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AIFF PRESS RELEASE : Mr. Praful Patel, President, All India Football Federation Chaired AIFF's Annual General Body Meeting which was held at Trident, Mumbai on Saturday (December 20, 2014).

Besides Mr. Patel, AIFF General Secretary Mr. Kushal Das, Vice-Presidents Mr. Subrata Dutta, Mr. Larsing Sawyan, Mr. Subhash Chopra, Mr. Shrinivas Dempo, AIFF Executive Committee Members and members from Member Associations also attended the Meeting as did the two affiliated units - SSCB and RSPB.

Vice-President Mr. KMI Mather and Member Associations from Nagaland, Auranachal Pradesh and Karnataka were granted leave of absence by the Chair. Furthermore, Dr. Shaji Prabhakaran, FIFA Regional Developmental Officer, South and Central Asia also graced the occasion. Returning Officer Mohd. Mushtaque Ahmed declared Mr. ZA Thakur unopposed as the Treasurer of AIFF. Mr. Thakur replaced Mr. Hardev Jadeja whose term ended keeping in mind the Government Sports Code on age and tenure guidelines.

Besides, J Jessiah was nominated as Member South Zone to the AIF Executive Committee. Mr. Patel thanked all for the wonderful Teamwork and support received from State Associations and all other stakeholders in building up the game.

"We have moved some significant steps forward but we have a long way to go. Indian Football is certainly poised to take that big leap. In the last couple of years we have seen a distinct change in focus and every aspect of the game is being addressed holistically and scientifically on the lines of practices prevalent all over the World," he said.

"We work very closely with FIFA and AFC. Whenever I attend FIFA and AFC Congress, I gauge the interest and patience of all for Football to further shine in India," he informed. "Everyone expects and wants Indian Football to come up to World standards. It's a challenge for us and we need to do justice to every State and region for the game to gain further momentum."

"For that we are making ourselves technically sound and building up the game from at the Grassroots at the same time. It's the combination of both which would help us in the long term. However, the situation can't change overnight,"he stated. "Emphasis is being paid on Coach Education, Referees Development and Grassroots. Over a period of time the game would, qualitatively and quantitatively develop for sure. We are also bidding for the Club World Cup which would also be a significant step."

Mr. Patel also made a mention of the inaugural edition of the Indian Super League and its impact on Indian Football. "The ISL has been a major step in the development of the game. This has brought the necessary viewers to the game and the infrastructure to the game. All of that would benefit the I-League no doubt." The ISL surely have a rub on effect on Indian Players. There would be many more iconic Indian Players soon," he opined.

Mr. Patel also thanked outgoing AIFF Treasurer Mr. Hardev Jadeja and appreciated his contribution to Indian Football. "He has been associated with AIFF for 35 years and as per the new Sports Code we need to bid him adieu as the Treasurer for AIFF. However, despite the technical issues he should be continuing his support for Indian Football. His experience will benefit Football as a whole. I need to thank him for all his contribution," Mr. Patel pronounced to the applause of the audience.