GOA PRO LEAGUE - 2017-18

GFA Goa PRO LEAGUE 2017-18 (3rd Page)
27.04.2018: Churchill Brothers SC 2-0 PGoan FC
SAL : Sereneo Fernandes, Francis Oneyama

24.04.2018: Salgaocar Football Club 5-2 Panjim Footballers
SAL : Clencio Pinto-2, Schubert D'Costa (og), Sunday Joel, Brain Mascarenhas
PAN : Fady Riad, Sneeden

24.04.2018: Goan FC 3-0 Salgaocar FC
GFC :Liston Colaco., Prinston Rebello, Lalawmpuia

20.04.2018: Churchill Brothers SC 3-3 Dempo SC
DEM :Nickson Castanha, Nestor Dias, Kapil Hoble
CRB : James Fernandes, Uttam Rai, William Plaza,

20.04.2018: Salgaocar Football Club 5-2 Churchill Brothers
SCG :Yinka Sunday Joel-2, Leny Pereira, Agnelo Colaco and S. Alvares
CRB : I. Gaurank, K. Piaza

19.04.2018: Sporting Clube De Goa 1-0 Dempo Sports Club
SCG :Philip Odogwu

Sporting Clube win Pro League title
GFFA Media Release : Sporting Clube de Goa defeated Dempo Sports Club 1-0 to clinch the Goa Professional League title, at Duler Stadium, Mapusa, on Thursday.

=== 17.04.2018: SALGAOCAR SC 4-1 Churchill Brothers
SAL :Devendra Murgaocar, Suraj (og), Joel Sunday, Rosario Mendes.
CRB : Willis Plaza.

16.04.2018: DEMPO SC 4-2 SCC Cavelossim
DEM : Kapil Hoble, Nevile Fernandes, Beevan D'Mello, Velito Cruz-2 .
SSC : Samson Simoes

15.04.2018: Sporting Clube de Goa 2-0 Churchill Bros
SAL : Marcus Mascarenhas, Philip Odogwi


GFC : Willis Plaza, Pankaj Sona-3,
PAN : Richard fernandes

12.04.2018: Goan Football Club 1-1 Panjim Footballers
GFC : Franzil Negredo - PEN
PAN : Krishna Pandit

11.04.2018: SALGAOCAR SC 5-0 VASCO SC
SAL : Treyson D'Costa (og), Devendra Murgaonkar, Clencio Pinto-2, Joel Sunday

11.04.2018: SPORTING GOA 2-1 Corps of Signals
SCG : Philip Odogwu, Glan Martins
COR : Kuldeep Kumar

10.04.2018: DEMPO SC 1-0 SANTA CRUZ
SCG Joaquim Abranches

08.04.2018: Salgaocar SC 5-0 Corps of Signals
SCG Gilbert Oliveira-2, Sanson, Devendra, Agnelo Colaco

07.04.2018: Sporting Clube de Goa 1-0 Vasco Sports Club
SCG Marcus Mascarenhas 72'.
Sporting Clube de Goa scored a narrow 1-0 win over Vasco Sports Club in the Goa Professional League game organised by Goa Football Association (GFA) played under floodlights at Duler Stadium, Mapusa on Saturday. Marcus Mascarenhas scored the solitary goal in the 72nd minute for the Flaming Oranje.


05.04.2018: VASCO SC 1-7 Salgaocar SC
SAL Sunday Joel-4, Gilbert oliveira, Franky Oliveira, Franky Oliveira VAS : Devendra Murgaokar

04.04.2018: Calangute Association 1-0 Churchill Brothers
CAL Josley Dias

03.04.2018: Panjim Footballers 4-0 Guardian Angel Sports Club
PAF Clive Miranda, Snedden Rodrigues-2, Sachinand Satelkar.

03.04.2018: Goan FC 1-1 Santa Cruz Club of Cavelossim
SAN Michael Silveira.
GFC : Brian Faria

31.03.2018: Santa Cruz Club of Cavelossim 4-1 FC Bardez
FCB Chatur Naik.
SAN : Mathew Colaco, Alvito Miranda - 3

28.03.2018: Guardian Angel 2-0 Goan Football Club
CB Yakubu Mohammed-2.

27.03.2018: Churchill Brothers 10-0 FC Bardez
CB B.Talgat-2, Willis Plaza , Uttam Rai-3, Sevlon Cardozo, Nicolas Fernandes-2, Pankaj Sona.

26.03.2018: Calangute Association 4-1 Santa Cruz Club of Cavelossim
CB Kouame Joseph,-4,
COS: Samson Simoes

24.03.2018: Churchill Brothers 3-1 Corps of Signals
CB Willis Plaza, Britto P.M, Pankaj Sona
COS: Vishnu Chetri

23.03.2018: fc Bardez 5-0 Calangute Association
FCB Blake Haldankar, Kouame Joseph-4,

22.03.2018: Vasco Sports Club 4-2 Panjim Footballers
VSC Franky Oliveira-3, Micky Fernandes,
PAN : Fady Riad -2

21.03.2018: Calangute Association SC 1-1 Guardian Angel SC
CA: Kousame Joseph 94'
GA: Yakubu Mohammad 52'

20.03.2018: FC Bardez 2-2 Santa Cruz Club of Cavelossim
FCB: Joywin Carneiro 57', Chatur Naik 68'
SCCC: Mathew Colaco 10', Allwyn Vaz 36'

18.03.2018: Guardian Angel SC 2-0 Corps of Signals
GASC: Aslon Oliveira, Nicholas Rodrigues

17.03.2018:Calangute Association SC 4-1 Vasco SC
CA: Sanjay Vengurlekar 16', Blake Haldankar 55', Ashok Megheri 81', Jayganesh Goltekar 90'
VSC: Franky 85'

15.03.2018: Guardian Angel SC 5-0 FC Bardez
GA: Nicholas Rodrigues 38',Yakubu Mohammad 43',Perryson Rebello 49', Abel Hammond 78'(P)

14.03.2018: Goan FC 2-1 Vasco SC
GFC: Krishna Pandit 24', Yasir Mohammad 30'
VSC: Minesh Kunkolkar 12'

13.03.2018: Churchill Brothers 2-2 FC Bardez
CB: Francis Onayema 33', 89'
FCB: Sherman Vaz 18', Inacio Colaco 19'

10.03.2018: Goan FC 3-1 Vasco SC
GFC: Yasir Mohammad 28', 42', Kingsley Fernandes 70'
VSC: Anil Gaoncar 83'

08.03.2018: FC Bardez 0-0 Calangute Association

07.03.2018: SCC Cavelossim 0-0 Sporting Clube de Goa

06.03.2018: Guardian Angel SC 6-0 FC Bardez
GA: Aniston Fernandes 1'(30 Seconds), 72', Yakubu Mohammad 20', 43', Clifton Dias 41', Nicholas Rodrigues 90'

05.03.2018: Goan FC 4-0 Corps of Signals
GFC: Krishna Pandit 40', 53', Aaren D’Silva 71', L Pule 73'

03.03.18: Salgaocar FC 8-3 Santa Cruz Club of Cavelossim
SFC: Gilbert Oliveira 17', 45' Devendra Murgaonkar 25', 40',Yinka Joel Sunday 28', 36', 50', 57'
SCCC: Mathew Colaco 42', Samson Simoes 82', 92'

02.03.2018: Sporting Clube de Goa 1-0 Guardian Angel SC
SCG: Cajetan Fernandes 54'

01.03.2018: Dempo SC 2-0 Calangute Association SC
DSC: Kapil Hoble 60', Beevan D’Mello 72'

28.02.2018: Panjim Footballers SC 3-2 FC Bardez
PFSC: Akeraj 10', Fady 43', Mahesh 85'
FCB: Ronil Azavedo 54', Clinton 64'

26.02.2018: Corps of Signals 2-1 Vasco SC

24.02.2018 : Dempo SC 2-0 Football Club de Bardez
SCG : Latesh Mandrekar (20'), Suraj Hadkonkar (83')
Dempo Sports Club defeated Football Club de Bardez 2-0 in the Goa Football Association's Goa Professional League match played at Duler Stadium, Mapusa, on Saturday. Latesh Mandrekar (20') scored the opener for Dempo SC while Suraj Hadkonkar (83') netted the second to seal the game for Dempo Sports Club.

Both the team started the game on an attacking note however Dempo SC had the upperhand in the game as Kapil Hoble grabbed the first chance that came their way and tried to score a goal in the 13th minute but Kapil's attempt was unsucessful.

23.02.2018 : Sporting Club de Goa 4-1 Calangute Association
SCG : Cajetan Fernandes, Myron Fernandes, Philip Odogwu and Marcus Mascarenhas
CLG : Blake Haldankar

Sporting Club de Goa beat Calangute Association 4-1 to strengthen their top position in the Goa Professional League game organized by Goa Football Association (GFA) played at Duler Stadium Mapusa here on Friday. Cajetan Fernandes, Myron Fernandes, Philip Odogwu and Marcus Mascarenhas scored for the Oranje while Blake Haldankar reduced it for the Calangute team.

The table toppers began the game on a strong attack and pressed hard onto the Calangute defense from the start. After a few missed attempts, the Sporting side surged ahead in the 8th minute through Cajetan Fernandes whose low shot off a free kick was in no reach of the opposition keeper Jason D'Mello.

22.02.2018 : Salgaocar Football Club 1-0 Guardain Angel Sports Club
SAL : Devendra Murgaonkar

18.02.2018 : Salgaocar Football Club 3-1 Calangute Association
SAL : Mackroy Peixote, Devendra Murgaonkar-2
CLG : Dominic Fernandes

18.02.2018 : Sporting Club de Goa 4-0 F.C Bardez
SAL : Abiola Afuwape, Victorinho Fernandes, Sodiq Ibrahim and Marcus Mascarenhas

Mackroy Peixote netted a goal while Devendra Murgaonkar scored a brace to make it 3-0 at half-time for the Green Brigade while Dominic Fernandes scored a consolation for Calangute Association late in the game. Either of the teams started the match on an attacking note but were restricted to midfield play as the players cancel out each other’s move. It took 30 minutes for the deadlock to be broken as their striker Joel Sunday sent in a defence splitting pass to Mackroy Peixote who shot from the top of the box to make it 1-0 for Salgaocar FC.

As the match progressed the Green Brigade’s tried to inflate the lead as they went all-out attacking and managed to double scores in the 36th minute as Gilbert sent an inch-perfect ball to Devendra who made no mistake to slot the ball home. Devendra soon completed his brace in the 39th minute as he dribbled past a couple of defenders with his astonishing footwork and slammed the ball into the nets making it 3-0 before half-time.


15.02.2018 : Panjim Footballers 2-2 Dempo Sports Club
PFA : Fady Riad, Alphonse Himoa Shako
DEM : Joaquim Abranches - 2

Panjim Footballers came from behind to hold Dempo Sports Club to a 2-2 draw in the Goa Professional League game organized by Goa Football Association (GFA) played at Duler Stadium here on Thursday. Fady Riad's goal gave the Panjim side a lead while Joaquim Abranches scored two past the Panjim team. A late equalizer from Alphonse Himoa Shako forced Dempo SC to share the points. Panjim Footballers looked dangerous in the start with some moves down the flanks but it was the Dempo side that created potent chances in the initial minutes.


12.02.2018 : Vasco Sports Club 2-1 SCC Cavelossim
GFC : Schubert Pereira, Flan Gomes.
SSC : Alvito Miranda

Vasco Sports Club defeated SCC Cavelossim 2-1 in the Goa Professional League game played at Duler Stadium Mapusa on Wednesday. The Port Town side broke the deadlock in the 36th minute through their star striker Schubert Pereira after he received an inch-perfect pass from Deryl Endro.
On changing sides, Flan Gomes added the second for the Vasco side through a fine finish that was in no reach of the Cavelossim keeper. The Cavelossim side managed to pull one down in the 63rd minute with Alvito Miranda getting on to the scoresheet for the losing side.


12.02.2018 : Salgaocar Football Club 7-0 Football Club De Bardez
GFC : Joel Sunday Ayeni-3,Devendra Murgaonkar-2, Mackroy Peixote and Angelo Colaco

Salgaocar Football Club defeated Football Club De Bardez by 7-0 in the Goa Proffessional League match played at Duler Stadium, Mapusa, on Monday. Yinka Joel Sunday Ayeni netted hat-trick while Devendra Murgaonkar scored twice. Mackroy Peixote and Angelo Colaco were the other goalscorers in Salgaocar FC's rout of FC Bardez.


11.02.2018 : Sporting Club de Goa 6-0 Corps of Signals
GFC : Dhilip Odegwu-2, Sodin Ibrahim, Victorinho Fernandes-3,

Sporting Club took just five minutes to get their scoring boots on as Dhilip Odegwu eased past the defence of the Corps and neatly finished his strike into the nets. But before the Crops side could recover from the early goal, Sodin Ibrahim made it 2-0 for the Sporting side. Dhilip added another quick goal in the 11th minute while later their star striker Victorinho Fernandes stepped up and made it 4-0 in the 16th minute. The Corps side were in a complete disarray as the Oranje went full out in search of more. Victorinho completed his brace in the 24th minute as they Corps team saw themselves five goals behind in the first 25 minutes itself as the Sporting side went into the break with what looked like an easy first session for them. On changing over, Corps failed to regroup up as Victorinho completed his hattrick in the 53rd minute with a fine finish into the nets. From then the Corps side began to clear all the attempts created by the opposition as the Sporting side were looking to further inflate their lead. But a fine first half performance from the table toppers was enough to take away the game from the army men.


10.02.2018 : Calangute Association 2-2 Goan Football Club
GFC : Aarens D'Silva and Veegan Ferrao
CAL : Bonny Niasso and Kouame M. Joseph

Calangute Association and Goan Football Club played out at 2-2 draw in Goa Football Association’s Goa Professional League played at Duler Stadium, Mapusa, on Saturday. Aarens D'Silva and Veegan Ferrao were on score sheet for the Goan FC where as Bonny Niasso and Kouame M. Joseph netted for Calangute Association.


09.02.2018 : Vasco Sports Club 1-0 Guardian Angel Sports Club
VSC : Franky Oliveira



08.02.2018 : Corps of Signals 2-1 SCC Cavelossim
SSC : Allwyn Vaz
COS : Harshad Thube and Pawan Thakur


Corps of Signals edged past SCC Cavelossim 2-1 in the Goa Football Association’s (GFA) Goa Professional League fixture played at Duler Stadium, Mapusa, on Thursday. U-20 player Allwyn Vaz scored first for the Cavelossim side but goals from Harshad Thube and Pawan Thakur sealed the victory for the Army side.


07.02.2018 : Dempo Sports Club 2-1 Salgaocar FC
DEM : Beevan D’Mello (26’) and Kapil hobble (41’)
SAL : Clencio Pinto (60’)


Dempo Sports Club defeated Salgaocar FC 2-1 in the Goa Football Association’s Goa Professional League match, played at Duler Stadium, Mapusa, on Tuesday. Beevan D’Mello (26’) and Kapil hobble (41’) scored for the Golden Eagles while Clencio Pinto (60’) scored to keep Salgaocar FC in the game.

It was in the 26th minute; however, that the Golden Eagles managed to find the breakthrough as Beevan shot home a rebound which resulted from a corner kick to make it 1-0 for Dempo SC. Later, Dempo SC netted yet another goal in the 41st minutes as Kapil dribbled past a couple of defenders before shooting the ball past the rival keeper to make it 2-0.

Post resumption, the introduction of Clencio Pinto and Denil Rebello proved instrumental for Salgaocar FC as substitute Clencio reduced the margin to keep the Green Brigade’s in the game after he tapped the ball home as the ball rebounded from Sunday’s strike which was saved by the rival keeper. Salgaocar FC tried to get another goal but Dempo SC guearded their citadel to keep the rivals at bay.

05.02.2018 : Goan Football Club 4-2 FC Bardez
GFC : Leander D’Cunha, Lalhunslama, Liston Colaco, Krishna Pandit
FCB : Ronil Azavedo, Inacio Colaco


Ten men Goan FC beat FC Bardez 4-2 in the Goa Football Associations (GFA) Goa Professional League game played at Duler Stadium, Mapusa on Monday. Goan FC took the lead in the 28th minute courtesy to midfielder Leander D’Cunha who placed his fine strike into the nets to give his side a 1-0 lead. This lone goal separated both the teams at the interval.

On crossing over, Lalhunslama added a second goal for the Gaurs in the 48th minute while later Ronil Azavedo added the home team’s first goal in the 52nd minute. Liston Colaco added the third goal for his team in the 73rd minute.

Substitute Krishna Pandit replaced Aaren D’Silva and the former made no mistake coming off from the bench as he netted in for his team in the 88th minute to give them a 4-1 lead going into the final minutes. FC Bardez pulled one more goal down to narrow down the gap in the final additional time (90+3) through Inacio Colaco.

31.01.2018 : Goan Football Club 3-0 Dempo Sports Club
GFC : Liston Colaco,Yasir Mohammad and Aaren D’silva.


Goan Football Club defeated Dempo Sports Club 3-0 in the Goa Professional League match. Liston Colaco,Yasir Mohammad and Aaren D’silva were on the scoresheet for Goan FC.

The game was initiated by the midfield play but Goan FC put on their attacking boots and had the first shy at the rival goal in the third minute Aaren D'Silva tried a shot at goal, but his effort was saved by the Dempo defence. However, Dempo SC couldn't stop the Goan FC attack as they scored in the sixth minute when Liston Colaco scored from the spot after the Golden Eagles player brought down Goan FC player in the danger zone.

Goan FC continued with their onslaught and almost doubled the lead in the 11th minute but Liston Colaco just couldn't keep his composure in front of the game. Goan FC totally outplayed the Golden Eagles in all aspects of the game. At the other end, Dempo's Kapil Hoble tirelessly worked in the midfield but just couldn't get the support from his teammates. Goan FC led 1-0 at the break. Post resumption, Goan FC were resolute and well organised and although Dempo SC were in control, it took something special to break the deadlock. Yasir Mohammad scored in the 55th minute before Aaren D’silva scored the team's third late in the game.

30/01/2018 : Sporting Goa 2-1 Salgaocar FC
SAL : Yinka Joel
SCG : Abiola Afuwapa, Cajetan Fernandes

Sporting Club de Goa edged past Salgaocar FC 2-1 in the Goa Professional League game organized by Goa Football Association (GFA) played at Duler Stadium Mapusa on Tuesday. The strong giants Sporting took just 6 minutes to open their scoring through strong Abiola Afuwapa who's fine finish landed in the nets.

But the green brigade made it all square in the 21st minute as Yinka Joel's strike landed in the nylons. Both teams headed into half 1-1. Post resumption, Cajetan Fernandes scored from the spot to give Sporting Club the all important goal as they took all three points as they continued their impressive run in the campaign.

25/01/2018 : Corps of Signal 1-3 FC Bardez.
FCB : Clinton Niasso-2, Jessel Carneiro.
COS : Romans M.S

FC Bardez scored a hard fought 3-1 win over Corps of Signals in the Goa Professional League organized by Goa Football Association (GFA) played at Duler Stadium, Mapusa, on Thursday. The Corps teams went into the game with a 1-0 defeat to Dempo SC while FC Bardez were held to a 1-1 draw against Panjim Footballers in their previous outing. Clinton Niasso's brace along with a late goal from Jessel Carneiro sealed the deal for the home team while Romans M.S scored the lone goal for the Corps side.

24/01/2018 : Sporting Goa 2-1 Goan FC
SCG : Victorino Fernandes-2
GFC : Hayden Fernandes

23/01/2018 : Dempo SC 2-0 Vasco SC.
DEM : Joaquim Abranches and Suraj Hadkonkar.

20/01/2018 : Guardian Angels SC 4-1 SCC Cavelossim
GUA : Joval Fernandes,Yakubu Mohammad,Perryson-2
SCC : Alvito Miranda

19/01/2018 : Salgaocar FC 1-0 Goan FC.
SAL : Umesh Harijan.

18/01/2018 : Sporting Goa 2-0 Vasco SC
SCG : Victorino Fernandes and Abiola Afuwape

17/01/2018 : Corps of Signal 0-1 Dempo SC
DEM : Shallum Pires

15/01/2018 : SCC Cavelossim 0-1 Calangute Association
CAL : Blake Haldankar

14/01/2018 : Panjim Footballers 2-0 Guardian Angels SC
PAF : Velton D’Souza, Mahesh Kumar

11/01/2018 : Guardian Angels SC 3-0 Calangute Association
GUA : Abel Hammod-2, Nicholas Rodrigues