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Fix & Results (1-13)

ROUND - 1 (26) 7 matches
06.10.2012 : UNITED SIKKIM   3-2   SALGAOCAR (SIKKIM - FT)
06.10.2012: PAILAN ARROWS   3-2   MUMBAI FC (KOL - FT)
06.10.2012 : DEMPO SC   2-1   CHURCHILL BROTHERS (GOA - FT..)
07.10.2012 : SPORTING GOA   0-0   EAST BENGAL. (GOA - FT..)
07.10.2012 : UNITED SC   5-1   AIR INDIA (KOL - FT.)
08.10.2012 : PUNE FC   3-2   ONGC (PUNE - FT.)

ROUND - 2 (26+24=50) = 7+7=14 match

11/10 /12     : UNITED SIKKIM   0-1   EAST BENGAL
11/10 /12     : PUNE FC   3-2   MUMBAI FC
11/10 /12     : CHURCHIL BROTHERS   5-0   ONGC
11/10 /12     : PAILAN ARROWS   2-1   AIR INDIA
12/10 /12     : SHILLONG LAJONG   1-1   SALGAOCAR
12/10 /12     : SPORTING GOA   0-5   DEMPO
12/10 /12     : MOHUN BAGAN   1-2   UNITED SC

ROUND - 3 (50+14+64) 14+7= 21 Match

26/10 /12     : ONGC   1-1   UNITED SC
27/10 /12     : CHURCHIL BROTHERS   3-1   MUMBAI FC
28/10 /12     : UNITED SIKKIM   1-2   DEMPO
28/10 /12     : SALGAOCAR   0-0   PAILAN ARROWS
28/10 /12     : SHILLONG LAJONG  1-2   SPORTING GOA
28/10 /12     : AIR INDIA   0-1   MOHUN BAGAN
29/10 /12     : EAST BENGAL   1-0   PUNE FC

ROUND - 4(64+19= 83) 21+7=28 Match

03/11 /12     : EAST BENGAL   1-1   DEMPO
03/11 /12     : MUMBAI FC   0-1   SALGAOCAR
04/11 /12     : UNITED SIKKIM   0-0   PAILAN ARROWS
04/11 /12     : ONGC   2-4   AIR INDIA
04/11 /12     : MOHUN BAGAN   3-1   SPORTING GOA
04/11 /12     : PUNE FC   0-1   CHURCHIL BROTHERS
04/11 /12     : SHILLONG LAJONG   3-2   UNITED SC

ROUND - 5 (83+ 29=112) 28+7= 35 Match

09/11 /12     : CHURCHIL BROTHERS   2-1   SALGAOCAR
09/11 /12     : MUMBAI FC   3-2   SPORTING GOA
09/11 /12     : PAILAN ARROWS   0-2   PUNE FC
09/11 /12     : ONGC   0-0   MOHUN BAGAN
10/11 /12     : UNITED SC   10-1   UNITED SIKKIM
10/11 /12     : DEMPO   4-1   SHILLONG LAJONG
10/11 /12     : AIR INDIA   0-3   EAST BENGAL

ROUND - 6 (112+21+133) 35 + 6 = 41 Match

16/11 /12     : ONGC   3-1   DEMPO
17/11 /12     : CHURCHIL BROTHERS   0-3   EAST BENGAL
17/11 /12     : MUMBAI FC   4-1   SHILLONG LAJONG
17/11 /12     : MOHUN BAGAN  3-0   SALGAOCAR
18/11 /12     : SPORTING GOA   2-1   UNITED SIKKIM
18/11 /12     : PAILAN ARROWS   1-2   UNITED SC

ROUND - 7(133+16= 149) 41+7 = 48 match

23/11 /12     : UNITED SC   1-1   SALGAOCAR
23/11 /12     : SPORTING GOA   0-1   PAILAN ARROWS
24/11 /12     : PUNE FC   2-2   UNITED SIKKIM
24/11 /12     : DEMPO   1-0   AIR INDIA
24/11 /12     : EAST BENGAL   5-0   ONGC
25/11 /12     : MUMBAI FC   1-1   MOHUN BAGAN<

ROUND - 8 (149+21= 170) 48 + 7 = 55 match

27/11/12     : EAST BENGAL   1-0   SALGAOCAR
27/11/12     : AIR INDIA   3-3   UNITED SIKKIM
27/11/12     : SPORTING GOA   1-2   PUNE FC
28/11/12     : SHILLONG LAJONG   3-1   PAILAN ARROWS
28/11/12     : UNITED SC   1-2   CHURCHIL BROTHERS
28/11/12     : DEMPO   3-0   MOHUN BAGAN
28/11/12     : MUMBAI FC   1-0   ONGC

ROUND - 9(170+18=188) 55+ 7 = 62 Match

01/12/12     : PAILAN ARROWS   4-1   ONGC
01/12/12     : SALGAOCAR   1-2   DEMPO
01 /12/12     : SHILLONG LAJONG   0-0   EAST BENGAL
02/12/12     : SPORTING GOA   0-1   AIR INDIA
02/12/12     : UNITED SC   2-3   MUMBAI FC
02/12/12     : PUNE FC   2-2   MOHUN BAGAN

ROUND - 10 ( 188 + 21= 209) 62 + 7 = 69

08/12/12     : UNITED SIKKIM   0-0   SHILLONG LAJONG
08/12/12     : DEMPO   3-1   UNITED SC
08/12/12     : ONGC   2-2   SPORTING GOA
Match Abandoned after 1st half, Khabra scored for EB 42 minute, Red Card to MMB captain Odafa in 45 minute, Nabi Injured by Stone tThrowing from Gallary...Mohun Bagan refused to play the 2nd half. AIFF Match awarded to EB 3-0 and 3 points.15.01.2013 meeting

09/12/12     : SALGAOCAR   0-2   PUNE FC
09/12/12     : AIR INDIA   4-1   MUMBAI FC
8/10/12/12     : PAILAN ARROWS   0-3   CHURCHIL BROTHERS
Match shifted from 8th to 10 for Brazil Master vs All Star Bengal match on 8th at YBK

ROUND - 11(209+22+231) 69 + 6 = 75 match

14/12/12     : SALGAOCAR   0-0   ONGC
15/12/12     : MUMBAI FC   1-0   UNITED SIKKIM
15/12/12     : DEMPO   1-5   PUNE FC
16/12/12     : EAST BENGAL   0-1   UNITED SC
16/12/12     : AIR INDIA   1-1   SHILLONG LAJONG

ROUND - 12 (231+16= 247) 75+ 6= 81 Match

22/12/12     : ONGC   3-0   SHILLONG LAJONG
22/12/12     : PAILAN ARROWS   1-2   DEMPO
22/12/12     : PUNE FC   3-1   UNITED SC
23/12/12  (24.01.2013)   : MOHUN BAGAN   0-0   UNITED SIKKIM
23/12/12     : MUMBAI FC   2-1   EAST BENGAL (23.12.2012)/19/03/13   : CHURCHILL BROTHERS   3-0   AIR INDIA
(22.12.2013) /10/03/13/20.3.2013 : SALGAOCAR   1-3   SPORTING GOA ( GOA: FT..)
SAL : Augastine 38'
SCG : Juanfri 63' (Pen), Victorino 90+1', Kalu 90+4'

ROUND - 13 (247 + 16= 263) 81+6 = 87 match

29/12/12     : ONGC   1-1   UNITED SIKKIM
29/12/12     : SHILLONG LAJONG   1-2   PUNE FC
29/12/12     : UNITED SC   1-3   SPORTING GOA
30/12/12     : SALGAOCAR   4-0   AIR INDIA
30/12/12     : EAST BENGAL   3-0   PAILAN ARROWS
30/12/12     : MUMBAI FC   0-0   DEMPO
28/04/13     : Pune FC   4-0   Air India


Fix & Results (14-26)

ROUND - 14 ( 263+20=283) 87+6 = 93 match
04/01 /13     : UNITED SC   1-0   DEMPO
05/01 /13     : SALGAOCAR   1-4   EAST BENGAL
05/01 /13     : AIR INDIA   1-1   SPORTING GOA
05/01 /13     : UNITED SIKKIM   1-2   PUNE FC
06/01 /13     : ONGC   3-0   PAILAN ARROWS

ROUND - 15 ( 283+13=296) 93+6 =99 match

08/01/13     : SPORTING GOA   0-0   SHILLONG LAJONG
08/01/13     : AIR INDIA   1-1   SALGAOCAR
08/01/13     : ONGC   1-0   EAST BENGAL
09/01/13     : UNITED SIKKIM   2-2   MUMBAI FC
09/01/13     : UNITED SC   2-0   PUNE FC

ROUND - 16 (296+11=307) 99+6 = 105 match

12/01/13     : ONGC   1-0   SALGAOCAR
12/01/13     : AIR INDIA   1-1   PAILAN ARROWS
12/01/13     : SPORTING GOA   1-2   UNITED SC
13/01/13     : SHILLONG LAJONG   0-0   DEMPO
13/01/13     : EAST BENGAL   2-0   MUMBAI FC

ROUND - 17 (307+19=326 goal) 105+6= 111 match

19/01/13     : DEMPO   7-0   UNITED SIKKIM
19/01/13     : MUMBAI FC   2-1   UNITED SC
19/01/13     : EAST BENGAL   0-3   CHURCHIL BROTHERS
20/01/13     : PAILAN ARROWS   1-0   SHILLONG LAJONG
20/01/13     : SALGAOCAR   2-0   MOHUN BAGAN
20/01/13     : PUNE FC   0-0   SPORTING GOA
(20.01.2013)03/03/13   :AIR INDIA   1-2   ONGC

ROUND - 18 (326+15) 341 : 111 +7 = 118 match

24/01/13      	MUMBI FC 	0-0 	CHURCHILL BROTHERS 	PUNE 		18 	 

25/01/13 	PUNE FC 	1-2 	EAST BENGAL  		PUNE 		18 

27/01/13 	DEMPO SC  	1-1 	ONGC 			GOA 		18 	 

27/01/13 	UNITED SC  	1-1 	MOHUN BAGAN   		KOLKATA 	18 	 

28/01/13 	SPORTING GOA 	2-0 	SALGAOCAR SC 		GOA 		18 	 



  ROUND - 19 (341+22= 363) 118+7=125 


01/02/13 	SPORTING GOA 	1-0 	CHURCHILL BROTHERS 	GOA 		19 	 	 

01/02/13 	MOHUN BAGAN   	3-1 	ONGC 	`	        KOLKATA 	19 

02/02/13 	AIR INDIA 	1-4  	UNITED SC  		PUNE 		19  

02/02/13 	PAILAN ARROWS 	1-2 	EAST BENGAL  		KOLKATA 	19  

02/02/13 	DEMPO SC  	2-2 	MUMBAI FC 		GOA 		19  


02/02/13 	PUNE FC 	0-2  	SALGAOCAR SC 		PUNE 		19 

  ROUND - 20 (363+15=378) 125+7=132

09/02/13 	SALGAOCAR SC 	 2-0 	SHILLONG LAJONG 	GOA 		20 	 

09/02/13 	MUMBAI FC 	 0-3 	PUNE FC 		PUNE 		20 

09/02/13 	MOHUN BAGAN      0-0	EAST BENGAL 		KOLKATA 	20 	 


10/02/13 	UNITED SIKKIM	 0-1	ONGC 			GANGTOK 	20 	 

10/02/13 	CHURCHILL BROS   2-2	UNITED SC  		GOA 		20  

10/02/13 	AIR INDIA 	 2-1	DEMPO SC  		PUNE 		20 	

  ROUND - 21 


23/03/13 	EAST BENGAL  	 1-1 	AIR INDIA 		KOLKATA 	21  	 

23/03/13 	ONGC 		 1-1 	CHURCHILL BROTHERS 	MUMBAI 		21 	 

23/03/13 	SALGAOCAR SC 	 1-0 	MUMBAI FC 		GOA 		21 

23/03/13 	UNITED SIKKIM	 0-1	UNITED SC  		GANGTOK 	21 	

24/03/13 	DEMPO SC  	 0-1 	SPORTING GOA 		GOA 		21 

24/03/13 	PAILAN ARROWS 	 2-3	MOHUN BAGAN   		KOLKATA		21  

24/03/13 	PUNE FC 	 2-2 	SHILLONG LAJONG 	PUNE 		21 	 

  ROUND - 22 



27/03/13 	MUMBAI FC 	1-1 	PAILAN ARROWS 		MUMBAI		22 	 


28/03/13 	SPORTING GOA 	1-1  	ONGC 			GOA 		22 	 

28/03/13 	PUNE FC 	2-0  	DEMPO SC  		PUNE 		22  	 

29/03/13 	UNITED SC  	2-2  	EAST BENGAL  		KOLKATA 	22 


  ROUND - 23 

04/04/13 	SALGAOCAR SC 	1-0 	UNITED SC  		GOA 		23 	 

06/04/13 	DEMPO SC  	0-2 	PAILAN ARROWS 		GOA 		23  

05/04/13 	CHURCHILL BROS 	2-1  	PUNE FC 		GOA 		23 	 

07/04/13 	SPORTING GOA 	1-5  	MOHUN BAGAN   		GOA 		23 	 

07/04/13 	MUMBAI FC 	3-1  	AIR INDIA 		MUMBAI 		23 	 

07/04/13 	SHILLONG LAJONG 1-1  	ONGC 		        SHILLONG 	23 	 

08/05/13 	East Bengal     6-0  	United Sikkim		KOL      	23 	 


  ROUND - 24 


12/04/13 	UNITED SC  	4-1 	PAILAN ARROWS 		KOLKATA 	24  

13/04/13 	SALGAOCAR SC 	9-0 	UNITED SIKKIM		GOA 		24 	 

13/04/13 	MOHUN BAGAN   	3-2 	AIR INDIA 		KOLKATA 	24  

14/04/13 	EAST BENGAL  	1-1 	SPORTING GOA 		KOLKATA 	24  

14/04/13 	ONGC 		0-2 	PUNE FC 		MUMBAI		24 	 


17/04/13 	CHURCHILL BROS 	2-2 	DEMPO SC  		GOA 		24 		

  ROUND - 25 



20/04/13 	AIR INDIA 	0-6	PUNE FC 		MUMBAI 		25 	 

20/04/13 	ONGC 		1-1 	MUMBAI FC 		MUMBAI		25 	 




04/05/13 	Dempo SC 	2-2	East Bengal 		Goa     	25 

  ROUND - 26  

11/05/13 	UNITED SC  	3-1 	ONGC 			KOLKATA 	26   

11/05/13 	SPORTING GOA 	2-2 	MUMBAI FC 		GOA 		26 

11/05/13 	PUNE FC 	2-0 	PAILAN ARROWS 		PUNE 		26 	 



12/05/13 	DEMPO SC  	2-1 	SALGAOCAR SC 		GOA 		26	 

12/05/13 	UNITED SIKKIM	0-3 	MOHUN BAGAN   	        GANGTOK 	26 



old fixtures

27/01 /13     : DEMPO   V/S   ONGC
28/01 /13     : SPORTING GOA   V/S   SALGAOCAR
28/01 /13     : PUNE FC   V/S   EAST BENGAL
28/01 /13     : SHILLONG LAJONG   V/S   AIR INDIA

ROUND - 19

02/02 /13     : AIR INDIA   V/S   UNITED SC
02/02 /13     : PAILAN ARROWS   V/S   EAST BENGAL
03/02 /13     : MOHUN BAGAN   SUSPENDED   ONGC
03/02 /13     : DEMPO   V/S   MUMBAI FC
03/02 /13     : PUNE FC   V/S   SALGAOCAR

ROUND - 20

09/02 /13     : MUMBAI FC   V/S   PUNE FC
10/02 /13     : PAILAN ARROWS   V/S   SPORTING GOA
10/02 /13     : UNITED SIKKIM   V/S   ONGC
10/02 /13     : AIR INDIA   V/S   DEMPO

ROUND - 21

23/03 /13     : PAILAN ARROWS   V/S   MOHUN BAGAN
23/03 /13     : ONGC   V/S   CHURCHIL BROTHERS
23/03 /13     : SALGAOCAR   V/S   MUMBAI FC
24/03 /13     : EAST BENGAL   V/S   AIR INDIA
24/03 /13     : DEMPO   V/S   SPORTING GOA
24/03 /13     : PUNE FC   V/S   SHILLONG LAJONG
24/03 /13     : UNITED SIKKIM   V/S   UNITED SC

ROUND - 22

27/03 /13     : MUMBAI FC   V/S   PAILAN ARROWS
27/03 /13     : UNITED SC   V/S   EAST BENGAL
28/03 /13     : SPORTING GOA   V/S   ONGC
28/03 /13     : PUNE FC   V/S   DEMPO
28/03 /13     : UNITED SIKKIM   V/S   AIR INDIA

ROUND - 23

04/04 /13     : SALGAOCAR   V/S   UNITED SC
05/04 /13     : DEMPO   V/S   PAILAN ARROWS
06/04 /13     : CHURCHIL BROTHERS   V/S   PUNE FC
07/04 /13     : SPORTING GOA   V/S   MOHUN BAGAN
07/04 /13     : EAST BENGAL   V/S   UNITED SIKKIM
07/04 /13     : MUMBAI FC   V/S   AIR INDIA
07/04 /13     : SHILLONG LAJONG   V/S   ONGC

ROUND - 24

12/04 /13     : UNITED SC   V/S   PAILAN ARROWS
13/04 /13     : SALGAOCAR   V/S   UNITED SIKKIM
13/04 /13     : MOHUN BAGAN   V/S   AIR INDIA
14/04 /13     : CHURCHIL BROTHERS   V/S   DEMPO
14/04 /13     : EAST BENGAL   V/S   SPORTING GOA
14/04 /13     : ONGC   V/S   PUNE FC
14/04 /13     : SHILLONG LAJONG   V/S   MUMBAI FC

ROUND - 25

19/04 /13     : UNITED SC   V/S   SHILLONG LAJONG
20/04 /13     : AIR INDIA   V/S   PUNE FC
20/04 /13     : PAILAN ARROWS   V/S   SALGAOCAR
20/04 /13     : DEMPO   V/S   EAST BENGAL
21/04 /13     : ONGC   V/S   MUMBAI FC
21/04 /13     : UNITED SIKKIM   V/S   SPORTING GOA

ROUND - 26

27/04 /13     : UNITED SC   V/S   ONGC
27/04 /13     : SPORTING GOA   V/S   MUMBAI FC
28/04 /13     : DEMPO   V/S   SALGAOCAR
28/04 /13     : PUNE FC   V/S   PAILAN ARROWS
28/04 /13     : UNITED SIKKIM   V/S   MOHUN BAGAN

TABLE - 2012/13

ROUND - 26: 12.05.2013 (After INCLUSION OF MMB GF 11-11 GA=22 goals)

SL Team 	        MP 	W 	D 	L 	GF      GA 	 GD 	PTS  	 

1 Churchill Brothers 	26 	16 	7 	3 	56 	22 	+34 	55 	 	

2 Pune 	FC		26 	16 	4 	6 	53 	26 	+27 	52 	 	

3 East Bengal 		26 	13 	8 	5 	44 	18 	+26 	47 	 	

4 United SC		26 	13 	5 	8 	55 	35 	+20 	44 	 	

5 Dempo 		26 	11 	7 	8 	45 	33 	+12 	40 	 	

6 Sporting Goa 		26 	9 	8 	9 	36 	41 	-5 	35 	  	

7 Salgaocar 		26 	9 	6 	11 	34 	29 	+5 	33 	 	

8 Mumbai FC		26 	8 	8 	10 	36 	42 	-6 	32 	  	

9 ONGC 			26 	7 	10 	9 	30 	40 	-10 	31 	 	

10 Mohun Bagan 		26 	11 	8 	7 	40 	34 	+6 	29 	 	

11 Shillong Lajong 	26 	6 	10 	10 	26 	40 	-14 	28 	 	

12 Pailan Arrows 	26 	6 	5 	15 	25 	45 	-20 	23 	 	

13 Air India 		26 	4 	7 	15 	28 	63 	-35 	19 	  	

14 United Sikkim 	26 	2 	9 	15 	23 	63 	-40 	15

ROUND - 25: 08.05.2013 (After INCLUSION OF MMB GF 11-11 GA=22 goals)

SL Team 	        MP 	W 	D 	L 	GF      GA 	 GD 	PTS 	 

1  Churchill Bros 	25 	15 	7 	3 	53 	22 	+31 	52 	 	

2  Pune 		25 	15 	4 	6 	51 	26 	+25 	49 	 	

3  East Bengal 		25 	13 	8 	4 	44 	17 	+27 	47 	 	

4  Prayag United 	25 	12 	5 	8 	52 	34 	+18 	41 	 

5  Dempo 		25 	10 	7 	8 	43 	32 	+11 	37 	 	

6  Sporting Goa 	25 	9 	7 	9 	34 	39 	-5 	34 	 	

7  Salgaocar 		25 	9 	6 	10 	33 	27 	+6 	33 	 	

8  Mumbai 		25 	8 	7 	10 	34 	40 	-6 	31 	 	

9  ONGC 		25 	7 	10 	8 	29 	37 	-8 	31 	  	

10 Mohun Bagan 		25 	10 	8 	7 	37 	34 	+3 	26 	  	

11 Shillong Lajong 	25 	5 	10 	10 	25 	40 	-15 	25 	 	

12 Arrows 		25 	6 	5 	14 	25 	43 	-18 	23 	 	

13 Air India 		25 	4 	7 	14 	28 	60 	-32 	19 	 	

14 United Sikkim 	25 	2 	9 	14 	23 	60 	-37 	15 	 	

NOTE : In the Meeting of 15th Jan 2013, AIFF decided to deduct 12 points only from Mohun Bagan as punishment for lifting team in 10th Round Derby against East Bengal and withdrawn 2-1/2 years ban from Mohun Bagan.

ROUND - 21: 24.3.2013 (After INCLUSION OF MMB GF 11-11 GA=22 goals)

SL			MP 	W 	D 	L 	F 	A 	D 	PT


1  Churchill Brothers 	20 	13 	4 	3 	46 	18 	+28 	43 	

2  East Bengal 		21 	12 	5 	4 	33 	12 	+21 	41 	 	

3  Dempo SC		20 	10 	5 	5 	38 	22 	+16 	35 	  	

4  United SC		21 	10 	4 	7 	44 	30 	+14 	34 	  	

5  Pune FC		19 	10 	4 	5 	34 	23 	+11 	34  	 	

6  Sporting Goa 	21 	8 	5 	8 	28 	32 	-4 	30 		

7  ONGC 		21 	7 	7 	7 	26 	33 	-7 	28 	  	

8  Mumbai 		20 	7 	5 	8 	27 	32 	-5 	26 	 	

9  Salgaocar 		21 	6 	5 	10 	21 	27 	-6 	23 	 	

10 Shillong Lajong 	21 	4 	8 	9 	20 	35 	-15 	20  	

11 Air India 		20 	4 	7 	9 	25 	39 	-14 	19 		 	

12 PAILAN Arrows 	20 	5 	4 	11 	20 	34 	-14 	19 	  	

13 United Sikkim 	21 	1 	9 	11 	18 	42 	-24 	12 	  	

14 Mohun Bagan 		16 	5 	6 	5 	18 	20 	-2 	9 (21-12 Point)	 	

NOTE: In the Meeting of 15th Jan 2013, AIFF decided to deduct 12 points only from Mohun Bagan as punishment for lifting team in 10th Round Derby against East Bengal and withdrawn 2-1/2 years ban from Mohun Bagan.
4. Air India vs ONGC ( HOLD ROUND-17) DONE on 03.03.2013

( ROUND - 20: 133 MATCHES 03.3.2013) (After INCLUSION OF MMB GF 11-11 GA=22 goals)

SL			MP 	W 	D 	L 	F 	A 	D 	PT


1  Churchill Brothers 	19 	13 	3 	3 	45 	17 	+28 	42 	

2  East Bengal 		20 	12 	4 	4 	32 	11 	+21 	40 	 	

3  Dempo SC		19 	10 	5 	4 	38 	21 	+17 	35 	  	

4  Pune FC		18 	10 	3 	5 	32 	21 	+11 	33 	  	

5  United SC		20 	9 	4 	7 	43 	30 	+13 	31 	 	

6  Sporting Goa 	20 	7 	5 	8 	27 	32 	-5 	27 	 	

7  ONGC 		20 	7 	6 	7 	25 	32 	-7 	27 	  	

8  Mumbai 		19 	7 	5 	7 	27 	31 	-4 	26 	 	

9  Salgaocar 		20 	5 	5 	10 	20 	27 	-7 	20 	 	

10 PAILAN Arrows 	19 	5 	4 	10 	18 	31 	-13 	19 	 	

11 Shillong Lajong 	20 	4 	7 	9 	18 	33 	-15 	19 	 	

12 Air India 		19 	4 	6 	9 	24 	38 	-14 	18 	  	

13 United Sikkim 	20 	1 	9 	10 	18 	41 	-23 	12 	  	

14 Mohun Bagan 		15 	4 	6 	5 	15 	18 	-3 	6 (-12 Point)	 	

LATEST TABLE 2012-13 ( ROUND - 20 : ) ** 1.PFC Vs AIR 6th Round Postponed 2.Salgaocar VS Sporting and 3. Churchill vs Air India ( hold 12th round) for Venue problem.
NOTE: In the Meeting of 15th Jan 2013, AIFF decided to deduct 12 points only from Mohun Bagan as punishment for lifting team in 10th Round Derby against East Bengal and withdrawn 2-1/2 years ban from Mohun Bagan.
4. Air India vs ONGC ( HOLD ROUND-17) DONE on 03.03.2013


Pune FC to part ways with Coach Derrick after four successful years

PFC PRESS - 30.04.2013 : Pune Football Club's long-serving Coach Derrick Pereira will complete his tenure at the end of the current season (2012-13). Head Operations Pune FC, Chirag Tanna said, "The 51-year-old's departure brings to an end a fantastic spell."

"Derrick has been excellent ambassador during his stay at Pune FC. We wish him well for all his success in future endeavors," he added.Coach Pereira, meanwhile, will return to home-state in Goa in order to be closer to his family.

During his four-season stint at Pune FC, the club finished third in I-League 2009-10; fifth in 2010-11 and 2011-12 respectively and currently remains in contention of a Top-3 finish.Coach Pereira's last game for Pune FC will be the home game against Pailan Arrows on 11th May, 2013.

Tanna added, "The team has worked very hard through the season with the focus finishing the season on a high. The management will announce the new coach shortly."


AIFF MEETING for two corporate-backed clubs which can help raise the standard of the I-League significantly.

05.03.2013: AIFF Media RELEASE :: All India Football Federation (AIFF) President Mr. Praful Patel presided over the first of its kind AIFF organised Open House Meeting for induction of two new I-League Clubs. He was extremely confident that a minimum of two corporate-backed clubs will help raise the standard of the I-League significantly.

"Take it from me; this initiative will help all existing clubs find partners. Clubs will fulfill the Club Licensing Criteria which is very essential for development infrastructure and youth development. Football is very popular in India. It's just that we do not have a proper infrastructure and setup," said Mr. Patel while addressing the 30 interested corporate parties present at the Football House on Tuesday (March 5, 2013).

He further added: "For example, every English Premier League club has a ground, which they call their home ground. Here no club has that. In Kolkata four teams use the same ground. Now with two new clubs backed by corporate bodies coming up, these issues are expected be sorted out as they will be under the Club Licensing Criteria.

All the other existing clubs will follow suit and in the process we can dream of a better League and perhaps one day compare with the best Leagues in the world." The bidding process will take place from March 30 till May 10 when the announcement of the successful bidders will be done.

AIFF General Secretary Mr. Kushal Das said: "The AIFF is doing this keeping in mind the development of football infrastructure and youth development. It is not a profit making exercise. That the clubs will meet the AFC Club Licensing Criteria which states that some portion of the budget should go to Grassroot Development and building Academies is actually a step forward towards development of infrastructure."

Mr. Das also gave a brief overview of the structure and activities of the AIFF including the current focus in grassroot and youth Development. I-League CEO Sunando Dhar, explaining the process of bidding and rules and regulations to be met, stressed on the fact that roadmap for the future is looking bright from the turnout.

"I see a full house inside the Conference room. Just goes to show that we are on the right direction. We want to touch new bases in our objective of a pan Indian I-League. So we are looking at investors investing in bases which don?t have I-League team but amount of interest in football is huge. For example Kerala. So we are restricting the two new clubs from setting up a base in Kolkata and Goa. It is just to create that pan India feel which is very important."

Abhijit Sarkar, Head- Corporate Communications of Sahara and one of the potential investors was all praise about the initiative. "This is an excellent initiative from AIFF. Football needed this to grow and I am glad that it is finally happening. There is market in India for the sport which is so popular here."

Prakash Shah, Director of Mumbai Tigers (formerly known as Dodsal FC added that the importance of infrastructure is paramount and the fact that it is being stressed here is heartening. "Without Grassroots and proper infrastructure, football cannot develop. Look at top leagues across Europe. I totally agree with Mr. Patel that this can change the outlook of clubs in India. You need to be professional and invest judiciously."

Among the major investors who attended the meet were Mr. Sajjan Jindal, Chairman of JSW and the ex-chairman of the I-League Committee, and Mr. Shirish Kulkarni, Director of DSK Shivajians. Representatives from GMR and Hero Motors were also present. Praful Patel signed off by saying that a similar meeting will take place in Dubai by the end of this month to attract foreign investors from Gulf and Europe.


27.02.2013: AIFF initiates the process incorporating new teams directly into I-League

AIFF RELEASE : With an aim to induct minimum of two new clubs as part of the I-League, the All India Football Federation is conducting an Open House Meeting for interested agencies to discuss and solicit suggestions prior to finalising the Request for Proposal for formally inviting the bids.

The meeting is scheduled on March 5, 2013 from 3 PM at the AIFF Football House, Dwarka New Delhi.

The winning bidders shall be granted the right to own and operate a new Football club for competing in I-League from 2013 season onward and may also have the opportunity (if applicable and subject to qualification) to compete in the Asian Football Championship.



22.11.2012: In a press release, Salgaocar SC GS R.A.J Gomes told about Karim Bencherifa What he said?

22.11.2012: SFC PRESS RELEASE: 10th Oct 2012: Bencherifa calls R.A.J Gomes (SFC General Secretary) from Shillong, seeking meeting with Club President upon return to Goa, regarding unhappiness with Salgaocar players and staff; previously a non issue.

15th Oct 2012: Bencherifa meets with Club President. All issues are resolved; Bencherifa agrees to oversee Salgaocar's Youth Development Program at extra monetary benefit.

17th Oct 2012: Gomes is forced to call Bencherifa to confirm rumors of his decision to resign from Salgaocar and join Mohun Bagan. Bencherifa requests for another meeting with Club President as Mohun Bagan has "offered him the moon".

17th Oct 2012: Bencherifa meets with Club President and produces Kolkata Club's offer of Rs. 2.80 crores for a 19 month assignment and asks Salgaocar FC to release him. On the upsetting matter of Karim Bencherifa's sudden resignation from Salgaocar Football Club, the The President expresses that this is a critical time for the Club and states that the Club' has been silent.

Apparently this has been an unwise move, as recent statements given to the feels betrayed that Bencherifa chose to enter into negotiations with another Club despite a press by the media savvy Bencherifa have astonished both officials from Salgaocar FC and Goan football subsisting contract with Salgaocar.

fans. "It is difficult to understand what Bencherifa is trying to do" said R.A.J. Gomes, General Secretary of Salgaocar FC. "Despite hearing that he has been seeking meetings with other Club Presidents and 18th Oct 2012: Bencherifa submits his resignation letter to Salgaocar FC local officials to give them his version of his resignation, we were gracious enough to not even comment on his departure till his latest public expression of displeasure" he continues.

The Coach has given a myriad of reasons for leaving the Club - young players, lack of trust by management,misunderstandings, and mistreatment. "I really don't know what to make of this maneuvering; there is no need to create confusion around the issue when it is clear that he left Salgaocar at the beginning of a season, for a better offer" said Gomes.

After a good many senior players were left sitting on the bench last year, it is indeed surprising that the Coach picks on his young team - a team that he himself has selected. "There is no doubt that he is an excellent Coach" declares Gomes "we won the I-League in 2010 - 11 under his guidance with young players. Of course he has hasn't left Salgaocar because of the fresh team - getting the most out of players is his forte.

In fact after all the negative feedback that appeared in the media and social networking sites about senior players leaving Salgaocar last year because of the Coach, I'm amazed that he has mentioned this as a cause of unhappiness, especially after Salgaocar has only supported him during that phase." Although Bencherifa has been trying to hush all "traitor" accusations from fans and media with an "I refused the National Team for Salgaocar", the well informed Coach is probably aware that the National Federation does not poach Coaches; a Coach cannot join the National team without the concerned Club's stated consent.

Responding to Bencherifa's accusation that the Club should have treated him better, Gomes is left surprised. "He has been with Salgaocar FC for almost 3 years, the longest he has been with any Club. You are quite mistaken if you think Karim would take any sort of mistreatment lying down, that too for so long" he smiles.

In the industry, it is an unwritten rule that the 1 month notice termination clause in Coaching contracts is usually exercised in dire situations or emergencies. Unlike many other business relationships, a contract between a Club and a Coach has an implicit fiduciary obligation on both sides; professional Clubs and Coaches do not usually fire / resign on a whim or for a higher bid.

Gomes further expresses his consternation about Karim's desire to have left Salgaocar FC on a happier note - "Just as it is difficult for a Coach who is fired mid season to leave a Club on a happy note, it is difficult for a Club to be happy about their Head Coach resigning for a higher bid, 2 months into the season. Karim understands that I'm sure, he's not unrealistic"

With regards to Bencherifa's statement that 'It's not all about the money, but the family too does require security', Gomes is bemused. "In fact just at the beginning of this season, Karim mentioned that he would want a 3 year contract with Salgaocar as his wife and children need stability and want to settle down in one place. Less than a month later, he has moved to Mohun Bagan for an 18 month contract.

May be his definition of stability has changed now," he says. "The irony is that just 2 days before he resigned, he sent our Club President an article from The Hindu Business Line about the wrong-doings of Mohun Bagan's Management and Officials regarding the career and reputations of their coaches" he concludes.



Sub. Disciplinary Sanctions against our Club's players at I-League 2012/2013 Match No. 22

May we make the following points on the subject:-

1. Taking first the case of Mr Ryuji Sueoka, Jersey No. 22, we submit that with the disciplinary action in terms of a yellow card shown to him having been taken by the Match Referee, the matter is closed, having been submitted to and duly accepted owing to the action being part of the playing regulations.

2. Taking next the case of Mr. Climax Lawrence, Jersey No. 8, we have the following explanations to furnish and enquiries to make:-

i. May we request that the evidence which you say you have in hand be shared with us as would be reasonable to expect and fair to provide? We trust that the evidence you base your decision upon is the Referee's official match report which we hold is the right and proper basis to adopt. It is intriguing that you refer to 'evidence in hand' instead of straight away quoting the referee's report, which naturally leads us to believe there is nothing incriminating in the report against Mr Lawrence.

ii. May we ask, alternatively, if the evidence you refer to is match video footage, in which case the point we wish to make is that it is the wrong basis on which to proceed against a player, both under regulations and in terms of precedents?

iii. Speaking of regulations and precedents, we feel entitled, with due respect, to enquire on what authority you took the decision to suspend Mr Lawrence and on what grounds. In the absence of any dedicated disciplinary body/committee in the I- League structure and framework, we point out respectfully but firmly that it can only be the AIFF Disciplinary Committee, the nodal forum, to decide on player discipline matters in the I-League {see Section 9 Clause 49 Sub-clause (c) of the Disciplinary Laws and Procedures of the AIFF}.

iv. Further, we point out, again with due respect, that the AIFF Disciplinary Committee ought to follow the due process of law under the AIFF regulations to decide on Mr Lawrence. Could we ask whether such process was followed, whether the Committee met, whether it discussed the issue in question, whether it took any decision, and whether it quoted the grounds on which it arrived at such decision, and if so, may the relevant matters be shared with us officially so as to enable us to clarify, rebut and appeal and otherwise proceed properly in the matter?

v. To the best of our knowledge, no meeting of the AIFF Disciplinary Committee was held, leading us inescapably to the conclusion that any suspension or disciplinary order/ decision taken by any other authority is null, void, baseless and groundless ab initio.

vi. Turning to the occasion on which the alleged offence took place, we feel entitled to ask why two players of the Kingfisher East Bengal side, viz. Uga Okapara and Penn Orji, were not similarly disciplined at the match in question for the same so-called offence based on the same so-called evidence, specifically at match-end, when the referee was aggressively confronted over why a red card was not shown to our player, the very same Climax Lawrence whom you are pleased to discipline without so much as a corresponding censure or caution to other similar offenders on the very same occasion! We are asking this aside from and irrespective of the erroneous and unauthorised decision taken to suspend our player.

vii. Turning to other matches in the I- League so far, we are querying, quite aside from and irrespective of the erroneous and unauthorised decision taken to suspend our player, how a number of glaring occasions of aggressive player behaviour with match officials at such fixtures were overlooked, far from being proceeded against. We are referring to Match No. 27 played between Pune FC and Churchill Bros at match-end when disgruntled players of the former team pugnaciously accosted the match referee (over a penalty awarded to the latter which proved crucial to the match result) following which the referee had to be cordoned off for his safety, a fact on clear display in the match video footage.

We are also referring to the I- League Kick-off match (Match No.3) between our team and Churchill Bros when a similar refereeing decision against our opponents led some of them, Roberto Silva (Beto) and Steven Dias, among others, to confront the referee menacingly, a fact on clear display in the match video footage. A third instance we are quoting is the abusive and threatening behaviour of United Sikkim FC Player and Coach Bhaichung Bhutia at Match No. 17 against our team, marked by verbal violence and physical aggression in the form of the ball being flung at the referee, behaviour which attracted a mere show cause notice but no suspension.

viii. It is natural, therefore, to react to the player suspension with an overwhelming feeling that our player, and thereby our team, is being unfairly singled out for harsh treatment.

ix. Aside from and irrespective of the erroneous and unauthorised decision taken to suspend our player we would hope to know the cause of the inordinate delay in proceeding in the matter, involving no fewer than 16 clear days after the event. You would appreciate that for a matter such as this any delay in such matters prompts the speculation about interests other than official or sports-worthy governing the decision.

x. Would you explain, aside from and irrespective of the erroneous and unauthorised decision taken to suspend our player, why he was not given the right, as courtesy, correctness and fairness demand, to be heard, to be given the chance to clarify? If the disciplinary action comes not on the field at the very instant of the so-called offence but follows over two weeks later, Mr Lawrence and my team officials and I could have been instructed to provide clarifications, an approach which has not been adopted, much to our regret.

xi. The Player whom you are seeking to discipline for 'offensive behaviour against the match referee' is one whom your Federation found worthy of sporting and sportsmanlike attributes in sufficient measure to lead the national football team as its captain. Mr Lawrence has captained our side as well and has a long and glorious playing record so far, a record which is marked by dignity, gentlemanly conduct, and sportsmanlike behaviour throughout. The team to which he proudly belongs is the side which has excelled in football and sportsmanship alike in greater measure than any other playing side, a pointer to the prevailing culture of which Mr Lawrence is part and product.

xii. In clarification without prejudice to the unauthorised and erroneous decision taken by you to suspend Mr Lawrence, we wish unilaterally to explain that the unfortunate development which led to the lively, animated but by no means violent, ugly or abusive discussion between Mr Lawrence and the match referee was the denial of a crucial penalty to our side (a refereeing decision which was proved later on to have been erroneous, one which was admitted even by our opposing side, Kingfisher East Bengal's Coach Trevor Morgan as wrong).

xiii. Would it not serve the Federation better to ponder upon and take measures to prevent poor refereeing judgement, especially those decisions that become crucial game changers, instead of the unthinking, one-track pursuit and punishment of player passion and exuberance, or the singling out of one team and one player for punishment on frivolous grounds?

xiv. In any case, surely the punishment, if any, ought to be proportionate to the offence in a case involving player infringement of discipline, quite side from and irrespective of the erroneous and unauthorised decision taken to suspend our player? With the background of the case as above, is it not unfairly harsh, if not downright outrageous, to seek to impose a two-match suspension on a player for a rare, fleeting display of passion, when seen against a code {Section 9 Clause 50 Sub-clause (a) of the Disciplinary Laws and Procedures of the AIFF, together with Clause 51} which imposes merely a single-match suspension even for offences attracting four yellow card cautions in the course of a stage of a competition?

xv. The foregoing circumstances have given rise to the unfortunate impression that the punishment is being sought to be awarded with motives other than playing discipline in mind. Is it not fair to reason so in the light of the fact that one of the next two matches at which you oblige Mr Lawrence to sit out is a crucial one for the Club, and that the absence of its key player is likely to be influencing its course and result?

In the current situation, we would appeal to you to dispel these impressions, allow wisdom, fairness, as well as the letter and spirit of law to prevail by revoking the suspension on Mr Climax Lawrence urgently and at the earliest instance and turn your attention to issues that really matter, all of which would be for the good of the game and thereby, sport in the country.

Please be reminded that we reserve the right, in the absence of a fair, reasoned response from you, to resort to action under Section 9 Clause 54 Sub-clauses (a), (b) and (c) of the Disciplinary Laws and Procedures of the AIFF, together with Clause 51} relating to arbitration, by turning your erroneous and unauthorised decision taken to suspend our player into a dispute requiring arbitration as provided for in the regulations.

With regards, (Armando Colaso)-Secretary Dempo Sports Club



10 men Mohun Bagan from 48th minute beat East Bengal 2-0 in the kolkata Derby.

21.01.2008: East Bengal 0-2 Mohun Bagan AC
MMB : Baichung Bhutia 29' 62'
MOM : Baichung ( MMB)

KEB : Subrata, Surkumar, Bolaji, Owino, Soumik, Debabrata, Nabi, Mehtab, Mehraj, Alvito, Mukansi

MMB : Sangram, Habibur, P.Odafe, N.S. Manju, N.Mohanraj, Lal Kamal, James, Douglas, Dharamjit, Barreto, Baichung RED CARD ? : Douglas (Mohun Bagan - 48').

10 men Mohun Bagan from last 42 minutes beat their arch rival fed cup winner East Bengal 2-0 at SAlt Lake Stadium. In the match of First half East Bengal got a chane within 15 minute to score through Mehtab but Brazilial defencive midfielder Douglas block the attempt with a heavey risk to avoied an own goal.

Baga's right wing back Habibur's well measured cross from right saved by Subrata came in advance, if he missed the flight then it could be the danger of East Bengal goal as Baichung was unmarked at that moment in onside. Mohun Bagan took lead in 29th minute through captain Baichung as he beat three defenders in the EB box off a brilliant pass of Barreto from left sided box. 1-0. Mohun Bagan could doubled their margin in 40th minutes by a goallick fault of Subrata as his low shot went to Baichung in an open area and Baichung made a wall pass to Dharamjit in EB box but Subrata finally saved EB from the situation. Mohun Bagan was leading 1-0 upto 1st half.

Mohun Bagan dpown to 10 men in 48th minute when Brazilian Douglas was booked for 2nd time by Referee Dinesh Nair for 2nd foul to Mehrajuddin of EB. After getting an on man advantage East Bengal was putting pressure through their play maker Alvito as his powerful left footr beat Sangram but went over the cross bar.

10 men Mohun Bagan again took lead 2-0 through their captain Baichung again from a traingular attack of Barreto, Baichung and Dharamjit. In 62nd minute, Barreto to Dharamjit and Dharamjit to Baichung again in EB box, Baichung beat Surkumar and lobbed the ball over upcoming Subrata but the ball rebounded from Subrata's leg and went to Dharamjit again and Dharamjit again shoot the ball which saved by Subrata but ball deflected from his hand, Baichung finally pushed the ball in goal but Subrata hold the ball behind from the goal line. Referee awarded goal for Mohun Bagan.

Finally 10 men Mohun Bagan beat Monoranjan Bhattacharyya's East Bengal 2-0 and then remained in fourth spot with 20 points from 12 matches.

10th AIFF NFL - SALT LAKE, KOLKATA: East Bengal 3-1 Mohun Bagan
KEB : Baichung, Tulunga, Gouranga
MMB : Mehtab Hussain.
MOM : Alvito D Counha.

That was the 10th National football League in the year 2005-06. AIFF introcuced Zebra Girls to cheer in the Derby match between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan through then telecaster Zee Sports. The match started in the flood lighted evening at Salt Lake Stadium. More than 1,00,000 crowd came to watch the Derby. Zebra Girls are cheering and cancing with music band.

The 12th Round home match of East Bengal starts under philipe De Ridder where Baichung bhutia was the captain of the team. On the other hand Biswajit Bhattacharys's Mohun Bagan was ready to challenge East Bengal. Nasim Akhtar was unbeatable under the East Bengal goal post while Mehtab Hossain was in a good from in Green and Meroon Jersey but he came just ending of the first half in place of Chinmoy Sarkar.


The First half nded goalless but both teams got some chances as Ibrahim of Bagan got an one to on situation in 1st minute but Nasim was unbeateable then he saved a free kick of Mehtab very well. On the other side Subrata Pal the custodian of Bagan saved several attempts of Ndem, Baichung and Tulunga within 30 minutes of the match.

In 30th minute Mohun Bagan down to 10 men when Dharamjit Sing shown RED CARD by Referee Dinesh Nair as he fouled Jayanta Sen of ast Bengal to grab an aireal ball.

After barren first half East Bengal got 1 man advantage to staart attacks in Bagan box for the reason Baichung scored the opener for East Bengal in 48th minute when a left footer punch of Alvito deflected from Subrata Paul's hand and the EB skippter who followed the ball and scored 1-0.

East Bengal took lead 2-0 in 63 minutes when Tulunga lobbed a ball over upcoming Subrata from his goal area. 10 men Mohun Bagan pushed back one goal from a brilliant shot of Mehtab off the pass of Coffee in 73 minute to make the score line 2-1.

Before 1 minute of the schedule time Gouranga Dutta scored the final goal 3-1 for East Bengal. Mohun Bagan played 9 men from 60th minutes as their three replacement then already completed. Alvito D Counha of East Bengal was the Man of the match despite playing 66 minutes.
Now after 6 years gone, Nabi and Mehtab exchange their team but Alvito is still with East Bengal- more acting as asst coach and Mehrajuddin wadoo again return to Mohun Bagan.
KEB : Naseem, Nabi, Martial, Anupam, Habibur, Tulunga, Ndem, Jayanta, Alvito, Gouranga, Baichung.

MMB : Subrata, Manas, Sanjeev, Mehraj, Dulal, Dharamjit, Noel, Chinmoy, Coffe, Sushil, Ibrahim.

RED CARD : Dharamjit Singh (Mohun Bagan 30').


2011/2012  19. Round   East Bengal   1-1   Mohun Bagan
2010/2011  21. Round   East Bengal   2-1   Mohun Bagan
2009/2010  4. Round   East Bengal   3-5   Mohun Bagan
2008/2009  16. Round   East Bengal   3-0   Mohun Bagan
2007/2008  12. Round   East Bengal   0-2   Mohun Bagan
2006/2007  7. Round   East Bengal   1-0   Mohun Bagan
2005/2006  12. Round   East Bengal   3-1   Mohun Bagan
2004/2005  1. Round   East Bengal   0-0   Mohun Bagan
2003/2004  11. Round   East Bengal   2-1   Mohun Bagan
2002/2003  16. Round   East Bengal   2-1   Mohun Bagan
2001/2002  2. Round   East Bengal   0-1   Mohun Bagan
2000/2001  7. Round   East Bengal   1-0   Mohun Bagan
1999/2000  21. Round   East Bengal   3-1   Mohun Bagan
1998/1999  4. Round   East Bengal   1-1   Mohun Bagan
1997/1998  10. Round   East Bengal   0-0   Mohun Bagan

Out of 15 Home match of East Bengal, 1-1 Result for 4 times and 0-0 result for 4 times too. East Bengal won over 3 goal marging for 3 times while Mohun Bagan broke East Bengal 5-0 victory in 1975 IFA Shield to beat Subhash Bhowmims East Bengal 5-3 in their away match where Then Karim Bencherifa's first Boy Edeh Chidi scored 4 goals with hattrick, the only hattrick so far in NFL/Ileague derby between the two. 1998-2000 and from 2003-2007 East Bengal was unbeaten in home match.

3-1 Margin wins of East Bengal in NFL/I-LEAGUE derby against Mohun Bagan

1999-2010: 4th NFL : East Bengal 3-1 Mohun Bagan
KEB : Jackson Egypong, Falguni Dutta - 2
MMB : Jose Barreto

22.03.2012: Great Revenge of Red and Gold Brigade as they lost 0-1 in 1st leg to Mohun Bagan courtesy James Singh. East Bengal beat Mohun Bagan in 2nd leg of 1999-2000 NFL. The 21st Round of the Derby match held at Salt Lake Stadium where East Bengal beat their arch rival 3-1. The match played in flood light as Karnataka Referee Eneatulla Khan was the Referee of the Derby..

In 19th minute East Bengal took lead through Jackson Egypong but Bagan's Brazilian striker Barreto equalized the scoreline to 1-1 just 3 minutes later. Again the Red and Gold brigade took lead by 2-1 when Falguli Dutta scored in 26th minute. Upto the end of first half East Bengal was leading 2-1.

In the 2nd half of the match East Bengal Falguni scored his brace in 80th minute and helped East Bengal 3-1 victory against their arch rival. In another match of the day Goan Derby between Churchill Brothers and Salgaocar ended 2-1 in favour of Churchill Brothers in Margao, Goa.


I want to win the AFC Cup: Subhash Bhowmick

07.05.2013: AIFF MEDIA : Churchill Brothers' Technical Director Subhash Bhowmick admits that at the start of the season, he never believed that his team would "become Champions." Moments after Churchill Brothers lifted the 2012-13 I-League crown, Bhowmick spoke to www.the-aiff.com about his philosophy, the path, the obstacles and his unfulfilled dream. EXCERPTS:

Is this your most memorable I-League triumph?

My biggest achievement as a Coach has been winning the ASEAN Cup for East Bengal. But having said that I admit it would have been a crime not to win it, especially with the squad which I had at my disposal.

This time in Churchill, I never dreamt of winning the I-League. It was at best a middle-class family. But team work elevated us to the aristocrat level. Prior to the season when I told about my players, people found it hard to recollect who most were. But here we are, the I-League Champions, 2012-13.

Churchill didnít have many star players. So what stayed your philosophy?

Fitness and sticking together stayed my philosophy. In fact, that has stayed my belief all throughout. Football is a team game. Right from the top to the bottom level, everyone has to share the workload and work sincerely. If they try to give the best which they have, results are bound to come. We win together; we lose together, stayed my philosophy.

You roped in quite a few players like Tomba Singh and Sandip Nandy who possibly had past their prime. What stayed your logic?

Quality never dies. I knew if I was able to show them their path, motivate them and able to bring them back to their fitness level which had once had made them household names, they would be assets. And they did!

What stays the secret of creating an instant connect with players?

I will always believe till my death bed that my players are my God. They are my strength, they are my weakness. I need to instill in them a belief, the belief that I am a part of you. If we sink, we sink together; if we win, we win together. My players are more important than anyone else.

A couple of crucial players left midway into the season. What went through your mind?

It was a very difficult phase after Bilal (Najjarine) and Akram (Moghrabi) left midway into the season. To be honest, both of their departure hit us. Add to that the injuries which hit Beto. But again, my players stood by me and for the team. Each and everyone took additional responsibility. We roped in Sunil Chhetri and Afghan International Belal Arezou during the break. And they settled in fast.

What did you tell Sunil Chhetri?

The fact that he hadn't played enough matches for Sporting Lisbon had dented his confidence. I told him repeatedly not to forget that he was the Captain of our Country. It was not without reason that he wore the armband while others didnít. I told him to believe in his technical abilities and continue playing.

At the same time I had to convince him that for the sake of the Team, he had to play the role of a game maker and play from behind. His ability with the ball helped him adjust quickly. The best part stayed he scored crucial goals, very crucial ones. He scored when we needed him to score. That makes him important.

What did this season of I-League give to Indian Football?

Look at the competitive nature of the League. No side was willing to give the other a single inch without fighting. The Championship battle went down to the wire. There are three teams who could have won it. It was a very tense battle indeed.

What stays your aim?

As a Coach, I don't intend to decorate my CV with I-League titles. Given a chance, if any team puts confidence in me, I want to win the AFC Cup for an Indian Club. People may laugh but I tell you, it's possible. You need to have the time and keep in the players in the right shape and frame of mind. When I dreamt of wining the ASEAN Cup, there were skeptics around. But we made it possible. Winning an Asian title stays my aim.


The ONGC management has given me a good and cordial atmosphere to work : SANTOSH KASHYAP

.. 29.01.2013 : ONGC - the Corporate Club who has being promoted in the I-league from 2nd Divn I-League last year. In the 17th edition of NFL/I-League the team are now challenging the top seeded clubs like Dempo, East Bengal etc. But in the current I-League there ws a time when this I-league team was really in search to save themselves from relegation.

But an unbeaten 8 matches (4 Win and 4 Draw) in a row has made them the dark horse in the tournament. The main architect behind this dimensional change is AFC 'A' Lisenced coach Santosh Kashyap who has placed ONGC in the 7th position at the end of the 18th round (Played 17 matches so far as AIR India match will be played on 3rd march- 17th Round).

Earlier, Santosh Kashyap was appointed as the coach of Mohun Bagan on 28th June 2012 and his tenure ended on 13th October. He was given a very short period when Mohan Bagan had to close their Federation Cup campaign in the group stages after they drew against Churchill (0-0) and lost to Air India (0-2), but won against Mohammedan Sporting (2-1). In the 1st and 2nd round of the I-league matches this year Kashyap's Mohun Bagan lost against Shillong Lajong (0-2) and Prayag United (1-2).

In the CFL Bagan quits the matches against Southern Samity and Tollygunj Agrarami , But won against West Bengal Police 6-0.In the All Air lines Gold cup tournament the mariners won against in the semis(3-0) . Mohan Bagan won the 1st exhibition match at Jam mu and Kashmir by 4-0 but lost by a margin of 1-3 (tie breaker) in the later one. Santosh Kashyap joined ONGC on 18 th December replacing Subrata Bhattacharjee (jr).

JAYDIP DASGUPTA talked to him after the match against Dempo before taking 2nd leg match against his previous team Mohun Bagan on 1st February at Kalyani Stadium. The team will reach tomorrow. We have to see can he able to make the year 1993 when Mohun Bagan lost to Mahindra United in the final of Rovers Cup where he was the captain of Mahindra United or going to see the first win of Karim Benchirifa who also played 6 matches so far in I-League after Mridul Banerjee only three drew and three lost in his bag......Out of Mohun Bagan's 13 matches so far Santosh Pashyap 2 (Both lost), Mridul Banerjee 5 Matches (3 win 2 drew) ( ALL STATS : Laltu Chakrabarty).


22/12/12	I-L	ONGC 		3 - 0	Shillong Lajong ------- WIN

29/12/12	I-L	ONGC 		1 - 1	United Sikkim	 ---------- DRAW 

05/01/13	I-L	ONGC 		3 - 0	Arrows	 ------- WIN

08/01/13	I-L	ONGC 		1 - 0	East Bengal ------- WIN

12/01/13	I-L	ONGC 		1 - 0	Salgaocar	------- WIN 

27/01/13	I-L	Dempo 		1 - 1	ONGC ---------- DRAW

What was your main target after you were being appointed as the coach of ONGC ?

When I took the charge on 18th December from former coach Subrata Bhattacharyy, ONGC were almost at the bottom of the I-league table. So, my primary task is to save the team from the relegation zone and place in a comfortable position. I think that I am quite successful in saving the relegation. At present my team are placed in the 7th position after 18th round. After takingcharge as coach of ONGC I have played 6 matches so far where we won 4 and drew 2 matches . My first match was 3-0 win against Shillong Lajong on 22nd Dec. ONGC played 11 matches under Subrata Bhattacharyya where they lost 6, Drew 4 and won 1 match. The first leg against Mohun Bagan at Delhi they drew 0-0.

How you have guided your footballers ?

I am glad that I have a team of dedicated footballers. They are implementing exactly what I asked them to do. I always guide my footballers to be in a positive frame of mind and to put the maximum effort in the field. Yes, I must mention that the dedication and the positive approach has put back ONGC in the main stream of the I-league.

What is the key of your recnt success in ONGC team ?

It is the team effort, which had worked so far in the I-league. I am thankful to the management of the ONGC and even to the supportive staffs. The ONGC management has given me a good and cordial atmosphere to work. Now my main target is to place ONGC in a commendable position in the I-league.

At present ONGC is unbeaten in the last seven matches. I concentrated mainly in the attacking force as well in the defense organization so that the team can work as a smooth machine. The well balance combination of attacking as well as defensive organization has fetched the unbeaten result in the last 8 matches. Above all once again I would like to mention regarding the team work and the positive approach of the footballers which has proved to be positive as far as the results are concerned. We last lost to Pailan Arrows 1-4.

What will be your strategy in the match against Mohun Bagan ?

We will going to adopt the same strategy with Bagan also. ONGC defeated Dempo and East Bengal in the 1st round, and drew the last match once again against Dempo (2nd round) at the Duler stadium in Goa which we were supposed to win. But we were unfortunate that a genuine goal was disallowed by the referee I Think. I am positive to be successful against Mohan Bagan also in my away.

Are you satisfied with the I-league referring?

Al the I-league teams are suffering from the controversial decisions of the referees. In the match against Shillong Lazong we were being deprived of not awarding penalties although we won the match by a margin of 3-0. I feel that some of the referees are not confident enough to take appropriate decisions. The time has really come when the AIFF should think seriously and to correct the situation. We should keep in mind that correct and uncontroversial decisions of the referees are utmost for a football match.


INTERVIEW : Trophies in the Cabinet matter more than anything: Morgan

05.12.2012: AIFF RELEASE : Nine points separate East Bengal and Mohun Bagan in the I-League table at the moment. But Trevor Morgan, the East Bengal coach isn't much willing to read into the difference in the points table. In an exclusive interview with www.the-aiff.com, Morgan speaks at length about the forthcoming Kolkata Derby, its importance, the emotion involved, the injuries, Bagan striker Odafa Okolie and much more. EXCERPTS:

Describe the preparations for the Derby.

We have given the players off on Wednesday (December 5). From Thursday we will restart our training session and prepare for the Derby. The boys needed some rest as they had trained after coming from Shillong.

Are there any injury concerns in the team?

Nothing serious! There are a few niggles here and there but I believe the full squad will be available for selection ahead of the Big Match.

Does the gulf in the points table between the two clubs give East Bengal a psychological edge? No, I don't think so; not in a Derby at least. Here the stakes automatically become higher and there is a lot of emotion involved. No matter what the points table show, players, management and supporters get that extra kick before a Derby.

Personally, how do you treat the biggest match in Indian club football calendar?

(Laughs) Obviously I realise the importance of an East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan match and the tradition that's involved with it. It's really big. Everyone looks forward to the day and they want their team to win. The pride, the enthusiasm and madness surrounding this fixture is amazing. It drives all of us to give that much extra.

But for me personally, it's just three points. In a League, it's just another match that won't fetch you four points! So winning stays important as does every single match. But I reiterate it is for the fanaticism and relevance that makes this match special.

Do you feel any additional pressure every time you step onto the ground for a Kolkata Derby?

Not at all! As a player or a coach, you look forward to this day. The ambience is what you live for. You know a vociferous crowd and the pressure to perform against Mohun Bagan motivates you. We have almost a full house at the Salt Lake stadium. The passion is the best part of it.

Mohun Bagan are battling a series of injuries at the moment. So is it Advantage East Bengal?

No! Derby matches are different. In a Derby match every player is charged up and motivated. He tries to give his best shot and thus we need to stay aware of our rivals. Having said that I believe Bagan's players will overcome their injuries and stay fully fit prior to the kick-off.

How do plan to thwart Odafa Okolie?

There is no special plan chalked out for him (Odafa). We have been compact defensively so far and have conceded just one goal in our last nine matches. Our players know him (Odafa) well. I'm sure we will limit his opportunities whenever he gets the ball.

What is more important to you, winning Derbies or winning the title?

The best possible thing would be to win against Bagan and then go on to win the league isn't it! But the I-League stays the primary goal and at the end of the full season, the Trophies in your Cabinet matter.

Would you mind losing both the Derbies but winning the title?

Ask me this question after the season, I will answer you. At the moment it's unanswerable.

Manandeep Singh has been a revelation this season. What do you attribute it to?

Manandeep has playing really well. He has scored some wonderful goals and important ones too. He was superb in the Federation Cup and is shaping up perfectly. He stays a great prospect.


Interview with Churchill Brothers Coach Mariano Dias after their I-League Winning today :: ::-----:: GO HOME PAGE

07.05.2013: By CHARLES DíSOUZA,MARGAO . The more Mariano Dias tried to keep himself away from the happy chaos around him. The more he got sucked into it. His cell phone kept ringing incessantly as congratulatory continues to flow as he after he guided Churchill Brothers I-League title. Dias shared his excitement and his players exuberance at winning the I-league crown.

In this chat with this scribe, Dias spoke about his coaching career ,challenges ahead and the steps to be taken for the development of the game in the country.

Excerpts - How would you sum up your team's triumph ?

Full credit of winning the I league should go to the players. I am really happy that we regained the championship. They kept working hard throughout the seasons. At a times they faced difficulties, but have always risen to the occasions. They defies their character. It feels nice to have achieved such result.

What has been your success formula with Churchill Brothers ?

The main things is that the players understand me and I understand them.it's all about instilling discipline in the players and making them ready to seize the moment and finish the job withintensity and honesty. The Churchill Brothers team is like family. THE Cooperation, encouragementof the team owner Churchill Alemao and his brothers is also important.

The Alemao family follow thegame with passions. Churchill and the players have full faith in the me and the coaching staff, IT important to have associated with the club. I am lucky in that regard and thatís the reason why weare successful

What differentiates Goan clubs from other clubs ?

Goans team stay focussed and prepares well in advance. Some Goan clubs have sound youth development programmes and strives hard for the development of the sports and acts as a pillar of strengths.

What are the challenges ahead for you ?

We have been consistent in the I league But we havenít won the Federation till date. The target for me to win the Fed Cup in the coming year.

What is the reason for INDIA'S below par performance ?

We need a whole some change from the grass root level. We need well trained coaches and academies with top class facilities . The players have to be creative, India have the talent but we have to improve our fitness, We have to play more international matches and if the players trained abroad that could be an advantage. We have to make the I league more attractive with more involvements of fans and increase of prize money.

If you were to make a choice and name a youngsters from Churchill Brothers who you believes willmkae it big-who will it be ?

Midfielder Lenny Rodrigues has been very workaholic He keeps running up and down and is very hardworking He is a very good future prospects for India team.