• DEMPO 3-0 United Sikkim
  • EAGAL 1-2 CB

17.01.2014: United SC 1-0 Pune FC (COCHIN - FT...) :

USC : Jayanta, Deepak, Anupam, Azim, Dhanachandra, Lalkamal, Souvik, Rajinder, Asif, Ranti, Eric.
PFC : Amrinder, Tabia, Calum, Anas, Gurjinder, Mumtaz, Arata, James, Douhou, Anthony, Riga.

United Sports Club edged past Pune FC 1-0 in a group A stumble upon of the Federation Cup at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Kochi on Friday. Baldeep Singh's strike in the 71st minute sealed an important three points for side. Eelco Schattorie made one change from the last game as he introduce Rajinder Kumar for CK Vineeth while Pune FC coach Mike Snoei handed a start to Mumtaz Akhtar for Zeeshan Rehman....... LIVE COMMENTARY OF THE MATCH

It was a confrontational start to the game as neither side could snatch a couple of passes together. Othallo Tabia and James Meyer crossed from the right but it never really uptight the opposition defense. In the 10th minute, Arata Izumi released Anthony D’Souza who squared it for James Meyer to slot it home. However the Australian was too slow which allowed Dhanachandra Singh to track back and clear the peril.

Midway into the first half, it was the Purple team who began to control the tempo of the game with Lal Kamal Bhowmick and Souvik Chakraborty pulling the string. At the half hour mark, Bhowmick found Ranti on the right and the Nigerian’s cross into the box was just about cleared by Anas inside the box.

Arata had a decent chance before the half-time after Anthony cut in from left and set it up for him. The Japanese born-Indian's attempt was off track. After the hour mark, Riga found Arata inside the box but the latter squared it instead of taking a shot, much to the incredulity of his team-mates. The deadlock was broken in the 71st minute when Eric Brown’s cross from the left saw Baldeep Singh’s left footed attempt find the back of the net.

Anthony did well on the right as his cross saw Riga's first time shot being blocked by Deepak Mandal. Off the rebound, Riga took a rather tame attempt which was effortlessly collected by the opposition goalkeeper. Substitute Thongkhosiem Haokip got into the act soon as his attempt from the right after being played in by Douhou saw Jayanta Paul drive it for a corner. The scoreline remained the same as Pune FC paid the price of not having converted the chances that came their way.


FT : Match end, United SC win 1-0 against Pune FC.
90': 4 minute added time.
86': Attack of Pune through Riga from left but he is injured with a tackle of Dhanachandra from behind.
82': Pune earned a corner from right sided attack, but corner kick cleared.
80': Still United SC is leading 1-0 through Baldip Singh.
72': Now United SC 1-0 Pune FC.
71': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Baldip Sing of USC score off a brilliant pass of Eric.
68': PLAYER CHANGE - USC : Md Rafiw in and Rajider out.
67': Still the score line is goalless.
66': Counter attack of United, Sourv to Deepak in right but his cross cleared.
58': corner to Pune, Riga's header from Alves kick went out.
50': Still score line 0-0.
48': Chance missed by Pune from a free kick, well saved by Jaanta.
46': Starts of 2nd half match.
HT : It's half time, Score line 0-0.
45': 2 minute added time.
45': No impact in Free kick.
44': Foul of Souvik to Mayer. Free kick for Pune.
43':Another attack of Pune from left but cleared in United SC box by Azim.
40': Another attack of Pune from left but waisted.
35': Yellow card to United's Eric as he fouled Riga.
35': Still score line is 0-0.
32': Erick's right sided cross went out.
25': 0-0 is the score line.
24': Pune is playing with short passed.
20': 0-0 is the score line.
19': Free kick for Pune, Nice save of Jayanta of Alves brilliant shot.
18': Attack of Pune through Riga from right but he was fouled by Lalkamal.
15': Still no score. United SC 0-0 Pune FC.
13': Counter attack of United SC, well save of Arminder from advancing Ranty.
11': Another attack of Pune earned corner but no impact in corner kick.
10': No score, United SC 0-0 Pune FC.
9': No impact in the corner.
8': Danger in USC box, left sided cross of Nikhil went to Mayer in open space but clearence of Dhanachandra for corner.
5': Scoreline 0-0.

17.01.2014: Bhowanipur 0-2 Mohammedan SC (Manjeri - FT..) :: Click FOR United SC - Pune FC
MSC : Barreto, Dhanaraj, Mehraj, Sabrosa, Nirmal, Penn, Manish, Antony, Nabi, Ashim, Josimar.
BHP : Debjit, Rajib, Nousad K, K.Prashad, Gurpreet, Deepak, Nabin, Daniel, Manjit, Surabuddin, Dipendu... REF : D. Nagvans7kar.

FT : Mohammedan SC win the match 2-0.
90+2': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2nd goal of Mohammedan SC. Rakesh Masih scored the 2nd..
90': 5 minute added time.
86': Mohammedan SC is leading 1-0 now. United SC also won 1-0 against Pune FC.
85': Free kick for Bhowanipur, well saved by Barreto.
76': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Mohammedan SC score goal through JOSHIMAR from a header.
75': United SC beat Pune FC 1-0..
66': 2nd corner kick of Bhowanipur club.
65': No score yet in the match, both teams are searching for a goal.
64': Attack of Mohammedan SC, Nirmal's close shot saved by Debjit.
61': Mehraj was injured from a side tacle now fir.
57': Bhowanipur earned corne kick but cleared in Mohammedan Box.
60': Still Mohammedan SC 0-0 Bhowanipur club.
47': 2nd half match starts.
HT : No score. 0-0.
45': 2 minute added time.
44': Effort of Ashim from a long ranger, missed the target.
42': Free kick to MSC, cleared.
39': Penalty shot missed by Penn.
38': PENALTY TO Mohammedan SC. Penn to take the shot.
33': Free kick to Mohammedan SC, Penn's shot no impact.
30': No score, Mohammedan SC 0-0 Bhowanipur.
29': Chance missed by Mohammedan, Joshimar's header hits the post.
25': Free kick for MSC to Bhowanipur in their half. No score yet . 0-0.
23': Attack of MSC, Josimar got a ball from Dhanarajan but clared for throw in.
20': Still 0-0 in the match.
18': Joshimar was offside from an attack.
16': 3rd corner kick earned by Mohammedan SC, no impact.
15': Still the score line is 0-0.
12': Mohammedan SC earned 2 corner kick but unable to score.
10': No score in Mohammedan SC 0-0 Bhowanipur.
8': Mohammedan's atack but cleared in Bhowanipur Box.
7': No score in Mohammedan SC 0-0 Bhowanipur.
6': Mohammedan SC earned 1st oorner kick from Josimar's attack but no impact in corner kick.
2': Bhowanipur earned first corner kick which was cleared in Mohammedan Box.
1': Match starts between Mohammedan SC and Bhowanipur.

17.01.2014 (Manjeri): United Sikkim 0-3 Dempo SC ( FT ..)
DEM : Beto 23', Tolgey 45+2', 67'
DEM : Katttimani, Prabir, Simon, Amiri, Narayan, Pronoy, Clifford, Beto, Holicharan, Tolgey, Alwyn.

17.01.2014 (COCHI): Eagle SC 1-2 Churchill Brothers.( FT )
CB : Balwant 74', Shabana 87'
EAG : Koko 84',

EAG : Jagroop, Sudheesh, Charles, Najesh, Bisheshwar, Shajeer, Gouranga, Felix, Subhash, Koko, Sushil,
CB : Lalit, Denzil, Sanjay, Raju y, Ravanan, Shabana, Lenny, Alesh, Saran, Balwant, Wolfe