• KEB 2-0 BFC
  • SCG 2-0 RUFC
  • MMB 1-1 SAL
  • SLFC 4-0 MFC

21.01.2014: East Bengal 2-0 Bengaluru FC ( FT..)

BEN : Pawan, Osano, John, Keegan, Rino, Jonny, Thoi, Beikho, Hanghal, Chhetri, Rooney.
KEB : Gurpreet, Raju, Okpara, Arrnab, Roberts, Tulunga, Lobo, Seuoka, Dika, Chedi, Moga.. REFEREE : TJS Nagvenkar

FT : Match end, East Bengal win 2-0 and Sporting reach in the Semi Final.
90': 2 minute add time.
90': East Bengal is leading 2-0.
89': Penalty to Bengaluru, 2nd penalty. But Rooney missed like Chhetri earlier as Ronney's shot sailed over the bar.
87': Out of 11 corner kicks East Bengal earned 3 while Bengaluru earned 8 nos.
86': The Bangaluru coach Astley West Wood sent off the feild by the referee for misconducting.
85': Who will meet Dempo in other Semi? Sporting Goa or Bengaluru, 5 minutes left to clear.
85': East Bengal leading by a brace scored by Cheddi Eddeh . Bangaluru are despate for the equalizers.
80' : East Bengal cme back when all hopes are over leading by 2-0.
76': East Bengal is leading 2-0 now, courtesy brace of Chidi and this the 3rd meeting of East bengal with Bengaluru as East Bengal won both 2 previous games. Can they make winning hattrick against Bengaluru?
76': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Again score of East Bengal again with Chidi. 2-0 now. Cheedi Fires in a bullet from outside the 18 yards.
70': Mohun Bagan and Salgaocar match ended 1-1 and Mohun Bagan reach in the Simi Final.
68' : Good effort of Sunil but well anticipation of Gurprett to collect the ball.
65':East Bengal increasing the pressure now playing a number of passes in the Bangaluru defense but Bengaluru 6 corner kick so far.
63': East Bengal is leading 1-0.
62': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL East Bengal scored Goal through Chidi. A brilliant shot by Cheddi from outside the 18 yards beat Pawan Kumar and went inside

Chidi brace sends Bengaluru out
BFC PRESS RELEASE : Blues Go Down 2-0 As Fed Cup Journey Ends. Malappuram: A Chidi Edeh brace sank Bengaluru FC's quest of a semifinal spot in their maiden Federation Cup outing as East Bengal beat the Blues 2-0 in the last Group B fixture at a packed MDSC Stadium, in Manjeri, on Tuesday. The game also saw Sunil Chhetri and Sean Rooney miss penalties on a day that just didnít belong to the League leaders.

Ashley Westwood's team needed nothing but a win to progress after Sporting Clube de Goa handed Rangdajied United a 2-0 defeat that took them to six points from 3 games. The Sporting result also meant East Bengal were out and after a barren first half, Bengaluru got their chance when Chhetri was tripped in the box in the 56th minute. The skipper stepped up to shoot but his strike was guessed correctly by 'keeper Gurpreet Singh.

Chhetri's miss from the spot would come to haunt Bengaluru only minutes later when Chidi's harmless looking strike crept under Pawan Kumar to give East Bengal the lead in the 62nd minute. Chidi scored his second in just a little over ten minutes but this time with a rasping striker from exactly the same spot.

Bengaluru threw in Robin Singh for Beikhokhei Beingaichho as Bengaluru tried hard for a comeback that just wasn't to be. The final proof of Bengaluruís off day turned up in the 90th minute when, after earning a penalty, Sean Rooney blasted his attempt over.

57': Moga's shot hits the post.
55': Penalty missed by Sunil Chhetri as gurpreet well saved.
51': East Bengal are in a counter attack - corner cleared by Bangaluru defense.
50' : Bangaluru are in search of a goal attacking in the East Bengal area
47': Raju's long throw straight to Pawan.
46': 2nd half starts.
HT: Still scoreline is 0-0. At the end of the first 45 minutes of play scores are level. East Bengal are already out of the Federation cup, but Bangaluru needs a victory to qualify for the semis.
45': 2 minute added time.
44': 2nd corner kick of East Bengal, no impact in Dika's kick.
41': Still scoreline is 0-0.
39': corner kick for BFC, 4th corner..
38' : Chetri's shot saved by Gurpreet.
35': Still scoreline is 0-0.
35': it's still goalless at Manjari, Bangaluru needs a win to qualify.
30': BFC keeper pawan cleared a long throw of East Bengal stopper Raju from left.
24': Dika's Free kick hits the human wall and out.
20': Scoreline is 0-0 in East Bengal vs Bengaluru Match.
19': Attack of Bengaluru is going on, Rooney's free kick went wide and later his header went wide.
15': East Bengal 0-0 Bengaluru FC. In other match at Cochi Mohun Bagan and Salgaocar still goalless.
13':: Rooney's goal denied for offside.
10' East Bengal got a chance, Chidi's shot went wide.
9' Beikho tries to score from a tight angle. The ball is out of play.
5': Still no score. East Bengal 0-0 Bengaluru FC.
3 Johnson erll blocked Moga in the box.
0': Match just start now.
0': The importance of the last match of the Group between Bangaluru and East Bengal are of utmost importance now. Sporting are with 6 points are leading the table. It is a must win situation for Bangaluru for a berth in the semis. A draw also will put Sporting Goa in the semi final of the Fedaration Cup.........

21.01.2014: SPORTING GOA 2-0 RANGDAJIED UFC ( FT...) :: Click FOR Mohun Bagan match
FT : SPorting Goa win 2-0.
90': 3 minute added time.
90': Rangdajied fought well as they got 7 corner kick on their behalf while Sporting got 3 only.
89': 2-0 still is the scoreline for Sporting Goa.
71': Another score of Sporting Goa, Now the are leading 2-0 through Victorino.
70': Sporting is leading 1-0.
59': Both teams shoot 4 times in target but finally Sporting got success.
57': 1-0 for sporting against Rangdajied ufc through Boima Karpeh..
46': Starts of 2nd half match. 0-0 was in first half.
HT : Soreline 0-0.
45': 2 minute added times.
40': Still no score in the match. 0-0.
35': 3rd corner to Rangdajied but no score. Sporting 0-0 Rangdajied .
31': 2nd corner kick to Rangdajied but no impact.
30': Both teams are fighting for first goal.
23': Sporting 0-0 Rangdajied .
10': Sporting Goa 0-0 Rangdajied UFC. Both team has got 1 conrer kick each so far.

21.01.2014: Mohun Bagan 1-1 Salgaocar SC ( FT) || GO 4 EAST BENGAL MATCH

MMB: Shilton, Eche, Aibor, Pritam, Shouvik, Denson, Pankaj, Zakeer, Yusa, Cristopher, Odafa.
SAL: Karanjit, Matthew, Chika, Augustine, Rahul, Francis, Rocus, Freiman, Gilbert, Bikash, Duffy Referee: M.B Santosh Kumar.


MATCH END. Salgaocar hold Mohun Bagan but Mohun Bagan reach semifinal of Federation Cup 2014.
90'+1':Katsumi's long ranger, Karanjit fists the ball. Corner to Mohun Bagan
90':3 minutes time added on
89':Rocus's shot, very high
85':Salgaocar maintaining better procession in last 5 minutes.
83':Meanwhile in another match Bengaluru FC got a penalty again East Bengal
80':Score line now goes 1-1
78':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Bikash Jairu's long ranger finds the net. Brilliant left footed long ranger from 30 yards beat Shilton and finds the net
75':Yellow Card to ujjal for his bad tackle to Matthew
73':Players Change in Mohun Bagan: Sabeeth in place of Odafa
68':Yellow Card to Matthew for his bad tackle to Ujjal
65':Players Change in Mohun Bagan: Ujjal in place of Pankaj
64':Odafa's shot, goalline save by Salgaocar defender Colaco. Odafa and Katsumi appealing for goal but referee denies it
61':Brilliant chance to Bikash, his header beat Shilton but just missed the post. Good chance wasted
60':Mohun Bagan leading 1-0 now
59':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Odafa scored from the spot kick
57':Augustine committed a foul against Cristopher in box, PENALTY to Mohun Bagan
56':Katsumi's free kick touches roof od the net
55':Bad tackle to Ram outside the box. Free kick to Mohun Bagan
54':Back to back two corner to Mohun Bagan
53':Ram's centre, Chika clears the ball
52':Odafa's free kick, went wide
52':Free kick to Mohun Bagan in a very good position after Salgaocar player handed the ball
50':Quick free kick of mohun Bagan when Freiman committed a foul to Cristopher. But Odafa is in offside
47':Ram's brilliant run and a centre, Rocus tries to clear. nearly a own goal, post came here for rescue. Ball finally cleared
46':Players Change in Mohun Bagan: Ram Malik in place of Zakeer
46':Second half resumes
Salgaocar can reach semifinal if they won with a margin of 6 goal while a draw or a loss with less than 6 goal margin will ensure Mohun Bagan's place to the semifinal
In IFA SHIELD Shillong Lajong FC has been replaced by United Sikkim FC.
HALF TIME. Score remains goalless after the end of first half
45':1 minute added time
42':Gilbert's long ranger, went wide
41':Yusa's shot blocked by their own player Odafa
40':Cristopher's good run and a shot beat Karanjit but missed far post. Nearly a one to one situation to Cristopher from Zakeer's brilliant pass
38':Odafa's forward pass to Pakaj, but Pankaj is in offside position
37':Another brilliant save of Shilton in a forward pass
36':Gilbert's shot, Eche cleared the ball.
34':Odafa's shot, just missed the post
30':Pritam's pass, Cristopher fails to trap the ball.
29':Bikhash's shot, good save by Shilton
29':Salgaocar's move, Aibor clears the ball
28':Zakeer's centre, directly in Karanjit's hand
26':Long forward pass to find Odafa, but Odafa is in offside position
24':Brilliant half turn of Duffy, but his shot went wide
23':Brilliant centre from right, Odafa chested it down to Cristopher, his left footed shot went wide
21':Odafa's forward pass to Pankaj, but Pankaj is in offside position
19':Bikash's long ranger, too wide
18':Ball clears from corner
17':Nearly a chance to Odafa, Augustine clears the ball. Corner to Mohun Bagan.
16':Pankaj committed a foul against Rocus, free kick to Salgaocar
16':Duffy'shot, easy to Shilton
14':Shouvik's long run through left wing, his ground centre, directly in Karanjit's hand
13':No team yet to make any good attack in early minutes
9':Mohun Baga's move, but a misspass of Zakeer to find Odafa in box
7':Odafa tries to make a shot, but too many Salgaoar defenders blocks him
5':Rahul committed a foul against Chirstopher, free kick to Mohun Bagan
2':Chance to Duffy, Shilton came forward and collect the ball
0':Kick off.

21.01.2014: Shillong Lajong 4-0 Mumbai FC ( FT...)

SLFC : Ralte, Pasah, Mincholson, Subhash, Taisuke, Haokip, Jibon, Milan, Glen, Redeim, Fanai.
MFC : Kunal, Pradeep, Peter, Rahul, Kamaljeet (Khelemba), Climax, Sehnaj, Ashutosh, Nicholas, Henry, Yakubu, Subhash (Rane).

FT : Match end. Shillong Lajong beat Mumbai FC 4-0, Glen scored hattrick and Boithang Haokip scored the other.
90': GOAAAAAAAAAALLLL Hattrick of Glen from a brilliant Free kick from out side box. 4 goals in FED CUP.
80': Still Shillong Lajong is leading 3-0, Glen-2, Haolik-1 against Mumbai FC.
53': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 3rd goal of Lajong through Glen again off Subhash Singh pass.
47': Starts of 2nd half match.
HT': SLFC is leading 2-0.
24': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL 2nd goal of Lajong through Haokip. A beautiful Long range shot by Boithang Doubles the lead for Lajong.
20': Sillong Lajong 1-0 Mumbai FC. both teams got 2 corners each.
16': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL Shillong Lajong score goal. Glen scored from Penalty. Glen brought down in the box by Mumbai FC Keeper, Kunal Sawant
13': 0-0 is the score line, Lajong earned back to back 2 corner kicks but no impact.
6': No score.

SLFC PRESS RELEASE : Shillong Lajong FC managed to savage a win in their final Group-C match against Mumbai FC after they registered a 4Ė0 victory at the JN Stadium Kochi on Tuesday. Cornell Glen again was the star of the match with an impressive performance and also collected his first Federation Cup hat trick. The hat trick also makes him the highest goal scorer of the tournament so far.

The Reds started the match with a clear indication of winning it and by a big margin as well. They were chasing for a spot in the semi finals which would require them to better Group Leaders Mohun Bagan's goal difference of 7 goals. The game remained in midfield for the first few minutes of the match with both teams vying for possession. Lajong almost went up in the 10th minute after Lalchhuanmawia Fanai made a brilliant run from the left flank and fired a cross which found Redeem Tlang just outside the box whose effort was blocked for a corner.

The chance sparked of a similar attack at the opposite end of the field when Henry Ezeh should have scored for Mumbai FC, only for his shot to be denied by the Lajong custodian Vinay Singh whose touch sent the ball off the post and back into the goalkeeper's hands. End to end football then found Cornell Glen brought down in the box. Lajong striker Subash Singh had a brilliant run into the box and his shot was saved by Mumbai goalie Kunal Sawant who couldnít really clear it away from danger and saw the ball at Glen's feet only for him to be brought down in the box by Sawant.

Glen then scored the penalty in the 15th minute. Lajong kept pressing and found their second in the 23rd minute through a beautiful thunderous long range strike from Boithang Haokip. The goal though did not force Mumbai into a more defensive approach as Khalid Jamil insisted on his team to keep pressing for a goal and even bringing in striker Jayesh Rane early in the 38th minute. Attacking plays from both sides created no more goals as the half ended with Thangboi Singto's men going into the break with a two goal cushion.

Second half started much the same way as the first with Mumbai FC creating chances but the strike partnership of Henry Ezeh and Yusif Yakubu could not really convert any after Vinay Singh remained the difference in front of goal for The Reds. The match remained to be an attacking frenzy for both teams which then resulted in Lajong's third goal in the 52nd minute. A smart counter attacking play saw Subash Singh put in a beautiful lobbed cross over the Mumbai defence and found Glen who made no mistake to complete his second goal.

Lajong kept pressing and should have scored a lot more than the final score after a lot of easy chances were not converted successfully. Bipin Singh came on for Subash Singh and Tuboi came on Boithang Haokip but the changes could not yield more goals for The Reds. Shillong Lajong kept constructing their attacks well and was rewarded in the 89th minute when Glen was brought down again by substitute Khelemba Meitei but this time just outside the box.

Khelemba should have been sent off as there were no defenders ahead of Glen and the Trinidad and Tobago International had an easy chance on goal. Glen stepped up to take the free kick himself and curled it around the Mumbaikars wall into the bottom corner to complete his hat trick. That was the last real attack of the match as the game ended convincingly in Lajong's favour.