16.08.19: MOHAMMEDAN SC 0-1 ATK (FT)
ATK : Hitesh Sharma 2'
MSC : M. Ansari, Balwinder, Sujit, Kamran, Safiul, Satyam, Musa, Prosenjit, Tirthankar, V. Chhangte, Kouassi.
ATK : Avhilash, Prabir. Salam Ranjan, Ankit, Boris, Komal, William, Anil, Ashish, M. Zuala, Hitesh
MOHAMMEDAN SC <b><font color=red> 0-1 </b> </font> ATK
ATK, the home ISL team from Kolkata, finally pocketed a win in the 129th edition of Durand Cup, as they defeated Mohammedan Sporting Club 1-0 at Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan. The game started half an hour late at 1830 hrs due to a torrential downpour since afternoon. Even the entire 90 minutes duration was accompanied with constant rainfall, though the match remained uninterrupted.

2 minutes into the match, a sudden attack from ATK culminated with Hitesh Sharma’s goal. Mohammedan SC got a few chances to level the score but failed to convert each of them. It was a hard day at work for the ATK goalie Avilash Paul as he made some brilliant saves to deny MDSC the all-important equaliser. Thus, when the final whistle was heard, the scoreboard displayed 1-0 in favour of ATK. MOHAMMEDAN SC <b><font color=red> 0-1 </b> </font> ATK
Both Mohammedan SC and ATK thus end their journey for this year’s Durand Cup as group topper Mohun Bagan comfortably qualify for the semis. Mohun Bagan, for their final group league match, will meet tomorrow, August 17, 1830 hrs onwards at Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan.


MSC : ARTHUR KOUSSAI 55',72',76',86'(p) 90', MUDDE MUSA 61'
ARMG:: A BRITTO 71'. 90+5'.
MOHAMMEDAN SC <b><font color=red> 6-2 </b> </font> INDIAN NAVY (FT)
MSC : Moniruzzaman, Sujit, Kareem, Kamran, Koffi Guassi, Satyam, Mudde Musa, Sovan, Tirthankar, Balwinder, Samsad Ali.
NAV : Bhaskar, Abhishek, Dalraj, Anoop, Navjot, Md. Inayath, Novin Gurung, Sarbjit, Jijo F, BrittoPM.

Mohammedan SC, after an unfortunate loss against Mohun Bagan in the opening match of the Durand Cup 2019, return with a resounding victory against Navy at Mohun Bagan ground. Today, Mohammedan made an early substitution, when Vanlalbiaa Chhangte replaced Sovan Sen in the 24th minute. The match initially saw some attacking football from both the sides, but without any prolific result. When the half-time whistle was heard, the scoreboard read 0-0. But all was to change in the second half of the match.

Mohammedan SC finally got a breakthrough in the 56th minute as Arthur Kouassi scores the first goal. The Cote D’Ivoire forward possibly had the most impressive performance in this year’s Durand Cup. He would go on to score four more goals, at the 72nd, 76th, 86th and 90th minute, the final one coming through a penalty. The only other goal for MSC came through the boots of another African, the Ugandan Mudda Muse in the 62nd minute. A long ranger from the corner of the penalty box by Britto PM in the 71st minute opened the sheet for Navy, seconds before Kouassi would net his second.

The final moments of the match saw some intense action, with another penalty coming at 90+6, this time in Navy’s favour. When referee blew the final whistle, the scoreboard read 6-2 in Mohammedan Sporting’s favour.

The day thus saw 12 goals scored in this year’s Durand Cup, across 2 games. Mohammedan Sporting will face ATK for their final match of group league on August 16 while Navy will face the current group topper Mohun Bagan on August 17, both at the Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan.


02.08.2019 : MOHUN BAGAN 2-0 MD SPORTING ( FT)

MOHUN BAGAN: Salva 2', 21'
MOHUN BAGAN : Shilton, Gurjinder, Fran, Dhanachandra, Ashutosh, Sahil, Joseba Beitia, Surabuddin, Nongdamba, Jesuraj, Salva
MD SPORTING : Shubham, Sujit, Kareem, Kamran, Sattyam, Hira, Musa, Sovan, Tirthankar, Koffi, Amir
REFEREE: Crystal John
FULL TIME Mohun Bagan starts their 129th Durand Cup journey with a win against Mohammedan Sporting in 2-0.
90'+1':Flick to find Sovan in box, Shilton save the ball.
90': 3 minutes of added time.
89':Good move by Mohun Bagan through Joseba Beitia, but his final pass to find Ashutosh went wide.
87':Ashutosh's cross from right flank, went over all and finds Sk. Faiaz in left flank.
86': Imran's cross from left flank, cleared by Kareem.
85': Substitution for Mohammedan Sporting: Vanlalbiaa Chhangte in place of Md. Amirul.
84':Kareem's long ranger to find Koffi, went straight to Shilton.
83': Ashutosh's long ranger, went wide.
82':Chance to Tirthankar and Koffi, misunderstanding in the box and a final chip went wide. Brilliant chance wasted by Mohammedan Sporting.
80': Dhanachandra's cross from left flank, cleared in defence.
78': Another forward through to find Amirul, Gurjinder cleared it.
77':Chance to Amirul once again, but he didn't receive the ball properly made it easy to Dhanachandra to clear it.
75':Koffi's cross, touched the post and went wide.
74':Chance to Sattyam from a good move through Amirul, Koffi, but Sattyam's shot went straight to Shilton. One of the best Chance to Mohammedan Sporting .
74':Tirthankar's free kick from right, good block in Mohun Bagan's defence.
73':Substitution for Mohun Bagan: Sk Faiaz in place of Sk. Sahil.
70':Another chance to Amirul, his left footed shot touched side net.
68':Good run of Md. Amirul through right flank, cross to find Koffi, went straight to Shilton.
66':Romario Jesuraj's cross from left flank, went wide.
64':Substitution for Mohun Bagan: Imran Khan in place of Nongdamba Naorem.
61':Dhanachandra tried a long ranger, ball went wide. Score remains still same.
60':Dhanachandra's centre from left flank, Salva's header went wide.
59':Substitution for Mohun Bagan: Francisco Javier Gonzalez in place of Francisco Morante.
57':Mohammedan's move through Amirul, good block by Morante.
56':Tirthankar's back to back two cross from right flank, Koffi tries for by-cycle kick, but couldn't connect it properly.
54':Long free of Mohammedan Sporting by Sattyam, went straight to Shilton.
53':Sahil committed hand ball, free kick to Mohammmedan Sporting.
51':Sattyam's shot from Tirthankar's corner, went over the bar.
50':Md. Amirul's shot, Shilton cleared it. Corner to Mohammedan Sporting.
49':Koffi's forward pass, went wide.
47':Forward pass to find Md. Amirul, Ashutosh blocked it well.
46':Second half resumed.
46': Substitution for Mohammedan Sporting: Md. Amirul to replace Amir Hossian.
HALF TIME Mohun Bagan leading 2-0 against Mohammedan Sporting at half time.
45'+1':Mohammedan SC's move, Koffi is in OFFSIDE position.
45':2 minutes of added time.
45':Mudde Musa's flick, Koffi's header, but a brilliant save by Shilton to deny the move.
44':Mohun Bagan's move through Dhanachandra, good block by Asif in left to deny the move.
43':Surabuddin's long ranger, from 30 yards, went over the bar.
42':Another foul committed by Mohammedan Soprting, against Beitia.
40':Joseba Beitia's free kick, deflected by human wall and went wide.
39':Sovan committed another foul, this time against Ashutosh. Free kick to Mohun Bagan from right. Another positive chance to Mohun Bagan.
38':Sovan committed foul against Salva this time.
36':Ashutosh Mehta's cross from right flank, Salva's header went wide. Weak header as well as off target this time.
35':Another block by Mudde Musa, free kick to Mohun Bagan once again.
33': Mudde Musa blocked Beitia, free kick to Mohun Bagan.
31':Short corner of Mohammedan Sporting from left. Kamran's cross blocked in defence.
30':Tackle against Romario Jesuraj, treatment at the field.
27':Sujit's long forward ball, Gurjinder cleared it well.
24':Mohammedan Sporting's corner, but Kareem committed foul in box.
23':Substitutiion for Mohammedan Sporting: Asif Ali Molla in place of Hira Mondal.
23':Tirthankar's forward pass to find Koffi, Shilton cleared the ball.
21':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL Ashutosh's centre from right flank, brilliant header of Salva to finds the net once again.
17':Hira Mondal looks injured. Treatment going on.
14':Surabuddin's header in box, cleared in box.
14':Another move of Mohun Bagan, cleared by Tirthankar.
10':Mohun Bagan looks positive so far in the game. Mohammedan nSporting also got a early chance, but cleared in defence.
5':Yellow Card Sattyam Sharma.
4':Romario good run and his shot, went wide.
2':GOALLLLLLLLLL Joseba Beitia's free kick, Salva scored the goal. Brilliant header finds the net.
1':Foul against Joseba in right , free kick to Mohun Bagan.
0':Kick off.
0':It's raining heavily in the Yubabharati Krirangan.
0':Teams are in the field. Match is about to start.
0': The opening match of historical 129th Durand Cup will start at 6 pm at YBK where Kolkata Giants Mohun Bagan and Mohammedan SC will play.