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I-LEAGUE : 25.11.2012: MUMBAI FC   1-1   MOHUN BAGAN (PUNE - FT..)
MMB : Odafa 20' :

MFC : Luis Barreto, Fakruddin, Justine Stephen, Ashutosh, Nicholas, James, Subhash (Abhishek), Gabriel (Jayesh), Quao, Faizal, Yakubu.
MMB : Shilton, Nabi (Lalrozama), Ibor, Nirmal, Biswajit, Stanly, Denson, Jewel, Snehasish( Sabeeth), Odafa, Manish Jr.
FT : Match end. Mumbai FC hold Mohun Bagan at home while Karim's first match as a coach of MMB in 2nd term from 7th round also blocked by Khalid Jamil.
90': 3 minute added time.
88': Denson cleared Opara's movement.
86': PLAYER CHANGE: MMB - Snehasish out and Sabeeth in.
85': Still 1-1 is the scoreline.
83': Another corner for MFC from wrong cleardnce of Lalrozama. Nicholas corner cleard.
STAT: Mohun Bagan won both leg in last year against Mumbai FC while lost also both leg to them in 2009-10..
81': Still the scoreline is 1-1.
80': Nicholas corner kick cleared.
78': Corner for MFC, Opara's shot deflected from Nirmal.
PLAYER CHANGE : MFC - N.D.OPARA in and Yakubu out.
75': Odafa fouled Amiri in MFC box. to collect an ball in Alr.
70': The scoreline is 1-1 now.
67': MFC earned corner from Yakubu's movement in left, James's corner kick cleared.
63': Now the scoreline is 1-1.
62': Amiri Faqruddin's Free kick of MFC went to 8 yards box where Abhishek header beat umcoming Shilton, Nirmal and Aibor also beat in Air.
55': PLAYER CHANGE: MFC - Subhash out and Abhishek in.
50': Still Bagan is leading 1-0.
48': Free kick for MFC in left. Ball went wide Quao.
YELLOW CARD: MMB - Biswajit Saha.
46': Starts of 2nd half match.
HT : It's half time now in the match. Mohun Bagan is leading 1-0.
45+1': Free kick for MFC, Quao's shot went wide over the bar.
45': Referee added 1 minute.
44': MMB earned a corner in left of MFC goal. Snehasish's corner kick. But Nirmal's header cleared.
42': Amiri blocked the challenge of Snehasish from left.
40': 1-0 scoreline for Mohun Bagan. 450th goal of Mohun Bagan in NFL/I-League
37': Another attack of MFC, James Singh from right and Yakubu's close header went out.
35': Still MMB is leading 1-0.
35': James Singh's cross in MMB box cleared by Nirmal.
34': 52% ball possession of Mohun Bagan.
32': YELLOW CARD: MMB : - Denson who fouled Ivans quoa.
30': Left sided attack of MFC, Yakubu to Gabriel in left but Gabriel's cross went wide.
27'; Another attack of MFC, Finally Subhash Chakrabarty was offside.
25': Mohun Bagan is leading 1-0.
25': Chance missed by Gabriel when his 6 yard shot went wide over the bar, Shilton and Nirmal was beaten.
24': Shilton well received in advance from an attack of Yakubu.
23': Mohun Bagan is leading 1-0.
22': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.. Brilliant Free kick of Odafa went to Goal.
21': Free kick for Bagan just out side of the MFC box. Amiri Fakruddin fouled Snehasish in out side box when he was trying to enter from left.
20': Biswajit to Snehasish but his effortless ran from left and the reason ball went for MFC throw in.
PLAYER CHANGE: MMB: Nabi out and Lalrozama in.
18': Another corner won by MFC in right. Nicholas shot cleared.
16': Injured Nabi went out from the field. He may be replaced by Lalrozama?.
15': Yakubu to Gabriel in MMB box but Nabi cleared well but Nabi injured..Nabi wants replacement by own.
13': Nicholas's corner kick cleared from MFC deep defnce.
12': Well shot of Yakubu which Shilton saved for a corner in right.
11' STAT: Highest win of Mohun Bagan was 5-1 in last year's 1st leg.
10': No score 0-0.
8': Odafa attacked but headed back pass of Faizal went to Keeper Barreto. Faizal is injured.
5': Mohun Bagan attacking going on.
4': STAT: 2nd Stint of Karim Bencherifa for Mohun Bagan who earlier coached 78 matches where won 45 matches for Mohun Bagan.
4': Nabi is playing in right back.
2': Stanly attacked from right ball went wide.
2': Snehasish to Biswajit in MFC area but ball out.
1': Match starts.

Ex-Air India and Mohun Bagan coach Santosh Kashyap has been appointed new Coach of United Sikkim?
HEAD to HEAD in I-League
2011/2012  Mohun Bagan 2-1 Mumbai FC
2011/2012  Mumbai FC 1-5 Mohun Bagan
2010/2011  Mumbai FC 0-0 Mohun Bagan
2010/2011  Mohun Bagan 2-0 Mumbai FC
2009/2010  Mumbai FC 2-0 Mohun Bagan
2009/2010  Mohun Bagan 1-2 Mumbai FC
2008/2009  Mumbai FC 0-3 Mohun Bagan
2008/2009  Mohun Bagan 1-2 Mumbai FC


I-LEAGUE: 24.11.2012: EAST BENGAL   5-0   ONGC (KOL - FT..) :: SCROLL DOWN
KEB : Chidi Edeh 25', Penn 50', Manandeep 66', Lalrindika 76', Rabin 83':

KEB : Gurpreet, Naoba, Okpara, Arnab, Soumik (Robert), Khabra, Mehtab, Penn, Isfaq (Lalrindika), Chidi (Robin), Manandeep.
OFC : Prasenjit, Sachin, Adeola, Sandeep, Bimal, Rajib, Kailash, Jatin, Surabuddin, Yusa, Eric (Kainstan C).
FT : Match end. East Bengal beat ONGC 5-0. East Bengal earnd 17 points from 7 matches to reach in top of the table now. Naoba Singh of KEB has been awarded Man of the Match but Penn made an outstanding performance today.
90: Referee added 3 minutes.
90': Last Match ONGC beat Dempo 3-1 now trailing 0-5 to East Bengal.
89': Larindika's another left footer from close went wide over the bar.
89': Still East Bengal is leading 5-0 aginst 10 men ONGC (from 60 minutes). In last 30 minutes East Bengal scored 2 mor goals.
88': EAST BENGAL scored their 510th goal in NFL/I-League so far in 349 matches.
86': Another attack of East Bengal, Robin from left sided pass went to ONGC box but Lalrin's left footer well saved.
85': East Bengal is leading 5-0 against 10 men ONGC from 60th minute.
83': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. 5th goal of East Bengal. Scored by Rabin Singh assisted by Manandeep in ONGC box. Rabin's left footer chop beat Prasenjit.
80': East Bengal is leading 4-0.
78': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. 4th goal of East Bengal. Scored by Lalrindika assisted by Manandeep Singh in ONGC box.. .
75': PLAYER CHANGE: KEB :: Soumik out and Robert in.
70': Jatin's powerful shot from out side of EB box well saved by Gurpreet.
75': PLAYER CHANGE: KEB :: Isfaq out and Lalrindika in.
67': East Bengal is now leading 3-0.
66': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 3rd goal of East Bengal. Scored by Manandeep Singh. Received a brilliant pass of Penn from out side box.
65': In shillong Churchill and Shillong Lajong match is still goalless after 65th minutes .
63': East Bengal is leading 2-0 against 10 men ONGC. 62': Surabuddin was fouled by Arnab. He is injured and under treatment now.
61': ONGC down to 10 men. Naoba's Free kick went over the cross bar.
60': RED CARD : ONGC's Sandeep Sangha for misbehave with referee.
57': PLAYER CHANGE : KEB : Robin Singh and Chidi out.
56': Jatin's free kick went out.
55': Back to back 2 corner in left earned by ONGC. Now got Free kick for Arnab's foul
52': East Bengal is leading 2-0.
51': Chidi got ba long ball from bhidn and gave through a nice header to upcoming Penn in ONGC box from which Penn pushed with his skill to beat Prasenjit for 2nd time.
50' GOAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2nd goal of East Bengal now through Penn.
50': Same socreline 1-0 for East Bengal.
48': Corner from fight side of ONGC cleared.
47': Free kic for ONGC, Yusa was fouled by Mehtab. Sandip's free kick shot saved for corner by Gurpret.
46': Starts of 2nd half match.
HT : End of first half where East Bengal is leading 1-0.
45+2': Kailash Patils's effort well saved by Gurpreet.
45': No score in Shillong Lajong and Churchill Brothers match in Shillong.
45': Referee added 2 minutes.
43': Another brilliant attack of KEB, Isfaq to Chidi in left sided box but Surabuddin well defended the action.
40': 5 minutes to go to end of the 1st half where East Bengal is leading by the score of Chidi.
38': Chidi well passed towards Box but Prasenjit was alert to block it.
37': Slow pace now in the match.
35': 1-0 score line for East Bengal.
32': Mehtab fouled Yusa of ONGC. Free kick for ONGC.
30': YELLOW CARD : KEB : Isgfaq Ahmd who fouled Hassan Adola.
27': East Bengal is leading 1-0.
27': PLAYER CHANGE : ONGC : Kainstan C in place of injured Eric.
26': Long ball to Isfaq from Okpara in right and Isfaq header went to Chidi in ONGC box and he tapped the ball and blasted with right footer to beat Prasenjit.
25': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Chidi scored for KEB. 5th Goal Chidi for East Bengal in this I-LEAGUE.
20': Effortless pass of Okpara to right side side towards Chidi. Ball out.
18': Chidi fouled in ONGC box to tap Mehtab's pass.
17': Eric injured and went for treatment in outside of the field.
15': Still no score 0-0.
14': YELLOW CARD: Eric who fouled Okpara.
13': Counter attack of ONGC. Surabuddin from left towards ERIC but it was too high for him.
12':Free Kick for East Bengal in out side of ONGC box. Mehtab Kick cleared from ONGC defence.
10': STAT: EB Coach Morgan is unbeaten in all 17 matches in 2012-13 season still now.
8': Right footer of Isfaq well saved by Prasnjit in right. Nice shot from out side box.
6': Long shot of Surabuddin went wide.
5': Eric's long ball in KEB box but Surabuddin was offside.
4': Naoba Singh's Right sided Free Kick shot cleared form ONGC deep defence.
2': STAT: Both Team has got 4 Nos of Man of the Match award upto last 6 Matches
1': Attack of ONGC, Sachin to Eric in left but Gurpreet came to rescue.
1': Match starts at YBK.
0': ONGC promoted in this year's 1st DIVN I-League finished 2nd after United Sikkim in 2nd Divn I-League.
0': ONGC last win against Dempo 3-1 and East Bengal last win against Churchill Brothers away 3-0.
0': STAT: ONGC and EAST BENGAL met only 1 match in I-LEAGUE. In 2009-10 I-LEAGUE East Bengal beat ONGC in 1st Leg 1-0 and lost in 2nd leg to ONGC 0-1.

DEMPO and CHURCHILL WON in injury time goal while Pune hold United Sikkim at home.
24.11.2012: PUNE FC   2-2   UNITED SIKKIM (PUNE - FT..)
PFC : James Moga 1', 68'
USK : Ativi 26', Safar Sardar 27'
PFC : Sahinlal, Anas, Gurjiner, Caitano(Nikhil), Srikanth, Douhou, Arata, Karma T, Jeje(Subhas), Dysuke(Chika), Moga.
USK : Manatosh, Anwar, Safar, Munmun, Michael, Sandesh, Dosseh, Zenith, Nuruddin(Baichung), Nima(Abhishek), Shahensha(Nima).

PFC RELEASE : Pune FC held at home by USFC. Pune FC staged a comeback to play out a 2-2 draw against United Sikkim FC in a Round-7 I-League 2012-13 encounter at the Balewadi Sports Complex, on Saturday. The host's had themselves to blame for not forcing a win after striker Jeje Lalpekhlua wasted a penalty-kick in the second half.

Pune FC had striker James Moga net a brace (1st and 68th), while USFC got their goals from the efforts of DG Attivi (25th) and Safar Sardar (27th) to take the lead in first half. The draw took Pune FC's tally to 10 points, while USFC went up to 5.

Striker Moga gave Pune FC the best possible start his team could have expected by putting the home side in the driving seat inside 10 seconds. The striker headed a long ball from defender Gurjinder Kumar in a three-touch effort.

But as the home side settled, USFC silenced the crowd by pulled one back midway through the first-half when DG Attivi's scorcher from 30-yards beat Pune FC custodian Shahinlal Meloly in the air to find the net.

USFC went 2-1 up couple minutes later when Safar's long range effort beat Shahin once again. The striker, on a counter, hit a grounder from 25-yards out aimed at the far post. The ball's direction and speed beat Shahinlal's outstretched dive to the right.

At the other end, Pune FC continued pressing their opponents but failed in the final third. United Sikkim, however employed counter-attacking techniques to the best. USFC's Nadong Bhutia got into the clear after defender Caitano Costa's failed clearance, but his shot from inside the box went wide.

A minute later, Attivi's shot from 35-yards hit the cross bar as the home side went into the break trailing 1-2. The second half was a different story as Pune FC attacked from the word go. Being a goal down, the home side pressed every move from the opponent.

Pune FC were handed a lifeline to equalise seven minutes into the second half. USFC's defender handled the ball inside the box in a melee and the referee pointed to the spot. Striker Jeje stepped up for the kick, but his poor penalty was easily saved by USFC 'keeper Monotosh Ghosh.

Midway through the second half, striker Moga completed his brace when he equalised in the 68th minute. The striker beat a defender on top of the box on the right and unleashed a strike to the far post beating the keeper.

It was all Pune FC thereafter. Minutes later, Jeje's header from 6-yards out was blocked on the goalline by the 'keeper after he did well to connect substitute Nikhi Kadam's cross from the left.

Six minutes later, Moga in the clear inside the box directed his header wide after connecting Gurjinder Kumar's cross in from the left. Into added time, Karma failed to connect a cross from striker Moga on the left with the goal-mouth at his mercy.

52':Manotosh save a penalty. Jeje missed the brilliant opportunity to score from a spot kick.

The credit of Baichung Bhutia is as similar as Holland Star Ruud Gullit, Italy Star Gianluca Vialli, England Star Dalglish. Gullit was the Player cum coach of Chelsea in 1996-98, Vilalli was the coach cum player of Chelsea 1998-99. Daglish was the player cum coach of Liverpool from 1985-1990. But Baichung have another crown which those three did not have that is Baichung is the co-owner of USK also they were not the owner of their Clubs..

24.11.2012: DEMPO   1-0   AIR INDIA (GOA - FT..)
DEM :Abranches 90'+1'
DEM : Tyson, Debabrata, Samir, Mahesh, Antao, Carvalho, Godwin(Rohan), Clifford(Rebello), Anthony(Romeo), Seuoka, Abranches.
AIR : Sukwinder, Prem Kumar, Gagandep, Baldip, Souvik(Jonychand), Vijith, Rahul, Micky, P. Mohonraj(O. Lepcha), Elija Jr.(Velho), Henry.

CB : Mograbi 90+3'
SLFC : Ralte, Pasah, Mincholson, Jeevan, Lallawamzuala, Lalchhuanmawaia, Lalramluaha, Lyndoh, Sushil, Sukore, Friday.
CB : Sandip, Thyanjam, Bilal, Ravanan, Y. Raju, Dias, Lenny, Balan, Bikramjit, Henry, Mograbi.

23.11.2012: UNITED SC   1-1   SALGAOCAR SC (KOL - FT..)
SAL: Augastin 40' :: USC : Bello 59'

USC : Subrata, Deepak, Gourmangi, Bello, Sukhen (Dhanachandra), Lalkamal, Asif K, Lester (Gouranga), Vineeth, Carlos (Rafiq), Ranti.
SAL : Karanjit, Nicolu, Fulgancio, Luciano, Randeep, Augastin, Rocus(Barbosa), Jacob(Beevan), Francis, Gilbart, Rooney (Nabel).
FT : Match end. United hold Salgaocar 1-1. United Stopper Bello Rasaq declared Man of the Match.
90+4': Few minutes left to end still 1-1 is the score.
90'+1': Free kick for Salgaocar, Fulgancio's shot cleared.
90': 6 minute added.
88': Lalkamals' corner cleared by Karanjit which went to upcoming Gourmangi but his weak shot made no impact.
86': United is attacking more and more. Another corner win.
84': United earned another corner in left, Lalkamal's kick cleared for throw in.
81': Fighting is going on, the scoreline is 1-1.
80': PLAYER CHANGE : SAL : Quinton Jacob out and Bevan De'Mello in..
79': Again corner to United, Lalkamal's corner from left went to Karanjit's hand.
76': United won a corner but Lalkamal's kick cleared from Salgaocar deep defence.
74': PLAYER CHANGE : SAL : Rooney out and Dada Nabeel in..
72': PLAYER CHANGE : SAL : Rocus Lamare out and Anthony Barbosa in..
71': PLAYER CHANGE : USC : Sukhen Dey out and Dhanachandra Singh in..
70': Still the score line is 1-1.
68': : STAT..4-3 was the highest margin win of Salgaocar against USC in 2010-11 2nd round match.
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66': Another miss of United. Ranri's shot hits the post.
64': Again chance missed by United. Ranti passed to Rafiq in 6 yards but Rafiq was unable to handle 1:1 situation, his shot went out.
STAT: United first played in I-League in 2009-10 against Salgaocar in 7th Round where they won the match 2-0. Today against they face them in 7th Round..
60': Now the scoreline is 1-1.
58': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL..USC equalized the scoreline from a brilliant free kick of Bello, Ball went to goal after kissing Karanjit's hand.
58': PLAYER CHANGE : USC : Lester out and Gouranga in..
56': YELLOW CARD : SAL: Fulgancio. Free kick for USC
54': YELLOW CARD : SAL: Sarbosa who fouled Rafiq of USC.
STAT: Out of total 6 head to head in I-League, Salgaocar was unbeaten in last 5 match to United SC..
50': 1-0 score for Salgaocar.
50': USC earned a Fre Kick but Salgaocar Defence cleared out Ranti's Free kick shot.
48': PLAYER CHANGE: USC: Md Rafiq in and Carlos out.
46': 2nd half match starts.
STAT: In 2011-12 I-League First leg match between the two was goalless while Salgaocar won 1-0 in 2nd leg...
HT: It's half time now in the match. Salgaocar is leading 1-0.
YELLOW CARD : USC: Vineeth for wasting time.
45+1': Asif effort well but his shot went wide.
45': Referee added 2 minutes more.
44': Again attack of Salgaocar from right side but ball deflected for Throw in in middle area.
42': Salgaocar is leading 1-0.
41': From corner kick of Randeep went to Augastin in blank area and his flick header beat Subrata.
40': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL..Salgaocar scored goal. Augastin scored.
36': Free kick for USC, Karanjit saved Carlos's Free kick shot well.
33': Free Kick for Salgaocer. Fulgancio's shot cleared from USC defence.
30': 0-0 still now.
STAT: In 2011-12 I-League United SC was unbeaten in their first 9 matches...
28': USC won a free outside of SAL box, Carlos shot missed the target for some inches. Good attempt of Carlos.
26': 0-0..still now.
24': Another attack of USC, Ranti to Lalkamal in 18 yards of SAL box but Lal's shot went wide.
22': Good attack of USC, Vineeth to Ranti in SAL box (Outside), but ball cleared finally as he was covered by two defenders Luciano and Fulgancio.
20': 0-0, is the score line.
17': Salgaocar got Chance to score, Gilbert to Rooney in USC box, Rooney beat Subrata but finally his shot went wide.
STAT: In IFA CFL PREMIER LEAGUE United SC currently hold 2nd Position after East Bengal with 16 points in 7 matches..
15': 0-0, Still No score in the match.
13': Goal line saved by Jacob as 3rd corner to USC, Carlos from right, ball went to Bello and Bello's shot saved by Jacob..
12': 2nd corner to USC, Carlos from right, ball cleared for another corner.
STAT: In GOA PRO LEAGUE Salgaocar currently hold 3rd Position after Dempo and Sesa FA with 13 points in 6 matches..
10': 0-0, Still no score in the match.
9': Salgaocar win corner in left, Fulgancio's shot went to Jacob but his shot missed the target.
8': United earned corner in left, Carlos kicked, Ball in the Air but finally wastage.
6': Counter attack of United, Carlos's through pass towards Lester block in the middle by Sabrosa.
4': Salgaocar attacked from right, Francis' cross went to Subrata's safe hand.
3': Another attack of United through Vineeth but Sabrosa cleared.
STAT: Ranti martins scored the fastest hattrick in this I-League for USC against United Sikkim.
1': First attack of USC, Vineet's cross to Ranti in SFC box but Ranti was unable to tap the ball in 6 yards.
1': Match starts at Salt Lake.

I-LEAGUE 2012-13: PAILAN ARROWS stun Sporting Goa in Away Match..

23.11.2012: SPORTING GOA   0-1   PAILAN ARROWS (GOA - FT..)
PAI : Narayan 54' (Cross of Holi Charan deflected from SCG keeper which went to onrushing Narayan who was unmarked and he scored the only goal.)
MOM : Narayan Das (PAI)
SCG : Gerrard (Ashok), Samananda, Joyner, Keita, Jow (Victorino), Kalu, Rovan, Dawson, Roolwin, Pratesh, Seyia (Richard).
PAI : Soram (Ravi Kumar), Prabir, Soiuvik, Deepak, Preetam, Milan, Pranay, Alwin, Narayan (Rajinder Kumar), Tirthankar, Holicharan (Ganeshan).
PAILAN Keeper Soram injured in his knee and replaced by Ravi Kumar in 8 minutte.
AIFF MEDIA RELEASE: Pailan Arrows took Sporting Clube de Goa by surprise with a solitary goal victory in a seventh round I-League encounter at the Nehru Stadium, Fatorda, on Friday.

In a match that rarely rose above the levels of mediocrity, Narayan Das scored the only goal of the match in the second session to arrest the losing tide in the last couple of matches. The win took their points tally to 11 points while Sporting Clube remained on seven points.

Sporting Clube took control of the proceedings right from the opening whistle and could have surged ahead in the third minute itself when a misunderstanding between Shouvik Ghosh and goalkeeper Soram Angamba saw Sporting's Seiya Sugishita with a chance from an acute angle. The Japanese striker, however, could not do justice to the opportunity.

Pailan Arrows played a cautious game and were solid in defending. They allowed Sporting to hold on to the ball but provided no clear opportunities for the hosts.

The closest Sporting Clube came to scoring in the first session was when Ogba Kalu's long ranger sailed narrowly past the crossbar. Dawson Fernandes also had a chance for Sporting but was dispossessed just when he was about to take a shot at goal from close range.

In the second session, Pailan Arrows' Alwyn George found himself at the right end of a through ball from the centre but he ended up in a collision with Sporting goalkeeper Gerrard D'Mello.

Pailan Arrows found themselves ahead in the 54th minute in a quick counter attack. The dangerous Holicharan Narzary cut past a defender and unleashed a left footer which the goalkeeper parried away, but Narayan was at the right place to give the finishing touches from an extremely narrow angle.

Down by a goal, Sporting Clube threw everything at Pailan Arrows. But the young guns were steady all through and walked away with full points.

Sporting Clube ended the match with a player less after substitute striker Victorino Fernandes was sent off for a tackle on Milan Singh.


I-LEAGUE : Mohun Bagan lost to Dempo at home in 8th round match

DEM : Abranches 39', Sueoka 43'(Pen), Godwin 71'
DEM ; Subhasish (Kattimani), Debabrata, Rowilson, Mahesh, Samir, Clifford (Rohon), Anthony (Romeo), Godwin, Carvalho, Abranches, Sueoka.
MMB : Shilton, Nirmal, Mehrajuddin, Aibor, Biswahit(R/C), Jewel (Manish Jr.), Denson, Stanley, Lalrinfela (Snehasish), Sabeeth (Rakesh), Odafa.
FT : Match end. Dempo beat Mohun Bagan 3-0 and registered 7th unbeaten run in last 7 matches.
90+2': 1 minute to go. Dempo is leading 3-0 against 10 men Mohun Bagan from 54th minutes.
90': 3 minute added time.
89': YELLOW CARD: MMB : Aibor.
88': PLAYER CHANGE: MMB : Manish Jr. in and Jewel Raja out..
0': STAT: Last 6 matches in I-League Dempo was unbeaten to Mohun Bagan..
88': Rohon's header from kick went wide.
87': Corner for Dempo, Rohon beat Masih and shoot but Shilton saved for corner.
85': Counter attack by Snehasish, Corner for Bagan, Shenasish kick and Aibor's header went out.
84': Corner for Dempo after playing 17 passed in right, corner kick cleared.
82': Just now they played 26 passes and 27th pass went for throw in from Suoka when Stanley defended the ball.
80': Dempo controlling the match. They are playing 15/16 passes at time when they are attacking.
76': 10 men Mohun Bagan from 54th minute down by 0-3.
75': PLAYER CHANGE: MMB : RAkesh Masih in and Sabeeth out.
72': Dempo is leading 3-0 now in the match.
71': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL...Godwin Franco scored from free kick as Rohon's kick cleared by Nirmal but went to Godwin who scored from a 40 yeards shot to beat Shilton.
70': Jewel fouled Rohon and Dempo got Free kick, Rohon's free Kick.
65': Dempo won a corner, Romeo's corner kick and Abranches's shot went out.
0': STAT: Japane Sueoka registered a record as he scored for Karim against Dempo in 2009-10 and scored for Dempo against Karim today...
62': Dempo attack, Sueoka passed and Rohon's shot saved by Shilton from top of the box.
60': PLAYER CHANGE: DEM : Rohon Ricktts in Clifford Miranda out.
58': Cross of Romeo and Clifford shot went wide.
56': Goesin Fancos's shot went out.
54': Mohun Bagan now down to 10 men.
53': RED CARD - MMB:: Biswajit Saha double caution who fouled Godwin Franco. 1st in 27th minute.
52': Jewel Raja's corner kick cleared from Dempo defence.
51': ODafa's shot saved by Kattimani for a corner.
48': Miss pass galore of both teams now in the match.
46': PLAYER CHANGE: MMB : Snehasish in and Lalrinfela out..
46': PLAYER CHANGE: DEM : Change of Goalkeeper Subhasish by Kattimani..
46': Starts of 2nd half with Dempo 2-0 advantage.
HT : It's half time now in the match where Dempo is leading 2-0.
45'+1: YELLOW CARD: MMB: : Denson who fouled Seuoka.
45': Referee added 2 minutes more.
45': Dempo 2-0 Mohun Bagan.
43': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Seuoka scored from Spot kick to lead Dempo 2-0.
43': YELLOW CARD: MMB: : Nirmal Chettri.
43': Penalty for Dempo. Romeo Fernanzez passed to Carvalho in box but Nirmal tripped him down in the box from behind, Referee awarded penalty for Dempo.
40': Dempo is leading 1-0.
40': Right sided cross of Romeo went to Bagan box where Abranches beat Aibor and Mehraj in speed and placed the ball in the net.
39': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Joaqim Abranches scored for Dempo.
0': STAT: Mohun Bagan played 13 away match so far where they won 3, Drew 3 and lost 7 matches to Dempo.
38': Counter attack of Bagan, Denson to Odafa but Mahesh covered it well.
37': Mehraj cleared an attack of Clifford.
35': No score yet in the match.
34': Chance missed by Bagan, Denson gave to Odafa who dribbled three defenders of Dempo and gave it to Lalrinfela but he did not received the ball properly.
32': Debabrata fouled Jewel.
30': 0-0, in the match.
0': STAT: Barreto scored 5 goals for MMB against Dempo and Ranty scored 10 for Dempo against MMB..
27': YELLOW CARD: MMB: : Biswajit who fouled Samir.
26': Counter attack of MMB, Odafa beat two defenders in out side of Dempo box but his shot went out.
25': Dempo put pressure in Bagan defence from left Miranda and from right by Romeo.
23': Slow pace in the match.
20': 0-0 in the match. Mohun Bagan is attacking well.
19': Free kick for Bagan, Rowilson fouled Odafa. 18 yards free kick, Odafa's kick went wide the cross bar.
18': Again attack of Bagan, Odafa's pass to Dempo Box but Mahesh cleared.
16': Corner for Dempo in left, Clifford's shot well saved by Shilton.
15': PLAYER CHANGE: DEM : Romeo Fernandez in and injured Anthony out.
14': Anthony Pereira injured now fit.
12': Odafa's powerful shot went out.
0': STAT: Sueoka who is now playing for Dempo SC scored for Mohun Bagan against Dempo in 2009-10 League.
10': 0-0, No score.
9': Shilton well saved a cross of Samir Naik from left
7': Sabeeth got a good chance from Odafa's pass but his shot went out.
5': 0-0. no score in the match.
4': Clifford shot went wide.
4': Again Free Kick of Dem as Denson fouled Samir Naik, Clifford kick went out for corner.
3': Free Kick from 40 yards. Carvalho shot hits the post and rebounded in side, finally cleared.
1': Match starts at Goa.
0': STAT: Dempo SC top in Goa Pro League Table 18 points after 6 matches while Mohun Bagan in 4th position with 9 points after 5 matches in Group 'B' in CFL Kolkata Premier League.
0': STAT: Except 1996-97 Preliminary Round match, the last 26 Final Round fighting of the two top Indian teams, Mohun Bagan was unbeaten in first 9 matches and Churchill also was unbeaten in 9 matches out of first 18 of 26 encounters.

28.11.2012 : KFC. | www.kolkatafootball.com HOME PAGE

USC ; Subrata, Chinta, Gourmangi, Bello, Sukhen (Dhanachandra), lalkamal, James, Md. Rafiq, Asif K, Vineeth (Lester), Ranty.
CB : Sandip, Denzil, Bilal, Ravanan, Raju Y, Israil (Bikramjit), Tomba, Lenny, Beto, Mograbi (Henri), Balan (Thyanjam).
FT : Match end. Churchill registered 2-1 win by playing 10 minutes with 10 men in their 8th round and got 18 points. Churchill remain unbeaten to United in their over all 9 encounters. Bikramjit got Man of the match award playing as sub.
90+3': YELLOW CARD: CB : Lenny for Wasting time.
90+2': Bikramjit tested Subrata with a long ranger.
90': 4 minute added time.
90': Now 2-1 the scoreline for Churchill. Rafiw crossed from right went to Ranty and Ranty to Bello who scored goal.
88': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL United reduced through Bello Rasaq.
87': PLAYER CHANGE CB : Thyanjam Singh in and Balan out.
86': Ranty flop today got only 5/6 balls as he was guarded by Ravanan and Bilal.
84': Churchill down to 10 men.
84': RED CARD : Beto who fouled James Singh and got marching order for his 2nd yellow card..
82': Churchill is leading 2-0.
80': What an one to one saved by Sandip from Sankar's shot who got from James Singh.
77': Balan got a chance to score, his left sided attack beat Sandip but finally out.
75': Who is supporting Ranty when he was going to attack?
75': Churchill is leading 2-0 while Shillong Lajong is leading 3-1 against Pailan in shillong.
73': PLAYER CHANGE USC : Lester in and Vineeth out.
70': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2nd goal of Churchill. Bikramjit scored the 2nd. Henry to Bilal and Bilal gave to Upcoming Bikramjit who well tapped the ball and beat Subrata by right footer.
65': Miss.. United missed to equalize. Lalkama;s cross went to Shankar out side box and his shot deflected from Sandip's hand and went to Ranti but Bilal blocked Ranti's weak shot.
63': Effortless football of United. Miss pass galore.
61': PLAYER CHANGE CB : Henri in and Akram Mograbi out.
58': PLAYER CHANGE USC: Shankar Oraw in and Rafiq out.
0': United first played in I-League 2008-09 where Shankar Oraw was the player now in 2012-13 todays match he is in the 18 squad. 55': Bilal is playing outstanding for CB. He performed his duty very well to block all attacks of United.
53': Dhanachandra fouled Beto, Free kick for CB outside United box.Cleared.
51': Churchill Brothers is leading 1-0.
50': James Singh's attack from right and his shot went to Sandip's hand.
48': Free kick for CB. Ravanan kick from their own half went to Subrata.
46': PLAYER CHANGE: CB : Israil out and Bikramjeet Singh in.
46': 2nd half starts.
HT : Ir's half time now in the match where Churchill is leading 1-0.
45': 2 minute added.
44': Chinta injured with Mograbi in an Aerial ball he is under treatment.
43': Churchill is leading 1-0 and Shillong Lajong also is leading 1-0 against Pailan..
42': Mograbi from Raju and his shot went to Subrata.
40': Rafiq's cross from right and Vineeth efoortless header went out.
0': Odafa Okolie when played for Churchill scored hattrick against United in 2009-10 in their away at YBK. They won 4-2.
36': United well attacked. Lalkamal to Vineeth in CB box but Sandip well saved.
35': PLAYER CHANGE: UNITED : Sukhen Dey out and Dhanachandra Singh in.
33': United midfield is not active like previous matches.
32': Churchill is playing more ground passes.
31': James of United was fouled.
28': When Ranti is attacking no supporting player of United with him and for the reason Churchill defence cleared the ball.
27': Churchill is attacked more and more.
26': Another mistake of Subrata?, Beto short header from Balan's cross went to Israil and his half volley beat Subrata in his left.
25': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Churchill Scored through Israil Gurung.
20': Chance missed by Churchill, Subrata mistake and Lenny got an opportunity to score but finally Gourmangi saved the situation for a corner.
17'': Ravanan's shot from box went out.
16': Shillong Lajong is leading 1-0 against Pailan in shillong.
13': Lalkama's header from James Corner kick went out.
12': United earned corner form James attack in ring as Ravanan cleared.
11': Ranti Vs Beto is going on.
10': Still scoreline 0-0.
8': Mograbi's shot and Subrata well saved finally cleared by Sukhen.
7':Long ranger of Beto, missed the target.
5': No score yet in the match.
3': Yellow Card - USC : Chinta fouled to Raju. Free kick. Cleared..
1': Match starts.

Shillong Lajong FC Back To Winning Ways

SLFC : Sushil Singh 3', 49', Friday 58'
PAI : Ganeshan 65'
SLFC : Ralte, Jeevan, Passah, Lyndoh, Lallawamzuala, Rennedy, Min Chol Son, Lalchhuanamia, Sushil, Jacob, Friday.
PAI : Ravi, Prathamesh, Shouvik, Deepak, Narayan, Prabir, Milan, Pranoy, Ganashen, Alwin, Holicharan.
After a three match slump, The Reds finally broke free and ran riot on a hapless Pailan Arrows side, to trounce the Indian developmental Team 3-1, in the I-League 8th Round match, which was played at the J N Stadium, Shillong.

The Reds, eager to prove a point to their detractors, were on the money right from the kick off whistle and it didn't take them long to break the deadlock. Jibon Singh produced a peach of a cross from the flank to find Sushil Singh, who made no mistake in guiding the ball past Ravi Kumar, the Arrows custodian, in the 3rd minute of the game.

That was the spark which was needed to fire the Reds off. Sushil Singh, long regarded as one of India's most dangerous strikers in front of goal, played an exceptional game and showed just why he is still revered and respected in Indian football. The dead-ball specialist really proved to be a handful for the Arrows' defenders, who found it hard to counter Sushil's speed and agility.

The Reds really came hard at the visiting side and nearly doubled their lead when Jacob Lalrawngbawla, the young mid-fielder fired a well directed thunderous volley,which scorched past Ravi Kumar, but was denied by the crossbar. Thereafter, Pailan Arrows found little respite from the un-relenting surge for another goal from the home team, and respite did came, in the form of the half time breather.

The second half saw Sushil scoring his and his team's second goal, in the 49th minute, courtesy a peach of a volley from the Manipuri, further tightening the screws on the Arrows. However, as the second half wore on, Pailan Arrows started playing their beautiful short-passing game more fluently, for which they were known for, and there were some anxious moments for the Reds, with the combination of Holicharan Narzary and Allwyn George interchanging some breath-taking passes between them. However, some stout defending from the Lajong backline ensured that no damage would be done.

The second goal truly mark the coming of age for Sushil in the Lajong ranks, and proved to be just reward for all the hard work and tenacity that the striker has shown in all the matches so far. Three minutes later, Friday Gbeneme netted the third goal to complete the rout, nudging the ball in from a Rennedy Singh cross. With three points ensured, Desmond Bulpin brought in PC Lalhimthara and Samuel Shadap for Sushil Singh and Rennedy Singh respectively,in the 57th and 73rd minute.

In between though, a misunderstanding between the Lajong backline while defending a set piece from just outside the box allowed Pailan Arrows to pulled one goal back in the 67th minute through substitute Tirthankar Srakar, who came in for Pronay Halder.

Arrow's coach Arthur Papas made two more changes, bringing on Vishal Kumar for Pritam Kotal and Shaiju mon for Prabir das. However, the scoreline remained unchanged to ensure the Reds of all three points and a positive result for Bulpin against his former side.

I-LEAGUE : 28.11.2012: MUMBAI FC   1-0   ONGC (PUNE - FT.. )
MFC : E. Quao 73'
MFC : Luis, Justine, Quao, Faizal, Nicholas, Faqruddin, Jemes, Subhash, Ashutosh, Yakubu, Gabriel.
ONGC : Prasenjit, Adeola, Bimal, Robin, Surabuddin, Kailas, Sachin, Joel, Yusa, Kunal, Eric.

I LEAGUE: : 27.11.2012: SPORTING GOA   1-2   PUNE FC (GOA - FT..)
SCG : Richard 23'
PFC : Subhas Singh 42', 65'
MOM : Subhash Singh (PFC)
SCG : Ashok Singh, Milagres, Adil(Boboi 52'), Kalu, Piexoto(Mackroy 75'), Rohan, Dawson, Jovel, Pratesh, Richard(Seiya 73').
PFC : Abhra, Anas, Chika, Gurjinder, Srikanh, Douhou(Daisuke 87'), Paite(Arata 62'), Mumtaj, Karma T, Subhash(Venkatesh 82'), Moga.

Pune FC register morale-boosting win over Sporting Clube Goa

PFC RELEASE : Pune FC completed a morale-boosting victory they were looking for with a 2-1 win over Sporting Clube Goa in a I-League 2012-13 Round-8 encounter at the Nehru Stadium, Fatorda, on Tuesday. The victory was powered by striker Subash Singh's brace, the first in the 42nd minute and then 66nd to complete their first victory over the Goans in their backyard on their third attempt. For Sporting Clube de Goa, striker Obiora Richard (21st) netted to open the day's scoring.

Pune thus completed their second away win and fourth of the season to swell their points tally to 13. Pune FC, who have played a round short, thus moved up into provisional 5th position on the league table. Needing a win after a disappointing draw at home against United Sikkim FC, Coach Derrick Pereira changed half their playing eleven that played in the last round.

The changes included; goalkeeper Abhra Mondal (for Shahinlal Meloly), defender Chika Wali (Caitano Costa), midfielders Mumtaz Akthar (Arata Izumi), Khangtang Paite (Daisuke Nishiguch) and Subash Singh (Jeje Lalpekhlua). Subash earned the first corner inside the opening moments of the game to make their intent clear. In the 5th minute, a combined move down the right had James Moga pull back to Douhou Pierre, whose deft chip saw Khangtang Paite beat the off side trap but fail to keep his header down.

Seven minutes later, Subash had a golden opportunity to give Pune FC the lead. Khangthang Paite found Subash on the left. The striker with a quick one-two with Douhou did well to use his speed, gain on the ball and work ahead a 10-yard run. Subash, with just 'keeper Ashok Singh upfront ended with his attempt blocked. The Goans, thereafter, played a waiting game and slowly built their attacks. In one such moment into the Pune FC half, Jovel Martins tested Abhra, who pulled off a brilliant block and concede a corner-kick.

Having survived Jovel's attempt, Pune FC found the midfielder pave way for Sporting Club's goal in the 21st minute. Jovel pulling back the ball on the right flank, turned and sent in a cross that found striker Obiora Andue, positioned between Srikanth Ramu and Anas, head home despite keeper Abhra getting a hand to the ball. Pune FC thereafter pushed hard and dominated by forcing a few free-kicks deep into the Sporting half. The closest being Douhou's chip down from 20-yards out down the centre which was just long for Chika Wali who sneaked in.

Pune FC struck back with striker Subash cashing in on a rebound offered by the Goan keeper Ashok Singh. With Douhou's free-kick blocked by the Sporting wall, the ball went out to Srikanth on right, who in turn pushed back to Anas. The defender, then, played a great long ball to Moga positioned between Freiman Pixieto and Matthew Gonsalves on the edge of the box on the left. Moga used the opportunity to unleash a powerful half volley from top of the box, which the custodian spilled for Subash to pounce and finish.

At game closed out for the breather tied 1-1.

On resumption, Pune FC had Subash work in the first attack from the left that was checked by Keita Boubacar inside the penalty box for a corner-kick. Pune FC thereafter went into a slump and spent time soaking pressure. Having gone through the lull, Moga penetrated once only to be outnumbered. Pune FC survived a close moment in the 65th minute, when Freeman Peixoto released a scorcher from 30 yards out that beat Abhra, hit the underside of the horizontal before being cleared by Anas.

In the same move, Douhou, picked up the ball on the right and set Subash running on the the left. Covering considerable ground, Subash on nearing the edge of the box, attempted to cross and ended sending the ball on the goalmouth, which the Sporting keeper tried tipping over in an off-balance situation. The ball, however, failed to go over and instead hit the underside of the horizontal and bounced past the goalline to give Pune FC the lead.

The goal brought life into Pune FC attacks thereafter. Substitute Arata (on for Paite) tried his best to force an attempt, which instead went past the goalmouth and a minute later Gurjinder Kumar struck the second post from long. A last ditch injury-time try by Shanmugam Venkatesh that was blocked by the Sporting goalkeeper ended the game for a much-longed win for Pune FC.

I-LEAGUE 2012-13: : 27.11.2012: AIR INDIA   3-3   UNITED SIKKIM (PUNE - FT'..)
AIR : Junior 45', 90+3 (Pen), Gagandeep Singh 88'
USK : Nuruddin 45+1', 73', Anwar Ali 90'
MOM : Sandesh (USK)
AIR : Sukhwinder, Prem Kumar, Gagandeep, Micky, Souvik, Pradeep, Vijith, Elija, Henry, Rahul.
USK : Manatosh, Anwar, Safar, Munmun, Michael, Sandesh, Dosseh, Zenith, Nuruddin, Nima, Shahensha.


Late Goal of Odafa and Mohun Bagan hold Pune FC in away match of 9th Round.

I-LEAGUE : 02.12.2012(R-9): PUNE FC   2-2   MOHUN BAGAN ( PUNE - FT )
PFC : Abhra, Anas, Chika, Gurjinder, Srikanth, Douhou, Paite, Mumtaj, Karma T, Subhash, Moga.
MMB : Shilton, Nirmal, Aibor, Lalrozama, Rakesh, Eche, Snehasish, Denson, Jewel, Stanly, Odafa.
Match End. Mohun Bagan hold Pune FC in their away match.
90'+5':Another attack of Mohun Bagan through Odafa, ball cleared in box.
90'+5':Odafa's shot from free kick, went over the bar.
90'+4':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Srikanth for his bad tackle to Odafa. Free kick to Mohun Bagan
90'+3':Chance to Pune FC from a free kick, but Moga is in offside position.
90'+2':Arata's shot from just outside the box, went wide.
90'+1':Chance to Stanley, Srikanth clears the ball.
90'+1':Douhou's long ranger wide.
90':Referee added 5 minutes of injury time.
88':Nirmal's forward pass to find Manish, but ball went wide.
87':Scoreline now 2-2.
86':Play resumes.
84':Collision between Abhro and Odafa, Odafa looks injured.
83':Players Change in Pune FC: Venkatesh in place of Karma.
83':Odafa brilliantly trapped the ball and his left footed shot finds the net.
83':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL Odafa scores for Mohun Bagan.
82':Rajib's centre from right flank, directly in Abhro's hand.
80':James Moga's shot, Jewel blocked it and cleared.
79':Forward pass to find Odafa, but he handed the ball. Free kick to Pune FC.
78':Karma's forward pass to find Subhas, Shilton saves it.
78':Pune FC leading 2-1 now.
77':Odafa' shot touches Chika's foot, deflected and finds thenet.
76':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Odafa scores for Mohun Bagan.
74':Brilliant run of Moga beat Meharaj and a brilliant pass to Arata, his shot finds the net.
73':Players Change in Mohun Bagan: Rajib in place of Eche.
72':James Moga's left footed powerful ground Shot, Shilton saves it in second try.
71':Stanley's pass to Odafa, but Odafa committed a foul against Chika.
71': Players Change in Pune FC: Arata in place of Paite.
70':Brilliant pass of Moga to Subhas, Subhas's shot went over the bar.
69':Manish Bhargav's long ranger, went wide.
68':Snehasish's centre in box, cleared in box.
67':James Moga's centre in box, Aibor clears the ball.
66':Chance to Mohun Bagan through Jewel, his shot went wide.
66':Bad tackle of Anas to Odafa, free kick to Mohun Bagan.
65':Nirmal's long pass in box to find Odafa, Stanley but Anas's header clears the ball.
64':Forward pass to find Manish Bhargav, but ball went wide.
64':Pune FC's attack but Douhou is in offside position.
63':Shilton clears the ball from corner.
63':Ball cleared and another corner.
63':Another attack of Pune and another corner.
62': In Away Mohun Bagan played 3 matches where they won 1 , drew 1 and lost 1 against Pune.
61':Denson's forward pass and Odafa's header finds the net but Odafa is in offside position.
60':Pune FC's attack through James Moga, Aibor clears the ball.
60':Ball cleared from the corner.
59':Ball cleared from the free kick and a corner to Mohun Bagan.
58':Bad tackle to Odafa, free kick to Mohun Bagan.
57':Pune's attack through Subhas, beat Shilton but fails to trap the ball properly
55':Pune's move through Paite, centre in box, cleared in defence.
54':Mohun Bagan's attack through Odafa, but 2 defenders blocks him.
53':Score remains still same.
52':Players Change in Mohun Bagan: Manish Bhargav in place of Lalrozama.
52':Douhou's shot blocked and cleared.
51':Paite's long ranger directly in Shilton's hand.
50':Chance to Pune from counter attack, back to back 3 shots blocked and cleared.
49':Ball cleared from corner and a counter attack of Pune FC.
49':Centre to find Stanley, ball cleared and a corner to Mohun Bagan.
48':Ball cleared from the corner.
47':Ball cleared and another corner to Pune FC.
46':Karma's forward pass to find Subhas, Snehasish clears it. Corner to Pune FC.
46':Tackle of Mumtaz to Denson, Denson looks injured, game stopped.
46':Second half starts.
Half Time. Pune FC leading 1-0 after the end of first half.
45'+1': Ball cleared and earns another corner. Chance to Lalrozama, but fails to make a header.
45':Referee added 2 minutes of injury time.
44':Mohun Bagan's attack, Chika clears the ball. Corner to Mohun Bagan.
43':Eche looks injured, game stopped.
43':Snehasish's centre, went wide.
42':Counter attack of Pune FC, Subhas is in offside.
42':Mohun Bagan's attack, Denson's forward pass to find Odafa, but defender clears it.
41':Karma's pass to find Subhas, ball cleared.
40':Score remains still same. Pune FC leading 1-0.
39':Douhou's centre from corner to find unmarked Chika Wali, he missed the chance.
38':Another long forward pass in box, Shilton clears it. Corner to Pune FC.
37':Karma's centre to find Moga, went wide.
36':Paite's long ranger, Shilton clears it, Douhou's rebound shot, went wide.
35':Subhas's centre, Eche cleared the ball.
34':Odafa's centre in box, ball cleared in box.
33':Chance to Moga from corner, his header went wide.
33':Pune FC's attack through Karma, ball cleared and a corner.
32':Chance to Moga, his shot went over the bar.
31':Pune FC leading 1-0 now.
30':Douhou's free kick deflected and went to Chika, his didn't make a mistake. His shot finds the net.
29':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL Chika Wali scores for Pune FC.
28':Eche's tackle to Subhas, Subhas looks injured.
27':Forward pass to Moga, Shilton clears the ball.
26':Counter attack of Pune FC, chance to Subhas, Shilton clears it and another chance to Moga, but his shot went over the bar.
25':Forward pass to find Odafa, Abhro again saves it brilliantly.
24':Mohun Bagan's attack through Odafa, his shot blocked and cleared.
23':Score remains still goalless.
22':Counter attack of Mohun Bagan, Abhro saves it brilliantly.
22':Another corner of Pune FC, good save by Shilton.
21':Chika's shot from corner, went over the bar.
21':Another attack of Pune FC, earns a corner.
20':Subhas's centre from left wing, cleared in defence.
19':Nirmal's forward pass to find Jewel in box, Abhro saves it.
18':Another chance to Subhas, his left footed shot went over the bar. Missed a clear opportunity.
18':James Moga's shot, went too wide.
16':Stanley's forward pass to Jewel, but Jewel is in offside.
15':Counter attack of Pune FC through Karma and Moga, Shilton clears the attempt.
14':Odafa's centre in box, mumtaz clears the ball.
12':Brilliant outside dodge by Jewel and a centre from right flank, ball cleared in defence.
11': Collision between Eche and Moga, Moga looks injured, game stopped.
10': In the first encounter in I-League in 2008-09 Mohun Bagan played away match where they beat Pune 3-1 and Chidi scored a hattrick in the match.
8':Brilliant pass to Subhas, his left footed shot went wide.
8':Pune's attack through Moga, ball cleared.
7':No score yet in the match.
6':Odafa's shot from set-piece, went over the bar.
5':Bad tackle of Mumtaz to Stanley, free kick to Mohun Bagan.
4':Paite's long ranger, went wide.
3':Forward pass to find Moga, went wide.
2':Another attack of Mohun Bagan, this time it is from left side. Ball cleared in defence.
1':Jewel's centre from right flank, went over the bar.
0':Kick off.
0':Match is about to start.
0': STATS: Both teams met 6 times earlier in I-League where Mohun Bagan won 2 , Drew 3 and lost 1 match to Pune FC.

Unlucky Pune FC held by Bagan aided by controversial goal

PFC RELEASE : Pune FC was unlucky to be done in by an equalizer that was distinctly aided by a hand ball that went unnoticed and ended with a 2-2 draw with Mohun Bagan in an I-League Round-9 encounter at the Balewadi Sports Complex, on Sunday.

Gaining a 2-0 lead with goals from Chika Wali (30th) and substitute Arata Izumi (74th), Pune FC found their opponents cut the lead through Odafa Okolie (77th) before a referees' gaffe helped Bagan salvage a point. With the game 2-1 in favour of Pune FC, Odafa (84th) received a long ball on the top of the box. In his bid to control and turn, the striker chest-trapped the ball and turned it in with his hand before unleashing a left-footed strike to the near post past 'keeper Abhra Mondal.

The finesse in which Odafa executed the move somehow left the two officials (linesman and referee) blinded. The officials allowed play to continue as if nothing happened, much to the disappointment of all present at the stadium who could clearly see the act and booed the goal that was given. The draw helped Pune FC take their points tally to 14 and move into fourth place, having played a match less than Prayag United SC who is equal on points.

The game began with both sides opting to take shots from distance. After some failed attempts, Odafa's shot from a free kick went just over. Moments later, at the other end, Subash Singh's attempt after connecting a looped ball from Khanthang Paite went over. Twenty minutes into the game, defender Gurjinder Kumar sent Subash in the clear only for the striker's attempt to go wide from inside the box. Minutes later, Chika hit over with a powerful shot after Subash had sent him up.

In the next seven minutes, Subash missed couple of close chances in succession. First James Moga sent him through, only for his shot to get blocked. The stray ball went to Paite on the left whose cross landed in the path of winger Karma feet after the clearance. The winger found Moga on the right whose floated ball in was volleyed over by Subash.

On the half-hour mark, Anyiche brought down Subash on the top of the box. Skipper Douhou Pierre rolled the resultant freekick in Moga's path whose powerful shot was blocked by the wall. The rebound fell in Chika’s path who managed to beat the 'keeper at the near post to give Pune FC the lead.

Minutes later, Bagan custodian Shilton Paul parried away a long range strike from Paite. However, Douhou's shot off the rebound went agonisingly wide. Pune FC went into the break with a goal's cushion. Striker Subash Singh began the second half tormenting the opponent's defense. He missed a glorius chance to put Pune FC 2-0 up. Striker Moga set up Subash after he managed to avoid tackles but the chip from Subash went just over the crossbar. Moments later Moga forced Shilton into a diving save.

Pune FC did went two-up after substitute Arata connected Moga's low ball in. The striker was earlier sent in the clear by skipper Douhou with a defence splitting through ball. In the 77th minute, Odafa caught the Pune FC defence off the hook on the left when he easily finished a counter attack aided by a deflection that beat Abhra to the far post.

The goal spurred Bagan. Seven minutes later the visitors equalized with the controversial goal from Odafa, with television replays confirming the unnecessary advantage given by the referee. Into added time, Douhou and Arata had their attempts from long-range blocked while Odafa's freekick from the left went inches over the crossbar.

I-LEAGUE : 9th Round - Yakubu's last minute goal and Mumbai FC beat United in their away match..

I-LEAGUE : 02.12.2012 (R-9): UNITED SC   2-3  MUMBAI FC ( KOL - FT... )
USC : Ranty 28' :: MFC : Quao 52', Abhishek 81', Yakubu 90+2'
MOM : Yakubu ( USC)

USC : Ishant, Dhanachanra (Sankar), Gourmangi, Bello, Chinta, Lalkamal, Asif, James, Vineeth, Carlos, Ranty.
MFC : Barreto, Nicholas, Quao, Faqruddin, Justine, Faizal, Ashutosh, James (Rafiq), Subhash, Gabriel (Abhishek), Yakubu.

FT : Match end. Mumbai FC win the away Match.
90+3': Mumbai FC is leading 3-2.
STAT: Yakubu scored goal for both teams.He scored 1-3 loss of United against MFC in 2011-12 1st leg and this year for MFC against United 3-2 win of 1st leg.
. 90+3': Ishant what he done? Lalkamal's back pass and Ishant came out side the box and Yakubu pushed in the open net.
90+3': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.. 3-2 to Mumbai FC. Yakubu scored to collect a back pass of Lakamal..
90+1: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.. Sankar Oraw scored the equalizer. Lalkamal's cross to left and Shankar's header went to goal after Faizal's left leg who wanted to clear. Sankar wants to pass it to unmarked Ranty but ball went to goal before his touch.
89': Lalkamal's left footer went out.
87': Still Unitd SC is trailing 1-2 to Mumbai FC.
85': STAT: Sankar oraw is playing all I-League (4th term) for United SC while Nicholas Rodrigues is playing his 8th NFL/I-League in the year.
83': PLAYER CHANGE : USC : Sankar in and Dhanachandra out.
82': Mumbai FC is leading 2-1. Abhishek touched only one ball after coming as a sub of Gabriel within 1 minute.
81': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.. 2nd goal of Abhishek from Corner kick of Nicholas.
78': PLAYER CHANGE : MFC : Abhishk in and Gabriel out.
76': Gourmangi Singh well blocked Yakubu.
70': Still the score line is 1-1 and In Sikkim also 0-0 between United Sikkim and Churchill.
69': Faqruddinn again saved MFC, Chinta's cross from right and Vineet's header missed the flight by Barreto but Faqruddin finally cleared for corner.
67': Counter attack of USC, Rafiq missed a chance.
66': MFC won another corner in left of USC box.Nicholas shot from corner cleared.
65': PLAYER CHANGE : USC : Rafiq in and James out.
60': Slow pace now in the match.
57': Free kick for USC, Carlos shot went out.
55': 1-1 is the score line.
54': Another chance came to MFC, Ivans Quao's right footer inside USC box went wide.
53': James singh of United injured and under treatment outside of the field.
53': Now the scoreline is 1-1.
52': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.. MFC equalized through Ivans Quao. 3rd Goal in I-League. Well free kick of Nicholas Rodriguez from right and Quao's header beat Ishant and Gourmangi too..
51': MFC earned a Free kick.
0': United SC player Kayne Vincent scored from both teams. For Mumbai FC's 1-2 loss on 2009-10 and United SC's win 3-1 on 2011-12.
50': Vineeth's left footer from left from a cross of Lal went wide.
48': Lalkamal fouled MFC player Free kick. Cleared.
47': Yakubu's shot went to Ishant's hand.
46': 2nd half match starts.
HT : It's half time now in the match. Score line 1-0 for United.
45': 1 minute added as injury time.
44': Stephen well blocked Carlos's attack.
43': MFC attack, Yakubu to Quao and his header went to Ishant.
40': Still United SC is leading 1-0.
0': Yakubu Yusif scored a goal against Mumbai FC for United SC in 2011-12 I-League 1st Round where United lost 1-3.
39': Nicholas shot and Justine Stephen's header went out.
38': Corner for MFC from Yakubu attack in right.
35': Well header of Veeneth went to Keeper's hand.
34': Veeneth crossed from right out but Barreto was fouled in their box.
30': United is leading 1-0. 12th Goal of Ranti in the League. With this score United SC scored 150th goal in I-League in 4th I-League.
28': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Ranti Martins scored for United. Got a ball from Asif K from behind in MFC box and finished well.
Today in Sikkim in another match between United Sikkim and Churchill Brothers, Monotosh Ghosh the keeper of United Sikkim and Sandip Nandy, the keeper of Churchill Brothers both are the student of Goutam Sakar of Burdwan, Bengal. Goutam Sarkar is now the Goalkeeper coach of Churchill Brothers. Today his two student are playing against each other.
26': No score yet in the match. In Sikkim CB and USK match also going goalless after 26 minute.
STATS: 0': Earlier the two teams met 8 times each other in I-League. United SC won 3 times, lost 2 times and 3 times match ended in a draw. United scored 9 goals and 6 goals against them.
24': Carlos and Ranty both were in offisde. Free kick for MFC.
22': Ranti's shot went to Luis Barreto.
20': No score yet in the match.
12': Foul of Faizal to Veneeth. Free kick for United. No impact of Carlos shot.
10': United attacked from left, Carlos to Vineeth in left but his poor cross went to Barreto's hand.
6': What a brilliant shot of Quao and brilliant save of Ishant for corner. Nicholas corner kick cleard.
5': 0-0 is the score line.
4': Subhash Chakrabarty injured.
3': Good chance to United, Ranti's 6 yards shot saved from goalline by Gabriel at the last moment finally the ball went to Berreto.
1': First attack of Mumbai FC, Yakubu's shot went out.
1': Match Starts at Salt Lake.
0': United SC player Kayne Vincent scored from both teams. For Mumbai FC's 1-2 loss on 2009-10 and United SC's win 3-1 on 2011-12.
0': Justine Stephen, Subhash Chakrabarty Now playing for Mumbai FC was a player of United SC earlier.

I-LEAGUE: 02.12.2012 (R-9): SPORTING GOA   0-1   AIR INDIA (GOA - FT..)
SCG : Ashok, Samananda, Boboi, Keita, Kalu, Peixoto, Rohan, Jovel, Pratesh, Macroy, Richard.
AIR : Sukhwinder, John, Gagandeep, Baldep, Micky, Souvik, Pradeep, Vijith, Elija, Henry, Rahul.


M.O.M : Manatosh Ghosh ( GK- USK)

USK : Monotosh, Anwar, Sandesh, Munmum, Safar, Sahenshah, Zenith (Thupden), Michael (Ashish), Attivi, Nadang (Nima), Nurudeen.
CB : Sandip, Bilal, Raju Y (Thyangjam ), Ravanan, Denzil, Lenny, Bikramjit (Israil), Tomba, Henry, Balan ( Dias), Mograbi.
YELLOW CARD : USK : Nadang Bhutia.

Monotosh Ghosh the keeper of United Sikkim and Sandip Nandy, the keeper of Churchill Brothers both are the student of Goutam Sakar of Burdwan, Bengal. Goutam Sarkar is now the Goalkeeper coach of Churchill Brothers. Today his two student are playing against each other.

MATCH REPORT: AIFF MDIA : Third-placed Churchill Brothers played a goalless draw against United Sikkim in Paljor Stadium in Gangtok on Sunday (December 2) missing out a huge opportunity to maintain further pressure on I-League table leaders Dempo SC and East Bengal.

However, heroics from United Sikkim goalkeeper Monotosh Ghosh denied the full 3 points to Churchill Brothers. Ghosh, adjudged the 'Man of the Match' made several outstanding saves during the match especially against Akram Moghrabi on two occasions in the second half.

In the first attempt, Akram neatly chested a long ball from the right flank but Monotosh was quick to close him down and blocked his shot from close range. Monotosh was even more agile in the second time when he dived low to his left to keep out Akram's header.

Between these two saves, Henri A Rebieno also came close to break down the United Sikkim defence. He drifted past two United Sikkim defenders in the box but was guilty of delayed in taking his shot allowing the defenders to put their bodies against the goal bound ball.

An even simpler chance had come along Churchill Brothers way in the first half which was otherwise a dull affair. Monotosh abandoned his goal to punch out a cross but the ball landed up nicely for Bikramjit Singh outside the box but he could not direct his volley into the empty net.

United Sikkim, reeling under a much improved performance from Churchill Brothers in the second half, fell back to defend in numbers while making the occasional counterattacks. For the last 15 minutes, its two key central defenders captain Anwar Ali and Sandesh Jhingan bravely tolerated their injuries to withstand the Goan onslaught.

In injury time, United Sikkim nearly delivered a knockout punch but its Nigerian striker Nurudeen Salau could not beat Churchill Brothers goalkeeper Sandip Nandy with his header from close range.

United Sikkim interim coach Bhaichung Bhutia was happy to get one valuable point from a tough team. "The point gives some respite to us and takes United Sikkim a little further from relegation zone. We did not play well today but a point is a point. It was an outstanding performance from our goalkeeper and defenders," he said.

His rival compatriot Mariano Dais, however, was not pleased. "We missed the chance to move up in the table but one point is better than nothing. It is always difficult to play an away game. We played well in the second half but United Sikkim goalkeeper made several crucial saves", he said.

Chuchill move to 19 points from 9 matches while USFC are on 7 points from 9 matches

01.12.2012 (R-9): SALGAOCAR   1-2   DEMPO SC ( GOA - FT..)
SAL : Rooney 58'.
DEM : Rohan 28', Seuoka 84',
Match end. Dempo beat Salgaocar in 2-1.
90'+3':Salgaocar's attack and a corner.
90'+1':Players Change in Dempo: Rebello in place of Romeo.
90':Referee added 4 minutes of injury time.
88':Score remains still same.,br> 87':Back to back corner to Salgaocar.
86':Rooney's header from Nicolou's centre from right flank, Kattimani saved it.
84':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Samir for his bad tackle.
84':Rohan's centre in box and Seuoka's header finds the net.
84':GOALLLLLLLLLLLL. Seuoka scores for Dempo.
83':Salgaocar's attack from right and a centre in box, cleared in defence.
82':Long run of Romeo, ball cleared and a corner to Dempo.
81':Yellow card. Referee shown yellow card to Brian after he handed the ball.
81':Romeo missed a open sitter, his shot went over the bar.
80':Score remains still same.
78':Chance to Rooney in box, his shot deflected and cleared.
77':Dempo's attack, chance to Rohan, good block in defence.
76':Milagres's pass in box, Mahesh clears it.
75':Dempo's attack, Rahul cleared the ball. Corner to Dempo.
73':Players Change in Dempo: Climax in place of Godwin.
72':Score remains still same.
70':Rohan's left footed shot, just missed the post.
68':Players Change in Salgaocar: Brian in place of Anthony.
66':Ball cleared from the corner.
65':Dempo's attack results a corner.
63':Score now goes to 1-1.
61':Another chance to Salgaocar, Rahul's header from Rooney's pass, just missed the post.
59':Milagres's forward pass and a brilliant header of Rooney finds the net.
58':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL Rooney equalise for Salgaocar.
54':Score remains still same.
50':Header went wide from the corner.
49':Salgaocar's attack and a corner.
47':Long run of Nicolou and a long ranger, went wide.
46':Second half starts.
Half Time. Dempo leading 1-0 against Salgaocar after the end of first half.
45'+2':Rooney's shot from the corner, went over the bar.
45'+1': Salgaocar's attack and a corner.
45':Referee added 2 minutes injury time.
45':Chance to Rooney from a pass, Rooney fails to trap the ball properly and missed the opprtunity.
44':Players Change in Salgaocar: Milagres in place of Quinton Jacobs.
43':Rooney's shot, good save by Kattimani.
43':Forward pass of Abranches to find Rohan, but can't reach to him.
42':Romeo's shot from left, went wide.
40':Rooney's long ranger, went wide.
38':Chance to Seuoka from Rohan's pass, his left footed shot went too wide.
37':Counter attack of Salgaocar through Rooney and Jacobs, but made a miss pass.
35':Godwin's shot, directly in Karanjit's hand.
34':Sueoka's header from corner touches post and cleared. A big opportunity missed.
33':Dempo's attack and a corner.
31':Dempo leading 1-0 now.
30':Long ranger of Rocus, went wide.
28':GOALLLLLLLLLLLL Rohan advances Dempo from a brilliant long ranger ground powerful shot
26':Score remains still goalless. Both the teams looks very positive today.
23':Dempo's attack, Abranches's centre from left wing went wide.
20':Seuoka's forward pass to find Romeo, but his pass went wide.
16':Quinton's long ranger, went over the bar.
14':Abranches looks injured, game stopped.
13':Salgaocar's attack earns a corner.
12':Nicolou's centre in box, Mahesh clears the ball.
11':Anthony's centre from right flank, but not reached to Rooney. Good move.
10':Score remains still goalless.
7':Another attack of Salgaocar, Quinton missed the chance.
6':Yellow Card. referee shown yellow card to Quinton for his play acting.
5':Salgaocar's attack, brilliant clearance by Mahesh.
4':Forward pass to find Abranches, but he is in offside.
3':Rohan's centre in box, Augustin clears the ball.
2':Salgaocar's attack through a free kick, Debabrata clears the ball.
1':Dempo's attack, ball directly in Karanjit's hand.
0':Kick off.
0':Match is about to kick off.

01.12.2012 (R-9): SHILLONG LAJONG   0-0   EAST BENGAL ( FT.)
SLFC: Ralte, Jeevan, Passah, Lyndoh, Lallawamzuala, Rennedy, Min Chol Son, Lalchhuanamia, Sushil, Jacob, Friday.
KEB : Gurpreet, Naoba, Arnab, Okpara, Soumik, Isfaq, Mehtab, Penn, Lalrindika, Manandeep, Chidi.
REFEREE : Umesh Bora
MOM : Min-Chol-Son ( SLFC)

MATCH SUMMARY : At home gorund advantage Shillong Lajong played better ball possession. They earlier beat Three kolkata teams Mohun Bagan, United SC and Pailan Arrows but made goalless against leagu leader East Bengal today.
Shillong got two positive chance to score, one from Lundoh and another of Sushil Singh but both case Gurpreet blocked the ball well. Sushil's shot saved by Gurpreet which hits the post and out.
East Bengal also got two positive chance but missed by Penn. From right Naoba corssed a ball but Penn was unable to tap in in 6yards box and another was givn by Isfaq from left which also missed by Penn.

FT : Match end. Shillong Lajong hold East Bengal 0-0. They beat Mohun Bagan 2-0, United SC 3-2, Pailan Arrows 3-1 at home.
90': Still no score in the match. 0-0
88': PLAYER CHANGE : SLFC : Rennedy Singh out and Boithang In.
78': YELLOW CARD : SLFC : Passah.
68': No score yet in the match.
60': Still no score.
52': YELLOW CARD : KEB : Isfaq Ahmed - It's his 3rd Yellow Card in this I-League.
HT : Half time.. no score.
40': No score yet in the match. 0-0
15': No score yet. 0-0
10: No score
5: No score
1': Match Starts

01.12.2012 (R-9): PAILAN ARROWS   4-1   ONGC ( FT..)
ONGC : Eric Brown 19'
PAI scorers : Deepak Devrani 10', Holicharan 25', Milan Singh 55' (Pen), Alwin 83'
PAI : Ravi Kumar, Milan, Alwin, Holicharan, Pretam, Tirthankar, Deepak, Prabir, Ganashan, Narayan.
ONGC : Prasenjit, Eric, Sachin, Oneyeno, Sandip, Robin, David, Bimal, Kunal, Raju, Surabuddin
REFEREE : Arun Pillai
FT : Match end. Pailan Arrows win 4-1.
90': 3 minutes added time.
85': Pailan is leading 4-1.
83': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ..4th goal of Pailan. Alwin George scored goal.
63': Pailan scord a goal but Referee denied that for a foul.
56': ONGC down to 10 men for Red Card.
55': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 3rd Goal of Pailan. Milan Singh scored from Penalty.
HT : Pailan is leading 2-1.

45': 1 minute added time.
45': Pailan is leading 2-1 now.
26': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2nd goal of Pailan. Holicharan scored.
22': Now the scoreline is 1-1.
19': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL : ONGC equalized the scoreline through Eric, his powerful punch from out side box went to goal after deflecting Pailan defender.
15': Pailan is leading 1-0.
10': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Pailan scored goal from a brilliant header of Deepak Devrani.
7': No score yet. 0-0

AIFF REPORT RELEASE : The smile was back on Arthur Papas' face as the Australian coach oversaw the return of Pailan Arrows with a 4-1 dominance of 10-man ONGC FC in the ninth round of the I-league at Kolkata’s Salt Lake Stadium on Saturday (December 1). The developmental side of All India Football Federation bounced back to wining form in the most convincing way as Dipak Devrani, Holicharan Narzary, Milan Singh and Alwyn George fired a goal each to make it the biggest win of the season for the youth side. Eric Brown got the lone goal for ONGC.

For the Delhi-based ONGC this was the third successive match when they had to finish with 10 men. After its defender Sandeep Sngha (against East Bengal) and midfielder Katsumi Yusa (aginst Mumbai FC), goalkeeper Prosenjit Ghosh became the third payer to be marched with a red card.

Ghosh made a serious foul on the Arrows forward Holicharan Narzary in the 54th minute forcing referee Arun Pillai of SCCB to send the player off.

Arrows were in the scoring mode minutes after the start as Dipak Devrani got the scoreboard ticking with a fine header to send home a Tirthankar Sarkar free-kick in the 9th minute. The early lead was short lived as ONGC got back into the game in the 21st minute off brilliant left-footed pile driver from Eric Brown that beat the Arrows ‘keeper Ravi Kumar all ends up.

Barely had ONGC had completed their celebrations, Arrows re-established the lead with its prolific striker Holicharan Narzary finding the mark off a brilliant solo effort in the 26th minute. The player showed good ball skills inside the ONGC box as he dribbled clear of the opponent defender Bimal Minz and squared off the latter's custodian Prosenjit Ghosh before finding the net. Narzary had two more chances to score in the 28th and 44th minutes but the player lacked accuracy as his first attempt went straight to Ghosh while the second went way wide. Arrows led the first half 2-1.

The second half saw ONGC reduced to 10 men when Ghosh was asked to leave the field in the 54th minute as he hacked down Narzary, who had got clear of him and was about to score. The resultant penalty was converted in the 57th minute by Milan Singh, as the Arrows prepared to exploit the advantage. The ONGC earned a chance to reduce the margin in the 77th minute when David Lalrinmuana beat Ravi Kumar with a nice placement but Arrows defender Souvik Ghosh was on the ball and cleared it from the line to keep the scoreline intact.

Arrows ended the scoring process in the 84th minute when Alwyn George nodded home a cross from Narayan Das and realised the season's best performance by the team. After the 9th round Arrows tallied 14 points while ONGC remained in the relegation zone with 5 points.


AIFF I-LEAGUE 2012-13 (ROUND-10)

CB : Binish Balan 3', Beto 49', 58'(MOM)
PAI : Ravi Kumar, Souvik, Deepak, Preetam (Rajinder), Prabir, Milan, Tirthankar, Ganashan (Pronoy), Narayan, Alwin, Holicharan.
CB : Sandip, Danzil, Ravanan, Thyangam, Gurpreet, Lenney, Tomba, Beto, Balan, Mograbi, Henry.

Churchill Brothers beat Pailan Arrows 3-0 in the 10th round of the I-League at Salt Lake Stadium today. This eas Churchill's 3rd Away match.Beazilian Beto whp earlier scored a goal for Brazil Masters against All Stars Bengal on 8th scored brace and declared Man if the match today.

09.12.2012: East Bengal Vs Mohun Bagan I-League 1st Leg Derby abandoned after 1st half when East Bengal was leading 1-0 .

I-LEAGUE (R-10): 09.12.2012: EAST BENGAL   1-0   MOHUN BAGAN ( YBK - 46' Postponed..) :: GO HOME

KEB : Gurpreet, Naoba, Okpara, Arnab, Soumik, Isfaq, Khabra, Penn, Mehtab, Chidi, Manandeep.

MMB : Arindam, Nirmal, Mehraj, Ibor, Biswajit, Denson, Nabi (Snahasish), Jewel, Manish, Stanley, Odafa (RED CARD).

JAYDIP DASGUPTA:The I-league derby in Kolkata could not be completed today as Mohun Bagan refused to play in the 2nd half while they were trailing 0-1 upto 1st half as the red and gold was leading by Harmonjit Khabra"s goal in 42nd minute. The incidence occurred at the 43rd min of the 1st half when Mohun Bagan's Nigerian Striker and Captain Odafa Okolie got marching order from the referee Mr Vishnu Chawhan for his misconduct. Sayed Rahim Nabi was injured following a brick batting from the Eastern gallery just after few moments of the Red Card of Odafa.

He was rushed to the nearby Apollo Hospital and have to be operated in the xyboma in tomorrow mornning. Talking to the Media the I-League CEO Sunanda Dhar said that according to the Section 22 clause C of the I-League regulations Mohan Bagan may be banned for two years and all the financial benefit will be forfeited.

He added, they will be asked to give penalty to the sponsorer IMG, Channel partners and to the other organizers who are attached with the tournament. Their points and goals will also be forfeited and the team wise points and goals will be calculated without Mohan Bagan. While answering the the media Sunanda Dhar added, that he feels the police force was adequate in the stadium and they have acted to the need of the situation. He also elaborated that the match could have started in the second half as Mohan Bagan played the remaining time of the 1st half after placing Snehasish in place of injured Nabi. He added that, after receiving the Match Commissioner's report they will be forwarded the same to I-league disciplinary committee for the final decision.

The British journalist of the Sunday times Mr Mathew Ferron who was covering this match was unhappy regarding the situation and he claimed that he saw that the police has thrown stones in the southern gallery but Sunanda Dhar denied. Now the football lovers have to wait and see what the AIFF will give his final verdict in this controversy.


46': STAT: In 3rd February 2006 I-League match Goan side Fransa Pax did not file their team against Air India, Aiur India awarded 3 goals and 3 points.
46': STAT: In 1972 IFA Shield Final, Match abandoned when Mohun Bagan was leading 1-0 against East Bengal by Sukalyan Gosh Dastida's goal. Mohun Bagan denied to play the replay match as IFA Tournament Committee declared later East Bengal as the Winner.
46': Match Commissioner declared the match abandoned.
46': It has been learnt that Mohun Bagan filed letter to AIFF and Match Commissioner Gulab Jahan as they though the law and order situation is not safety for Bagan so they are unable to file the team in 2nd half.
46': 15 minutes gone Mohun Bagan still absent.

46': STAT: In 01.08.2008 I-League Derby Mohun Bagan's Douglas shown RED CARD in 48th minute but Mohun Bagan won the match 2-0 by Baichung Bhutia.
46': Still Mohun Bagan is absent in the field.
46': What's going on in the field? East Bengal already ready to start 2nd half and they all are warming up in the field but Mohun Bagan is still absent in the field.
Half Time. East Bengal leading 1-0.
45'+6':Player Change in MMB: Snehasish came in place of Nabi.
45'+6': Match resumes for rest time.
45'+6': Nabi hospitalized.

45'+4': Ambulance came in the field. Nabi is under treatment,game still stopped.
45'+2':Nabi looks injured, game stopped. Nabi injured as some stone throwing from Gallery.
45'+1': Red Card. Referee Vishnu Chowhan shown red card to Odafa for arguing with him .

45'+1':Bad tackle of Nirmal to Khabra in right side line of Bagan area.
45':Referee added 2 minutes more time.
44':East Bengal is leading 1-0 now
43':Mehtab's brilliant free kick and Khabra's flick header betwen two defnders finds the net.
42': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Khabra advances East Bengal

41':Yellow Card to Stanley after he handed the ball.
40':Another foul, Aibor this time against Manandeep.
39':Chidi's forward pass, Aibor clears it.
37':Odafa looks injured, game stopped.
36':Mehtab's free kick, brilliant save by Arindam.
35':Yellow Card to Nabi.
35':Biswajit committed a foul against Chidi. Free kick to EB.
34':No score yet in the match.

33':Play resumes.
32':Mehtab looks injured, game stopped.
31':Ball cleared from corner.
31':Mehtab's corner, Denson cleared, another corner.
30':Brilliant save by Arindam, another corner to EB.
30':Penn's centre and cleared results a corner.
29':Naoba's centre, ball cleared.
28':MB's attack but committed a foul against Naoba.
27':No score yet in the match.

26':EB's attack, ball cleared and another corner to EB.
25':More than 1 lakh people is in the stadium.
24':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Nirmal.
24':Chidi's shot deflected and cleared.
22':Bad tackle to Manandeep, free kick to EB in a very good position.
21':Denson committed a foul against Chidi. Referee warns him.
21':MB's attack through Odafa, Mehtab clears the ball.
20':EB committed foul in box, ball cleared.
19':Ball cleared and another corner to EB.
19':Another corner to EB.
18':Mehtab's corner, cleared.

18':EB's attack earns a corner.
17':EB's attack through Chidi, ball cleared in box.
16':Isfaq's centre from right flank, went wide.
15':Play resumes.
14':Denson looks injured, game stopped.
14':Jewel's corner, directly in Gurpreet's hand.
13':Odafa's shot blocked and cleared. Corner to MB.
12':Nabi's centre, Okpara clears it.
12':Isfaq's forward pass to find Chidi, Arindam saves it brilliantly.
10':Odafa's pass, directly in Gurpreet's hand.
9':Chidi's went over the bar.
9':Chance to Chidi, but he committed a foul against Arindam.
8':Nabi committed a foul against Penn, free kick to EB.
7':Isfaq's long ranger, went wide.

6':Mehtab committed a foul against Stanley, free kick to MB
5':Mehtab's corner, cleared.
5':EB's attack earns a corner.
4':Denson committed a foul against Khabra.
3':Bad tackle of Stanley to Isfaq, free kick to EB.
2':East Bengal's attack, Chidi's header, cleared in box.
2':Biswajit's long header directly in Gurpreet's hand.
1':Mehtab clears the ball from corner.
1':Jewel will take it.
1':Mohun Bagan's attack earns a corner.
0':Kick off.
0':Players in the field.
0':This is the 31st I League derby between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan and 301st meet between both the teams.
0':First I league Kolkata derby is about to start. About 100,000 people already in the stadium and almost 25000 people in the queue to enter the stadium

10.12.2012: 10th Round: Pune FC maintain clean sheet against Salgaocar FC

09.12.2012: SALGAOCAR SC   0-2   PUNE FC (GOA - FT)      ( Scroll Down. )

PFC : Khanthang Paite 64, 78'
PFC RELEASE : Pune FC continued their fine run on Goan soil with a 2-0 win over Salgaocar FC in an I-League 2012-13 Round 10 encounter at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Fatorda on Sunday.

The victory was spurred by substitute Khanthang Paite's second half double-strike (64th and 78th minute) which handed Pune FC their fifth win this season. The win was also the fourth over the Goans in as many visits and their third in away encounters this season.

The full points helped Pune FC move into 4th position with 17 points to their credit.

Coach Derrick Pereira named a playing eleven that had three changes from the previous match against Mohun Bagan at home. Caitano Costa replaced Chika Wali in central defence, right wing back Othallo Tabia (for Srikanth Ramu) and left midfielder Daisuke Nishiguchi (for Khantang Paite).

No sooner the game kicked off, Pune FC forced three corners inside the first 90 seconds of play. In the opening minute, Pune FC striker Subash Singh attacked a long ball by Douhou Pierre which defender Luciano Sabrosa dangerously cleared to earn a corner-kick.

The resultant corner led to another and subsequently a minute later Karma Tsewang from the right forced himself deep for the third corner-kick after Agustin Fernandes blocked.

Having absorbed Pune FC's pressure, Salgaocar FC had their moment winning a corner to more or less complete the first five minutes of action.

With the game settled, Pune FC created the first close moment of the game. Karma's cross from the right found striker James Moga use his height to advantage, rear up between two rival defenders to glance his header wide.

At the other end, the Goans pressed and created two moments to shift pressure away from their half. First, a back pass by Costa needed 'keeper Mondal to move out deep in the penalty area and clear. Then in the 9th minute, Quinton Jacob drove a long ranger straight into Abhra Mondal who had it well covered.

At the other end, Pune FC pushed deep and almost had Gurjinder Kumar score, but for a timely block by defender Agustin. Subash, on the right, cut back on the edge of the box and released a pass that Karma played dummy allowing Gurjinder a deflection which earned a corner-kick.

The game thereafter settled into midfield play, before a 28th-minute free-kick conceded by Anas had Abhra pull off a brilliant save. Brian Mascarenhas, from the left, floated the ball to the second post. Abhra's well anticipated mid-air pluck was timely just before Agustin went for the header.

In the 36th minute, Pune FC had a chance. Moga, fed by Gurjinder on the right, did well to hold off Rocus Lamare, turn and cross into the penalty box. The floater flew past Daisuke and then Subash who was left yards short in anticipation.

The home side then threatened through Dada Nabeel who split Anas and Costa only to have Milagres Gonsalves miss-kick and go over.

Closing into the breather, Gurjinder had the first try on-goal with a try from 35-yards out, which was easily collected by 'keeper Karanjit.

On resumption, Pune FC had Moga's left footed attempt from inside the box following a fisted clearance by custodian Karanjit's get headed out by Collin Abranches. Moga's chance was created when Douhou floated a free-kick from the right. The striker went for the high ball, lost ariel battle to Karanjit, but did well with chance after the 'keeper fell and defenders Agustin and Luciano totally out of position.

Pune FC finally broke the deadlock through substitute Khantang Paite, who had come on for Subash 12 minutes earlier.

Moga from then the right beat Agustin and released a crisp square pass, which Khantang intelligently sneaked into the far corner ahead of Rahul Kumar's challenge and Karanjit beaten all ends up.

Coach Derrick Pereira brought on Jeje Lalpekhlua (73rd) for Daisuke to bring sting upfront. Jeje did well within five minutes with a powerful try from outside the penalty box that Karanjit had covered but fumbled in collection.

A minute later against the run of play, Khantang gave Pune FC a 2-0 advantage neatly heading home a well measured pass with the Salgaocar defence caught on the wrong foot with the cross supplied by the hardworking Karma from the right.

Spurred by the success, Douhou had Moga in the clear, but the striker could not keep his try within the framework. In a last ditch effort to increase their tally, Paite brilliantly released for Moga who ended fouled by Milagres Gonsalves outside the penalty area. The foul earned the Goan a yellow card, but the free-kick taken by Dohou ended into the wall to end proceedings.

09.12.2012: AIR INDIA   4-1   MUMBAI FC ( PUNE - FT...)
AIR: GOALLLLLLLLLLL :Souvik Chakraborty
AIR: GOALLLLLLLLLLL : Vijith Setty 72'
MFC:GOALLLLLLLLLLL : Yusif Yakubu 45+2'
AIR:GOALLLLLLLLLLLL : Mickey Fernandes 39'

08.12.2012: Dempo beat United SC at home match in 10 round to remain the top of the table with 25 points.

08.12.2012: DEMPO SC   3-1   UNITED SC (GOA - FT)      ( Scroll Down. )

DEM : Seuoka 35', Peter Carvalho 77', Climax Lawrance 78'
USC : Ranti Martin 20'

DEM : Subhasish, Debabrata, Mahesh, Rowilson, Samir (Selwin), Clifford, Romeo, Climax (Godwin), Carvalho, Rohan, Sueoka.
USC : Subrata, Chinta, Bello, Mangi (James), Dhanachandra, Asif, Lalkamal, Vineeth, Gouranga, Carlos, Ranti
FT : Match end. Dempo SC won 3-1.
90'+3':Another brilliant chance to Abranches from Rohan's pass, his shot just went over the bar.
90'+2':Dempo's attack, but Rohan is in offside.
90'+2':Another long ranger of Carlos, went wide.
90': 4 minutes added time.
88': Bello Rasaq's effort his header went out.
86': PLAYER CHANGE : USC : James Singh in Gourmangi Singh out
86': Still Dempo is leading 3-1.
85': PLAYER CHANGE : DEM : Selwyn in Samir out
81': Chance to United but Ranti's header went wide.
80': Dempo is leading 3-1 now, two scores scored with in 2 minutes.
PLAYER CHANGE - DEM : Climax out Godwin in
78': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL..3-1. Another goal of Dempo. Climax scores for Dempo from a counter attack. A long run of Climax where only goalkeepers to beat...he tipped the ball brilliantly and advances his team once again.
77': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Dempo scored 2-1. Brilliant goal of Peter Carvalho by lovely one-two with Rohan, and his shot beat Subrata .
75': Another attack of United SC, Ranti's shot, cleared in Dempo box.
73': USC's Carlos's long ranger went wide.
72': Chance came to Dempo through Abranches but his shot went wide.
70': Still the score line is 1-1.
66': Carlos's long ranger, directly in Subhasish's hand
64' Brilliant chance to Peter from Sueoka's pass, his shot went wide.
63':Carlos's long ranger, directly in Subhasish's hand.
62':Ranti's shot,, went wide
58: Subrata saves Sueoka's penalty
57':Yellow Card: Subrata Paul
56':Yellow Card: Bello
55': Referee gives penalty after Bello fouled Sueoka
50':Players Change in United SC: Sankar Orao in place of Vineeth.
49':Ball cleared from corner.
48':Chance to Rohan, Bello clears it brilliantly.Corner to Dempo.
46':Dempo's attack, Bello clears it.
46':Dempo's attack, Bello clears it.
46':Second half starts.
Half Time. Score levels after the end of first half.
45'+1':Vineeth looks injured, game stopped.
45':Referee added 2 minutes of injury time.
44':Chance to Dempo from Abranches's corner after Subrata fails to clears the ball properly. Sueoka missed a brilliant opportunity.
43':Dempo's attack, Subrata clears the ball.
43':Carlos's long ranger, went wide.
42':Ranti's shot, Subhasish saves it.
41':Another attack of Dempo through Sueoka, again ball cleared.
41':Chance to Sueoka, but a brilliant tackle in box, ball cleared.
40':Abranches's cross from left wing, went wide.
39':Carlos's shot from free kick, cleared in box.
37':United's attack and results another corner.
36':Clifford's free kick and a brilliant header of Sueoka finds the net.
35':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL Sueoka scores from free kick.
35':Dhanachandra committed a foul. Free kick to Dempo in a very good position.
34':Clifford's corner directly in Subrata's hand.
34':Chance to Sueoka from right end, Gouramangi clears it. Corner to Dempo.
32':Chance to Dempo from corner, free header to Rowilson, but ball went over the bar.
31':Abranches's centre, Gouramangi clears it. Corner to Dempo.
30':Players Change in Dempo: Abranches in place of Romeo.
29':Forward pass to find Clifford but he is in offside position.
28':Sueoka's cross in box, cleared.
27':Throw-in to Ranti in box, but he committed a foul.
26':Cross in box to find Rohan, ball cleared by Bello.
24':Forward pass of Sueoka but brilliant tackle by Bello and ball cleared.
23':United SC leading 1-0 now against Dempo
21':Brilliant touch by Ranti left 2 defenders and goalkeepers in box and ball finds the net.
20':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Ranti advances United SC.
18':Ball cleared from corner.
17':United SC's attack and a corner.
16':Ball cleared from corner.
15':One to one situation to Rohan, Dhanachandra blocks his shot. Corner to Dempo. Tight angle and a brilliant block saves a brilliant goal scoring chance
13':United SC's attack through Vineeth from left wing, ball cleared.
12':No score yet in the match, both the teams looks very positive.
10':Forward pass to find Carlos, but he is in offside.
8':Dempo's attack and their first corner.
5':No score in the early minutes.
4':Brilliant cross from right flank to Vineeth, just above his head. Brilliant move by United SC.
3':Dempo's attack but Sueoka committed a foul.
2':Chance to Ranti from 3rd corner, his header went wide.
1':Ball cleared and another 2 corner. Total 3 corner within 2 minutes.
1':First corner of United SC within 1 minute.
0':Kick off.

AIFF I-LEAGUE 2012-13 (ROUND-10)

08.12.2012: ONGC   2-2   SPORTING GOA ( DELHI - FT..)
ONGC : Keinston C. 8', Eric 13'
SCG : Ogba Kalu( Pen 67'), Sugishita 72'
MOM : Rehnas (GK-ONGC) ::   R-E-A-D
ONGC: Rehnes, Adeola, Bimal, Robin, Sachin, Yusa, Sandip, Joel, David, Keinston C, Eric.
SCG : Angel, Samananda, Keita, Rolwinson, Kalu, Matthew, Peixoto, Dawson, Jovel, Pratesh, Sugishita.

AIFF I-LEAGUE 2012-13 (ROUND-10)

MOM : Michael ( USK)
SLFC : Ralte, Jeevan, Passah, Lyndoh, Lallawamzuala, Rennedy, Min Chol Son, Lalchhuanamia, Sushil, Jacob, Friday.
USC : Manatosh, Safar, Michael, Syed, Abhishek, Sandesh, Attivi, Sahensah, Nadang, Nima, Nuruddin.


16.12.2012: 11th Round: 1st lost of East Bengal in I-League 2012-13 to United SC today.>

16.12.2012: EAST BENGAL   0-1   UNITED SC ( KOL - FT...)
USC : Ranti Martins 74' ::

KEB :Gurpreet, Soumik, Arnab, Okpara, Naoba (Alvito), Khabra, Mehtab, Penn, Isfaq(Dika), Chidi, Manandeep(Robin).

USC: Subrata, Deepak, Gourmangi, Bello, Dhanarajan, Lalkamal, Asif(Anupam), Vineeth(Ravinder), Carlos, Sankar(Rafiq), Ranti.


Match End. United SC beat East Bengal in 1-0.

90'+4':Players Change in EB: Alvito in place of Naoba.

90'+2':Okpara's long ranger, directly in Subrata's hand.

90'+1':United's attack, ball cleared.

90'+1':Naoba looks injured, game stopped.

90':Referee added 5 minutes injury time.

89':United SC still leading 1-0.

88':Ravinder's shot, deflected and cleared.

87':Yellow Card Referee shown yellow card to Okpara

87':Lalrindika's free kick, Chidi's header, directly in Subrata's hand.

86':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Lalkamal for wasting time.

85':Lalrindika's long ranger, went over the bar.

83':Players Change in United SC: Anupam in place of Asif.

83':Ball cleared from free kick.

82':Free kick to east Bengal in a very good position.

81':Players Change in United SC: Md Rafiq in place of Sankar.

80':Another attack of EB, good save by Subrata.

79':Lalrindika's long ranger, good save by Subrata.

78':Sankar looks injured, game stopped.

78':Players Change in EB: Lalrindika in place of Isfaq.

78':Ravinder's long ranger, went over the bar.

77':Another move by United SC, Arnab clears it.

76':United SC leading 1-0 now.

75':Another attack of United SC through Ranti, his centre cleared by Arnab. Corner to United SC>

74':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Ranti's header from Lalkamal's corner, finds the net.

73':Bad tackle of Okpara to Lalkamal, free kick to United SC.

72':United SC is the top of the league table of IFA CFL Premier leagu with 19 points after 8 matches while East Bengal is in 2nd place with 16 points after 7 matches in Group'A'.
71':No score yet in the match.

70':Brilliant attack of East Bengal results a goal, but brfore Robin's pass ball already crossed the goal line. Referee denies the goal.

68':Chance to United from a free kick, ball cleared in box 67':Score remains still goalless.

66':Brilliant chance to Robin from Chidi forward through, good save by Subrata.

64':United SC's attack, results a corner.

62':Players Change in EB: Robin in place of Manandeep.

62':Ball cleared from corner.

61':Brilliant chance to Ranti, but a brilliant sliding tackle by Arnab, Corner to United SC.

90'+3':East Bengal was unbeaten to United in both leg of 2008-09 and 2010-11 I-League while United SC also unbeaten to East Bengal in 2011-12 I-League.

60':Chance to Carlos from a good attack, his shot blocked in box.

59':Bad tackle of Mehtab to Sankar, free kick to United SC.

58':Players Change in USC: Ravinder in place of Vineeth.

57':Mehtab's corner, ball cleared.

56':Chance to EB from Isfaq's brilliant pass, Deepak clears the ball. Corner to EB.

55':Chance to East Bengal from a free kick, ball cleared.

54':Brilliant attack of East Bengal through Naoba, chance to Chidi, his shot blocked, return shot of Mehtab, again blocked and cleared.

54':East Bengal's attack, Bello and Dhanachandra clears the ball

52': In 2009 Durand Cup the only encounter beteen the two so far, Semi United SC then Chirag United beat East Bengal 1-0. Scorer was Md. Rafiq.

51':Manandeep's header, went wide.

50':no score yet in the match.

48':Ball cleared from Mehtab's corner.

47':East Bengal's attack through Chidi, Dhanachandra clears it. Corner to EB.

46':East Bengal's attack, header went wide.

46':Second half starts.

Half Time. Score remains goalless after the end of first half.

45':Referee added 2 minutes

43':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Mehtab clears it.

42':Vineeth's long ranger, Gurpreet clears it, Corner to United SC.

41':Penn's forward pass, directly in Subrata's hand

40':Carlos's free kick, cleared.

39':Bad tackle to Ranti, free kick to United SC.

37':No score yet in the match.

35':Chidi's through pass, directly in Subrata's hand.

34':Dhanachandra's long throw-in, directly in Gurpreet's hand.

33':Ball cleared from the corner.

33':East Bengal's attack earns a corner.

32':No score yet in the match.

31':In 2002 IFA PREMIER LEAGUE Ever first encounter East Bengal beat Now United SC then Everready Association 5-0. Scorers were Chandan Das, Subhas-2, Tulunga, Soumitra Chakrabarty

30':Dhanachandra looks injured, game stopped.

29':Yellow Card. Referee Shown yellow card to Ranti for play acting.

28':Bello's header from Carlos's corner, went wide.

28':United's free kick cleared and a corner.

27':Penn committed a foul against Deepak. Free kick to United SC.

26':United SC's attack, ball cleared.

25': Lalkamal's forward pass and Vineeth's header, directly in Gurpreet's hand.

24':Brilliant left footed shot of Ranti and a brilliant ssave by Gurpreet. Corner to United SC.

23':Carlos's corner and Bello's header went over the bar.

22':Vineeth and Lalkamal's shot blocked earns a corner.

22':Manandeep's centre, cleared in defence.

21':East Bengal's attack, But Chidi is in offside position.

20':Dhanachandra's long pass , directly in Gurpreet's hand.

19':Penn's through pass to find Isfaq, Subrata saves it.

19':Bad tackle to Carlos, free kick to United SC.

18': No score yet in the match. 0-0.

17': Corner of Mehtab cleard.

16': Corner for EB, Cleared from United box for another corner in right.

15': Penn got a chance in United box from Naoba but Bellow cleard.

14': Snkar Orao pass to Vineeth but cleared by EB defence.

STAT: United SC Striker Ranti Martin scored 13 goals with 2 hattricks as the top scorer now while East Bengal striker Chidi Edeh scored 6 goals so far.

12': 3 back to back corner for East Bengal. No impact.

10': Mehtab's cross from right went wide.

7': Another attack of EB, Isfaq shot went to Subrata.

6': No score yet. 0-0.

4': East Bengal got a good chance to score, Mehtab to Chidi in on to one with Subrata but missed.

3': Naoba back passed to Gurpreet.

2': Deepak was overlapping from right side passed in EB box but cleared.

1': Gurpreet saved a long high ball sent from United midfield.

1': Bello cleared a ball from a right sided attack of Isfaq.

1': Match starts at Salt Lake Stadium.

0': 3rd Encounters in 2012 calender Year.

0':Referee: Santosh Kumar.

0': Match will start soon at YBK.

15.12.2012: DEMPO SC  1-5   PUNE FC ( GOA - FT..)
PFC : James Moga 17', 54', Arata 76', Jeje 81', Douhou 84'
DEM : Abranches 22'

DEM : Subhasish, Debabrata, Mahesh (Shallum), Rowilson, Samir, Clifford, Abranches, Climax, Carvalho, Rohan (Koko), Sueoka.
PFC : Abhra, Tabia, Anas, Chika, Gurjinder (Jeje), Douhou, Paite, Mumtaj, Karma T, Arata, Moga.
FT : Match end. Pune FC routed Dempo SC 5-1 in Away. 2nd lost of Dempo after 1-3 to ONGC
90': 5 minutes added time.
90': Few minutes left to end. Still 5-1 away result for Pune FC against Dempo.
88': Pune FC is leading 5-1. Biggest lost of Dempo in current I-League?
86: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 5th Goal of Pune FC . Douhou scored the 5th for PFC. Brilliant assist of James Moga who scored two goals.
84': Pune FC is leading 4-1 now against defending Champions Dempo SC in their away match.
82': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Again goal of PFC. 4th goal. Now lwading 4-1. Jeje scored the 4th goal from a brilliant pass of Douhou..
81': ONGC beat Dempo 3-1 margin earlier.
80': Pune is leading 3-1 now.
76: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 3rd Goal of Pune FC from their 6th Corner from left. Izumi Arata scored. James Moga to Jeje and his header came to Arata after rebounding and Arata scored in 8 yards box.
76': Pune earned 6th corner in left.
73': Free Kick of DEM in heir own half. Not danger.
72': PLAYER CHANGE : DEM - Koko Sakibu in and Rohan out.
71': 5th corner of PFC. Cleared
68': PLAYER CHANGE : PFC - JEJE in and Gurjinder out.
66': Free kick of PFC from their own half.
65': YELLOW CARD to DEMPO's Carvalho.
62': Goal Kick to PFC from an attack of Dempo.
60': PFC is leading 2-1 against Dempo.
54': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2nd goal of Pune through James Moga from a left sided pass of Paite and beat two DEM player in box to score his and teams 2nd..
51': Dempo got a free kick, Clifford kick made no impact.
50': Another attack of Pune and goal kick for Dempo.
48':Goal kick for Dempo from an attack of Pune.
46': Starts of 2nd half match.
HT : It's half time now in the match.
45': 2 minutes added time. Scoreline is 1-1.
44': Free kick of PFC in their own half.
43': Still 1-1 is the scoreline.
40': Pune got a corner again in left but Chika's kick and Douhou's header went to Subhasish.
38': Good attack of Dempo through Rohan and Climax but Pune defence cleared finally.
36': PLAYER CHANGE: DEM - Shallum in and Mahesh out.
33': Free Kick for Dempo. Cleared.
33': Arata's shot from a right sided cross went out.
30': Goal kick for Dempo. The scoreline is 1-1.
28': Pune got a corner but ball cleared off Paite's kick.
26': The scoreline is 1-1.
25': Both teams got 2 corner kicks each so far.
22': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Dempo equalized the score line 1-1 through Abranches.
18': Pune FC is leading 1-0.
17': Dempo got 2 corners while Pune got one, but no score from the corners.
16': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Pune scored goal through James Moga. Othalo Tabis crossed and Moga made it well.
14': No score yet but PFC missed a chance by Moga from 8 yard in Dempo Box.0-0.
8': Chance missed by Dempo, Seuoka shot from Clifford left sided cross went to Abranches but finally ball cleared from PFC penalty box.

MATCH REPORT: PFC RELEASE :15.12.2012: Pune FC recorded their biggest victory over an I-League champion since inception with a dominating 5-1 verdict over Dempo SC at the Nehru Stadium, Fatorda on Saturday. Outplaying the reigning champions with a collective 4-goal second half effort, Pune FC ended the Goans 100 per cent run in their backyard in a Round-11 encounter.

A brace by striker James Moga (15th and 53rd) and a goal each by Arata Izumi (76th), substitute Jeje Lalpekhlua (79th) and skipper Douhou Pierre (84th) enabled Pune FC complete a sensational victory. The host's fight-back was temporary, with Joaquim Abranches (23rd) equalizing off a direct free-kick from 25-yards out. The victory was Pune FC's third in Goa in the ongoing 2012-13 season and the fifth ever over the Goans in 10 meetings.

Coach Derrick Pereira made three changes for the game including defender Chika Wali, wing half Khanthang Paite and midfielder Arata Izumi for Caitano Costa, Subhash Singh and Daisuke Nishigushi. The home side had an early chance when Clifford Miranda's volley for Rohan Ricketts saw the latter miss the opportunity as he ended up clattering Chika Wali in the second minute.

Six minutes later, the Pune Fc defence was found wanting. Miranda floated in a long ball over the Pune FC defence, Abhra Mondal sensing danger moved out of the penalty box just as Ryuji Sueoka moved in. Abhra did well to thwart Sueoka in a one on one situation, but in doing so the ball rebounded off to Abranches wide on the right. With Abhra in the process of retreating Abranches tried only to have the horizontal come in the way.

Pune FC had their first opportunity in the 14th minute when Othallo Tabia's cross from the right saw Khanthang Paite miss a volley from about eight yards out. However Pune FC side didn't have to wait too long as in the very next minute they scored through James Moga. Tabia was in the thick of action again as he sent in a through ball for Moga who timed his attempt to beat Dempo SC goalkeeper Subhashis Roychowdhury at the near post.

It didn't take long for the equaliser which came in the 23rd minute as Joaquim Abranches blasted home from a direct free-kick taken from about 30 yards out which was the result of Mumtaz Akhtar's foul on Peter Carvalho. Paite and Moga combined well and constantly kept Moga busy with timely crosses. In the 32nd minute Moga headed wide in what was one of the closest.

Dempo SC didn't sit quiet either as Ricketts' shot rebounded off the Pune FC defense, while Climax Lawrence followed up with an attempt which went wide in the 39th minute. At half time honors ended on level terms.

Eight minutes after the break, Paite did well to utalise the slip up by Sameer Naik on the left. Gaining on the defenders' fall, Paite sent the ball across to Moga who earned possession after Debabrata Roy missed connecting his lung. Moga with possession weaved past substitute Shallum Pires, who had come on for Mahesh Gawli at the half hour mark due to injury, moved across the goalmouth drew the keeper out and slotted home.

Douhou Pierre had a goalscoring opportunity as he had only the goalkeeper to beat but saw his effort go wide after Paite had done well to release him. Pune FC then had the rival keeper deny them a possible goal after making a spectacular dive to his right to deny Moga in the 71st minute with Paite having worked himself into sending in a cross.

Koko Sakibo replaced Ricketts who didn't have the best of outings hoping to get the equalizer in the final quarter of an hour. However, it was Pune FC who scored next as Moga's cross for substitute Jeje Lalepkhalua saw Roychowdhury produce a reflex save only to see Arata blast home the ensuing rebound with an great anticipated run.

Jeje, however, wasn't going to let go of the next chance he got three minutes later. With Douhou prizing open the defence on the left, Jeje received the ball in the box shielded a defender and finished with a left-footer to the bottom corner at the first post. Pune FC rubbed salt to Dempo's injuries as Douhou was next to add his name on the scoresheet. Moga found Douhou who drew the defenders out to blast home at the far post leaving the keeper a rooted spectator.

The defeat was Dempo's biggest in Goa, while Pune FC continue their dominance over the Goan side in the I-League.

14.12.2012: SALGAOCAR SC   0-0   ONGC FC ( GOA - FT.)
SAL : Karanjit, Nicolou, Augustine, Rahul, Fulgancio, Gilbart, Jacobs, Barbosa, Rocus, Beevan, Milagres.
ONGC : Rehnes, Adeola, Bimal, Robin, Sandip, Sachin, Yusa, Joel, David, Keinston C, Eric.
MOM : Rehnes (ONGC)

R- 12

(I-L: 1st/R-12): 20.03.2013: SALGAOCAR   1-3   SPORTING GOA ( GOA: FT..)
SAL : Augastine 38' :: SCG : Juanfri 63' (Pen), Victorino 90+1', Kalu 90+4'
RED CARD : Karanjit-GK, Joshima of SAL and Lourenco of SCG
SAL: Karanjit, Fulganco, Augustin, Gabriel, Nicolau, Rahul Kumar, Josimar, Rocus, Randeep, Francisco, John.

GFA RELEASE : 20.03.2013: Salgaocar FC's recent good form came to a grinding halt, as they crashed to a 3-1 loss against Sporting Clube de Goa, in a round 12 I-League game at the Duler Stadium in Goa Augustin Fernandes had given David Booth's side the lead, before Juanfri scored from the spot in the 63rd minute, with Karanjit Singh, who had given away the penalty, also being sent-off. Sporting substitute Victorino Fernandes then scored in the 91st minute, before Kalu Ogba added another deep into injury time. The game was marred by another off the ball incident between Josimar and Joyner Lourenco, which saw both of them being sent-off. Following a slow start to the match, it was Salgaocar who created the first goal-scoring chance of the match when Josimar met Randeep Singh's corner with an overhead volley which came off team-mate Gabriel Obatola, before Kalu cleared the ball to safety in the 15th minute. Three minutes later, a powerful cross by Juanfri from the right, aimed towards Mackroy Peixoto in the box, was intercepted equally well by Salgaocar keeper Karanjit Singh. The midfield battle kept on getting intense through the progression of the match but neither of the two sides were able to create a fair number of chances until Salgaocar broke the deadlock in the 38th minute. Randeep Singh's flag-kick somehow landed at the feet of the unmarked Augustin Fernandes, who blasted home from around 10 yards, and the ball also took a deflection off the body of Kalu before entering the back of the net. In the very next minute, it could have been 2-0. Francis Fernandes had all the space and time in the world on the left side of the box, but the midfielder sent his left-footer despairingly wide, with only the keeper to beat. Augustin Fernandes of Salgaocar was adjudged most valuable player award .


I-LEAGUE-I(R/12)23.12.2002/:19.03.2013: CHURCHILL BROTHERS   3-0   AIR INDIA ( GOA - FT......)
CHB : Beto 7'(From Penalty as Dias was fouled in Box), Henry 24'(Beto Assist), 54'(Dias Assist)
CHB : Sandip, Denzil, Ravanan, Tamba, Raju Y, Dias, Beto, Lenney, Binish, Sunil, Henry.
AIR: Sukhwinder, Prem, Bhushan, Baldip, Mickey, Prakash, Amosm, Rahul, Pradep, Elija Jr., Henry
Referee Andrew Sekhar
MOM : Beto (CB)

GFA RELEASE: Henri Antchouet scored a brace as Churchill Brothers scored an emphatic 3-0 win over Air India to move at the top of the I-League table, played at Duler Stadium, Mapusa, here today. After Roberto Mendes Da Silva gave the lead for Churchill Brothers in the 7th minute. Henri Antchouet than scored a brace to ward off any come back of rival challenge.

Churchill Brothers who have played one match less than East Bengal moved at the top of the ladder with 42 points from 19 matches after today's win, displacing East Bengal(40pts) to second place. Air-India who are fighting relegation remained on 18 points from 19 matches.

Churchill Brothers eager to regain the top spot which they have lost to East Bengal started in right earnest and took the lead early in the 7th minute from a penalty. Defender Bhushan Thube brought down Steven Dias inside the box and referee Andrew Shaker awarded the penalty and yellow card to Thube. Roberto Mendes Da Silva who took the spot kick made no mistake in converting it and giving the Goan side a perfect start.

Henry Antchouet than increased the lead in the 23rd minute. Lenny Rodrigues slipped through the ball past Air India keeper Sukhwinder Singh as Henry Antchouet beat the off-side trap to calmly tap the ball home despite a challenge from rival defender Rahul Bheke.

Air India who are the two teams along with ONGC FC who aren't eligible for next season's I-League looked more comfortable in the middle as they moved the ball more often into the rival half with Nigerian Amos Omeje who made his debut controlled the midfield as he combined well with Junior Elijah. They created more scoring chances but Amos and Ezeh Henry were off the target.

Churchill Brother's keeper Sandip Nady also effected good saves to prevent Junior from scoring. After change of ends, Churchill Brothers who enjoyed large share of exchanges and ball possession swelled the lead in the 53rd minute. Henri Antchouet took advantage of the mix-up between Bheke and Air India keeper Sukhwinder Singh after Steven Dias released the ball to him, placed the ball past hapless Baldeep Singh who tried to challenge him.

Earlier a minute's silence observed for the souls of the freak bus accident that took place in the early hours of the day in which around 35 people are feared dead and leaving many injured.


2nd lost of East Bengal as Mumbai FC beat 2-1 in home match at Pune in 12th Round.

23.12.2012 : MUMBAI FC   2-1   EAST BENGAL ( PUNE - FT ): REFRESH - F5
MFC : Gabriel Fernandez 64', Yakubu 90+4':: KEB : Chidi 90+6'
KEB : Gurpreet, Soumik, Raju, Arnab, Naoba (Dika), Isfaq (Sanju), Penn, Mehtab, Khabra, Manandip (Robin), Chidi.
MFC : Barreto, Darren (Dane), Amiri, Costa, Abhishek, Nicholas, James, Asutosh, Gabriel (Kamaljeet), Yakubu, Opara.
FT : Match end. Mumbai FC won the match 2-1.
90+6': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Chidi reduced margin from a pass of Robin Singh.
90+4': Mumbai FC is leading 2-0 now.
90+3': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Yakubu scored the 2nd goal of Mumbai FC with his own skill from right side of corner. 133rd Goal of Yakubu in I-League.
90+2': Aimless shot of Dika went out.
90': Referee added 7 minutes.
90': Free kick shot went out.
88': Free kick for MFC.
87': Mehtab's cross towards MFC box but Chidi fouled during header.
85': 5 minutes to left and Mumbai FC is leading 1-0.
84': Abhishek injured and under in treatment.
82': Soumik crossed from left went wide.
81': Corner win by EB from an attack of Chidi in right side of Barreto. Corner kick of Mehtab cleared.
80': 10 minutes to go to end of the match. East Bengal is trailing 0-1.
79' PLAYER CHANGE : MFC : Gabriel out and Kamaljeet Kumar in.
78': Mumbai FC is leading 1-0.
76': N.D.Opara injured and went outside of the field.
75': Corner for EB from Sanju's attack in Barreto's right.
74': Amiri well cleared a pass of Penn from box.
72': Free kick for EB.Dika's kick went out.
70': MFC Keeper Barreto injured and under treatment. Easy chance missed by Dika from a pass of Khabra.
69': Chidi's cross from left but Dika was unable to connect the ball.
67' PLAYER CHANGE : KEB : Naoba out and Dika in. East Bengal made their all three changes in the match.
65': 1-0 result for Mumbai FC.
PLAYER CHANGE : KEB : Isfaq and Manandeep out and Sanju and Robin Singh in.
64': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Gabriel Fernandez scored with his right footer off Yakubu pass.
62': Abhishek cleared Chidi's left footer from 6 yeard in box.
60': Arnab cleared an attack of Gabriel for Corner in left of Gurpreet. Corner kick cleared.
58': Nocholas's effort target less.
PLAYER CHANGE : MFC : Darren out and Dane Pereira in.
STATS : In this year's I-League Chidi Edeh scored 6 goals for East Bengal and N. D.Opara scored 4 goals for Mumbai FC.
55': No score yet in the match. 0-0.
53': Chidi's header went wide for MFC goalkick..
52': Naoba cleard Opaa's effort from left.
50': No score yet in the match. 0-0
49': Peter Costa fouled Chidi. Free Kick for EB. Mehtab's kick cleared.
STATS : In last Year's I-League East Bengal won both left by 4-1 and 3-1. while Mumbai FC also won both leg in 2008-2009 by 1-0 and 2-1.
47': Yakubu's attack went to Gurpreet's hand.
46': 2nd half match starts.
HT : It's half time now in the match. 0-0.
45': Referee added 1 minutes more.
43': Ball Possession 63% for East Bengal while 37% for MFC.
42': Slow pace now in the match.
STATS : Yakubu scored two goals for East Bengal against Mumbai FC in I-League. This is his 12th terms of NFL/I-League where he scored 6 hattricks so far.
40': No score yet in the match.
36': Isfaq's shot from out side box went to Barreto's hand.
35': Corner for EB from Penn's attack from right, passed by Chidi.
34': Goal kick of East Bengal.
33': Raju cleared Yakubu's attack in EB box.
31': 0-0. No score yet in the match.
30': Long throw-in of Amiri went to Gurpreet's hand.
29': Penn's long ranger missed the target.
STATS : The first encounter between the two won by Mumbai FC in 2008-2009 I-League and Mumbai side won the 2nd leg match also in that year while East Bengal won both leg in 2011-12 I-League.
26': Right sided attack of MFC, Amiri's cross but Naoba's clearence.
25': Still no score in the match.
22': Naoba's cross from right went straight to Barreto's hand.
21': EB earned corner, Manandeep's header well saved by Barreto from Mehtab's corner.
20': Barreto well saved a shot of Chidi from Penn from top of the box.
17': Still no score in the match.
16': Free kick for EB, Chidi's shot hit's the human wall and cleared.
14': Mehtab's corner cleared out.
13': Soumik's throw in from left headed out by Abhishek but ball went to Isfaq and his shot went for corner.
11': Corner for EB, Mehtab's shot cleared.
10': 0-0 is the score line.
9': Chidi's effort blocked by HArun in MFC defence.
7': Weak shot of Chidi off Penn's pass in MFC box went to Barreto's hand.
5': No score yet in the match. 0-0.
4': Weak shot of Yakubu went to Gurpreet's hand.
3': Corner for MFC. Nicholas's corner kick cleared from EB defence by Khabra.
2': Gabriel attacked, his left footer went to Gurpreet's hand.
1': Match starts.

PIC: Pune Press

(I-LEAGUE)22.12.2012: PUNE FC   3-1   UNITED SC ( PUNE - FT..)
PFC : James Moga 7', 76' Othalo Tabia 17'
USC : Vineeth 49'
PFC : Abhra, Tabia, Anas, Chika, Gurjinder, Douhou, Paite (Jeje), Mumtaj, Karma T(Mohonraj), Arata, Moga (Dysuke).
USC : Subrata, Deepak, Gourmangi, Anupam, Dhanarajan, Lalkamal, Asif, Vineeth (Ravinder), Rafiq (Tulunga), Sankar(James), Ranti.
FT : Pune win home tie against United SC 3-1. Winning hattrick of Pune FC. Mam of the match award went to Douhou of Pune FC..
90+3': Ranti's right angel shot went out.
90': 4 minute added time.
90: Still Pune is leading 3-1. After Salgaocar, then Dempo, Pune is going to make winning hattrick.
85': 89':PLAYER CHANGE: PFC : Karma T out and Mohonraj in.
87': STATS: PUNE FC is still unbeaten from 5th to 11th Round and if they win today then upto 12th Round. 7 matches as their Round 6 AIR India match hold.
85': PLAYER CHANGE: PFC : MOGA out and Dysuke in.
82': Pune is searching for more goals.
80': Pune is leading 3-1.
77': GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAL Moga scored from Douhou's free kick from right. Brilliant shot of Douhou which Moga's flick header beat Subrata in right.
74': : PLAYER CHANGE: USC : Sankar out and James in.
72': Dhanachandra injured now fit.
71': STATS: United beat Pune FC 5-1 in 2011-12 2nd leg of I-League.
70': 2-1 is still the scoreline for Pune FC.
68': Ranti's shot from right side went wide.
67': Sankar's weak shot went out from a corner kick of Lalkamal.
66': PLAYER CHANGE: USC : Vineeth out and Ravinder in.
64': Free Kick for United, Lal's shot and Gourmangi's effort cleared.
62': PLAYER CHANGE: PFC : Paite out and Jeje in.
60': Still the scoreline is 2-1 for Pune FC.
58': Pune attacked through Douhou and his cross well saved by Subrata came in advance before Moga's any action.
57': United is now pressurizing in Pune box.
56': Dhanachandra cleared Mumtaj Akhtar's effort.
53': YELLOW CARD : USC Ranti
50': The scoreline is 2-1 for Pune.
49': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Vineeth scored for United scored. Lalkamal passed to Ranti's and his shot deflected from Abhra's hand which pushed by closer Vineeth.
46': Starts of 2nd half.
HT : It's half time now in the match. Pune is leading 2-0.
45': Referee added 2 minutes.
44': YELLOW CARD: PFC: Karma T.
42': Still the scoreline is 2-0 for Pune FC.
40': STATS: Both the teams last met in Fed Cup where the match ended 1-1.
39: Right sided cross of Karma and Moga's shot missed the target.
37': United earned corner, Moga cleared the kick of Lalkamal.
36': Deepak to tulunga and tulunga to Sankar qho returned it to Deepak again and Deepak's cross clered for corner by Anas.
34': Still the scoreline is 2-0 for Pune FC.
32': STATS: upto date both teams met 12 times in all time(Fed, Durand, Ileague - 2 and I-League - 1)where United SC won 5 times, Pune won 3 times and 4 match ended draw..
30': James Moga's another shot went out from a corss of Arata from left.
29': Lalkamal's effort went out.
27': Ranty header went out from Lalkamal's cross.
24': Abhra hold a ball of Ranty.
22': Pune is still leading 2-0.
21': Another corner for Pune, Douhou's corner went to Subrata's hand.
20': PLAYER CHANGE: USC: Rafiq out and Tulunga in.
18': United is suffering without their two key players Bello and Carlos.
17': Pune FC is leading early 2-0.
17': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Othalo Tabia scored from Paites Corner kick which gave him finally by Chika Wali.
15': Corner for Pune in right of USC box from an attack of Douhou.
14': STATS: Pune last won 5-1 in away against defending champions Dempo SC while United SC also beat East Bengal 1-0 in their last match of I-League.
12': United got a chance, Ranti shoot from right side of Pune box but nice savd by Abhra.
11': YELLOW CARD : PFC: James Moga.
10': Dhanachanra was fouled in their half. Subrata kicked the free kick.
8': Pune is leading 1-0.
7': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL James Moga scored. Entered from right side beating Anupam and Gourmangi in the box and his right footer beat Subrata in upper of the Cross bar.

4': Again attack of United, Lalkama's shot went to Abhra.
2': United attack. Lalkamal's cross and Dhanachandra's header went out.
1': Match starts at Pune.

22.12.2012: PAILAN ARROWS   1-2   DEMPO SC ( KOL - FT ..)
DEM : Abranches 11', 58' :: PAI ; Milan Singh 44'
PAI : Ravi, Narayan, Souvik, Deepak, Preetam, Pronoy (Abhinaba), Milan, Probir, Rajinder (Saijumon), Holicharan (Tirthankar), Alwin.
DEM : Subhasish, Debabrata, Rowilson, Selwin, Rebello, Climax, Miranda (Ferrero), Carvalho, Joaquim, Romeo (Samir), Koko.
Today's Salgaocar vs Sporting Goa and tomorrow's Churchill Brothers vs Air India cancelled due to venue problem.
90': FT : Dempo win 4th of their 6th Away match beat Pailan Arrows
89': Player Change: DEM :: Ferrero in Miranda out.
87': Player Change: DEM :: Samir in Romeo out.
80': Still Pailan is trailing 1-2 to Dempo while ONGC is leading 3-0 against Lajong at Delhi.
78': Player Change: Pailan :: Saijumon in Rajinder out.
78': Player Change: Pailan :: Tirhankar in and Hjolicharan out.
77': Good cross of Miranda from right koko reached late ball out.
68': YELLOW CARD : Narayan Das of Pailan.
65': In the other match in Delhi ONGC is leading 2-0 against Shillong Lajong.
62': PLAYER CHANGE : PAILAN : Pronoy out and Abhinbava in.
58': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2nd goal of Dempo and Abranches..
46': starts of 2nd half.
HT ; Half Time. Scoreline is 1-1.
45': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Milan Singh scored from spot kick. 1-1.
44': Penalty for Pailan. Milan singh is going to take shot.
43': Chance came to Pailan, alwin to Holicharan in box but final tackle by Selwin for corner.
41': Miranda's corner kick cleared by Nayaran.
40': Corner for Dempo in left of POailan box from Romeo's attack.
37': Dempo earned corner in left. Debabarata's kick cleared by Rabi kumar.
33': Well attack of Pailan from left, Pronoy's left footer cross went to unmarked Holicharan but he did not touch the ball.
31': 1-0 is the scoreline for Dempo.
30': Long pass of Souvik towards Dempo box but went for Throw in.
26': Selwin cleared an attack of Alwin for corner. Pronoy's header from corner but no impact in corner.
24': Holicharan's attacked from left was blocked by Selwin.
22': In Delhi Santosh Kashyap's ONGC is leading 1-0 against Lajong.
21': 1-0 score line for Dempo.
18': PAILAN is playing the I-League after 11 days as their match of 11th round against Mohun Bagan was hold.
17': ALwin George was fouled by Selwin from behind.
15': Still the scoreline is 1-0 for Dempo.
13': Brilliant shot of Koko from out side box and well saved by Rabi Kumar for corner.
11': Dempo is leading 1-0.
10': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.. Dempo scored goal through Abranches who dribbled Rabi Kumar in box and scored.
7': Romeo's cross from right saved by Sovik for corner in left of their box. Clifford's low corner kick cleared.
5': Miss pass of Rowilson cleared Preetam.
4': Goal kick for Dempo. Subhashis ling shot went to Pailan area. Attack of Dempo.
3': Dempo got corner in left, Debabrata's shot cleared.
2': Alwin's cross from left cleared from Dempo defence for corner. Corner kick from left cleared.
1': First attack of Dempo, Ravi saved Koko's shot.
1': Match starts.
0': Pailan Arrows the team is playing with all Indian players.
0': 9 goal scorer Seuoka is out from Dempo 1st eleven today while 4 goals scorer Holicharan Narzary is playing in the Pailan squad.
0': The two teams last met in FED Cup where the result was 1-1. So this will be the 2nd meeting in a year of them.
0': Dempo last lost 1-5 to Pune FC in League and 1-5 to Salgaocar in Goa pro league match.
0': Referee Arun Pillai is going to start the 12th Round Match of I-League at Salt lake Stadium.

(I-LEAGUE) 22.12.2012: ONGC   3-0   SHILLONG LAJONG. ( DEL - FT..)
ONGC : Eric 19', Yusa 50', 80'
SLFC : Ralte, Jeevan, Govin, Min-Chol-Son, Rennedy, C.Chandam, Lalchulwamia, Lyndoh, Sushil, Friday, Subhash.
ONGC : Rehnesh, Adeola, Bimal, Kunal, Robin, Sandip, Sachin, Lalrin, Keinston C, Eric, Yusa

R - 13

(I-League)30.12.2012: EAST BENGAL   3-0   PAILAN ARROWS   (Kalyani - FT.)
KEB : Abhijit, Arnab, Raju, Khabra, Robert, Lalrindika, Mehtab, Sanju, Penn, Robin, Chidi.
PAI : Sayan, Prabir, Souvik, Deepak (Prathomesh), Preetam, Pronoy, Milan, Alwin, Rajinder, Holicharan, Narayan....

Match End. East Bengal beat Pailan Arrows in 3-0.
90'+3':Ball cleared from corner.
90'+2':Pailan's attack results another corner.
90'+2':Players Change in EB: Alvito in place of Lalrindika.
90'+1':Tithankar's corner cleared in box.
90':Referee added 3 minutes injury time.
89':East Bengal leading 3-0 now.

87':Counter attack of Pailan, Arnab clears the ball.
86':Chance to Chidi, made a misspass
85':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Another long ranger of Sanju from Penn's pass finds the net
84':Lalrindika's pass to find Chidi, Prathomesh clears the ball.
83':Manandeep's header from Khabra's pass, went over the bar.
82':Attack through Manandeep, ball cleared.
81':Mehtab's long ranger went over the bar.
81':Chidi's shot, Sayan saved it.
80':Players Change in EB: Manandeep in place Robin.
79':Sanju's centre, cleared by Souvik.
78':Another attack through Chidi, ball cleared.
77':Chidi's shot, good save by Sayan.
76':Pailan's attack, Arnab clears the ball.
75':Score remains still same.
74':Brilliant wall pass and a chance to Mehtab, his shot just went wide.
74':Lalrindika's pass directly in Sayan's hand.
73':Players Change in Pailan. Saiju in place of George
72':Play resumes.

71':Pailan player injured, game stopped.
70':Casual clearance of Abhijit results a open sitter to George. He missed the golden chance.
68':Ball cleared from corner.
67':Titankar shot from free kick, good save by Abhijit.
66':Yellow card. Referee shown yellow card to Lalrindika for hos bad tackle
64':Chidi's shot, good save by Sayan
64':Pailan's attack, Raju missed the ball but Abhijit saves it.
63':Players Change in Pailan: Tithankar in place of Holicharan
62':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Khabra for his bad tackle to Pronoy.
61':East Bengal leading 2-0 now.
60':Pailan's corner, cleared in box.
59':Chance to Pailan from free kick, brilliant save by Abhijit.
58':Pailan's attack through Alwin, ball cleared.
57':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Probir Das.
55':Another chance to EB from Penn' pass, shot went over the bar.
54':Long run of Sanju and a brilliant long ranger finds the net.
53':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Brilliant goal of Sanju advances EB once again.
52':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Pronoy for his bad tackle to Mehtab.
51':Chidi's shot, blocked and cleared.
50':Long run of Rajinder, good block by Robert.
49':Score remains still same, East Bengal leading 1-0.
48':Chance to EB, but Penn made a miss pass.
47':Pailan's attack, good save by Abhijit.
46':Second half starts.
Half Time. East Bengal leading 1-0 after the end of first half.
45'+2':Ball cleared from corner.
45'+1':Ball cleared and a corner to Pailan.
45':Referee added 2 minutes injury time.
44':Bad tackle, free kick to Pailan.
43':Chidi's pass to Penn, ball cleared but goes to Robin, he made no mistake. His left footed shot finds the net, no chance to Sayan.
43':GOALLLLLLLLLLLL Robin advances East Bengal.
41':EB's attack, Robin fails to trap the ball properly.
40':Score remains still goalless.

38':Too wide corner, cleared.
38':EB's attack and another attack.
37':Ball cleared from the corner
37':Pailan's attack results a corner.
36':Sanju's long ranger, went over the bar.
35':Raju's long throw-in, Penn's shot, another goalline save.
34':Another chance to Chidi, brilliant clearance by Narayan.
33':Lalrindika's shot deflected by post and ball goes to Chidi, but he is in offside position.
32':Chance to EB, Robin missed a golden chance.
32':Mehtab's free kick, good save by Sayan.
31':Another bad tackle and a free kick to EB.
30':Score remains still same.
29':Another chance to EB, another goalline save, this time it is Souvik.
28':EB's attack, results a corner.
27':Chance to EB from free kick, good save by Sayan.
26':Yellow Card to Souvik for his bad tackle to Chidi, free kick to East Bengal.
25':Sanju's long ranger, went over the bar.
24':Long forward pass to find Robin, ball cleared.
23':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Robert for his bad tackle to Pritam.
21':Chidi's right footed centre, Souvik clears the ball.
20': 0-0 score line.
19': East Bengal attacked but Sayan well saved from Chidi's leg.
18': Nice attack of Pailan, Holicharan's header went to Abhijit's hand.
17': Corner for EB.Short corner of Lalrin Dika but cleared.
15': Still no score in the match. 0-0.
13': Rajinder from right side crossed and Pretam's shot cleared by Raju.
12': East Bengal is using right side for attacking more thena left.
11': Robin Singh missed a chance his right footer went out from close.
10': Still 0-0 is the score line.
0': East Bengal last won 4-1 in the 2011-12 2nd leg.
8': Pailan attacked through Holicharan from left, his left footer went wide.
7': Again attack of EB, Sanju's cross and Chidi's shot hits the post and out.
6': Chance came to East Bengal, goal line saved.
5': Scoreline 0-0.
3': PLAYER CHANGE : PAILAN : Prathomesh in Deepak out.
2': Deepak Debrani Injured.
1': East Bengal attacked through Khabra from right and his cross cleared by Milan Singh.
1': Match starts at Kalyani.
0': In I-League last four meeting between the two East Bengal was unbeaten to Pailan Arrows as they won 21 and dre 2 against them.
0': After defeating last two matches, East Bengal will face home rival Pailan Arrows today at Kalyani.
0': Matchwill start soon.

30.12.2012: SALGAOCAR   4-0   AIR INDIA   ( Goa - FT) :: GO HOME PAGE

SAL :Milagres Gonsalves 21', 26', Augustine Fernandes 23', 35'

SAL : Karanjit, Augustine, Fulgancio, Milagres, Nicolou, Brian, Francis, Thyanjam, Quinton, Rocus, Marcus.

AIR: Sukhwinder, John, Gagandeep, Rahul, Baldip, Micky, Souvik, Pradeeep M,, Vijit, Elija, Henry.

30.12.2012: MUMBAI FC   0-0   DEMPO   ( Pune - FT)

MSC : Barreto, Costa, Haroon, James, Nicolas, Kuttimani, Asutosh, Abhishek, Opara, Yakubu, Gabriel.
DEM : Subhasish, Rowilson, Mahesh, Rebello, Debabrata, Climax, Abranches, Climax, Carvalho, Romeo, Koko.

STAT : Mumbai FC and Dempo played 8 I-League match so far where Mumbai FC is unable to win any match, lost 7 matches and drew 1 match. Scored 3 goals and 17 goals against them. Highest lost of Mumbai FC to Dempo was 0-4 in 1st leg of 2011-12 I-LEague.

29.12.2012: Shillong Lajong  1-2   Pune FC (Shillong - FT.. )

PFC: Jeje 29', Paite 48':: SLFC: Gobin 59'
SLFC: Lalthuanmawia, Govin, Passah, Minchol, Lalchhuanmawia, Rennedy, Eugene, Chitrasen, Jibon, Friday, Sushil
PFC: Abhra, Othallo, Anas, Chika, Gurjinder, Karma, Mumtaz, Arata, Douhou, Jeje, Moga

59': GOALLLLLLLLLLL ....Gobin's long ranger beat Abhro, reduces Pune's lead.
48': GOALLLLLLLLLLL ... Karma's centre in box, brilliant header of Paite after a long run finds the net.
29': GOALLLLLLLLLLL ...Douhou's centre from right flank, Jeje's shot finds the net.

PFC RELEASE : MATCH REPORT : Pune FC overcome Shillong Lajong FC puzzle, move into 2nd place

Pune FC finally achieved the win they so desperately yearned for. On Saturday, Pune FC dominated and sustained a spirited fight by Shillong Lajong FC to emerge 2-1 winners in a mid-afternoon I-League Round-13 encounter at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Shillong. The victory, thus, completed a full circle for Pune FC as the host's were the only team among all I-League teams whom they never beat in any competition.

But while the win set a new high in Pune FC's history annals, the 3-points courtesy efforts from striker Jeje Lalpekhlua (29th minute) and his substitute Khanthang Paite (48th) enabled Pune FC move into 2nd position on the league table. Pune FC took their points tally to 26 points (the tally awaits clarity for AIFF verdict on the Mohun Bagan-East Bengal decision).

The win took Pune FC's unbeaten run to eight in a row, but then not before SLFC defender Govin Singh (59th) pulled one back for the hosts and raised expectations of the all-for-SLFC gallery. In fact, Pune FC closed out with a golden chance to add the third through a penalty-kick, which striker James Moga failed to put away. Into added time, Moga was felled by SLFC 'keeper Lalthuanmawia Ralte as he rounded him inside the penalty-box. Ralte earned a red card, but his replacement Basant Singh was lucky to have Moga earn a corner kick.

The game began with hosts SLFC dominated proceedings in the first quarter. Fourteen minutes into the game, Moga created the first opportunity for the visitors when he set up winger Karma Tsewang only for the 'keeper to save Karma's long range effort. Three minutes later defender Gurjinder Kumar had his attempt from the top of the box blocked by the SLFC defence. Moments later, Chika Wali shanked his effort after getting the ball in control from a corner.

At the other end, Chika had a moment when his boot came off but the sturdy defender did well to block crosses into the box. Couple minutes later, 'keeper Abhra Mondal saved a long range effort from SLFC striker Sushil Kumar Singh with much ease. A minute from the half-hour mark, Jeje put Pune FC in the lead. The striker controlled skipper Douhou Pierre's cross in from the right and trickled it into the goal.

Jeje, meanwhile, ended his day out as he limped off injured and in-came Khanthang Paite. The hosts almost pulled one back after Sushil had a stiff shot from top of the box. 'Keeper Abhra was at his best and magnificently parried the shot wide at full stretch. Five minutes from the break, SLFC went on a dangerous counter from midfield, only for an alert Anas Edathodika to clear. Pune FC went into the break with a one-goal cushion.

On resumption, Paite made it two three minutes into the second half. The winger, on a well-timed run, headed home a perfect cross from Karma on the right. Tempers flared as the referee booked SLFC's Minchol Son and Moga for getting into a face off. Govin Singh pulled one back for the hosts a minute before the hour mark to send the home fans into a frenzy. He netted off an innocuous long ranger at the near post as Abhra was caught flat footed anticipating a cross.

Having reduced the margin, Govin came close scoring the equalizer as his cross grazed the crossbar for a corner. At the other end, Pune FC had a golden chance for their third. Moga, on a clean through pass got into the box on a counter, tried to walk the ball in but failed after the SLFC defence cleared. Both sides were creating chances aplenty, only for wayward finishing to let them down. Paite's cross was too high for Moga and Sushil's attempt was once again blocked by Abhra.

A minute from the final whistle, SLFC 'keeper Ralte was shown a red card by the referee. The custodian brought down Moga on a counter. Moga failed to make the opportunity count as his spot-kick was saved by substitute 'keeper Basant Singh. Although he had some hope off the rebound, only for his second attempt to come off the post. It may be recalled that the last time Abhra played in Shillong he ended up with a cracked shin that kept him out of action.

29.12.2012: UNITED SC   1-3   SPORTING GOA   (KALYANI- FT)
SCG : Ogba Kalu 3'(P), 69', Joseph 90+1' :-: USC : Ranti Martins 13'
USC : Subrata, Deepak, Anupam (Rafiq), Gourmangi, Dhanachandra, Tulunga (Lester), Lalkamal, Asif.K, Sankar(Zakir), Vineeth, Ranti.
SCG : Ashok, Mathew, Adil, Samananda(Rojen), Keita, Jovel, Kalu, Pratesh, Joseph, Sugisita (Peixoto), Dawson (Victorino).

FT : Match end, Sportinga won 3-1 in the away against United SC.
90+2': Sporting Goa is leading 3-1.
90+1: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 3rd goal of Sporting Goa, Joseph Pereira scored from a pass of Peixoto..
90': PLAYER CHANGE: SCG: Victorino in and Daswan out
87': PLAYER CHANGE: SCG: Rojen in and Samananda out
81': PLAYER CHANGE: USC : Md. Rafiq in and Anupam out
80': 2-1 is the scoreline for Sporting.
75': Sporting is attacking more and more.
71: United SC played 5 home matches so far where they won 2 lost 2 and drew 2. On 2nd Dec at Salt lake home match the team lost 2-3 to Mumbai FC. And the last 5 matches they lost 4 and won only against East Bengal 1-0 while on the other hand Sporting Goa lost all their last 5 matches and they also lost 4 and drew 1 matches so far in their 5 away matches..
70': Sporting Goa is leading 2-1 now.
69': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2nd goal of Sporting Goa, Ogba Kalu again scored from a pass of Joseph Pereira.
68': PLAYER CHANGE: SCG : Peixoto in and Sigishita out
67': PLAYER CHANGE: USC : Sankar out and Zakir in
66': Still the score line is 1-1.
60': United missed a chance, Ranto to Asif in right and he was one to one with Ashok but finally missed the target.
57': Ranti Martins scored 15 Goals which is same to the score of Sporting Goa in this I-League so far.
56': Ranti missed a cross of Lester.

55': YELLOW CARD: SCG : Keeper Ashok for time killing.
52': YELLOW CARD: SCG : Jovel Martins.
50': 1-1 is the score line.
49': Danger to USC, Deepak back passed to Subrata, but he delayed and Joseph Pereira's weak shot went over the cross bar.
47': PLAYER CHANGE: USC : Tulunga out and Lester in
46': 2nd half match starts.
HT : It's half time now. Result is 1-1.
45': Referee added 2 minutes.
43': SCG's Pratesh is playing well in midfield.
42': United is attacking moe from left side than right.
41': Vineeth effort from Lalkamal's pass but his faulty received went to keeper.
40': Still 1-1.
35': Free kick for United. Lalkamal's kick went to keeper.
34': Both the teams met 6 times earlier in I-League where Sporting 2 and Drew 4 matches..
31': SCG got a free kick but no impact in the kick of Sugishita.
30': Still 1-1 in the match.
25': United SC is unable to win any match against Sporting Goa so far in I-League.
25': Tulunga got a cross from left passed by Dhanachandra but Tulunga was too late to action, ball cleared.
24': United won back to back two corners.. but cleared.
21': The result is 1-1 in Kalyani Stadium.
20': United attacked again, Dhanachandra crossed well but Adil well cleared.
15': 1-1 is the score line.
14': Vineeth crossed from left went to Sankar Oraw and his shot deflected from Ahok Kumar and went to unmarked Ranti who pushed in the open net.
13': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.. United equalized through Ranti.
8': Good movement of Lalkamat, passed to Asif in left but he was blocked before any action.
5': Sporting Goa is leading 1-0.
3': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Ogba Kalu scored goal from Spot kick.
2': SCG got penalty award.
0': The 13th Round match will start soon.

29.12.2012: ONGC 1-1 UNITED SIKKIM (DELHI- FT.. )
ONGC: Sachin 24':: USFC: Nadong 12'
MOM : Yoon ( GK-USK) ONGC: Rehnesh, Odeola, Bimal, Robin, Sandeep, Kailash, Sachin, Jatin, Kunal, Eric, Yusa
USFC: Yoon, Michael, Anwar, Abhishek, Sandesh, Linekar, Nadong, Thupden, Munmun, Nurudeen, Nima .

ONGC and United Sikkim Football Club (USFC), battled out a 1-1 draw in their 13th round I-League match here today. Before the match two minutes silence was observed for the Delhi girl, the victim of gang rape who died today and Baichung Bhutia's father who expired recently. Baichung witnessed today's match and was introduced to both teams before the start of the game.

As expected it was a battle of attrition between two teams fighting to avert relegation. There were a lot of hard tackles and USFC's defender Sandesh Jhingan was stretchered off with a ligament injury. ONGC's defender Robin Gurung also limped off with a hamstring injury and Hassan Mohd Adeola was injured on the hand. Both goalkeepers, 23 year old T.P. Rehnesh of ONGC and the South Korean Yoon Tae of USFC were outstanding and made some outstanding saves.

Rehnesh tipped over a Linekar Machado header from close range in the last quarter of the match. Just before the final whistle Yoon Tae advanced and narrowed the angle to thwart a pile driver by Eric P. Brown. Yoon Tae was chosen as man of the match for his daring saves. The away team's coach Nathan Hall was happier with the result but ONGC's coach Santosh Kashyap felt that two points were lost by this draw.

ONGC is now on 11 points from 13 matches and USFC is on 9 nine points with one win and six draws from 13 matches. Hall who had earlier coached Thailand league champions Muthong United is worried about the striking ability of his team and feels that unless they start winning avoiding relegation will be a problem.

ONGC missed nippy winger Kenistan who has an ankle injury and included former Air India striker Kailash Patil instead. Kailash, lacked thrust and was substituted at the hour mark. USFC playing in the 4-3-3 formation were more thrustful earlier on. In the 6th minute striker Nadong bhutia rounded the ONGC goalkeeper but shot wide. Six minutes later he made amends. Nippy winger Niman Tawang crossed from the right and an unmarked Nadong headed in.

ONGC equalised in the 24th minute. The Liberian Eric Brown crossed from the left. The USFC defenders failed to clear and right midfielder Sachin Gawas running in from the right scored with a stiff shot. Eric was twice foiled in the second half by Yoon Tae otherwise ONGC could have got all three points.

ONGC play their next home match against Pailan Arrows on January 5 and then against mighty East Bengal on January 8 and Salgaocar, Goa on January 12. All three matches will be played at the Ambedkar stadium.