AFC grassroot football 2017 (CLUBS IN PUNJAB)


15.05.2017 - MPFC PRESS RELEASE : The two day celebrations of AFC Grassroots Day organised by Minerva Punjab FC in association with AIFF Grassroots Department and Chandigarh Football Association concluded today.

On Day 1 i.e Sunday, 14th May 2017 around 200 boys and girls upto the age of 15 years, from all parts of the tricity area and Punjab came to participate in the football festivities held at Minerva Acadmey Campus in Mohali. The participants were divided into groups and played fun and interactive 5v5 and 4v4 games under the guidance of Minerva Punjab FC coaches.

On Day 2 i.e. Saturday, 15th May 2017 around 80 boys and girls below the age of 15 years, including underprivileged kids from areas like Malloya, Khudda Lahora, Naya Goan etc. participated. Some of these kids got the experience football for the very first time ever. The Minerva Punjab FC coaches engaged to kids in fun filled footballing activities and games and tried to introduce kids to the basis of football. All participants were given AFC Grassroots Day T-Shirts, Playing jerseys and a nutritious hot lunch. In the evening the grassroots celebrations were shifted to Minerva Punjab FC Campus in Mohali where kids if the neighbouring Daon Village and Kharar Distt. were invited to participate in the festivities. More than 50 kids came to enjoy the celebrations and were given AFC grassroots day t-shirts and nutritious refreshments.

Club CEO Mr. Ranjit Bajaj said, "Minerva Punjab FC believes that each child deserves to experience and enjoy football irrespective of their economic background. By introducing these kids to football today, we have sown the seeds and we hope that these kids will continue to play the sport. We have selected one boy from the underprivileged kids to train with us for a few days and we are considering offering him a scholarship in our youth development program. But this festival isn't just for kids wanting to go professional, its for everyone and anyone. Football leads to all round personality development that comes with playing team sports inculcating qualities like team work, sportsmanship, leadership, hardwork, unity, loyalty, stamina, endurance and never give up attitude in kids."