Team 			GP 	W 	D 	L 	GF 	GA 	+/- 	PTS
KUWAIT SC (KUW) 	6 	4 	0 	2 	15 	6 	9 	12
AL RIFFA (BHR)   	6 	3 	1 	2 	9 	6 	3 	10
SAFA SC (LIB)   	6 	3 	1 	2 	7 	8 	-1 	10
REGAR-TADAZ (TJK) 	6 	0 	2 	4 	5 	16 	-11 	2

05/03/2013 : SAFA SC (LIB) 	1-1     REGAR-TADAZ (TJK)
05/03/2013 : AL RIFFA (BHR) 	0-2     KUWAIT SC (KUW) 	 
12/03/2013 : REGAR-TADAZ (TJK) 	0-3  	AL RIFFA (BHR) 
12/03/2013 : KUWAIT SC (KUW) 	3-1  	SAFA SC (LIB) 
02/04/2013 : REGAR-TADAZ (TJK) 	1-3  	KUWAIT SC (KUW) 
02/04/2013 : SAFA SC (LIB) 	1-0 	AL RIFFA (BHR) 	
10/04/2013 : AL RIFFA (BHR) 	2-0  	SAFA SC (LIB) 	
10/04/2013 : KUWAIT SC (KUW) 	5-0  	REGAR-TADAZ (TJK)
24/04/2013 : REGAR-TADAZ (TJK) 	2-3  	SAFA SC (LIB) 	 
24/04/2013 : KUWAIT SC (KUW) 	2-3  	AL RIFFA (BHR) 	01-05-2013 17:30
01/05/2013 : AL RIFFA (BHR) 	1-1     REGAR-TADAZ (TJK)
01/05/2013 :SAFA SC (LIB)  	1-1     KUWAIT SC (KUW)

G - B

Team 		GP 	W 	D 	L 	GF 	GA 	+/- 	PTS
PTSARBIL (IRQ) 	6 	6 	0 	0 	17 	0 	17 	18
FANJA (OMA) 	6 	3 	1 	2 	9 	6 	3 	10
AL ANSAR (LIB) 	6 	2 	1 	3 	7 	9 	-2 	7
AHLI  SC (YEM) 	6 	0 	0 	6 	2 	20 	-18 	0


05/03/2013: ARBIL (IRQ) 	4-0 	AHLI TAIZ SC (YEM)
05/03/2013: FANJA (OMA) 	4-0 	AL ANSAR (LIB)
12/03/2013: AHLI TAIZ SC (YEM) 	0-2 	FANJA (OMA) 	
12/03/2013: AL ANSAR (LIB) 	0-2 	ARBIL (IRQ) 
03/04/2013: AHLI TAIZ SC (YEM)	0-2 	AL ANSAR (LIB) 	   
03/04/2013: ARBIL (IRQ) 	1-0 	FANJA (OMA) 
09/04/2013: AL ANSAR (LIB) 	5-1	AHLI TAIZ SC (YEM) 	   
09/04/2013: FANJA (OMA)		0-4 	ARBIL (IRQ) 	   
24/04/2013: AHLI TAIZ SC (YEM) 	0-4 	ARBIL (IRQ) 	
24/04/2013: AL ANSAR (LIB) 	0-0 	FANJA (OMA) 
01/05/2013 : ARBIL (IRQ)        2-0    AL ANSAR (LIB) 	    
01/05/2013 : FANJA (OMA) 	3-1    AHLI TAIZ SC (YEM)

G - C

Team 			GP 	W 	D 	L 	GF 	GA 	+/- 	PTS
AL FAISALY (JOR) 	6 	4 	1 	1 	9 	5 	4 	13
DUHOK (IRQ) 	        6 	4 	0 	2 	14 	6 	8 	12
DHOFAR CLUB (OMA) 	6 	3 	1 	2 	8 	12 	-4 	10
AL SHAB IBB CLUB (YEM) 	6 	0 	0 	6 	3 	11 	-8 	0

06/03/2013: AL SHAB IBB CLUB (YEM) 	1-3 	DUHOK (IRQ) 
06/03/2013: AL FAISALY (JOR) 		2-3 	DHOFAR CLUB (OMA) 
13/03/2013: DUHOK (IRQ) 		0-1 	AL FAISALY (JOR) 
13/03/2013: DHOFAR CLUB (OMA) 		1-0 	AL SHAB IBB CLUB (YEM) 
02/04/2013: AL FAISALY (JOR) 		2-1 	AL SHAB IBB CLUB (YEM) 
02/04/2013: DHOFAR CLUB (OMA) 		1-3 	DUHOK (IRQ) 	    
10/04/2013: DUHOK (IRQ) 		6-1 	DHOFAR CLUB (OMA) 
10/04/2013: AL SHAB IBB CLUB (YEM) 	0-2 	AL FAISALY (JOR) 
23/04/2013: DUHOK (IRQ) 		2-1 	AL SHAB IBB CLUB (YEM) 	
23/04/2013: DHOFAR CLUB (OMA) 		1-1 	AL FAISALY (JOR) 30-04-2013 18:30
30/04/2013: AL FAISALY (JOR)            1-0 	DUHOK (IRQ) 	    
30/04/2013: AL SHAB IBB CLUB (YEM)      0-1 	DHOFAR CLUB (OMA) 	    




Team 			GP 	W 	D 	L 	GF 	GA 	+/- 	PTS
AL QADSIA (KUW) 	6 	4 	1 	1 	13 	4 	9 	13
AL SHORTA (SYR) 	6 	4 	0 	2 	8 	5 	3 	12
AL RAMTHA (JOR) 	6 	3 	1 	2 	10 	7 	3 	10
FC RAVSHAN (TJK) 	6 	0 	0 	6 	2 	17 	-15 	0	

06-03-2013: FC RAVSHAN (TJK)    0-1 	AL RAMTHA (JOR) 
06/03/2013: AL QADSIA (KUW) 	0-1 	AL SHORTA (SYR) 	    
13/03/2013: AL SHORTA (SYR) 	2-0 	FC RAVSHAN (TJK) 	    
13/03/2013: AL RAMTHA (JOR) 	0-3 	AL QADSIA (KUW) 
03/04/2013: AL SHORTA (SYR) 	0-1 	AL RAMTHA (JOR) 
03/04/2013: AL QADSIA (KUW)     3-0 	FC RAVSHAN (TJK) 	    
09/04/2013: FC RAVSHAN (TJK) 	1-3 	AL QADSIA (KUW) 
09/04/2013: AL RAMTHA (JOR) 	1-2 	AL SHORTA (SYR) 
23/04/2013: AL SHORTA (SYR) 	0-2 	AL QADSIA (KUW)  
23/04/2013: AL RAMTHA (JOR) 	5-0 	FC RAVSHAN (TJK) 
30/04/2013 :FC RAVSHAN (TJK)    1-3 	AL SHORTA (SYR)  
30/04/2013 :AL QADSIA (KUW)     2-2 	AL RAMTHA (JOR)



Team 			GP 	W 	D 	L 	GF 	GA 	+/- 	PTS	
SEMEN PADANG (IDN) 	6 	5 	1 	0 	15 	6 	9 	16
KITCHEE (HKG) 	        6 	4 	0 	2 	18 	7 	11 	12
CHURCHILL BROS (IND) 	6 	1 	1 	4 	6 	13 	-7 	4
WARRIORS FC  (SIN) 	6 	1 	0 	5 	4 	17 	-13 	3


26-02-2013: KITCHEE (HKG) 		3-0 	CHURCHILL BROTHERS (IND) 	   
05-03-2013: SEMEN PADANG (IDN) 		3-1 	WARRIORS FC  (SIN) 	   
12-03-2013: WARRIORS FC (SIN) 		2-4 	KITCHEE (HKG) 	   
02-04-2013: KITCHEE (HKG) 		1-2 	SEMEN PADANG (IDN) 	
10-04-2013: SEMEN PADANG (IDN)		3-1 	KITCHEE (HKG) 	   
24-04-2013: WARRIORS FC (SIN) 		0-2 	SEMEN PADANG (IDN) 	
01-05-2013: KITCHEE (HKG) 	        5-0	WARRIORS FC  (SIN) 	  



Team 			GP 	W 	D 	L 	GF 	GA 	+/- 	PTS
NEW RADIANT SC (MDV) 	6 	5 	0 	1 	20 	4 	16 	15
YANGON UNITED (MYA) 	6 	5 	0 	1 	18 	5 	13 	15
SUNRAY CAVE  (HKG) 	6 	1 	1 	4 	12 	12 	0 	4
PERSIBO (IDN) 	        6 	0 	1 	5 	5 	34 	-29 	1  	

26/02/2013: YANGON UNITED (MYA) 	3-0 	PERSIBO (IDN) 
12/03/2013: PERSIBO (IDN) 		0-7 	NEW RADIANT SC (MDV) 	    
12/03/2013: SUNRAY CAVE JC  (HKG) 	1-3 	YANGON UNITED (MYA) 	    
03/04/2013: PERSIBO (IDN) 		3-3 	SUNRAY CAVE JC SUN HEI (HKG) 	    
03/04/2013: YANGON UNITED (MYA) 	2-0 	NEW RADIANT SC (MDV) 	  
09/04/2013: NEW RADIANT SC (MDV) 	3-1 	YANGON UNITED (MYA) 	
09/04/2013: SUNRAY CAVE JC  (HKG) 	8-0 	PERSIBO (IDN) 	
24/04/2013: PERSIBO (IDN) 		1-7 	YANGON UNITED (MYA) 	    
24/04/2013: SUNRAY CAVE JC  (HKG) 	0-3 	NEW RADIANT SC (MDV) 01-05-2013 17:30
01/05/2013: YANGON UNITED (MYA)         2-0  	SUNRAY CAVE JC SUN HEI (HKG) 
01/05/2013: NEW RADIANT SC (MDV)        6-1 	PERSIBO (IDN	    



Team 			GP 	W 	D 	L 	GF 	GA 	+/- 	PTS
KELANTAN (MAS) 	        6 	4 	1 	1 	14 	9 	5 	13
SHB DA NANG (VIE) 	6 	4 	0 	2 	11 	12 	-1 	12
MAZIYA SPORTS (MDV) 	6 	2 	1 	3 	13 	12 	1 	7
AYEYAWADY UNITED (MYA) 	6 	1 	0 	5 	9 	14 	-5 	3

27/02/2013: SHB DA NANG (VIE) 		2-1 	AYEYAWADY UNITED (MYA) 	    
06/03/2013: KELANTAN (MAS) 		1-1 	MAZIYA SPORTS(MDV) 	    
13/03/2013: AYEYAWADY UNITED (MYA) 	1-3 	KELANTAN (MAS) 	   
13/03/2013: MAZIYA SPORTS(MDV) 		2-3 	SHB DA NANG (VIE) 	    
02/04/2013: MAZIYA SPORTS(MDV) 		3-1 	AYEYAWADY UNITED (MYA) 	    
02/04/2013: KELANTAN (MAS) 		5-0 	SHB DA NANG (VIE) 	    
10/04/2013: SHB DA NANG (VIE)		0-1 	KELANTAN (MAS) 
23/04/2013: AYEYAWADY UNITED (MYA) 	2-3 	SHB DA NANG (VIE) 	    
23/04/2013: MAZIYA SPORTS (MDV) 	6-1 	KELANTAN (MAS) 	30-04-2013 20:00
30/04/2013: KELANTAN (MAS)              3-1 	AYEYAWADY UNITED (MYA) 	    
30/04/2013: SHB DA NANG (VIE)           3-1 	MAZIYA SPORTS & RECREATION (MDV)    


Team 			GP 	W 	D 	L 	GF 	GA 	+/- 	PTS
EAST BENGAL (IND) 	6 	4 	2 	0 	13 	6 	7 	14
SELANGOR (MAS)  	6 	2 	2 	2 	12 	11 	1 	8
SAI GON XUAN   (VIE)   	6 	2 	2 	2 	9 	12 	-3 	8
TAMPINES ROVERS (SIN) 	6 	0 	2 	4 	12 	17 	-5 	2


27/02/2013: EAST BENGAL (IND) 		1-0  	SELANGOR (MAS) 	   
13/03/2013: SAI GON XUAN THANH (VIE) 	0-0 	EAST BENGAL (IND) 	
13/03/2013: SELANGOR (MAS) 		3-3  	TAMPINES ROVERS (SIN) 
03/04/2013: SAI GON XUAN THANH (VIE) 	2-1  	SELANGOR (MAS) 	   
09/04/2013: EAST BENGAL (IND) 		2-1  	TAMPINES ROVERS (SIN) 
09/04/2013: SELANGOR (MAS) 		3-1  	SAI GON XUAN THANH (VIE) 
23/04/2013: SAI GON XUAN THANH (VIE) 	2-2  	TAMPINES ROVERS (SIN) 	   
23/04/2013: SELANGOR (MAS) 		2-2 	EAST BENGAL (IND) 	   



The stadium has a capacity of 25000 and is expected to be a quarter full on the match day.The local Indian Community turned up to cheer the team in large numbers in both the training sessions.The ground conditions are excellent and the weather is also fine during the playing time.The team had a surprise visitor at the hotel this morning when Nilanjan Datta the Media Manager of AIFF turned up to cheer the boys and wish them good luck.The weather is quite hot during the day here but the evenings are pleasant.

30.09.2013: JAYDIP DASGUPTA : East Bengal will meet the Kuwait FC in a crucial semi final at Kuwait City tomorrow nite. It can be said that this will be the most important and the high profile match in the history of the club. After a long drama the key footballs captain Mehtab Hossian, deep defenders Arnab Mondal and Gurwinder Singh arrived Kuwait this morning.

Meanwhile the Red and Gold General Secretary Mr Kalyan Mazumdar expressed his dissatisfaction regarding the approach of Kuwait FC. East Bengal had made a formal complain to the Asian Football Confederation against the host Kuwaiti side mentioning that the delay in issuing visas had effected a lot to East Bengal when they are suppose to prepare themselves for the match. Mr Mazumdar added " We have already made a formal complaint to the AFC that what Kuwait SC had done was not acceptable and we have suffered due to all these".

The defending champions Kuwait FC entered the semifinal after being crashed the New Radient of Maldives in the quarter finals by a margin of 12-2. In home match they won by a margin of 7-2, while in away they netted five goals. The dream of Kuwait FC is to win the tournament as they are reckoned as the hot favorites. The Tunusian international Isan Jama is the most danger man in the attacking force who had converted 13 goals during the tournament.

Jama has scored 7 goals in the matches against New Radient in the quarter final stages.The combination between Ishan Jama and with Brazilian Rogerio is the main chemistry of Kuwait FC's success. So far Kuwait FC had played 9 matches in the tournament, out of which they had lost 2 matches out of their 7 outings so far. Kuwait FC had scored 23 goals and conceded 8 goals in this year's AFC Cup. <

Kuwait FC which is nicknamed as the Brigadiers is the most successful club in Kuwait based at Kaifan which is a suburb of Kuwait. The club was founded in the year 1947 has the honor of winning 11 league tittles so far. Kuwait FC has won the AFC Cup twice(2009,2012)along with the 32 major trophies.

Meanwhile , AFC has rescheduled the semifinal AL Faisaly of Jordan and AL Quadsia of Kuwait on the 2nd of October. AFC has taken this decision to promote and maximize the broadcasting coverage of both the AFC Cup semi-final matches being played by Kuwaiti clubs.

AL Kuwait's record against Indian teams in AFC Cup 

07.04.2009 : Mohun Bagan  	0-1 Al Kuwait
21.04.2009 : Al Kuwait 		6-0 Mohun Bagan 
26.05.2009 : Al Kuwait 		3-1 Dempo SC - Beto
16.08.2010 : Churchill Brothers 2-2 Al Kuwait - Odafa, Kalu
28.04.2010 : Al Kuwat 		7-1 Churchill Brothers - Nacimento Cilveria


 The AFC Cup semifinal match between East Bengal and Kuwait FC will going to be kicked of at 7.30pm,
 which is 10.00 pm in India. The match will be played at the Al Kuwait Sports Club Stadium at Kuwait 
City which was constructed on 1960. The stadium has a capacity of 18500 spectators and hosted the 2010

Journey in AFC Cup 2013  SEMI FINAL :

Quarter Finals:
17.09.2013: New Radiant SC 	2-7 	AL Kuwait SC

25.09.2013: Kuwait SC           5-0    New Radient
Scorer: Abdullak Al Buraiki 22', Issan Jemaa 30', 40', 45', Musab Al Kandari 71'

Round of 16:

14.05.2013: Kuwait SC 		1-1 (4-1) Duhok
Group Stage:
01.05.13: Safa SC 		1-0 	Kuwait SC
24.04.13: Kuwait SC 		2-3 	Al Rifra
Scorer: ISSAM JEMAA 13', 34'

10.04.13: Kuwait SC 		5-0 	Regar Tadaz

02.04.13: Regar-Tadaz 		1-3 	Al Kuwait SC

05.03.2013: AL Rifra 		0-2	 AL Kuwait SC

Journey in AFC Cup 2013 SEMI FINAL :


24/09/2013 Semen Padang                  1-1  EAST BENGAL  
 KEB : James Moga 

17/09/2013 EAST BENGAL                  1-0   Semen Padang  
 KEB : Seuoka 70' 

 ROUND OF 16  

15.05: 2013: EAST BENGAL                5-1     YANGON UNITED   
 KEB : Penn 1', Chidi 24',70',76' Mehtab 47' 



30/04/2013: EAST BENGAL (IND) 		4-1	SAI GON XUAN THANH (VIE)  
 KEB : Penn -2, Borisic, Chidi  

23/04/2013: SELANGOR (MAS) 		2-2 	EAST BENGAL (IND) 	 

09/04/2013: EAST BENGAL (IND) 		2-1  	TAMPINES ROVERS (SIN)  
 KEB : Chidi 22', Dika 86' 

 KEB  : Abdul -og 19', Borisic 62', 87', Chidi 64' 

27/02/2013: EAST BENGAL (IND) 		1-0  	SELANGOR (MAS) 	 
 KEB : Lalrin Dika 42' 

Semi-finals : 1.10.2013 (1st Leg) and 22.10.2013 (2nd Leg)

Final :2.11.2013

quarter final teams

24.09.2013: Semen Padang   VS   East Bengal (IDN)
24.09.2013: Kuwait SC   VS   New Radient (KUW)
24.09.2013: Al-Faisaly   VS   Kitchee (JOR)
24.09.2013: Al Shorta   VS   AL Quadsia (LEB)
17.09.2013: East Bengal   1-0   Semen Padang (YBK)
KEB : Seuoka 70'

17.09.2013: New Radient   2-7   Kuwait SC (MALE)
KFC :Rogerinho 2', Hammami 15', 83' (pen.), Jemaa Goal 21', 29', 35', 45'
NRD :Fasir 55', Ashfaq 68'

17.09.2013: Kitchee   1-2   Al-Faisaly (HK)
KEC : Akande 46'
ALF :TUlio Souza 20', Al-Nawateer Goal 59'

17.09.2013: AL Quadsia   0-0   Al Shorta (KUT)


Fixture and Result - Pre Qr Finals
15.05/2013:Al-Qadsia (Kuwait)   4-0   Fanja (Oman)
15.05/2013:Arbil (Iraq)   3-4   Al-Shorta (Syria)
15.05/2013:New Radiant (Maldives   2-0   Selangor(Malaysia)
15.05/2013:East Bengal (India)   5-1   Yangon United (Myanmar) :: LIVE HERE

14.05/2013:Al-Kuwait (Kuwait)   1-1, 4-1 (Pen)   Duhok (Iraq)
14.05/2013:Al-Faisaly (Jordan)   3-1   Al-Riffa (Bahrain)
14.05/2013:Semen Padang (Indonesia)   2-1   SHB Da Nang (Vietnam)
14.05/2013:Kelantan (Malaysia)   0-2   Kitchee (Hong Kong)

The round of 16 and final are played as a single match, while the quarter-finals and semi-finals are played over two legs on a home-and-away basis.


EB Pre


23.09.2013: KEB PRESS RELEASE : East Bengal had a full one and half hours training at the Stadium at 9 am this morning.All the players in the squad are fit and the morale is very high. It continues to be quite hot here with the temperature soaring around 30 degrees. The Stadium pitch was better today as the grass was cut and rolled. Match Commissioner is from Singapore and the referees from Saudi Arabia.Being East Bengal's away match the teams would wear white jersey tomorrow.

Pre Match Press Conference

Marcos Falopa (East Bengal) - It will be a hard match for us as the rivals are favourites as they will enjoy the benefits of home conditions. We are prepared for it and will make all efforts to enter the semi final. I expect it would be an interesting match. Although we are leading 1-0 yet we are the underdogs. Padang has some good players like Edward Junior Wilson Ellie Aiboy and they also be bolstered by the return of their Argentine midfielder Esteban but we have made all preparations to thwart the. The first eleven would be decided tomorrow.

Jaffri Sastra (Semen Padang) - We will go all out to win by a margin of two goals so that we can qualify. East Bengal have some quality foreigners in Chidi Edeh, Ryuji Sueoka and Uga Okpara but we will play to win as we have home advantage. Our team would also be strengthened with the return of Esteban our Argentine midfielder who missed the first match due to booking.

The team would be telecast live on ESPN/Star Sports. The Vip's attending the match would include Governor of West Sumatra, Consul General of India and President Of Indonesian Football Association.

22.09.2013: The team had a one and half our training session at H. Agus Salim Stadium the venue of the match from 3 pm. It was quite hot with a strong sun.All the players were in fine spirits. The Stadium has a capacity of 15000. The turf has an uneven bounce. The grass is Assam type but the soil is hard.

Already the interest is building up for the match and the Stadium is expected to be full. East Bengal will practice again at 9 am tomorrow. Pre Match Media Conference and Match CO-ordination meeting will be held Pangeran Beach Hotel after the training session at 2pm and 1pm respectively.

Immigration Officer at the Desk was quite candid. He said that they know that East Bengal Clubwas the top club of India and was within the first 450 clubs of the world yet Semen Padang would go hard at them in their second leg clash on Tuesday. He also confirmed that they were aware of India's rich football heritage and recalled the performance of Shabbir Ali in the Marah Halim Tournament of the Seventies played here.

East Bengal who reached Padang today is however well prepared.The club which is still unbeaten in AFC Cup - 2013 relaxed at the pool today.The Hotel is very picturuscqe being on the sea beach. The team is in fine spirits and would train tomorrow at 3pm at the Stadium and 9 am the following day at the same venue. Already high fervour has been built up in the match which is expecting a turnout of 20,000 fans. India's Consul General from Medan is flying in to witness the mouth watering clash on Tuesday. The weather is fine with the temperatures hovering around 28 degrees in the afternoon.

Padang the capital of West Sumatra is a sleepy town whose prime eanings come from the adjacent mining industry. The city is bordered by the sea on one side and the mountains on the other. The Club is staying at the following hotel.

Hotel Pangeran Beach....Phone No - (+62751) 7051333 .

1) Gurpreet Singh Sandhu - Goal Keeper
2) Abhijit Mondal - Do
3) T.Naoba Singh - Defender
4) Uga Okpara - Do
5) Arnab Mondal - Do
6) Gurwinder Singh - Do
7) Saumik Dey - Do
8) Robert Lalthalmuana - Do
9) R.Vashum - Midfielder
10) Mehtab Hossein (Captain) - Do
11) Ryuji Sueoka - Do
12) Lalrindika Ralte - Do
13) Alvito D'Cunha - Do
14) S.Malsawmtluanga - Do
15) Chidi Edeh - Striker
16) James Moga - Do
17) Joaquim Abranches - Do
18) Baljit Sahni - Do
19) Marcos Falopa - Head Coach
20) Americo Falopa - Fitness and Goalkeeper Coach
21) Rajesh Basak - Physio
22) Manish Banerjee - Team Manager
23) Gautam Roy - Team Media Officer
24) Dr Shanti Ranjan Das Gupta - Asst General Secretary and Team Doctor
25) Mr Santosh Bhattacharya - Football Secretary and Leader of the Delegation


16.09.2013: JAYDIP DASGUPTA : East Bengal Club of India will meet the Semen Pedang of Indonesia on the 17th at Kolkata and on the 24th at away at the quarter final stages. Semen Pedang reached Kolkata on Saturday afternoon to play their away match. East Bengal have reached the last eight for only the second time in seven tournament appearances. Semen Padang, on the other hand, are tournament debutant.

Semen Padang Football Club was founded in the year 1980 played in the Indonesian Premier league. The Club is nick named as Red Bull based at Western Sumatra island in Indarung. Haji Agus Salim Stadium is the home ground of Semen Padang which was damaged heavily in an earthquake in 1983 and was rebuilt as a multipurpose stadium in 1985.

In 2011-12 Padang were the champions of the Indonesian Premier league and was selected to play in the AFC cup. Padang were the winners of the Indonesian Community Shield in 2013 winning the final by a margin of 4-1.

27/02/2013: EAST BENGAL (IND) 1-0 SELANGOR (MAS)
KEB : Lalrin Dika 42'


KEB : Abdul -og 19', Borisic 62', 87', Chidi 64'

KEB : Chidi 22', Dika 86'

23/04/2013: SELANGOR (MAS) 2-2 EAST BENGAL (IND)

KEB : Penn -2, Borisic, Chidi

KEB : Penn 1', Chidi 24',70',76' Mehtab 47'

Semen Padang were placed in the Group E in the preliminary stages. They had an impressive performances as they are the only team in the group who does not had to face a defeat. Padang had won 5 matches and drew 1 out of their six outings, and conceded 6 goals while succeeded in scoring 15 goals which is indeed a performance should be talked off. Apart from East Bengal Churchill Brothers were the participant in the Group E.

Churchill drew 2-2 in their home match at Pune but lost against Pedang at the away match by a margin of 3-1. In the pre quarter final stages at their home Semen Padang defeated SHB Da Nang FC of Vietnam by a margin of 2-1 to reach the last eight of the AFC Cup.

Semen Padang had a strong line up as eight of their players are in the national team.David Ngan Pagbe is one oftheir deep defender who is of Cameroon origin. Yoo Hyun-Goo is the midfielder from South Korea along with Esteban Gabriel Vizcarra of Argentina. These two midfielders are the backbone and most of the attacks of Pedang are being masterminded by them.

The Liberian striker Edward Junior Wilson is the danger man in Pedang striking force who at present playing for the Liberian national team. Semen Padang qualified to play in the Asian Cup Winners Cup in the year 1993-94. They won the second round match against the Chang Sai Gon of China at home (1-0) and away (2-1)and entered the quarter final stages. At home they won against Nissan of Japan by 2-1, but they were outrailed at their away match by 11-0.

Trevor James Morgan have placed the Red and Gold in the knockout stages of the AFC Cup. It will be a testing time for Marcos Falopa and one have to wait and see that if he can advance EastBengal further in the AFC Cup.

Goalkeepers- Abhijit Mondal, Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, Jayanta Pal
Defenders -Thokchom Naoba Singh, Uga Okpara, Gurwinder Singh, Raju Eknath Gaikwad, Saumik Dey, Robert Lalthalmuana
Midfielders- Sanju Pradhan xxxx (Captain), Mehtab Hossein, Penn Orji xxxx , Lalrindika Ralte, Harmanjot Singh Khabra, Cavin Lobo, Ishfaq Ahmed xxxx
Strikers- Chidi Edeh, Andrew Barisic xxxx , Baljit Singh Sahni, Manandeep Singh xxxx
Officials - Trevor James Morgan xxxx (Head Coach), Atanu Bhattacharya xxxx (Goalkeeper Coach)


21.06.2013: JAYDIP DASGUPTA : Know about East Bengal oponent Semen Padang of Indonesia in Qr. Final 4 matches on 17th Sept

The schedule of the knockout stages of AFC Cup finalized at the AFC House at Malaysia. East Bengal Club of India will meet the Semen Pedang of Indonesia on the 17th at Kolkata and on the 24th at away at the quarter final stages. East Bengal have reached the last eight for only the second time in seven tournament appearances. Semen Padang, on the other hand, are tournament debutant.

Semen Padang Football Club was founded in the year 1980 played in the Indonesian Premier league. The Club is nick named as Red Bull based at Western Sumatra island in Indarung. Haji Agus Salim Stadium is the home ground of Semen Padang which was damaged heavily in an earthquake in 1983 and was rebuilt as a multipurpose stadium in 1985.

In 2011-12 Padang were the champions of the Indonesian Premier league and was selected to play in the AFC cup. Padang were the winners of the Indonesian Community Shield in 2013 winning the final by a margin of 4-1. The team is in the top of the league table of Indonesia Premier League with 28 points after 11 Matches.

Semen Padang were placed in the Group E in the preliminary stages. They had an impressive performances as they are the only team in the group who does not had to face a defeat. Padang had won 5 matches and drew 1 out of their six outings, and conceded 6 goals while succeeded in scoring 15 goals which is indeed a performance should be talked off.


Pos. Team GP W D L GF GA +/- Pts 1 Semen Padang 6 5 1 0 15 6 9 16 2 Kitchee SC 6 4 0 2 18 7 11 12 3 Churchill Brothers 6 1 1 4 6 13 -7 4 4 Warriors FC (SG) 6 1 0 5 4 17 -13 3

Apart from East Bengal, another Indian side Churchill Brothers were the participant in the Group E. Churchill drew 2-2 ( Chhetri, Bikramjit) in their home match at Pune but lost against Pedang at the away match by a margin of 1-3 ( Wilson - 2). In the pre quarter final stages at their home Semen Padang defeated SHB Da Nang FC of Vietnam by a margin of 2-1 to reach the last eight of the AFC Cup.

Semen Padang had a strong line up as eight of their players are in the national team. David Ngan Pagbe is one of their deep defender who is of Cameroon origin. Yoo Hyun-Goo is the midfielder from South Korea along with Esteban Gabriel Vizcarra of Argentina. These two midfielders are the backbone and most of the attacks of Pedang are being masterminded by them.

....The Liberian striker Edward Junior Wilson is the danger man in Pedang striking force who at present playing for the Liberian national team. He scored 9 goals in the tournament so far and the news is that Mohun Bagan coach Karim Bencherika has shown his keen interest with this striker. He scored 61 goals in 86 matches for the team so far.

Trevor James Morgan have placed the Red and Gold in the knockout stages of the AFC Cup. It will be a testing time for Marcos Falopa and one have to wait and see that if he can advance East Bengal further in the AFC Cup.



9 	MF 	M. RIZAL - 1  Goal 
15 	FW 	HENDRA ADI BAYAUW - 1  Goal 	 
25 	FW 	TITUS BONAI - 1 	 



East Bengal to face Yangon United in Pre Q.F at 6. 00 PM in Salt Lake Stadium.

13.05.2013: JAYDIP DASGUPTA : East Bengal Club of Kolkata added one more feather in their crown. The red and gold creates another history in the international scenario when they defeated the Vietnamese Club SAI GON XUAN TAHNAH by a margin of 4-1 at the. East Bengal is the first ever Indian Club to achieve this goal in the Group H who remain unbeaten in all their six matches and emerge as the group champions with 14 points to their kitty.

The Red and Gold will face the Yangon United of Mayanmar in the pre-quarter final stages at YBK, Kolkata on 15th of May. Yangon United is the second seeded team in terms of goal difference from Group F who earned 15 points from their 6 outings. Their goal average was + 13 in comparison with the New Radient of Maldives whoso average was + 16.

Yangon performed significantly in the group league stages as they won 5 matches and lost against the Sunray Cave in their away match at Hongkong, but eventually won against the Sunray Cave in their last match at home by brace.

Road to Pre Quarter Final  : East Bengal topped Group H with 14 points from 6 matches.
Their performance have been undernoted below:
27.02.13 East Bengal 			 1-0  Selangor FA (Malaysia)
13.03.13 Sai Gon Xuan Thanh (Vietnam) 	 0-0  East Bengal 
03.04.13 Tampines Rovers (Singapore) 	 2-4  East Bengal
09.04.13 East Bengal 			 2-1  Tampines Rovers 
23.04.13 Selangor FA (Malaysia) 	 2-2  East Bengal
30.04.13 East Bengal 			 4-1  Sai Gon Xuan Thanh (Vietnam)
Lalrindika Ralte,Chidi Edeh, Penn Orji and Andrew Barisic are the leading scorers 
with 3 goals each. Manandeep Singh is booked out. 

Yangon United's highest margin win was against the Persibo of Indonesia by a margin of 7-1. Yangon United football Club is a Burmese Club founded in the year 2009 at Yangon City. The Club is owned solely by a business typhoon Tay Za . In the year 2007 a Burmese Club named Viva FC was renamed as Air Bagan FC when a business group Htoo took over all the liabilities of the club.

Yangon United Football club has it's own stadium at Aung San where 32000 spectators can witness a football match. This stadium has a artificial turf and equipped with all modern facilities. In the year 2012 the Yangon United FC has won both the prestigious tournaments of Myanmar - The Myanmar National league and Max Cement MFF Cup and qualified to participate in the AFC Cup of 2013. The Yangon United is coached successfully by Ivan Venkov Kolev a man who is a resident of Bulgaria.

Ivan took the charge in the year 2012 who was formerly a coach of the national team of Indonesia and Myanmar.Yangon United has six players who participated in their national team apart from the foreigners. The club has signed the Brazilian striker Cesar Augusto, Australian deep defender Michael Cvetkovski, Gnonsian Oulou and Adama Kone the deep defender and striker from Ivory Coast. But Oulou will be out of the squad for card offense.

Yangon United FC is sponsored by Air Bagan the specially designated domestic airline of Myanmar since 2009 and the kit of the club is being sponsored by FBT, a Spots manufacturing company from Thailand which exports to more than 40 countries.

So, it can be mentioned that this team from Myanmar will be a strong hardle for the red and gold. The strikers of the Yangon United especially the Ivorian striker Adama Kone is successful in scoring 16 goals in the last season.

Details of Foreigners in Yangon United

1) Michael Cvetkovski : Defender - Australian 2) Gnonsian Oulou Jean Patrice : Defender - Ivory Coast 3) Cezar Augusto Hermangildo : Striker - Brazil 4) Kone Adame : Striker - Ivory Coast

Kone Adame is their leading striker with 9 goals having scored in every match of the Group.

There are 9 Myanmar Internationals in the team - Kyi Lyn, David Htan (Midfielder), Aung Thike (Defender), Pyae Phyo Aung (Defender), Khin Maung Lwin (Midfielder), Yan Aung Kyaw (Midfielder), Aung Sithu (Striker), Kyaw Ko Ko (Striker), Yaza Win Thien (Midfielder). They are currently 4th in Myanmar League.

The two teams have met only once before in an exhibition match as under:

19.8.09 East Bengal 3-1 Yangon United
KEB : Edmilson-2, Harmanjot Singh Khabra

Yangon United, the team from Myanmar, will be playing with Kingfisher East Bengal on 15.05.13, for the coming AFC Cup match.

Programme Schedule for 14.05.13

8.00am : Practice of East Bengal in VYBK, Saltlake
11.00am : Match Coordination Meeting (same venue)
12.30pm : Press Conference in the Conference Hall (same venue)
6pm : Practice of Yangon United (same venue)

EAST BENGAL TO FACE SAI GON JUAN THANH tomorrow at Kolkata in 6th match.

29.4.2013: JAYDIP DASGUPTA : The Vietnamese Club Sai Gon Xuan Thanh will meet East Bengal Club of Kolkata in one of the most important match in Group H of the AFC Cup. East Bengal have already qualified for the pre-quater final stages but the second team from this group is yet to be be finalized. So, it is expected the football lovers of Kolkata will witness a truly contested match.

Sai Gon Xuan Thanh is keen to earn a points on Tuesday afternoon. The Salangor FC of Malaysia are also in the probable to ensure a birth for the knock out stages. If Salangor beat the Tampines Rovers in their last outing at Singapore then the dream of Sai Gon Xuan Thanh to reach at the pre-quater final stages will end. In the group league the Vietnamese Club has won two matches, drew two, but lost in an important match against the SalangorFC of Malaysia are now with 8 points in their kitty.


Team 				GP 	W 	D 	L 	GF 	GA 	+/- 	PTS
EAST BENGAL (IND) 		5 	3 	2 	0 	9 	5 	4 	11
SAI GON XUAN THANH (VIE) 	5 	2 	2 	1 	8 	8 	0 	8
SELANGOR (MAS) 			5 	1 	2 	2 	9 	9 	0 	5
TAMPINES ROVERS (SIN) 		5 	0 	2 	3 	10 	14 	-4 	2

Sai Gon Xuan Thanh reached Kolkta in Sunday night without their two important players and chief Coach. Moses Oloya the Ugandan midfielder is nursing his injury while their Nguyen Rogerio the Brazilian born defender will be out of the squad for booking. They will have to depend a lot on Christan Nsi Amougou who has a successful AFC Cup mission by scoring 3 goals in 5 matches.

He scored twice in the the match against Tampines when Sai Gon Xuan Thanh won by 3-2. Emeka Ndubuisi is another Nigerian striker who can create danger in the East Bengal deep defense. While talking to the media in pre - match conference the officials of Sai Gon Xuan Thanh said that they are used to play in the natural turf and the hot and humid condition of Kolkata may create problem to their players. But their prime target is to win a point in order to reach in the knock out stages.

Trevor James Morgan is confident to win the last match and want to create the record of not losing any match in the Group league. If the red and gold can achieve their destiny they will be the only Indian team to create the history in the AFC Cup.

Not only that East Bengal will have the opportunity to play the pre-quater final match at Kolkata in front of their supporters. Morgan further added that their is chances of some changes in the formation as two of his key players will be unavailable due to injury and card.

Probable EAST BENGAL team: Gurprit, Naoba, Opara, Gurbindar, Soumik, Sanju, Penn, Lobo, Raltey, Cheddi, Borisik.


28.04.2013: JAYDIP DASGUPTA: East Bengal Club of Kolkata will face the Vietnamese Club Sai Gon Xuan Thanh in the Group H match of the AFC Cup at the Vivekananda Yubabharati Kriaangan on 30TH APRIL Tuesday afternoon.

East Bengal already qualified for the knockout stages when they drew against the Salangor FC 2-2 at Malaysia.At present East Bengal is leading the Group H table with 11 points to their kitty. In the first round away match at Hochi Min City the match between these two ended goalless.

The red and gold are in the verge of creating a history. If they did not loose in their last group league match they will be the first ever Indian team to remain unbeaten in the group league matches of the AFC cup. East Bengal has showcased an impressive performance so far in the AFC Cup both in home and abroad.

27.2.13 : East Bengal 1-0 Selangor FA
13.3.13 : Sai Gon Xuan Thanh 0-0 East Bengal
03.4.13 : Tampines Rovers 2-4 East Bengal
09.4.13 : East Bengal 2-1 Tampines Rovers
23.4.13 : East Bengal 2-2 Selangor FC

In fact they registered the highest margin win against the Tam pines Rovers by a margin of 4-2 at Singapore. East Bengal had played five matches in the Group H, won three and drew two. The red and gold Brigade won against Salangor FC at Kolkata,Tam pines Rovers at Kolkata and in the away match at Singapore, while drew against Sai Gon Xuan Thanh at Vietnam and Salangor FC at Malaysia.The club of Vietnam Sai Gon Xuan Thanh are at 8 points from their 5 outings.

East Bengal coach Trevor James Morgan are yet to finalize his first eleven, as they will miss the services of the Harmonjot Kharba who is now nursing his injury after a successful operation on his ankle. The mid field Marshall Mehtab Hossain and Manandeep Singh will be out of the squad for booking in the previous matches.

Abhijit Mondal the red and gold custodian is not fully fit so it is expected that Gurpit Singh Sandhu will be in the final eleven. So, lot will depend on the young star Raltey who are having a successful mission in the AFC cup and the Nigerian Penn Orji in the midfield. But it is to be mentioned that East Bengal should capitalize the chances which they had failed in number of times throughout the season.

In 2004 East Bengal qualified to play in the per-quater final stages, but lost, the red and gold members and supporters are eagerly waiting to see if East Bengal can add another feather to their crown.



22.04.2013: JAYDIP DASGUPTA: East Bengal Club of Kolkata will meet the Salangor FC of Malaysia in their away match at Shah Alam Stadium at Salongor in the AFC Cup Group H match. At present East Bengal is leading the Group H table with 10 points to their kitty. The red and gold won against the Salongor Fc at their home match in Kolkata by a solitary goal which was scored by Lalrindika Ralte. A point is required for East Bengal to ensure their berth in the knockout stages of the AFC Cup.

The hopes of winning the I league are almost over for East Bengal. East Bengal's target is not only to secure a berth in the knockout stages but also to earn the maximum number of points from the group. The red and gold are having a successful outing this year in the AFC Cup as they had won three matches and drew the match against Sai Gon Xuan Thanh FC.

It is expected that Trevor James Morgan will go in his usual formation of 4-4-2 with Barisik and Eddeh Cheddi in the upfront. These two strikers showcased an example of improvised performance in the last match against the Salongor at Singapur. The red and gold will keenly depend on the performance of Lalrindika Ralte who has scored two goals so far in the AFC Cup. Raltey's performance is really impressive and he has been talked by the coaches of the overseas teams. But, East Bengal will feel the absence of their left full back Soumik Dey who is likely to be replaced Roberts.

On the other hand,Salangor Fc are with 4 points as they had won a match, drew one and lost two out of their four outings in the AFC Cup. They have scored 7 goals and conceded the same as they are in the third position just behind the Sai Gon Xuan Thanh FC who are at 7 points. The performance of the Salongor in the AFC Cup is far beyond the expectation though they are yet to face a defeat at their home.

East Bengal is the only Indian Club to score 48 goals so far in the AFC Cup,and they had already scored 100 goals in Asian Competitions which is indeed a record to be mentioned. The AFC match will be kicked off 8.45pm which is 6.15pm in India.



18.04.2013: EB RELEASE: East Bengal completed a historic landmark in their last AFC Cup match vs Tampines at home when they beame THE FIRST INDIAN TEAM TO SCORE 100 GOALS IN ASIAN CLUB COMPETIONS (ASIAN CLUB CUP - 21 Goals), ASIAN CUP WINNERS CUP (31 Goals), AFC CUP (48 Goals).

They now take on Selangor FA in their return leg fixture at Selangor on 23rd April, 2013. The match will kick off at 8.45 pm (IST 6.15 pm) at Shah Alam Stadium. East Bengal who are at the pole position of the Group with 10 points from 4 matches need only 1 point to qualify to the Pre Quarter Final Stage.

East Bengal had won the home leg vs Selangor by a solitary goal courtesy a long range strike from Lalrindika Ralte and would be looking to qualify from the Selangor clash itself.

Isfaq Ahmed returns to the side after serving his 4 match ban.Performances of the two teams in this year's AFC Cup have been undernoted below:

East Bengal

27.2.13 : East Bengal 1-0 Selangor FA
13.3.13 : Sai Gon Xuan Thanh 0-0 East Bengal
03.4.13 : Tampines Rovers 2-4 East Bengal
09.4.13 : East Bengal 2-1 Tampines Rovers

Selangor FA

27.2.13 : Selamgor 0-1 East Bengal
13.3.13 : Selangor FA 3-3 Tampines Rovers
03.4.13 : Sai Gon Xuan Thanh 2-1 Selangor FA
09.4.13 : Selangor FA 3-1 Sai Gon Xuan Thanh

Following Squad is travelling to Kuala Lumpur
1) Abhijit Mondal - Goalkeeper
2) Gurpreet Singh Sandhu - Do
3) Jayanta Paul - Do
4) T.Naoba Singh - Defender
5) Uga Okpara - Do
6) Gurwinder Singh - Do
7) Raju Gaikwad - Do
8) Saumik Dey - Do
9) Robert Lalthalmuana - Do
10) Sanju Pradhan - Midfielder
11) Mehtab Hossein - Do
12) Penn Orji - Do
13) Lalrindika Ralte - Do
14) Harmanjot Singh Khabra - Do
15) Cavin Lobo - Do
16) Isfaq Ahmed - Do
17) Chidi Edeh - Striker
18) Andrew Borisic - Do
19) Baljit Sahni - Do
20) Manandeep Singh - Do
Head Coach - Trevor Morgan
Goalkeeper Coach - Atanu Bhattacharya
Physio - Rajesh Basak
Team Manager - Manish Banerjee


EAST BENGAL TO meet Vietnam side Xuan Thanh Sai Gon on 13th March in away.

10.3.2013: JAYDIP DASGUPTA : 13 -- 13 -- 13...East Bengal will play their 2nd match in AFC cup is cover under the No. unlucky 13. There is the No. 13 which includes in the year 20(13), The match day is March (13). East Bengal is undefeated in their last 13 matches where won 12 matches and 1 draw where they won 8 matches at random, so their next match at HO chi Min City, Vietnam may be 14th win or draw as unbeaten streak. Out of last 13 matches, East Bengal's highest margin win came in CFL Super nine against Mohammedan SC (6-1) and Aryan (7-1) means 13 goals in two matches. After losimg to Churchill Brothers in I-League on 19.01.2013 till date East Bengal is unbeaten.

SHIELD :08.03.2013: KEB 2-0 USC W
SHIELD :06.03.2013: KEB 2-1 ONGC W
SHIELD :03.03.2013: KEB 1-0 PAI W
AFC CUP :27.02.2013: KEB 1-0 SELANGOR W
IFA CFL :23.02.2013: KEB 6-1 MSC W
IFA CFL :19.02.2013: KEB 7-1 ARN W
IFA CFL :16.02.2013: KEB 4-0 SOU W
IFA CFL :13.02.2013: KEB 4-0 KMS W
I-LAGUE :09.02.2013: KEB 0-0 MMB D
IFA CFL :05.02.2013: KEB 4-1 ER W
I-LAGUE :02.02.2013: KEB 2-1 PAI W
IFA CFL :29.01.2013: KEB 1-0 BHO W
I-LAGUE :25.01.2013: KEB 2-1 PFC W

But it is hardly a factor now to the charged East Bengal and their coach Travor Morgan to face their 2nd match in the AFC cup 2013 Group - H against the Vietnam side Xuan Thanh Sai Gon. This will be their away match as they had won their 1st match against the Malaysian side Salongor FC in thier opening encounter at Kolkata (1-0) on 27th Feb.

Now being a league topper of current I-League after 20th Round and Semi Finalist of 117th IFA Shield with all win in the three matches in Group A, and the top seeded team in the CFL Red and Gold brigade will face the Vietnamese side on Wednesday afternoon at the Thong Nhat stadium.

				M 	W	D 	L 	GF 	GA 	GD 	Pts
Vietnam Sai Gon Xuan Thanh 	1 	1 	0 	0 	3 	2 	+1 	3
India East Bengal 		1 	1 	0 	0 	1 	0 	+1 	3
Singapore Tampines Rovers 	1 	0 	0 	1 	2 	3 	-1 	0
Malaysia Selangor 		1 	0 	0 	1 	0 	1 	-1 	0

East Bengal coach James Morgan is unbeaten in 13 matches. East Bengal has scored 36 goals in 13 matches with an average of 3 goals per match. The last win was against United SC in IFA Shield at Siliguri which was his 103rd win in East Bengal since July 2010.

The AFC Cup match against Selangor FA was his 100th match where his team showcased an example of passing football to register his first win in the AFC cup. He can overtake his 2010-11 season success if he can win more 7 matches in the season from rest 14/15 matches - 5 in AFC, 6 I-League, 2 CFL, 1 IFA Shield Semi Final and Final ...

Mehtab Hossain and Robin Singh and Raju Gaikowad has returned in the team squad after playing in AFC Challenge Cup in India Sr. team is a plus point of East Bengal but East Bengal missed stopper Arnab Mondol who played very well in I-League matches for East Bengal.

Chidi Edeh who scored 26 goals so far in the season for East Bengal in 33 matches where he scord 12 in I-League with a hattrick against Salgaocar and scored 2 goals in last IFA shield match against United SC also. Australian Andrew Borisich gradually familier with East Bengal and he got some goals also in the CFL and IFA shield matches for East Bengal.

The 447th ranked Club in the World, East Bengal lost in the second match in the BTV Cup 2011 at Vietnam against Xuan Thanh Sai Gon by a margin of 1-0. The goal scored by Kim in the 90th minute of that match. The team has changed their old name Saigon Xuan Thanh Cement FC to Xuan Thanh Sai Gon is being allowed to participate in the AFC Cup by the Asian Football Confedaration.

Xuan Thanh Sai Gon is the 3rd positioned team in V league this year, though this is their maiden participation in the AFC cup. Xuan Thanh Sai Gon has won the First division league in Vietnam in 2011, and succeed in lifting the Vietnamese Cup in 2012. The name of the Club was changed in the year 2011 with a target to build the young and talented boys in their academy. Xuan Thanh Sai Gon is a corporate club which belongs to the Xuan Thanh Group has their own multipurpose stadium at Ho Chi Minh City with a capacity of 25 thousand spectators.

East Bengal opponent on 13th March is the Vietnamese side Xuan Thanh Sai Gon who in their 1st match against the Singapore team Tempines Rovers by a margin of 3-2. Cameroonian striker Christian Nsi Amougou, Pham Thua Chi and NSI scored goal for Xuan Thanh Sai Gon. Can East Bengal be able to take the revenge on 13th.??

East Bengal has declared their team 18 member team which will tour Vietnam:

Goal Keepers - Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, Abhijit Mondal.

Defenders - Naoba Singh, Uga Okpara, Gurwinder Singh, Raju Gaikwad, Saumik Dey, Robert Lalthalmuana

. Midfielders - Sanju Pradhan (Captain), Mehtab Hossein, Penn Orji, Lalrindika Ralte, Subodh Kumar, Harmanjot Singh Khabra.

Strikers - Chidi Edeh, Andrew Borisic, Baljit Sahni, Robin singh.

Head Coach - Trevor James Morgan
Goalkeeper Coach - Atanu Bhattacharya
AFC Cup : Visiting team of Malaysia Selangor FC match Video.

25.12.2012 : .KFC. | www.kolkatafootball.com HOME PAGE

Malayasian side Selangor FC will meet East Bengal at YBK on 27th FEB at 3.00 PM. in first nmatch of AFC cup in Group 'H'.
Visit Bosko Balaban scores as Selangor beat Singapore 3-1 ( Sultans Cup 2012 ) football. Match ticket price will be Rs. 100 for General, 150 for VIP and 200 for Special.
19.1.2013 - Malaysian Super League - 2013 (Game 4) - Selangor won 3-2 Pahang .

Selegnar FC, practice session at the East Bengal Club ground.

24.12.2012 : JAYDIP DASGUPTA....KFC. | www.kolkatafootball.com HOME PAGE
The Selegnar FC, the second seeded football team from Malaysia today attend a practice session at the East Bengal Club ground. The team reached the of the red and gold club tent at around 2-45pm. The team consists of four foreigner in the 18 member squad.

The entire team practiced at the southern end of the ground behind the goal post as there was a pre scheduled hockey match.

The Malaysian team reached two earlier in Kolkata in order to cope up with the Kolkata's atmosphere. Salagnar FC will going to practice at the Vivekananda Yubabharati Kriaangan from 25th onwards at meet the Kingfisher East Bengal in the first match of Group H on 27th feb.

AFC Cup- 2013: Selangor FA of Malaysia arrived today in Kolkata to play away against East Bengal..

23.12.2012 : KFC. | www.kolkatafootball.com HOME PAGE

Selangor FA of Malaysia arrived today in Kolkata in the afternoon from Kuala Lumpur to play AFC Cup match against East Bengal on 27th February. Both team will play in Group H of AFC Cup. The match is scheduled to be held at VYBK at 3pm.

Selangor FA have four foreigners:

1) Peter Chrappan - Defender from Slovakia
2) Ramez Jamal Dayoub - Jersey No (5): Defender from Lebanon was associated with Kingfisher East Bengal for a brief period in 2009 when he was a player of Safa FC. In 2008 AFC cup he played against East Bengal at YBK where the match ended 0-0 and they beat East Bengal 1-0 in Away. In 2009 before starting of I-League he practiced with East Bengal under Subhash Bhowmick. He became the fourth foreigner who then returned from KEB with Czech Jan Berger, Argentine Sebastian Omar Monesterolo and Brazilian Edmilson that year. KEB released him for Dayoub's club Al Safa's ITC clearence problem.
3) Michal Kubala - Midfielder from Slovakia
4) Francis Forkey Doe - Striker from Liberia.

Mohd Sharbinee Allawee Ramli - GK
Mahali Jasuli - DF
Fairuz Abdul Aziz - DF
Mohd Asraruddin Putra Omar (Captain) - DF
Abdul Shukor Jusoh - MF
S. Veenod - MF
Mohd Amri Yahyah (Vice Captain)-FT
Afiq Azmi - FW
Mohd Ramzul Zahini Adnan - FW

The team will practice at East Bengal Club ground from 3 pm tomorrow i.e Sunday - 24th February, 2013 while East Bengal will practice at YBK on Monday 25th February, 2013 from 9.30 am.


Selangor FC is a professional football club founded in the year 1936, at present based in the Shah Alam City of Malaysia. Selangor has a rich history in Malaysian Football who has the honor of winning all thetitle in domestic football. Selangor is currently playing in the Malaysian Super league are now placed inthe third position with 13 points from 7 matches.

Selangor FC has it's own home ground which is known as Shah Alam Stadium with a capacity of more than 80 thousand Spectators. The team is nicknamed as 'The Red Gaints"The principal Spencer of Salangor FC is Mentari Basar Incorporated and Kappa is the sportswear sponcer.

Selangor FC has it's rich history as they were the runners up of the AFC Champions league in the year 1967. They have won the Malasian Cup for 32 times and have the honor of winning the Malaysian FA Cup for 5 times. Selangor has won the Malaysian premier league for 7 times and were the runners up in two instances.

Selangor has participated in various International tournaments in Asia. Apart from the runners up in Asian Cup Championship 1967, they also selected to participate in the years 1970, 1986-87, 1997-98, 1998-99, 2001-2002.

Selangor participated 2006 and 2010 AFC CUP and now selected to participate in the current years tournament AS THEY STOOD 3RD PLACE IN MALAYSIAN SUPER LEAGUR earned 43 points in 26 matches with 12 wins. The team stoood 3rd but got chance to play in AFC cup because, Kelantan FA which won the 2012 Malaysia FA Cup then the league runner-up Singapore LIONSXII should qualify for the 2013 AFC Cup; however, Singapore LIONSXII are not eligible for any AFC competition spots as they were guest team in the league from Singapore. This means the third-placed Selangor FA were awarded Malaysia's second AFC Cup spot team.

2006: Quarter-final (lost to Al-Nejmeh 0-1 on aggregate)
2010: Group Stage (Group F)

EB 3

KUF : ssam Jemaa - 2, Waleed Jumah, Chadi Hammami)
KEB : Okpara, Dika

KEB : Gurpreet, Naoba, Okpara, Arnab, Soumik, Abranches, Khabra, Robert, Mehtab, Moga, Chidi .
ALK : Alkandari, Baba, Buraiki, Hakim, Alsanea, Alshareedah, Coutinho, Hammami, Jomah, Jemaa, Ateeqi,..

Post Match Comments by Coach :: Marcos Falopa (East Bengal) - Kuwait team dominated the first half but we were done in by two bad decisions of Referee and Linesman which resulted in the first two goals scored from a palpably offside positions.We came back strongly in the second half and put up a much better show.The subtitutes changed the complexion of the game completely.Though we'll miss Uga in the Second Leg we hope to win our match at Kolkata and enter the final.

Kuwait Sc won the first semifinal by a margin of 4-2 and are in an advantageous position to qualify for the finals. Now it is the task for the Phalopa Brigade to won the match by a margin of 2-0 goals at Kolkata, which is indeed a hard task.
If East Bengal wins 1-0 in home match, Kuwait FC qualify for the final as the aggregate score is 4-3 in their favour If East Bengal wins 2-0 in home match, East Bengal qualify for the final as the aggregate score is 4-4 and East Bengal qualify due to scoring more away goals (2) If East Bengal wins 2-1 in home match, Kuwait qualify for the final as the aggregate score is 5-4 in favour of Kuwait FC If East Bengal wins 3-1 in home match, East Bengal qualify for the final as the aggregate score is 5-5 in favour of East Bengal and East Bengal qualify because they have scored more away goals If East Bengal lose by any margin and the match ends in a draw, Kuwait FC qualifies If East Bengal wins by 4-2, the match goes into extra time, as the score becomes 6-6 and the away goal is same for both teams, which means the match will go for extra time.
Kuwait Sc utilized the gaps in the East Bengal deep defense and was leading by a margin of 3-0 at half time. Although the 1st goal of Issam Jeema was a controversial but the 2nd and 3rd are the example a of a team effort where the Red and Gold defense had no answer to give. Kuwait SC had it's dominance in the midfield played a number of passes among themselves. East Bengal had the chances in the first session. Cheedi Edeh could have converted at least in one occasion.

Receiving a pass from James Moga, cheddi's shot was deflected of a defender and Cheedi shoots wide from a close distance. The East Bengal forwards are rare chances in the upfront, but they are out numbered in comparison with the Kuwait SC deep defense.Wast Bengal should concentrate to play short passes and the players should be close to each other.

Marcos Phalopa replaced Baljit, Dika and Kevin in place Abranches, Roberts, Khabra. East Bengal came back in the game in the middle of the second session and reduced the tally. Uga Opara scored of a corner from Dika, and Dika himself scored the second goal for East Bengal.The change really works in the second session and a improvised brand of soccer was shoecased by the Red and Gold.

It was really surprising to see the first eleven of East Bengal. Khabra who was out of action for quite a long time was in the first eleven in such a crucial match, the in form Dika was in the dugout and the combination of Dika and Soumik was not at all implemented. Even it was observed the East Bengal deep defenders are in a same line and no one is covering the other. The subs titution and the strategy of playing short passes yeild the results.

FT : Match end. Kuwait SC win the 1st leg home tie 4-2.
90+2': Foul of Chidi free kick for Kuwait in their half.
90': 3 minute added time and Kuwait is leading 4-2.
90': Chidi's shot went out.
89': East Bengal is searching for another goal.
88': 4-2 is the scoreline for Kuwait.
86': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL EB reduced margin through Dika off a brilliant right footer in side the box.
85': 4-1 is the scoreline for Kuwait SC.
84': Good Free kick and a well header just went wide for Kuwait.
83': Free kick for Kuwait just left of Eb box,
82': Left sided attack of Kuwait cleared for throw i.
82': Chance missed by Lobo again, Chide sqiuare pass him in out side box but his aimless shot went wide.
80': Another left sided attack of Kuwait cleared for cornerin left.
79': A powerful shot of Kuwait from out side box well saved by Gurpreet.
78': Another corner of Kuwait, cleared from Eb box.
76': Corner for Kuwait, kick went to Gurpreet's hand.
75': Still Kuwait is leading 4-1.
75': Another chance came to EB, but good clearence of Kueait before reaching a loose ball to Lobo.
74': Corner for Kuwait, cleared.
73': Eb defence just cleared a right sided cross of Kuwait.
72': Another good effort of EB, Dika long ball went to Lobo and lobo's left footer just missed the target.
69': Another attack of Kuwait, Low but weak grounder of Jemma went out.
68': EB won a corner, Short corner of Chidi cleared finally.
68': Now the scoreline is 4-1 for Kuwait SC.
68': PLAYER CHANGE : KEB : Lobo in place of Abranches.
66': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL EB reduced margin through Okpra. Dika's corner and Okpara's header beat Kuwait Keeper.
65': Coenr for EB from a right sided attack, Dika's kick .
63': Dika's long ranger from left side of the Kuwait box went wide.
62': Effortless attack of EB cleared.
61': Danger for EB, another attack in EB box, finally Arnab cleared.
60': 4-0 for Kuwait FC.
60':Kuwait SC dominating second half with good procession
58':Another attack of Kuwait SC, Okpara clears the ball
57':Okpara's header clears Kuwait Sc's corner
57':Okpara's header clears Kuwait Sc's corner
57': PLAYER CHANGE : KEB : Baljit in place of Joaquim.
56':Another attack of Kuwait SC, Okpara clears the ball
55': Kuwait SC is leading 4-0.
54': Jomah's right footed long ranger, good save by Gurpreet
54': Corner cleared by Arnab and long ball towards Chidi, missed.
53': Gurpreet struggling to save the ball results one more corner.
52':Another corner to Kuwait SC in opposote end.
51':Jomah's centre, Gurpreet clears the ball. Corner to Kuwait SC
50': Kuwait is leading 4-0.
49': PLAYER CHANGE : KEB : Lalrindika in place of Khabra.
47': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL : 4th goal of Kuwait. Hammami scores after Gurpreet made a big mistake.
46':Mehtab's free kick cleared
46': Starts of 2nd half.

HT : It's half time now and Kuwait is leading 3-0.
45': Added time 2 minute.
45': Luwait mainly playing passing football in ground.
44': Okpara blocked Ateeiqi's attack just out side of penalty box.
43': Play resume.
43': Ateeqi looks injured, game stopped and under in treatment.
42':Corner kick went wide.
41': Chance to Alsanea, Soumik well saved another goal bounded attack of Kuwait for corner.
40': Moga's cross from right flank but aimless, goalkick.
40': Still Kuwait is 3-0 leading.
38': Another attack of Kuwait, Chance to Jemma from a misspass, his long ranger went over the bar.
36': Brilliant display by Coutinho but his left footed shot touches side net.
35': Again and again attack of Kuwait in EB box.
34':Yellow Card, Mehtab of KEB
35': Free kick for Kuwat out side of EB box.
33': Kuwait is now leading 3-0.
32': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 3rd goal of Kuwait. Jemma scores from a deflected ball from Gurpreet who saved a right sided shot.
31': 2-0 is the scoreline for Kuwait.
31': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2nd goal of Kuwait through Buraiki scorer, What a speedy left sided attack and finished with a bullet left footer which beat Gurpreet.
30': Still Kuwait is leading 1-0.
29': Left sided attack of Kuwait but wrong pass.
27': Easiest chance to Chidi in the match, his shot blocked initially and in his second try his shot touches side net from a right sided pass of Moga.
25': Another attack of Kuwait, Chance missed, good effort by Bukhari, nearly finds the net once again, Cross from right to left and Gurpreet beat but a player was unable to touch the ball in open net. Great escape of East Bengal.
25': Long ball from left to rigjt for Naoba but too fast.
24': Back pass of Arnab and long shot of Gurpreet,
23': Free kick for Kuwait from a foul of Robert against Alsanea, free kick went to Gurpreet.
21': Kuwait is attacking more.
20': Hammami's long ranger, went wide
20': Another right sided attack of Kuwait went for Throw in for them.
18':Chidi's pass deflected and first corner to East Bengal, Mehtab's kick cleared.
18': Kuwait SC is leading 1-0.
17': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Kuwait score goal. ISSAM JEMAA beats the offside trap and finished in an one to one situation with Gurpreet, misunder stadning of EB defence when he got the ball from their midfield.
15': Still goalless.
14': Jomah's right footed Long ranger from a Kuwait player and Gurpreet punched it infront and finally cleared.
13': Chidi in attack from right flank but cleared by Kuwait defence.
12': Kuwait crossed from right to left flank and the shot went wide over the cross bar.
12':ball cleared from corner
11': Another attack of Kuwait from eigh side but Throw in for East Bengal.
10': KEB Attack through Moga, 2 defenders blocks him on the out side box.
10':Jonah's header from a brilliant cross, went over the bar
10': Still 0-0 is the scoreline.
9': Right sided attack of EB, good right footer from out side box of Chidi went to Kuwait Keeper's hand, low grounder.
8':Chance to East Bengal from Chidi and Moga, good through pass but ball cleared in box.
8': Okpara cleared a danger situation from box.
8': /Throw in for EB, Ball went to Chidi in left but cleared .
7': Kuwait is playing ground passes.
6': No score yet in the match.
5': ANother attack of Kuwait and went for corner in right of Gurpreet. Well collected of Gurpreet off the corner kick
3': 1t corner for Kuwait from Gurprett's right, cleared from EB box.
2':Kuwait SC's attack, long centre from left flank, ball directly in Gurpreet's hand
2': Kuwait attacked from left flank wanted cut inside but Arnab cleared for corner.
1':East Bengal's attack through Chidi, goalkeeper saves the ball
1': the Semi Final match starts at Kuwait.

EB 2

27.09.2013: East Bengal Club of Kolkata will going to play the AFC Cup semifinal on the 1st of October in their away match against Kuwait FC at the Kuwait SC stadium .The match will be kicked off at 6.30 pm(IST 9 pm)
1) Gurpreet Singh Sandhu - Goalkeeper
2) Abhijit Mondal - Do
3) T.Naoba Singh - Defender
4) Arnab Mondal - Do
5) Uga Okpara - Do
6) Saumik Dey - Do
7) Gurwinder Singh - Do
8) Robert Lalthalmuana - Do
9) Mehtab Hossein - Do (Captain)
10) Joaquim Abranches - Do
11) R.Vashum - Do
12) Baljit Sahni - Do
13) Harmanjot Singh Khabra - Do
14) Alvito D'Cunha - Do
15) Cavin Lobo - Do
16) S.Malsawmtluanga - Do
17) Lalrindika Ralte - Do
18) Chidi Edeh - Striker
19) James Moga - Do
20) Marcos Falopa - Head Coach
21) Americo Falopa - Fitness trainer and Goalkeeper Coach
22) Rajesh Basak - Physio
23) Manish Banerjee - Team Manager
24) Gautam Roy - Team Media Officer
25) Amit Sen - Director
26) Santosh Bhattacharya - Football Secretary and Leader of the Delegation



...24.09.2013, BY JAYDIP DASGUPTA: East Bengal Club of Kolkata entered the semi final of the AFC Cup. At Indonesia today under the scorching heat and humid atmosphere they drew 1-1 with Semang Padang in an important quarter final match. But the away goal advantage and the score of their home match at Kolkata on the 17th, which they won by a solitary goal, the Red and Gold qualified by the margin of 2-1 to play against the Kuwait FC in the semi final. In fact East Bengal is the second Indian team after Dempo Sports Club to play in the semi final of the AFC Cup. The most interesting subject is the 2 scorers of EB in home and away both came in the field as substitute....Seuoka for Vasum in Home match 56 minute and Moga for Seuoka in away in 43 minute ...

East Bengal gifted a goal to Semeng Padang in the 23rd minute of the match. A wrong pass by the goalkeeper Gurpit Singh Sandhu was collected by Edward Junior outside the 18 yards who went inside the penalty area and beat Gurpit Singh Sandhu with a right footer. The match was not so easy for East Bengal as Pedang controlled the match all through. Marcos Phalopa deputed Saumik Dey in the midfield as a blocker which hardly yield any results. East Bengal players are not close to each other to support.
Kolkatafootball.com STAT - LALTU CHAKRABARTY : Goan Side Dempo SC reached in the Semi Final in AFC Cup 2008 Tournament. In the Tournament upto the end of Qr. Final they played 8 matches where they won 4 matches, drew 2 matches and lost 2 matches and scored 18 Goals. Ranti Martins of then Dempo, scored individual 9 goals out of 18. Chidi Edeh then was the player of Dempo SC also scored 3 goals in that tournament. Chidi Edeh and Keeper Abhijit Mondol have an experience in AFC cup Semi for Dempo SC. the duo now is playing for East Bengal and enjoy AFC Semi for both Dempo and East Bengal.

. In the year 2013 in AFC Cup East Bengal made a Record that is they reach in the Semi Final fully unbeaten. Played 9 matches and scored 20 goals upto the end of Qr. Final where East Bengal win 6 and drew 3 matches. Chidi Edeh scored a hattrick against YANGON UNITED and scored 6 goals so far.

East Bengal's previous best Performance in the AFC Cup was in 2004 Tournament, when Subhas Bhowmick's Red and Gold Brigade reach in the the quarter-finals. But Mike Okoro, Cristiano Jr. Baichung Bhutia, Douglas brigade lost 0-3 in 2nd leg after 0-0 in first leg of Qr Final against Al Jaish. In 2004 East Bengal reached qr Final with 4 win and 1 draw and 1 lost as a group Champion of Group E. But the credit of the Semi Final reaching of 2013 AFC cup goes to the East Bengal coach James Morgan and Felopa jointly.

. In the upfront there was no one to help Cheddi Eddeh, as this Nigerian striker was creating pressure in the Pedang defense time and again. In the opening stages Cheddi was brought down inside the penalty box by the goal keeper Jandia, but the referee denied the penalty. Chidi was absolutely clear at that time and was about to place the ball in the empty goal.

In the second session Pedang created more pressure in the middle third trying to increase the margin.The East Bengal deep defense leading by Uga Opara had a torrid time to save the citadel. The all important equalizer came in the 76th minute of the match through a counter attack. A forward through by Eddeh Cheddi to Baljit Sahani in the right channel and the later crossed to James Moga, who from inside the six yards just place the ball in the the empty net.

. It's an achievement for East Bengal in the international arena.Indonesia is a lucky place for the Red and Gold. The ASEAN CUP was won in the soil of Indonesia and today East Bengal are in the last four of the AFC CUP. The good work started by Trevor James Morgan who helped the Red and Gold to qualify in the knockout stages and it will be the prime task of Marcos Phalopa to advance further.

24.09.2013: SEMEN PADANG   1-1   EAST BENGAL ( FT'.. IDN)

PADANG : Jandia, Novan, Payee, Adfeles, Saepeloh, Y.You, Ele Aiboy, Mofu, Nur, Winson, Elbo.
KEB : Gurpreet, Naoba, Okpara, Arnab, soumik, Mehtab, Robert, Dika, Chidi, Abranches and Seuoka.


.... PEEEP ---------------- PEEP ----------------- PEEEP.. Match end. East Bengal make history to reach in AFC cUp Semi Final. East Bengal entered the semi final of the AFC CUP with a 2-1 goal aggregate..
90+3': Will East Bengal reach in the Semi Final of AFC Cup after Dempo SC as an Indian team? Few seceond left for Answer.
90'+2 : Last time all out attack of Padang, Offise trap from left side.
90': 4 minute added time. East Bengal in from of the door of history?
89': EB defence Cleared a ball by Throwing.
88': Padang is attacking now more and more. Well cleared by Naoba from behind.
87': Still the screline is 1-1.
86': PLAYER CHANGE : PAD : NOvan out and Ricki in.
85': Corner for Padang, Cleared from EB box. Another corner.
83': PLAYER CHANGE : KEB : Abranches out and Gurwinder in.
82': Another attack of EB dismissed by Padang defence.
81': Padang is trying to take lead through both side attack. East Bengal has the 2 goal lead now
80': 1-1 is the scoreline.
. 79': Brilliant save of Okpara an attack of Padang.
78': Now the scoreline is 1-1 for East Bengal.
76': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL James Moga scored for East Bengal. Baljit's cross from right and Moga's header beat the Padang Keeper. East Bengal equalize.A long forward through from Cheddi was centred for Moga by Baljit.
76': Pedang attack continuously,trying to increase the lead East Bengal defense in real pressure.
76': East Bengal defence is very much busy to defend the attacks of Padang again after again.
75': 1-0 is the scor eline for Padang still now. East Bengal is searching for equalize.
74': OHHH another attack of Padang from left side a grounder went out.
73': DANGER DANGER,, Well saved of Gurpeet coming from his position in advance from an planned attack of Padang.
71': Goal kick for EB, Gurpreet's kick went to Padang Box.
70': match resume after drink stoppage.
70': Again and again attack of Padang, Okpara cleared a right sided cross by header.
69': Again attack of Padang, good cleared of Arnab in box.
68': Should East Bengal opt for 4-3-3. Yrt to be impressive in the 2nd session. lots of miss passes by East Bengal in the middle third.
67': Still the scoreline is 1-0 for Padang.
65': PLAYER CHANGE FOR KEB: Robert out and Baljit in.
65': PLAYER CHANGE FOR padang: Elie Aiboy OUT Hendra Bayauw IN.
62': OH.. a right sided shot from out side box beat gurpreet but went out.
62': CHANCE? Chidi got the ball in box but finally cleared, counter aatack of PADANG.
60': Still the scoreline is 1-0 for Padang.
60': Corner kick cleared.
59': Chidi fouled a Padang player, Counter attack of Padang and won a corner in left of Gurpreet.
58': Yellow card to Abranches for rough play.
58': Chidi got a long ball from Mehtab but unable to action.
57': Padang player was offside in left from a long pass from top of the box of EB.
57': Free kick for Padang in their half for a foul of EB.
56': GOOD ATTEMPT of Chidi, His shot from top of the box went to keeper.
55': EB defence cleared a padang attack and long cleared went to Chidi in right but he was offside.
54': Goal Kick, Gurpreet's shot went to Padang box.
53': Padang is attackimg again, Gurpreet came advance to take a pass from top of the box.
52': Another long ranger of Padang went wide for EB goalkick.
51': Free kick for Padang . 40 yards free kick. Long kick and long wide of cross bar.
50': Still Padang is leading 1-0.
49': Padang is playing short pass.
49': Abranches was trying from left side cut but blocked.
48': PLAYER CHANGE: padang: Edward Wilson OUT Akbar Ohorella IN
48': Long ball came to Chidi in right of Padang box but cleared.
47': Long shot of A padang player went wide over the bar, goal kick for KEB.
46': The starts of 2nd half. Padang is leading 1-0.
In the opening stages Cheedi was brought down inside the penalty box by the goal keeper Jandia, but denied the penalty by the referee.At that time Cheddi was absolutely clear. The East Bengal midfield failed to block in the midfield as Pedang utilizing the East Bengal right flank to attack Cheddi was absolutely helpless in the upfront withno one to support him.East Bengal players are not close to each other. But the Goal of Padang ? It was really a childish fault by Gurpreet. His faulty goal kick went straight to Wilson, who controlled the ball went inside the 18 yards and cooly places to the left of Gurpreet

HT : It's half time now, 1-0 is the score line for Padang. .
45+3': WHAT A SHOT of CHIDI... Naoba from right side gave the ball and Chidi's shot missed the target.
45+2': Another attack of Padang from right wing corss of the ball and header of Padang striker went wide.
45+1': Robert well blocked an left sided attack of Padang.
45': 4 minute added time.
45': GODD EFFORT : of Chidi but his weak shot went to keeper.
44': Again attack of Padang from left wing, corss went to Gurpreet hand.
43': PLAYER CHANGE FOR KEB: Moga in and Seuoka out.
43': Again attack oif Padang from left, A cross and a header finally missed the target from EB box.
43': Chidi again was in offside trap.
42': Ball cleared from throw in.
41': Padang again from left wing but ball went for throw in for them.
40': Still Padang is leading 1-0.
38': Again attack of POadang, 2-3 passes they are playing before entaring in EB box, But finally the shot was weak which went to Gurpreet's hand.
37': Match resume.
36': YELLOW CARD: to Seuoka of KEB. for play acting.
35': 1-0 for Padang.
34': Free kick for KEB, Mehtab' passed to Robert and his cross went to Box where Seuoka wanted to head the ball he was collied with Padang GK. and quiet injured. He is under treatment
33': Another attack of Padang cleared by Arnab from Box.
31': Again attack of Padang, Cross from left cleared by Okpara.
30': Counter attack of Padang from right but well blocked in EB box, 29': Right sided attack of EB but ball went for Throw in.
27': Miss pass galore for EB, Arnab gave a long ball for Chidi, but where is he? ball went to Keeper.
25': 1-0 is the scoreline for Padang.
25': match resume after drink.
24': It's a mistake of Gupreet when he took the goalkick which went to Eduard in oipen space and he scored goal, now home side Semen is leading 1-0.
23': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Padang scored the goal. Edward Jr. Scored the goal from a left footer bullet kick from EB box. It was really a childish fault by Gurpreet. His faulty goal kick went straight to Wilson, who controlled the ball went inside the 18 yards and cooly places to the left of Gurpreet.
22': Attack of Padang but Gurpreet was alert to collect advance.
20': 0-0 s the scoreline.
20': Gurpreet mistake to collec frist the ball of corner kick but he was fouled.
20': Corner for Padang from a right side movement.
20': Good attack of EB from right, Naoba's cross went to Keeper.
18': Again attack of PAdang from left, cleared fro throw in.
17': Chidi offside in left when he got a ball from midfield.
16': Padang earned a coener in right of Gurpreet, No damage done in the corner kick of Padang. cleared.
15': 0-0 is the scoreline in the match.
14': Seuoka attempt a shot but went to keeper of Padang.
13': Padang is attacking from right good block by Soumik in left.
11': Another Free kick of EB, 20 yards shot of Chidi beat the human wall but the grounder finally went to KG's hand.
10': Free kick for EB, Chidi's kick went wide.
7': Chidi got the ball from Mehtab's pass in open space in Padang box, GK came ahead and fouled chidi, It should be a penalty but Ref told carry on.
6': Free kick for Padang in left of EB box, Kick deflected from wall and a shot went to Gurpreet direct.
5': Still no score in the match.
4': Another right sided attack of Padang, Okpara beat but fast ball collected by Gurpreet in advance.
2': Mehtab's shot went for Padang Goal kick.
2': Free kick for KEB, Dika was fouled.
1': Again attack of Padang, Gurpreet cleared by a kick from the box.
1': Match started, First attack of Padang. Close shot went over bar.
0': East Bengal won the home tie at YBK courtesy Seuoka.
0': Match is going to be started at Padang.


17.09:2013 EAST BENGAL   1-0   Semen Padang (YBK - FT.)

KEB : Gurprit, Naoba, Okpara, Arnab, Soumik, Mehtab, Vasum, Lobo, Dika, Chidi and Moga
SAI : Jandia, Novan, Payee, Ardeles, Saepeloh, Y.You, Eleaiboi, Mofu, Nur, Winson Eibo. ..
REF : Iida Junpei (Japan)

Ryuji Sueoka's 70th minute goal helped East Bengal to win their home match in the quarter final of the AFC Cup. At Kolkata today East Bengal edged past Semen Padang of Indonesia by a solitary goal and took the advantage before their away match at Indonesia which is scheduled on the 24th.

After a goal less first half a strategic change by Marcos Phalopa yield results.East Bengal started to play in ground passes using both the flanks, while both the lateral backs Saumik and Naoba overlapping. Marcos Phalopa replaced Sueoka in place of Vasum and James Moga was replaced by Jaokim Abranches.

In fact it may be stated that the inclusion of Abranches and Sueoka worked.The Red and Gold looked more affirmative in the second session while they started to play in short passes. A triangular attack from the right was initiated by Mehtab Hossain, who passed to the wing to Abranches and a square pass from the later were placed by the instep of his right foot by the Japanese midfielder from about 20 yards.

East Bengal and Semen Padang both can score in the first session as both the teams had waisted some of the easiest chances and in some occasion the goalkeeper came to the rescue of his team. The defender Novan failed to head in the open goal after the ball came to him from a partial save by Gurpit Singh.

Edward Wilsons shot was saved by Gurpit who has challenged time and again to East Bengal central defense. In some occasions in the first session the deep defense of East Bengal were not up to the desired mark, which was utilized by Semen Padang. In one occasion Vasum was the culprit when he failed to push in the empty goal following a Cheddi Eddeh pass from the right.

In the dying moment of the first session the Semeng goalkeeper Jandia failed to collect a Dika's corner from the right which was somehow cleared by Semeng defense. In the second session Cheddi Edeh missed a absolute sitter after he received a forward pass from Sueoka.

In the post match media conference the Semeng coach Jafri said that his team was unlucky while converting as Semang players had a number of chances but East Bengal capitalized the chances. He is optimistic to win the home match on 24th.


Next Match: Quarter Final Away - September 24th :: SEMEN PADANG FC vs EAST BENGAL LIVE Star Sports Asia start at 15.00 WIB from H.Agus Salim Stadium, Padang, Indonesia. Ticket: VIP: Rp 150.000 Timur: Rp 70.000 Utara/Selatan: Rp 40.000

90': 3 minute added time.
90': Still East Bengal is leading 1-0.
89': 2nd coner went to gurpreet.
88': Corner - padang, cleared and again corner.
87': PLAYER CHANGE:: KEB: Alvito in and Chidi out.
85': East Bengal again in attack, Abranches failed to contact Chdid's cross from right.
80': Still East Bengal is leading 1-0 while In another AFC match Kuwait FC is leading now 7-2 against New Radient.
79': Another attack of EB, Chidi's cross from right towards Seuoka but Padan defender was alert to heded out.
78': Still EB is leading 1-0. Scored by Seuoka came as Sub of Moga.
76': : In another AFC match Kuwait FC is leading now 6-2 against New Radient.
74': East Bengal is leading 1-0.
71': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Seuoka scored for East Bengal. Mehtab to Abranches and his filal pass which Seuoka scored goal.

70': Still no score in the match.
68': Chance came to Padang, Eduard's shot hits the post and out.
63': PLAYER CHANGE:: KEB: Abranches in and Moga out.
62': Seuoka was fouled and EB got a free kick in Pedang half. Mehtab to Soumik but cleared.
60': Still no score. 0-0. 60': Padang got free kick just out side of EB box, Shot cleared by Gurpreet.
58': OOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... Chidi missed an open net, from a Pass of seuoka.
56': : In another AFC match Kuwait FC is leading now 6-1 against New Radient.
56': PLAYER CHANGE:: KEB: Seuoka in and Vasum out.
55': 0-0 is the score line.
54': East Bengal attacked from left , Mrhtab to Soumik and his cross cleared by Pedang defence.
53': Padang got free kick but Novan's shot went straight to Gurpreet.
52': Midfield oriented match is going on.
50': Still no score . 0-0.
49': Moga failed to impressed himself?
48': Attack of east Bengal is cleared.
48': Seuoka of KEB is warming up in side.line.
46': Starts of 2nd half match. No score in first half.
HT : It's half time now in the match and score line is 0-0.
45+2': East Bengal got a chance as Dika's corner went to Keeper who failed to collect properly but defence finally saved.
45': : In another AFC match Kuwait FC is leading now 6-0 against New Radient.
45': Added time 2 miniute by Japan Referee.
44': Cleared by defence of EB.
43': Free kick for PADANG,
41': Both teams are searching for a goal but unable to score one.
40': Free kick of Mehtab cleared.
39': Free Kick for EB, Chidi was fouled in midfield.
38': Padang attacked but EB defence cleared by well by Arnab in Air.
37': In another AFC match Kuwait FC is leading now 5-0 against New Radient.
36': Lobo crossed from right and GK of Padan came to advance to save it.
35': 0-0 is the score line.
34': Mid field orinted match is going on. East Bengal is playing long ball while Padang is playing passing football.
32': Still no score in the match while Kuwait FC is leading 3-0.
30': Padang attacked, Gurpreet saved the ball from out side of Box.
29': Moga's free kick went wide.
27': In another AFC match Uwait FC is leading 3-0 against New Radient.
25': 0-0 is the scoreline now.
24': Corner kick cleared from Box by Arnab.
23': Eduardo's shot saved by Gurpreet for corner.
22': Chance missed by EB, Vasum failed to score goal in empty goal passed by Chidi.
21': Still no score in YBK. 0-0.
20': Churchill is leading 2-0 in GOa pro league scored by Saran singh.
17': Chance came to Padang, You's shot saved by Gurpreet but rebound ball went to him but he was unable to trap the ball in open net.
15': Still no score in the match. 0-0.
12': IN GOA PRO LEAGUE : After 25 minute Churchill Brothers and GOa Velha is goalless.
11': EB won a corner from left as Dika attacked, Mehtab's corner and Okpara's header went out.
10': No score yet in the match. 0-0.
9': It has been observed that EB have a gap in Defence which Padang can utilised?
8': East Bengal defence saved a cross of Jr Eduard.
7': Lobo was obstructed in the midfield in time.
5': Still no score in the match. 0-0.
5': Attack of Padang, corner won by them, Eduardo's header went to Gurpreet.
3': Again attack of EB, Soumik's 2nd attempt cleared by deep defence of Padang.
2': Soumik corssed from left but it was cleared by defence of Padand.
1': EB Attacked and Vasum's cross from right went to Semen Keeper.
1': Match just start now.
0': Visiting team Padang is going to kick off.
0': Match will start soon, East Bengal will defending from northern end of the ground.
0': Hon'ble Govornor of Sumatra is now introducing with the Footballers.
0': Both the teams are now entering in the ground with the match officials.
0': United SC coach Elko just arrived in the Stadium.
0': All most 25000 fan's came at YBK.
0': East Bengal in Red and Gold while Padang in White Jersey.
0': Floodlights are on now at YBK.
0': Mohun Bagan coach Karim Bencherifa present in the field to watch the match.
0': It's Dazzling in the ground condition overcast as both the teams are in warming up now.


EB 1

East Bengal Club of Kolkata entered the quarter final of the AFC cup after nine years

15.05.2013: JAYDIP DASGUPTA : Cheddi Eddeh's brilliant hattrick against Yangon United as East Bengal Club of Kolkata entered the quarter final of the AFC cup after nine years. In Kolkata today East Bengal rampaged Yangon United of Myanmar by a margin of 5-1. MATCH MINUTE BY MINUTE LIVE COMMENTARY BELOW

This is East Bengal's second highest margin win in the AFC cup at home, the previous was against the Al Zawra of Iraq by a margin of 6-2. But the highest margin win which East Bengal recorded was against the Valencia Club of Maldives in the year 1985 at Colombo in Cola Cola Cup by a record margin of 9-0.

East Bengal started their dominance right from the beginning as they took the early lead in the 2nd minute of the match when Penn Orji scored of a pass from Cheddi Eddeh from the right. Today the Red and Gold displayed an exhibition of passing football and hardly allow the Burmese to gain position. Mehtab Hossain marshaling the midfield and he is ably supported by Penn Orji. This two midfielders continuously passed the ball to both the wings creating

15.05: 2013: EAST BENGAL 5-1 YANGON UNITED KEB : Penn 1', Chidi 24',70',76' Mehtab 47' 30.04:2013 EAST BENGAL 4-1 SAI GON XUAN TAHNAH Penn -2, Borisic,Chidi 23.04.2013 : SELANGOR FC 2-2 EAST BENGAL KEB : PENN 22', LALRINDIKA 52 AFC CUP:13.03.2013: XUAN TAHNH 0-0 EAST BENGAL 27.02.2013: EAST BENGAL 1-0 SELANGOR FC (YBK - FT..) :: REFRESH PAGE BY F5 KEB : Lalrin Dika 42' :: danger to the Yangon deep defense.The triangle attack by Penn,Cheddi, Barisik and Cheddi, Penn, Dika yield results. In fact it was observed that East Bengal continued to attack all through the 90 minutes in sheer speed. Cheddi increased the margin in the 24th minute of the match after receiving a pass from Andrew Barisik from the right wing. In the first session Abhijit Mondal has had a easy time under the bar except for once, when he had to rise to the occasion to save a free kick of Cesar from outside the 18 yards.

In the second session East Bengal created more pressure in the Yangon United deep defense.The two Wing backs of Soumik Dey from the left and Naoba Singh from the right joined the attack and increased the numerical supremacy in the oppornant deep defense. Yangon United had no answer to give in front of the Red and Gold tsunami.

In the 48th minute Mehtab Hossain increased the lead (3-0) by a long ranger from out side the penalty box with the Yangon custodian had no answer to give. The triangle move of Penn, Naoba and Cheddi increased the lead to 4-0, when Naoba Singh's back pass was converted by Cheedi at the 71st minute of the match.

Cheddi completed his hatrik at the 76th minute of the match when he received a loose ball in the midfield covered almost 40 yards and places beating the helpless Yangon goalkeeper. Yangon United's only goal came at the 78th minute of the match when Cresar places beating Opara and Abhijit fom a forward pass off lwin from the left.

In the post match press conference the Yangon United Coach Ivan Kolev said that he has came to Kolkata without his five regular players.Yaza Win and Kyi Lin are the two players of the national team who participated against East Bengal. He was forced to include 4 junior players which has reflected in his teams performance.


15.05: 2013: EAST BENGAL   5-1   YANGON UNITED (YBK - FT...) :: GO HOME PAGE

KEB : Penn 1', Chidi 24',70',76' Mehtab 47'

YAN : Cesar Augusto 78'

KEB : Abhijit, Naoba, Okpara, Arnab, Saumik, Mehtab, Penn, Dika, Isfaq, Chidi, Borisic.

YAN : Naing Zayar Tun, Myo Win Htut, Michael Cvetkovski, Kyi Lin, Yaza Win Thein, Cesar Augusto, Khin Maung Lwin, Zarni Htet, Yan Aung Kyaw, Adama Kone, Aung Moe.

REFEREE : Minoru Tojo (Japan): Refereed FIFA World Cup 2014 Third Round Qualifier match between Singapore and Iraq on 06.09.2011


Jindal Steel Works (JSW) has submitted their bid for next year I-League team as a host team from Bangalore

FULL TIME: East Bengal beat Yangon United in 5-1 and reach quarter final of AFC Cup after 2004.

90'+1':Ball cleared from the corner.

90'+1':yangon's attack results a corner.
90':Referee added 1 minutes of injury time.

89':Another foul committed by Michael Cvetkovski.

89':Adama Kone committed a foul against Okpara. Referee shown yellow card to Adama Kone.

88':Ball cleared from corner.

88':Sanju's centre, cleared and a corner to EB.

87':Sanju's free kick, cleared.

87':Bad tackle to Borisic, free kick to EB.

86':Penn's shot, went over the bar.

85':East Bengal's attack through Sanju, his centre cleared by Michael Cvetkovski.

85':Adame Kone's shot, Naoba clears the ball.

84':Kyi Lin looks injured after a collision with Mehtab.

83':East Bengal attack through Soumik, ball cleared.

82':Another chance to Cesar Augusto, but he completely missed the shot.

81':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Kyi Lin for his bad tackle to Okpara.

80':Another chance for goal, Sanju beat goalkeeper, but ball went wide.

79':Another shot of Yangon, ball went wide.

78':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Brazilian striker Cesar Augusto reduces the margin for Yangon United.

77':Chidi scores his 6th goal in AFC Cup.

76':Players Change in EB: Sanju in place of Lalrindika.

76':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Chidi scores the hat-trick against Yangon United. Chidi scores the goal from counter attack

74':Adame Kone's right footed shot, Arnab Mondal clears it.

72':Indian Football Transfer Gossip Rumor: Click Here

71':East Bengal leading 4-0 now.

70':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Chidi scores his second goal. Brilliant pass of Naoba to Chidi.

69':Brilliant chance to Yangon, chance missed.

68':Another foul, this time Chidi committed against Michael Cvetkovski.

67':Another chance to Chidi from Borisic's header, his shot just went wide.

66':Players Change in Yangon: Shi Chu Aung in place of Aung Moe.

66':Another bad tackle by Cesar Augusto to Chidi, free kick to East Bengal.

64':Cesar Augusto's header from Kyi Lin's corner, went wide.

64':Yangon's attack, corner to Yangon.

63':Lalrindika's free kick, Michael Cvetkovski clears the ball.

63':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Michael Cvetkovski for his bad tackle to Chidi.

62':Another foul against Chidi, free kick to East Bengal.

61': East Bengal attacks through small passes.

60':Play resumes.

58':Another Yangon player injured, game stopped due to injury.

57':Chance to Borisic, but he failed to make a shot.

56':East Bengal's attack through Chidi an Penn, ball cleared.

55':Yangon's attack, but Adama Kone committed a foul against Okpara.

53':Soumik's centre deflected and ball cleared which goes to Mehtab. Another long ranger of Mehtab, went over the bar.

52':Score remains still same, East Bengal leading 3-0 now.

51':Ball cleared from the free kick.

51':Another foul committed by Okpara, free kick to Yangon.

50':Kyi Lin's free kick, went wide.

50':Kyi Lin will take the free kick.

49':Okpara committed a foul against Adama Kone, free kick to Yangon.

48':East Bengal leading 3-0 now.

47':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Brilliant world class goal scored by Mehtab. Brilliant long ranger from a pass of Chidi.

46':Borisic's shot, went wide.

46':Second half resumes.

In Another match New Radiant beat Selangor FA in 2-0.

Half Time. East Bengal leading 2-0 after the end of first half.

45'+2': Another foul committed by EB, free kick to Yangon.

45'+2':Chance to Chidi from Mehtab's corner, ball cleared.

45'+1':East Bengal's attack results another corner.

45':Referee added 2 minutes of injury time.

44':Yaza Win Thein's centre, directly in Abhijit's hand.

43':Penn clears the ball from corner.

42':Cesar Augusto's free kick, Abhijit clears it. Corner to Yangon.

41':Isfaq committed a foul against Adama Kone, free kick to Yangon.

41':Another move of East Bengal, Naing Zayar Tun clears it brilliantly.

41':Another foul, this time against Naoba, free kick to EB.

40':Brilliant pass to Barisic, but he fails to trap it properly just outside penalty box.

39':Mehtab's free kick, Lalrindika's long ranger, went wide.

39':Another foul, free kick to EB.

38':Score remains still same.

37':Penn's shot, Isfaq tries to half vollley, but he missed it completely. Isfaq looks injured, game stopped.

36':Yangon's attack, Adama Kone is in offside position.

35': Kyi Lin looks injured, game stopped.

34':EB's attack, Borisic is in offside.

33':Lalrindika's centre to find Borisic, Michael Cvetkovski clears the ball.

32':Kyi Lin's shot, good block by Okpara.

31': East Bengal leading 2-0 now.

30':Brilliant through pass to Soumik, he beats goalkeeper, but he is in offside position.

29':Lalrindika's shot, Naing Zayar Tun saves it.

27':Foul against Chidi, free kick to EB.

25':East Bengal leading 2-0 now.

24':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Chidi scores for East Bengal. Borisic's brilliant pass, Chidi scores it easily

23':Borisic's shot, Naing Zayar Tun saves it.

23':Mehtab's long ranger, just went wide.

22':Another brilliant move by EB, Lalrindika's shot, cleared, corner to EB.

21':Another bad tackle of Kone to Arnab, free kick to EB.

20':Bad tackel of Kone to Mehtab, free kick to EB.

19':Yangon's attack, Okpara blocks it brilliantly.

19':Brilliant run of Chidi and a good pass to find Borisic, but keeper Naing Zayar Tun saves it brilliantly.

17':Brilliant chance to Chidi, his left footed shot just went wide.

17':East Bengal's attack, ball irectly in Naing Zayar Tun's hand.

16':Zarni Htet's centre from right, went wide.

15':East Bengal's move through Chidi, but he committed a foul.

14':Ball cleared from corner.

13':Isfaq's shot, cleared, corner to EB.

12':Adama Kone's shot, brilliant shot, just missed the second post.

11':EB's attack, Penn committed a foul.

10':Adama Kone committed a foul against Okpara, free kick to EB.

9':Yangon's move, centre from right flank, directly in Abhijit's hand.

8':Score remains still same. Game is in slow pace.

7': Tackle to mehtab, free kick to EB.

6':Isfaq's forward pass to Chidi, he fails to trap it properly.

5':Score remains still same.

4':EB's move through right, Michel clears the ball.

3': yangon's attack, Okpara clears the ball.

2':EB leading 1-0.

1':GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLL Brilliant goal scored by Penn. Chidi's pass from right and a brilliant finish by Penn.

1':Barisic's centre from left, touches side net.

0':Kick off.

0': Yesterday's Match results was Al-Kuwait (Kuwait) 1-1, 4-1(Pen) Duhok (Iraq).. Al-Faisaly (Jordan) 3-1 Al-Riffa (Bahrain)...Semen Padang (Indonesia) 0-2 SHB Da Nang (Vietnam) and Kelantan (Malaysia) 2-1 Kitchee (Hong Kong)

0': Chidi, Penn, Dika, Borisic of East Bengal all scored 3 goals each in the group stage matches in AFc cup 2013.

0': East Bengal was unbeaten in group Stage matches 4 win and 2 drew out of 6 matches.

0': Match will start soon.



KEB : Gurprit, Naoba, Okpara, Gurbindar ( Arnab) , Soumik (Robart), Sanju ( Isfaq), Penn, Kevin, Dika, Cheddi, Borisic.
SAI : M. Hunt, Max, Linh, Throng, Nam, Son Lu, Amougbu, Long, Chi, Eal, Oguwich..REF : Fahad Almir( SAUDI)

FT: East Begal win 4-1 in 6th match and emerged unbeaten Champion in H Group.PENN has been declared Man of the Match.
90': 2 minute added time.
87': Slow pace in the match. SAIGON have to score 3 more to make draw and 4 more to wiN the match.
85': PLAYER CHAGE: EB : Robart in and Soumik out.
83': East Bengal is going to ubeaten champion in Gr. H for the first time sice 2004 as an Indian team for first time?
80': East Bengal is leadig 4-1.
78': Another attack of EB through Pe from left but missed the cross pass.
75': Still East Benngal is leadig 4-1 while in aother AFC Match in GRoup H, TAmpines Rovers 2-3 Selangor FA after 75 minute.
75': Lobo to Soumik i left annd his cross cleared by Keeper well advance.
73': Loog ranger of Long from out side of EB box went wide.
70': Chidi's attack again but his header went out.
68': Free kick for SAI GON. Cleared.

64': In aother AFC Match in GRoup H, TAmpines Rovers 2-2 Selangor FA after 65 minute.
63': PLAYER CHAGE: EB : Arab in and Gurwider out.
62': SAI GON another attack from right wet out.
62': Now the scorelie is 4-1 for East Bengal.
61': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. One reduced of SAI GON through Emougou, beat Okpara in box.
60': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 4-0 for EB and agai Penn from a brilliat header off Chidi's pass.
58': Chidi's attack but blocked.
55': East Bengal is leadig now 3-0.
53': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 3rd Goal by Penn through a brilliant header off Naoba's right sided measured cross.
51': Well block of Okpara.

50': Still East Bengal is leadig 2-0.
50': Penn's effort in SAIGO box but out for goalkick.
49': East Bengal is now dominatig and playig short passed to attack.
48': Naoba to Borisic but too long for him i right, ball out wide.
46': 2nd half match starts.
HT : East Begal is leading 2-0.
43': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Borisic scored a low grounder and scored the 2nd goal for EB, passed by Soumik.
40': 1-0 is the score line for East Bengal.
39': Corner kick cleared.
39': Gurpreet's mistake but Gurwider finally cleared the attack for corner.
39': Dika to Chidi in top of the SAIGON box, cleared.
37': Naoba well covered a attack of SAI GOn from right for goal kick.
36': Again attack of EB, Soumik from left but Chidi was unable to controll the ball in SAIGON box.
35': Still 1-0 for East Bengal.
34': Borisic attacked from right but saved.
33': Corner Kick cleared by Okpara.
32': Log rager of Fang went for corner as Gurpreet well saved the shot.
32': East Bengal is still unbeaten in the Group H. 31': ow slow pace in the match.

30': East Begal is leading 1-0 and dominating the match.
29': Chidi to sanju in right flank of SAIGON box, Sanju's cross wennt to Keeper.
28': Saju's square pass towards in front but well covered by their defender.
27': Aother good arttack of EB, left sided cross of Chidi towards Borisic finally cleared Goalkeeper.
25': 1-0 is the score lie for East Bengal.
24': Borisic to Saji i right and his low cross went to Keeper's hand.
23': Attack of SAI GON, Amougou's forward ball wet out.
21': SAI got a corer i left, Mig's corner kick make no effect.
20': Still the scoreline is 1-0 for East Bengal.
19': YELLOW CARD: Okpara, dangerious play out side of the box, Free kick for SAIGON.
17': SAIGON back to back two attacked bur Okpra was there to block them.
16': Another effort of Chidi i SAIGO bos, beat a defender and his left footer just wet wide over the cross bar.
15': East Bengal is leadig 1-0.
14': SAIGON's attack from right but the shot missed the target.
12': Another chance came to East Bengal from right wing attack, Penn to Chidi ad his shot went direct to Keeper.
10': East Begal is leadig 1-0.
7': Penalty for East Begal
5': Well Attack of EB but Saju was offside.
4': Chidi attacked from right ad SAI GO defeder blocked him.
3': Okpara cleared Amougou's attack in left.
2': East Begal is still ubeate i the Group H of AFC cup.
2': Chidi in offside position, free kick for Sai Go.
1': Match starts at YBK.


AFC CUP: GROUP-H: 10 men East Bengal drew with Selangor in away but reach in Qr. Final.

23.04.2013: JAYDIP DASGUPTA : ...East Bengal Club of Kolkata qualified to play in the Qr.Final stages of the AFC Cup just one match still in hand as an unbeaten in Group "H". In Salangor, Malaysia today they leveled 2-2 with the SalangorFC in a group H match. East Bengal are leading the group H table at 11 points at the end of 5 outings while the Salangor FC increased their tally to 5, required a win in their last match to stay in the tournament. A typhoon of 16 minutes change the story in favor of Salongor as the dejected red and gold had to surrender.

.East Bengal increased the lead within the 52th minute of the match but unable to grab opportunity as they were down to ten men. An Unnecessary tackle by Manandeep Singh to Assaruddin was adjudged dangerous and he was sent off by the Hongkong referee at the77th minute of the match. Salangor utilized the situation, and a sudden pressure in the East Bengal deep defense put Malaysians back in the game at the dying stages of the match.

The red and gold took the lead in the 22nd minute of the 1st half when Cheddi Eddeh received a deflection of a Salangor defender and passes it to Penn Orji who just pushes the ball beating the on rushing goalkeeper.


27/02/2013  EAST BENGAL (IND)  1-0   SELANGOR (MAS)
23/04/2013  SELANGOR (MAS)  2-2   EAST BENGAL (IND)

East Bengal created a number of opportunities but failed to initiate any positive chances, as the combination of Borisik and Cheddi failed. A lot of miss passes in the middle third made the task of the Salongor defender easier. East Bengal increased the margin in the 52nd minute when a long ranger from top of the 18 yards by Raltey hit the net after the ball defected of a defender.


Teams 			    P    W    D    L    GF    GA   GD   PTS
EAST BENGAL (IND) 	    5 	 3    2    0 	9     5    +4 	11
SAI GON XUAN THANH (VIE)    5 	 2    2    1 	8     8     0 	8
SELANGOR (MAS) 	            5 	 1    2    2 	9     9     0 	5
TAMPINES ROVERS (SIN) 	    5 	 0    2    3 	10    14   -4 	2

East Bengal should have increased the tally in the 2nd half, instead they had to pay the penalty at the dying stages when the deep defense failed to capitalize the lead. Salongor restore the margin at the 78th minute, when a low shot by Sukur from beat the red and gold custodian Gurpit Singh Sandhu. Salangor continued to create pressure at the dying stages and leveled in the 93rd minute by from a long ranger by Abdul Latif from outside the box.

East Bengal will play their last match in Group H at Kolkata on the 30th. The chances has arisen that the red and gold will play their knockout stages at their home ground. After today's match East Bengal has completed the tally of scoring the 50th goal in the AFC Cup which is a record for any Indian team and the lucky scorer was Lalrin Dika..


23.04.2013 : SELANGOR FC   2-2   EAST BENGAL   ( MAL - FT..)

SEL: Abdul, Bin Omar, Latif, Jusoh, Umar, ME. Nor, Kandasamy, Kubala, Adenan, Raduwan, Bin Raml.
KEB : Gurpreet, Khabra (Naoba), Gurwinder, Okpara, Robart, Dika, Mehtab, Penn, Isfaq, Chidi (Baljit), Borisic (Manandeep).
FT: Match end with 2-2. Selangor got the 10 men EB advantage to Equalize the scoreline 2-2. East Bengal was leading 2-0 upto 78 minutes and Manandeep was shown Red card in 78 minute. With in last 16 minutes Selagor equalize th 2 goals.
90+3': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2-2. Equalized by Selangor.
90+3': Naoba committed a foul, free kick to Selangor in a very good position.
90+2': Danger in EB box, Gurpreet another well saved an attack.
90+1': SELANGOR another attack, a long ranger from out side box but went wide over the cross bar.
90': 4 minutes added time.
89': Players Change in EB: Baljit Singh in place of Chidi..
88': Selangor is now attacking more and more to find equaliser as East Bengal 1 man short.
87': Selangor's attack, good defending by Okpara, corner to Selangor.Ball cleared from corner.
86': Few minutes left to end, Selangor is trying to get get advantage at home ground as East Bengal now 10 men.
0': www.kolkatafootball.com STATS : In 2004 AFC Cup East Bengal played 6 matches and scored only 14 goals while 8 goals scored against them..
84': EB's attack,results another corner but no impact in Dika's corer ball cleared.
83':Amri's free kick, went over the bar.
82': Mow the scoreline is 2-1 for 10 men East Bengal.
81': Yellow card to Penn and Mehtab.
80' Chidi's pass to find Ishfaq, keeper saves it.
80': Penn committed a foul.
78': GOOOOOOAAAALL ...Shukhar scores for Selangor. Brilliant long ranger, finds the net.
78': Players Change in EB: Naoba in place of injured Khabra.
78': East Bengal down to 10 men now.
77': Red Card : Red Card to Manandeep Bad tackle to Asaruddin.
76':Gurpreet's shot to find Manandeep, but went wide.
75': Challenge by Khabra, he looks injured.
74': Selangor's sudden attack, shot deflected and a clearance by Gurpreet for corer. Short corner of Selagor cleared in EB box..
73': Players Change in EB: Manandeep in place of Barisic.
73': Another chance to EB but aimless shot of Chidi from 18 yards.
72': CHANCE....Chance to Okpara from DIKA's corner, missed a good opportunity in far post.
71': EB won a corner 2nd corer of EB.
70': 2-0 is the score line for EB.
0': www.kolkatafootball.com STATS : In 2012 AFC Cup East Bengal played 6 matches and scored only 2 goals while 14 goals scored against them..
69':Another long ranger from Selangor's player, deflected and a corner to them. Ball went wide ffrom corner
68': 2-0 is the scoreline for EB.
67': Khabra's long pass to find Chidi, went wide
66': Chance came to EB through Chidi, he tries to find Barisic in his left, but made a misspass.
64': Sliding tackle challenge by Penn which results a free kick to Selangor. Free kick went to Gurpreet's hand.
63': Khabra's centre from right flank, directly to keeper's hand.
62': Another effort of EB, Forward pass of DIKA towards Chidi in SEL box, but went directly to keeper's hand
60': Still East Bengal is leading 2-0.
60': Selangor's attack, a long ranger, good saved by Gurpreet once again.
58':Another chance to EB, through Chidi, but his shot deflected and a corner to EB. Ball cleared from Dika's corner.
57': Chance to Barisic, bad tackle to him, EB shouted for A Penalty but referee denies penalty.
0': www.kolkatafootball.com STATS : This is Lalrindika's 3rd Goal in AFC Cup 2013.

54': East Bengal is leading 2-0 mow.
53': Penn's shot deflected from SEL defence which came to unmarked DIKA and his left footer from top of the box beat SAL keeper RAML.
51': Chidi's shot from Borisic pass went to Keeper's hand. Mentab returned in the action again after treatment.
0': www.kolkatafootball.com STATS : SAI GON XUAN THANH of Vietnam is just behind of East Bengal with 7points from 4 match and they will face Tampines Rovers today.
51': East Bengal is 1-0 but playing now with 10 men as Mehtab is under treatment in outside field.
50': Dika's left footer corner kick went to Isfaq but he was unabl to control the ball, cleared.
49': EB earned first corner from Borisic movment from right.
48': Mehtab was fouled by Sel defender. Free kick for EB. Mehtab is under treatment and out of the field.
47': Borisic was tackled by SEL defence, ball went to Chdid but he did not contol the ball. cleared.
46': Match is playing in EB half.
46': 2nd half match starts.
HT : It's half time now in the match. East Bengal is leading 1-0.
45': Referee added 1 minutes of injury time.
44':Chance to Penn, but he could not control the ball before he got the ball froma bad clearance.
42':Long pass to find Chidi, ball goes to goalkeeper's hand.
41': FRee kick for SELANGOR as Okpara committed a foul. But Ball cleared from SEL free kick.
0': www.kolkatafootball.com STATS : Out of East Bengal's 7 goals so far in AFC Cup, Lalrindika, Chidi and Borisic scored 2 goals each while the rest was a self goal of Tempines Rovrs player Anaz.

40': East Bengal is leading 1-0.
40':Selangor's attack, Okpara cleared the ball.
37': Back to back 3 shots by Penn and Ralte, all blocked in SEL box.
36': East Bengal is dominating the match with a good ball procession.
35': East Bengal is leading 1-0. Courtesy PENN.
35': Attack of SEL, Kubala's cross, chance to Ramsol, best chance to Selangor still now but missed to score.
34': Dika who scored home match goal for EB missed pass from a movement.
0': www.kolkatafootball.com STATS : In Home match of East Bengal against Selangor, Lalrindika scored the only goal in the match for East Bengal.
32': EB attacked but Isfaq committed a foul, free kick to Selangor. No damage done in Free Kick as Okpara blocks brilliantly, ball cleared.
30': East Bengal is leading 1-0. Courtesy PENN .
29': Offside trap of Selangor when a movement took place in right of EB box.
28': Attack of Slangor, Forward pass, but ball directly in Gurpreet's hand.
28': EB's attack, Barisic is in offside position.
26': Counter attack of EB, brilliant cross of Chidi in SL box but a good and prompt clearance by their goalkeeper.
25': Good movement of Selangor, Chance came to them but poor shot went wide.
24': Selangor's counter attack, shot blocked in box .
24':Another chance came to EB through Chidi but ball went wide.
23': East Bengal is leading 1-0 now, Chidi scored. Ths is PENN's first goal in AFC Cup 2013.
22': GOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL Penn scores for East Bengal from Chidi's pass, deflected and goes to Penn, Penn made no mistake to score.
21': Raju well cleared a movement of Selangor from EB box. Counter attack of EB.
20': Right sided attack of East Bengal, Borisic effort wnt wide.
19': Sudden shot of Obala from out side box deflected from Gurpreet's hand but no other Selangor player followed it, Robert cleared finally.
17': Borisic guraded by two players of Selangor.
0': www.kolkatafootball.com STATS : Home team of Malaysia Selangor FC also playd 4 games so far where the won 1, drew 1 and lost two, Goal for ad Goal against is 7 and 3 rd in the league table with 4 points.
15': Still scoreline is 0-0.
14': Wrong pass of Selagor went to Gurpreet's hand.
13': Long clearence of Deka off a attack of Selagor in kidhalf area of EB side..
12': Selangor atttacked from left dismissed by Okpara, counter attack of EB now.
10': 0-0 is the score line.
9': Free kick for Selangor in their own half as Mehtab fouled when he was trying to control a pass from Penn.
8': chidi got a ball in left flank of Selangor but cleared finally by their defnder.
7': Right sided attack from Selangor but ball went out from side lin. Throw in for EB.
0': www.kolkatafootball.com STATS : This will be the 5th Match of East Bengal in AFC Cup 2013 as they won 3, drew 1 no loss, scored 7 goals and conseded 3 goals. Est Bengal is the table topper with 10 points in Group 'H".
5': No score yet in the matck. 0-0.
4': Selangor attacked from right side but well blocked by EB defence, couner attack is going on. Gurpreet well saved a grounder of Selangor player.
3': Isfaq was fouled by a Selangor player, Free kick for EB. No damage done.
3': EB attacked from right side, his cross wnt to Penn and then to Mehtab and Mehtab's left footer grounder went to Selagor keeper.
2': Okpara cleared a ball from EB box.
1': Match has started at Malaysia.


AFC CUP:13.03.2013: XUAN TAHNH   0-0   EAST BENGAL ( VIET - FT.....)
KEB : Gurpreet, Khabra, Okpara, Gurwinder, Soumik, Dika, Mehtab, Penn, Sanju, Chidi, Borisic.
XUA:Truong, Trong, Son, Luat, Hai Anh, Linh, Oloya, Amougou, Giang, Tan, Oguwike.
--------------- SCROLL DOWN BELOW I-LEAGUE-II RESULTS..---------------
Selangor and Tempines Rovers also ended 1-1 in Group H today.
FT : Match end. East Bengal earned 1 point from away.
90': 4 minute added time.
88': 0-0 still.
82': Yellow card to Xuan player.
80; Still 0-0.
77': EB earned 2nd corner. No impact from Mehtab's corner in left.
In 2011 BTV cup at Vietnam East Bengal lost 0-1 to Xuan.
70': 0-0 is the score line.
63': Player change EB.
54': Chance missd Sai Gon, Free kick went out for EB goal kick.
53': Yellow card to EB.
47': Sai Gon earned their 2nd corner. Cleared from EB defnce.
46': 2nd half starts.
HT : 0-0 in half time.
45': 1 minute added. 0-0.
38': Same score 0-0.
30': No score yet in the match. 0-0.
20': 0-0 still.
15': Still 0-0.
10': 0-0 5': 0-0.
4': Xuan earned corner kick but cleared.
1': Match starts.


CB: Sunil Chettri 27', Bikramjit 57'
CB : Sandip, Denzil, Ravanan, Tamba, Sanjoy(Aslei), Saran, Bikramjit, Beto, Dias, Sunil, Balan( Biswajit).
90': 6 minute added time.
88': Attack of Churchill from right, earned corner, Steven;s kick cleared from Padang defence.
85': PLAYER CHANGE : CB Balan out and Biswajit in.
83': PLAYER CHANGE : CB Sanjoy out and Aslei in.
80': 2-2 is the score line.
76': Churchill earned 4 while Padang earned 5 corner kicks so far.
72': Sunil effort from Dias cross but weak shot went out side.
70': 2-2 is the result going on.
62': Another attacked of Padang, Shot missed the target for CB goal kick.
60': Now the scoreline is 2-2.
58': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Churchill equalized through brilliant score of Bikramjit. Mow 2-2.
50': Still Padang is leading 2-1.
46': 2nd half match starts.
HT : It's half time now. Padang is leading 2-1.
36': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2nd Goal of Padang. Now leading 2-1.
27': 1-1 is the scoreline.
36': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Padang equalized the score line from ground shot which beat Sandip..
28': Churchill is leading 1-0.
GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Chettri scored from Corner, Dias to Denzil and Denzil's cross to Sunil who scored through a brilliant header.
CB: Sandip, Denzil, Ravanan, Tamba, Saran, Sanjay, Bikramjit, Beto, Dias, Sunil, Balan.
17': CB earned 2nd corner from Beto's attack. corner cleared.
15': Sunil got a one to one chance but finally missed.
10': Back to back attack of Padang, Sandip Saved the situation both times well.
5': Padang earned Corner Kick. Cleared.



11.03.20132: Churchill Brothers to face Semen Padang FC of Indonesia tomorrow in AFC CUp Group E 2nd match at home in Pune. Tomorrow will be the ever first encounter between the two team of two country. Churchill will not get an home advantage tomorrow as the match will be held at Pune instead of Goa but they will get support from local Pune football fans.

In the first AFC Away Match Churchill Brothers lost to Hong Kong's against Kitchee by a margin of 0-3 score. Semen Padang beat Singapore team Warriors FC at home by 3-1 in their 1st match and a strong side as ther were the top of the Indonesian league.

Churchill Brothers Brazilian Captain Beto told that they are confident about their home win tomorrow,India Captain Sunil Chetti who joined Churchill also played alongside Beto in Dempo and Mohun Bagan and Beto is hopeful about their old good partnership.

Padans may play tomorrow without their 4 foreigners as 3 was unable to come here and other is suffering in injury. They hope that they will play better game tomorrow and their eye is to reach in the Semi Final as th first Indonesian Football team.

26.02.2013	AFC 	Kitchee SC	 3 - 0  Churchill 
10.02.2013	I-L 	Churchill 	 2 - 2  Prayag Unit
01.02.2013	I-L 	Sporting Cl	 1 - 0  Churchill 
24.01.2013	I-L 	Mumbai FC	 0 - 0  Churchill 
19.01.2013	I-L 	East Bengal 	 0 - 3  Churchill 
13.01.2013	I-L 	Churchill	 2 - 1  United Sikk
09.01.2013	I-L	Churchill 	 3 - 1  Pailan Arro
04.01.2013	I-L	Churchill 	 6 - 0  Shillong La
16.12.2012	I-L	Churchill 	 8 - 4  Sporting Cl
10.12.2012	I-L  	Pailan Arro	 0 - 3  Churchill 

PADANG LAST 10 Matches
05.03.2013	AFC Cup			PS Semen Pa	 3 - 1  Warriors FC
19.06.2011	Indonesia Supe		Persipura J	 1 - 1  PS Semen Pa
16.06.2011	Indonesia Supe		Persiwa Wam	 0 - 0  PS Semen Pa
09.06.2011	Indonesia Supe		PS Semen Pa	 2 - 1  Persiba Bal
02.06.2011	Indonesia Supe		Persija Jak	 1 - 1  PS Semen Pa
08.05.2011	Indonesia Supe		PSPS Pekanb	 2 - 1  PS Semen Pa
01.05.2011	Indonesia Supe		Pelita Band	 2 - 2  PS Semen Pa
28.04.2011	Indonesia Supe		PS Semen Pa	 2 - 0  Arema FC
17.04.2011	Indonesia Supe		Persela Lam	 1 - 0  PS Semen Pa
12.04.2011	Indonesia Supe		Deltras Sid	 0 - 3  PS Semen Pa


27.02.2013: EAST BENGAL   1-0   SELANGOR FC (YBK - FT..) :: REFRESH PAGE BY F5

KEB : Lalrin Dika 42' ::

JAYDIP DASGUPTA : East Bengal Club of Kolkata today edge past Selangor FC of Malaysia in the Group H league match of the AFC Cup by a margin of a solitary goal at kolkata. This is the 1st match of both the teams, as East Bengal registered their 1st victory in the Morgan era in their seventh participation in the AFC Cup.

"We were being killed by Dika and Sanju"- this was uttered by the dejected Selangor coach Irfan Bakti in the post match media meeting. Today the red and gold of Kolkata displayed a good example of team game right from the beginning. East Bengal played a number of passes in the midfield with Mehtab in the middle as Dika and Sanju utilizing both the wings. East Bengal could have scored a number of goals if they can utilize the easiest of the opportunities.

Barisic, Penn and Chedi missed open sitters from the hand shaking distances with only the Selangor goalkeeper Norazlan Bin Razali at their mercy. Chidi was unlucky in the 5th minute when his head hit the post from Mehtab Hossain's corner.

Andrew Barisik missed two easy chances-in the 12th minute when he failed to trap the ball in side the six yards which was cleared by the Malaysian defense. In another occasion his feeble grounder went straight to the Malaysian goalkeeper. Barisic could place the ball to the either side of Noralzin. In the 29th minute Penn Orji missed the easiest of the opportunity from the six yards When Eddeh Cheddi after dribble pass two defender passed to the unmarked Penn.

East Bengal shares maximum of the ball possession and it was observed that they had played a number of good passes, utilizing both the wings. Saumik and Khabra participated in the overlapping movements and increased the number of men in the middle third area. In the initial stages Dika was a bit defensive, but joined the attack there after and tried the long rangers from outside the 18 yards.

.. WHY Selangor's defender Ramez Dayoub not in the squad today? .............The Lebanese Football Federation today announced lifetime bans on Malaysian club Selangor's defender Ramez Dayoub along with ndonesian-based forward Mahmoud El-Ali. The Asian Football Confederation is investigating a report of match-fixing in Lebanon, where 24 players have been suspended over allegations in max fixing international and regional games. Lebanon lost 01 to Qater on 3rd June 2012 in word cup qualifier.

The Selangor officials claimed that they had received a letter from the AFC and from the Lebanese football Federation during just before the crucial AFC Cup match at Kolkata aganst East Bengal. While taking to the media Irfan Bakti the Selangor chief coach said though the news was shocking but the club will help Ramez Dayub to appeal to concerned authorities regaring the punishment.

Dayub has a contract of one year with Selangor which will end at November. The Selangor coach furthur added that their will have a transfer window at April and if required they can recruit a new player but everything will depend on the further decisions of the AFC.

Sources said that the two months investigation has found Ramez Dayub was guilty in match fixing and took money for fixing the international matches. The punishments leveled at the guilty parties were divided into four(1,2,3,4) categories, with the most serious sanction involving a lifetime ban from football in addition to a Dollar 15,000 fine. All accused players are barred from representing the national side for life. Ramez Dayoub and Mahmoud al-Ali who represent Selangor FA (Malaysia) and Persiba Balikpapan (Indonesia) to fall under category 1.

Meanwhile Ramez Dayub claimed that total investigation does not have any of match fixing and he wants FIFA to investigate the total incident.

In the 36th minute his left footer from outside the box was brilliantly saved by Norazlin.Dika scored the only goal in the 42nd minute when his left footer from 25 yards deeped in with the Malaysian goalkeeper had no answer to give. Selangor usually depends on the counter attacks unable to create any danger to the rock solid East Bengal defense except in one occasion when Michal Kubala's shot was saved by Gurpit. In the second session also East Bengal continued to create pressure but failed to capitalize the opportunities. Barisic once again failed to push the ball in the open net from Cheddi's center instead he skied the ball wide.

Trevor James Morgan was satisfied with his team effort and described the win as disciplined performance.He further added that East Bengal has played as per the plan and he himself is pleased of having three points from the first AFC match


27.02.2013: EAST BENGAL   1-0   SELANGOR FC (YBK - FT..) :: REFRESH PAGE BY F5
KEB : Lalrin Dika 42' ::

KEB : Gurpreet, Soumik, Raju, Okpara, Khabra, Mehtab, Sanju, Penn, Dika, Chidi (Baljit), Borisic (Robin).

SEL : Norazlan Razali, Mohd Asraruddin, Adib Aizuddin, Abdul Shukor (Aziz), Francis Forkey, Mohd Raimi, Peter Chrappan, Mohd Amri Yahyah, Mahali Jasuli, Michal Kubala, S. Veenod.
FT : Match end. East Bengal win their 1st match of AFC Cup 2012 and registered 21st win in all over AFC competition so far.
90': 3 minute added by Bangladesh Referee Hassan as extra time.
89': KEB Missed another Chance. Well save of Salangor keeper, Penn's shot from out side box.
88': PLAYER CHANCE: KB : Borisic out and Robin Singh in.
85': Still East Bengal is leading 1-0.
84': Free kick of MD Amri went wide over the cross bar.
83': Free kick for Selangor. Danger area of KEB from a foul of Okpara. out side of their box.
82': PLAYER CHANCE: KB : Chidi out and Baljit in.
81': East Bengal s dominating the game.
80': Chance missed by Borisic from Chidi's cross from right, His left footer went out from 6 yards.
78': IN CFL PREMIER Mohun Bagan beat Eastern Railway 4-2. Odafa scord two.
76': Selangor earned corner in right but cleared from EB box.
75': Result is 1-0 for East bengal.
73': Nice attack of Penn from right and he passed open space towards Chidi in Selangor Box but too fast for chdid. Ball went to Keeper's hand.
72': Selamgor's Francis's cross from right went to Gurpreet's hand.
70': EB got Free kick in left of Salengor Box. Free kick cleared from their box went to Penn but his long ranger went wide.
69': PLAYER CHANGE: SELANGOR: Mohd Fairuz in and Abdul Sukor Out.
68': Mehtab's corner kick cleared.
67': Brilliant shot of Dika from out side box went for corner well saved by Selangor keeper.
65': Selangor's Kubala's shot went wide.
64': Free kick of EB, Dika shot cleared by Keper.
58': Selangor attacked from right. Jr no 18 shot went for EB Trrow in.
56': Another attack of EB, Borisic crossed from right and Chidi's header went wide.
55': Another attack of EB, Penn's shot cleared.
50': Penn's attack from right but he was in offside.
46': 2nd half match starts.
HT : East Bengal is leading 1-0. While Bengal is leading 2-0 against Manipur in Santosh Trophy.
45': 2 minute added time.
45': East Bengal is leading 1-0 while in Kalyani CFL Premier League Mohun Bagan is leading 2-1 in 60 minute.
44': Michal Kubala's shot went to Gurpreet's hand.
43': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.. Dika scored. His left footer from top of the box beat Selangor keeper in right.
42': Chidi's shot from out side of Selangor Box went to Keeper's hand.
40': 2nd corner cleard from Selangor box.
39': Mebhtab's corner kick cleared and went to Sanju and his shot again went for corner.
38': Good effort of Dikam his right footer well saved by Keeper for corner.
34': EB got corner in right, Mehtab's corner cleared.
33': Chance missed by Selangor, 6 yards left footer shot hits the post and finally cleared by Raju.
30': Still 0-0 is the scoreline. East Bengal is deminating the match.
29': What a miss of Penn!!. Chidi's cross from right. Penn's shot from 6 yards went to keepeer's hand.
27': Counter attack of Selangor, Francis Forkey's left footer grounder went for goal kick.
26': Another miss of Borisich. He got down in from of Selangor box with a ball.
24': Gurpreet well collected a shot of Selangor player.
23': Weak shot of Penn went to Selangor keeper from out side of the penalty box. Counter attack of Selangor.
21': Free kick for Salangor cleared in EB box. Counter attack of EB but Chidi missed pass.
20': Again attack of KEB, Borisic crossed from right towards Selangor box but it went to their keeper's hand.
18': Left sided attack of Selangor. weak shot of Francis Forkey went to Gurpreet's hand.
15': Still scoreline is 0-0. In Kalyani CFL Premier match Mohun Bagan is leading 1-1 upto half time against Eastern Railway.
14': Mehtab's corner kick went to Khabra but his shot missed the target.
12': EB attacked now . Chance missed by Borisic from Chidi's left sided pass in Selangor box. Ball cleared for Corner in right
10': Still 0-0 is the score line.
9': Chidi fouled one Selangor defender in their box, Bangladesh Referee Hassan Sayed awarded Selangor a Free kick.
8': EB throw in corner from couner attack. Long throw in of Raju but cleared.
7': Selangor attacked but ball went to EB defnce.
5': No score yet. 0-0.
5': Chance missed to EB, again attack of EB, Mehtab to Chidi and his header beat the keper but hits the post.
4': Ball is now in EB defence, Okpara long ball in Selangor box, Borisic well colleted in Selangor box but GK came advance to clear the ball.
3': Salangor is playing with short ground pass.
1': Match starts at Salt Lake.
0': East Bengal will felicitate ex= footballer Sambhu Maitra who scored two goal in 1973 IFA Shild Semi Final against Selangor.
0': MATCH WILL START at Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata at 3.00 PM IST.


26.02.2013 (GROUP - E): FC KITCHEE   3-0   CHURCHILL BROTHERS ( 90+4' FT..)
KIT : Chu Siu Kei 28', Tarres 31', 66'
RED CARD: Kitchee - 56'
CB : Sandip, Ravanan, Tamba, Denzil, Y.Raju, Dias, Lenny, Bikramjit, Tomba, Henri, Suniil.
KC : Wang, Fernando, Zeshan, Chu, Kwan, Lee, Pablo, Tarres, Yang, Chung, Cheng
Churchill earned 6 corner while Kichee only 1.



18.10.2013: JAYDIP DASGUPTA : The enthusiasm is increasing as the AFC Cup second leg semifinal is approaching. East Bengal will meet the Kuwait SC at Yubabharati Kriangan on the 22nd. East Bengal Club has started to sell tickets from the club tent, IFA Office and different outlets in and around Kolkata. The tickets are priced at Rs 100, Rs 200 and Rs 250. The officials are expecting that there will be a crowd of more than 60th thousand on Tuesday evening.

To motivate the Red and Gold footballers a programme has been arranged at the East Bengal Club premises on the 19th evening. The Former coaches and the heroes of the yester years will participate in the motivational programme. Amal Dutta, Pradip Banerjee,Sayed Nayemuddin, Monoranjan Bhattcherjee, Subrata Bhattcherjee, Shyamal Ghosh, Aloke Mukherjee, Arun Ghosh, Bhaskar Ganguly and Subash Bhowmick is likely to be participate.

The second semi final of the AFC Cup between East Bengal and Kuwait SC is scheduled at Yubabharati Krianangan on the 22nd.Kuwait SC are surely in an advantageous position as they had won the the first semifinal at home. But, it will be the must win situation for East Bengal as they lost in the first encounter by a margin of 2-4.

Dempo Sports Club of Goa is the first Indian team to participate in the semifinal stages of the AFC Cup.Can East Bengal reach the final? It's a million dollar question now.There are certain equations of the goal margins which the Red and Gold Brigade are to fulfill in order to qualify for the Grand Finale. If East Bengal won the match by 1-0 at Kolkata then Kuwait SC will qualify with an aggregate score of 4-3 in their favor.

If East Bengal won by 2-0 at home then East Bengal will qualify as the aggregate will be 4-4, but the away goal advantage will be in favor East Bengal. If East Bengal won by 2-1 then the score will be in favor of the Kuwaiti Club, with an aggregate will be 5-4. The 3-1 score in favor of East Bengal will qualify them with the away goal advantage.But,if the score becomes 4-2 in favor of East Bengal then there will be tie-breaker shoot out as the score will level at 6-6, as the away goals will be same for both the teams.

East Bengal showcased an improvised performance in the second session,but lost in their away match at Kuwait city by a margin of 2-4.The situation was extremely in control of Kuwait Sc when they took the 4-0 lead within the 50th minute of the match. But a strategic change by Marcos Phalopa in the second session chanced the scenario and the match was under the control of the Red and Gold.East Bengal, who were unbeaten all through the tournament had to face their first defeat at Kuwait city with a hope that there are still chances to revert the score in their favor in the second leg of the semifinals at Kolkata.
AFC Cup : 22nd Oct - Who will win?

The Kuwait SC has played 6 matches in the Group A league. They won 4, and lost 2 matches against Al Riffa of Bahrain (2-3) and Safa of Beirut (0-1). Kuwait SC has scored 15 goals and conceded 6 goals. Kuwait Sc were the champions in Group A with 12 points in their kitty. In the pre quarter final stages Kuwait SC won the match against Duhak FC of Iraq by tie breaker by a margin of 4-1.

In the scheduled 120 minutes the match were locked at 1-1.The defending champions overshoot the New Radient of Maldives in the quarter final by a margin of 7-2 at the away, while the Kuwaiti Club won the home match convincingly by a margin of 5-0. Issam Jamma the danger man in the upfront are the leading scorer in the AFC Cup with 15 goals to his credit.

The Red and Gold were the champions in the Group H stages with 14 points. East Bengal has won 4 matches while they drew 2. The team from the sub continent had scored 13 goals and conceded 6 goals. In the pre quarter final stages East Bengal defeated the Yangon United at Kolkata by a margin of 5-1.

In the Quarter Finals the Red and Gold won by a solitary goal at Kolkata, but drew 1-1 at Padang against the Semeng Padang in their away match. Cheddi Eddeh the Nigerian goal machine has scored 6 goals for his club so far. Though Kuwait SC has won the first semifinal and are leading by a margin of 2 goals but the Football Pandits feels that there is always a chance for East Bengal to qualify for the final .


The Bengali Community is now celebrating DURGAPUJA through out the World where they are living as their main culture. Durga Puja in October is the most popular festival in the West Bengal.Today is MAHASAPTAMI. Durga Puja has become something like Brazil's Carnival. Durgapuja - meaning it doesn't sleep.

What is the 2nd most preference of their culture ? - Yes it is Football. Football is one of the main cultures of Bengali. These 4 festival days is the half time of Bengali from Football. After ending of the the Durgapuja Festival Bengali community, the 2nd half will start with I-League and then AFC Cup Semifinal Match and so on. Where is a Bengali. there is Football or Where is Football there is Bengali.

Kalyani - the famous Football Stadium of India for it's natural Grass pitch where Kolkata Premier League and I-League is used to play. Nebula Club of Kalyani celebrating their Durgapuja - 2013 in their own style. But Football ? yes beside the celebration of Devi Durga, the Nebula Club members are selling upcoming AFC Cup Semi-Final Home match ticket of East Bengal. The match will be played at Salt Lake Stadium on 22nd Oct.

The club members are selling East Bengal ticket to the fans from the satll of their Puja Pandle. The ticket price is Rs.200 for VIP and Rs. 100 for General.



Kuwait FC beat East Bengal to reach in the AFC cup FINAL ::   MATCH REPORT and MORE PICTURES LINK

22.10.2013: EAST BENGAL   0-3   Al Kuwait FC (YBK - FT ) :: REFRESH WITH F5 Key FOR NEXT TEXT -::- GO HOME PAGE

KEB : Abhijit, Abhishek, Arnab, Okpara, Soumik, Abranches, Mehtab, Lobo, Dika, Moga, chidi.

KFC : Musab, Taher, Sifan, Khudhair, Rogerio, Chadi, Wahleed, Husain Baba, Hakim, Fahad.

FT : Match end. Kuwait FC reach in the AFC cup Final beat East Bengal 4-2 in home and 3-0 in away in the semi final.
90': 3 minute added time.
90': It's 3-0 for Kuwait FC. total goal aggregate is 7-2.
87': Kuwait is leading 3-0.
86': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 3rd goal of Kuwait FC. SIFAN MOHAMED scored the goal. Got a ball in right and beat two EB defender and scored over advancing Abhijit.

84': PLAYER CHANGE : EAST BENGAL: : Lobo out and Tulunga in.
83': Kuwait played World Cup in 1982 in Soain but lost to Czech, England and France in Group league.
82': This was the 7th time appearence of East Bengal in AFC cup where they scored 63 goals.
81': As an Indian team first Semifinalist was Dempo SC in 2008 then East Bengal in 2013.
80': 10 minutes to end of the match.
78': Okpara cleared a ball from box.
77': Hussain Baba Mohammed of Kuwait Fc is injured and under treatment.
76': Great Escape of East Bengal for another goal, Rosario's shot from top of the box beat advancing Abhijit but hits the post finally.
75': Still 2-0 for Kuwait FC. Both team are now down to 10 men.
73': Long ball of Okpara to chidi bur he misused.
72': Soumik stopped a ball with hand, free kick for KFC.
70': Nice shot of Dika, hits the post and out.
68': Free kick for East Bengal as Chidi was fouled just out side of the box.
52': PLAYER CHANGE TO EAST BENGAL : Robert in and Abranches out.
67': Good shot of Lobo from Abranches pass but well saved by Musab.
66': Now both team is 10 men. Equal strength now in the match.

65': RED CARD ------ Now Arnab Mondol of East Bengal as he fouled Rogerio out side of the box.
65': Rogerio who scored the first goal is the 6th goal of him in the Tournament.
65': Still the scoreline is 2-0 for Kuwait FC.
65': Injured Arnab returned in the fied after a bandage in head.
64': Soumik fouled Taher while a ball snatching in left side.
62': This is the 186th match of East Bengal against any foreign team.
61': Mehtab's kick cleared from Kuwat box went to Dika and his left footer missed the target.
60': Corner for East Bengal from Abhishek's attack from right.
59': East Bengal is now attacking from right side.
58': Abhijit well saved a shot from a close of Kuwait player.
57': EB is attackimg from right now, Chidi's cross cleared.
56': Chance to EB, Lobo's shot hits the post and out.
55': Still Kuwait FC is leading 2-0 in their first half score.
52': Mehtab's powerful shot from Baljit's pass went wide.
52': PLAYER CHANGE TO EAST BENGAL : Baljit in and Moga out.
50': Kuwait FC is leading 2-0. They now 10 men.
49': Abranches to Chidi from right wing but Chidi missed to pass again.
48': The team scored 32 goals last and toways 2 total 34 goals so far in the Tournament.
48': Kuwait is playing ground pass now.
47': Chidi fouled Atiqui of KFC in their box, Free kick for KFC in front of their own box.
46': 2nd half match just start now. Kuwait is playing with 10 men.
HT : End of first half, Kuwait is leading 2-0 but in 2nd half they will play with 10 men.
45': 2 minute added time.
45': Now Kuwait FC down to 10 men.
45': RED CARD ----- Kuwait SC's Khudhair who scored the 2nd goal. Fouled Okpara in EB box, Referee shown him RED card.
45': Now Kuwait FC is leading 2-0.
44': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2nd goal of Kuwait FC, Khudhair scored the goal from a left sided movement and Abhijit came out, Arnab was trying to save finally but unable.
42': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Kuwait FC score goal through ROGERIO.Nice skill of Rosario with the ball.
40': Throw in for left sided attack of KFC.
38': Free kick for Kuwait as abranches fouled WALEED. Free kick cleared by Okpara via header.
38': East Bengal have to win 2-0 or 3-1 to reach in the final.
37': Kuwait's Issa Jemaa played 78 match and scored 36 goals for his country Tunisia.
36': Kuwait FC won the AFC cup for Two times.
35': Left sided attack of KFC, poor corss of ROGERIO went to right but Wahled was unable to do anything.
34': Mehtab to Dika to Abhijit, EB is attacking now ball went to KFC box where there was Moga but he was blocked.
32': East Bengal scored 22 goals so far in the ongoing tournament where Chidi scored 6 goals and he touched the record of late Cristiano Junior of East Bengal who also scored 6 goals for East Bengal in AFc cup matches.
31': Chidi's long ranger from out side of the box from Abranches pass went wide.
30': Finally Kuwait took the corner kick and ball clared from EB box.
28': Yellow card to Kuwait Fc player for delaying to kick the corner kick.
27': Free kick of Kuwait FC of Wahled went for their corner.
26': Free kick for Kuwait again in front of EB box as Okpara fouled Wahled to clear a ball.
23': Corner for KFC from a left sided counter attack, Whaled's kick cleared.
22': Chance to East Bengal, Moga got the ball from lobo beat one defender in box but finally ball cleared from him, good attack of EB.
20': Arnab well cleared a ball from Khudhair in EB box, Okpara long cleare then.
19': Moga got a chance but unable to head the ball from Abhishek's corss.
17': East Bengal was unbeaten upto Qr Final of the Tournament in 9 matches. Where they win 6 dre 3.
15': 0-0 is the scoreline.
14': Okpara well cleared a ball via a side tacle of Khudhair.
10': Still 0-0 is the scoreline.
10': Free kick of KFC Jumah just hits the 1st bar and out. Great Escape of East Bengal
9': It Could be danger for EB from Free kick in danger zone.
9': How danger for EB, Abhijit cleared a ball and foul just outside of Box, Free kick for KFC.
8': Long ball of KFC in Eb box, Arnab cleared for Throwin.
7': Throwin for KFC in left, ball cleared.
5': Still no score in the match.
3': counter attack of KFC, but offside.
2': Again attack of EB, Moga got the ball but uncontrolled himself.
1': First Attack of East Bengal went for corner kick, corner kick of Mehtab cleared.
1': Match starts at YBK in front of strong 80,000 Spectators.
0': Match is going to be started. Hon'bale Governor of West Bengal Mr. M.K. Narayanan has been introdused with the both teams players.
0': In Away match of East Bengal in the Semi Fianl, the result was 4-2 in favour of Kuwait FC. Issam Jemaa scored -2, Waleed Jumah, Chadi Hammami while East Bengal scorers were Okpara and LalrinDika
0': East Bengal team are warming up in the northern side of YBK. while Kuwait FC footbalers are warming up in Southern end.
0': A large numbers of Spectators are waiting in the que to enter in the stadium.


02.11.2013: FINAL: QADSIA SC (KUW)   0-2   KUWAIT SC (KUW)

KUT : Roserio 52', Jemma 64'


Al Kuwait SC of Kuwait are the Champions of the AFC cup . At Al-Sadaqua Walsalam Stadium in Kuwait City they defeated Al Quadsia of Kuwait by a brace to bag the tittle. This Kuwait SC third win in last five years.The result was goalless at half time.

The first half was rather a evenly poised game as both the team had their chances but unable to score. The game was mainly in the midfield as Kuwait Sc had a slight advantage. In the 16th minute AL Quadsia had an open sitter when Al Soma's header from inside the 6 yards hit the bar. In the 35th minute Issam Jemma's header sailed over the cross bar following a open head pass from Wahid Ali. This two moves were positive and any one could convert the chances.

Kuwait Sc opened their account in the 51st minute of the match. The Brazilian star Rogerhino's 35 yards brilliant kick curled in and went inside beating the AL Quadsia goalkeeper. Kuwait Sc increased the margin in the 63rd minute of the match. Issam Jemma scored his only goal of the match after receiving a pass from Rogerhino from inside the 18 yards. Al Quadsia tried hard to level the score.

They had the opportunity to score in the 78th minute, But the alert Kuwait Sc deep defense saved a genuine goal from the goal line. At the dying stages Al khandhari came to the rescue of Kuwait Sc when he saved a shot of Al Dhafari brilliantly. In the second session Al Quadsia dominated but unable to score as they had the better of the exchanges. Even the ball possession were 52% to Al Quadsia.

This is the second appearance of AL Quadsia in the AFC Cup final in the last four years.


PRINCE RUFUS : The Bengali Youth conducted as the Match Commissioner of U-19 Qualifier of AFC Cup 2014..

.04.10.2013: Mr. Prince Rufus, the bengali youth hailed from Barasat and currently working as General Manager of Mohun Bagan AC conducted AFC U-19 Qualifier match as match commissioner. Today he was the match commissioner of UAE vs Yemen U-19 match which held at Amman International Stadium, Amman where UAE beat Yemen 2-1. He will also conduct the match between Yemen and Afganistan on 6th Oct.

Prince also have the experience of several AFC U-14 Matches also in this year as Match Commissioner.


PRINCE RUFUS : The Bengali Young starts a career with AFC as Match Commissioner of U-14 AFC CUp..


06.05.2013: Mr. Prince Rufus, who was appointed AFC Match Commissioner early this year went to Nay Pyi Taw, the new capital of Myanmar to officiate as Match Commissioner in the AFC U-14 Championship 2014 Group F. Prince also was the Match Commissioner of some AFC Up 2013 Sr. Lebel matches also.


The six teams in this Group were Bangladesh, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Singapore and Cambodia. The league matches were held from 28th May to 3rd June at Zeyar Thiri Stadium. Mr. Prince Rufus officiated as Match Commissioner in 7 out of the total 15 matches.

Thailand emerged Group Champions with 12 points and qualified for the final phase scheduled in 2014.

He also was the match commissioner of more three AFC U-14 matches so far, On 28.05.2013 he was the Match Commissioner of Bangladesh vs Combodia where the match ended goalless. On 29.05.2013 Prince was the Match commissioner of another Bangladesh Match but Bangladesh lost 0-5 to Laos in that match. On 2.6.2013 Prince was the match commissioner of another Thailand match where the team beat Cambodia 1-0 and reach in the Final at the Zeyar Thiri Stadium in Myanmar.


23.05.2013: Koushik Das : Prince Rufus, Operational Manager of Mohun Bagan AC, the Bengali Youth who was the Match Commissioner of the 2013 AFC Cup Group G match no 11 between Kelantan (Malaysia) and Ayeyawady United (Myanmar) which was held on 30th April 2013 at Kelantan, Malaysia will get an another oppertunity to work as AFC Match Commissioner again in U-14 AFC Championship. He got the experience from his ever first AFC Cup Match where home team won 3-1 and earned a chance to play in the Round of 16 in the AFC Cup. As winners of Group G, they will host Kitchee FC of Hongkong in their next match.

Prince will be leaving on 25th May to participate as Match Commissioner in the AFC U-14 Championship (Qualifiers: Group F). Dates are from 28th April to 3rd June. The matches will be played at Nay Pi Taw, capital of Myanmar. The teams in Group F are Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Singapore, Cambodia. They will play round robin league. Matches are of 30 mins each half. The League topper will proceed to the final stage of the tournament to be held in 2014.

PRICE RUFUS : The Bengali Young starts a career with AFC today as Match Commissioner of Gr. "G" Match


30.04.2013 : Today is a historical day for Benngali, when East Bengal emerged as an unbeaten Group Champion of Group "H" of AFC Cup 2013 which is they recorded as the first India team in the India history of AFC Cup,just the same time at Malaysia, an aother Bengali youth fulfilled his dream when he successfully performed as MATCH COMMISSIONER of Group "G" AFC cup match betweenn Kelantan (MSA) and AYEYAWADY UNITED (MYA) at Sultan Mohammad IV Stadium, Kota Bharu, KELANTAN, Malaysia. The match ended 3-1 win for Kelatan.

......Over Telephone Prince told us that, he is very much happy to be a part of AFC inn the sr. level club competition. As the operational Manager of Kolkata Club Mohun Bagan he performed essential jobs when Mohun Bagan played AFC Cup match at home in Kolkata.

But This is an another experience to him that he performed the duty as the highest level of a match that is Match Commissioner. Prince reach in this level with his hard work from a remote place name Sainik Nagar of Barasat.

He will perform another match as Match Commissioner in AFC Cup in May 2013 also.