Riding KOKO's hattrick Tollygunje beat Mohammedan 5-3.

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05.09.2014 : MOHAMMEDAN SC ( 3-5 ) TOLLY. AGRAGAMI : (YBK : FT..)
TOL : Koko Sakibu 50', 83', 86', 90+2', Tanmoy 75'
MSC : Ashim 52', Wahim Raja 78', Adeleja 87'
MSC : Arnab, Phoolchand, Gaur, Ugo (Alfred), Prem , Adeleja, Harpreet (Daniela 53'), Bijoy (Washim), Ashim, Imran.
TOL : Raju, Saikat, Babu, Bello, Rajib (DIPENDU 31'), Surabuddin, Goutam(Nabin 73'), Mohon, Hiralal, Tanmoy, Koko. ..... REF : Pranjal Banerjee.

FT Match end. Beautiful display of Tollygunje Agragami. 5-3 win against Mohammedan SC and reach 22 points after 9th match.
90+2: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 5-3 to Tolly. 4th goal of Koko from a pass from behind.
90': 4 minute added time. SCORE LINE 4-3 FOR TOLLY.
87': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 4-3 to Mohammedan. Adeleza scored.
86': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 4-2 to Tolly. Hattrick of Koko Sakibu.
85': PENALTY..TO TOLLY. 2nd Penalty, Arnab fouled Surabuddim. Yellow Card to Arnab.
82': Nice display in Salt Lake. 1-0, 1-1, 2-1 now 2-2, 3-2
83': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL : 3-2 to Tolly Agragami. Koko Scored as Nabin's shot deflected from Arnab. Offside appeal of MSC but Referee denied.
80': 10 minutes more. scoreline is < 2-2
79': MOHAMMEDAN CHANGE - Ugo out and Alfred in.
78': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2-2. Wasim Raja's Long ranger drop shot beat Raju.
75': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2-1 to Tolly Agragami, Tanmoy Kundu's right footer deflected from Koko to beat Arnab.
75': 15 minutes more : still 1-1.
73': TOLLY CHANGE : Nabin Hela in and Goutam out.
72': Prem Kumar of Mohammedan injured.
70': 1-1. 20 minutes left to end of the match.
70': Attack of Mohammedan, Imran's cross from left cleared by Bello.
67': Attack and attack of Tolly now, Surabuddin to Koko but he missed.
66': STILL 1-1 is the scoreline.
65': Another attack of Tolly, Dipendu from Surabuddin and his shot missed the target.
65': Dipendu's corner hits the post and cleared finally.
64': Corner to Tolly in Arnab's right.
63': Koko vs Ugo while Adeleja vs Bello fighting is going on.
62': Long ranger of Surabuddin went to Arnab.
60': Imran fouled Saikat, Free kick to Tolly. Saikat's kick cleared.
59': 1-1 is the scoreline and fast game is now playing.
53': Chance missed to Tolly - Koko Sakibu missed from a close.
53': Player Change : Mohammedan SC - Daniela in and Harpreet out.
52': Now score line is MOHAMMEDAN SC 1-1 TOLLY AGRAGAMI.
51': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1-1. Ashim Biswas finished from Sukdeb and Imran's movement from left. 111th Goals of Ashim.
50': SCORE - Mohammedan SC 0-1 Tolly Agragami.
49': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1-0 to Tolly, Koko Sakibu scored from Penaly.
48': Good move of Surabuddin and he was fouled by Phool chand in Box.
47': Slashy field as it's raining and ball moves fast.
46': Starts of 2nd half, Heavy shower now in Salt lake. But Match is going on.
45': Tolly's Goalkeeper coach is operating from Coaches technical area.
45': 2 minutes added time.
45': NO SCORE - 0-0 STILL.
43': Hand ball of Ugo in penalty Box.? But referee gave Corner to Tolly, 3rd corner to Tolly, Foul of Tolly.
43': RAJU GANGULY - The boy from Ashok Nagar is playing well through out the Tournament so far.
42': Free kick to Mohammedan. Imran's kick went to Raju. Well anticipation of Raju.
41': Who will the 7th duel of MSC and TOLLY? Mohammedan SC won 3 and Tolly won 2 in last 6 duels.
40': 5 minutes more to end of first half. NO SCORE (0-0).
37': Good move of Mohammedan SC, Adeleja to Ashim but poor corss.
36': Miss pass galore in the match Both teams are unable to play correct passes.
35': Still scoreline is 0-0.
34': Offside of Surabuddin from Koko's pass.
32': TOLLY PLAYER CHANGE : Dipendu in Rajib out.
31': Koko Sakibu got a ball but he was unable to do anything.
30': Adeleja to Sukdev but he missed to final pass.
26': Chance missed by Ashim, his volley went wide 3 feet from Tolly goal.
25': Still the scoreline is 0-0.
25': Tanmoy's long ranger went wide.
24': Babu mondol well blocked Adeleja's dangerous attack.
24': No impact in fre kick of Tolly.
23': Ashim fouled Goutam Thakur, free kick to Tolly.
22': No team has got any positive chance to score.
20': Chance to MSC, Adeleja one to one with Raju but no damage done.
18': Koko Sakibu is well guarded by Mohammedan defence.
17': Useless cross of Prem Kumar went wide, Ashim was near to him to pass for an another attack.
16': Hand ball of Harpreet, Free kick of Tolly cleared by Prem Kumar.
15': NO SCORE : 0-0
15': BALL POSSESSION : 51% Mohammedan SC.
14': Again attack of Mohammedan, Sukdev to Prem kumar but there was Bello. No chance.
12': Attack of Mohammedan, Adejeza to Harpreet in right but poor cross went wide.
11': Ugo chukwu injured while collecting a ball.
10': NO SCORE : 0-0
10': Free kick to Tolly as rajib was fouled.
9': Long ball went to Arnab.
8: Surabuddin's corner went to no mans land.
7': 2nd corner to Tolly from Surabuddin attack.
6': Midfield playing is going on.
5': NO SCORE : 0-0
3': Harpreet cleared Rajib's corner, counter attack of MSC.
2': Tolly win corner from Surabuddin's attack from left.
2': Throw in for Tolly from Mohon's attack.
1': Both teams are in the championship run. what will happen? 1': Match starts at YBK.
0m: Mohammedan is playing without their defender Sunil Kumar while Tolly is playing withour their Nigerian goal machine Daniel.
0m: Pranjal Banerjee returns as Referee after officiating the CFL Derby on 31st August.
0m: Mohammedan is playing 4-4-2 combination and same formation to Tollygunje.
0m: Match is going to be started.
0m: Mohammedan SC beat their arch rivals East Bengal and Mohun Bagan.
0m: Fan's will wait to watch the the eye catching performance of Mohammedan's Adeleza and Koko of Tollygunge.
0m: In their last matches Tolly won 2-0 over Aryan while Mohammedan SC drew 2-2 with southern Samity.
0m: Both teams played 8 matches where Tolly won 6 and Mohammedan Sc won 5 matches.
0m: Tollygunge Agragami is now the league leader with 19 points from 8 matches while Mohammedan SC is in 3rd place with 17 points from 8 matches.
0m': Vital match of the day between Mohammedan SC and Tollygunge Agragami.