40 teams for 19th Classic Cup, 2013, Nagaland

Kohima, August 13 Xavier Rutsa : 40 teams will take part in the 19th Classic Cup, 2013, starting from August 17 till September 5 at local ground, Kohima under the theme 'together we can soar". The tournament is being organized by Classic Cup, Kohima. Last year champion Life Sports FC and runner-up Barak Flamongoz are not taking part in the 19th edition.

Two time champions(2009 and 2010) Nagaland Police are amongst the team vying for the cup, while the championship will also see return of New Market after a gap of one year. New Market is one of the most consistent team that had taken part in the Classic Cup .Though last year it did not participate.

New Market had won the 1st edition in 1995 and 4th edition in 1998 and was runner-up on four occasion - 2004, 2006, 2010 and 2011 and had taken part in the championship for 17th consecutive times from 1995 -2011.

Other prominent in the reckoning are last-year semi-finalist Kohima Komets , one time semi-finalist Addax Club, HQ, IGAR(N), Headhunters XI and Chakroma Sports Association. Kohima Komets official informed that it had signed-up few Mizoram players for the current-season.

The Champion will get a cash of Rs. One lakh, trophy, certificates, runner-up -Rs.40,000, trophy, certificates , besides there are several individuals awards.


Group:A - Kohima Komets FC, Ailiing Kon, Paopong Club, Vision FC, Young Guns Club Tsemenyu
Group:B - SP XI Kohima, Orion FC, Pfuchatsuma SU, Prege FC, Khwiima FC
Group:C - New Market, Cakou United SC, Footies FC, Meriema FC, Ablaze FC
Group:D - HQ, IGAR(North), Hilly Boys FC, Faith SC Dimapur, Chedema FC, Adort Boyz, Zubza
Group:E - Nagaland Police, Silver Fox Kohima, Naga Falcon FC, Elite FC, Young Boy's FC Jotsoma
Group:F - Chakroma Sports Association, Tyrants FC Khuzama, Naga Mysore FC, Billy Graham FC, Aresenic FC
Group:G - Addax FC , Mekylidvnt United Daklane, New Rserve YO, Fresh Kickers Club Tsemenyu, Tsieyama SA Jotsoma
Group:H - Headhunters XI,Crusaders XI, Marvel FC, 4th NAP FC, Viper FC, Nerhema



19th Classic cup football tournament kick-off at Kohima

Kohima - XAVIER RUTSA : The 19th Classic Cup Football Tournament kicked off at Kohima local ground on Saturday with the theme "Together we can soar". Additional Director (HoD) Printing & Stationery, Sahu Yiese graced the inaugural function as the Chief Guest. Speaker of Nagaland Legislative Assembly, Chotisuh Sazo also attended the occasion.

Mr. Yiese in his speech said that games and sports has always been part and partial of human development and civilization, biding human race together irrespective of age, gender, colour, religion etc. Sahu cited the example of legendry footballers like Dr. T. Ao, Baichung Bhutia and Shyam Thapa who proved that hard work and discipline never go wasted.

He also said that how well the player at train for the past month, their body would exhibit on the ground accordingly. He concluded his speech by urging the players to display their best skills in true sportsmanship spirit and promote the bond of brotherhood, friendship and unity.

Chairperson of the function, Xavier Rutsa while highlighting the history of the Classic Club said that some young energetic youths founded the Club on 2nd October 1994 and the Classic Cup Football Tournament started in 1995. He also informed that the year 2003 witnessed the maximum participation with 46 teams and this year 40 teams are competing for the championship.

Earlier, the invocation was said by Deacon, Khrietuo Belho while welcome address was delivered by Thepfuruya Thorie and special song was presented by Nounengu Whuorie..


05.09.2013: FINAL : Elite Football Club-   0-8   Kohima Commets

Goals for Kohima Komets- Daviekho Mazamo(1st goal in 21st minute), Tingyek Konyak (2nd goal in 35th minute), Kezhoshe Khizho Mathew (3rd goal ind 42nd minute and yellow card in 44th minute for unsporting behaviour . Yhanshalo Kemp (4th goal in 50th minute- 16th goal for him in tournament), Lalngshinglova(5th goal in 60th minute), Bamdi(6th goal in 64th minute), Yhanshalo Kemp (7th goal in 70th minute- 17th goal for him in tournament) and Mani Kanta(8th goal in 85th minute)

Champion – Kohima Komets SC : Rs. One lakh, trophy, certificates
Runner –Up-Elite FC : Rs.50,000, trophy, certificates
Player of the tournament - Haotinmang Thomson (New Market XI) : Rs.5000 & a Certificate
Highest goal scorer- Yhanshalo (Kohima Komets) with 17 goals : Rs.3000 & a Certificate
Best Goal Keeper- Peisduibe Solo (Kohima Komets ) : Rs.3000 & a Certificate
Best Defence- Andrew (Elite FC ) : Rs.3000 & a Certificate
Best Midfielder- Tingyek Konyak (Kohima Komets ) : Rs.3000 & a Certificate
169 goals in 39 matches, 40 yellow cards and two red cards and 8th hat-tricks
The prizes were distributed by Merentoshi R Jamir, Nagaland Minister for Youth Resources and Sports
KK in Classic Cup , 2013 : P-6, W-5, D-1, L-0, GF-40, GA-1
EFC in Classic Cup , 2013 : P-5 W-4, D-0, L-1, GF-10, GA-10

03.09.2013: 2nd SEMI FINAL : Elite Football Club-   2-0   Headhunters XI
EFC :Graceson 10th and 84th

01.09.2013: 1st DEMI FINAL: Kohima Komets   1-1 (4-3 - pen)   New Market
EFC :Kivi 5th
NEW : Velukho 10th

30.08.2013:Kohima Komets   13-0   Orion FC
KHK : Yhunshalo Kemp 21st, 24th, 50th, 52nd, 57th, 60th and 77th minutes, Kivi Zhimomin 29th minute, Tingnyek Konyak 36th and 71st, K.Thopi 41st and 44th, Samul R Hmar 76th

30.08.2013: New Market XI   1-0   HQ IGAR(N)
NEW : Keneisedelie 44th (pen)

29.08.2013: yrants Football Club   0-2   Bill Graham FC
BFC : Salu 26th, Nikum 64th minute

29.08.2013:Addax Football Club   1-0   Tsieyama SA Jotosma
AFC : Kevipretuo Kite 45th minute

29.08.2013: Head Hunters XI  0-0, 8-7 (Pen)   4th NAP FC

28.08.2013: New Market XI   3-0   Meriema FC
NM XI : Rhitso Mero 18th and 20th minute, Kenei 70th

28.08.2013:HQ,IGAR(North)   2-0   Adroit Boyz
HQI : E.Zofa 3rd, Sei Lala 59th minute

28.08.2013: Nagaland Police   0-1   Elite FC
EFC : Graceson 45th

27.08.2013: Hunters XI   4-0   Marvel FC
HXI: Khampai 8th, Tiakaba 24th, Tiayanger 6th, 70th

27.08.2013: Kohima Komets Sporting Club   2-0   Vision FC
KOK : K.Thopi 38th, Kivi Zhimomi 50th

27.08.2013: Orion FC   4-2   Prege FC OFC : Chisie Nyusou 10th, 45 and 60th,
PFC : Thukho Rhi 70th, Lhouviprhelie 55th

Kohima Kommets to clash with Royal Wahingdoh, Shillong, Meghalaya. as part of the 14th NSF Martyrs Memorial trophy, 2013 an exhibition match between Kohima Komets and Royal Wahingdoh, Shillong, Meghalaya this is informed by Mathew Yhome, Games and Sports Secy. ASU.

26.08.2013 : Nagaland Police   3-0   Naga Falcon FC - 1st match
NAG : Toshi Longkumer 2nd, Lipok Jamir 39th, Along Joseph 46th.

26.08.2013 : Tyrants FC Khuzama   5-1   Naga Mysore FC - 2nd match
TFC : Meyiesezo Sale 33rd, Viho Kin 47th, Novito Sale 57th and 63rd, Keneiseho Luho 69th minute
MFC : khriengulie Usou 13th

26.08.2013 : Addax FC   2-2, (4-3 (Pen)   New Reserve YO - 3rd match
RES : Akavi Ayemi 10th and 50th minute ADD: Keviphretuo Kire 2nd and 28th

24th August - Orion FC   3-0   Pfuchatsuma SU
bORI : Vishepe Koza 11th, Chizhsie Nyusou 45th , Thukho Rhi 63rd

24th August - New Market   8-0   Footies FC
NEW : Rhitso Mero 11th, 17th, 34th, 63rd and 65th minutes, Velukho Rhakho 37th, Mhasilie Krose 39th, Haotinmang 65th

24th August - HQ,IGAR(North)   2-0   Faith SC Dimapur
IGR : Demo 56th, E Zofa 67th.

23.08.2013: Tsieyama SA Jotsoma   4-0   Fresh Kickers Club Tsemenyu
TSA : Mekhrievolie Sano 3rd, Kekhreineizolie Rino 43rd 55th, Zhako Rino 70th

23.08.2013: 4th NAP FC   1-0   Viper FC Nerhema
NAP : Keneinguzo 70th

23.08.2013:Kohima Komets SC   8-0   Paopong Club
KKF : Kivi Zhimomi 7th, Yhungsalo Kemp 41st,58 ,67 and 68, Kezhose Mathew 48th 69th, Tingyak Konyak 53rd

22.08.2013: Headhunters XI   4-0   Crusaders XI
HED : Medo Angami 27th, Khehkiho 45th, Tiayanger 49th, Khamapi 70th

22.08.2013: Elite FC   5-1  Young Boy's FC Jotsoma
EFC : Rigunlung 7th, Graceson 23rd, Kuhain 42nd and 51st Pouding 60th
YOB : Jotsoma - Menoneikho '65th

22.08.2013: Billy Graham FC   4-0   Arsenic FC
BFC : Mato Yhome 16th, Mhanthung Ezungn 38th, Sepoi Rongmei 60th and Kezevituo Vizo 65th

21.08.2013: Nagaland Police   5-0   Silver Fox Kohima
NAP : Seyiekhrietuo Victor 4th and 18th, Along Joseph 36th and 52nd minutes, Toshi Longkumer 56th minute

21.08.2013: Chakroma Sports Association   0-1   Tyrants FC Khuzama
TFC : Meyizo Sale 22nd

21.08.2013 : Addax FC   3-1   Mekylidvnt United Daklane
AFC : Ketoulhouvi Khezhie 42nd, 51st minute and Sedevilie Kire 63rd
MUT : Ratobe 14th

20.08.2013: Mereima FC   3-3 (4-3 Pen)   Ablaze
MFC : Kevingulie 26th, Petevizo 34th, Neiphrezolie 62nd
AFC : Namsi 7th and 21st, Berelhu 32nd

20.08.2013 : HQ, IGAR(North)   3-1   HillyBoys United FC
HQI : Surjit Singh 18th, Demo 21st and 70th
HLB : Vimelie Chasie 34th

20.08.2013: Adroit Boyz Zubza   4-1   Chedema FC
ADB : Khriesi Teruja 39th, 56th and 70th minutes, Megovibei Kitsu 51st
CFC : Kikrusalie Rhipfii 61st

19th August- Vision FC &sbsp; 5-0 &sbsp; Young Guns Club Tsemenyu
VFC : Pungaying Thou 16', Khulto Khazo 28', 61', Kevi-thu Richa 61', Zayivoto 90+1'

19th August- Prege FC &sbsp; 7-1 &sbsp; Khwiima FC
PFC : Senyilo 4', Keneinguzo 11', Medoneituo 15', 45+2', Lhoviprelie 26', Avilhou 57', Keduoneizo 66'

New Market XI struck 15 goals in match
19th August- New Market &sbsp; 15-0 &sbsp; Cakou United SC
NEW : Rhitso Mero 5', 11', 30', 37', 42', 43', 54', 58', Haotingmang Thomson 1', 53', 56', Velukho 59', 68', Mhasilie 34', Kikrukhrielie 50'

Xavier Rutsa , Nagaland : New Market XI humiliated Cakou Sporting Club 15-0 to script a new record in the ongoing 19th Classic Cup. New Market XI beat the old record which was held by Songsang FC who thrashed Spearhead FC 12-0 in the 17th Classic Cup, 2011.

Rhitso Mero scored eight goals for New Market XI in the match. He netted the 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 11 and the 13th goal in the 5th, 11th, 30th, 37th, 42nd, 43rd, 54th and 58th minutes respectively. He also become the second player to notched up hat-trick and also the 1st player to score double hat-trick in the match.

Haotingmang Thomson opened the scoring for New Market XI in the 1st minute of the play and latter he booted home the 10th and 12th goals in the 53rd and 56th minutes, becoming the 3rd player to score hat-trick.

Two times champions New Market XI found the rest of the goals- two goals 14th and 15th through Velukho in the 59th and 68th minutes. One goal each was converted by Mhasilie in the 34th minute (5th goal) and Kikrukhrielie in the 50th minute(9th goal).

Prege FC thrashed Khiima FC 7-1 in the second match. Senyilo scored the 1st goal in the 4th minute, while Keneinguzo netted the 2nd goal in the 11th minute, Medoneituo blasted the 3rd and 7th goals in the 15th minute and injury added time.

The 4th, 5th and 6th goals were scored by Lhoviprelie (26th minute), Avilhou(57th minue) and Keduoneizo(66th minute) . The lone scored for Khiima FC was scored by Neizekhoto in the 18th minute.

Vision FC blanked Young Guns Club , Tsemenyu 5-0 in the 1st match. Pungaying Thou netted the 1st goal in the 16th minute, while Khulto Khazo booted home the 2nd and 3rd goals in the 28th and 61st minutes. Kevi-thu Richa and Zayivoto grounded home the 4 and 5th goals in the 61st and injury added time.

Kohima Komets & Orion FC wins

17th August : Kohima Komets FC &sbsp; 8-0 &sbsp; Ailiiing Kon

KCM : Kivi Zhimomi 5th, 34th, Yanshalo 12th, 20th, 44th, 45th and 51st.

17th August : SP XI Kohima &sbsp; 1-1 (3-4 pen) &sbsp; Orion FC
ORN : Chizhsie Nyusou 8th
DEF : Vizakie Angami 32 th

Kohima Komets hammered Ailiung Kon 8-0 in the first match. Yanshalo Kemp scored the first hat-trick of the tournament, hammering five goals. Yanshalo in excellent touch netted the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th & 7th goals in the 12th, 20th, 44th, 45th and 51st minute.

The goal galore for Komets threw opened, when Kivi Zhimomi netted the first goal in the 5th minute. He then added his second and team's fourth goal in the 34th minute. Mani Kanta completed the scoring in by netting a brace in the 58th minute.

In the second match, Orion FC down DEF Kohima 4-3 through tie break after both team were locked to 1-1 draw in the regulated time. Orion FC took the lead through Chizhsie Nyusou's strike in 8th minute. However,DEF Kohima equalized through Vizakie Angami's 32nd minute from a spot kick conversion

NSF MM -2013


19th October :: Final : Xavier Rutsa : Nagaland Police lifts 14th NSF MM trophy for 4th time

Nagaland Police lifts 14th NSF MM trophy Nagaland Police Saturday lifted the 14th NSF Martyrs memorial trophy 20313 here at local ground, kohima . Nagaland Police beat Naga United 2-0 in full time.

Nagaland Police missed a spot kick in the 16th minute as the shot taken by captain Beilie Rio hit the side cross bar. Naga United real chance came in the 25th minute as Kobu Kiwe floundered his shot inside the danger zone. Nagaland Police struck the 1st goal in the 40th minute through Saku as the rival team were caught napping after a missed off side trap by Naga United.

Nagaland Police netted the second goal in the 80th minute through Namdiabonang

Individual categories

1. Best goalkeeper ---- Bechung Bhutia from HQ IGAR
2. Best defender ----- Kornan Rongmei from Naga United
3. Highest goal scorer ------ Lima Kumzuk (13 goals) from Nagaland Police
4. Best midfielder ------ Ninja from Nagaland Police
5. Player of the tournament ------- Kezevituo Angami from Naga United
6. Saku Temjen from Nagaland Police


1998-Kohima Village Students' Union
2000-Naga Boys Club
2002-Tankhul Students' Union (TKS)
2003-Naga Boys Club
2004-Rongmei Youth Club Dimapur
2005-Puliebaze Club
2006-Naga Boys Club
2007-Nagaland Police
2008-Nagaland Police

2009-Excel United
2010-Nagaland Police
2011-Lamkang students' union
2012-Life sports FC ==============================================================================

17th October :: 2nd SF : Nagaland Police (0-0), 3-0 (Pen) HQ IGAR(N)

16th October :: 1st SF : Nagaland United 2-1 SASU
15th October :: 4th QF -------------- HQ IGAR  7-0   Koubru SC Mnp 
14th October :: 3rd QF -------------- Nagaland Police vs Orion FC         
12th October :: 2nd QF -------------- Naga United vs DEF Kohima             
11th October :: 1st QF - MT Youth Club  2-2, 5-3 (Pen) SASU  
10th October ::  HQ IGAR             3-1         Kuki SU    7th  PQ
10th October ::  Koubru SC Mnp       0-0, (2-1)  Viper FC   8th PQ 
7th October  :: Viper FC Nerhema     1-1 (5-4)   Zeva Club Zhaveme 
7th October  :: DEF Kohima           1-1 (5 4)   Twenty XI Viswema 
7th October  :: Nagaland Police      5-0         Tyrants FC
7th October  :: Orion FC             0-0(8-7)    St Joseph College Jakhama

14th NSF MMT 2013 organized by Angami Students' Union under the theme "Goal for peace" 5th October, 2013 Match results

5TH OCTOBER : 1st match

St.Joseph overcome Eureka FC by 2-0
1st goal- Changku of St.Joseph in 26 minutes 2nd goal- Mhasi of St.Joseph in 58 minutes

5TH oCTOBER : 2nd match
Orion FC thrash Marvels Utd.FC by 7-1
1st goal - Chisie Nyusou of OFC in 3 minutes
2nd goal - Chisie Nyusou of OFC in 10 minutes
3r goal - Chisie Nyusou of OFC in 13 minutes
4th goal - Temsulong of MUFC in 17 minutes
5th goal - Chisie Nyusou of OFC in 35 minutes
6th goal - Chisie Nyusou of OFC in 3 minutes
7th goal - Issac Kemp of OFC in 61 minutes
8th goal - Worhusie Nyuwi of OFC in 70 minutes

5TH oCTOBER :3rd match
HQ IGAR blank Thipuzu SU by 7-0
1st goal - Demo of HQ IGAR in 8 minutes
2nd goal - Rosanghliana of HQ IGAR in 16 minutes
3rd goal - Demo of HQ IGAR in 26 minutes
4th goal - E.Zofa of HQ IGAR in 42 minutes
5th goal - Rosanghliana of HQ IGAR in 50 minutes
6th goal - VL.Hmangaihkima of HQ IGAR in 55 minutes
7th goal - VL.Hmangaihkima of HQ IGAR in 60 minutes


3rd October :1st match

3rd October : New Market 'B' 1-0 TKS
1st Goal-Tosovi Khape(10) of New Market "B" (49th mins) Yellow card : Tosovi Khape (10) of New Market, Mashunthung Phirei (2) of TKS

New Market team meet Tangkhul Students Union (TKS) in the second round match today after a gap of 11 years in NSF MM trophy. The last time both team meet in the 3rd edition of NSF MM Trophy (2002 final). New Market lost 1-3 to TKS. Before half time New Market were leading 1-0, but TKS back from behind to beat New Market to lift the trophy. Three current players - Diethzolie Peseyie, Rokotsuto Siam and Kezevituo Bio already were part of the New Market team in 2002, while present Team Manager Vivolie Mark were also in the New Market team...

2nd match

Adroit Boys FC 2-7 Naga United

1st Goal : Kornan Rongmie (2) of Naga United in the 10th mins
2nd Goal : Avilhou Angami(15) of Naga United in the 15th min
3r Goal : Khrieketukho Rino (5) of Adroit Boys FC in the 32nd mts
4th Goal : Azo Angami(7) of Naga United in the 36th mts
5th Goal : Petevikho Kitshu(7) of Adroit Boys FC in the 47th mts
6th Goal : Kobu Angami(9) of Naga United in the 54th mts
7th Goal : Punoro Chakhesang(8) of Naga United in the 57th mts
8th Goal : Avilhou Angami(15) of Naga United in the 67th mts
9th Goal : Avilhou Angami(15) of Naga United in the injury added time

3rd October :3rd match

Twenty XI 1-1 Meriema Village Youth Organization
1st goal- Meyiho Sothu (23) of Twenty XI in the 24th mts 2nd Goal - Kekhriengulie (10) of Meriema Village Youth Organization (Tie break result 4-2 in favor of Twenty XI)

4th October 1st match -11.30 am DEF Kohima vs Kohima Bible College 2nd match-1.00pm – Nagaland Police vs Ablazers FC 3rd match-2.30 pm – Capital College of Hr Edn vs Tyrants FC

1st October: Zhavema MT Youth Club   3-0   KVSU
1st October: Zeva Club Zhaveme   2-0   Kohima Royal Kickers
1st October: Tragopan Club Zhavema   1-1, 4-5 (Pen)   Viper FC Nerhema

30th September: Kuki SU, Kma vs Jakhama SU - 1st match
30th September: Koubru SC Mnp vs Sansa Ukhrul /4th NAP FC - 2nd match
30th September: Jotsoma SU vs Arena Kings XI - 3rd match

28th September : HQ IGAR   4-0   PGSU
28th September : Thipuzu   1-2   vs Kandi FC
28th September : Black & White FC   1-1, (1-4 (Pen)   Asian Mission college

27th September : Eureka FC   7-1   Gideon FC
27th September : Sepfuzou FC   0-3   Orion FC v 27th September : Punachu Utd FC   2-6   Marvels Utd FC
27th September : Sansa Ukhrul   1-2   4th NAP FC

26th September : Utd Blood Brothers FC   1-3   Albazers FC
26th September : Capital College of Hr Edn   2-1   Sphinx FC
26th September : Tyrants FC   3-1   Nevus FC - 3rd match
26th September : Inpui Naga Warriors Mnp   1-0   St Joseph College


25.09.2013: Today match-day 5 of the 14th edition of NSF MMT 2013
25th September : Meriema VYO   3-2   Zeliangrong FC
1st match, Mereima VYO edged out Zeliangrong FC, 3-2 1st goal-Kekhriengulie (10) MVYO-17 minutes 2nd goal-Palmei (10). ZFC-24 minutes 3rd goal-Neiphrezolie (7) MVYO-42 minutes 4th goal-Pouhim (8) ZFC-53 minutes 5th goal-Kekhriengulie (10) MVYO-62 minutes

25th September : DEF Kohima   2-0   Alder College, Kohima
1st goal-Daikho Venuh (10) DEF Kohima-11 minutes 2nd goal- Daikho Venuh (10) DEF Kohima-55 minutes

25th September : Nagaland Police   9-1   Kohima Science College
1st goal-Ninja (11) NP-1.36 second 2nd goal-Lima Kumzuk (12) NP-12 minutes 3rd goal- Lima Kumzuk (12) NP-15 minutes 4th goal- Lima Kumzuk (12) NP-24 minutes 5th goal-Tia Sunep (8) NP-26 minutes 6th goal-Lemtong (9) NP-30 minutes 7th goal-Lima Kumzuk (12) NP-43 minutes 8th goal- Lima Kumzuk (12) NP-60 minutes 9th goal- Lanulemba (16 ) KSC-63 minutes 10th goal-KH Ramesh (18) NP-69 minutes

25th September : Kohima Bible College   3-0   Ehunu &Yikhunu SU
1st goal-Eyimbemo (4) KBC-12 minutes 2nd goal-Kelesezo (10) KBC-26 minutes 3rd goal- Kelesezo (10) KBC-62 minutes Date.


24.09.2013: Twenty XI ROUTED Kokuyox FC

24th September : Oasis Club Mezoma   0-4   New Market B
24th September : Adroit Boyz Zubza   3-0   Apex FC Phevima
24th September : Skull Rangers XI Poilwa   1-4   Naga United
24th September : Twenty XI, Viswema   8-1   Kokuyox FC


23rd September : Rooster Club Phesama   2-1   sMt.Olive College
23rd September : Kigwema Su   0-2   Hoodwink FC
23rd September : SASU   2-1   Phesazou SC
23rd September : TKS   3-1   Kohima College

21.09.2013: KVSU score huge win over Students Football Club

21st September : MT Youth Club   1-0   Spartan FC
21st September : Maple FC   0-1   Alpine FC
21st September : Seiyhama SU   1-2   United Engineers Club
21st September : Southern Naga Club   4-1   Khulazu Bawe YO
20th September : KVSU   8-0   students FC

Xavier Rutsa, Kohima, Sep 22 : In the lung inaugural match 14th NSF Martyrs' Memorial Trophy 2013, former champion Kohima Village Students' Union(KVSU) scored a thumping 8-0 win over Students' Football Club. Mhasibeituo Yhome and Medoneituo Sekhose blasted the 1st and 2nd hat-trick of the tournament. Both scored three goals each. Thejaneilie Solo netted two goals.

The Trophy 2013 is played under the aegis of Angami Students' Union (ASU) at the Kohima Local Ground with the theme "Goal for Peace." The NSF Martyrs' Memorial Trophy organized by ASU is an annual feature since 1986 in memory and honour of the supreme sacrifices made by student comrades Late Kekuojalie Sachu and Late Vikhozo Yoshu while on duty call of the Naga Students' Federation.

Earlier Minister for youth resources and sports Merentoshi Jamir graced the inaugural ceremony as the chief guest. In his address he lauded the efforts of organizer for organizing the for several years and expressed happiness that many teams are taking part in the month-long tournament.

Keneido Peseyie chaired the function while welcome address was delivered by ASU president Zakie Khate. Keynote address was given by Rukravolie Rulho, convenor organizing committee. Naga Students' Federation (NSF) president Tongpang Ozukum gave the solidarity note while secretary sports ASU Mhasimhalie Mathew Yhome administered oath to the participating teams.

A total prize money of Rs. 2.5 lakh has been set for the tournament, which includes Rs. 1.20 lakh for the champions, Rs. 70,000 for runners-up, Rs. 15,000 each to two semi-final losers and Rs. 7500 each to four quarter-final losers. Out of 65 team, 5 teams are from Manipur, 51 Kohima, 4 Phek, 3 Dimapur and one each from Peren and Zunheboto districts will vie for the top honours.


65 teams for 14th NSF Martyrs memorial trophy, 2013

XAVIER RUTSA : 19.09.2013: : 65 teams will take part in the 14th NSF Martyrs memorial trophy, 2013, starting from September 20 till October 19 at local ground, Kohima under the theme "Goal".The tournament is being organized by Angami Students Union. Last year champion Life Sports FC and runner-up KLS Bajaj are not taking part in the 13th edition.

Three time champions (2007, 2008 and 2010) Nagaland Police , while the 1st edition champion Kohima Village Students Union (KVSU) and 2002 winner Tangkhul Studenst Union (TKS) are the three former champions in the fray Other prominent in the reckoning are last-year third-place winner Twenty Eleven, two time semi-finalist Kohima Science College, IGAR(N), New Market B and Orion FC. Five Teams –TKS, Inpui Naga Warrious, Southern Naga Club, Koubru SC and Sansa, Ukhrul from Manipur are also in fray. The tournament will be played on knock-out basis.

Prizes are

Champion :Rs.1,20,000/-with running Trophy

Runners up :70,000/- with running Trophy

Losing Semi finalist :15,000/- each

Losing Quarter finalist :7,500/-each

Individual award are as - :Player of the tournament, Best goalkeeper, Best defender, Best midfielder, highest scorer, Best discipline team.

Group- A - KVSU, Students FC, MT Youth Club, Spartan FC, Maple FC, Alpine FC, Seiyhama Su, United Enginerr Club.

Group- B - Southern Naga Club, Khulazu Bawe YO, Rooster Club, Phesama, Mt. Olive College, Kigwema SU, Hoodwink FC, SASU and Phesazou SC.

Group- C - TKS, Kohima College, Oasis FC Mezoma, New Market B, Adroit Boys FC, Apex FC Phevima, Skull Rangers XI, Poilwa, Naga United

Group- D - Twenty XI Viswema, Kokuyox FC, Meriema VYO, Zeliangrong FC, DEF Kohima, Alder College, Kohima, Kohima Bible College, Ehunu & Yikhanu SU

Group- E - Nagaland Police, Kohima Science College, United Blood Brother FC, Ablazers FC, Capital College of Higher Edn, Sphinx FC, Yrants FC, Nevus FC

Group- F - Inpui Naga Warriors Mnp, St Joseph College , Eureka Club, Gideon FC, Sepfuzou FC, Orion FC, Punachu Utd FC, Marvels FC

Group- G - HQ IGAR(N), PGSU, Thipuzu SU, Kandi FC, Black & White FC, Asian Mission College, Kuki SU Kma, Jakhama SU

Group- H - Koubru SC, Mnp, Sansa Ukhrul, 4th NAP FC, Jotsoma SU,Arena Kings Xi, Zeva Club Zhaveme, Kohima Royal Kickers, Tragopan Club Zhavame, Viper FC, Nerhema.


"Goal for peace."- 50-60 teams expected for 14th NSF Martyrs Memorial trophy at Nagaland.

10.09.2013: Xavier Rutsa, Nagalan: At least 50 -60 teams are expected teams from different parts of the state including other parts of the north eastern states 14th edition of NSF Martyrs' Memorial Trophy organized by Angami Students' Union ( ASU).

The tournament will commence from September 20 till October 19 at the Kohima Local Ground under the theme "Goal for peace." Last date for submission of forms has been fixed on September 13. Entry fee has been fixed at Rs. 5000 plus Rs. 500 for photo journal. Forms have been made available at Sports World, Taxi Stand Kohima, Stars Sports, BOC Kohima, Zumvu Printex Kohima and Kiran Sports Dimapur.

This year's edition will be different from the previous years by standardizing and improvising the event by the enhancement of prize money, entry form in booklet form, publication of photo journal, 2-wheelers as prize for player of the tournament, exhibition match in aid of fund raiser for trust fund and to feature some reputed teams from the second round or pre-quarter finals.

The inaugural ceremony will be graced by minister for youth resources & sports Merentoshi R. Jamir as the chief guest. There will also be individual prize for player of the tournament, best goalkeeper, best defender, best midfielder, highest scorer and best discipline team.

14th NSF Martyrs Memorial trophy from Sept 20

Kohima Kommets to clash with Royal Wahingdoh, Shillong, Meghalaya. as part of the 14th NSF Martyrs Memorial trophy, 2013 an exhibition match between Kohima Komets and Royal Wahingdoh, Shillong, Meghalaya this is informed by Mathew Yhome, Games and Sports Secy. ASU.

27.08.2013: (XAVIER RUTSA): THE 14th edition of NSF Martyrs Memorial trophy 2013 will be held from September 20 to October 19 at Kohima Local ground (Khuochiezie).

The Tournament is organized under the aegis of the Angami Students Union(ASU) in tribute and astute remembrance of two students martyrs lt. kekuojalie Sachu and lt. Vikhozo Yhoshu who sacrificed their precious lives on the call of duty of Naga Students Federation (NSF) for a just and rightful cause.

This year's edition shall witness more standardized format where in teams/clubs shall be pooled in such a way that there will be compatibility amongst participating teams/clubs. The total prize money for this year's edition is Rs. 2, 50,000 (Two lakhs fifty thousand).

Champion 20, 000 with Running Trophy and Citation Runners-Up 70, 000 with Running Trophy and Citation

Losing semi-Finalist 15, 000 each Losing quarter Finalist 7, 500 each

Individual Prizes such best goal-keeper, best defender, best mid-fielder, highest scorer

player of the tournament will be awarded moreover prize

Man of the Match will be awarded from quarter final onwards.

In addition, the spectators will be entertained by local artiste at match intervals throughout the tournament. Form and bye-laws of the trophy shall be available at out-lets in Kohima and Dimapur by the end of this month.

22nd Royal Gold Cup

11.10.2013: Khanglai FC Manipur wins 22nd Royal Gold Cup

XAVIER RUTSA : Debutants Khanglai FC Manipur annexed the 22nd Royal Gold Cup, 2013 on Monday here at local ground Kohima. Khanglai FC, Manipur edged out Kohima Komets by 4-3 in tie-break. Both teams ended in 1-1 draw till 120 minutes of allotted time. Khanglai FC found the lead in the 52nd minute through a brilliant heading goal from Minthang, however Kohima Komets resorted parity in the 62nd minute through the boots of Eric Aningo to level 1-1 till 90 minutes of played. In the extra time of 30 minutes both teams failed to break the dead-lock and the match went to penalty shoot-out.

In the history of Royal Gold Cup this was only the second time(after a gap of 17 years) that the match was decided by tie-break. The last time was in 1996 when Boys Club Sikkim beat Kolkata's Mohammadan Sporting Club by 4-1 in penalty shoot-out.

Further in the history of Royal Gold Cup, the trophy is going to Manipur after a gap of 15 years, when the Manipu XI beat RCF, Mumbai by 1-0. In the penalty shoot-out Khanglai FC custodian Laltinmang Misao was the hero as he blocked the shots of Samuel R Hmar and Yhunshalo Kemp. Kohima Komets scored through the Lalngshinglova, Kezhose Mathew and Tingyek Konyak, while winners Khangali booted home through Haojakam, Thangjoylen, Paomin Sei and Hangminlen. Prizes.

Rs 2 lakh, running trophy and certificates-Khanglai FC, Manipur Rs.1 lakh, running trophy and certifcates-Kohima Komets Rs.5000 cash incentives for Khanglai coach - Kamlun Lupheng.

02.11.2013: Nine teams will take part in the 22nd Royal Gold Cup starting on Saturday at ground, Kohima, organized by Royal Club, Kohima. All the matches will be played starting. Tournament commit convenor K. Kire told media last evening that the team are HQ IGAR, Dimapur District Football Association(DDFA), Kohima Komets, 164 Inf Bn (TA), FC Kanglai Manipur, Barak FC, NIDSA Imphal, TT Aizwal FC, Mizoram and Oil India Limited (OIL) Duliajan, Assam.

He informed that NISA pulled out of 22nd Royal Gold cup citing Manipur Premier League engagement and disclosed that Oil India Limited (OIL) Duliajan would replaced NISA with rest fixtures remains the same.

The winner will pocket a sum of Rs.2 lakhs, running trophy and certificate, runner-up team will pocket Rs one lakh, running trophy and certificate, wile the coach of the champion team will walk home with Rs5000. On November 2, the tournament will be declared opened by Khriehu Lieziestu, MLA and Advisor Music Task Force(MTF) . The final will be played on November 11.

FIXTURES AND RESULTS OF 22nd Royal Gold Cup - Venue - Kohima Local ground

9/11/13 - FC Kanglai vs TT Aizwal FC
8/11/13 - Kohima Komets   0-0, 2-1 (Pen)   Barak FC
7/11-13 - HQ IGAR   1-1, 1-4(Pen)   TT Aizwal FC
6/11/13 - Barak FC   P-A   NIDSA Imphal
5/11/13 - NISA   A-P   FC Kanglai
4/11/13 - Kohima Komets   2-0   164 Inf Bn (TA)
3/11/13 - REST DAY
2/11/13 - HQ IGAR   0-0, 7-6(Pen)   Dimapur DFA