5th Win of Mohammedan SC, beat Aryan 2-0.

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27.08.2014 : MOHAMMEDAN SC ( 2-0 ) ARYAN CLUB : BST - FT
MSC : Ugochukwu 52', Ashim Biswas 90+2'
MSC : Arnab, Phoolchand, Sunil, Ugochuku, Rajib, Sukdev, Bijoy, Adeleja, Qutubuddin, Ashim, Imran
ARN : Anupam, Ashim, Godwin, Souvik, Sagar, Sanjay, Sourav, Chandrasish, Sudip, Suman, Stanley
REF : Ranjit Bakshi
FT : Mohammedan SC 2-0 Aryan Club while in other match Police AC win 1-0 against SAI..
90+2': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Ashim Biswas scored 2nd goal for Mohammedan SC, Gour Naska's header from a corner kick and Ashim scored his 110th Goal.
90': 4 minute added time.
89': Mohammedan is going for their 5th win? 4 minutes left to end. Still Aryan is unable to win any match.
In view of a portion of V.Y.B.K. being used for temporary lodging from 26th August evening to 28th August 2014 in connection with a Government related programme, the match scheduled on 28th August 2014 between Mcdowell Mohun Bagan Club and Southern Samity has to be regrettably postponed.
85': SCORELINE - Mohammedan SC 1-0 Aryan Club .
IFA CFL : Championship - 31st August Derby Ticket Price and Selling starts. R-E-A-D
83': PLAYER CHANGE - MSC : Imran out and wasim Raja in.
80': SCORELINE - Mohammedan SC 1-0 Aryan Club .
75': PLAYER CHANGE - MSC : Qutubuddin out and Gour Naskar in.
75': SCORELINE - Mohammedan SC 1-0 Aryan Club .
74': Qutubuddin of MSC injured and under in treatment.
71': PLAYER CHANGE - MSC : Adeleja out and Alfred in.
70': SCORELINE - Mohammedan SC 1-0 Aryan Club .
69': 2nd goal chance missed by Mohammedan, Adleja got the ball in box but Anupam well in advance to save.
67': Attack of Aryanfrom left but Sunil kumar blocked well before their box.
65': SCORELINE - Mohammedan SC 1-0 Aryan Club .
63': Ashim Biswas right footer free kick went over the cross bar.
62': Free kick to Mohammedan SC, far from Aryan box.
60': SCORELINE - Mohammedan SC 1-0 Aryan Club .
52': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1-0 for Mohammedan SC. Ugochukwu scored, Misunderstanding of Godwin and Anupam in Aryan box, Adeleja's shot hits the cross bar and came to advancing Ugochukwu who scored through a brilliant header.
51': Free kick for Mohammedan from Biloy Mandi's attack.
50': SCORELINE - Mohammedan SC 0-0 Aryan Club .
49': Adeleja injured, he was fouled by Godwin in box, No penalty said Referee.
48': Free kick to Mohammedan, Imran's shot cleared.
47': Attack of Aryan, Stanley from right but his cross went for Goal kick of MSC.
46': Starts of 2nd half match.
HT : SCORELINE - Mohammedan SC 0-0 Aryan Club .
45': 1 minute added time , NO SCORE
43': Aryan attac, but miss pass of Sudip.
42': Godwin was fouled by Bijoy Mandi.
40': 5 minute more to end of 1st half. SCORELINE - Mohammedan SC 0-0 Aryan Club .
39': Free kick to MSC, Sunil's kick went to Anupam.
36': Sunil Kumar's free kick long free kick went out.
35': Imran injured, free kick for Mohammedan SC.
34': Cross of Imran from right but went to Anupam.
30': SCORELINE - Mohammedan SC 0-0 Aryan Club .
29': Attack of Aryan, Stanley to Sagar but his shot from top of the box went wide.
28': Long ranger of Phool Chand went out.
26': Free kick to MSC, Godwin fouled Adeleja. Sunil's free kick cleared.
25': SCORELINE - Mohammedan SC 0-0 Aryan Club .
23': Imran's kick final cleared in Aryan box.
22': 3rd corner to Mohammedan SC from Adeleja's attack.
21': Attack of Aryan , left sided cross went to Sagar but Sunil cleared.
20': SCORELINE - Mohammedan SC 0-0 Aryan Club .
17': Corner to Aryan, 1st corner kick. cleared.
16': Chance missed by Aryan, Sagar missed one to one with Arnab passed by Stanley. Sunil Kumar final tacle and Sagar injured.
16': 2nd corner of MSC, Imaran's kick cleared from Aryan box.
15': SCORELINE - Mohammedan SC 0-0 Aryan Club .
13': Set Piece for Mohammedan SC, Free kick of Sunil Kumar and Ashim's weak header went to Anupam.
12': In 2010 CFL - Raghu Nandi's Aryan beat East Bengal, Mohun Bagan and Mohammedan SC
10': SCORELINE - Mohammedan SC 0-0 Aryan Club .
7': Stanley's weak header from an Arial ball went to Arnab.
6': 1st corner to MSC, Ugochuku's header from corner went to Anupam's hand.
5': SCORELINE - Mohammedan SC 0-0 Aryan Club .
3': Rajib to Adeleja in right wing but too long to get for Adeleja.
2': Mohammedan SC beat Mohun Bagan in their last match.
1': Attack of Aryan through Sagar who scored goal against East Bengal but ball went out.
1': Match starts, first attack of Mohammedan, Adeleja in front of Anupam but failed to trap.
0': Match will start soon.
0': Youngest coach in CFL Premier League, 26 years old Aryan club coach Rajdip Nandi, Son of eminent coach Raghu Nandi.
0': In last match Mohammedan SC beat Mohun Bagan.
0': In last match Aryan lost to East Bengal.
0': Match will start at YBK from 4.00 pm.