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24.08.2014 : MOHUN BAGAN ( 1-2 ) MOHAMMEDAN SC ( FULL TIME.)
MMB : Sabeeth 23'
MSC : Adeleja 43', Sunil Kumar 60'

MMB : Shilton, Satish, Kingshuk, Dhanachandra, Souvik G, Sehenaj, Yusa, Souvik C, Sabeeth, Boya, Balwant.
MSC : Arnab, Rajib, Phoolchad, Ugochuku, Sunil, Gour, Sukdev, Bijoy, Basant, Ashim, Adeleja. ..... REFEREE : Pradip Dhar.

FT : After beating East Bengal on 10th August, Mohammedan SC beat their arch rival Mohun Bagan also by a margin of 2-1. Courtesy - Adeleja and Sunil Kumar.
90+4:Yellow card to Bijay from tripping Katsumi from behind
90+3:Alfred failed to beat Shilton from Basant's pass
90+2:Arnab is brilliant once again a diving save of Katsumi's shOt
90+1:Katsumi's shot straight to Arnab
90m: Added time 6 min

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Mohammedan Sporting bagged yet another important win in Kolkata CFL today when they defeated Mohun Bagan at Yubabharati Kriangan by a brace against an odd. Except for the first twenty five minutes Mohammedan dominated all through proving superior than their oppornants. In the opening encounter of the CFL the Black Panthers defeated the defending champions East Bengal by a solitary goal.

Mohan Bagan had the lead in the 23rd minute of the match when C.S.Sabeeth scored from a corner from Shehnaj Singh after Mohammedan Keeper Arnab failed to grab the ball, He scored the 50th Goal of the IFA CL Championship Round 2014.

Mohammedan SC came back strongly within short span and created a number of opportunities to score. It was Adileza, who was a bit unlucky in the first session as his shots were saved from the goal by Kingshuk and Shilton. Adileza equalized in the 43rd minute when he capitalized a loose ball that came to him after rebounding from a host of Mohun Bagan defenders.

In fact the sheer speed and individual brilliance of the Nigerian striker had ruined the Mariners defense who had no answer to respond. We had mentioned in our preview the weakness of the Mohan Baganís central defense which had proved negatively today time and again in front of the strong Mohammedan Sporting attack.

Sunil Kumar scored the winning goal at the 60th minute from a free kick from top of the box after Adileza was brought down by Souvik Ghose. In the second session Mohan Bagan had some opportunities but the efforts of Katsumi and Sabeth were in vain when Arnab Das Sharma came as a savior of his team . Arnab had a brilliant match today as he repeats his performance from where he left against East Bengal.

Mohammedan won both the matches against East Bengal and Mohun Bagan and made the CFL tittle more competitive. In 2008 Mohammedan won both the matches against the Kolkata giants and were the runners up in the Kolkata CFL.
89m: Pankaj shots wide from top of the box
86m: PLAYER CHANGE - MOHAMMEDAN SC : Alfred came in place of Adeleza
85m: Mohammedan defeated East Bengal and Mohan Bagan in 2008 in CFL
84m: Mohammedan leading 2-1 are still controlling the proceedings ,
81m: Arnab saved yet again. Saved a Sabeth's head brilliantly
80m: PLAYER CHANGE - MOHUN BAGAN : Satish Singh replaced by Lalkamal Bhowmick.
78m: Basant tackled in time Satish
76m: Bijay kicks wide from Basant's centre
75m: PLAYER CHANGE - MOHAMMEDAN SC : Gour replaced by Mumtaz
74m: Katsumi's right footer straight to Arnab
71m: Mohammedan in the drivers seat concentrating on passing football utilizing both the wings
69m: Pankaj went wide from Boya's pass from inside 18 yard
66m: Mohammedan leading 2-1
65m: PLAYER CHANGE - MOHUN BAGAN : Ram replaced by Balwant
60m: Sunil Kumar scores brilliantly from a free kick from top of the box
60m: GOALLLLLLLL Sunil Kumar scored for Mohammedan
59m: Yellow card to Souvik for tripping Adileza from behind freekick to Mohammedan, Yellow ard to Kingshuk from arguing with the referee
57m: Arnab saved a Boya's head brilliantly
55m: Both the teams are trying to gain the midfeild
53m: Souvik' corner wasted
51m: PLAYER CHANGE - MOHUN BAGAN : Pankaj in place of Souvik
50m: Basant dangerous cross Adieleza failed to trap as Bagan defense standed
48m: Boya's shot saved by Arnab
47m: Wasim shot went over the bar
46m: Match started in the 2nd half
HALF TIME : 1-1.
45m: 3 minutes added time. Scores are even in the 1st session (1-1)
45m: Missed another Chance by Adeleja again. His 6 yards close shot beat Shilton and went out.
44m: SCORELINE Mohun Bagan 1-1 Mohammedan SC
43m: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1-1. Adeleja scored for Mohammedan SC. Misunderstanding between Kingshuk and Shilton, Ball rolled down to Washim Raja in right side of MMB box whose shot deflected and went to unmarked Adeleja, who moved 90 degree to score a brilliant goal..
42m: Souvik's effort dismissed in MSC top box.
41m: Attack of Mohun Bagan, Yusa to Boya to Shouvik but long ranger of Souvik went wide.
40m: SCORELINE : Mohun Bagan 1-0 Mohammedan SC.
38': Satish Singh of Mohun Bagan missed a chance from Balwant's pass.
36m: Nice up and down match is going on.
35m: SCORELINE : Mohun Bagan 1-0 Mohammedan SC.
35m: Shilton collected the Corner of Mohammedan SC.
35m: Chance missed to Mohammedan, Kingshuk well saved from Adeleja's move in box.
33m: Weak shot of Basant Singh from right sided box of Mohun Bagan but went to Shilton's hand.
33m: Yusa weel tackled in Mohammedan SC box.
32m: PLAYER CHANGE - Mohammedan SC : Washim Raja in and Ashim Biswas out.
30m: SCORELINE : Mohun Bagan 1-0 Mohammedan SC.
25m: Sabeeth scores the 50th goals of CFL Championship.
23m: Arnab failed to collect a corner of Sehnaj Singh as Sabeeth pushed the ball in the open goal
23m: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL...... . 1-0...SABEETH SCORES FOR MOHUN BAGAN FROM Shehnaj's CORNER KICK. IT's his 4th goal for Mohun Bagan against Mohammedan SC.
22m: Mohun Bagan : 0-0 Mohammedan
21m: Balwant's cross from left went to Arnab
19m: Adeleza center cleared by Mohun Bagan defense
16m: Katsumi's freekick hit the human wall
14m: Yellow card to Phool Chand of MSC as he tripped Katsumi from behind
13m: Adeleza failed to head a cross of Basant Singh. Chance missed to Mohammedan SC.
12m: Sunil Kumar saved a Mohun Bagan attack
9m: Boya kicked wide from top of the box from Sabeeth's pass
9m: It's a midfeild battle so far
5m: Katsumi's free kick cleared by Sunil
4m: Adeleza tackled in time by Kingshuk
2m: Souvik's corner clered by Mohammedan defense
1m: Match Started
0m': Mohammedan won the 1st encounter against East Bengal
0m: Who will going to score the 50th goal in this edition of CFL.Now 49 goals already scored
0m: Both the teams are warming up
0m: Mohan Bagan are in the 2nd position while Mohammedan are in the 4th position in the league table.