Esat Bengal





20': Mike Okoro scored the first goal for East Bengal who got the ball from Alvito and Douglas Da Silva's combined effort, finally he entered in the Sasana box after beating three Sasana defenders to score a brilliant goal. After the goal East Bengal players then celebrated in a style similar to Bebeto's celebration in the FIFA World Cup 1994, dedicating this goal to Okoro's then newborn girl, Juliet.

46': Baichung Bhutia, Man of the match of the Final who scored 8 goals in the Tournament with a hattric scored the 2nd goal for East Bengal. Baichung received the ball from right side and before scoring he lost his balance but scored through a right footer dodged passed the goalkeeper by lowering his body

58': BEC Tero scored after about 12 minutes through Panai Kongprapun from a pass of substitute Omoloja.

69': East Bengal scored the 3rd goal through Alvito D Counha,0 The Sasana goalkeeper had no answer to Alvito D'Cunha's shot from outside the box.

2003 - East Bengal Squad

Goalkeepers- Sandip Nandy, Sangram Mukherjee, Arpan Dey, Jitu Chhetri.
Gefenders - Surya Bikash Chakravarty, Suley Musah, Surkumar Singh, Dipak Mondal, Mahesh Gawli, M.Suresh, Subhasis Roy Chaudhury.
Midfielders - Anit Ghosh,Debjit Ghosh, Douglas da Silva, Alvito D'Cunha, Sashti Duley, Malsawmtluanga, Subhas Chakravarty, Chandan Das, Dipankar Roy, Sujay Dutta, Arunava Sarkar and Tushar Rakshit.
Forwards - K.Kulothungan,Baichung Bhutia, Mike Okoro, Cristiano Junior, Bijen Singh, Raman Vijayan,
Captain - Suley Musah
Coach - Subhas Bhowmick.


East Bengal beat RCT of Nepal in the final by 1-0 .

1993 - East Bengal Squad

Sumit Mukherjee, Arpan Dey, Tanumoy Bose, Raju Ganguly and Sudipta , Sarvanan and Aquil Ansari, Baichung Bhutia, Carlton Chapman, Kiran Khongsai, Sisir Ghosh,Chakravarty, Swarup Das,Tarun Dey, Ilyas Pasha, Amitava Chanda, Aloke Das, Mastan Ahmed, Kabir Bose, Proloy Saha, Manoranjan Bhattacharya and Monem Munna, Sujit Dutta, Tushar Rakshit, Debashis Misra, Tapan Das, Rajesh Kumar Singh, C.T.Joseph, Ajay Singh Sanjay Majhi, Pranab Mondal, Kumaresh Bhawal, Manoj Ghosh and Ganesh Thapa..

Captain- Ilyas Pasha

Coach- Shymal Ghosh.


The Asean cup winning East Bengal football team of 2003 has been felicitated by the Kalyani Municipality authorities on the occassion of the 10th anniversary of winning the championship at a programme on Friday evening at Writtick Sadan in Kalyani.

As per Kalyani Municipality chairman Professor Dr Nilimesh Roy Choudhury's commitment the " CIVIC Felecitation" programme took place today at Kalyani where East Bengal current football team's pre season practice going on under Brazilian coach Marcos and Americo Felopa.

Today, the two most attracted person of Asean Cup winning East Bengal team, Coach Subhash Bhowmick and the Goalkeeper Sandip Nandy was unable to come while out of their 18 squad of Asean Cup - Dipankar Roy, Final match winning scorer Alvito D' counha, Tulunga, Debjit Ghosh, Deepak Mondol, Sangram Mukherjee were present and felicitated by the Municipality.

East Bengal high Official Debabrata Sarkar and eminent Journalist Anilava Chattopadhyay ( Who covered the 2003 ASEAN cup Match) were present in the occasion. Local MP Subhransu Roy felicitated the players with trophy and Mementos.

On the other hand East Bengal Fan Club - Red and Gold Lovers also performed same programme at Sujata Sadan at Hazra, Kolkata on the day.

MB Day

GUEST AUTHOR : Kausik Bandyopadhyay : A historian, Editor of Soccer & Society (Routledge)
Reader in History, West Bengal State University, India,
Associate Academic Editor, Soccer and Society (Routledge)
Former Fellow, International Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland

1911. A year of reckoning for the Bengalis in more ways than one. The accession of King George V in England was followed by a Durbar in Delhi in December to commemorate the occasion. Both the King and the Queen in person graced the occasion. Apart from pomp and grandeur, the occasion was marked by two important announcements. The first annulled the partition of Bengal that had come into effect in 1905 while the second transferred the capital from Calcutta to Delhi. If the first restored the self-respect of the Bengalis, the second shattered their prestige.

While these political acts were being enacted in Delhi at the end of the year, Bengalis could already boast of an emotional consolation by referring to what eleven young men among them did in an entirely different sphere of life a few months back. In July 1911, on the green football fields of the Calcutta maidan, the Mohun Bagan Club comprising eleven Bengali players defeated civil and military European sides one by one to win the Indian Football Association (IFA) Shield Football Tournament. This was hailed as a major blow to the prevailing conception of British invincibility and a victory of Bengali nationalism, masculinity and religion.

The enthusiasm that Mohun Bagan's march into the final of the IFA Shield created in 1911 was unique. It may be perceived as 'the moment of departure' in the history of Indian football, when an indigenous brand of Bengali nationalism started appropriating a western sport to assert its distinctive identity. One indication of this was the unprecedented mass participation. The number of crowd turned up was estimated at between 80000 and 90000. As one newspaper noted: "The spectators who packed every inch of the Maidan simply defied calculation. They might have been eighty thousand or they might have been more."

The IFA declared the encounter between East Yorkshire Regiment and Mohun Bagan as a charity match with admission charges of Rs.1 and 2 and scheduled it to be played at 5 p.m. at the Calcutta ground. By 2 o' clock 'the crowd was of unmanageable proportions' as 'Bengalis turned out in their thousands.' The phenomenal interest the match aroused among the natives becomes also clear from the black-marketing of tickets and betting on the result of the match ? unprecedented in the history of soccer in colonial India.

A two-rupee ticket fetched as much as fifteen, as noted by a few newspapers. Newspaper reports also hinted at gambling developing around the game in that context. In the absence of any permanent galleries or seating accommodation people helped themselves watch the match with devices such as wooden box for which fantastic rates were charged and paid. A few hundred chairs were however arranged for the European spectators by way of a contract with B.H. Smith & Co., the cabinet-makers.

People came down from distant Assam and Patna as well as from the eastern districts of Bengal. The kind of soccer fever that gripped people of Calcutta on the day of final is best explained by the fact that 'a special meeting called by an academic body like the Vangiya Sahitya Parishat for the same evening for condoling the death of Indranath Bandyopadhyay fell through, as recorded in the minutes, for poor attendance of members gone to see the football match'.

In order to cope with the expected rush of spectators, the East Indian Railway ran a special train from Burdwan to Howrah and back while additional steamer services brought more people from Rajgunj and Baranagar. Maidan-bound tramcars from Shyambazar and Chitpur were loaded to their 'utmost capacity'.

The area between the High Court and the Strand was choked with waiting carriages, hundreds more were parked on the two sides of the ground. The Empire, an evening paper, brought about an 'unprecedented journalistic enterprise' by installing a temporary telephone connection with the C.F.C. ground for relaying the different stages and the final result of the match instantly to the people all over Calcutta. As the Reuter's correspondent stated, 'there was a scene of extraordinary enthusiasm ... The vast majority saw nothing of the game.'

Yet they kept cheering as they got cues from watchers on the tree-tops and from willing volunteers who kept the multitudes 'informed of the progress of the match by flying kites of different colours' when one side or the other scored a goal.

Thus when Mohun Bagan actually entered the final of the IFA Shield, signs of a great mass awakening in Bengal were quite visible. People became obsessed with the dream of beating the ruling British at its own national game. The European residents too became conscious of this psychological head-on collision. The dream became reality when Mohun Bagan defeated the East Yorks 2-1 in that historic final of 29 July 1911.

Shibdas Bhaduri and Abhilas Ghosh scored the goals for the victorious team while Jackson netted one for the East Yorks. The Empire noted: " All honour to Mohun Bagan! Those eleven players are not only a glory to themselves and to their club and to the great nation which they belong, they are glory to the game itself".

It is said that, immediately after Mohun Bagan's victory in the Shield Final, an elderly Brahmin wearing a white dhoti and the sacred thread, pointing to the Union Jack fluttering on top of Fort William, the emblem of British military presence in Calcutta, asked Shibdas Bhaduri, captain of the winning team, 'Now as you have beaten the military side, when will you pull that down?' An amazed but emotional Shibdas replied: 'When Mohun Bagan will win the Shield next time.' Coincidentally , it was in 1947 when Mohun Bagan won the Shield again that the Union Jack was replaced by Indian tri-colour as India won freedom.

100 years later when we, the Bengalis, are celebrating the centenary of the historic Shield victory, it would be in the fitness of things if Mohun Bagan lifts the IFA Shield of 2011.

Mohun Bagan's way to Win : 18th IFA Shield 1911

10.7.1911: 1st round,  Rangers ground,   Mohun Bagan (Bijoydas Bhaduri 2, Abhilash Ghosh) 
3-0 St. Xaviers
14.7.1911: 2nd round,  Customs ground,   Mohun Bagan (Shibdas Bhaduri 2) 
2-1 Rangers
19.7.1911: 3rd round,  Dalhousie ground, Mohun Bagan (Bijoydas Bhaduri) 
1-0 Rifle Brigade
24.7.1911: Semi final, Dalhousie ground, Mohun Bagan (Jatindranath Roy) 
1-1 Middlesex Regiment
25.7.1911: replay,     Dalhousie ground, Mohun Bagan (Jatindranath Roy, Shibdas Bhaduri, Habul Sarkar)
 3-0 Middlesex Regiment
29.7.1911: Final,      CCFC Ground,      Mohun Bagan (Shibdas Bhaduri, Abhilash Ghosh)
2-1 East Yorkshire Regiment



Bijay Das Bhaduri		Martin
Habul Sarkar			Haywood
Shibdas Bhadury(C)		Jackson(C)
Kanu Roy			Scully
Avilash Ghosh			Birch
Nilmadhab Bhattacharyya		Dixon
Rajen Sengupta			Howard
Hiralal Mukherjee		Cressey
Monomohon Mukherjee		Clucas
Revrnd. Sudhir Chatterjee	Neil
Bhuti Sukul			Whitbe

AUTHOR: Kausik Bandyopadhyay : A historian, Editor of Soccer & Society (Routledge)
Reader in History, West Bengal State University, India,
Associate Academic Editor, Soccer and Society (Routledge)
Former Fellow, International Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland

MB Day2


EB Day



... 31.07.2013: JAYDIP DASGUPTA : The East Bengal Club will organize the East Bengal Day at the Netaji Indoor Stadium on the 1st of August. The officials has decided to honor Ex Indian International Veteran Arun Ghosh as " BHARAT GAURAB" with a cash award of INR 2 Lakhs, and Soumik Dey the left full back of the team as the "Player of the year" for the season 2012/13.

Ex India international Samaresh chowdhury (Pintu) and Abani Bose will be given life time award. On the day East Bengal will help Calcutta Sports Journalist Club and Calcutta Referees Association.

On 13th August on the Sports Day in memory of Ex-Secretary Dipak Das(Paltu) East Bengal will honour late Ashoklal Banerjee. For the 2013-14 season East Bengal announced Mehtab Hossain as Captain and Harmanjot Khabra as vice Captain.

.. SOUMIK DEY : Soumik Dey may be regarded as one of the most dependable wing backs in the recent years. The number 29 Red and Gold shirt is in charge of the East Bengal deep defense since 2006. This year the Executive Committee of East Bengal has decided to honor him with the "Player of the year"(2012-13) award on their 94th Foundation day in 1st of August.

In 2004 Soumik Came to Tollygunge Agragami from Mohammedan AC alongwith Debkumar Sasmal from Mohun Bagan and Surojit Bose from George Telegraph. He scored goal for Tollygunge Agragami in 2004-05 NFL when Tollygunge hold JCT 1-1 in 10th Round and also scored against Churchill Brothers in 16th Round but lost 2-4. He started his mission from Tollygunj Agragami, where his performance impressed the officials of Red and Gold and he has been offered to sign. In 2005 Debkumar Sashmal, Soumik Dey, Gouranga Datta came from Tollygunge Agragami to East Bengal under coach Subhash Bhowmick.

In fact Soumik had an impressive season in the National Football League (now I-League) which has changed his football carrier remarkably. From 2005 onwards he is occupying the position of left lateral back and is a member of many a battle for East Bengal. His consistent performance and dependability in deep defense is really attributed a lot in East Bengal's success.

Soumik was honored with the captain of East Bengal in the year 2010 which was a successful year for the Red and Gold. East Bengal won the 32nd Federation Cup at Cuttack defeating the arch rival Mohan Bagan in the final by a solitary goal. East Bengal won the Kolkata Premier League title and finished second in the I-League after an impressive start.
ALL STATS : Laltu Chakrabarty.- www.kolkatafootball.com
Soumik has the record of scoring the all important winning goal against the arch rival Mohan Bagan in an I-league match in 2007. A measured long ball from skipper Alvito De Cunha was quickly redirected from the right by Izumi Arata towards Soumik, who nodded home after running in from left, as the Bagan defense was caught napping The 28 years old deep defender has a quite a long carrier in front him who dream of winning the I-League for his club East Bengal. the gentle footballer of Kolkata Maidan also played well for East Bengal in AFC Cup 2013 under Morgan and the team reach in the qr. final.

ACHIEVEMENTS : Won FED CUP - , 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012 .....IFA PREMIER LEAGUE - 2006, 2010, 2011,2012 ............IFA SHIELD - 2006, 2010, 2011,2012.........Super CUp - 2006, 2011

Under coach Morgan,in the year 2012-13 I-League, Soumik played 19 matches for EB where he was shown only 1 yellow card. Out of 19 matches East Bengal won-10, Lost-3 and drew-6 matches.

... Samaresh Chowchury (Pintu) : East Bengal had the only record of all win 21 matches in 1975 and 22 matches in 1977 of IFA kolkata 1st Divn League being he League Winner where he was the regular player of the team.
Name			:       Samaresh Chowdhury	
Nick Name		:	Pintu	
Parents Name		:	Father : Niranjan Chowdhury,Mother:Renuprobha Chowdhury	
Born			:	8th June 1949	
Address			:	College Square Kolkata And then Ashok Nagar 3 No Scheme, 
				North 24 Parganas,W.B,India	
School			:	Banipith Primary School Ashoknagar and then Ashoknagar 
				Boys High School	
Position		:	Midfielder	
First Club		:	Bhanga Gora Club and then Pally Sangha of Ashoknagar	
First Coach		:	Sanjeev Chowdhury 	
First Big Match		:	1966 : IFA shield for Chandannagar District Team 	
Professional Coach	:	Achyout Banerjee, Bagha Som,P.K.Banerjee,Rahaman,Amal Dutta 
				and Many more	
Bengal School Team	:	1965 :National School Football Tournament at Shilong 
				(Winners - up Bengal Side) 	
Bengal School Team	:	1966 :National School Football Tournament at Chennai 
				(Semifinal Looser Bengal Side) 	

ALL STATS : Laltu Chakrabarty.- www.kolkatafootball.com
1967 - 69 : Joined Uari A.C (Kolkata Ist Div. team) 1970-75 : Joined Kolkata Giant Team East Bengal F.C: 1974 : Captain of East Bengal Team 1976 : Joined Kolkata Giant Club Mohun Bagan A.C 1977 -1980 : Return to East Bengal 1981 : Joined another Kolkata Giant Team Mohammedan SC 1982 : Returned again in East Bengal Club Won Federation Cup For East Bengal : 1978 and 1980 Won IFA League For East Bengal 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1977. won IFA League For Mohun Bagan 1976. Won IFA shield For East bengal by beating Pas Club of Iran in 1970 and then 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975. won IFA Shield For Mohun Bagan 1976. Won Durand Cup For East Bengal 1970 and 1972, 1974 Won Rovers Cup For East Bengal 1972, 1973, 1975 and 1980. Won D.C.M trophy For East Bengal by beating Doc ro Gang team of South Korea 1973 and then 1974. Won Bordoloi Trophy For East Bengal in 1972 won Bordoloi Trophy For Mohun Bagan 1976. Won Darjeeling Gorkha Brigade Gold Cup For Mohun Bagan in 1976 Won IFA 1st Dvn League For Team Mohammedan SC in 1981. Played Sntosh Trophy National Football for Bengal in 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1976.
ALL STATS : Laltu Chakrabarty.- www.kolkatafootball.com

EB Day and Sports Day -2013


East Bengal Club today observed Sports Day and pay homage on the 74th birthday of their Ex general Secretary Paltu(Dipak) Das.

REPORT and PIC : Jaydip Dasgupta : East Bengal Club today observed Sports Day and pay homage on the 74th birthday of their Ex general Secretary Paltu(Dipak) Das. Paltu Das is the main architect of modern East Bengal. In the morning a blood donation and a free Health Check up Camp was organized in the Club premises. According to the club sources 205 football lovers donated blood.

In the afternoon an exhibition football match was played between the footballers of the yesteryear's and the Artist Forum. The Sports Minister Mr Madan Mitra was the chief guest in the evening. The final phase of the programme held in the evening in the newly constructed conference room where the ex captain (1975)of the Club late Ashokelal Banerjee were awarded with the "Paltu Das Memorial Trophy" posthumously.

Ashoklal Banerjee was the solder of the Red and Gold during their golden era. Rejoined East Bengal in the year 1971 from Khidderpore Club, Ashoklal proved himself indispensable and was the captain of the club in 1975. East Bengal under his leadership create the record of winning the IFA Shield final by a margin of 5-0 by defeating the arch rival Mohun Bagan.

On the day, the young talents of the different divisions ( from 1st to 5th) of Kolkata league 2012-13 were awarded with Football kit. The selected footballers were:

5th Division : Sujay Mondal       Striker    (West Bengal Deaf & Dump)
4th Division : Sumit Ray          Stopper ( United Students)
3rd Division : Kader Mondal       Midfielder   (Behala Youth)
2nd Division : Debnath Pakrey     Midfielder   (CFC)
1st Division : Milon Hazra        Wing Half  ( Barisha Sporting)

The East Bengal Secretary Mr Kalyan Mazumdar declared that the club has decided to distribute the tickets of the AFC Cup to the Coaching Camps to whom the club has donated footballs. He added that the club will also distribute 5000 tickets to the districts in order to promote football. The Ground Staffs of East Bengal were donated an amount of Rs 50000 and garments on the occasion.

The winner of the Gold medal in the World Youth Chess Olympiad in China Diptayan Ghose and Sayantan Das were felicitated. The Everester Ujjal Roy and Chanda Gayan were awarded for their remarkable achievement. The "Paltu das Memorial Lecture" were delivered by Prof Susanta Banerjee who was the Director of Medical Education. Incidentally last year this lecture was delivered by the Education Minister Mr Bratya Basu.

East Bengal club observed their 94th birth day " East Bengal Day".

JAYDIP DASGUPTA : East Bengal club today celebrates their 94th Foundation Day at the Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata. The Club honored the legendary Olympian Arun Ghose with the "BHARAT GAURAV" award.

Ex footballers midfielder Samaresh Chowdhury (Pintu) and goalkeeper Abani Bose were facilitated with the "LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT" award for their outstanding contribution.

The left full back of East Bengal Soumik Dey was awarded as the "FOOTBALLER OF THE YEAR for the year 2012-13. He was awarded with the Golden Boot which was handed over by the chief coach of East Bengal's Brazilian Marcos Falopa.

The officials are the most important part of a football match. The FIFA referee Mr Milan Dutta and Mr Chittaranjan Das Mazumdar were also awarded for their contribution as referee. A football Almanac was published by the chief guest Somnath Chatterjee. The book contains the history of East Bengal and different statics by eminiet journalist and footballers.

The ex Lok Sobha Speaker Mr. Somnath Chatterjee was the chief guest in the August occasion. Mr Chatterjee in his address said that Arun Ghose should be awarded with the Arjuna Award. The other dignitaries present on the occasion were the Sports Minister Mr Madan Mitra and the ex MLA Mr Kshiti Goswami.