MB : Jeje 1', 85' Abhishek 76'
SAL Scott 26, Mbarga 31'
MOM : Jeje - MB

SFC : Karanjit, Reagan, Augustine, Eder, Duffy, Mbarga, Scott, Jackiechand, Saran, Gabriel, Keenan.

MB : Debjit, Pritam, Luciano, Dhana, Kingshuk, Pronoy, Kean, Lenny, Yusa, Subhash, Jeje

FULL TIME : East Bengal, Bengaluru lost Away but Mohun Bagan won the away 3-2 over Salgaocar and Jeje got the Man of the Match award for 2 goals.
90': Score line now for Mohun Bagan, leading 3-2.
90': 4 minute added time.
85': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 3-2 to Mohun Bagan. Jeje sscored offa corss of Luciano.
80': SCORE : SAL 2-2 MB
76': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2-2. Abhishek das scored from Yusa's pass.
76': PLAYER HANGE - MB : Subhash out and Abhishek Das in.
74': Free kick misused by Yusa, poor shot went out.
72':Miss pass galore to Mohun Bagan, Pritam to Subhash but he was unable to control the ball.
71':Freekick to MB, Yusa's kick punched by Karanjit.
71': 20 minutes more to end of Schedule time. Mohun Bagan is trying to Equalize.
70': Still 2-1 for Salgaocar.
69': Corner to Bagan, Pritam'scorner cleared from box.
66': Debjit collected the corner of Gabriel.
66': Corner to Salgaocar in left of Debjit.
65': 2-1 still for Salgaocar.
64': Goal kick to SAL, Karanjit's long kick.
62': Slow pace in the match.
60': Yellow card to Pronoy to foul to Duffy.
54': Corner to MB, Pritam's kick cleared.
52':Luciano wanted to block Jackiechand but ball went to trhow in.
50': Goal kick to Salgaocar. 49': Chance to MB, Yusa to jeje and his shot saved in SAL box.
47': Attack of Bagan through Katsumi but he was stopped in front ofSalgaocar box.
46': 2nd half match to start.
HT : Home Team Salgaocar is leading 2-1 where Mohun Bagan scoredan early goal in 1st minute of the match.
45': 3 minute added time.
38': East Bengal, Bengaluru FC lost their away match.
35': Still 2-1 to Salgaocar.
33': Good cross of from right but Jeje's header missed.
31': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2-1 to Salgaocar. Calvin Mbarga scored from a pass of Duffy.
30': 1-1 is the scoreline now.
26': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1-1. Salgaocar Equalized the score line through Martin Scott.
20': SAL 0-1 MB
19': 3rd corner to Salgaocar, Jackie's kick cleared.
18': Foul Throw of DhanaCnahdra. Now throw for Salgaocar.
16': Salgaocar went to Semi Final in last FED cup but lost to Dempo.
14': Back tp Back 2 corners, Jackie Chand took. Gabriel' effort dismissed.
13':Corner to Salgaocar from an attack of Duffy.
12': Attack of Salgaocar, Jackie to Duffy but ball cleared.
10': 1-0 for Mohun Bagan.
8': Free kick to Salgaocar,Duffy's kick well savedby Debjit.
6': Free kick to Salgaocar in right wing, Debjit well collected from Duffy's head.
5': SAL 0-1 MB
4': Throw in for Bagan,Dhana's throw in cleared in SAL box.
1': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1-0 to Bagan as Jeje scored an early goal from a cross of Subhash singh..
1': Mohun Bagan in White/maroon and Salgaocar in Green Jersey.
1': Match Start.
0': Salgaocar to face Mohun Bagan in home.
0': Match will start at 4.30 pm.

SFC PRESS RELEASE : Salgaocar FC are looking to redeem a rather poor season in the Hero I-League as they will take on Mohun Bagan AC in their first leg of the Hero Federation Cup fixture here at the Tialk Maidan in Vasco. The Greens having narrowly escaped relegation in the I-League finished the season in the 6th spot after suffering 8 losses 4 of which came in the their opening ventures.

The Mariners themselves haven’t had a very satisfying season, as the defending champions lost their crown to Bengaluru FC after being table toppers for the greater part are now looking for a trophy as a means of redemption as well.

Last year Salgaocar who have won the Cup 4 times, the latest being in the 2010-11 season now have Mario Soares at the helm of things & he has made it clear that the past will remain in the past. When asked about the double that the Kolkata outfit had pulled over them in the league Soares brushed it aside saying “It doesn’t matter now, that is a different competition & this is a new beginning, the boys understand this & we will treat it that way.” Speaking in the pre-match conference held on Sunday the Greens Gaffer confidently said “We are positive and we will do our best. The boys are high on tempo.

Mohun Bagan is a big side but we need to cash in on the home advantage.” Also present the skipper, Salgaocar’s star Scottish striker Darryl Duffy confirmed how the lads were feeling “It’s a fresh start for us. The Hero I-League campaign was very disappointing as we were desperate to finish a lot higher up in the League than what we eventually did. So the Hero Federation Cup is a new opportunity to do well and try and win a Trophy.” The Goan outfit will be missing the services of their midfielder Gilbert Oliviera as he is unwell.

Similar feelings were expressed by the Mohun Bagan’s head coach Sanjoy Sen as he admitted they are focussed on finishing the season with a Trophy. “Definitely! We want to win a Trophy. Whatever is gone has gone and is in the past now. So our focus is to win this Cup. When we started the season as defending champions, expectations were just too high.

So at least for our supporters we should try our level best.” India International Jeje Lalpekhlua maintained as he backed his coach’s statement “We are disappointed to lose the Hero I-League Trophy and this is our new target to get the Hero Fed Cup for the fans and for the Team.” The game kicks off on Monday at the Tilak Maidan, Vasco at 04:30 PM & will be streamed live on


KEB : Du Dong 43'
SLFC : Sana 32', Fabio Pena 62'
SLFC : Vishal, Penn, Nim Dorjee, Rovin, Zordinliana, Favio, Issac, Bhipin, Pritam, Samuel, Sana.

KEB : Rennesh, Deepak, Arnab, Bello, Narayan, Mehtab, Khabra, Tulunga, Khabra, Du Dong, Ranti.

90+5': Corner to East Bengal. No score..
90+3': CHANGE -SLFC : Uilliams in and Favio Pena out.
90': 7 minute added time.
88': Rafiq in place of Avinash. Unfortunate incidents, Avinash has been taken to hospital through Ambulance.
87': Lajong now down to 10 men.
86': RED CARD - SLFC : Robin Gurung elbowing to Avinash.
83': Corner misused by KEB, Avinash short corner finally cleared by SLFC.
81': 10 minutes more to schedule time. East Bengal is trying to Equalize.
80': SCORE : SLFC 2-1 KEB
72': NO, Dika's shot went wide over the Cross Bar. Still 2-1 is score line to SLFC.
70': Danger to SLFC out side of the Box, Ranti was pushed in Box but Ref Metei gave Free kick just out side of the SLFC box.
65': MISS PASs...MISS PASS, so many by East Bengal.
62': GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAALLL : 2-1 to Lajong. Favio Pena scored to beat Arnab in left of Penalty box.
60': Change - KEB : Sanju and Avinash in and Tulunga and du Dong out.

57': Favio Pena injured, now fit.
55': In first Leg of I-League 2015-16 East Bengal beat Lazong 4-0.
54': Issac's shot went to Rennesh.
53': Foul of Tulunga to Favio, Free kick to Lazong.
50': Still score line is 1-1.
48': Deepaks' throw in went to Mama.
46':Starts of 2nd half match.
45': 2 minute added time.
43': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL : 1-1, Du Dong scored from a Brilliant pass of Ranti Martins through header.
40': Still 1-0 leading of Lajong.
37': 2nd goal escape to East Bengal, Favip Pena shot cleared by Deepak and rebound shot went wide in EB penalty box.
35': SCORE : SLFC 1-0 KEB
32': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1-0 to Lajong from the corner as Sana scored through a header from Bhipin's corner kick.
32': 3rd corner to Lajong as Arnab cleared.
30': 0-0 is the score line.
29': Dika's free kick went to Vishal.
29': Free kick to KEB as Ranti was fouled.
27': GREAT ESCAPE of KEB : Arnab well blocked Favio in Penalty Box.
25': First positive movement of KEB from Tulunga's pass but Ranti was unable to do anything.
24': Pritam's cornner went to Rehnnesh.
23': Favio's attack made 2nd corner kick to Lajong.
23': East Bengal still unable to make any positive attack.
22': Yesterday Aizawl FC stun Bengaluru FC 2-1 in opeing of FedCup 2016.
20': SCORE : SLFC 0-0 KEB
19': Attack of Lajong from right wing and low cross of Issac cleared by Bello.
18': In last I-League last match Shillong Lajong beat East Bengal 1-0.
15': Free kick of Mehtab and poor header of Ranti.
15': Foul of Penn to Dung when he was moving, Free kick.
14': Long Goal kick of Viahsal Keith.
13': Attack of East Bengal, Du Dong was in action but Rabin Gurung blocked.
10': SCORE : SLFC 0-0 KEB
10':Goal bound shot of Issac went out.
10': Foul of Lalrin Dika of KEB to Favio.
8': Another attack of SLFC, Narauan blocked Sana once again.
7': Well corner of Pritam and Sana's header just missed the target.
6':Attack of SLFC from left, Favio's cross and Deepak's blocking went for corner.
5': Thow in for EB in their area, Deepak made throw in.
3': East Bengal coach Morgan in acion with his 2nd match with EastBengal in 2015-16 season.
3': Dika's corner kick cleared.
1': Attack of EB, earn Corner in right of Vhishal.
1': Match starts.
1':East Bengal in white/black while Lajong in red/red.
0': East Bengal and Shillong Lajong met in the Federation Cup earlier in the final of 2009 edition at Guwahati when East Bengal won on penalties(3-0) after the match locked goal less at the schedule time.
0': The match will kick off at 5 pm IST.


PREVIEW: East Bengal to face the challenge of Shillong Lajong FC in the Round I match of the Federation Cup at the Jawharlal Nehru stadium, Shillong on Sunday evening. The Red and Gold lost against the North Eastern outfit by a solitary goal in the last match of I League a week ago.

East Bengal the eight times Federation Cup champions reached Shillong late in the evening after a training session at Kolkata. Trevor James Morgan had an impressive performance in the Federation cup in his first spell. The British coach was responsible for winning triumph against Mohun Bagan(1-0)and Dempo Sports Club(3-1) at Cuttack and Siliguri, while he finished as a runners up at Kolkata(1-3) against Salgaocar Sports club.

But this year the situation is quite tough as East Bengal is cripple with the injuries of some important footballers. Though Morgan are in a target to overcome Lajong in the away encounter and utilize the home advantage at Barasat.

Thanboi Shingto, the coach of Shillong Lajong at the pre match press conference said,"East Bengal is always a tough oppornant, but the game we won in the last match was a bit lucky.We have leadership and experience at one end,youth and talent at the other and that is the way Lajong has gone through out the season."

East Bengal and Shillong Lajong met in the Federation Cup earlier in the final of 2009 edition at Guwahati when East Bengal won on penalties(3-0) after the match locked goal less at the schedule time. The match will kick off at 5 pm IST.


01.05.2016 : Mumbai FC 0-1 Sporting Goa (Match 4)
SCG : sumit Passi 89'

MFC : Kunal, Pratik, Ashutosh, Min Chol, Jayesh, Arata, Dias, Clifford, Taisuke, Eric, Sushil.

SCG : Arindam, Mehraj, Loveday, Subhasish, Fulgancio, Rowlwin, Pratesh, Marcus, Theobolt, Nicholas, Sumit.

AIFF PRESS RELEASE : A Sumeet Passi header in the 90th minute helped Sporting Clube de Goa scrape past Mumbai FC by a solitary goal in a Round 1 match of the Hero Federation Cup played at the Cooperage Stadium in Mumbai on Sunday (May 1). The two sides next meet in what will be Sporting Clube’s home match in Goa on May 4.

The home-side seemed set to make most of the home advantage count with the early exchanges in and around the Sporting Goa's final-third area. But it was the visitors who had the first real chance 5 minutes into the game. A Nicholas Fernandes cross down the left-flank was met by Densill Theobald inside the 18 yard area but the latter's mistimed effort denied Sporting Goa in what was their finest opportunity in the first half.

The two sides failed to produce noticeable goal-scoring opportunities for a majority of the first-half finding no time and space where it mattered. With much of the game played in the midfield, a large proportion of the chances in the first-45 minutes of play came through set pieces or long-ball down the vacant flanks.

Sporting Goa next came agonizingly close to taking the lead six minutes before half-time. A Rowllin Borges' free-kick from outside the 18-yard-box was tipped over by Mumbai Goalkeeper Kunal Sawant. Mumbai FC replied with a similar chance from a Steven Dias free-kick which was convincingly parried-away by Arimdam Bhattacharya standing under the visitor's goal.

In the first half, Mumbai FC were unable to create real pressure but produced a better performance as the game progressed into its final stages. A Clifford Miranda cross was met with a Steven Dias first-time hit volley but Arindam was equal to the task.

As the match was about to end in stalemate a darting run in the 9oth minute from second-half substitute Victorino Fernandes was met an onrushing Sumeet Passi, who directed his header into the goal to give his side the one-goal victory and that precious away-goal to carry forward into the second-leg.



30.4.2016: AIZAWL FC 2-1 BENGALURU FC (FT)

AFC : Poirei, Chigozie, Kinowaki, Lalruatthara, Lallawmawma, Lalchhawnkima, Lalrinmuana, Vanlalremdika, Sunday, Alfred, Zohmingmawia.

BFC : Amrindar, Osano, Johnson, Rino, Chhuantea, Eugeneson, Zuala, Collins, Udanta, Sunil, Kim

Aizawl FC beat Bengaluru FC in their home match against Bengaluru FC in Federation Cup.
90'+6':Chance to Sunday once again, good save by Amrinder.

90'+5':Corner to Bengaluru FC, Eugeneson's corner, John Johnson's header hits the post and went wide.
Man of the Match: Alfred.
90': 4 minutes of added time.
89':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Joel Sunday scored for Aizawl FC from Alfred's pass.
88':David's free kick, Amrindar save it.
87':Joel Sunday's shot, went wide.
85':Play resumed.
Fans are looks unhappy. Stones are thrown to the ground. Match stopped.
83':Aizawl FC scored a goal through Sunday but referee awards free kick.
79':Players Change in Aizawl FC: Zohmingmawia is being replaced by Malsawmtluanga
78':Yellow Card to Lalruatthara.
77':Nearly a chance to Vineeth, good save by Poirei.
76':Fine chance to Daniel but absolutely brilliant tackle by Emmanuel to clear the ball.
74':Players Change in Bengaluru FC: C K Vineeth replaces Udanta Singh.
74':Match stopped due to treatment of David.
71':Thoi's pass to Daniel, but he is in OFFSIDE position.
70':Chance to Sunil from Bengaluru FC's quick corner, but Sunil is ruled OFFSIDE.
69':Fanai's cross blocked and corner to Bengaluru FC.
69':Players Change in Aizawl FC: William replaces Brandon.
68':Chance to Sunil, but his left footed shot went wide.
68':What a chance to Alfred after he beat Amrinder, but he fails to score in open net.
66':Sunday's long ranger, went wide.
65':Attack in opposite end through Udanta, big appeal for Penalty but referee denies it.
64':Good move by Kinowaki but a fine tackle to clear the ball.
63':Score remains still same.
60':Sunil's centre, Kim Kima cleared and corner to Bengaluru FC.
59':Players Change in Bengaluru FC: Thoi Singh replaced Zuala.
57':Udanata with a beautiful run but his last touch helped sliding keeper Poirei for rescue.
56':David's corner, cleared and went to Brandon, his scored and Alfred's header touched side net.
55':Alfred's cross, Osano cleared it. Corner to Aizawl FC.
53':Yellow Card to Fanai for his bad tackle to Albert.
50':Sunil's shot, went wide.
48':Another good goal scoring moves by Aizawl through Alfred, his pass just wide and Osano cleared the ball.
46':Second half resumed.
46':Players Change in Bengaluru FC: Daniel in place of Kim.
HALF TIME Score now 1-1 in between Aizawl FC and Bengaluru FC after the end of first half.
45': 2 minutes of added time.
43':Alfred once again, another shot, but just wide.
41':Joel Sunday...What a chance!!! His shot beat Amrindar but hit the post, rebound chance to Aizawl results side-netting.
38':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL Alfred equalised for Aizawl FC. Osano failed to trap the ball properly and Alfred's left footed grounder finds the net.
37':Chance to Aizawl but Lalruatthara's cross went wide.
35':David's free kick, cleared in defence.
31':Lalrinmuana's free-kick, good save by Amrinder.
29':Brandon's shot, went wide.
24':Game to stopped as Albert is receiving treatment.
15': GOAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL : Eugeneson Lyngdoh advanced Bengaluru FC in early minutes.
10':Lyndoh's brilliant shot but a fine save by Poirei.
3':Lyndoh's free kick, Johnson's header cleared by Alfred.
0':Kick off.

The I League champions, Bangaluru FC will play the opening encounter of the current edition of Federation Cup against Aizawl FC on Saturday afternoon at the pictureous Rajib Gandhi stadium at Aizawl. Bangaluru FC ,the defending champions of the Federation Cup are one of the favorites in the tournament.

The National coach Stephen Constantine are of the opinion that Federation Cup in the new format of home and away will be competitive. The Federation Cup gives him the opportunity to look at the footballers, whom he is closely following.
The Federation Cup in the new format likely to be competitive as the top eight teams in the I league will fight for the honor in a total of 13 matches. Though Aizawl FC finished at the bottom of the I League table, but are confident to utilize the home advantage against the defending champions,Bangaluru FC in the opening encounter of the Fedaration Cup.

After being the champions in the I League, Bangaluru FC are focusing the Federation Cup which they won in their maiden appearance. While interacting in the pre match press conference Bengaluru FC coach Ashley Westwood said, "We have been fairly consistent this season and we hope to carry it into the Hero Federation Cup. We could not train as much as we would like to today after our long journey yesterday but we will play to win tomorrow."
The match will kick off at 3 pm IST.