FED CUP 2014-15: Bengaluru FC coach Ashley Westwood and skipper Sunil Chhetri interview.

Bemgaluru FC win fed cup

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Bengaluru FC coach Ashley Westwood and skipper Sunil Chhetri after the club's Federation Cup Triumph, in Goa, on Sunday. Bemgaluru FC win fed cup

ASHLEY WESTWOOD : "We've won a trophy and we're over the moon. It was always our aim because we wanted to show everyone that last season wasn't a fluke. We wanted everyone to see why we are champions and we wanted to come in and put on a good show. I'm completely pleased with the boys, not just today but throughout the tournament. Right back to when we started on July 17th, they've been magnificent professionals and the hard-work has paid off in this tournament."

On the key elements of the squad :- There are loads of things that I can mention as our key elements. The organisation, the boys looking after themselves off the pitch, making sure they're coming in for training every day and giving it maximum effort. They listen and apply themselves and take everything on board in terms of what we're giving them. The collective effort of everyone associated with the club, we've got some magnificent people here and with everyone pulling in the same direction I hope we go from strength to strength.

On the Bengaluru defence :- The backline have performed really well, but what they're paid to do. They're not doing anything out of the ordinary, if they're not doing what they are doing, we'll look to drop them and bring in a change. Although they're doing well and they deserve better praise, that's what they do and that's what they should do.

If they didn't do that, we'd look to strengthen in those areas and that's the beauty of our club. We give them the framework, we give them the preparation and we tell them what's required and if it's not up to the standard then we try to replace and strengthen. At the moment everything is going well, but we have to keep striving. We can't sit back and think we're top of the world because we're not. We've got loads of football to play this season.

'If you look over our games against Dempo, we've beaten them twice. We scored early in both those games so we were hopeful of getting an early goal. We wanted to take the game to them, we wanted to go and attack it. We lost Joshua (Walker) after 20-25 minutes and we had to reshuffle which shows our strength and depth. We had to change our tactics a bit and we showed that we can be adaptable and that we can change under circumstances which is key to any successful football club.

On Joshua Walker's injury Joshua's got a hamstring strain, nothing serious. We'll have a bit of time in the morning to assess it and get him back to full fitness as soon as possible. It's just one of those injuries that comes from accumulative stress. Six games in fourteen days and two games in 45 hours for us is a ridiculous schedule, you wouldn't see that in any tournament of any stature anywhere else in the world. Two games in 45 hours for us is a ridiculous schedule and you can see that when Joshua pulls his hamstring and then Tolgay pulls his hamstring. These organisers are putting players at risk with this packed schedule and it shouldn't happen.


On winning the Federation Cup :- Winning the Federation Cup is always a pleasant feeling. When you keep winning matches and you keep scoring goals you start to forget about it the very next day. In eight months, hopefully, we'll be talking about the next I-League that we won. Any victory means everything to us and right now it's the Federation Cup."

On the youngsters at the Federation Cup :- A lot players came in and a lot of youngsters are doing really well. Having said that I hope there were a lot more gaps in the schedule because you're putting a lot of pressure on the players and a lot of them are playing under risk. As the gaffer said, six games in 14 days is a schedule you won't hear of anywhere else in the world. It wasn't easy to pull through the tournament, not only for us but every team in the tournament especially Dempo and us who went all the way. I hope we can plan this tournament much better in the future so that the youngsters can recover and play well and as much as they can".

On his current form :- It's only because I'm part of a great team here. We're improving every day we play. When you take part in 6 games over a 14 day period, it's very important to look after ourselves and stay together as a team, not only on the pitch but off it as well. Despite all the goals we score that everyone talks about, those are secondary. Winning matches as a team is always the primary objective. We celebrate every goal as a team, we score as a team and we concede as a team.

About scoring 6 goals in the tournament :- As we said, in our team it doesn't matter who scores. Even if I had scored none and had won the tournament, I'd have felt the same. Honestly, in our team it's not about who's scoring goals. It's always been about winning games. Robin (Singh) came on and scored a very important goal, Sean has been scoring, Eugeneson (Lyngdoh) scored an important goal. It's always good to have different scorers and prolific goal-scorers but it's never been the focal point of our team.

On moving to Bengaluru FC : It's not tough at all as there's not much responsibility at all. I'm just like any other player. I'm just given small duties just like the other players. It's a bunch of very peculiar and very particular things to do and it becomes very easy to do. Everyone's given a specific set of things to do and they all know what's expected of them. That makes our team click and carry on forward and I don't think I've received any duty that's different from those of any other player on the team.


11.01.2015 KFC. | www.kolkatafootball.com HOME PAGE | LIKE FB ||

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BFC : Sunil Chhhetri (pen 10'), Robin Singh 65'
DEM : Tolgey (45+3 pen)
DEM : Kattimani, Rowilson, Amiri, Cardoz, Peter, Jewel, Clifford, Francis, Romeo, Mandar, Tolgay
BEN : Ralte, Keegan, John, Curtis, Rino, Joshua, Thoi, Lyngdoh, Beikho, Rooney, Sunil
Referee: Pratap Singh


Bemgaluru FC win fed cup Bangaluru FC are the Champions of the 36th Federation Cup. At Goa today the I-League champions defeated Dempo Sports Club by a margin of 2-1 and bagged the crown. Bangaluru FC proved their dominance since their entry in Indian football. It is indeed a history and a rare instance in Indian football when a football club win the top two honors, I-League in 2014 and Federation Cup in 2015.

Bangaluru FC proved yet again that they are the most composed and professional football team yet again. When most of the footballers of the participated team in the Federation Cup were busy in Indian Super League, Astley West wood had concentrated only to prepare his team in India and even in abroad, playing important practice matches. This has reflected time and again in their performances as they has prove to be the most prepared and composed team in Federation Cup. Ashley Westwood's team came into the final having dominated the tournament and found a perfect match for an opponent in Dempo who, like Bengaluru, made the finals without having dropped a game.

Bangaluru scored the goals on the either half's while Dempo equalities just at the added time of the first session. Bangaluru FC had the lead in the tenth minute when Sunil Chetri scored sent Laxmikant Kattimani the wrong direction. Dempo's central defender Haroon Amiri brought down Eugeneson Lyngdoh within the 18 yards.

Tolgey Ozbey equalized following a spot kick after John Johnson hold Amiri from behind. Bangaluru Fc got the winning goal at the 65th minute when Robin Singh's powerful head finds the target following a center of Beokokoi Singh from the left.

Astley Westwood the jubilant Bangaluru FC coach in the post match meeting said, 'We've won a trophy and we're over the moon. It was always our aim because we wanted to show everyone that last season wasn't a fluke. We wanted everyone to see why we are champions and we wanted to come in and put on a good show. I'm completely pleased with the boys, not just today but throughout the tournament. Right back to when we started on July 17th, they’ve been magnificent professionals and the hard-work has paid off in this tournament."

Bangaluru Fc and Indian National team captain Sunil Chetri feels "Winning the Federation Cup is always a pleasant feeling. When you keep winning matches and you keep scoring goals you start to forget about it the very next day. In eight months, hopefully, we'll be talking about the next I-League that we won. Any victory means everything to us and right now it's the Federation Cup.".

FULL TIME Bengaluru FC won 36th Federation Cup 2015.
90'+4':Rooney's shot, went wide
90'+3':Good run of Francis, but could not hold the ball properly
90'+3':Ball cleared from corner
90'+2':Amiri's shot, blocked and another corner
90'+2':Ball cleared from corner
90'+1':Alwyn's grounder, just missed the post. Corner to Dempo
90':4 minutes added time
89':Brilliant chance to Holicharan, saved
87':Robin's long ranger, went wide
86':Another goal line save by Francis from corner
85':Bengaluru's move through Rooney, Sunil. Clifford cleared the ball. Corner to Bengaluru FC
83':Rooney's long ranger, saved by keeper Kattimani.
82':Counter attack through Sunil, yellow Card to Manwia for his play acting
81':Players Change in Bengaluru Fc: Manwia in place of Beikho
80':Bad tackle against Robin, free kick to Bengaluru FC
79':Romeo's low cross to find Holicharan, Ralte save the ball
77':Yellow Card: to Alwyn for his bad tackle to Rino
75':Clifford's corner, cleared
74':Brilliant chance to Holicharan, but his shot went wide
73':Brilliant header from corner, goal line save by Francis. Counter attack of Dempo
72':Close!! Rooney's free kick, Sunil's header but a excellent save by Kattimani. corner to Bengaluru FC
71':Tackle to Robin, free kick to Bengaluru FC
69':Players Change in Dempo: Alwyn George in place of Mandar
68':Red Card to Rowilson for his bad tackle to Thoi
67':Long throw-in, Ralte cleared the ball
66':Dempo's corner, ball cleared
65':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Beikho's cross, Robin's header finds the net. 61 st goal in the tournament.
62':Romeo tried another long ranger, went wide
61':Amiri cleared the ball from corner
60':Free kcik and a chance to Robin, ball cleared and a corner to Bengaluru FC
58':Francis's good run a cross, straight to Ralte
57':Mandar's good move but a wasted pass in box.
56':Rino's cross, cleared
55':Match is now in good speed
53':Rooney's free kick, cleared in defence
51':Players Change in Dempo: Holicharan in place of Tolgey
50':Tolgey looks injure, treatment going on
50':Rooney's long r anger, went wide
48':Tolgey in opposite end in box, good block in defence
47':Rooney tried a back volley, ball went wide
46':Second half resumed
HALF TIME Score now went to 1-1 at the end of first half
45'+3':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Tolgey scored from spot kick
45'+2':Penalty to Dempo. John hold Amiri ib box. Yellow Card to John Johnson
45'+1':Chance to Dempo, Tolgey's shot blocked. Corner to Dempo
45':2 minutes of added time
44':Clifford's free kick, straight to Ralte
43':John's tackle to Romeo, just outside the box. Free kick to Dempo
41':Romeo's shot, close attempt
40':Mandar's cross, directly in Ralte's hand
39':Francis's long ranger, off target
37':John's header from free kick directly in Kattimani's hand
36':Tackle against Beikho. Yellow Card to Mandar
35':Brilliant run of Tolgey, beat almost all defenders and a shot just missed the post.
34':Dempo's poor corner, cleared
31':Ball cleared from corner
30':Brilliant shot of Rooney and a fine save by Kattimani to tip over the bar. Corner to Bengaluru FC
29':Tackle to Robin, free kick to Bengaluru FC
27':Brilliant move through Romeo, good block by Rino, Mandar's pass John cleared. Dempo players appealing for penalty for John's tackle against Romeo.
25':What a chance to Romeo from Tolgey's pass, but the first touch of Romeo let him down. Ball cleared
24':Ball cleared from free kick
24':Players Change in Bengaluru FC : Robin Singh in place of Joshua
23':Dempo's move, back to back two cross from two end and went to Jewel, but Thoi committed a foul against Jewel. Free kick to Dempo
22':Romeo's cross, but too long, went wide
21':Ball cleared from free kick, counter attack of Dempo. Long forward pass to find Tolgey, good clearance by Rino
20':Jewel committed a foul against Lyndoh, free kick to Bengaluru FC
19':Good move of Dempo, well mark to Romeo. Ball cleared
19':Mandar tried a long ranger, too wide
18':Rooney committed a foul outside box
16':Long ball to find Francis, Ralte saved it
13':Francis's cross after a brilliant run, Romeo's header finds keeper Ralte
12':Move through Lyndoh, cleared
10':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Sunil scored from spot kick. 59th goal of this tournament.
9':Tackle to Lyndoh from corner by Amiri, Penalty to Bengaluru
8':Counter attack of bengaluru, corner
8':Good Move of Dempo through Mandar, Jewel failed to collect
7':Rino's cross, Amiri's header cleared the move
4':John's header from Joshua's free kick, Kattimani saved the ball before it reach to Curtis
3':Tackle against Rooney by Amiri, free kick to Bengaluru FC
0':Kick off

Bangaluru FC and Dempo Sports Club will going to meet in the final of the 36th Federation Cup to be played at the Nehru Stadium, in Margao, on Sunday. This is Bangaluru FC's maiden entry to the final, whereas Dempo Sports Club has qualified to play the Federation Cup final for the sixth time and won the crown only in the year 2004 when they beat Mohun Bagan by a brace. The final, by all means, promises to be a riveting contest between a side that has attacked with venom in the tournament and another that prides itself on their defensive track record.

Bangaluru FC is an one and a half months old baby in Indian football. But, undoubtedly the JSW franchisee club from Karnataka has proved it's supremacy in Indian football. The modernised infrastructure with a positive frame of mind has put Bangaluru FC among the top football clubs of the country. After winning the I-League triumph in 2014, Bangaluru FC is all set to give a strong challenge to the war horse Dempo Sports Club.

Bangaluru Fc and Dempo Sports Club both performed consistently in the Group League stages as well as in the semi final. Both the teams depends on their team games fortified with the individual effort. Dempo have so far scored 10 goals in the tournament and at the forefront have been Romeo Fernandes and Tolgay Ozbey sharing nine goals between them. Dempo have conceded only three goals in the five matches and proved to be rock solid as far as the defense organization is concerned.

Bengaluru FC, on the other hand have time and again shown why they are the I-League champions, maintaining the balance between the rearguard and attack to perfection. The defensive duo of Curtis Osano and John Johnson are always a thorn for strikers and have been very assure at the heart of that back line.

The Bangaluru FC coach Astley Westwood while interacting before the match said,"We are pleased to be in the final. It was our aim before the tournament started. We've worked hard pre-season and throughout the tournament to get ourselves in this position. Dempo are a good, very attacking side who I'm sure will come and play to win. They have youth, energy and pace in the side and it bodes well for a very entertaining game. We will be doing our best to maintain our consistent performances."

Aurthur Papas, the coach of Dempo Sports Club is optimistic about the result of the final and said in the media meeting, "We have to recover and be prepared for the next game medically. In a tournament like this, all you have is 48 hours between semis and finals and there isn't much we can do but make them feel as good as possible.

"Players are improving while new players have come in and made an impact. The group works together, for each other and it's not about one player alone. The strength of the team is the squad." The Federation Cup final on Sunday evening promises to be an interesting battle between the two titans of Indian football.