi. Brillian solo run goal of Salgado.
32': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 3-1 to Kochi. Gilbert scored the 3rd goal for Kochi.
31': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2-1 to Kochi. 2nd score of Moraes.
30': Kochi missed a close chance. End of 3rd qr.
29': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1-1 now. Caro Equalized the scoreline for Mumbai.
23': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL 1-0 to Kochi. Penalty score by Moraes.
20': No score still upto 2nd qr.
19': Missed of Mumbai. 0-0 score line.
10': End of 1st Qr Match. 0-0 is the score line.
1': Match starts.

15.07.2016 : KOLKATA 4-2 GOA - FT
KOL : Pula 5', Mohammed Islam 6', Crespo 24', Mohammad Ahtesham Ali (O.G) 34'
GOA : Raphel 21', Vampeta 29'
FT : Kolkata beat Goa 4-2. Crespo beat Ronaldinho.
34': GOALLLLLLLLLLLL 4-2 for Kolkata from an own goal of Goa by Mohammad Ahtesham Ali.
31': 4th Qr Starts.
30': End of 3rd Qr. Kolkata is leading 3-2.
29': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Vampeta scored for Goa. 3-2.
24': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 3-1 to Kolkata, Crespo scored from a free kick.
21': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2-1. Raphel scored for Goa. Ronaldinho in the Bench.
20': 2nd QR End. Still score line is 2-0 for Kolkata.
10': End of 1st Qr. Kolkata is leading 2-0.
6': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2-0 to Kolkata. Md. Islam scored from a pass of Crespo.
5': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL : Pula scored for Kolkata


Kolkata defeated Goa 4 - 2 as Hernan Crespo led from the front. In an engaging encounter, Kolkata went past Ronaldinho’s Goa 5’s. It could have been a dream start for Ronaldinho as he almost produced the first goal of the game with a typical no-look pass to Rafael that was saved by Cidao.

Goa suddenly found themselves two goals down in a matter of minutes. Pula was the first one to find the back of the net with his head after a deflected cross. Then, we had the first Indian goalscorer of the tournament as Goa found themselves in a 3 on 1 situation and Crespo setup Mohammed Islam for a simple tap in.

Ronaldinho tried to spark some life into the Goan attack in the 2nd quarter. He tested Cidao with a neat drag-back flick but he was too close to the keeper with all his angles closed down and his back to goal.

Just after the restart, Goa got themselves back in the game. Rafael’s toe poke deflected off the goalkeeper in his attempt to save it and landed in the back of the net. The chance was created after a great pick out by Georgievsky. Goa found themselves two goals behind yet again as Carioca’s freekick fooled the defence with a short pass to Crespo and his striker's instinct kicked in finishing with aplomb to make it 3-1.

Goa hadn't given up on the game yet as Vampeta made it 3-2 before the end of the 3rd quarter. A slack pass from Pula deflected of Rafael into the path of the Brazil-born Italian who put it into an open goal. Kolkata restored their two-goal cushion in the 4th quarter as luck was in their favor. As they went on the attack, a shot at goal ricocheted off Mohammed Ahtesham Ali and the ball rolled into the open net with the keeper in no-mans land.

Ronaldinho had a couple of chances after that to score but Kolkata held on for a 4-2 win.




15.07.2016 : CHENNAI 2-4 MUMBAI - FT
MUM : Foglia 10', 29', Angellot 12', Ramirez 34'
CHN : Cirillo 35', Falcao 36'

40': End of 4th Qr. Mumbai win 4-2.
36': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 4-2 No. Falcao scored for Chennai.
35': GOAAAALLLLLLL 4-1 Score line now. Cirillo scored for Chennai.
34': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL 4-0 to Mumbai. scored from a free kick by Ramirez.
30': END of 3rd Qr. MUMBAI is LEADING 3-0.
29': GOALLLLLLLL 3-0 to Mumbai. 2nd score of Foglia.
26': 3rd Qr. both teams lost scoring chance as Shot hits the post.
20': 3rd Qr match starts.
18': Good left footer shot of Chennai but Mumbai keeper was alert.
14': SCORE LINE 2-0 Lead to MUMBAI .
12': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Caro Foglia scored 2-0. 2ND GOAL OF MUMBAI from shot over the D Box.
10': Mumbai is leading 1-0.
10': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Foglia scored. 1-0 to Mumbai as Goal scored through Penalty kick.

Mumbai overpowered Chennai in the first ever Premier Futsal game in Chennai. Giggs played a starring role as they put together a solid defense and gave Chennai a master-class on Counter-attack.

Ryan Giggs took the charge against the Pele of Futsal and came out on top to claim the first game of Premier Futsal. Giggs has been with Manchester United for almost 3 decades playing football, but today was his debut on the Futsal pitch. Mumbai 5’s strike force had the firepower of the Ryan Giggs and Foglia who won the Best Futsal Player award in 2003.

Mumbai opened the scoring after they won a penalty. Sirilo’s handball allowed Foglia to step up and score a calm penalty sending the keeper the wrong way. In the first quarter, Chennai had the bulk of the chances but couldn’t back their flair play with accurate finishing.

The second quarter started badly for Chennai going two goals down quickly. Mumbai robbed Chennai of possession and Angellot showed brilliant piece of ball control to leave the keeper on the floor and blasted the ball into open net to claim Mumbai 5’s third goal.

Chennai kept possession but Mumbai’s solid defence ensured they remained a step ahead in the second quarter. Mumbai were employing the classic counter tactic breaking every time Chennai lost the ball. Falcao continued to display his full array of tricks but Mumbai kept hold of their 2-0 lead at half time.

It takes a minute for the course of the game to change in Futsal, Chennai 5’s could not be ruled out of it at any stage. Chennai almost got a goal back as Sirilo’s shot stung the bar and went out of play.

Ryan Giggs was seen in all his elements by the third quarter has he produced the first nutmeg of Premier Futsal and showcased his class with a few no-look passes. The United legend set up Foglia for his second and Mumbai’s 3rd on the night. He might have been out of play for a while, but he sure didn’t look out of touch.

Mumbai 5’s kept going up gears as the game went on. Ramirez made it four with a wonderful side foot finish into the top corner. Chennai 5’s finally opened their account with Sirilo toe poking one in the back of the net, taking advantage of a miscommunication in Mumbai’s defence. Falcao pulled the second goal back as he thrashed one into the net after going past a couple of defenders.

At the end of the of the final whistle, Mumbai took home the first three points of Premier Futsal blowing away Falcao’s Chennai 5’s 4 – 2.