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13.09.2014 : EAST BENGAL ( 6-0 ) SAI (EZ) (YBK - FT..)
KEB : DUDU 15', 26', 71', RANTY 24', 43', BERTOS 77'
KEB : Abhra, Abhishek, Gurwinder, Safar, Dhanarajan, Avinash, Subodh, Sukhwinder, Prolhad, Ranti, Dudu.( SCROLL DOWN )
SAI : Subham, Ashis, Nilesh, Shiba, Wasim, Diwas, Tufan, Rana, Sona, Azarhuddin, Laxmikanta .. REF : Animesh Biswas

FULL TIME. East Bengal beat SAI (EZ) in 6-0 and in another CFL match Kalighat MS win 2-0 against Southern Samity.
90'+4':Chance to SAI but another foul.
90'+3':Abhishek cleared the ball and corner
90'+3':Azarhuddin's shot, deflected and a corner to SAI.
90'+3':Dhanarajan's centre to Manas, Shiba cleared it
90'+3':Long ranger, Abhra saved the ball
90'+2':Leo Bartos's centre, cleared in defence
90'+1':Shiba cleared the ball from corner
90'+1':Abhishek's shot, blocked and touched side net. Corner to EB
90':4 minutes added time
89':Another brilliant centre of Abinash, Bartos missed a open sitter
88':Forward pass to Leo bartos, but he handed the ball.
86':Chance to Tufan, but looks like he is injured. Match stopped.
85':Ball cleared from corner
84':Abinash's cross blocked and a corner to EB
82':Forward pass to find Tufan, but ball went wide
81':Abinash's centre from left, Subham's brilliant touch cleared the attack.
80':Another attack of EB, but Subham saved it
79':Goal difference is same (+18) for both Tollygunge and East Bengal in league table now. (+18)
78':Players Change in EB: Manas Sarkar in place of Prolhad Roy.
77': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Brilliant left footed powerful long ranger of Leo Bartos finds the net. he scored his first goal in CFL
76':Dudu's free kick, went over the bar.
76':Foul against Leo Bartos, free kick to East Bengal
75':15 more minutes remaining in the match and East Bengal leading 5-0 against SAI
72':Brilliant chance to SAI through Azarhuddin, missed a open net. His header went over the bar
71': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Hattrick of Dudu and scored 8th goal in CFL and reached top goal scorer position with Koko Sakibo. Brilliant move through Subodh and Dudu.
68':Players Chnage in SAI: Tubai De came in the field
67':Gurwinder's centre, but Subham saved it brilliantly
64':Long forward pass to find Abinash, but he is in offside position
63':Players Change in EB: Leo Bartos in place of Ranty
62':Another chance to Dudu, but brilliant block in defence
61':Ball cleared from corner
61':Players Change in EB: Wasim Akram Mullick in place of Safar Sardar
60':Brilliant movement of Dudu but defenders blocked this time and a corner to EB
58':Another attack of EB, Dudu's centre but Abhishek's shot, easy to Subham
57':Ball cleared from free kick and a counter attack of EB, Dudu's shot but Subham save it brilliantly
56':Bad tackle of Prolhad, free kick to SAI
55':SAI's attack, but Shiba is in offside position
54':Pralhad committed a foul against Azarhuddin, free kick to SAI
53':Chance to East Bengal, Abinash's cross, Sukwinder's shot blocked and cleared
52':Abinas's corner, cleared in defence
51':Another corner of EB
50':Dudu's free kick, blocked in human wall and cleared
49':Another foul, this time Rana committed it against Dudu
49':Swarup committed a foul against Sukwinder, free kick to EB
48':Swarup's long ranger, went over the bar
47':Forward through to find Azarhuddin, Safar blocked and Abhra save the ball easily
46':Sukwinder committed a foul, free kick to SAI
46':Second half resumes
HALF TIME. East Bengal leading 4-0 after the end of first half
45'+1':SAI's attack and a long ranger, went over the bar
45':2 minutes of added time
43': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Own goal of Biwas, Ranty's shot subham blocked and went to Biwas. Biwas tried to clear the ball but it finds the net. But as it shoot by Ranty the credit went to Ranty Martins.
42':Bad tackle to Dudu, free kick to EB
42':Score remains still same. East Bengal leading 1-0 against SAI (Eastern Zone).
40': Ashis's cross from left,nearly a chance to Azarhuddin, ball went wide
39':Abinash's centre from left, Diwas cleared the ball
38':Ball cleared from the corner
38':Brilliant cross of Dhanarajan, defenders cleared the ball. Corner to EB
37':Tollygunje Agragami's Koko Sakibo is the leading goal scorer still now with 8 goals and East Bengal's Dudu is just behind him with 7 goals.
36':Dudu's header from corner, directly in Subham's hand
35':Abinash's left footed long ranger, deflected and went wide. Corner to EB
33':Tufan committed a foul against Safar, free kick to EB
32':Sukwinder's forward pass to find Dudu, but ball directly went to Subham's hand
31':Dudu's header from corner, went wide
30':Players Change in SAI: Swarup in place of Laxmikanta
30':Another corner to EB
29':Abinash's long ranger, Subham saved the ball
28':SAI's move, Dhanarajan saved the ball
27':East Bengal leading 3-0 now
26': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Dudu brilliant goal finds the net. Ranty chest trap the ball to Dudu and his left footed long ranger finds the net. 7th Goal of DUDU in CFL this season
25':Another chance to Ranty, but his flick directly in Subham's hand
24': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Dhanarajan's brilliant centre from Dudu's pass from right, Ranty touched the ball and it finds the net. 6th goal of Ranty in CFL this season.
23':Dudu's header, but header ball directly in Subham's hand
22':Dhanarajan's centre, cleared and a corner to EB
21':Mohun Bagan to play their 10th round match on 15th September against Southern Samity.
20':Brilliant through to find Laxmikanta, but Abhra cleared the ball easily
19':Another long ranger, but Subham saved it this time
19':Pralhad's centre from right, but Diwas cleared the ball
17':Dhanarajan's cross from left flank, Wasim cleared the ball
16':East Bengal leading 1-0 now
15': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Solo effort of Dudu and a long ranger, deflected and finds the net. 6th goal of Dudu in CFL
13':Ball cleared from corner
12':Abhishek's shot, Subham blocked and ball goes to defender and finally first corner to EB
11':Brilliant chance to Tufan from Laxmikanta Mandi's brilliant centre, but his shot went over the bar. Safar missed the ball completely.
10':SAI's move through left, but Safar cleared the ball
9':Ranty's cross from right flank, Subham saved it again
7':Positive chance to EB, brilliant centre from left, Dudu tried to score, Subham saved it
6':Tufan's left footed long ranger, directly in Abhra's hand
4':Brilliant move of SAI, but Azarhuddin is in offside position
3':EB's move, Diwas blocked it
3':SAI's attack through right, Dhanarajan blocked it
2':EB's attack, Pralhad Roy's shot, directly in Subham's hand
1':Heavy rain in YBK but match is going on
0':Kick off