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  • PART-21 - 30


As this season's football calender nearly in the end, all the clubs look back their strength and weekness and in the transfer market to search potential signing for better result in next season. Some popular players leave their clubs after a long period some clubs changed their coaches. Kolkatafootball.com team will make you update about all the rumors, gossips of world football transfers of popular clubs.

Manchester United - EPL : Louis van Gaal has been named as Manchester United manager, with Ryan Giggs (retired after end of this season) as his assistant. He signed a 3 years contract and will join the Club after 2014 World Cup. Manchester United already bid Southampton's Luke Shaw and this talk is now in advanced position. Bayern Munich's Toni Kroos is also in their radar.

After a horrified season (finished 7th, 22 points behind league winner Manchester City) several players like Nemanja Vidic, Rio Ferdinand already committed of leaving, Patrice Evra set to switch Juventus and Darren Fletcher also set to leave. Dutch coach need to rebuild his squad, where he have nearly 150-200 million pound for spending.

FC BARCELONA - LA-LIGA : Barcelona have named former player Luis Enrique as their new manager on a two-year contract. Enrique left Celta Vigo after guiding them to a ninth-place finish in the Spanish league this season.

Victor Valdes and Carles Puyol two long serving FC Barcelona players will leave Camp Nou in this summer. After 1-1 draw in the final La Liga match against League Champion Atletico Madrid, Argentine manager Gerrado Martino announced he will leave the club. Meanwhile Lionel Messi has agreed terms on a new Barcelona contract which is set to see him overtake Cristiano Ronaldo as the world's highest-paid footballer.

Barcelona reportedly are in contact with Chelsea's David Luiz with a player exchange of Alexis Sanchez. The La Liga Giant reportedly considering a move for Juventus striker Fernando Llorente during the summer transfer window. Meanwhile Liverpool and Napoli are locked in the battle for Barcelona midfielder Javier Mascherano. Reports claims that Andres Iniesta considering a sensational move to Arsenal or Manchester City. Liverpool Keeper Jose Reina may move to his old club Barcelona.

CHELSEA - EPL : After a trophyless season Mourinho's Chelsea looks to enforce their squad once again. La Liga Champion Atletico Madrid's striker Diego Costa joining looks like a done deal. Bayern Munich’s Mario Mandzukic is also in Chelsea's radar with a exchange of David Luiz.

Thibaut Courtois back from his loan at Atletico Madrid to compete with no. 1 Petr Cech, veteran keepers Schwarzer and Hilario are likely to be released. Demba Ba is also set to leave Chelsea this summer. Chelsea captain John Terry has signed a new one-year contract extension. While Cole announced on Twitter that he may left Chelsea from next season. The veteran having been linked with a free transfer to both Liverpool and Manchester City. The left-back's contract expired after Chelsea's 2-1 win at Cardiff City on the final day of the 2013-2014 EPL.

Our next part will include transfer rumor of Real Madrid, Manchester City, Arsenal.




1 	India 		GK 	Pawan Kumar
2 	India 		DF 	Nanjangud Shivananju Manju
3 	India 		DF 	Vishal Kumar
4 	Kenya 		DF 	Curtis Osano            ---------- FOREIGNER
5 	India 		MF 	Gurtej Singh
6 	England 	DF 	John Johnson           ---------- FOREIGNER
7 	Australia 	FW 	Sean Rooney            ---------- FOREIGNER  
8 	India 		MF 	Malemngamba Meetei
9 	India 		FW 	Robin Singh
10 	Liberia 	MF 	Johnny Menyongar       ---------- FOREIGNER
11 	India 		FW 	Sunil Chhetri (captain)
12 	India 		MF 	Thoi Singh
13 	India 		DF 	Rino Anto
14 	India 		MF 	Sampath Kuttimani
15 	India 		MF 	Darren Caldeira		 
17 	India 		FW 	Karan Sawhney
18 	India 		MF 	Beikhokhei Beingaichho
19 	India 		MF 	Siam Hanghal
20 	India 		DF 	Keegan Pereira
22 	India 		GK 	Bruno Colaço
23 	India 		DF 	Lalrozama Fanai
25 	India 		MF 	Niroshan Mani
26 	India 		DF 	Thomas Lalengkima
27 	India 		MF 	Amoes
28 	India 		MF 	Don Bosco Andrew
29 	India 		GK 	Soram Anganba (on loan from IMG-Reliance)
30 	India 		GK 	Ricardo Cardozo
31 	India 		MF 	C.K. Vineeth (on loan from United SC)
?? 	India 		MF 	Randhan Meitei (on loan from IMG-Reliance)
?? 	India 		FW 	Shankar Sampingiraj (on loan from IMG-Reliance)


1 	India 	GK 	Lalit Thapa
2 	India 	DF 	Sudhakaran Kumar
3 	India 	MF 	William Colaco
5 	India 	DF 	Gurpreet Singh
8 	India 	MF 	Micky Fernandes
11 	India 	MF 	Sanjay Balmuchu
12 	India 	DF 	Denzil Franco
13 	India 	DF 	Dharmaraj Ravanan (vice-captain)
14 	Egypt 	MF 	Abdelhamid Shabana            ------- FOREIGNER
15 	India 	MF 	Anthony Barbosa
16 	India 	MF 	Amandeep Singh
17 	India 	FW 	Balwant Singh
18 	India 	DF 	Thangjam Singh
19 	India 	MF 	Charles Fernandes
21 	India 	MF 	Alesh Sawant
22 	India 	FW 	Jaison Vales		
23 	India 	MF 	Anthony Pereira
24 	India 	MF 	Lenny Rodrigues
26 	India 	DF 	Yumnam Raju
27 	India 	GK 	Arindam Bhattacharya
28 	India 	MF 	Bikramjit Singh            ----------- to Mohun Bagan
29 	India 	DF 	Satish Singh
30 	TandT	MF 	Anthony Wolfe              ------- FOREIGNER
31 	India 	MF 	Ashley Fernandes
33 	India 	MF 	Richard Costa
34 	India 	MF 	Warren Rebello
35 	India 	FW 	Bineesh Balan
37 	India 	GK 	Presley Mascarenhas
39 	India 	DF 	Dannies Fernandes
40 	Aus  	DF 	Daniell Zeleny              ------- FOREIGNER



1 	India 	GK 	Ravi Kumar
2 	India 	DF 	Nallappan Mohanraj
3 	India 	DF 	Matthew Gonsalves (captain)
4 	India 	DF 	Deepak Devrani
5 	India 	DF 	Keenan Almeida
6 	Spain 	DF 	Gonzalo Hinojal
7 	India 	MF 	Mackroy Peixote
8 	Nigeria MF 	Ogba Kalu Nnanna             ------- FOREIGNER
10 	India 	FW 	Dawson Fernandes
11 	India 	MF 	Jovel Martins
12 	India 	MF 	Valerio Rodrigues
13 	India 	MF 	Beevan D'Mello
14 	India 	FW 	Victorino Fernandes
15 	India 	MF 	Pratesh Shirodkar
16 	India 	FW 	Mauvin Borges
17 	India 	MF 	Stephen Barretto		 
18 	India 	DF 	Rojen Singh
20 	India 	DF 	Chinta Chandrashekar Rao (on loan from Mumbai Tigers)
21 	India 	MF 	Cajetan Fernandes
22 	India 	MF 	Joseph Pereira
23 	India 	MF 	Rowllin Borjes
24 	India 	MF 	Rovan Pereira
25 	India 	GK 	Harshad Meher
26 	India 	MF 	Velito Cruz
27 	India 	DF 	Joseph Clemente
28 	India 	FW 	Xavier Dias
29 	India 	MF 	Royston Dsouza
30 	Aus  	FW 	Boima Karpeh               ------- FOREIGNER
31 	India 	GK 	Saurav Chakraborty
33 	India 	DF 	Joyner Lourenco
37 	Nigeria MF 	Martins Ekwueme            ------- FOREIGNER
40 	India 	GK 	Melroy Fernandes



1 	India 	GK 	Karanjit Singh
2 	India 	DF 	Fulganco Cardozo
3 	India 	DF 	Augustin Fernandes
4 	Nigeria	DF 	Chika Wali                  ------- FOREIGNER
6 	India 	DF 	Lenny Pereira
7 	Scot 	FW 	Darryl Duffy                ------- FOREIGNER
8 	India 	FW 	Milagres Gonsalves
9 	India 	FW 	Marcus Masceranhas
11 	Nigeria	FW 	MacPherlin Dudu Omagbemi    ------- FOREIGNER
12 	India 	FW 	Bali Gagandeep
13 	India 	DF 	Caitano Costa
14 	India 	MF 	Karma Tsewang
15 	India 	MF 	Jeevan Nalge
16 	India 	DF 	Surjit Singh
17 	India 	FW 	Albino Pereira
19 	India 	DF 	Nicolau Colaco
21 	India 	GK 	Felix D'Souza
22 	Aus 	DF 	Matthew Foschini           ------- FOREIGNER
23 	India 	DF 	Rahul Kumar
25 	India 	MF 	Rocus Lamare
26 	India 	MF 	Randeep Singh
28 	India 	FW 	Aslon Oliveira
29 	India 	MF 	Clifton Dias
30 	India 	MF 	Francis Fernandes (captain)
34 	India 	MF 	Brian Mascarenhas
36 	India 	DF 	Rosario Mendes
37 	India 	MF 	Gilbert Oliveira
39 	India 	FW 	Godfrey Silva
42 	India 	MF 	Freiman Peixoto
43 	India 	MF 	Bikash Jairu (on loan from Mumbai Tigers) 


  DEMPO SC     

1 	India 	GK 	Subhasish Roy Chowdhury
2 	India 	DF 	Debabrata Roy
5 	Aus 	DF 	Simon Colosimo                ------- FOREIGNER
6 	India 	MF 	Peter Carvalho
7 	India 	MF 	Godwin Franco
8 	India 	DF 	Jessel Carneiro
11 	Brazil 	MF 	Beto                          ------- FOREIGNER
12 	India 	FW 	Jeje Lalpekhlua
15 	India 	MF 	Clifford Miranda
16 	India 	DF 	Samir Subash Naik
17 	India 	MF 	Sanju Pradhan (on loan from IMG RELIANCE)
18 	Afgh  	DF 	Zohib Islam Amiri (on loan from Mumbai F.C.) ------- FOREIGNER
19 	India 	MF 	Romeo Fernandes
20 	Aus  	FW 	Tolgay Özbey (on loan from Mohammedan) ------- FOREIGNER
22 	India 	MF 	Mandar Rao Desai 
23 	India 	MF 	Jewel Raja
25 	India 	DF 	Selwyn Fernandes
26 	India 	DF 	Prathamesh Maulingkar
27 	India 	FW 	Joy Ferrao
31 	India 	GK 	Tyson Caiado
33 	India 	GK 	Laxmikant Kattimani
34 	India 	FW 	Myron Fernandes
36 	India 	DF 	Prabir Das
37 	India 	DF 	Shallum Pires
38 	India 	MF 	Sahil Tavora
39 	India 	MF 	Alwyn George
41 	India 	FW 	Holicharan Narzary
42 	India 	DF 	Narayan Das
43 	India 	MF 	Pronay Halder
	India 	FW 	Aniston Fernandes


  MUMBAI FC     

1 	India 	GK 	Kunal Sawant
2 	Afgh    MF 	Ahmad Hatifi                  ------- FOREIGNER
3 	Nige  	MF 	Ebi Sukore                    ------- FOREIGNER
4 	India 	DF 	Peter Costa (on loan from IMG RELIANCE)
5 	India 	DF 	Anwar Ali
6 	India 	MF 	Ashutosh Mehta
7 	India 	MF 	Nicholas Rodrigues
8 	India 	MF 	Climax Lawrence (Captain)
9 	Liberia FW 	Alfred Jaryan                 ------- FOREIGNER
10 	Ghana 	FW 	Yusif Yakubu                  ------- FOREIGNER
11 	India 	MF 	Subhas Chakraborty
12 	India 	MF 	Rohit Mirza
13 	India 	GK 	Nidhin Lal
14 	India 	FW 	Mohammed Rafi (on loan from IMG RELIANCE)
15 	India 	MF 	James Singh
16 	India 	FW 	Branco Cardozo
17 	India 	DF 	Kamaljeet Kumar 
18 	India 	DF 	Valeriano Rebello
19 	India 	MF 	Lalrinchhana Tochhawng
20 	India 	FW 	Jayesh Rane
21 	India 	MF 	Manuel D'Souza
22 	India 	MF 	N.P. Pradeep (on loan from IMG RELIANCE)
23 	India 	FW 	Dane Pereira
24 	India 	DF 	Sandesh Jhingan (on loan from IMG RELIANCE)
25 	India 	DF 	Khelemba Singh (on loan from IMG RELIANCE)
28 	India 	DF 	Nihal Chandran
29 	India 	MF 	John Coutinho
30 	India 	GK 	Sanjiban Ghosh
35 	India 	FW 	Cletus Paul
36 	India 	DF 	Ritesh Perambra
38 	India 	DF 	Rahul Bheke (on loan from Mumbai Tigers)
39 	India 	MF 	Sehnaj Singh (on loan from Mumbai Tigers) 


1 	India 	GK 	Ralte Lalthuammawia
3 	India 	DF 	Wailadmi Passah
4 	India 	MF 	Bipin Singh
5 	India 	DF 	Sandeep Singh
6 	N.Korea DF 	Minchol Son                 ------- FOREIGNER
7 	India 	MF 	Lalram Luaha
8 	India 	MF 	Milan Singh
9 	TandT   FW 	Cornell Glen                ------- FOREIGNER
10 	India 	FW 	Subhash Singh
11 	Japan 	MF 	Taisuke Matsugae            ------- FOREIGNER
12 	India 	DF 	C Lallawmzuala
13 	India 	MF 	Boithang Haokip
14 	India 	MF 	Niwan O Gatpoh
15 	India 	FW 	Seikhohau Tuboi
16 	India 	DF 	Zodingliana Ralte
17 	India 	MF 	Jibon Singh
18 	India 	DF 	Robin Gurung
19 	India 	FW 	Redeem Tlang
21 	India 	GK 	Vinay Singh
22 	India 	MF 	Lalram Muana
23 	India 	DF 	Lalchhuan Mawia
24 	India 	FW 	Shaiborlang Kharpan
26 	India 	MF 	Jacob Lalrawngbawla
27 	India 	DF 	Rakesh Pradhan
28 	India 	DF 	Samuel Shadap
30 	Brazil 	FW 	Uilliams                    ------- FOREIGNER
31 	India 	GK 	Kunzang Bhutia
32 	India 	FW 	Durga Boro 


1 	India 	GK 	Surjay Pariyar
2 	India 	DF 	Dapbor Bareh
3 	India 	DF 	Poibang Pohshna (captain)
4 	India 	DF 	Pratik Chaudhari
5 	India 	DF 	Ambilstar Sunn
6 	Senegal DF 	Lamine Tamba              ------- FOREIGNER
7 	India 	DF 	David Ngaihte
9 	India 	MF 	Abocha Singh
10 	India 	MF 	Eugeneson Lyngdoh
11 	Brazil 	FW 	Edmar Figueira            ------- FOREIGNER (Out)
12 	India 	DF 	Pynshongdor Shadap
13 	India 	MF 	T Lalnunpuia
14 	India 	FW 	Sandesh Gadkari
15 	India 	DF 	Thomas Saikhom
16 	India 	FW 	Joy Mrong Kharraswai
17 	India 	FW 	Nagen Tamang		
18 	India 	MF 	Ericson Lyngdoh
19 	India 	FW 	Bansharaj Sun
21 	N.Korea FW 	Kim Seng-Yong             ------- FOREIGNER
22 	India 	DF 	Munmun Lugun
23 	India 	MF 	Restomwell Khriam
24 	India 	MF 	Steven Dias
25 	India 	MF 	Sushanth Mathew
26 	India 	MF 	Joychandra Singh
27 	India 	MF 	Laldingngheta
28 	Nigeria	FW 	Ranti Martins            ------- FOREIGNER
29 	India 	GK 	Shambu Mishtry
30 	India 	GK 	Rehnesh TP
33 	India 	MF 	Tomba Singh
34 	Japan 	MF 	Yohei Iwasaki            ------- FOREIGNER
36 	India 	FW 	Manandeep Singh
39 	India 	DF 	Gouramangi Singh


   PUNE FC     
1 	India 	GK 	Amrinder Singh
2 	India 	DF 	Othallo Tabia
4 	England DF 	Calum Angus                   ------- FOREIGNER
5 	India 	DF 	Gurjinder Kumar
6 	India 	DF 	Shanmugam Venkatesh
7 	Nethe  	FW 	Riga Mustapha                 ------- FOREIGNER
8 	India 	MF 	Arata Izumi
10 	Aust 	FW 	Mirjan Pavlovic               ------- FOREIGNER
11      Ivory   MF      Douhou Piere                  ------- FOREIGNER
12 	India 	DF 	Nicolau Borges (on loan from Mohun Bagan)
13 	India 	DF 	Zohmingliana Ralte
14 	India 	DF 	Denechandra Meitei
15 	India 	DF 	Anas Edathodika (captain)
16 	India 	MF 	Velington Rocha
17 	India 	MF 	Dhanpal Ganesh 		 
18 	India 	MF 	Nawab Zeeshan
19 	India 	MF 	Nikhil Kadam
20 	India 	FW 	Prakash Thorat
21 	India 	MF 	Anthony D'Souza
22 	India 	GK 	Arup Debnath
23 	India 	MF 	Mumtaz Akhtar
24 	India 	DF 	Salam Ranjan Singh
25 	India 	DF 	Srikanth Ramu
26 	India 	MF 	Fanai Lalrempuia
27 	India 	GK 	Shahinlal Meloly
28 	India 	FW 	Thongkhosiem Haokip
29 	India 	DF 	Gobin Singh
30 	India 	MF 	Gabriel Fernandes (on loan from Dempo)
31 	India 	MF 	Lester Fernandez 

1 	India 	GK 	Abhijit Mondal
2 	India 	DF 	Raju Gaikwad
3 	India 	DF 	Arnab Mondal
4 	Nigeria DF 	Uga Okpara                 ------------- FOREIGNER
5 	India 	DF 	Abhishek Das
6 	India 	FW 	Baljit Sahni
7 	India 	MF 	Harmanjot Khabra (vice-captain)
8 	India 	DF 	Naoba Singh
9 	India 	MF 	Alvito D'Cunha
10 	Nigeria FW 	Chidi Edeh                 ------------- FOREIGNER
11 	Japan 	MF 	Ryuji Sueoka               ------------- FOREIGNER
12 	India 	MF 	Reisangmei Vashum
14 	India 	MF 	Mehtab Hossain (captain)
15      Sudan   FW      James Moga                 ------------- FOREIGNER
16 	India 	DF 	Gurwinder Singh		 
17 	India 	FW 	Joaquim Abranches
19 	India 	DF 	Robert Lalthalma
20 	India 	MF 	Lalrindika Ralte
21 	India 	FW 	Seminlen Doungel
23      India   DF      Safar Sardar
24 	India 	FW 	Cavin Lobo
26 	India 	GK 	Abhra Mondal
27 	India 	GK 	Jayanta Paul (Loan at United SC)
28 	India 	MF 	Shylo Malsawmtluanga
29 	India 	DF 	Saumik Dey
30 	India 	GK 	Gurpreet Singh Sandhu
33 	India 	MF 	Dipankar Roy
34 	India 	MF 	Subodh Kumar
35 	India 	FW 	Nilendra Dewan
36 	India 	DF 	Safar Sardar


1	India	Manotosh Ghosh	 	 GK 
2	India	Aibor Khongjee	 	 DF	 
3	India	Ravinder Singh	 	 DF	 
4	NIGERIA	Eche Anyichie	 	 DF	 ------- FOREIGNER 
5	India	Rowilson Rodrigues	 DF 
6	India	Kingshuk Debnath	 MF	 
7	India	Denson Devadas	 	 MF 
8	India	Adil Khan	 	 DF 
9	NIGERIA	Odaga Okolie	 	 FW      ------- FOREIGNER
10	JAPAN	Yusa Katsumi	 	 MF      ------- FOREIGNER
11	KENIA	Eric Muranda	 	 FW      ------- FOREIGNER-- out
12	India	Preetam Kotal	 	 DF
15	India	C.S. Sabeeth	 	 FW  
16	India	Ujjal Howladar	 	 MF 
17	India	Ram Malik	 	 MF		 
18	India	B. Nameirakpam	 	 DF  
19	India	Arghya Chakraborty	 MF
21	India	Rajib Ghorui	 	 MF								 		 
22	India	Shilton Pal	 	 GK		  
24	India	Sankar Oraon	 	 FW	 
25	NIGERIA	Christopher Chizoba	 FW       ------- FOREIGNER	 
26	India	Souvik Ghosh	 	 DF
27      India   Adarsh Tamang		 MF	 
28	India	Waheed Sali	 	 DF 
30	India	Pankaj Moula	 	 FW		 
??      India	Rana Gharami	 	 DF	 
33	India	Zakir. Mundampara	 MF	 
34	India	Manish. Bhargav	 	 MF	 
35	India	Saiju Mon	 	 MF 
42	India	Sandip Nandy	 	 GK		 
44	India	Bikramjit Singh	         MF	


  UNITED SC     

1	India	Swaroop Das	 	GK
2       India   Deepak Monol Jr.        DF
3       India   Bapi Saha               DF
4	India	Gour Naskar	 	DF	
5	India	Dhanachandra Singh 	DF 	
6	Nigeria	Bello Razaq	 	DF	------- FOREIGNER
7	India	Jayanta Sen	 	MF	
8	India	Lalkamal Bhowmick	MF	
10	LIBERIA Eric Brown	 	MF      ------- FOREIGNER	 
11	India	Biswajit Biswas	 	FW	
12	India	Anupam  Sarkar	 	DF	
13	India	Vineeth CK	 	MF
14	India	Md. Rafique	 	MF		
15	India	Francis Xavier	 	MF
16	India	T. Joychandra Singh 	FW  
17	India	Deepak Mondal	 	DF	
18	India	Sukhen Dey	 	DF
19	Nigeria	Waheed Adekunle	 	FW      ------- FOREIGNER	 
20	India	Asif Kottayil	 	MF
21	India	Sangram Mukherjee	GK		
22	India	D. Mandal	 	MF	
22	India	Baldeep. Singh Jr	MF	
23	India	Souvik Chakraborty	MF
24	India	R. Kumar	 	DF		
25	India	Snehasish Chakraborty	MF		
27	India	Abhijit Das	 	GK
28	India	Sk. Azim	 	DF		
30	SYRIA	Hasan Al Moustafa       Mv	------- FOREIGNER	
33	India	Ishan Debnath	 	GK	
32	India	Tapan Maity	 	MF	
34	India	Arjun Chatterjee	FW
36	India	Jayanta Pal	 	GK			
39	India	Surojit Bose	 	FW		 


1 	India 	GK 	Sukhwinder Singh
2 	India 	DF 	R Dhanarajan (captain)
3 	India 	DF 	Warundeep Singh
4 	India 	DF 	Sandeep Sangha
5 	India 	MF 	Mehrajuddin Wadoo (on loan from IMG RELIANCE)
6 	India 	MF 	Anthony Soren
7 	India 	FW 	Ajay Singh
8 	Nigeria MF 	Penn Orji ------- FOREIGNER
9 	Brazil 	FW 	Josimar ------- FOREIGNER
11 	India 	MF 	Khanthang Paite
12 	India 	FW 	Ashim Biswas
13 	India 	GK 	Ashok Singh
14 	India 	MF 	Israil Gurung
15 	India 	DF 	Collin Abranches
16 	India 	DF 	Justin Stephen
17 	Brazil 	DF 	Luciano Sabrosa ------- FOREIGNER
18 	India 	DF 	Gagandeep Singh
19 	India 	DF 	Rakesh Masih (on loan from Salgaocar)
20 	India 	MF 	Samson Ramengmawia		
21 	India 	GK 	Somnath Khara
22 	India 	DF 	Phoolchand Hembram
23 	India 	DF 	Dinesh Singh
24 	India 	MF 	Jerry Zirsanga (vice-captain)
25 	India 	DF 	Syed Nabi (on loan from IMG RELIANCE)
26 	India 	MF 	Basanta Singh
27 	India 	MF 	Charan Rai
28 	India 	DF 	Imran Khan
29 	India 	GK 	Sharath Kuniyil
30 	Japan 	FW 	Taro Hasegawa ------- FOREIGNER
31 	India 	GK 	Luis Barreto (on loan from IMG RELIANCE)
32 	India 	DF 	Sukhdeb Murmu
33 	India 	DF 	Nirmal Chettri (on loan from IMG RELIANCE)
34 	India 	DF 	Faizal Rehman
36 	India 	FW 	Monirul Mondal
42 	India 	MF 	Manish Maithani (on loan from IMG RELIANCE)