2022 FIFA World Cup qualification – AFC Second Round

29/03/2021 : INDIA - 0-6 - U.A.E. ( FT..)
UAE: Ali Mabkhout 11', 30'(Pen), 59', Khalil Al Hammadi 64', Fabio Lima 70', 84'
INDIA : Gurpreet Singh, Pritam Kotal, Adil Khan, Mashoor Shereef, Akash Mishra, Suresh Singh, Anirudh Thapa, Lallianzuala Chhangte, Lalengmawia, Liston Colaco, Manvir Singh

UAE : Ali Khaseif, Bandar Al Ahbabi, Shaheen Adbulrahman, Waleed Abbas, Mahmoud Khamis, Ali Hassan Salmin, Abdalla Ramadan, Khalfan Mubarak, Fabio De Lima, Ali Mabkhout, Khalil Al Hammadi

29/03/2021 : INDIA - <b><font color=red> 0-6 </b></font> - U.A.E. : kolkatafootball.com

FULL TIME UAE beat India 6-0 in the International Friendly at Dubai. This is India's worst ever result against UAE.
90'+2':Ishan cleared the ball from corner kick.
90'+1':Another move of UAE, Rayneir blocked. Corner to UAE.
90'+1':Fabio Lima's free kick, good save by Gurpreet to deny him.
90':2 minutes of added time.
89':Yellow Card to Ashique for his bad tackle. Free kick to UAE.
87':Ashique's cross from left flank to find Ishan, cleared in defence.
84':GOALLL Fabio Lima puts the scoreline advance once again with a fine finish. This is India's worst score against UAE in their history.
80':Chance to India, but cross towards Manvir by Ishan cleared in defence.
79':Substitution for India: Ashique in place of Akash Mishra.
79': Bandar Al Ahbabi's cross from right flank, Gurpreet save the ball.
76':Header went wide for UAE in corner.

29/03/2021 : INDIA - <b><font color=red> 0-6 </b></font> - U.A.E. : kolkatafootball.com

75':Mashoor made another fine interception to deny another clear goal scoring chance. Corner to UAE.
71':Substitution for India: Hitesh Sharma in place of Suresh Singh.
70':GOALLL Fabio Lima scored his first goal for UAE National team to take the lead to 5-0.
India's worst performance against UAE was on 18th Nov 2011, where India lost 5-0 in an International Friendly.
64':GOALLLL Khalil Al Hammadi scored from a fine through of Ali Mabkhout. UAE leading 4-0 now.
59':GOALLLL Ali Mabkhout completed his hattrick from a fine through from right flank, he made no mistake to put it on net.
58':UAE's free kick, good save by Gurpreet. Corner to UAE
58':Double Substitution for India: Raynier in place of Liston and Ishan Pandita in place of Lalengmawia
56':Akash's cross from left flank, went wide.
54':Ramadan's corner kick, Lima's header went wide.
53':Corner to UAE after Pritam cleared the ball.
51':Free kick to UAE, Mahmoud Khamis's shot went wayward.
STAT - LALTU CHAKRABORTY : 28/07/2011 : India (2-2) U.A.E - FIFA World Cup Qlf IND - JEJE, GOURMANGI SINGH.
46':Double Substitution for India: Yasir in place of Anirudh and Halicharan in place of Chhangte.
46':Second half resumes.
HALF TIME UAE Leading against India by 2-0 at half time.
45'+1':Liston's through to find Manvir, good block by UAE's keeper Ali Khaseif.
45': 2 minutes of added time.
41':Ali Mabkhout tries for a long ranger, but it goes wide.
38':Lima's through to Mabkhout, one to one chance by he shot finds side net.
37':India's move from left flank, cross by Suresh, cleared in defence.
36':Foul against Liston, free kick to India.
STAT - LALTU CHAKRABORTY : 08/04/2001 : India (1-0) U.A.E - FIFA World Cup Qlf IND - Jules Alberto ( ASSIST KHALID JAMIL)
30':GOALLL Ali Mabkhout scored from spot kick. He scored for 67th goal for UAE national team.
29':PENALTY to UAE as Adil committed hand ball from Lima's shot. Yellow Card to Adil Khan.
27':India building the pressure with a good procession now.
25':Chance to Ali Mabkhout, but he is in OFFSIDE position.
STAT - LALTU CHAKRABORTY : 05/09/1981 : India (2-0) U.A.E - Merdeka Tournament IND - HARJINDER SINGH, XAVIER PIUS
22':Another short free kick, cleared in defence.
21':Foul against Thapa by Mamhoud Khamis, free kick to India.
20':Cross from left flank by Lima, Mashoor once again clears the ball brilliantly.
19':Mahmoud Khamis's long ranger, went wide.
18':Bandar Al Ahbabi committed foul, free kick to India.
17':Another chance to UAE from a cross from right flank, good clearance by Mashoor in Indian defence.
16':Short free kick of India, but Pritam committed foul in box.
15':Foul against Liston Colaco in box, free kick to India in a very good position.
11':GOALLLLL Ali Mabkhout's scored for UAE. Good long pass of Fabio De Lima and Ali chips it over Gurpreet to lead UAE side.
10':Mahmoud Khamis's cross from left flank, went wide.
6':Yellow Card to Mashoor for his bad tackle to Abdalla Ramadan.
3':UAE's attack from right, cleared in Indian defence.
0':Kick off.
0':Teams are in the field, match is about to start. India in their tradition blue jersey today where UAE starts with white jersey.
** India made 8 changes in starting line up today. Liston Colaco made his debut today.

        21/10/1979 : U.A.E (0-0) India - Int. Friendly
	05/09/1981 : India (2-0) U.A.E - Merdeka Tournament
	28/10/1981 : U.A.E (3-1) India - Int. Friendly
	04/12/1984 : U.A.E (2-0) India - AFC Asian Cup
	13/02/1988 : U.A.E (3-0) India - AFC Asian Cup
	24/06/1988 : India (0-3) U.A.E - AFC Asian Cup
	21/11/1999 : U.A.E (3-1) India - AFC Asian Cup
	08/04/2001 : India (1-0) U.A.E - FIFA W.C Qlf
	26/04/2001 : U.A.E (1-0) India - FIFA W.C Qlf
	26/06/2001 : India (0-0) U.A.E - Int. Friendly
	18/11/2010 : U.A.E (5-0) India - Int. Friendly
	23/07/2011 : U.A.E (3-0) India - FIFA W.C Qlf
	28/07/2011 : India (2-2) U.A.E - FIFA W.C Qlf
 	10/01/2019 : India (0-2) U.A.E - AFC Asian Cup


28.3.21: After an impressive fight back by the young Indians in the International friendly against Oman, Indian national team is set to face the challenge of United Arab Emirates in the second FIFA international friendly at Zabeel Stadium in Dubai on Monday evening.

The head coach of India, Igor Stimac introduced ten young footballers in the squad with six of them in the starting line up which yield result. The good work of Manvir Singh and Bipin Singh continued after their exempilary performance in the recently concluded Indian Super League. But, on Monday evening the task might be harder as UAE are ranked higher (74 in FIFA ranking) than Oman as well as India.

The Head coach of India, Igor Stimac in an interview with AIFF media before the second international friendly said, "The match against the UAE will be a different game. I need to give chances to the other players who are here. We have important games coming up in June and we need to assess all the players. There are things we are too comfortable with. When you take too much time on the ball, the opponents will hurt you. We need to change that mindset. There is no time and space in international football, you have to adapt and play quickly."

Igor Stimac will apply the rotational policy against the strong teams in the International Friendlies. While interacting Stimac said, "We are looking to play these stronger teams so that we can advance our game. It's not always easy to find better opponents, because everyone is looking to find more out of the friendly matches."

The Indian Head coach are in a mind to devolope the Indians against the strong teams by way of learning process. He said, "They will put us under a lot of pressure. But, we need to hold the ball and control our passing. I don’t expect us to control the game against such stronger opponents. They are a side that has been doing it for many years. But, we are here to learn from the experience."

Manvir Singh scored the important equaliser against Oman in the last match. The ATK Mohun Bagan striker are confident to do well against UAE. He said, "We are high on confidence after drawing against Oman. UAE are very comfortable with the ball. We are aware that despite the crowd not being there, the UAE will enjoy a psychological advantage as they will be playing at home. But it is not over till it is over.”

The last match India played against UAE was in the AFC Asian Cup in 2019. UAE won the match by a brace at home. The match will kick off 8.30 PM, IST.

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25/03/2021:(FIFA FRIENDLY) INDIA - 1-1 - OMAN ( FT..)
OMAN : Amrinder Singh [OG.] 43’
INDIA: Manvir Singh 54'

25/03/2021:(FIFA FRIENDLY) INDIA - <b><font color=red> 1-1  </b></font> - OMAN  : kolkatafootball.com

INDIA : Amrinder Singh, Ashutosh Mehta, Akash Mishra, Chinglensana singh, Sandesh Jhingan, Manvir Singh, Bipin Singh, Suresh Singh, Rowllin Borges, Jeakson singh, Ashique Kuruniyan.

OMAN : Ahmed Rawahi, Juma Al Habsi, Amjad Al Harthi, Harib Al Saadi, Abdullah Abdulghafur, Abdulraziz Al Maqbali, Ahmed Al Kaabi, Gami Durbi, Yazed Maashani, Mohammed Al Ghafri, Zahir Al Aghbari

FULL TIME Young Indian side hold Oman with a fine header of Manvir Singh.
90': 2 minutes of added time.
89':Another corner to Oman but no damage to the scoreline as the match nears to the closing time.
84':Another chance to Oman, Sandesh's block and shot goes wide.
77':So far India have 9 debutant in this match.
72':Substitution for India: Ishan Pandita in place of Bipin Singh.
71':Manvir with another fine header, but it goes just over the bar.
67':Sandesh clears the ball from corner kick.

25/03/2021:(FIFA FRIENDLY) INDIA - <b><font color=red> 1-1  </b></font> - OMAN  : kolkatafootball.com

66':One to one chance to Oman, Amrinder again made a good save. Corner to Oman.
62':Amrinder with another fine save to deny Oman's free kick.
60':Oman's move, Sandesh block it and Ashutosh clears the ball.
59':Bipin's free kick, clears well in Oman defence.
58':Substitution for India: Yasir in place of Akash.
58':Foul against Suresh, free kick to India.
54':GOALLLLLLLLLL Bipin's cross from right and Manvir's header finds the equalizer for India.
52':Chance to Oman, but shot goes off target.
50':Yellow Card to Chinglensana Singh for his bad tackle from behind.
49':Indian defence clears the ball from corner kick.
48':Akash blocked, corner to Oman.
47':India's move through left flank, Ashique is in OFFSIDE position.
46':Double Substitution for India: Apuia and Raynier come in for Jeakson and Rowllin.
46':Second half resumes.
HALF TIME Oman is leading against India at half time.
45':1 minutes of added time.
42':GOALLL Oman advances through a counter attack from left flank. Zahir Al Aghbri's shot from a tight angle, deflects by Chinglensana Singh and finds the net.
37':Sandesh again denies Oman's move and a foul against him. Free kick to India.
36':Move through Manvir in right flank, his through to Bipin intercepts by Oman defence.
33':Move through Suresh and Bipin, good block in Oman defence.
26':SAVE Amrinder Singh saves the penalty kick. Score remains still goalless.
25':Penalty to Oman as Rowllin Borges committed foul in box.
24':Foul against Suresh Singh, free kick to India.
20':Oman's free kick goes wide.
19':Ashique committed foul, free kick to Oman.
18':India's move through Akash Mishra, but his cross from left flank blocked.
16':Ashutosh's fine block to deny Oman once again.
14':Oman's move, Al Maashani's shot goes over the bar.
11':Bipin's corner kick, Sandesh's header went wide.
9':Move through Ashique, blocked in defence.
0':Kick off.

21/09/1994 : Oman ( 4-1 ) India -- Independence
31/03/2004 : India ( 1-5 ) Oman -- FIFA World Cup qlf
17/11/2004 : Oman ( 0-0 ) India -- FIFA World Cup qlf
23/02/2012 : Oman ( 5-1 ) India -- International Friendly
11/06/2015 : India ( 1-2 ) Oman -- FIFA World Cup qlf
13/10/2015 : Oman ( 3-0 ) India -- FIFA World Cup qlf
27/12/2018 : India ( 0-0 ) Oman -- International Friendly
05/09/2019 : India ( 1-2 ) Oman -- FIFA World Cup qlf
19/11/2019 : Oman ( 1-0 ) India -- FIFA World Cup qlf

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24.3.21: Indian national football team are all set to play their first international match of 2021 on Thursday. After a fifteen days camp in Dubai since March 15, India will meet against Oman in an International Friendly at the Maktoum Bin Rashid Stadium, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on tomorrow evening.

INDIA - FIFA WORLD CUP QATAR 2022 : kolkatafootball.com

The Indian squad comprises of young and talented footballers who proved themselves in the recently concluded 7th edition of Indian Super League. Indian squad includes 13 footballers under the age of 23, and 27-year-old central defender Sandesh Jhingan emphasised on the progress the team is making as a unit.

The Indian Head coach Igor Stimac are in the process of building up a strong side for the future. While interacting with AIFF media a day before the match Igor Stimac said, “When I became the National Team coach, I even mentioned to Sunil that he also needs to fight for his position. This fight goes on forever. Without this continuous fight, there is no success. I cannot rely on the past. I can select the squad based on past results, but those players need to work hard. We closely monitor them, and then discuss which players fit into the starting XI.” In fact Stimac closely monitored the footballers during ISL before selecting them in the squad.

The teams from the middle east are always a strong competitor for India. Stimac feels that the young Indian footballers are gaining experience from the practice sessions. Stimac added ,” Our intention is to play good football, and that’s what we are working on.”

The match will kick off at 7.15 PM IST at the Maktoum Bin Rashid Stadium, in Dubai.

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KFC NEWS DESK - 13.10.19: The historic Yubabharati Krirangan of Kolkata are now ready to host the important encounter between India and Bangladesh in a qualifying match of FIFA World Cup 2022 and AFC Asian Cup 2023 Joint-Qualifiers. The match can be rated as an International Derby as India played the last home game against Bangladesh at Goa in the year 2014. The match ended in a 2-2 draw.


Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, one of the important member of the Indian squad said the match against Qatar made the Indians grew in confidence. The younger footballers, Nikhil Pujari, Mander Rao Dessai and Manvir Singh played an important role against Qatar. These young footballers are now ready to prove themselves against Bangladesh.

While answering to the media at Kolkata, Gurpreet said that it's a challenge to play against Bangladesh who played the football with passion and heart. We are not to take the match lightly. Bangladesh is a difficult side to play. We must try to do less mistakes.


Gurpreet played a number of important matches at Yubabharati in his early days for East Bengal. The first Derby he played against Mohun Bagan was his most memorable match. He had an experience of playing in a full house Yubabharati and is eager to play his first international match along with his other team members.

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KFC NEWS DESK-13.10.19: It's been a long time Yubabharati Krirangan host India's International match. AIFF in assistance with IFA put all their effort to make it successful mission this time.


The stadium will be packed to it's capacity as the online as well as the offline tickets are all sold. It will be a fullhouse of on Tuesday night with a good number of supporters from Bangladesh are also at the "Mecca Of Indian Football" to witness the match.

IFA has extended their support to AIFF by making an adequate arrangements regarding the medical team which will be active for all spectators inside the stadium. While talking to us IFA Secretary Jaydip Mukherjee said that five hospital which includes AMRI, Charnock Hospital, Bidhannagar Sub Division Hospital, Apollo Hospital & R.G.Kar Medical Collage & Hospital will be at duty in all the blocks of the stadium. There will be 40 Doctors with all the necessary arrangements will be at Yubabharti on Tuesday evening.

Meanwhile,Team India arrived today in Kolkata with a huge enthusiastic supporters cheering them at the airport.

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KFC NEWS DESK - 12.10.19: Indian central defender Sandesh Jhingan will not be avialable against Bangladesh in the forth coming FIFA world Cup qualifier 2022 which is schuduled on the 15th of October at Kolkata. Sandesh was injured in his knee in the practice match against North East United at Guwahati. The MRI report shows that it will not be possible for Sandesh to participate in the important tie against Bangladesh on Tuesday night. Sandesh is the second defender after Rahul Bheke who will be out of tie following injuries.
GOALKEEPERS: Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, Amrinder Singh, Kamaljit Singh.
DEFENDERS: Pritam Kotal, Rahul Bheke, Adil Khan, Narender, Sarthak Golui, Anas Edathodika, Mandar Rao Dessai, Subhasish Bose.
MIDFIELDERS: Udanta Singh, Nikhil Poojary, Vinit Rai, Anirudh Thapa, Abdul Sahal, Raynier Fernandes, Brandon Fernandes, Lallianzuala Chhangte, Ashique Kuruniyan.
FORWARDS: Sunil Chhetri, Balwant Singh, Manvir Singh.

Mean while, the Bangladesh team arrived at Kolkata today afternoon. The host are likely to reach the city on Sunday morning. Bangladesh lost against the favourites in the group Qater by a margin of 0-2, but looked positive against India. While taking to the media at Kolkata, the British coach of Bangladesh Jaime Day said," I think we have become stronger as a team, and are much organised at the moment. All of that has made us a difficult team to beat. But we also intend to build on that, and make no mistake -- we have now learnt how to win matches since I have taken over.The Qatar match was extremely tough. We look forward to carry all the positives into the match against India."

While discussing regarding the current Indian squad the British coach said,"I have seen the progress India has made in recent times. In fact, the team made great strides under an English coach Stefen Constantine before Igor Stimac took over."

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AIFF PRESS RELEASE- 04.09.2019 : The Indian Senior National Team is all set to take on Oman on Wednesday (September 5, 2019) in Guwahati for their first encounter of the qualifying campaign for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, and AFC Asian Cup China 2023. A day ahead of the crucial match, goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu stressed the team will "play to win," and aim to start the qualifying campaign with three points.


INDIA 23-member preliminary squad so far
Goal Keepers : Gurpeet Singh Sandhu, Amrinder Singh, Kamaljit Singh, Vishal Kaith

Defenders : Rahul Bheke, Nishu Kumar, Pritam Kotal, Anas Edathodika, Sandesh Jhingan, Narender Gahlot, Sarthak Golui, Adil Khan, Subhasish Bose, Mandar Rao Dessai

Midfilelders : Nikhil Poojary, Udanta Singh, Anirudh Thapa, Raynier Fernandes, Vinit Rai, Sahal Abdul Samad, Rowllin Borges, Brandon Fernandes, Lallianzuala Chhangte, Ashique Kuruniyan

Forwards : Balwant Singh, Sunil Chhetri, Manvir Singh.

"That's what we do -- we play to win," the Arjuna Awardee stated. "We will play to our strengths, and look to keep the opposition at bay. Hopefully, we can get off to a good start and pick up the maximum points to start off the qualifiers.""We have to play together as a team, and without fear. Getting off to a good start will be really important," he added.

The last time the two teams faced off was in a friendly game in December 2018 where the match ended in a goalless draw in Abu Dhabi. Taking a trip down memory lane to that match, Gurpreet admitted the team drew a lot of positives from the result, but at the same time, it is vital to "focus on the job ahead.”

"Of course, it is good to keep in mind what happened when we last faced Oman. However, it is also important to focus on the job ahead of us. We need to make sure we put on a good show in front of our home crowd in Guwahati," he said. The Blue Tigers proceed to the match on back of a preparatory camp in Goa which kicked-off on August 20. The team has also played 5 International matches as build-up to the tournament since Head Coach Igor Stimac took over.

"A lot has changed, we have a new squad, new set of players and a different coach. On the pitch, we are trying to implement the style of play asked by the coach and put our best foot forward. Off the pitch, it has been pretty much the same, which is a good thing as you want to continue the good things that have been happening off the field."

The goalkeeper also shared his thoughts on the opposition side and reserved a special word for his "friend" and veteran Oman goalkeeper Ali Al-Habsi, who played against India in both fixtures of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 qualifiers. "Oman are a good team and have very talented players. The whole team is looking forward to playing against them. Personally, I would miss Ali al Habsi. Our friendhip goes back a long way, and watching him play was always a good sight," Gurpreet mentioned.

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