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TOL : Raju, Saikat, Babu, Bello, Rajib, Gopal, Prosenjit, Goutam, Surabuddin, Daniel, Tanmoy.
ARN : Subhadeep, Ashim, Godwin, Dhananjoy, Chandrashis, Avik, Sourav, Sudip, Suman, Sagar, Stanley ... REFEREE : Ranjit Bakshi

FULL TIME. Tollygunge Agragami beat Techno Aryan 2-0 and remains top of the table.
90'+5':Yellow Card to Daniel for his bad tackle
90'+3':Daniel cleared the ball from corner
90'+2': Dhananjoy's shot, deflected and a corner
90'+1': In Another Match SAI beat BNR 4-1
90':5 minute added time
90':Good solo run Surabuddin, but failed to trap it properly
88':Players Change in Tollygunge: Sandip in place of Hiralal
85':Brilliant chance to Stanley, but Babu cleared the ball
82':Players Change in Aryan: Ayan in place of Sagar
80':Bello's free kick, cleared in defence
79':Foul against Tanmoy, free kick to Tollygunge in a good position
78':Counter attack of Tollygunge, Tanmoy's centre cleared in defence
78':Sudip's free kick, directly in Raju's hand
77':Ball cleared from corner
76':Brilliant save by Raju from Dhananjoy's long ranger, Corner to Aryan
75':Again a chance to Stanley, but Bello again cleared the ball
74':One to one chance to Arjun, but he missed the open sitter, His shot went over the bar
73':Ball cleared from corner
73':Back to back two save by keeper Subhadeep, Daniel's shot blocked, Corner to Tollygunge
72':Arjun's centre, Daniel's shot blocked
71':Another good move, but again Daniel is in offside position. Assistant referee Kanika Burman raised her flag.
70':Tollygunge's move, but Daniel is in offside position
67':Hiralal's long ranger after Tanmoy's shot blocked, went over the bar
66':Aryan's another move, Bello cleared it
65':Aryan trying to find equaliser, Stanley leading Aryan, but no such good move by Aryan still in the penetrative zone.
62':Tollygunge leading 2-0 now, maintaining better procession
59':Tollygunge's move, Surabuddin's square pass to Tanmoy outside the box, but defenders cleared the ball the this time
58':Players Change in Aryan: Laltu in place of Godwin
56':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL Brilliant through of Daniel to Tanmoy and a brilliant finish by Tanmoy to far post.
55':Aryan's attack from right, but again Bello cleared the ball
54':Aryan's move from left through Stanley, Bello cleared the ball
52':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Stanley for his bad tackle to Hiralal
48':Aryan's move, but a weak shot of Suman, went wide
47':Sagar handed the ball, free kick to Tollygunge
46':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Daniel scored for Tollygunge. Long pass to Daniel, Godwin completely missed the ball and Daniel made no mistake and his shot finds the net
46':Second half resumes
HALF TIME. Score remains goalless after the end of first half. In another match Army XI beat Kalighat MS 5-0 in Kalyani
45'+2':Bello's free kick cleared
45'+2':Dhananjoy's tackle to Saikat. Free kick to Tollygunge
45'+1':Ball cleared from corner. Bello agains in the position of rescue
45':Brilliant movement by Sagar, Goutam cleared the ball. Corner to Aryan
45':2 minutes added time
44':Forward pass to Stanley, Babu cleared the ball
41':Players Change in Tollygunge: Arjun in place of Rajib
40':Good solo effort of Daniel, but Godwin cleared it brilliantly
39':Aryan's move, a centre in box, easy to Raju
37':Chance to Daniel, his left footed shot went wide. Brilliant movement
35':Score remains still goalless
33':Very weak long ranger of Tanmoy, went wide
31':Chance to Rajib of Tollygunge, Ashim cleared the ball.
30':Saikat's centre from right, Godwin again cleared the ball
29':Tollygunge's attack through Surabuddin, cleared and a corner. Ball cleared from corner. Sourav looks injured.
28':Saikat's long throw-in, Godwin cleared the ball
25':Saikat's long throw, cleared and again goes to Saikat, his centre but Daniel committed foul
23':Stanley looks injured, match stopped due to injury
22':Aryan's corner: Long ranger of Dhananjoy, Raju saved it
22':Sudip's free kick, ball touched Raju's hand and went wide. Corner to Aryan
21':Bad tackle to Suman, free kick to Aryan in a good position
20':Score remains goalless after 20 minutes
17':Long ball to find Stanley in box, directly in Raju's hand
16':Surabuddin's long ranger, good save by Subhadeep
15':Another corner of Tollygunge. Surabuddin's corner and Bello's header noff target.
14':Tollygunge's attack and back to back two corner
12':Tollygunge's attack through Surabuddin, but he committed a foul against Avik
10':Bello cleared the ball from corner, another centre in Tollygunge box, Bello cleared the ball. Another corner to Aryan. Ball cleared from corner
9':Brilliant left footed inswinger by Stanley, Raju fisted it wide. Corner to Aryan
8':No such good attack by both the teams in early minutes
5':Free kick to Aryan: Sudip's free kick, directly in Raju's hand
4':Forward pass to Daniel, but he is in offside position
3':Rajib's long ranger, went wide
2':Avik's forward pass to fins Sagar, Bello follows the ball and finally goal kick to Tollygunge
1':Foul against Surabuddin, free kick to Tollygunge
0':Kick off
0':Match delayed due to heavy rain.
0': Aryan club lost 0-2 to Mohammedan SC in their last match and currently 9th place in 11 teams League table.
0': Tolly Agragami lost point in last match against Kalighat MS as the result was goalless.
0': Tollygunge Agragami is currently the league leader with 16 points after 7 match just ahead of Mohammedan SC with better goal difference.