Sporting Goa enters 35th AIFF Federation Cup Final :: LIVE COMMENTARY BELOW

23.01.2014: JAYDIP DASGUPTA : It will be a Goan Derby on the Saturday evening at Cochin when the two top teams of the country Churchill Brothers and Sporting Clube of Goa will clash against each other in the Fedaration Cup final. In an exicitement semifinal today Sporting Clube overcame Dempo Sports Club by a margin of 3-2 to reach the final. Sporting took the lead in the first session when Boima Karpey sheilding past Simon Colasimo and converts beating Kattimani in the 29th minute of the match.

In thesecond session Dempo cam e back strongly playing a number of psses in the Sporting deep defense with Beto marshalling the moves for Dempo. Tolgey equalises in the 70th minute when he cuts inside and beat the Sporting goalkeeper Ravi Kumar from a very acute angle. In the second session Sporting had hardly any chances to create danger in the Dempo defense. In the 80th minute of the match Sporting had the lead once again from a spot kich through Aturo Gracia.

The Dempo midfeilder Amiri handled the ball and the referee had no hesitation to award a penalty for Sporting. But the drama increases when Dempo made it 2-2 through Amiri following a solo run from the left. Sporting got their all important winning goal through Gracia at the 105th minute when Holicharan holds Shirodkar from behind.

Sporting had the chance when they can close the curtain in the 113th minute but it was Keegan Almedia who failed to convert the situation. Dempo had controlled the match all through but were unluckly as far as the scores are concerned. The had proved to be much superior but Sporting waited for the turn to capitalize.

23.01.2014: DEMPO SC ( 2-3 ) SPORTING GOA ( COCHIN - 120'..)
DEN : kattimani, Debabrata, Narayan, Amiri, Simon, Carvalho, Pronoy, Clifford, Beto, Alwyn, Tolgey.
SCG : Ravi, Keenan, Mathew, Kalu, Beevan, Victorino, Prathesh, Rowllin, Rovan , Jerry, Joyner. Referee: C.R. Sri krishna
MATCH END. Sporting Goa beat Dempo in 3-2 in the extra time and will meet Churchill Brothers in Final of Federation Cup 2014.
120':Brilliant chance to Tolgey, but he side netted this one.
119':Bad tackle to Tolgey by Jovel, free kick to Dempo in a very good position
117':Ball cleared from free kick
116': Yellow Card to Rowlin for his tackle to Pronoy, Free kick to Dempo
115':Romeo's long throw-in, cleared and a corner
114':Arturo Garcia's long ranger, nearly finds the net
112':Pratesh missed the open sitter. Missed a one to one opportunity.
110':Amiri committed a foul, free kick to SCG
108':Beto's centre from right, cleared in box
107':Pronoy's pass to find Amiri, good save by Ravi
106':Second half of extra time resumes
End of first half of extra time.
105'+1':GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL..Arturo Garcia scores from the spot kick
105':Yellow Card. Holicharan committed a foul against Pratesh in box.Pulled Pratesh's shirt down in box. Penalty to Sporting Goa.
102':Matthew's centre, Ravi saves the ball
99':Brilliant chance to Beto, but a good save by Ravi to deny Dempo once again
97':Good run of Tolgey, but fails to make a pass
96':Game is in slow pace.
92':Sanju's free kick, Holicharan's shot went wide
91':Romeo brought down, free kick to Dempo.Sliding tackle of Jovel
91':First half of extra time resumes
Regulation Time Ends.
90+3':It's full time now. The match ended at 2-2. The extra time will be resuming soon.
90': Added time 3 min.
85': GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL......Dempo equalize again Amiri a solo run through the left and places coolly beating Ravi Kumar
82': GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL.....Gracia puts Sporting ahead.
81': PENALTY FOR SPORTING. Amiri handled the ball of a Gracia corner kick
78': Dempo are in full cry now. Attacking till waves with Sporting are in defense.Dempo using both the flanks and Beto operating through the middle In the second session Sporting had hardly a chance to attack.
73':Allwyn failed to receive a Tolgey pass with Ravi kumar at his mercy.
70':GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL for Dempo.....Tolgey scored. who went inside from the right beat Ravi kumar with his powerful right footer
67':Sanju's centre cleared by Sporting defense and in return Allwyn shot deflected and went out
64':Dempo is looking for the equalizer.attacking continuously in the Sporting middle third.
59':Dempo is playing a number of passes leading by Beto but unable to open the Sporting goalmouth till now.
54': What a miss by Borges....failed to place the ball in the open goal
51': Pranay yellow card for fouling Boima freekick for Sporting
50':Debabatra shown the yellow card for rogh taclel
49': Beto's freekick cleared by Sporting defense
46': 2nd half started
45': Sporting leading . The forth referee indicating for 2 min added time
42': Good save by Ravi. Beto's freekick from top of the box.
41': Allwyn failed to reach a through from Peter as Ravi kumar collected
40': Sporting leading 1-0, Dempo are in search of a equalizer
35': It's a scappy football till now, as Victorino was fouled by Simon
30': Sporting leading by a solitary goal
29': GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL Boima scored dribbled passed Simon Colasimo and places past Kattimani by a grounder
25': Tolgey shown the yellow card for tough tackling to Mathew Ganjalvez
23': Boima Karpey being tackeled by Simon outside the Dempo box
20': Allwnyn gorge through the right wing ,but unable to create any danger
17': It is a midfeild battel so far, though Dempo has the slight advantage
15': Still the match is scoreless.
14': Tolgey cross and no one to connet, ball out.
10': No score yet in the match.
7': Dempo's attack cleared by Sporting defense
3': Early save from Dempo. Boima shot saved by kattimani
0': Dempo the last years finalist lost to East Bengal 3-2 in the final.
0': Churchill Brothers already reach in the Final to beat Mohun Bagan 2-1 in first match.
0': Dempo to face arch rival goan side Sporting Goa in 2nd semi final of Fed Cup.
0min: Semi-2 : Sporting vs Dempo.

Churchill Brothers beaat Mohun Bagan to enters 35th AIFF Federation Cup Final :: LIVE COMMENTARY BELOW

23.01.2014: JAYDIP DASGUPTA : Churchill Brothers of Goa entered the final of the Fedaration Cup. At Cochin today the defending champions of the I league outplayed Mohun Bagan by a margin of 2-1 and qualiied to play the Fedaration Cup final for the first time ever.

Churchill proved their supremacy in all departments through out entire 90 minutes, but took he 2-0 lead within the first 15 minutes. It was Balwant Singh who headed a corner from the right of Denzil Franco and Anthony Wolfe converted the second of a spot kick in the 15th minute. Mohun Bagan came bck in the match in the last stages of the first half and reduces the margin when Odafa’s powerfull shot from inside the box beat the Churchill custodian Lalit Thapa. Apart from that Mohan Bagan was unimpressive and failed to create any danger beating the rock solid Churchill defense comprises of Denzil, Raju and Ravanan. In the second session it was observed that a frustated Odafa was pushing the Churchill defenders time and again.

Mohun Bagan concentrated to attack through the middle through Katsumi, who was totally under the shawdow of Shabana and Lenny . In the first session Mohun Bagan was attacking through the wings, when they are successfull to create some pressure in the Churchill deep defense but it was rather surprising to see that Karim changed his stategies in the second session.

Churchill lost to East Bengal in the last Fedaration Cup 2012 at Siliguri by a solitary goal but this time they are successfull to win over the Mariners to reach the final. The I league mission of Churchill Brothers are frustating as they are at the bottom of the table and this time an unbeaten dream journey in the Fedaration Cup so far can be a remarkable if they can win the utimate goal on the 25th January.

23.01.2014: Mohun Bagan 1-2 Churchill Brothers (KOCHI- FT ) :: GO IF U LIKE

MMB : Shilton, Aibor, Eche, Pritam, Shouvik, Yusa, Denson, Ram, Pankaj, Christofer, Odafa.
CHB : Lalit, Ravanan, Sanjay, Raju, Denzil, Balwant, Thyanjam, Lenny, Shabana, Alesh, Wolfe........ REF Pratap Singh

FT : Churchill Brothers move to the final to beat Mohun Bagan 2-1.
90'+1': Jaison's long ranger, straight to Shilton
90':5 minutes added time
88':Good counter attack of Mohun Bagan but a wasted cross of Pritam
86':Players Change in Churchill: Bineesh in place of Thangjam
85': Mohun Bagan 1-2 Churchill Brothers.
84':Good save by Lalit from corner. Counter attack of Churchill through Lenny. Lenny's shot went wide
83':Mistake from Jaison, corner to Mohun Bagan
82':Christopher's pass, but no one to follow him in box
81':Good cross to find Odafa, Lalit made a good save
80':Long centre to find Odafa and Christopher in box, cleared in defence
80': Mohun Bagan 1-2 Churchill Brothers.
79':Shabana looks injured, game stipped
77':Good chance to Balwant but an excellent defending by Eche
76': PLAYER CHANGE- MOHUN BAGAN : Kingshuk IN Souvik out.
75':Ravanan stretched out of the stadium
75': Mohun Bagan 1-2 Churchill Brothers.
73':Raju committed a foul against Christopher, free kick to Mohun Bagan
72':Shabana's shot, straight to Shilton
73':Denson's free kick, cleared in defence
71':Another attack, Wolfe's pass beat Shilton. jaison miss the ball and a clear goal scoring opportunity
70':Ball cleared from corner but again from a Churchill's attack, Shabana's shot deflected and goes to Balwant. Balwant's header defected from post and cleared
70': Mohun Bagan 1-2 Churchill Brothers.
69':Long run of Wolfe in right flank, Eche blocks it. Corner to Churchill Brothers
68':Chance to Lenny, good block by Eche. Lenny looks injured, match stopped
67':Another move of Mohun Bagan through Sankar, but his pass to find Odafa cleared
68':Another corner to Mohun Bagan, Katsumi's corner, Lalit saves it
65': Mohun Bagan 1-2 Churchill Brothers.
63':Balwant's header from corner, went wide
62':jaison's shot, Shilton's fists it, rebound shot cleared in defence. Corner to Churchill Brothers
61':Lenny's shot, went over the bar
60':Another attack of Mohun Bagan, Christopher's shot finds the net. But Christopher is in offside position.
59':Churchill's move through Balwant, good block in defence. Counter attack of Mohun Bagan but Odafa fails to made a pss to unmarked Christopher
58':Pritam's centre from right, Odafa's header went over the bar
57':Counter attack of Mohun Bagan through Christopher, but ball went wide when he made a centre
56':Again Lalit looks injure, game again stops
56': Mattch resume, Thapa is fit.
55': Mohun Bagan 1-2 Churchill Brothers.
54':Churchill keeper Lalto looks injured, play stopped
53': Chance to Mohun Bagan, Christofer's left footer from Odafa's shot hits the post.
52': Ram Malik now will move from left wing.
50': Mohun Bagan 1-2 Churchill Brothers.
49': Free kick to Churchill as Souvik fouled, no impact in free kick.
48': Attack of Churchill from right wing, Wolfe's cross from right but no one.
46': Starts of 2nd half match.
HALF TIME. After the end of first half Churchill Brothers leading 2-1 against Mohun Bagan. At the breather Churchill is leading by 2-1.The Goan team had the lead within the first 15 minutes when they are complete control of the match. But the Mariners came back strongly in the match reduces the margin and utilizing both the wings to create pressure in the Churchill deep defense. Mohun Bagan played the final of the Federation cup last at Cuttack in 2010 when they lost to their arch rival East Bengal by a solitary goal.
45'+1':Katsumi's long ranger, deflected and goes to Lalit
45':2 minutes added time
43':Ram's cross, little bit high for Pankaj in box.
42':Lenny's right footed long ranger, off target
42':Churchill Brothers leading 2-1 now
41':Mohun Bagan utilizing both the wings creating pressure in Churchill defense
40':Odafa in his brilliance made a shot but straight to Lalit
39':Players Change in Churchill: Jaison in place of Alesh
38':Chance to Odafa, but he committed a foul against Raju
37':Balwant's header from free kick, went wide
36':Chistopher's shot from corner, went wide
35':Brilliant attack of Mohun Bagan, Ram's centre, Denzil cleared the ball. Corner to Mohun Bagan
34':Free kick, directly in Shilton's hand
32':Clash of Eche and Balwant. Balwant looks injured
Odafa reduces the margin utilising the sudden defensive lapse , his shot went in with Lalit no answer to give
31':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Odafa scores from 16 yards box. No chance to Lalit
30':Good shot of Katsumi, Lalit Thapa saves it.Corner to Mohun Bagan
29':Another scoring chance to Ram, but he took much time and finally his centre cleared in defence
28':Katsumi's forward pass to find Ram, Raju clears the ball
27':Brilliant chance to Ram but a excellent tackle by Raju to deny the attack
25':Good chance to Churchill through corner, ball cleared
24':Aibor's back head, good save by Shilton but he is outside goalline. Corner to Churchill Brothers
24':Good attack of Churchill, Balwant's centre cleared in defence
22':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Shabana and Chistopher for their aggressive behaviour
21':Tackle of Eche to Shabana. Shabana looks injured
21':Ball cleared from corner
20':Balwant's centre blocked and a corner to Churchill Brothers
20':Another attack of Mohun Bagan, but Pankaj is in offside position
19':Odafa's shot, blocked in box
17':Within 15 minutes Churchill Brothers leading 2-0 to Mohun Bagan in the first semifinal of Federation Cup 2014
15':Another attack of Churchill Brothers through Balwant, good block of Eche in box
15':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Wolfe scores from spot kick
13':Tackle to Balwant by Aibor in box. Penalty to Churchill Brothers
12':Eche looks injured, game stopped
11':Score remains still same
8':Forward pass to find Wolfe, ball directly in Shilton's hand
6':In early 5 minutes Churchill looks more aggressive, Mohun Bagan yet to be settle down
4':Churchill's attack and a centre, but in no man's land. Ball cleared by Mohun Bagan defence
3'GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Balwant's header from corner, finds the net
2':Good run of Shabana, and ball cleared. Corner to Churchill Brothers
1':Nearly a chance to Balwant, good save by Shilton
1':Shabana tries a shot, well block by Pritam Kotal
0':Mohun Bagan kicked off the match
0':Players in the field, match will start soon.

AIFF 35th Federation Cup " FINAL : Spoting or Churchill, who will be the CHAMPION CLUB OF INDIA".?

JAYDIP DASGUPTA : 24.01.2014 : It will be a Goan Derby at Cochin on tomorrow evening to decide the champions of the Fedaration Cup. This will be for the first time everin the history of the Fedaration Cup that two teams of Goa will play in the final. Sporting Clube were the runners up of the Fedaration Cup in the year 2005 and 2006 as they were defeated by Mahindra United and Mohun Bagan respectively in the final. Though it will be the maiden entry for Churchill Brothers in the final.

Sporting Clube are having a successful season so far as they are placed at the second position in the I league. In the Fedaration Cup Sporting started badly when they were defeated by Bangaluru FC in their first Group league match. But came back strongly by defeating East Bengal and Rangdazied United in their last two group league matches to play the semi final as Group champions. In an exciting semi final against Dempo, Sporting utilized the chances and entered the final for the third time.

Churchill Brothers are at the bottom of the I league table, but showcased an improvised performance in the Fedaration Cup . Churchill is the only team in this year’s Fedaration Cup who are yet to face a defeat.The inclusion of Anthony Wolfe in the attacking force and Sabana in the midfeild has change the complextion of the team. Churchill has performed as a unit in all departments in the Fedaration Cup and the football pandits are of the opnion that Churchill will going to be the new champions of the Fedaration Cup.

Who will be the champions ? Whether it will be Sporting Clube successful in their third entry to the final or it will be Churchill in their maiden entry. The grand final are going to be kickoff at 7 pm at the Jawharlal Nehuru Stadium in the evening to decide the new "CHAMPION CLUB OF INDIA".


25.01.2014: Sporting Goa 1-3 Churchill Brothers ( COCHI - FT.) :: GO IF U LIKE

SCG : Ravi kumar, Keenan, Gonzalo, Piexoto, Kalu, Beevan, Victorino, Rowlin, Rovan, Boima, Joyner.
CRB : Lalit, Ravanan, Sanjay, Raju, Denzil, Balwant, Thyanjam, Lenny, Shabana, Alesh, Wolfe.... REF: MV. Santosh kumar.

JAYDIP DASGUPTA- 25.01.2014 : The Churchill Brothers of Goa are the champions of the 35th Fedaration Cup in their maiden appreance in the final. In a Goan derby today at Kochi Churchill out railed Sporting Clube de Goa by a margin of 3-1 and are honoured as the "CHAMPION CLUB OF INDIA". Churchill proved their supremacy yet again in the Indian football. This Goan club are the defending champions of the I League and now they are crowned with another prestigious tournament of the country........ LIVE COMMENTARY BELOW

In an almost one sided match at the Jawharlal Nehru Stadium the champions were leading by a solitary goal during the breather. In the second session they continued their dominance and sealed the fate of the match within 64th minute when they took the 3-0 lead. The Churchill were in a commanding situation as the Churchill meildfeild lead by Shabana hardly allowed the Flemming Orange any space. Shabana who not only scored the second goal but covered a lot a of space in front of the deep defence and fetching a lot of accurate passes for the attacking force. In fact the team game of Churchill out numbered the Sporting in all departmaents.

Churchill scored their first goal in the 26th minute, when Balbant Singh converts following a long lob by Lenny Rodriges from the midfeild. Balwant recived the ball at top of the 18 yards beating the two central defenders of Sporting and placed beating the custodian Ravi Kumar. Alesh increased the margin in the 46th minute when he recieved the ball after it being defected of the Sporting goalkeeper. Ravi Kumar failed to collect a ground from Anthony Wolfe, who after a solo run down the right sends the pass inside the 18 yards.

Shabana sealed the last nail in the Sporting coffin when he places the ball from outside the 18 yards after covering a lot of open space. The entire Sporting team are not in their position and were screarching for the equalizer. Victorino reduced the margin in the 66th minute after recieving a pass from Kalu Ogba. Churchill could have increased the tally if Shabana's 35 yards punch not kissed the cross bar. These two foreigners failed to place in the absolutely open goal with not even the goalkeeper Ravi Kumar at his place.

Sporting Goa played the Fedaration Cup final for the third time but were merely unlucky that they were failed in the third occasion after 2005 and 2006. While the combination of Subash Bhowmick and Mariano Dias worked and no wonder that we are likely to see a transformed Churchill Brothers in the final stages of I-League.


25.01.2014: Sporting Goa 1-3 Churchill Brothers ( COCHI - FT.) :: GO IF U LIKE

SCG : Ravi kumar, Keenan, Gonzalo, Piexoto, Kalu, Beevan, Victorino, Rowlin, Rovan, Boima, Joyner.
CRB : Lalit, Ravanan, Sanjay, Raju, Denzil, Balwant, Thyanjam, Lenny, Shabana, Alesh, Wolfe.... REF: MV. Santosh kumar.

FT : Yes, Churchill Brothers win the Federation Cup for First Time under coaching of Subhash Bhowmick.
90': If Churchill win today it will be their unbeaten Fed cup win record.
90': Churchill Brothers fans ware waiting to celebrate the first ever Fed cup win?
90': 3 minute added time.
88': Scoreline is 3-1 now for Churchill Brothers.
70': Churchill is still attacking more and more.
67': Scoreline is 3-1 now for Churchill Brothers.
66': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL Sporting reduced one through Victorino off Kalu's final pass.
65': Churchill Brothers 3-0 Sporting Goa.
64': GOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL 3rd goal of Churchill through Shabana from a nice volley from just out side of the Sporting box..
62': Corner kick cleared of Shabana.
60': Jaisan (Sub-Alesh) attacked and Churchill earned corner.
58': Churchill Brothers 2-0 Sporting Goa.
50': Corner for Sporting from Boima's attack from Churchill Brothers Captain Denzil's clearance.
49': Ravi Kumar collects Denzil's long ball.
47': Churchill Brothers 2-0 Sporting Goa.
46': GOOOOAAAAAAAAAL 2nd goal of Churchill, Alesh scored from deflected ball of Ravi which hoot by Wolef first.
46': Starts of 2nd half match.
HALF TIME: Churchill Brothers is leading 1-0.
45': Ass Ref Pratap Singh shows 2 minutes added time.
43': Effort of Ogba Kalu went wide. his left footer volly from Boima went out side.
40': Scoreline is Churchill 1-0 Sporting.
39': Chance to Churchill from Shaba's punch which hits the cross bar from Saran Singh's corner kick.
37': Balwant's attack from right , appeal for corner but linesman Dinesh Nair said it's goal kick for Sporting.
36': Yellow card to Gonzalo of Sporting,fouled Denzil.
35': Scoreline is Churchill 1-0 Sporting.
35': More and more attack of Churhill, Lenny's grounder missed the target.
32': Churchill attacked through Wolfe but finally cleared in Sporting box as he beat Ravi.
30': Scoreline is Churchill 1-0 Sporting.
27': Churchill attack is going on, this time ball collected by Ravi from Lenny's attack.
25': still Churchill Brothers is leading 1-0 through Baldip.
25': Referee shown yellow card to Boima of Sporting.
23': RED CARD offence? of Boima as he fouled and assult with elbow to Shabana of Churchill.
21': Scoreline is Churchill 1-0 Sporting.
21': GOOOOAAAAALLLL Balwant Singh scored for Churchill. Got a high ball from behind and past one defender and then Ravi kumar to push open net.
20': 0-0 is the scoreline.
19': Corner kick cleared in Churchill box.
18': First corner kick to Sporting.
18': Slow pace in the match. No positive attack from both teams.
15': No score, Sporting goa 0-0 Churchill brothrs.
12': Free kick for Sporting but Victorino's kick cleared by Lalit.
10': No score, Sporting goa 0-0 Churchill brothrs.
9': Attack of Wolfe of Churchill from right but vlocked in Sporting box.
8': Shabana;s pass was too long.
7': Attack of Sporting throwugh Kalu and Boima in left but counter attack of Churchill.
5': No score, Sporting goa 0-0 Churchill brothrs.
3': Attack of Sporting from right through Boima but ball went outside for throw in.
2': Left sided attack of Churchill but went for Throw in for Sporting.
1': Sporting in white while Churchill in red jersey.
1': Match starts at Cochi, Sporting goa kicked off the match.
0': In the history of Fed cup first time two goan side face to face in the final.
0': Sporting Goa last enter in final on 2006 fed cup but lost to Mohun Bagan in tie breaker 1-3.