18.08.19: TRAU FC 1-4 GOKULAM FC (FT )
GKFC: Marcus Joseph 58', 62'(Pen), 83', Andre 73'
TRAU: Roger 87'
TRAU: Gurpreet(RC 48'), Shahabaaz(YC 24'), Sandeep, Dinesh, Krishnananda(Tajuddin 51'), Angousana, Pricewill, Naocha, Momocha, Bedashwor, Prem
GKFC: Vicky, Sanju, Andre, Irshad, Huidrom, Mayakannan, Ashok, Marcus, Salah(Myron 73'), Lalromawia(Bruno 55'), Bijesh

AG: Lallawmkima 10'
CCFC: Mashoor 42', Eugene 66'

CCFC: Prateek, Mashoor, Lenin, Suhail(Monish 80'), Vineeth(Eugene 16'), Vijay, Sahib(Nixon 31'), Pravitto, Ajith, Ranjeet(YC 75'(YC 83')(RC), Sriram
AG: Sarath, Muzammil(Shamsher 58'), Ramandeep, Lallawkima, Bikas, Linesh(Sajid 66'), Vikas, Roel(Shafeel 84'), Stanislaus, Deepak, Subash

CFC: Samik, Ajith, Shubham(Ajin 75'), Vignesh(Balkar 83'), Rohmingthanga, Sahil(Justin 52'), Aimol, Melroy, Hendry, Joysana, Sarif.

IAF: Subhajit, Jijo, Arashpreet, Rary, Biswajit, Mandeep, Farhad, Aqib, Saurav(Maniraman 48'), Shahbaz, Danish(YC 49')(Kamaldeep 83')


JFC: Vimal 2', Aakash 51', Nabin 80'
BFC: Leon 45',Suresh 90'(Pen),90'+5'(Pen)
BFC: Dipesh, Sairuatkima, Edmund(Akashdeep 64'), Emanuel(Advait 58'), Parag, Biswa, Roshan, Namgyal, Suresh, Leon, Gusmirat(Rakesh 81')
JFC: Amrit, Naresh, Karandeep, Nabin, Aakash(Sohrab 75'), Billu, Sandip(Baset 68'), Lalboilen, Marbawiang(Boxer 56'), Manisana, Vimal

FCG: Dylan, Leander, Lalhmangaihsanga, Brian, Nestor(Hayden 66'), Saviour(Sarineo 41'), Flan(Aaren 76'), Princeton(YC 81'), Liston, Kingslee, Lalawmpuia
RKFC: Phurba, Farhan(YC 14'), Hammad, Katebe(Krizo 14'(Brian 88')), Loveday, Khalid, Danish, Ritwik, Subhas, Bazie, Lyngdoh(Vicky 67')

17.08.19: CHENNAIYIN FC 1-0 TRAU FC (HOW - 10')
CFC: Joysana 8'

Due to Force Majeure conditions, today's game for Chennaiyin FC vs TRAU has been abandoned. Both teams will be awarded a point each.

17.08.19: CHENNAIYIN FC 1-0 TRAU FC (HOW - 10')
CFC: Joysana 8'

TRAU: Gurpreet, Shahbaaz, Sandeep, Dinesh, Phalguni, Krishnananda, Angousana, Princewill, Naocha, Bedashwor, Prem

CFC: Samik, Justin, Aimol, Sarif, Ajith, hendry, Melroy, Shubham, Vignesh, Joysana, Bawlte



GKFC: Marcus Joseph 43',90' Shibil 56'
INDIAN AIR FORCE <b><font color=red> 0-3 </b> </font> GOKULAM KERALA FC
IAF: Shibinraj, Jojo, Arashpreet, Rary, Biswajit, Farhad, Aqib, Zico (Vivek 68'), Saurav (Danish 79'), Shahbaz(Maniraman 55'), Prabhjot(YC 90'+4')
GKFC: Ubaid, Naocha(YC 26'), Andre, Irshad(YC 23'), Joseph, Rashid, Malemnganba(Ashok 83'), Sebastian, Shibil(Md. Salah 67'), Jestin, Lalromawia (Pelissari 56')

When Marcus Joseph, the Trinidad and Tobago import for Gokulam Kerala FC, took a long shot in the 7th minute of the match, which just went over the goal post, spectators at Sailen Manna Stadium, Howrah knew he was eyeing something big, possibly a repeat of the previous match. Within a few seconds, Gokulam would have made an early lead from Malemnganba's shot but for a superb effort from the Air Force goalie Shibinraj who tipped the ball over the bar.

Gokulam faced an early setback when within 2 minutes, i.e., in the 24th and 26th minute, Huidrom Singh and Mohamed Irshad Thaivalappil were shown a yellow card respectively. However, just a couple of minutes before half time, Marcus Joseph became the saving grace by scoring a brilliant goal from a considerable distance.

In the 56th minute, Joseph took another shot. However, Shibinraj almost saved it, the ball slipped off his hands and Shibil Muhammed made no mistake in netting the second goal for GKFC on the rebound. A calm and composed Joseph scored his second, in the fag end of the match at the 86th minute, thus leading Gokulam Kerala FC to a consecutive win in this year’s Durand Cup, this time by a margin of 3-0.


14.08.19: CHENNAI CITY FC 1-2 FC GOA (FT)
FCG: Liston 8', Nestor 30'
CCFC: Mashoor 16'
CHENNAI CITY FC <b><font color=red> 1-2 </b> </font> FC GOA
CCFC: Prateek, Ranjeet, Charles(YC 28'), Ajith, Eugene, Sriram, Vijay, Lenin, Pravitto, Mashoor, Suhail(Vineeth 40'(Monish 76'))
FCG: Dylan, Lalhmangaihsanga, Leander, Liston, Lalawmpuia, Princeton, Nestor, Flan(Vincy 71'), Kingslee, Brian, Sarineo

10 minutes into the game and Liston Colaco, star of the previous match, scored against Chennai City FC. Just when FC Goa was thinking they can relax for a bit, in the 18th minute, Mashoor Shereef headedthe ball right into the net and scored the equaliser for Chennai City FC. In the 31st minute, Nestor Dias scored the second goal for FC Goa, thus giving a much-needed lead of 2-1. Thus 3 goals scored in the first half an hour set the mood for the match.

The adrenaline rush till the half-time whistle was completely juxtaposed with the goalless second half. Chennai City FC tried hard to score the necessary equaliser, but all went in vain as the ball would go over the bars or found itself straight into the hands of the FC Goa goalie.Thus when the referee blew the final whistle, the scoreboard showed 2-1 in FC Goa’s favour


RKFC Chesterpaul Lyngdoh (3',39'), Subhash Singh (33'),VICKY MITTAI (90+2')
JAMSHEDPUR FC <font color=RED><b> 2-2 </b> </font> ARMY RED (FT)
ARMY-G: Sarath, Lalawamkima, Bikas, Linesh, Roel, Vibin, L.Singh, Deepak, Subhash Limbu, Sajesh, Nitin
RKM ; Purba Tempa, Ferhan Gani, Muhammad Hamad, Loveday, Danish, Ritwik, Subhash Singh, Baize Armand, C. Lyndoh, Arun.

in the 3rd minute Chesterpoul Lyngdoh of Real Kashmir netted a goal, spectators who had flocked to Kalyani Ground knew they are in for a treat. It has been a field day for the Meghalayan. In the 39th minute he would score again. Hence it was no surprise when he was adjudged the Man of the Match as well.

Meanwhile, between his twin goals, Singam Subash Singh scored the second goal for RKFC in the 33rd minute. By the time referee blew his whistle for half-time, the scoreboard looked 3-0 in favour of Real Kashmir.

Things roughed up a bit on field when Sajesh Muttath and Laishramnanishsingh were shown Red cards in the 52nd and 55th minute respectively, as a result of which Army Green were reduced to nine men. They tried to put up a fight but at the fag end of the match at 90+2, Khaidem Vicky Meitei scored the 4th goal for RKFC. However, the most surprising action came when Vibin TV of Army Green was shown the 3rd Red card of the match just after the final whistle was heard. Thus, Real Kashmir won with an overwhelming 4-0, and almost confirm their berth for the semis.


09.08.2019 : JAMSHEDPUR FC 2-2 ARMY RED (FT)
AR: Suresh Meitei 3', 67'(Pen)
JAM :Vimal Kumar 16',32'
JAMSHEDPUR FC <font color=RED><b> 2-2 </b> </font> ARMY RED (FT)
AR: Shanoos, Suresh, Sunil, Bobychanfc_army, Sushil, Jain, Alwin, Mukesh, Uttam, Kamardeep, Liton
JFC: Amrit, Naresh, Karandeep, Nabin, Aakash, Baset, Billu, Lalboilen, Marchstarfield, Pukhrambam, Vimal

Army Red and Jamshedpur FC had a tough face off today at Kalyani Stadiumwith some brilliant display of football from both the sides.The match saw one of the quickest goal scored at this year’s Durand Cup, at the 4th minute when N Suresh Meitei converted a brilliant header to give Army Red an early lead of 1-0.

In the 17th minute, Vimhal Kumar of JFC scored the equaliser. In the 33rd minute, Vimhal Kumar netted his second for the match, giving JFC an edge over Army Red. The scoreboard read 2-1 in favour of the men of steel.

It was a busy day for Amrit Gope. After scoring their first goal, Army Red continued their attacking stance but the JFC goalie foiled their chances by making some brilliant saves. In the second half, at the 62nd minute, a clash between Amrit Gope and Mukesh Kumar of Army Red saw both down with an injury and were immediately treated on field. Shortly after, at the 67th minute, JFC conceded a penalty and N Suresh Meitei made no mistake in scoring his second goal. He was also adjudged the Man of the Match.


09.08.2019 : TRAU 0-1 INDIAN AIR FORCE (FT)
IAF : Aqib 65'
TRAU: Tahuddin, Shahabaaz, Sandeep, Konsam, Wahengbam, Princewill, Ngangbam, Premjit, Deepak, Netrajit
IAF: Shibinraj, Jijo, Arashpreet, Rary, Biswajit, Vivek, Aqib, Maniraman, Zico, Shahbaz, Prabhjot

TRAU <font color=RED><b> 0-1 </b> </font> INDIAN AIR FORCE (FT)
The Durand Cup 2019 has seen representation from all nook and corners of the country. Be it up north or down south, east or west, the entire length and breadth of India have been united through India’s oldest football tournament.

Tiddim Road Athletic Union, from Manipur met the Indian Air Force earlier today at the Sailen Manna Stadium,Howrah. Early on, in the 8th minute, Prabhjot Singh of IAF was booked for a heavy tackle on Princewill Emeka. Both sides tried to attack, but some sporadic cameos and a few missed chances could not help TRAU dominate the match. In the 38th minute, TRAU FC almost scored a goal but the offside flag was up against their Nigerian forwards Princewill Emeka. When the half-time whistle was heard, the scoreboard read 0-0.

The deadlock was finally broken when IAF was given a free-kick in the 63rd minute and Mohd. Aqib scored a goal, giving the team a much needed lead of 1-0. The defenders did pretty well, denying Trau even the slightest chance to level the score.


08.08.19: FC GOA 1-0 ARMY GREEN (FT)
GOA : Liston Colaco 27'
FCG : Antonio Silva, L. Sanga, Leander, Liston, Princeton, Nestor, Gomes, Kingslee, Brian, Saviour Gama.
ARMY : Srath, Lallawmkima, Bikas, Lines PV, Shamsher, Roel, Vibin, L.Singh, Subhas Limbu, Sajesh, Nitin.
FC GOA <b><font color=red> 1-0 </b> </font> ARMY GREEN (FT)
In the 23rd minute, FC Goa gets a free-kick. Lalawmpuia takes the free-kick from the edge of the penalty box but Sarath Narayanan, the Army Green goalkeeper makes a brilliant save to deny FC Goa a lead. Barely four minutes later, in the 27th minute, Army Green concede a penalty, Liston Colaco hits it straight into the hands of Narayanan but manages to convert it to a goal.

Army Green, the defending champions of India’s oldest football tournament, came closest to level the score in the 31st minute but a timely last touch from Leander D Cunha, the FC Goa captain spoiled their chance. Four minutes later, D Cunha’s long range shot hit the crossbar.

In the second half, Lalawmpuia missed a penalty for FC Goa thereby preventing his team to take a 2-0 lead. Towards the fag end of the match, at the injury time, the match saw some rise in activity. A great double save from FC Goa’s Antonio Dylan denied Army Green a goal. A minute later, Army Green defender Subash Limbu made a goal-line save. The final chance for FC Goa to make the scoreboard look 2-0 was dashed when Narayanan made another save in 90+4.

Thus FC Goa will have to remain happy with a 1-0 win. Their next match is against Chennai City FC on August 14, while the Army Green will meet Real Kashmir FC on August 10, both matches being at Kalyani Stadium.


GKFC : Marcus Joseph 39, 36(p), 75', Henry Kisseka 68'.
GKFC : Ubaid CK, Naocha, Andre, Md, Irshad, Jestin George, Sebastian, Md. Rashid, Marcus Joseph, M. Metei, Shibil, Henry
CFC : Samik Mitra, R. Amol, Md Sarif, Ajith K, Hendry Anonay, Harsh, Melroy, Subham, Vignesh V, Joysana, Bawlte
GOKULAM KERALA <b><font color=red> 4-0 </b> </font> CHENNAIYIN FC (FT.)
Barely into the 23rd minute of the match, Gokulam FC defenderAndre Ettienne, a Trinidad and Tobago import, makes a heavy tackle on Rohmingthanga of Chennaiyin FC in the penalty box. Referee denies CFC a penalty much to the team’s chagrin.

An early lead for CFC would have changed the course of the game, for the scoreboard, at the end of 90 minutes, read 4-0 in favour of Gokulam. This came largely due to the contribution of the team’s no. 10 jersey, Marcus Joseph, who made a hat-trick. His first goal came at the 39th minute.

In the second half, Joseph got his second goal of the match through a penalty in the 66th minute. His third would come ten minutes later in the 76th minute. The other goal would come off the boots of Henry Kisseka, in the 68th minute. Though the match will be remembered for Joseph’s on-field antics, this has been one of the fairest games in the tournament, with the sole yellow card coming in the fag end of the match in the 85th minute, with GKFC’s Jestin George being at the receiving end.


RKFC: Danish 90'.. www.kolkatafootball.com
RKFC: Phurba, Farhan, Hammad, Katebe, Loveday, Danish, Ritwik, Subhas, Bazie(Krizo 68'(YC 90'+3')), Brian(Khalid 46'(YC 70')), Nagen(C Lyngdoh 46')
CCFC: Kabir(RC 76'), Lenin, Suhail, Vineeth(Mashoor 62'), Charles(YC 59'), Vijay(Prateek 78'), Pravitto, Ajith, Marton, Ranjeet, Sriram
BENGALURU FC <font color=red><b> 1-1 </b></font> ARMY RED (FT)
A team that was assembled a couple of days back, with minimal opportunity of match practice, open their sheet for the 129th Durand Cup with a win over Chennai City FC. The two teams, from two geographical extremes of the nation, met at Kalyani stadium earlier today. Till the half-time whistle, the match barely had any activity, with rain playing an occasional spoilsport. Real Kashmir tried hard to get pass Chennai City defenders but Kabir T, the goalkeeper made some brilliant saves and prevented Real Kashmir to make any early lead.
BENGALURU FC <font color=red><b> 1-1 </b></font> ARMY RED (FT)
The second half of the game too saw some activity from Real Kashmir, with a few cameos from Chennai City FC. Kabir T, the Chennai City FC goalie, was shown a Red Card at the 76th minute for handling the ball outside the penalty box. It was moments before the final whistle would be heard that Danish Farooq netted a goal at the 90th minute to give Real Kashmir a win over Chennai City.

Real Kashmir FC was shown two yellow cards, Khalid Qayoom at the 70th minute and Krizo (from Ivory Coast) at 90+4, while the sole yellow card of Chennai City FC was shown to the captain, Charles Lourdusamy.


05.08.19 : BENGALURU FC 1-1 ARMY RED (FT)
BFC .: Suresh Wangjam 81'
ARMY : Liton 45'+4'
BENGALURU FC <font color=red><b> 1-1 </b></font> ARMY RED (FT)
BFC : Aditya, Sairuat(YC 41'), Edmund(Advait 58'), Parag, Biswa, Naorem, Namgyal, Ajay(Emmanuel 46'), Suresh, Leon, Gusmirat.
ARMY :Chandra, Zothanpuia, Suresh, Sunil, Sushil, Jain P, Bikash(Herojit 32'), Mukesh, Kamardeep, Randhan(YC 12'), Liton