13.06.2016 : BRAZIL 0-1 PERU (FT..)
PER : Raul Ruidaz 74'
MOM : Guerrero (Peru)

BRAZIL : Alisson, Alves, Miranda, Gil, Luis, Lima, Elias, Augusto, Willian, Gabriel, Coutinho.
PERU : Gallese; Corzo, Rodriguez, Ramos, Trauco; Balbin, Valchez; Polo, Cueva, Flores; Guerrero.

FT : PERU BEAT BRAZIL 1-0, Scored by Raul Ruidaz. Dunga's Brazil out of from Group Stage of Copa though a controversial Goal. PERU AND ECUADOR GO THROUGH IN ROUND OF 16 AS ECUADOR WIN 4-0 OVER HAITI
90+4': Out of 12 corner kicks, Brazil earned 10 but unable to score.
90': 6 minute added time.
89': YELLOW CARD - Renato of Brazil.
85': BRAZIL 0-1 PERU
84': AGAIN CHANCE MISSED BY BRAZIL - Gil's header missed the target.
75': BRAZIL 0-1 PERU
74': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1-0 to Peru, Raul scored from a right sided cross. GOAL SCORED BY right HAND? and show follow through with his right foot. Or?
73': CHANGE-BRAZIL Hulk in and Gabriel out.
72': Yello Card to Lima of Brazil.
70': Poor shot on target of Coutinho of Brazil.
63':Attack of Peru from right and Brazil defence bound to clear the ball for Peru's corner kick.
57': Very well defending of Peru in every attack of Brazil.
55': BRAZIL 0-0 PERU
53': Free kick to Peru went over cross bar.
47': Free kick to Peru just outside of Brazil Box. danger area.
46': 2nd half starts.
45': 52% ball possession to Brazil earned all 7 corner kicks till now.
45': 2 minutes added time.
44': Peru has a penalty shout denied by the referee.
42': Brazil awarded a corner. 7th corner kick to Brazil.
41': Gabriel's shot saved.
40': BRAZIL 0-0 PERU
40': Corner awarded to Brazil.
36': Willian's shot missed the target.
30': BRAZIL 0-0 PERU
30': Paolo Guerrero of Peru injured. under in treatment.
30': STAT : Brazil is unbeaten in their last 8 games while Peru also unbeaten in their last 4 games.
28': 4th corner to Brazil.
27': Shot of Gabriel. Missed.
13' : Brazil attack, Augusto gets in a strike, it misses the target.
13' : 2nd corner to Brazl. No score.
12' : Filipe Luis's shot saved by Peru keeper.
6': No score from willian's corner.
5' : Corner for Brazil.
1': Match starts.

27.12.1936 : Brazil-Peru 3-2 
21.01.1942 : Brazil-Peru 2-1 
24.04.1949 : Brazil-Peru 7-1 
19.03.1953 : Brazil-Peru 0-1 - L 
01.02.1956 : Brazil-Peru 2-1 
31.03.1957 : Brazil-Peru 1-0 
10.03.1959 : Brazil-Peru 2-2 - D 
10.03.1963 : Brazil-Peru 1-0 
30.09.1975 : Brazil-Peru 1-3 - L 
04.10.1975 : Brazil-Peru 2-0 
03.07.1989 : Brazil-Peru 0-0 - D 
18.07.1993 : Brazil-Peru 0-0 - D 
10.07.1995 : Brazil-Peru 2-0 
26.06.1997 : Brazil-Peru 7-0 
15.07.2001 : Brazil-Peru 2-0 
14.06.2015 : Brazil-Peru 2-1  


09.06.2016 : BRAZIL 7-1 HAITI (FT)
BRZ : Coutinho 14', 29', 90+1', Renato 35', 85', Gabriel 59', Lucas 67'
HAI : Carolina Railhawk 69'
BRZ : Alisson, Alves, Gil, Casemiro, Luis, Elias, JOnas, Marquinhos, Renato, Willian, Coutinho
HAI :Johny, Jean Sony, Jerome, Kim, Romain, Rehinal, Kerves, Jeff, Kevin, James, Jean Marc
COPA AMERICA CUP 2016 Brazil star and Liverpool midfielder (who now target to Barcelona) Philippe Coutinho scored a hattrick and Brazil returns back in Copa with their first win after a goalless against Ecuador in opening match. The Selecao destroyed the Copa newcomer Haiti 7-1. Brazil also completed their 400th Goal in this Match in Copa America Tournament when Renato Augusto scored the goal in 35th minute of the match.

FULL TIME Brazil beat Haiti in 7-1.
90'+1': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 7-1 to Brazil. Countinho scored hattrik for Brazil. Brilliant curling right footed shot from 30 yards, finds the net.
90': 2 minutes of added time.
85':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL 6-1 for Brazil. Renato Agusto scored another one, right footed grounder finds the net.
69':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL 5-1 for Brazil. Haiti's Carolina Railhawk reduces the margin.
67':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 5-0 to Brazil. Lucas Lima's header finds the net.
61':Substitution of Haiti: Max Hilaire in place of Jean Marc Alexandre.
61':Substitution of Brazil: Lucas Lima in place of Casemiro
59':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 4-0 to Brazil. Gabriel's left footed shot outside the box finds the net.
49':Willian's shot, inches wide.
46':Second half resumes.
HALF TIME Brazil leading 3-0 at half time.
38':Yellow Card to Casemiro.
Brazil now scored 400 goals in Copa America.
35':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 3-0 to Brazil. Renato Agusto scores for Brazil to make it 3-0. Alves's cross, Renato's header finds the net.
29':GOALLLLLLLLLLLL 2-0 to Brazil. Coutinho again, but this time just a easy finish.
14':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL1-0 to Brazil. Powerful shot of Countinho, finds the net.
0':Kick off.
0':Brazil will face Haiti first time in COPA.
05.06.2016 : BRAZIL 0-0 ECUADOR (FT)

BRAZIL : Alisson; Alves (c), Gil, Marquinhos, Luis; Casemiro; Elias, Augusto; Willian, Coutinho, Jonas.
ECUADOR : Dreer, Ayovi (c), Mina, Achilier, Paredes, Noboa, Gruezo, A Valencia, Bolanos, Montero, E Valencia


FULL TIME. Score remains goalless in full time. First time Brazil is unable to score aginst Ecuador in Copa Match 90': 3 minutes of added time.
85':Yellow Card to skipper Ayovi for his bad tackle to Dani ALves.
82':Lucas's header, touches side net.
78':Yellow Card to E Valencia
76':Substitution for Brazil: Lucas Lima in place of Willian.
67':Nervous moment for keeper Alisson as ball deflected from post touched his chest and finds the net. Though cross comes outside line.
59':Montero with brilliant run, Felipe Luis clears his cross.
46':Second half resumes.
HALF TIME Score remains goalless in half time.
45': 2 minutes of added time.
38':Yellow Card to Gil.
35':E Valencia's free kick, straight to Alisson.
34':Yellow Card to Elias for his bad tackle to Montero.
26':Brilliant chance to Brazil, but a miss pass by Augusto to deny the move in box.
19':Nearly a chance to Ecuador from free kick, linesman call it OFFSIDE.
Neymar is in the stadium to watch Brazil's match.
17':Yellow Card to Brazil's defensive midfielder Casemiro.
17':Coutinho's long ranger, goes wide.
15':Score remains still goalless. Both the teams have some positive chances.
6': First Chance Missed Brazil - Willian crossed from right, and Coutinho's close shot saved by keeper for corner.. Willian's corner straight to keeper.
. 0':Kick off.

31.01.1942 : Brazil v Ecuador 5-1 - win
21.02.1945 : Brazil v Ecuador 9-2 - win
03.04.1949 : Brazil v Ecuador 9-1 - win
12.03.1953 : Brazil v Ecuador 2-0 - win
21.03.1957 : Brazil v Ecuador 7-1 - win
19.12.1959 : Brazil v Ecuador 3-1 - win
27.03.1963 : Brazil v Ecuador 2-2 - Drw
17.08.1983 : Brazil v Ecuador 1-0 - win
01.09.1983 : Brazil v Ecuador 5-0 - win
15.07.1991 : Brazil v Ecuador 3-2 - win
07.07.1995 : Brazil v Ecuador 1-0 - win
04.07.2007 : Brazil v Ecuador 1-0 - win
13.07.2011 : Brazil v Ecuador 4-2 - win
Brazil will begin this tournament without the services of Neymar, Luiz, Oscar, and Silva.

PROBABLE LINE UP BRAZIL : Alisson, Alves, Gil, Miranda, Luis, Gustavo, Augusto, Casemiro, Costa, Willian, Hulk.

PROBABLE LINE UP ECUADOR : Dominguez, Paredes, Achilier, Erazo, Ayovi, Valencia, Noboa, Quinonez, Montero, Valencia.