East Bengal beat BNR 4-1 in their 2nd CFL match at YBK

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19.08.2014: EAST BENGAL 4-1 BNR ( YBK - FT..) :: REFRESH FOR NEXT
KEB : Ranty Martins 2', Baljit 31'(Pen), 45+1', Deepak 41'
BNR : Kazeem 79'
KEB : Barreto, Dipak, Raju, Arnab, Soumik, Khabra, Lobo, Abranches, Mehtab, Ranty, Baljit.
BNR : Souvik, Debkumar, Dipankar, Somnath, Dhiman, Sudip, James, Barun, Robi, Ashim, Kazeem, .... REF : Prabir Dhar.

IFA CFL : Championship - Latest League Table Position . R-E-A-D
FT East Bengal win 2nd match beat BNR Club 4-1. 90': Added time 3 minutes.
85': Lobo's shot hits the post. East Bengal missed another goal.
82': YELLOW CARD to Khabra of East Bengal.
80': Still East Bengal is leading 4-1 against BNR.
79': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 4-1, BNR scored, Kazeem scored from a punch of top of the East Bengal box..
75': PLAYER CHANGE - EAST BENGAL : MD Rafiq in and Baljit out.
75':Still East Bengal is leading 4-0 against BNR.
73': Miss pass galoe by both teams.
70': Still East Bengal is leading 4-0 against BNR.
68': Free kick to BNR, James shot saved by barreto for corner. Somnath's Corner cleared.
65': Still East Bengal is leading 4-0. All scored in the first half.
63': PLAYER CHANGE - EAST BENGAL : Dipak tirkey in and Abranches out.
62': Missed by East Bengal, Ranty's shot hits the post and out.
60': Yellow card to James of BNR for rough tackle.
59': Corner to BNR, Somnath's corner kick cleared in KEB box.
57': PLAYER CHANGE - EAST BENGAL : Jiten Murmu in and Mehtab out.
55': Still East Bengal is leading 4-0 against BNR.
54': Lobo's effort from long ranger but went wide over the bar.
53': Now slow pace in the match.
52': Still East Bengal is leading 4-0 against BNR.
50': East Bengal 4-0 BNR
50': Deepak through pass to Lobo but he was unable to collect. Goal kick for BNR.
49': Free kick of BNR in East Bengal half. ball cleared.
48': East Bengal is attacking now.
HT: East Bengal 4-0 BNR
45+1': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Baljit scored from off a pass of Khabra.
45': 2 minute added time.
42': East Bengal 3-0 BNR
41': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Deepak Mondol scored from right footer off a pass of Ranty.
42': YELLOW CARD TO Khabra as he fouled James of BNR.
40': East Bengal 2-0 BNR
38': Khabra's cross and Baljit's header went out.
35': East Bengal 2-0 BNR
31': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Ranty's shot deflected from post and Baljit scored from deflected ball.
30': Sudip Santra fouled deepak in penalty box. Penalty to East Bengal.
30': Long ranger of Khabra went out.
29': East Bengal 1-0 BNR
28': Barun Kundu's shot went out.
26': Raju cleared Dhiman Sinha's forward pass.
25': East Bengal 1-0 BNR
20': Yellow card to Souvik who fouled Soumik of East Bengal.
18': Soumik shot went to Souvik.
18': Header of Arnab went to Souvik's hand.
17': East Bengal 1-0 BNR
17': Deepak was well tackled by Sandip.
16': East Bengal is trying to control their midfield.
15': Attack of East Bengal from left, Soumik's cross cleared in BNR box by Debkumar.
15': 1st corner to BNR, Luis Barreto well saved.
14': 1st corner to East Bengal, Abranches corner and Arnab's header went to keeper Souvik.
14': East Bengal 1-0 BNR
13': Luis Barreto well saved in advance from James again and another mistake of East Bengal defence.
13': East Bengal got a chance through Baljit but well tackle by Debkumar in top of the box.
8': Mistake of Arnab and ball went to James but his shot went wide from close.
5': Still East Bengal is leading 1-0.
3': East Bengal 1-0 BNR
2': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Ranty scored from a nice header from Deepak's right sided cross.
1': Match starts at YBK.
0': This will be East Bengal's 2nd Match in CFL.
0': East Bengal lost their 1st match 0-1 to Mohammedan SC.
0': Match will start soon between East Bengal and BNR Club.