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ROUND - 20

10.02.2013: CHURCHILL BROS   2-2   UNITED SC (GOA - FT...)
CBS: Mograbi 29', Beto (Pen 62'):: USC : Ranti 45+1', Rafiq 65' :: MOM: Bello(USC)
USC : Sangram, Bello, Gourmangi, Deepak, Dhanachandra, Lalkamal, Tapan, Tulunga, Vineeth, Ranti, Lalmohom (Rafiq).
CBS : Sandip, Denzil, Naveen, Sanjay, Y. Raju, Steven, Lenny, Bikramjit, Beto, Henry, Mograbi.
FT ; Match ended 2-2. Man of the match Bello Rasaq of United SC..
65': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL United SC equalized 2-2 through Md. Rafiq. Lakamal's effort, Misunderstanding between Sandip and Naveen, Rafiq scored from the movement.
62': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL( United Keeper Sangram fouled Mograbi in box and ref awarded penaly. Yellow Card to Sangram. Beto scored from spot kick.
45'+1': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Ranti Scored 1-2 for United SC. Lalkamal's cross and Dhanachandra's header went to unmarked Ranti who scored goal. his 20th Goal.) 29: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL : MOGRABI Scored for CB. Free Kick of Beto from 30 yards deflected from Sangram's hand which went to to Henry and his shot again deflected and came to unmarked Mograbi who scored goal.

(I-League: R-20) 10.02.2013: AIR INDIA   2-1   DEMPO SC ... PUNE -(FT),
AIR: Prakash 50''Henry 57'
DEMPO : Jonney-84'
AIR : Bubai, Vijith, M.Pradeep(Jony), Dharamver, John(Ramandeep), Baldip, Pratik, Prakash(Swandesh), Rahul, lija Jr., Henry.
DEM : Subhasish, Creson, Prathamesh, Rowilson, Rebello, Abranches(Koko), Anthoney(Romeo), Climax, Carvalho, Jonney, Seuoka..... REF : Arun Pillai.


(I-Lague: R-20) 10.02.2013: PAILAN ARROWS   0-2   SPORTING GOA (YBK - FT...)
SCG : Kalu 63'm Nictorino 87'
PAI : Poire, Souvik, Preetam, Prabir, Narayan, Milan, Pronoy, Saiju, Alwin, Holicharan, Doungel.
SCG : Bruno, Mathew, S.Samananda, Victorino, Ogba Kalu, Juanfri, Pratesh, Macroy, Rojen, Barlanga, Joyner..........REF : S.Srikrishna.


(I-Lague: R-20) 10.02.2013: UNITED SIKKIM   0-1   ONGC (SIKKIM - FT.)
ONGC : E. Brown 90+1'
USK : Monotosh, Anwar, Sandesh, Munmum, Avishek, Thupden, Linekar, Ashish, Pablo, Steve, Nurudin.
ONGC : Rehnesh, Parwinder, Adeola, Robin, Sandip, Jatin, Waheed, Yusa, Joel, Keinston C, Eric.


09.02.2013: MOHUN BAGAN   0-0   EAST BENGAL (YBK - FT..)
MMB : Shilton, Ibor, Nirmal, Eche, Nabi(Sushant), Denson, Jewel(Snehasish), Manish Jr., Manish Sr., Odafa, Tolgey (Jacobs)........ REF:- M.B. Santosh Kumar.
KEB : Abhijit, Khabra, Okpara, Arnab, Soumik, Dika, Penn, Mehtab, Isfaq (Sanju), Chidi, Baljit(Lobo).

JAYDIP DASGUPTA : The most awaited Derby match between the two arch rivals East Bengal and Mohun Bagan ended in Kolkata, as the two teams locked in a goal less draw. East Bengal are with 40 points after 20th round, so they have to earn maximum points from the remaining six matches in order to gain the I league tittle.

East Bengal had the better of territorial advantages, with Mehtab Hossain took control of the red and gold mid field and he is supported by Raltey. In the first half Penn Orji enjoy to run the middle third and send a number of passes to Cheddi, Baljit and overlapping Khabra, but the forwards failed to open any positive chances.

Mohan Bagan deep defender Iche and Ibor has had a good game as they have covered the Zone and hardly gave the red and gold strikers to create any open chances. In fact, Trevor James Morgan while addressing the post match media meeting says that his team were successful in creating some half chances. Morgan further added that he is pleased to having a point and still there is a chance of winning the tittle.

The only positive chance created in the entire match when Odafa's right footed free kick from outside the 18 yards hit the far post and rebounded back. Odafa was fouled from behind by Mehtab Hossain. Odafa by his individual brilliance created some danger outside the box but in all the occasions the danger was avoided by the East Bengal deep defense. Though it was observed that Arnab was a bit nervous in the initial stages. In another occasion Tolgey"s shot hit Opara"s hand when the later was in the turf but the referee Santosh Kumar denied any chances of spot kick.

Mohan Bagan are now in 6 points and it is a uphill task for them to save from the relegation. While talking to the media the mariners coach Karim Bancharifa said that he is pleased with the days performance and his team is improving gradually. Karim is confident to save his team from relegation.

Another aspect in today's match is the less number of attendance. It can be said that this is the lowest number of spectators in any derby match at the Yubabharati. While the Mohan bagan secretary Anjan Mitra thinks that Yubabharati does not have the proper infrastructure to have the capacity of more than 50 thousands.He added that today the attendance was 25 thousand.

Match Summary:-

FreeKick  Corner   Offside   Shot at goal    Goal Saved     Cards     Extra Added Minutes

EB/MB     EB/MB    EB/MB     EB/MMB          EB/MB          EB/MB      1st half/2nd half

18/13     3/4      0/4       1/1             0/1            0/2        1 min/4 min 


FT : Match end. Result is 0-0. Mohun Bagan and East Bengal shares 1 point each.
90': Referee added 4 minutes.
88': Slow pace in the match now.
87': Odafa danger in EB box, finally Arnab well cleared.
83': Still no score in the match.0-0.
81': PLAYER CHANGE: KEB : Sanju Pradhan in and Isfaq out.
80': PLAYER CHANGE: MMB : Sushant Mathew in and Nabi out.
78': Attack of East Bengal, Isfaq's cross from right and Chidi's close header went wide over the bar.
77': PLAYER CHANGE: MMB : Jacobs in and Tolgey out.
75': Slow pace in 2nd half than 1st half's speedy game.
74': Odafa to Snehasish who passed in box towards Tolgey but Okpara cleared.
72': Nirmal's kick cleared by Abhijit, ball returned to Denson but Okpara well cleared.
71': Soumik fouled Nirmal, Free kick for MB.
70': No score yet in the match.
69': Chdi's left footer from out side box just went out.
68': PLAYER CHANGE: KEB : Kevin Lobo in and Baljit out.
67': Odafa Okolie injured and he was in under initial treatment of Okpara.
65': 0-0 is the scoreline.

63': Slow pace now in the match.
61': Chidi's shot from right misssed the target.
60': Still 0-0 is the scoreline.
58': Corner for EB from left of Shilton, Dika's corner went to Shilton's hand.
57': No score yet in the match. 0-0.
55': Free kick for Bagan, Odafa's kick cleared.
53': PLAYER CHANGE: MMB : Snehasish in and Jewel Raja out.
52': Great Chance to MMB, Odafa to Tolget from left but his shot from inside box went wide.
50': Still no score. 0-0.
49': Odafa forward passed to Tolgey in right but Tolgey was in offside.
48': Isfaq crossed from right but ball cleared, Manis Jr. cleared from Baljit's leg.
47': Isafaq was fouled by Tolgey. Free kick for EB in their won half..
46': 2nd half match starts.

HT: It's half time now. Scoreline is 0-0.
45': Referee added 1 minute.
44': Tolgey's attack from left but his weak cross cleared from box by Arnab.
44': Chidi's attack blocked by Ibor.
43': Tolgey is guarded by Khabra.
42': Mentab's corner went to Dika but he fouled.
41': Corner for EB from Chidi's attack, Chidi's shot saved by Shilton.
40': 0-0 is the score line.
39': Danger in MB box, Mehtab's cross from tight, ball went to Chidi, but Shilton missed the flight, Finally Eche cleared.
39': Manish Maithani's long ranger from Odafa's pass went wide.
38': Penn fouled Denson. Free kick for Bagan.
37': Long ball of Okpara to MB box, cleared by Nabi.
36': Attack of East Bengal, Chidi in out side of MB box but his shot deflected.
35': Still no score in the match 0-0.
34': Good attack of Penn from right but Eche well tackled him to clear the ball.
33': Free kick for MMB, No action.
31':Brilliant attack of East Bengal, baljit's flying header from Chidi's cross just missed the target.
30': Again attack of Odafa, his left footer went to Abhijit's hand.
29': Brilliant Free Kick of Odafa, his right footer inswing beat Abhijit but hits the 2nd post and returned, ball cleared.

28': Danger area, Free kick for MMB just out the EB box. Odafa was fouled.
26': Foul. Arnab fouled Odafa, Free kick for MMB. Ball cleared.
26': Still the match score is 0-0.
25': Tolgey to Nabi in left but cleared.
24': Soumik to Penn from left side and Penn's effort well saved by shilton. Counter attack of MB.
23': Odafa offside from left.
22': Tolgey fouled Soumik to collect ball.
21': No score yet in the match. 0-0.

20': Another attack of Bagan, Tolgey's left footer from out side box just went out over the box.
19': Nabis' cross from left towards Tolgey in right but it's too long for Tolgy, Ball cleared .
17': Denson fouled. Free kick for KEB in their center circle. No impact, ball cleared..
15': 0-0 is the score line.
14': Free kick from out side of the box. Mehtab's shot cleard from MMB Box.
13': Eche fouled Chidi. Free kick for KEB.
10': Another attack of EB, Penn crossed from right went to Shilton's hand.
9': Chidi's attack from right but blocked.
7': Free kick for East Bengal. Dika's left footer kick went wide.
6': No score. 0-0.
5': Brilliant attack through Tolgey, Ball went for Corner in left of Abhijit. Nirmal's header went out from corner.
2': Tolgey attacked from right side, cleared by Arnab.
1': Match starts at YBK.

09.02.2013: SALGAOCAR SC  2-0   SHILLONG LAJONG (GOA - FT..)

SAL : Joshimar 23', Randeep singh 39'
SAL : Vinay, Nicolou, Augustine, Dinesh, Fulgancio, Francis, John, Rocus, Randeep, Joshimar, Gabriel.
SLFC : Basant, Passah, Min Chol Son, Jeevan, Samuel, Boithang, Taisuke, Lyndoh, Lalchhulanamwia, Sushil, sho.

Salgaocar FC came out victorious in their home fortress beating the North Eastern side Shillong Lajong FC, 2-0 in a round 20 of the I-League which was played at the Duler Stadium, Goa on Saturday.

The Goan side took the lead when Josimar headed the ball home courtesy a Wilkinson's cross in the 20th minute. Randeep Singh's direct free kick dipped into the net past Lajong's custodian Basant Singh in the 39th minute and went into the break with a 2 goal cushion.

Coach Thangboi Singto brought in P.C. Lalhlimthara for Wailadmi Passah at the start of the second half. He also brought on Samson Ramengmawia for Boithang Haokip, Friday Gbeneme for Sho Kamimura in the 74th and 86th minute respectively.

While Salgaocar's manager David Booth brought on Milagres Gonsalves for John Wilkinson in the 46th minute, Brian Mascarenhas came in the 70th minute for G. Obatola and Collin Abranches came in for Fulganco Cardozo in the 80th minute.

Lajong got a couple of chances but failed to convert as the Goan outfit displayed an outstanding defensive performance, seeing off the Shillong side by 2 goals to nil. With this win Salgaocar FC have climbed up to the 8th position with 20 points and Shillong Lajong FC are in the 11th position with 19 points.


09.02.2013: MUMBAI FC   0-3   PUNE FC (Pune -FT)
PFC: Moga 56', 71', Arata 83'

MFC: Barreto, Yakubu, Ashutosh, Nicholas, Abhhishek, Justin, Subhas, Gabriel, Haroon, Malsawm, Opara
PFC: Shahinlal, Srikanth, Costa, Anas, Mohanraj, Chika, Arata, Paite, Douhou, Jeje, Moga

PFC REPORT : Pune FC put on a brilliant show winning the 'Maha-Derby' demolishing Mumbai FC 3-0 in an I-League Round 20 'Away' encounter at the Shivchhatrapati Sports Complex, Balewadi, on Saturday. Striker James Moga opened the scoring in the 56th minute before completing his brace in the 71st min. Midfielder Arata Izumi (84th) then rounded off the scoring with a crisp strike.

With the win, Pune FC regained their 4th position with 33 points from 18 games, while Mumbai FC stay 6th with 26 points from 19 games. The win also broke Pune FC's four-match winless streak. The victory was Pune FC's 10th win of the I-League and second over Mumbai FC after they won the first-leg 3-2.

Pune FC started the game confidently and had skipper Douhou Pierre shoot just wide after Moga set him up on the quarter hour mark. Minutes later, Jeje Lalpekhlua's header went wide as the visitors signalled their intent.

Pune FC then survived a close chance when Mumbai FC striker Yusif Yakubu's low cross was not dealt properly by the defense. But ND Opara failed to finish with the goal wide open. Both sides created chances but failed in the final third. Into the final minutes of the half, defender Chika Wali was elbowed hard by Justin Stephan. However the referee failed to book the player.

Ten minutes after the break Pune FC took the lead. Striker Moga coolly headed in Khanthang Paite's cross in from the left. Five minutes later, Moga found space after Douhou sent him through only for his powerful shot to go just over.

Midway through the half, Moga scored his second with a left-footed finish past the helpless Mumbai FC 'keeper after controlling Douhou's pin-point through ball. Pune FC then dominated the proceedings and into the final ten minutes Jeje's header was cleared off the line after he did well to connect Moga's cross.

Couple minutes later, Arata scored a brilliant goal to close the match. Douhou sent a low ball from a corner on the right to Arata on the edge of the box. The medio's first attempt was blocked but his powerful left-footed volley left 'keeper Luis Barreto stunned.


ROUND - 21

(IL-I: R-21 ) 24.03.2013: MOHUN BAGAN   3-2   PAILAN ARROWS ( KALYANI - FT....)
MMB ; Aibor 4', Tolgey 18', 20'
PAI : Saiju Mon 40', Doungel 49'

MMB: Arindam, Aibor, Eche, Mehraj, Nabi, Denson, Jewel, Jacobs, Biswajit, Sabeeth, Tolgey

PAI : Poire, Preetam, Deepak, Souvik, Narayan, Milan, Ganesh, Shaiju, Prabir, Holicharan, Lenn.

Full Time. Mohun Bagan beat Pailan Arrows in 3-2.
90'+6':Vishal's long throw, Tolgey clears the ball.
90'+4':Eche and Denson looks injured, game stopped.
90'+3':Chance to Tolgey, but 3 defenders around him, ball cleared.
90'+2':Vishal's long throw, Quinton clears it.
90':Referee added 4 minutes of injury time.
89':Arindam made a good save, Denson looks injured, game stopped.
88':In U-20 I league Pune FC leading 1-0 against East Bengal.
87':Players Change in MB: Sushanth in place of Sabeeth.
86':Arindam looks injured, game stopped.
86':Mohun Bagan's moved through Tolgey, blocked
85':Pailan's attack, blocked.
83':Score remains still same.
80':Players Change in PA: Rajinder in place of Holicharan.
79':Players Change in PA: Tirthankar in place of Milan Singh.
78':Pailan maintaining better procession in the second half, create more opportunity than Mohun Bagan while Mohun Bagan looks more impressive in the beginning of the match.
76':Forward pass of Nabi to Manish, but he is in offside position.
75':Forward pass to Sabeeth, but good clearance in defence.
74':Long run of Saiju, but his shot went too wide.
73':Mohun Bagan's move, but a miss pass outside the box.
71':Score remains 3-2 for Mohun Bagan.
70':Saiju's shot, Eche blocked it. corner to Pailan.
69':Players Change in MB: Manish Bhargav in place of Jewel Raja.
68':Arrows looks to find the equaliser, beautiful passing football, but Lenn can not make a cross, good block in defence.
67':Forward pass to find Sabeeth, Poire saves it.
65':Looks like a drings break in the field.
63':Another attack of Pailan, this time Nabi clears the ball.
63':Chance to Lenn, Mehraj clears the ball.
62':Back to back two centre of Saiju, blocked.
60':Ball cleared from free kick.
59':Yellow Card. Referee shows yellow card to Pritam for his bad tackle. Free kick to Mohun Bagan.
59':Denson's free kick, cleared.
58':bad tackle to Quinton, free kick to Mohun Bagan.
58':Mohun Bagan's corner, Lenn clears the ball.
57':Pritam looks injured, game stopped.
55':Ball clears from corner.
54':Nabi clears the ball, corner to Pailan.
54':Yellow Card. Referee shows yellow card to Denson for his bad tackle to Saiju.
53':Score now goes to 3-2 for Mohun Bagan.
52':Pailan looks more attacking now. Arindam saves the ball this time.
50':Holicharan's brilliant centre, lenn's header finds the net.
49':GOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL Lenn scores this time.
48':Arindam clears the ball from corner.
47':Brilliant run of Saiju, Eche clears, corner to MB.
46':Denson clears the ball from corner.
46':Pailan's attack through Saiju, corner to PA.
46':Second half starts.
Half Time. Mohun Bagan leading 3-1 after the end of first half.
45':Brilliant chance to Tolgey, but a great block in defence.
45':Referee added 1 minutes injury time.
43':Score now goes to 3-1.
41':Brilliant through pass, Saiju beats offside trap and scores from one to one situation.
40':GOOOOOOOOAAALLLL Saiju reduces the margin.
39':Lenn's left footed shot, straight to Arindam.
37':MB's move through Tolgey, but he made a miss pass.
36':Pailan's corner, cleared.
35':MB's attack, Sabeeth is in offside.
33':Tolgey, shot blocked, again a centre cleared in box.
32':Pailan's move, centre directly in Arindam's hand.
30':Pailan's move, but Holicharan is in offside position.
28':Bad tackle to Quinton, free kick to Mohun Bagan.
27':Another goal scoring chance from Jewel's forward pass, Sabeeth is just wide.
26':Quinton committed a foul against Lenn, free kick to Mohun Bagan.
25':Holicharan's centre from left flank, Arindam saves it.
23':Mohun Bagan leading 3-0 now.
22':Chance to Tolgey, his left footed shot, but Poire saves it this time.
21':Another move by Mohun Bagan, but Poire saves the ball.
21':Excellent start by Mohun Bagan. scored 3 goals within 20 minutes.
20':GOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL Tolgey scored the goal again from corner.
19':Mohun Bagan's attack, corner to them.
18':Brilliant through pass to Tolgey, he made a brilliant turn and his left footed shot finds the net.
18':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Brilliant goal scored by Tolgey.
15':Mohun Bagan's move through Sabeeth, but he is in offside position.
15':Bad tackle to Sabeeth, free kick to Pailan.
14':Narayan's free kick, went wide.
13':Bad tackle to Prabir, free kick to Pailan.
13':Pailan's attack,Prabir's long ranger, went wide.
12':Holicharan's centre, Mehraj clears it, return shot of Milan went too wide.
11':Score remains still dsme.
10':Now it's Pailan's attack through Lenna and Holicharan, Eche is in the position of rescue.
9':Long run of Sabeeth and a centre to find Tolgey in box, cleared in box.
8':Chance to Pailan froma back pass, Arindam clears the ball brilliantly.
7':Mohun Bagan leading 1-0 now.
6':Bad tackle by Quinton, free kick to Pailan.
5':Ball goes to Aibor from corner, his header finds the net.
4':GOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL. Aibor scores the goal for Mohun bagan.
4':Corner to Mohun Bagab.
3':Brilliant chance to Sabeeth, good ccclearane in box.
2':It's very hot here in Kalyani.
1':Mohun Bagan's attack, Biswajit's long centre, went wide.
0':Kick off.


I-League: Boima Karpeh scores two on debut; Pune FC draw 2-2 (I-LEAGUE-I: ROUND-21 ) 24.03.2013: PUNE FC   2-2   SHILLONG LAJONG ( PUNE - FT)
PFC: Boima 51', 59'
SL: Edinho 13', 56'
Pune FC came from a goal down twice to draw 2-2 with Shillong Lajong FC in an I-League Round 21 encounter at the Balewadi Sports Complex, Pune on Sunday. Striker Edinho Junior (13th & 56th minute) twice gave Shillong Lajong the lead, but substitute striker Boima Karpeh scored a brace (51st & 59th) to equalise for Pune FC. Both strikers were making their league debuts for the respective clubs.

Pune FC stay on fourth place with 34 points from 19 games while Lajong climb up to tenth with 20 points from 21 games. Pune FC began the game on the offensive and had couple chances. Medio Khanthang Paite failed to keep his shot down after controlling Karma Tsewang?s low cross seven minutes into the game.

However, it was Lajong who took the lead in the 13th minute through new signing Edinho Junior. After losing the ball in the Lajong half, Pune FC defense failed to clear as Sho Kamimura slid back a cross from the left to Edinho who finished.

Ten minutes later, striker James Moga had his freekick saved by the keeper Lalthuammawia Ralte. At the other end Abhra Mondal was at his best punching out a dangerous cross.Pune FC created several chances but failed with their finishing in the final third as they went into the break trailing by a goal. Pune FC then brought in striker Karpeh in place of skipper Douhou Pierre and the move paid off as the Liberian-Australian scored the equaliser six minutes into the half.

Striker Jeje Lalpekhlua slid a ball to Karpeh on the run, who controlled it and released a left-footer. Keeper Ralte got a hand but couldn't keep the ball from rolling into the net. Pune FC's joy was short lived as poor goalkeeping cost them. Keeper Abhra tried to tip over a long ball into the box over the cross bar. However the ball rebounded off the crossbar and fell for Edinho who nodded home.

At the other end, Pune FC once again equalised three minutes later. Karpeh completed his brace after heading home defender Othallo Tabia's perfect cross. Both teams created several chances in the final quarter of the game, but poor finishing in the final third let them down.


(I-LEAGUE-I: ROUND-21 ) 24.03.2013: DEMPO SC   0-1   SPORTING GOA ( GOA - FT..)
SCG: Rowilson(Og)
MOM Kalu Ogba( SCG)
DEM : Kattimani, Debabrata, Antao, Rowilson, Selwin, Clifford, Anthony, Carvalho, Climax, Johnny. ?



23.03.2013: JAYDIP DASBUPTA & MRINAL KANTI NATH : Air India snatched a valuable point from East Bengal today at Kalyani in their I League outing against East Bengal. Air India equalized at the added time to make the score level. East Bengal took the lead in the 61st minute but unable to capitalize the advantage and lost two valuable points in the final rounds.

....In our preview we have mentioned that East Bengal should utilize the scoring opportunities. In fact the red and gold had wasted a number of chances all through the 90 minutes.Eddeh Cheddi, Barisik, Dika and Penn Orji are the culprits in numerous occasions, they failed to score in the open net only the Air India goalkeeper Sukbinder Singh at their mercy.

It should be mention that the Air India goalkeeper showcased an example of brilliant goalkeeping and in fact he stood between East Bengal and the Air India goal. East Bengal took the lead in the60th minute of the match when Andrew Barisik crosses from the left and Chidi after fumbling finds the net. Air India slowly gain control of the midfield and utilized the left channel of East Bengal deep defense and continued to create pressure. In the 65th minute Pradeep shot was saved brilliantly by Gurpit diving to his left.

It has been seen that the midfield of East Bengal are quite slow in reacting and played scrappy football with lots of mis passes in the second session. Air India equalized at the 91st minute when Ezeh Henry dribbled past Uga Opara and places. to the left of Gurpit. At the end of the 21st round the red and gold are at 41 points and placed at the 2nd position of the I-league table. Trevor Morgan's target is to earn full points in the home matches, but failed to earn in one of the most easiest match in the final phase.


(I-LEAGUE-I: R-21 ) 23.03.2013: EAST BENGAL   1-1   AIR INDIA (KALYANI - FT)
KEB : Chidi 61'
AIR: Henry 90+1'
KEB: Gurpreet, Naoba, Raju, Gurwinder (Khabra), Robert, Sanju (Isfaq), Penn, Mentab, Dika, Barisic, Chidi (Okpara).
AIR: Sukhwinder, Baljit, Amos, Prakash( Bijith), Micky, Rahul, Souvik, M,Pradeep, Prem, Elija, Bhushan.......REFEREE: Ajith Metei.
====================== SCROLL DOWN FOR READING ================
FT: Match end East Bengal shares point with Air India in home tie while United SC win 10 against away of United Sikkim..AIR INDIA keeper should Man of the Match today for his outstanding goalkeeping as he saved 4/5 sure goals.
90+4': 1 minute to go.
90+1 GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL AIR INDIA equalized through Henri through a brilliant goal as he beat Okpara in speed and pushed the ball from upcoming Gurpret and the ball hits the lower post and in the home..
90': 5 minutes added time.
90': Still 1-0 for East Bengal.
85': Still score line is 1-0 for East Bengal and United Sc 1-0 United Sikkim in Sikkim.
82': Free kick for AIR, Gurpreet is ready, but Fre kick of Micky cleared.
82' : PLAYER CHANGE : AIR :: Bijith in Prakash out.
79': East Bengal earned Free kick out side of AIR box, Mahtab's kick went out.
77': PLAYER CHANGE : EB:: Isfaq in Sanju out.
75': Long shot of Micky of AIR went wide.

73': PLAYER CHANGE : EB:: Khabra in Gurwinder out and Okpara in and Chidi out.
70': Still EB is leading 1-0 and USC is leading 1-0 too.
67': Another chance came to EB through Chidi but well saved by AIR Kepeer once again came in advance.
65': What a miss of Pradeep, Elija's shot rebounded from Gurpreet's and and wnt to unmarked Pradeep but his shit went wide from close.
64': United SC is still leading 1-0 against United Sikkim in Sikkim .
63': Again well shot of Chidi from out side box beat AIR Keeper but went wide.
61': East Bengal is leading 1-0.
60': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL East Bengal scored goal through Chidi. Barisic low cross towards AIR Box and Chidi well trapped the ball and pushed with left footer.
52': 0-0 is the scoreline in EB-AIR while USC is leading 1-0 against USK in Sikkim.
50': Again AIR Keeper rescued a 6 yards shot of Chidi for a corner.
49': Chidi got a ball from Naoba, goalkeeper of AIR India was in from of him but his shot went owice over the bar.
47': Sanju's shot well saved by AIR Keeper from 6 yards.
46': 2nd half match starts.
HT: It's half time now in Kalyani score is 0-0 while Sikkim united 0-1 United SC in half time.
45': 2 minuted Added time.
45': Dika's shot well saved by AIR keeper for corner. No impact from EB corner kick.
45': Free kick for East Bengal in right side of AIR Box.
43': Penn to Naoba in right and his low cross cleard from AIR box.
42': EB win a corner from Mehtab's attack in right. Corner cleared.
41': 0-0 is the score line.
40': Long cross of Naoba from right but went out.
37': Well effort of Pradeep Mohonraj from left sided attack in EB box which went for Corner. Bhushan's corner kick cleared.

35': Still 0-0 in Kalyani.
34': STAT: Upto 21 head to head between the two East Bengal won 11 times against AIR. Lost 4 and Drew 6 matches.
33': Free kick for EB, Sanju's kick cleared in AIR box.
32': As usual attacking is going on by EB, No fruitful attack so far.
30': 0-0 is the scoreline in Kalyani while United SC is leading 1-0 in Sikkim courtesy Ranti Martins.
28': Free kick for EB in their own half. United SC score goal and leading 1-0 now against United Sikkim.
27': STAT: East Bengal won 3-0 against AIR India in first leg
25': Still 0-0 in Kalyani and Sikkim also.
24': Penn to Robert in left but his cross wnt out.
23': Mehtab's corner went to Keeper's hand.
22': What a shot of Chidi from out side box but well saved of Sukhwnder via corner.
21': EB attacks more and more and trying to open the goalmouth of AIR.
20': Still 0-0 in kalyani and Sikkim both.

18 : Borisich got a ball from Sanju but his weak shot went to keeper.
15': Still no score in Kalyani and also in Sikkim Match(USC-USK).
13': Diagonal shot of Borisic from right flank went to AIR Keeper's hand.
11': Good clearence of AIR keeper in advance from an attack of Chidi in their box.
STAT: East Bengal highest home win against AIR INDIA was 6-1 in 2010-11 I-League..
10': No score here in Kalyani and also in Sikkim. 0-0 after 10 minutes.
8': Counter attack of EB, chidi's grounder from out side of the box went to sukhwinder's hand.
7': Throw-in for AIR from left which cleared from EB box.
5': 0-0 is the scoreline in Kalyani and 0-0 is the scoreline in Sikkim between united SC and United Sikkim.
3': Right sided attack of EB through Penn went for AIR Goal kick.
STAT: East Bengal is unbeaten to AIR India in their last 5 matches in I-League.
1': AIR attacked through Elija Jr. but went out for EB goalkick.
1': EB-AIR match starts at Kalyani stadium.


23.03.2013: ONGC   1-1   CHURCHILL BROS. ( DEL - FT..)
CB : STEVEN DIAS 48' :: ONGC : Beto (Self 62') :: MOM : Adeola (ONGC)
CB : Sandip, Denzil, Ravanan, Tamba, Raju Y, Dias, Lenny, Beto, Henry, Balan, Chettri.
ONGC : Rehnesh, Sachin, Parminder, Adeola, Robin, Waheed, Yusa, Sandip, Jatin, Lalmuan, Eric.


(I-LEAGUE-I: ROUND-21 ) 23.03.2013: UNITED SIKKIM   0-1   UNITED SC ( GAN - FT...)
USC : Ranti Martins 28'
MOM : Ranti Martins
USK : Rakshit, Anwar, Sonam, Munmun, Avhishek, Asish, Thupden, Sahensha, Lineker, Pablo, Nurudeen..
USC: Subrata, sukhen, Bello, Chinta, Dhanachandra, James, Asif k, Lalkamal, Tapan, Vincent, Ranti.


(I-LEAGUE-I: ROUND-21 ) 23.03.2013: SALGAOCAR   1-0   MUMBAI FC (GOA - FT)
SAL : Milagres Gonsalves 57'
SAL: Vinay, Fulgenco, Augustine, Gabriel, Nicolau, Luciano, Rocus, Francisco, John, Milagres, Brian
MFC: Barreto, Justine, Faizal, Haroon, Nicholas, Kima, Subhasm, Gabriel, Kuttimani, N,D.Opara, Yakubu.


(IL- R/22) :: 31/03/2013 :- MOHUN BAGANC   2-1   DEMPO SC (KALYANI- FT).
MMB : Nabi 6', Odafa 47'
DEM : CArvalho 50'
MOM ; Carvalho ( DEM)
1': Match starts at Kalyani
4': Attack of Dempo, Koko wanted to enter in MMB box but Eche blocked him
5': Free kick for Bagan, Denson's low free kick cleared
6': Sabeeth's cross from left and Nabi's flying header beat Kattimani
Mohun Bagan is leading 1-0
10': Mohun Bagan is leading 1-0
12': Another corner kick earned by Bagan in right of Kattimani, ball cleared from corner
13': Eche fouled Koko when he was trying to block him.Poor Free kick of Climax went out
15': Still Mohun Bagan is leading 1-0
18': Again attack of Bagan from left, Sabeeth's effort went wide
20': Good effort of Koko but again Eche block him
22': Good Through of Odafa towards Nabi in right side but Nabi was offside
24': Good attack of Dempo from left, Miranda's cross and Carvalho's shot went wide over the MMB bar
25': Still 1-0 is score for Mohun Bagan
26': Manish Maithani got a chance to DEMPO box but his 6 yard shot went out
30': Still Bagan is leading 1-0
37': Slow pace in the match
38': What a miss of Odafa!!! Manish gave a ball to him in left and he entered in the box but his shot from 6 yards went wide
40': Counter attack of Dempo, Koko from Climax got the ball in front of MMB box but he was unable to take th shot
42': Fould of Cempo to Nabi, Free kick of Bagan. Nabi to Odafa to Manish, Manish to Tolgey and his cross in DEMPO box went to unmarkd Odafa but hs shot saved by Kattimani for corner. Another good chance missed by Bagan to score
43': 1-0 for MMB
44': Good up and down match running in Kalyani
45': Odafa's shot from top of the box went to Shilton's hand
HT: It's half time now in the match where Mohun Bagan is leading 1-0 scored by Nabi
46':Second half starts

46':Bagan's attack, Kattimani saves it
47':Brilliant goal of Odafa from Nabi's pass, MB leading 2-0 now
48':Brilliant chance to John, deflected from post
50': Score now 2-0 for Bagan
50':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Peter scores for Dempo
50?: Anthony's cross, Peter's good header finds the net
51': Score now 2-1
51': Denson's free kick, directly in Kuttimani's hand
52': Another brilliant move by Dempo, AAibor clears the ball
53': Chance to Odafa, he missed the shot
54': Bagan's move, Peter clears it
55':Another chance to Koko, good clearance, corner to Dempo
55':Nicolou's centre, Eche clears the ball
56':John's shot cleared, chance to Anthony in rebound, he missed a open sitter
58':Long run of Tolgey and a centre, but it went wide
59':Brilliant chance to Koko, missed it
59':Two change in MB: Quinton in place of Tolgey, Nirmal in place of Mehraj
62' Score still 2-1 for Mohun Bagan
64':Chance to Quinton from Odafa, ball cleared
66':Peter's shot, went wide
66':Shilton looks injured, game stopped
68':Play resumes
69':Anthony's centre, Eche clears it
71':Eche looks injured, play stopped
73':Dempo Change:Romeo in place of Clifford
74':Sabeeth's centre, looking for Odafa, ball cleared
75':Dempo's move, Eche again is in the position of rescue
76':Eche struggling in the field
77':Shilton again looks injured, too many injury delays in the second half
78':Dempo's attack, Nirmal clears the ball, corner to Dempo
79':Ball cleared from corner, counter attack of Bagan. Odafa's shot, Kuttimani saves it
80':Tackle to Odafa, he looks injured
82':Score remains still same
84':Game now in a very slow pace
85':Chance to Odafa, he missedf the ball
85': Joaquim in place of John
86':Brilliant chance to Quinton, his shot deflected by post
86':Manish's centre to Quinton, but he is in offside
88':Chance to Dempo from corner, shot went wide
89':Godwin in place of Climax
90': 6 minutes added time
90+1: Yellow Card to Eche
901':Lalrozama in place of Eche
90'+3':Shilton again injured, game stopped
FT Mohun Bagan beat Dempo in 2-1


29/03/2013 :- UNITED SC   2-2   EAST BENGAL (KALYANI- FT).
USC : Carlos 62', Ranti Martins 65' KEB : Chidi 40', Manandeep 50'
MOM : Lalkamal Bhowmick( USC)

Match End. United SC hold East Bengal in 2-2.
86':Chance to EB, Barisic's centre cleared in box.
82':Golden opportunity to Ishfaq, he tipped the ball over keeper but it went wide.
80':Chance to Barisic, but he slips and his pass cleared.
78':Ball cleared and a counter attack through Carlos, his long ranger went wide.
77':Deepak committed a foul against Ralte, free kick to EB.
75':Ranti's long ranger, Gurpreet saves it.
73':Players Change in EB: Ralte in place of Manandeep, Barisic in place of Penn.
68':United's attack and it's a corner.
67':Players Change in EB: Sanju in place of Naoba.
66':Score now goes to 2-2.
65':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Brilliant goal scored by Ranti to equalize the score.
64':Horrible mistake by Gurpreet makes it 2-1 now.
63':Score now goes to 2-1 for East Bengal.
62':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Carlos scored for United SC. Absolute bad goalkeeping by Gurpreet.
61':Long run of Manandeep, his centre cleared.
60':Players Change in United SC: Vineeth in place of Tapan.
59':EB's attack, Ball cleared.
55':Score now goes to 2-0 for EB.
50':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Manandeep scores from spot kick.
48':Bad tackle of Sangram to Ishfaq.
46':Second half starts.
East Bengal leading 1-0 in halftime.
45':Yellow Card. Referee shows yellow card to Mehtab.
45':3 minutes added time.
42':EB leading 1-0 now.
40':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Chidi scores for East Bengal.
39':EB's attack, Chidi is in offside.
38':Chance to Chidi, good clearance by Bello.
37':Ranti's shot, went wide.
35':Cross to find Ranti, Gurpreet saves it.
34':Ranti's pass to Carlos, good block in box by defenders.
32':Very good chance to Rafiq, his shot just wide.
30':Yellow Card. Bad tackle of Bello to Khabra.
28':Isfaq's shot, blocked and cleared.
27':Yellow Card. This time it is Dhanachandra.
25':Drinks break in the field.
21':Score remains still goalless.
18':Counter attack of EB, Penn's centre, Bello clears it.
17':Long forward pass to find Khabra, ball goes to Sangram's hand.
15':Score remains still goalless.
11':Play resumes.
9':Players appealing to referee, game stopped.
8':More drama here, another foul. Ranti committed a foul against Gurwinder. Gurwinder looks injured.
7':Yellow Card. Referee shows yellow card to Chidi for bad tackle.
6':Chidi's shot blocked.
4':Score remains still goalless.
3':EB's attack, Penn committed a handball
3':Okpara's free kick, Bello clears the ball.
2':Foul committed against Ranti, ball cleared from corner.
2':Dhanachandra clears the ball from Naoba, Corner to EB.
1':Almost a chance to Chidi in early minutes, Sangram saves it.
0':Kick off.
0':Match is about to start.


29/03/2013 :- MUMBAI FC   1-1  PAILAN ARROWS (PUN - FT)
PAI : Milan Singh - 26'( Pen)
MFC : Yakubu 44'
MFC : Kunal, Justine, Quao, Faizal, Haroon, Kamaljit, Rane, James, Nicholas. Yakubu, Gabriel.
PAI : Poire, Souvik, Deepak, Preetam, Prabeer, Milan, Ganashan, Saizumon, Narayan, Holicharan, Doungel.

28/03/2013 :- Pune FC   2-0   Dempo SC (PUN - FT)
PFC : Sukhwinder Singh 30', J. Moga 44'

28/03/2013 :- Sporting Goa   1-1   ONGC (GOA - FT)
SCG : Dawson Fernandes 20'
ONGC : H. Odeola 77'

28/03/2013 :- Mohun Bagan   2-2   Shillong Lajong (KOL - FT)
MMB : T. Ozbey 52', M. Mathani 60'
SLFC : B. Haokip 53', P. Lahlhimthara 79'

27/03/2013 :- United Sikkim   5-0   Air India (Sikkim- FT..)
USK: Pablo 45'+4', John 55', Nurudeen 60', 62', Thupden 90'
RED CARD : Sukwwinder 32', Prem 45' (Air India)

USK: Rakshit, Avishek , Sonam , Anwar ,Munmum, Thupden, Sahenshah , Linekar , John , Pablo , Nurudeen
27/03/2013 :- Salgaocar   0-0   Churchill Brothers (Duler - FT..)
SAL: Karanjit, Fulganco, Augustine, Gabriel, Nicolau, Luciano, Cajetan, Rahul, Randeep, Francisco, John

CB: Sandip, Tamba, Ravanan, Raju (Naveen 30'), Satish, Lenny, Bineesh, Beto (Bikramjit 35'), Steven, Henri(Bilal 72'), Sunil Chettri.
MOM: Sandip Nandy ( CB)

29/03/2013 :- United SC   2-2   East Bengal (KOL - FT)

28/03/2013 :- Pune FC   2-0   Dempo SC (PUN - FT)
PFC : Sukhwinder Singh 30', J. Moga 44'

28/03/2013 :- Sporting Goa   1-1   ONGC (GOA - FT)
SCG : Dawson Fernandes 20'
ONGC : H. Odeola 77'

28/03/2013 :- Mohun Bagan   2-2   Shillong Lajong (KOL - FT)
MMB : T. Ozbey 52', M. Mathani 60'
SLFC : B. Haokip 53', P. Lahlhimthara 79'


(IL-R/23)08.05.2013 EAST BENGAL.  6-0   UNITED SIKKIM (KOL - FT..)
KEB : Abhijit, Naoba, Raju, Arnab, Soumik, Penn, Dika, Mehtab, Isfaq, Chidi, Borisic.
USK : Rakshit, Sandesh, Farid, Anwar, Tamang, Lepcha, Sahensah, Ashish, Munmun, Nuruddin, Pablo.
REF : M.B Santosh Kumar....LIVE : Saikat Basu.
FT : East Bengal win 6-0.
90': East Bengal is leading 6-0 now.
89': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 6th Goal from Chidi. 18th Goal in I-league. Scored from Penn's final pass.
88': East Bengal is leading 5-0 now.
87': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Borisic scored 5th goal for EB from Spot kick.
86': Chidi to Borisic in USK Penalty Box, Anwar bad tackle. Penalty for EB.
85': Pablo's shot went to Abhijit.
84': Still 4-0 is the score line for East Bengal.
82': Another good save of USK keeper off Penn's shot.
80': East Bengal is leading now 4-0.
79': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 4th goal of East Bengal by Kevin Lobo by his own skill.
73': Brilliant saved by USK keeper, Chidi to Penn in left side of their box but he saved Penn's 6 yards shot.
70': Eb attacked from left, but well saved by USK keeper.
65': Free kick for USK. Nuruddin's shot went wide the cross bar.
60': Still East Bengal is leading 3-0.
60': Miss the target of Nuruddin.
57': PLAYER CHANGE : Dika out and Lobo in.
55': PLAYER CHANGE : Isfaq out and Sanju in.
53': still 3-0 is the score line for East Bengal.
51': Mehtab's corner kick cleared.
50': Borisic header from Dika's cross from right went for another corner.
50': Free kick went for corner for EB.
49': Foul of Nuruddin to Arnab, Free kick for East Bengal.
47': Slow pace in the match.
46': 2nd half match starts. HT: 3-0 for East Bengal in half time.
45': East Bengal is leading 3-0. Penn, Mehtab and Dika scored.
43': Yellow Card: Pablo of USK as he fouled Penn.
42': USK attacked, Ashish to Pablo in left but Arnab cleared.
41': Borisic to soumik to Raju to Kika to Chidi on left but finally clared.
40': Still 3-0 for East Bengal.
39': Chidi to Penn from left flank and Penn's right footer went wide.
37': Mehtab's long pass to Chidi in left he dribbled two defenders and shoot but it deflected from defence.
36': Same score 3-0 for East Bengal.
35': 3-0. for East Bengal. Penn, Mehtab and Dika scored.
34': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL .. Shot corner went to Dika and he lobbed the ball over upcoming keeper of USK.
34': Corner for EB from Penn's attack.
33': Corner kick of Ashis went to Abhijit's hand.
32': Corner for USk in left as Naoba cleared Ashish Chettri's left sided attack. Farid's shot and another corner in right for a clearance.
30': East Bengal is leading 2-0, Penn and Mehtab scored.
30': East Bengal is leading 2-0, Penn and Mehtab scored.
29': USK's Farid injured. Under treatment.
28': Naoba shot corner finally cleared from USK defence.
26': Another good action, Penn to Borisic but Farid cleared for a corner.
25': 2-0 is the score line of East Bengal.
24': Long ranger of Nuruddin from a pass of Pablo went out wide.
23': Chidi offside, Naoba passed him
20': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.. Mehtab nice score the 2nd goal of East Bengal from a 40 yards right footer from a pass of Dika
20': Still 1-0 is the score line for East Bengal.
19': Again miss of Penn. What a miss from 4 yards, Penn to Borisic to Penn and one to one penn missed to score.
18': Again missed a chance, Penn to borisic in left and Borisic again returned to Chidi but nice tackle by Anwar.
17': Isfaq's long forward pass to Borisic but went to Keeper.
16': Another opportunity came to Eb, Chidi to Borisic but his shot from 6 yards went wide.
15': EB earned corner in left, Mehtab's corner cleared.
14': Good movement from left by EB, Dika was unable to make impact, ball cleared for corner.
12': Again attack from left by Mehtab, Well trapped a ball bur his poor left footer missed the target.
10': Still 1-0 is the score line for East Bengal.
9': Throw in for EB, Naoba's throw in missed and went to nuruddin whose cross from left returned by Arnab.
8': East Bengal is leading 1-0. Penn scored.
6': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Penn scored goal. Naoba's pass from right and Penn scored when keeper came in advance.
5': 0-0 is the score line.
4': Isfaq to chidi to Borisic in USK box but finally cleared by Defence.
3': Tamang's shot went to Abhijit.
3': Isfaq was trying to attack from right but throw in for USK.
2': Mehtab to Raju and Raju returns it again to Mehtab but finally miss pass.
1': Referee M.B.Santosh Kumar starts the match just now.
0': East Bengal drew their last match 2-2 against Dempo SC.
0': Arnab Mondol return in the squad of East Bengal.
0': East Bengal to face AFC Cup 2013 Round of 16 home match on 15th May.
0': Teams line up. Match will start soon.


07/04/13 Sporting Goa  1-5   Mohun Bagan
SCG: Kalu Ogba 76'
MMB: Odafa 52'(Pen), 82', 90', Tolgey 73', 80'

07/04/13 Mumbai FC   3-1   Air India
MFC: Haroon 2', Yakubu 42', Abhishek 65'
AIR: Henry 90'+4'

07/04/13 Shillong Lajong   1-1  ONGC
SLFC: Sushil Singh 18'
ONGC: Lalrinmuana 63'

06/04/13 Dempo SC   0-2   Pailan Arrows
PAI: Holicharan 2', Alwin George 85'

05/04/13 Churchill Brothers   2-1  Pune FC
CB: Bnish Balan 58', Sunil Chettri 63'
PFC: Jerry 90'+1'

04/04/13 : Salgaocar  1-0  United SC
SAL: Luciano Sabrosa 57'


17.04.2013: CHURCHILL BROS.   2-2   DEMPO SC (GOA - FT..)
DEM: Subhasish, Debabrata, Samir, Carvalho, Selwyn, Anthony, Clifford, Climax, Godwin, Seuoka, Koko.
CRB: Sandip, Denzil, Ravanan, Tamba, Steven (Belal), Lenney, Ashley, Naveen, Sunil, Henry, Binish.
MOM ; Sunil chettri ( CRB)
REF: Pratap singh
GFA PRESS RELEASE: ChChurchill rally to hold Dempo to a 2-2 draw

Sunil Chhetri scored twice to help Churchill Brothers to come from behind twice to hold Dempo to a 2-2 draw in the 24th round of the I-League, played at Tilak Maidan Stadium, Vasco, here today. After Ryuji Sueoka (12th) and Climax Lawerence (first half injury time) twice put Dempo up it was Sunil Chhetri who scored twice to help Churchill Brothers to hold Dempo to a 2-2 draw and take Churchill Brothers tally to 48 points from 23 matches, to keep the title challenge open against East Bengal who are five points behind them.

Dempo who are on fifth place took their total tally to 36 points from 24 matches. Both the side played an attacking game in the first half where Churchill Brothers had more of the ball possession created more scoring chances but Dempo's keeper Subhasish Roy Chowdhury was alert under the bar to deny Churchill Brothers an early lead when he tipped the ball over the bar off Balan's header after Steven Dias crossed the ball from the right.

With defender Sameer Naik, Debrata Roy and striker Ryuji Sueoka coming in from injury Dempo who lost four matches at a trot looked a better side today with Sueoka putting his team ahead in the 12th minute when he headed home a well directed cross from the left by Debrata Roy. Minutes later Sueoka again would have scored but timely intervention by rival keeper Sandip spade work. Churchill Brothers who had more of the ball possession created couple of scoring chances but Chowdhury. The red machine pressing hard to find the equalizer, earned a free kick just on top of the box free the 43rd minute.

Churchill joy was short lived as Dempo again regained the lead minute before the interval when Climax Lawerence scored after Koko Sakibo set him up inside the box to have Dempo leading 2-1 at half time. Sunil Chhetri who is good in dead ball suitation once again brought Churchill Brothers in level term after the change of ends when he beat keeper Subhasish Roy Chowdhury all ends The match became more exciting after the goal as both the team going all out in search of Dempo's keeper Chowdhury was outstanding under the bar to deny Leny Rodrigues and Ashley Fernandes from scoring.

Churchill Brothers who dominated the proceeding in the last quarter of the match as they went all out in search of the winner but were distinctly unlucky when Henri Antchouet header was put out by defender Sameer Naik on the goal.


STAT: kolkatafootball.com special :- In Goa Pro league this year Dempo lost 0-2 to Churchill Brothers played on 21. Feb where Sunil Chettri scored both goals for CB.
FT : Match end. Defnding Champions Dempo hold current league leader Churchill Brothers 2-2 and unbeaten to them in this I-League.
90'+2': CB got a chance through henry, but he is in offside position
90'+2':jaison's long ranger, easy to Subhasish
90'+2': Sandip saves the ball from corner
90'+1': Corner to Dempo, first corner of them in second half
90': Referee added 3 minutes njury timew.
89':Henry's shot, deflected and a corner to Churchill
> 88':Dempo's move, two cross from both the end cleared in box
87': Ball cleared from corner
86':Lenny's long ranger, Subhassh clears it, Henry's another shot, Samir clears it n goalline..corner to Churchill
85': PLAYER CHANGE : DEM: Ferreo in Koko out
84': Sanir crossed from right to Koko in left and his left footer went wide.
83':Joaquim's shot, very easy for Sandip
83': Chettri to Balan but cleared in Dempo Box.
82': Right sided attack of CBm Denzil to Chrttri but his grounder left gfooter went for Goalkick.
80': PLAYER CHANGE : DEM: Borges in Anrhony out
75': Score line is 2-2 still.
72' PLAYER CHANGE : DEM : Miranda out and Abranches in.
71': Still the scoreline 2-2.
68': YELLOW CARD - DEMPO: Samir Nayk and climax..
66" PLAYER CHANGE : CB : Naveen out and Satish in.
65': CB earned a coner from Lenny's attack.
64': What an attack of Dempo again through Koko but not a finishing.
60': The scoreline is 2-2 still.
56': Now the scoreline is 2-2.
53': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Churchill Equalized the score line. Brilliant goal of Chettri like his first goal.
46': the all important 2nd half match starts.
HT : Dempo 2-1 Churchill Brothers.
45+2': Dempo is leading 2-1 now just before half time.
STAT: kolkatafootball.com special :- In first leg Dempo won the match 2-1. Where Seuoka scored both fro Dempo.
45+1': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Double for Dempo as Climax Lawrance scored the goal.
45':Referee added 2 minutes injury time.
44': Bad tackle of Sunil to Samir, Samir looks injured and under treatment.
43': Now the score line is 1-1.
43': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Free kick goal from Sunil chettri.
42': Tackle to Sunil just outsde the box, free kick for Churchill Brothers in a very good position.
41': Dempo's Samik Naik committed the foul.
40':Peter Carvalho of Dempo looks injured, game stopped for his treatment.
39':Brilliant chance to Balal, his powerful right footed shot went over the bar.
38':Anthony' weak shot, Sandip saves it easily.
37': Koko's long ranger, went wide.
35': Still 1-0 for Dempo but Churchill Brothers is attacking more and more.
34': Good attack of Churchill, 18 yards shot of Sunil from out side of Dempo box and brilliant saved by Subhasish.
32': Churchill Brothers maintaining better procession, but still scores is opposite.
32': Churchill's attack and a corner
31': Chance to Henry, his shot just went wide
30': The scoreline is still 1-0 lead for Dempo SC.
28': Yellow Card - DEMPO to Anthony for his terrible challenge to Ashley.
27': Anthony's left footed shot from oput side of CB box went wide
27': Another brilliant attack of Dempo, from right Clifford's cross but good save by Sandip.
25':Score remans 1-0 for Dempo
25':Long cross to find Koko, Sandip saves it
24':Clifford's free kick, cleared n defence
23':Free kick yo Dempo in a good position
23': Dempo attacked again, Miranda Passed to Anthony, too wide for Anthony
22': PLAYER CHANGE : CB : Dias out ad Bilal in.
20': Still Dempo is leading 1-0.
19': Ravanan cleared an attack of Dempo again, Clifford to Seuoka but Ravaan well cleared.
19': Seuoka to Anthony in CB box but Anthony was offside.
17': Seuoka got the ball from koko in Churchill box Sandip well advance to collect the ball.
15': Still Dempo is leading 1-0.
12': Dempo is leading 1-0.
12': Clifford to Debabrata and Debabrata's cross went to Seuoka and Sueoka's 6 yards header beat Sandip.
5': No score yet in the match. 0-0.
3': Good attack of Churchill but Dempo keper Subhasish well saved the header of Balan.
1': Match starts at Goa.


14.03.2013: EAST BENGAL   1-1   SPORTING GOA ( YBK - FT)
KEB : Chidi 63
SCG ; Juanfri 44'
KEB : Abhijit, Robart, Raju, Gurwinder, Okpara, Subodh, Sanju, Penn, Dika, Baljit, chidi.
SCG : Bruno, Samananda, Stephen, Matthw, Kalu, Juan, Jovel, Pratesh, Rojen, Angel, Borges .......REF : C.R. Srikrishna.


Full Time East Bengal 1-1 Sporting Goa
90'+4': Ogba's free kick, went wide
90'+2':Counter attack of EB, Penn's cross, cleared.
90'+1':Chance to SCG, ball cleared by Raju
90': Referee added 6 minutes injury time
88': Ball cleared from corner.
88':Chance to EB from Raju's throw-in, corner to EB
87'....Score still 1-1
84': Robin's header deflects and a corner to EB
84':Players Change in SCG: Joseph in place of Jovel
83': Back to back attack of EB, but score remains same
81':Ralte's shot, well wide
80': Score remains 1-1
73': Players Change in EB: Ishfaq in place of Sanju
72':Chidi's shot blocked
71': :Players Change in SCG: Victorino in place of Rowlin
71':Chance to Chidi, ball cleared
69'...Score still 1-1
65':Brilliant shot by Juan, saved
64':Brilliant chance to Penn, missed very easy chance
63':Chidi's centre, Berlanga clears it
62?: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL....Chidi scores for EB...wonderful header by Chidi finds the net
61' : Players Change in EB: Robin in place of Baljit
60':Sporting attack, ball cleared
59': Players Change in EB: Cavin Lobo in place of Subodh Kumar
58':Chance to EB from a miss pass, ball cleared
56': Naoba committed a foul against Stephene
55'....Score still East Bengal 0-1 Sporting Goa
53':Subodh committed a foul
52':Chidi's centre, cleared...
51':Another corner, Bruno saves it in 2nd try
51':OKpara's header from Raju's long throw-in deflects from post
50':Corner to EB
47':Raju committed a foul against Jovel. free kick
46':Chance to Baljit, Bruno saves it
46':Ralte committed a foul, free kick to SCG
46?:Second half resumes
Half Time. Sporting Goa is leading 1-0 after the end of first half.
45'+1':Ralte's free kick, cleared
45?: Referee gave 2 minutes added time
45':Bad tackle to Chidi, free kick to EB
44': Score now: East Bengal 0-1 Sporting Goa
43?: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL....Juan scores brilliantly for Sporting Goa
42'....Score goalless
39':Brilliant chance to Ralte...missed the best chance of the match...Bruno looks injured.
38':Raju's long throw-in, cleared
37': Score remains 0-0
34':Penn committed a foul against Belanga
33':Sanju's forward pass, Penn is in offside position
32':First corner to SCG...good run by Ogba
31':Good try by Chidi, but defenders blocks him
30': Score 0-0
28':Attack through Angelo, ball cleared
27':Raju's long throw-in, ball cleared
26': move through Sanju, denied
23':Ogba looks injured, game stopped
22':Chidi's pass, Baljit's header went over the bar
21':Long ball to Baljit, but he is in offside position
21':Ball cleared from corner
20':Brilliant right foot strike by Chidi, Bruno saves it brilliantly, corner to EB
18': Score remains goalless
16':Ogba's long ranger, went wide
15':Long pass to find Chidi, ball cleared
14': good run by Ogba, appeal for foul by Ogba, referee denies it
12':SCG's counter attack, but it is offside
12':Brilliant pass of Chidi to find Penn, Bruno saves it
11?: Long ball to find Ralte, but he is in offside position
9': Stephen's long ranger, touches side net
8':SCG's move, Okpara blocks it
6':Long ball to find Penn, Bruno saved it
6':Ralte's long ranger, Bruno saved it
6':Sanju's cross to find Chidi, cleared
5':Sporting's move, Ralte blocks it
3':Ralte's cross, cleared
3':Gurwinder's shot from free kick, Chidi is in offside
2':Foul against Subodh by Jovel, free kick to EB
2':EB's attack, Chidi's centre, cleared
1':Sporting's attack, Sanju clears it
0?: Kick off
0':Match is about to start.

REPORT: JAYDIP DASGUPTA : East Bengal Club of Kolkata lost another two valuable points in a crucial encounter against the Sporting Clube of Goa at home today. The red and gold brigade tied 1-1 as Trevor Morgan's dream to win the I league is now depend on the results of Churchill Brothers who are leading the I league table with 47 points after 22nd round.

East Bengal conceded the goal in the 44 minutes of the 1st half. A faulty clearance by Abhijit Mondal had to pay off when Juan Fena's right footed curling shot beat the East Bengal custodian. In fact East Bengal was in search of a leader in the midfield throughout the entire 90 minutes. As a result of which the red and gold failed to create opportunities in the middle third.

The absence of Khabra and Mehtab was really felt in deep defense as well as in the attacking third. But what really surprising is that East Bengal concentrated on the over head lobes rather than playing passing football and hence the tall and lanky Goan deep defender's task were easy to clear the ball. In spite of this the red and gold waisted a number of opportunities as usual and made the match tougher for them.

East Bengal restored parity in the 63rd minute of the second half when a center from the left by Robert was headed in by Cheddi beating the Sporting goalkeeper Bruno Colaco. East Bengal dominated in the second half and created pressure just after the equalizer but the sluggishness of Penn Orji and Robin Singh failed to create any positive results.

At one stage in the final rounds the red and gold were leading the league table. But the loss of 6 points in the last three matches against Air India, United Sports and Sporting Clube had increase the difference with the Churchill Brothers. At the end of the 23rd round East Bengal are with 43 points.


Shillong Lajong FC 2-0 Mumbai FC

14.03.2013: Shillong Lajong   2-0   Mumbai FC ( SLG - FT)
SLFC : Min-Chol-Son 33', Sushil Kumar Singh 77'

14.04.2013 : SLFC MEDIA...KFC. | www.kolkatafootball.com HOME PAGE

SLFC MEDIA FOR KFC: The script could not have been better written. It truly was a memorable finale to the I-League in Shillong(being the last home game of the season). The atmosphere was electric, the sea of supporters robust, as the players lined up for the Shillong Lajong ?Mumbai FC match, under cloudy and overcast skies, in Shillong.

On the field though, Shillong Lajong started brightly with Edinho Junior looking dangerous in front, on a couple of occasions, and linking up well with strike partner, Sushil Kumar, who himself came close to opening the scoring for the Reds. Five clear chances in front of goal came for Shillong Lajong, who dominated from the word go.

Chance after chance and after what seemed like an eternity, the crowd was brought to life when Minchol Son glanced a header past the Mumbai custodian in the 33rd minute, to send the crowd into ruptures. The stadium was now a rip-roaring spectacle of Lajong Faithfuls, draped wholly in Red. The two sides continued to trade blows, as the game opened up more with the passage of play. The first half though,did not see any more goals, as both teams went into their dressing rooms.

After the break the visitors started to play with a little more urgence, to find the much needed equaliser but lacked the finishing touch and failed to get past a strong Lajong wall who were now defending with belief and sheer grit.

The home side too had a plethora of chances, with Rennedy Singh almost making it 2-0, for his side,when his free kick was parried away by the Mumbai keeper. Chance after chance came for both teams more so Shillong Lajong as the game wore on towards its finish. And finally, after a bright passage of play,Sushil Kumar struck one from close range in the 79th minute to put the game to bed and beyond the Mumbaikars.

Both sides used all of their substitutes, with the Reds bringing in Sho Kamimura for Edinho,who was given a rousing farewell, PC Lalhimthara for Boithang and Samson Ramengmawia for Rennedy Singh. Mumbai,meanwhile,brought on James Singh for Gabriel Fernandes, Jayesh for Darren and John Coutinho for Nicholas Rodrigues.

After that, it was merely a matter of time before the crowd could finally celebrate a much deserved win. The win did come,when the referee blew his whistle, confirming the three vital points for the Reds and closing the I-league (in Shillong) on a thrilling and positive note for Shillong Lajong.

Pune FC impress in 100th I-League game; pip ONGC, move into 3rd place

14.04.2013 : PUNE MEDIA..KFC. | www.kolkatafootball.com HOME PAGE

14.03.2013: ONGC   0-1   PUNE FC (DEL-FT)
PFC : 45'+2 J. Moga

PUNE FC MEDIA FOR KFC : Pune FC made their 100th I-League game commemorative with a 1-0 win over ONGC FC in Round 24 at Ambedkar Stadium in New Delhi, on Sunday. Striker James Moga (45+3rd) was the architect of this landmark encounter and enabled Pune FC return to winning ways which swelled to a dozen.

The victory pushed Pune FC (40 points) into third place on the league table and also logged their first ever win over ONGC in New Delhi. Moreover, this was the third instance Pune FC completed a double-leg win over opponents. The other opponents include Mumbai FC and Dempo SC respectively.

Pune FC Coach Derrick Pereira went into the game effecting five changes to the playing eleven that played in Goa. In the goal, Amrinder Singh replaced Shahinlal Meloly; in defence N Mohanraj (for Gurjinder Kumar); midfielders Velington Rocha (for Khantang Paite), Arata Izumi (for Sukhwinder Singh), Mumtaz Akhtar (for Jeje Lalpekhlua).

The game began in explosive fashion with action at both ends inside the opening minute. ONGC striker Eric Brown tried a pot shot within seconds, but it deflected straight to Pune FC ?keeper Amrinder Singh who was making his first start. At the other end, Pune FC's fast-paced counter-attack was saved. Moga got on to left-back N. Mohanraj's long ball only to be denied TP Rehenesh who pulled off a save.

Minutes later, medio Arata Izumi's dangerous cross inside the box was cleared followed by winger Velington Rocha's attempt which was blocked. ONGC then had Eric send his free-kick wide from a dangerous narrow angle, which followed with 'keeper Amrinder Singh cutting off Eric's delivery into the box.

Pune FC were pushing forward and were unlucky not to take the lead. Winger Karma Tsewang's attempt from narrow angle whizzed past the 6-yard box with no takers. Midfielder Mumtaz then tried his luck from distance but went over. A minute past the quarter hour mark, Pune FC missed a sitter. Rocha's brilliant inswinging free kick was headed across by defender Chika Wali from the far post and Moga somehow headed it wide from half a yard outside.

Five minutes later, ONGC defender Hasan Odeola took a crack from distance straight into Amrinder. At the other end Moga's low attempt on the freekick earned by Mumtaz went wide. Two minutes before the half-hour mark, Mohanraj's long throw once again caused danger, as Moga's flick was attempted by Rocha, whose second attempt ended blocked.

Minutes past the half-hour mark, Rocha lost the ball up the right leading to a counter into Pune FC's penalty-box, first with Kailash Patil and then Jatin Bisht shooting. The first attempt was blocked by defender Anas Edathodika, while the second going over.

The Pune FC defense kept on living dangerously. First, Anas lost the ball in defence only for Yusa Katsumi failing to capitalize. On the resulting corner, Amrinder cleared the ball out. The second ball into the box, later, attempted by Yusa, was collected by Amrinder.

Pune FC, finally, took the lead three minutes into first half injury time. A brilliant counter ball into space saw Douhou in the clear and attack the space in the penalty box. There he cut back for Moga who slotted home on the volley.

Pune FC took their one goal advantage into the breather.

The Reds began the second half same way as they ended the first almost scoring a second. Karma found Douhou up the channel, whose cut back deflected off 'keeper onto post and was cleared. At the other end, Pune FC survived a close call. Eric's cross from the left found substitute Lalmuan Puia in the box, but his touch from the 6-yard box went wide.

The game turned into a physical battle thereafter with many players getting booked. At the hour mark, Pune FC created back-to-back chances. Moga went wide after being put through by Othallo. Then, off the next move Arata shot narrowly off target when ball fell for him on top of the box.

Ten minutes later, Pune FC held on two dangerous diagonals into box by ONGC. Luckily, Yusa failed to connect cleanly and capitalise. Pune FC then survived an ONGC onslaught in the final minutes as they held on to their slender lead. Substitute Boima 'Jerry' Karpeh, on for the goal-scoring James Moga, found his attempt on a counter saved by Reheneesh.

13.03.2013: Mohun Bagan  3-2   Air India
MMB : ODAFA 11' (Pen) Tolgey 28', Denson 980+4'
AIR : Henry 38', Branco 90+2.

13.03.2013: Salgaocar SC  9-0   United Sikkim
SAL : OJoshimar 15', 61', 90+1', Gabriel Obarola 16', Luciano Sabrosa 36'(Pen), Francis Fernandez 53', 59', Marcus Maskarenhas 78', 90+4'

12.03.2013: United SC  4-1   Pailan Arrows (KOL)
USC : R. Martins 22', K. Vincent 45'+2, 55', M. Rafique 58'
PAI : 90'+9 P. Halder (Pen)

R - 25

24.04.2013 : MOHUN BAGAN   1-3   PUNE FC   (KLN-FT) :: live



REFEREE : Umesh Bora.


FT : Match end. Pune FC win 3-1 at away Match. Man of the match is Anas Edathotika of PFC.
90+5': Manish Bhargav to Jerwl to Odafa in PFC box but finally cleared.
90+4': The score line is 3-1 now for Pune FC.
90+3': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Odafa reduced margin beat 3 players and reduced the margin to3-1.
90': Referee added 7 minutes more.

In first leg Mohun Bagan won 3-0 at Kalyani against pfc.
89': Pune still searching for another goal.
kolkatafootball.com STAT : The last meeting occured in IFA Shield where Pune FC lost 0-3 on 08.03.2013 to Mohun Bagan. Pune in 3rd Position with 43 points while Mohun Bagan with 22 points in the I-League table so far.
88': Odafa solo run but finally cleared in front of PFC box.
87': PLAYER CHANGE: PFC : Karma out and Ramu in.
85': Karma T now injured and under treatment.
83': Again Moga in action, Karma's shot well saved by Shilto from Moga's pass.
80': Odafa to Tolgey in PFC box bue Chika well cleared.
77': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 3rd Goal of PFC. Karma T scored the 3rd.
76': Counter attack of MMB again from left, Moga to Karma. 75 : sTILL pUNE IS LEADING 2-0.
70': Again attack of PFC, Karma to Moga and Moga to Rocha and his shot went out.
68': Still Pune is dominating the game.
68': PLAYER CHANGE: PFC : Rocha in place of Paite.
68': PLAYER CHANGE: MMB : Manish Jr in place of Nabi.
67': Pune FC is leading 2-0 now.
66': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ...2nd goal of Pune FC. one to one situation with Moga and he made no mistake to score.
66': Pune is dominating now playing short passed among themselves.
65': 1-0 is the scoreline for PFC.
64': Again attack of PFC, Paite shot went to Shilton's hand.
63': Another attack of Pune, James Moga and Shilton was one to one but Shilton finally saved.
60': Still Pune is leading 1-0.
59': PLAYER CHANGE: PFC : Mumtaj Akhtar in place of Sukhwinder Singh.
58': Karma's attack from left but Eche injured when he blocked him
57': One to one by Tolget from Nabi's right sided cross but Tolgey's shot went wide.
53': Nabi's shot from left went wide.
52': Jwel's cross went to Nirmal but Chika Wali well cleared.
50': Nabi crossed from left but Anas cleared.
48': PLAYER CHANGE: MMB: Jewel Raja in place of Manish and RAkesh Masih in place of Snehasish.
HT : It's half time now in the match . Pune FC is leading 1-0.

45': Referee added 2 minutes more.
43': Odafa again attacked from left beat 3 players but shot went out for PFC goal kick.
42': Well save of Arminder, Odafa's right in spet shot from left of out side box he saved from 2nd post.
kolkatafootball.com STAT : The ever first encounter in I-League between the two Mohun Bagan won 3-1 on 13.11.2009 while last encounter ended 2-2 draw on 2.12.2012.
41': Odafa beat 4 players in PFC box but finally his shot went wide.
40': Still Pune FC is leading 1-0. Courtesy Douhou.
39': Counter attack of Bagan, Manish Shot went wide.
38': Free kick for MMB in out side box, but Douhou cleared.
37': One to one by Moga in MMB box but again Shilton saved.
In 2nd Divn I-League Langsing FC beat Mumbai Tiger 3-1 while in AFC cup at Pune Churchill borthers is trailing 0-2 to Kitchee in first half.
35': Pune is dominating the game now.
34': Karma T attacked one to one but Shilton well saved.
32': MMB attack, Tolgey effort in PFC box but Chika cleared well.
30': Pune is leading 1-0 now.
29': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Douhou scored, Nice pass of Moga after getting it from Arata in behind and Douhou's on Air volley beat Shilton.
28': Odafa's shot went out.
28': MMB won a corner, Snehasish corner cleared.
27': Another attack of PFC, One to one by Moga and Eche but Eche win and cleared first.
26': Odsafa counter attack win throw in.
25': Left sided attack of Moga passed to Arata, cleared.
22': Chance to PFc, Moga got a ball in MMb box but Nirmal was alert.
20': 0-0 is the scoreline now.
18': Paite's attack cleared by Eche.
17': Nabi attacked through right but he was blocked.
16': MMB another attack from left, Biswajit's cross went to Odafa but blocked by Anas before his touch.
15': Slow pace in the match.
kolkatafootball.com STAT : The two teams met 7 times so far in I-League where Mohun Bagan won 2 times, Pune won 1 time and 4 match drew. Mohun Bagan scored 9 goals while Pune scored 6 goals.
13': Attack of MMb, Odafa to Tolgey but his shot aimless and went wide.
12': Pune attacked through Arata but Nirmal blocked.
10': 0-0 is the scoreline.
9': Denson to Odafa and his shot went out.
8': Match is playing in mid field area.
6': Nabi header to Tolgey in PFC box but blocked.
5': No score in the match. 0-0.
5': Free kick for Pune, Snehasish cleared the ball. Lapite's shot cleared.
4': Bagan is playing in 4-3-3 formation, Odafa, Sabeeth and tolgey in upfront.
3': Nabi to Odafa in PFC box but ball cleared.
2': MMB attacked from left, Tolgey to Snehasish to Denson but ball cleared.
1': First attack of Pune from left but ball went to Shilton. Counter attack of MMB.
1': Match starts at Kalyani.
0': National Anthem going on.
0': Match is going to be started at Kalyani Stadium.

(2012-13 I-League-I) : 21.04.2013: Mohun Bagan   0-2   Churchill Brothers : (KYL - FT )
CB : Henry 18', 34'

MMB : Shilton, Nabi, Aibor, Nirmal, Biswajit, Denson, Manish Sr., Jacobs, Odafa, Tolgey, Sabeeth.
CB : Sandip, Denzil, Ravanan, Tamba, Thyanjam, Jaison, Lenney, Ashley, Belal, Sunil, Henry..

The Churchill Brothers Of Goa advances further to their dream to win the I-league tittle. A brace of goals by Henry in the 19th and 32nd min registered an important victory over the Mohun Bagan club at Kalyani. The Goan dominance continued in the Indian soccer as this will be the consecutive sixth year that the I league will be crowned by any Goan Club.

Churchill started to dominate right from the beginning using both the flanks. The absence of Iche in the mariners deep defense was prominent as Aibor and Nirmal failed to control the sheer speed of the oppornants. The Mohun Bagan custodian Shilton Paul was the savior in some occasion, otherwise the tally should have been different. The mid field of Bagan had to surrender in front of the accurate ball play of the Churchill Brothers.

The first goal came in the 19th minute when a forward through from Sunil Chetri was received inside the box by Henry who placed at the back of the net beating the on rushing Shilton Pal. Churchill increased the margin in the 32nd minute when Henry received a forward pass from Lenny Rodriges beat Aibor and Biswajit with sheer speed and places in the far corner of the net.

Mohun Bagan in response played some passes in the middle third, tried to create some danger but the rock solid deep defense of the Goan team leaded by Lamine Tambey and Ravaran was in control of the situation. In fact Odafa was under the shadow of Tambey and Tolgey was a mere spectator. In spite of this Sandip Nandy had to rise to the occasion to save a shot of Odafa and Denzil Franco had a goal line save when Odafa lobes a ball in the vacant goal.

With this win the Churchill Brothers are leading the I league table with 51 points, ahead of East Bengal and Pune FC who are at 43 points. So, it can be said that Churchill are now preparing themselves to celebrate their victory.

Mohun Bagan are still fighting to save the relegation and at present they are ahead of Sikkim United, Shillong Lazong and Air India. They have to earn maximum points from their remaining matches in order to be in the safe zone.

=========== SCROLL DOWN BELOW for live updates =============

FT : Match end. Churchill win their away by 2-0 and earn full 3 points being a league table topper.
90': 6 minute added time.
90' PLAYER CHANGE: CB:: Ashley out and Sanjoy in.
90': Nabi's cross from left to Manish cleared by Ashley in midway.
87': Last time effort of MMB is going now in CB box but CB defenders are well alert to block them.
85': Before playing against Kitchee in AFC cup CB is inspired for the result of the day.
84': Jacobs corner and Sandip's save but he was injured.
82': Tolgey to Manish Jr and his back volley went wide for a corner.
80': Still CB is leading 2-0.
79': Well Saved by Franco a sure goal of Odafa from goalline as Odafa's shot beat Saneip but Franco finally clered it well.
78': Odafa's effort and his grounder went wide.
75': PLAYER CHANGE: MMB:: Manish jr. in and Biswajit Saha out..
72': Sunil Chettri is injured and under in treatment.
70':Still scoreline is 2-0 for Churchill Brothers.
68': Sandip The keeper of CB is injured and under in treatrment.
66': PLAYER CHANGE: CB:: Jaison out and Binish Balan in.
65': Still Bagan is trailing by 0-2.
64': Odafa was blocked by Tamba just top of the box by a foul, MMB shouts for Penalty but Ref gave a free kick for CB.
. 61': Another great save of Sandip from Odafa's free kick.
60': Free kick for Bagan from Odafa's movement as Ravanan blocked him by a foul.
In Bangalore Mohammedan SC  0-0   Mumbai Tiger after half time.
58': Jaison Vales's corner kick cleared from MMB box..
56': CB earned a corner in left from Henry's attack.
55': Jacob's poor left footer went to Sandip's hand.
53': Mohun Bagan got achance from Odafa's shot which defected from Sandip's hand and rebound shot of Nabi again reflected from Satish Singh.
www.kolkatafootball.com STAT: Mohun Bagan scored 33 goals so far where 26 goals came from foreighers credit and rests are Indians. while Churchill scored 50 goals so far where 36 goals came from Foreigners..
52': Taba performed a great job in CB defence to block so many effective attacks of MMB.
49': Another good attempt of CB, Sunil to Belal and his shot just went out over the bar.
47': MMB attacked from left, Tolgey to Snehasish but his low poor cross cleared by CB defender.
46': 2nd half match starts.
In Bangalore Mohammedan SC  0-0   Mumbai Tiger after 30 minutes.
HT : It's half time now in the match. Churchill is leading Henry'sv 2 goals.
45': Referee added 2 minutes.
44': Free kick for Bagan just out side of the CB box. Odafa's shot went out over the bar.
43': www.kolkatafootball.com STAT:Mohun Bagan was unbeatedn in last 3 matches to Churchill in I-League.
42': Could be the 3rd goal for CB but Shiltol well saved Denzil's cross and Jaison's header from a close.
40': PLAYER CHANGE: MMB : Manish out Jewel in and Sabeeth out and Snehasish In.
40': 2-0 is the scoreline for Churchill Brothers.
38': Churchill is dominating the game.
37': Ravanan well cleared from their Box as Tolgey passed towards Odafa.
35': Churchill Brothers is leading 2-0. Both scored by Henry. 13th goals in I-League of Henry.
34': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. 2nd goal of Churchill. Again by Henry from a solo run to beat two MMB defenders..
33': PLAYER CHANGE: CB : Thyanjam out and Satish in.
32': Nice shot of Odafa from left of out side box but Sandip well saved for a corner.
www.kolkatafootball.com STAT: Last 7 matches Churchill Brothers was unbeaten where they drew 2-2 to Dempo in their last I-League match while Mohun Bagan was unbeaten in their last 10 matches. Last they lost to Salgaocar 0-2 in Ileague.
30': Odafa to Tolgey and his header from inside of CB box went to Sabeeth but Sabeeth missed the opportunity.
28': Denson to Odafa in CB box but Ravanan cleared it. Goal kick for CB
27': Again attack of CB, Henry to Sunil in MMB box but it was too fast as Shilton saved it.
25': 1-0 is the scoreline for Churchill Brothers.
25': Nabi cleared an attack of CB in their box.
24': Odafa's weak header went to Sandip's hand.
22': Overlapping by Denzil from right and his weak cross went to Shilton's hand.
20': Counter attack of Bagan from right, Nabi to Tolgey, Tolgey's shot beat Sandip but went out.
19': Churchill is leading 1-0. 12th goal of Henry in I-League.
18': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Churchill scored goal through Henry from a square pass of Sunil.
16': Still 0-0 in the match.
15': Lenny's right sided low grounder deflected from Shilton's hand but Aibor cleared it finally.
14': Jacobs stopped Henry for a foul. Free kick for CB, Cleared from MMB box.
www.kolkatafootball.com STAT: Both team met 30 times so far in NFL/Ileague. Where Mohun Bagan won 10 times, Churchill Brothers won 6 times and 14 times match ended draw.
12': In 2nd DIVN I-League Bhowanipur win 4-1 riding on Lima's hattrick.
10': Still no score 0-0.
9': Now slow pace in the match.
8': Chettri was well blocked by Biswajit in right.
8': Henry was blocked by Aibor in left from a forward pass of Denzil.
6': Odafa was tacled behind by Jaison Free kick for Bagan. Denson's left footer went wide from top of the box.
5': Jaisan crossed from left cleared by Aibor.
4': Corner kick cleared and counter attack of CB from left.
3': Corner for Bagan.First one from an attack of Biswajot from left but Denzil well stopped him.
2': Bagan's attack. Denson's pass in box went to Sandip's hand.
2': Long shot of Ashely went wide over the bar.
1': Free kick for MMB from an attack.
1': Match starts at Kalyani.
0': The match will start soon at Kalyani. Referee C.R.SRIKRISHNAN is readey with other ref staffs.

(2012-13 I-League-I) : 21.04.2013: United Sikkim   0-3   Sporting Goa : ( GNT - FT ..)
SCG : Daswan 11', Pratesh 45+1', Kalu 90+2'


20.04.2013: Air India   0-6   Pune FC (PUNE - FT')

PFC : Boima 27', Moga 39', 67', Douhou 52, Lalpekhlua 74', N. Kadam 87'
PFC : Arminder, Anas, Othalo, Gurjinder, Ralte, Paite, Arata, Rocha, Douhou, Boima, Moga.

I-League: Pune FC score biggest-ever I-League win, thrash Air India 6-0

PFC MEDIA RELEASE : Pune FC scored their biggest-ever I-League win thrashing Air Indian FC 6-0 in a Round 25 'Away' encounter at the Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Mhalunge-Balewadi in Pune on Saturday. The win was architected by a brace from striker James Moga (39th & 67th minute) and strikes from Boima 'Jerry' Karpeh (26th), Douhou Pierre (52nd), Jeje Lalpekhlua (74th) and Nikhil Kadam (86th).

With this win Pune FC regained their third position with 43 points from 23 games, second only to East Bengal on goal difference; while Air India stay rooted on 13th with 19 points from 24 games. After a slow start to the game, Pune FC took the lead midway through the half. 'Keeper Amrinder Singh saved Pradeep Mohanraj's cross in from the right and pumped the ball ahead on a counter. Jerry controlled the ball on the left and beat a couple of defenders before sliding the ball past the 'keeper at the near post.

Striker Moga the doubled the lead six minutes from the break when he controlled a lob pass into the box and pushed the ball beyond keeper Sukhwinder Singh. Pune FC took their two goal lead into the breather.

Seven minutes after the restart, Pune FC increased their lead. After Douhou's initial shot was blocked Moga did well to find him on the right flank and the Ivorian finished with ease. Two minutes later, Moga earned a penalty after being brought down in the box. However he failed to convert from the spot kick as his shot came off the vertical on the left.

Moga however completed his brace twelve minutes later. Substitute F. Lalrempuia - making his debut - dispossessed an opponent and found Jerry on the edge of the box. Jerry slid the ball to Moga on the right flank from where his unstoppable shot from an acute angle ended in the net. Five minutes later, Douhou sent substitute Jeje in the clear on the left. Jeje shielded the keeper on the wing before sliding back to winger Khanthang Paite whose shot from distance agonisingly hit the crossbar.

Two minutes later, Jeje did get his name on the scoresheet when his finished off a counter after Moga found him in the clear on the left. Four minutes from time, Pune FC made it six after substitute Nikhil scored his first senior goal for the club. Lalrempuia, Moga and Douhou combined on the right before Moga set up Nikhil on the left. The winger scored calmly past the helpless keeper from 8 yards.


20.04.2013: ONGC FC   1-1   Mumbai FC (DEL - FT )
ONGC : Yusa 19'
MFC : Yakubu 90+4' :: MOM : Wahid ( ONGC)
ONGC : Rehnesh, Parminder, Adeola, Robin, Whaliad, Jatin, Kailash, Sachin, Lalrinmuana, Yusa, Muritala.

Mumbai FC hold ONGC to a draw

AIFF MEDIA RELEASE : Prior to the kick-off, one had to look back at ONGC's Home record. Not consisting of any big names and supposedly an easy meat on paper, ONGC have been almost invincible at the Ambedkar Stadium in the 2012/13 edition of the I-League.

As things stand now, if East Bengal don't win the title, they may look back at the ONGC match which they lost at the Ambedkar Stadium; if even Churchill Brothers don't eventually win their title, they may also look back at the ONGC match in which they were held in New Delhi. Even defending champions Dempo SC will admit that it was their 1-3 defeat against ONGC at the Ambedkar Stadium which started their slide.

The trend continued. An injury-time goal by Yusif Yakubu helped Mumbai FC to earn a point against ONGC at the Ambedkar Stadium on Saturday (April 20). Earlier, Yusa Katsumi had converted from the spot to put ONGC in the lead in the 18th minute. The match marked the end of ONGC.s home-matches in the Capital.

Courtesy the result, both teams moved to 31 points from 25 matches.

ONGC's first chance came as early as the fifth minute. Kailash Patil's deft turn caught rival defender Kamaljeet Kumar on the wrong foot and the former was brought down. But off the resultant free-kick, Yusa Katsumi's try sailed inches over. A couple of minutes later, Yusa was brought down by rival defender Peter Costa and this time David Lalrinmuana's free-kick was way off the mark.

Mumbai FC came back strongly and forced a goalline clearance in the 12th minute - Justin Stephen's header off a Nicolas Rodrigues corner was cleared off the line by Sachin Gawas.ONGC surged ahead in the 18th minute. A David cross from the right was handled inside the box by Kamaljeet and Yusa gleefully converted from the spot to make it 1-0.

Mumbai FC's best chance in the first-half came in the 31st minute. Peter Costa set up Evans Quao inside the box but his prompt shot was palmed away by ONGC goalkeeper Rehenesh. Yusa, who till then, was creating problems for the Mumbai FC defenders, limped off in the 35th minute and was substituted by Naresh Aula. ONGC, thereafter, looked a bit wayward.

Changing over, Mumbai FC stayed the more dominant force. They did break into the rival box a number of times but the ONGC defenders managed to keep them in bay. Their easiest chance came in the 58th minute when John Coutinho, all in control, failed to tap it over an onrushing Rehenesh from the top of the box. Much to the frustration of the Mumbai FC bench, the ball sailed over.

Three minutes later, Yasif Yakubu failed to direct his free-header into the net off a Nicolas centre down the left. ONGC who depended on counter-attacks, also had their chances. In the 65th minute, former India International Jatin Bisht's header off a David corner bounced off the post.

ONGC who had been pressing hard just couldn't convert the chances which came their way. Substitute Kuttymani's miss in the 88th minute summed up the day for them. With all the time in the World, Kuttymani?s header off a Peter Costa cross went over.

But the drama was in store. The lanky Abhishek Yadav set up Yakubu in the clear and the veteran striker banged it in to the right of Rehenesh in the 94th minute. The match ended 1-1. The last time the two teams had met, Mumbai FC had scraped past ONGC by a solitary goal at the Balewadi Sports Complex in Pune.


20.04.2013: Pailan Arrows  1-2   Salgaocar SC (KOL - FT.)
SAL: Joshimar 43', Gabriel 49'
PAI : Semilin 38'
MOM : Luciano Sabrosa (SAL)
PAI : Poire, Souvik, Vishal, Sonu, Preetam, Milan, Pronoy, Tirthankar, Saijumon, Alwin, Semilin...
SAL : Karanjit, Fulgancio, Milagres, Augesine, Nicolou, Rocus, Francis, Ranadev, Gabriel, Joshimar..


19.4.2013 United SC   2-0   Shillong Lajong (KALYANI - FT..)

USC : Subrata, Deepak, Gourmangi, Bello, Dhanachandra, Asik k, Tulunga, Lalkamal, Rafiq, Vincent, Ranti
SLFC: L. Ralte, Passah, Jibon, Lallawmzuala, Subhash, Taisuke, MinCholSon, Haokip, Renedy, Sushil, Edinho ...

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FT : United SC win 2-0 in their 25th Round Match. Ranti Martins has been selected Man of the Match.
90': 4 minute added time.
89': In Bangalore Rangajied FC is leading 1-0 against Mumbai Tiger after 65 minutes.
88': Still United is leading with their 1st half 2-0 goals by Raty from Penalty and Tulunga.
87': SLFC counter attackedfrom right but finally Lyndoh's shot went out from a clearence.
85': SLFC earned a corner in left, Ball went direct to Subrata's hand from Rennedy's corner kick.
84': Right sided cross of Ranty ad Rafiq's header went wide.
82': Long shot of Taisuke went to Subrata's hand.
80': Usc is leading 2-0. Slow pace in the match now.
78': Min chol Son missed to score beat Subrata in box but finally unable to score.
76': kolkatafootball.com STAT: As an Indian Footballer Vineeth CK of United SC scored 7 goals with a hattrick the highest score among Indian Players.. .
75': Still 2-0 for USC.

74': Mil Chol Son shown Yellow card as he fouled Deepak.
73': Free kick for Lajong. Free kick cleared by Bello's header.
73': United committed 6offises while Lajong only 1 so far.
71': Corner for USC from Rafiq's attack. No impact in Lal's corner kick.
70': Same score 2-0 for USC.
69': Subrata saved a long header from right flak of Sushil.
69': Shillong Lajong is playing with only 1 foreigner today.
68': What a save of Subrata, Min clol son's left footer from top of the box, he saved nice.
66': Great chance missed by USC, Lal from left towards Rafiq but ball cleared by corner.
65': 2-0 still leading by United SC.
63': kolkatafootball.com STAT: So far Hasa Adeola shown 7 yellow cards and Dawson Ferandez of Sporign just behnd him with 6. .
62': BANGALORE 2nd DIV I-League Mumbai Tiger 0-0 Rangajied FC in half time. 60': Still the score line is 2-0 for USC
60';: PLAYER CHANGE: USC : Vineeth in and Tulunga out.
58': Lal to Vincent in right and he passed to Ranty but he missed.
57': Long ball for Vincent and he passed for Ranty but cleared.
56': United is now playing short passes.
55': Bello welll blocked Sushil in their box . Goal kick for USC.
54': Miss pass galore in the match by both teams.
53': Shillong LAjong Attack from right , Sushil to Haokip but he missed the to receive the ball.
52': Lal to Rafiq in right out position but blocked by SLFC.
50': Still USC is leading 2-0.

47': Foul of Jibon Singh to Rafiq. Both are injured.
46': 2nd Half match starts.
HT : It's half time now in the match. 2-0 for USC.- RANTI, TULUNGA.
45+1': Lal and Ranty joint effort but finally no damage dome.
45': 2 minutes added time by Referee.
In 2nd DIVN I-LEAGUE in Bangalore, Mumbai Tiger and Rangdajied FC match still goalless after 15 minutes.
42': Brilliant right footer of Haokip from out side box which Subrata fiested out.
41': Corner for SLFC in left, Renedy Singh's corner kick cleared from USC box.
40': Again Hookip but there was Deepakwho blocked him.
39': Well atttack of SLFC from right, Boithan's weak header went out..
38': Edinho's long shot went to Subrata's hand.
36': Asif K is injured and he is under treatment.
WE are observing through our Google Anlytic that which other ..(Football) Site is watching the commentary. We will publish the name later.
35': 2-0 still now for USC.
33': Kolkatafootball.com Stat: With today's Goal Ranty Martin reach 24 goal, only 1 game in hand but EB's Chidi is behind him with 17 have 2 matches while Odafa with 16 goals but he will get 5 more Matches.
30': Rafiq was trying two times for a goal, first one went over the bar but that was a brilliant punch from out side box.
30': 2-0 is the scoreline of United SC. Ranti and Tulunga score the goals.
27': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Tulunga scored the 2nd from a brilliant pass of Vincent from left.
25': Still United SC is leading 1-0. Courtesy Ranti Marims from Spot kick.
24': Again nice grounder cross of Bello from left but SLFC defeder cleared it before the touch of nearby Rafiq.
22': Brillian headr clearence of Bello from a left sided cross fo Nilcholsom.
21': SLFC countr attacking from left wing. Sushil Singh passed in USC box, Subrata beat but Deepak cleared finally.
20': United SC is leading 1-0.
18': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Ranty scored from spot kick. United is leading 1-0.
17': Penalty to USC for foul of SLFC Keeper Ralte while Vincent was collecting a long Aireal ball passed by Bello.
16': Edinho fouled Bello, Free kick for USC in their ow area.
15': No score yet in the match. 0-0.
14': United is attacking from left and right both side.
13': Slow pace in the match.Match
12': FRee kick for USC, Lal's kick cleared from SLFC Box.
10': Still no score in the match. 0-0.
10': Lal's corner from right well cleared by Pasah.
10': What a miss of RAfiq, Asif's cross from let but he was unable to touch the ball finally ball went for Corer kick of USC.
9': Both teams are in attacking more. USC is trying to play more ground passed.
9': Free kick for SLFC. Jibon's kick cleared from USC box.
8': Another effort of USC, Ranti got a ball from Voncent but his left footer for out side box went target less.
8': Min CLol Son was blocked by Rafiq. foul. Free kick for SLFC.
7': Danger for USC, Edinho got the ball in open space but Deepak well saved via a brilliant side tackle.
6': Bello to lal to Tulunga to Ranti to Lal but cleared by SLFC and counter attack.
5': No score yet in the match.0-0
4': Long ball trowards Sushil in right side but Bello cleared well.
3': Bello to Asif and Asif was trying to pass Lal but blocked by SLFC.
3': Corner for United from Ranti's attack, Lal's corner cleared from SLFC Box.
2': Attack of SLFC from left but Ball went to Subrata.
1': Match starts at Kalyani.



(IL-R-26)07.05.2013 Churchill Brothers.  1-1   Mohun Bagan (Goa - FT .)

CB : Sunil Chettri 71'

MOM : Rahim Nabi (MMB)

CB : Sandip, Denzil, Ravanan, Tamba, Satish, Leney, Beto, Hery, Jaison, Sunil, Binish.
MB : Shilton, Nirmal, Aibor, Biswajit, Eche, Nabi, Jacobs, Denson, Fela, Odafa, Sabeeth.

JAYDIP DASGUPTA: 07.05.2013.: Churchill Brothers of Goa are the Champions of the most prestigious tournament of the sub continent - I-League forthe year 2012-13.Goa proved it's dominance in Indian football once again as this is the sixth consecutive time thata club from the southern state crowned the I-League.

In a evenly poised encounter at the Duler Stadium Churchill locked in a 1-1 draw against the Mohun Bagan Club of Kolkata to bagged the crown for the second time after 2008-2009. It must be mentioned that this is the eight time that a Goan club share the honor of winning the I-League. The man who guided the team from the dug out created a history.

Churchill Brothers was established in 1988 and was initially known as Varco Club. After one year they changed their name to Brothers Sporting Club. Soon they were bought over by Mr. Alemao Churchill and were renamed Churchill Brothers. The Club is based at Salcette, Goa and have been playing the Federation Cup since 1993 and the National Football League since its inception in 1996-97.They finished Runners Up in the inaugural year.


1) I-League: 2008-09 and 2012-13.
2) IFA Shield: 2009, 2011.
3) Durand Cup: 2007, 2009, 2011.

Champions: Rs. 70 lakh
Second-placed team: Rs. 40 lakh
Third-placed team: Rs. 25 lakh
Fourth-placed team: Rs. 15 lakh
Incentive for winning a match: Rs. 35000
Man-of-the-match (per match): Rs. 5000.

The most experienced coach in Indian football Subash Bhowmick who is responsible for winning several tournaments in India and abroad for the Kolkata clubs especially East Bengal is now successful in Churchill Brothers. Subash was the coach of East Bengal in the year 2002-2003 and in 2004-2005 when the red and gold were the winners of the National league.

The officials of Churchill gave him the full responsibility, trusted his football sense and at the end Bhowmick gave Alamao brothers the deserved result which any I-League playing club are dreaming off. At the 27th minute of the 1st half C.S.Sabeeth gave Mohun Bagan the lead almost against the run of play.

Sabeeth receives a ball just outside the 18 yards beat Satish Singh and lobes the ball over the head of advancing Sandip Nandy. In the first half both the teams were fighting to gain the midfield as Quinton Jacob and Nabi had taken the initiative to play the passing football.

In the second half Churchill changed some of their strategies opted to use both the flanks and created more pressure in the mariners deep defense.The all important equalizer came in at the 72nd minute of the match. A cross from Bineesh Balan was headed in by Sunil Chetri to give Churchill the desired honor.

Churchill Brothers bagged the honor at the 25th round of the tournament.They have to play against Air India on 12th of May which will be a mere formality. Air India has already relegated from the I-League.Churchil are now in 54 points while the 2nd positioned Pune FC are at 49 points from 25 matches.

Churchill has scored 53 goals and conceded 23 goals. Subash Bhowmich in various occasions said that the credit should be given to his players. He emphasized on the team effort which made the Churchill's dream came true.


FT: Match End 1-1. Churchill Brothers win the I-League 2012-13 before 1 match in hand..
90+2': Jacobs missed to get a goal from a free kick.
90+1': 3 minutes to wait for Churchill's crown?
90': Referee added 3 minutes.
87': Yellow Card to Dezil for wasting time. His free kick cleared.
86': Biswajit Saha fouled Balan. Free kick for CB.
84': Long ball from Aibor in the CB box cleared by Sandip.
82': Good shot of Ashley from out side of the box went out.
80': Scoreline is 1-1. 10 minutes to go.
76': PLAYER CHANGE: MMB : Manish Sr. came in and Snehasish out.
74': Draw in the match means Churchill Brothers win the league for 2nd time after 2008-09.
72': Now the score line is 1-1.
71': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Churchill equalized through Chettri. Balan's cross and Chettri's header beat Shilton.
67': CB now put more pressure in Bagan defence .
66': Great escape of MMB, Lenney's left sided cross missed by Shilton and goal bound header of Bilal finally saved by Eche.
65': Still 1-0 is the scoreline for Mohun Bagan.
63': PLAYER CHANGE : CB : Bilal in and Beto out.
61': Attack of Bagan from right but Nirmal's long cross went to Sandip.
59': Beto's shot well saved by Shilton for a corner.
58': Danger for Bagan, Free kick won by CB from a attack of Beto and bad tackle of Denson just top of the box.
57': Free kick for Bagan, Ravanan fouled Jacobs, Free kick wet to Sandip.
55' : Still 1-0 is the scoreline for Mohun Bagan.
54': Chance came to CB, Chetri's poor grounder from left went out.
52': Churchill Brothers won the first leg 2-0.
51': Another attack of MMB from left, Snehasis effort blocked by Tamba
50': Danger for CB, Nabi got a chance to score but his left footer from one to one situation went wide.
49': MMB put more pressure ow, Sabeeth's attack from left but finnally blocked by Ravanann for a corner.
48': Aibor fouled Chettri. Free kick for CB.
46': Starts of 2nd half.
HT : It's half time now and Mohun Bagan is leading 1-0.
45': Referee added 2 minutes more.
43': Corner for CB in left from Beto's movement. Balan's shot missed the line.
b 41': Snehasish from Biswajit in left but unable to control, MMB good defending also today.
b 40': Still Mohun Bagan is leading 1-0.
38': Nirmal's long ranger went wide.
37': Yellow card to Jacobs for a foul to Beto from behind to stop with the ball.
37': PALYER CHANGE : MMB : Snehasish in and Fela out.
36': Rough and tough playing is going on now. Both teams are in attacking mode.
34': Still Mohun Bagan is leading 1-0.
33': Lalrin Fela of Bagan injured during a ball collection and under in the treatment in out side of the field.
32': Corner for Bagan in left, Manish Jr. corer cleared for Throw in for CB.
31': Ball possession is fifty fifty in the match, both teams are playing attacking.
29': PALYER CHANGE : MMB : Manish Jr in and Odafa out.
27': Mohun Bagan is leading 1-0 through Sabeeth's score.
26': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Mohun Bagan scored goal. Sabeeth beat Satish using his both feet from right and his left footer lob beat Sandeep.
25': Long ball of Tamba for Henry wet to Shiltonn's hand.
22': Free kick for CB, Denzil's right sided kick went to Tamba but aimless shot of Tamba wen wide.
20': 0-0 is the scoreline.
20': 0-0 is the scoreline.
19': MMB earned corer kick in right, Jacobs corner went for CB Goalkick.
18': Corner for CB, Balan's kick towards Tamba, cleared.
17': Well attack of CB through Bala from left Nirmal blocked fro corner.
15': 0-0 is the score line. Churchill need only a draw to get the title of I-League 2012-13.
13': Free kick cleared in CB defence.
12': Ravanan fouled on rushing Odafa from behind. foul and free kick for MMB.
11': 0-0 is the score line.
10': Beto's free kick went out.
9': Balan own movement from left but Denson stopped him by a foul and shown YELLOW CARD Free kick for CB.
8': Foul to Odafa, Free kick for MMB. Deson's header went to Sandip's hand.
6': Ravanan cleared a in side attack of Fela.
5': No score yet. 0-0. In first leg Churchill won 2-0 against Mohun Bagan.
4': Jacob's corer from right cleared by Lenney.
4': Good move of MMB, Denson to Nabi in right and his final shot well saved by Sandip for Corner.
3': Goal kick for MMB.
2': Free kick for Bagan, cleared.
1': Match starts.
0': 2nd leg match will start soon.



04.05.2013 DEMPO SC   2-2   EAST BENGAL (GOA - FT..) DEM : Carvalho 49', Jonny 75'

KEB : Penn 17', Isfaq Ahmed 86'

MOM : Godwin Franco (DEM)

JAYDIP DASGUPTA : 4.05.2013 : The second leg of the I-league clash between the last years defending champions and the runners up were locked in a 2-2 draw at the Duler Stadium in Goa. East Bengal continued to loose points in the important stages of the tournament and the changes of being finished second unlike last two years are almost impossible. In our preview we had mentioned that the red and gold should capitalize the scoring opportunities.Today in both the half's they had failed to convert some easiest of the opportunities.

East Bengal started well in the first half by controlling the midfield leading by Mehtab Hossain and Penn Orji.The red and gold took the lead in the 17th minute of the first half when Penn dribbled past three of the Dempo defender and places it to the left of Subhasish Roy Chowdhury. East Bengal continued their note of playing passes between themselves created some opportunities but as usual they wasted some easiest of changes.during the first session the Dempo midfield failed to create any impact.

Dempo equalized just after the break at the 48th minute through Joy Ferrao who came in as a change of Clifford Miranda equalized from a Godwin Franco free kick. In the 53rd min the Dempo midfielder Peter Carvalo had to taken off the field when he hurt his jaw after getting crashed with the post.He was unconscious for some time and had to rush to the Hospital. The news which we have received from the Dempo Officials that the condition of Peter Carvalo is stable now.

Jonny Menyongar the Liberian recruit of Dempo increased the lead as he snatched off a loose ball from the red and gold deep defense and places the ball to the left of the East Bengal custodian Gurpit Singh Sandhu.This fault of the deep defense of the Kolkata giant is mercy less.

East Bengal leveled the score at the 83rd minute when Isfaq Amhed capitalized a pass from Andrew Barisik who was replaced by Penn Orji. Andrew Borisic could have been the hero if he placed the ball from Cheddi's pass almost in the empty goal when Subasish was at his mercy


04.05:2013 DEMPO SC   2-2   EAST BENGAL (GOA - FT..) DEM : Carvalho 49', Jonny 75'

KEB : Penn 17', Isfaq Ahmed 86'

MOM : Godwin Franco (DEM)
KEB : Gurprit, Naoba, Okpara, Gurbindar, Soumik, Mehtab, Sanju, Dika, Penn, Cheddi, Baljit.

DEM: Subhasish, Selwyn, Antao, Rowilson, Nicolou, Miranda, Anthony, Carvalho, Godwin, Koko, Sueoka...REF : C. Sri Krishna.

FT : Match end. East Bengal hold Dempo SC in away 2-2. Who will be Man of the Match today?
90+3': Another action through Dika - Chiddi duo. But Selwyn cleared.
90': Referee added 6 minutes more. 6 minutes to left to end of the match.
88': Now the score line is 2-2. First leg between the two ended 1-1.
86': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Isfaq scored the equalzer from a pass of Borisic.
80': Dempo is leading 2-1 now. 1st leg ended 1-1.
78': PLAYER CHANGE : KEB : Borisic in Penn out.
75': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Dempo Scored goal. Johny (Sub of Peter Carvalho)scored from a shot from top of the box.
62': PLAYER CHANGE : KEB : Isfaq in Sanju out.
70': Penn got a chance in 8 yard from Chidi but his poor shot went to Subhasish.
65': Still the score line is 1-1.
63': Peter Carvalho seriously injured and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment who was crashed with the bar post in an action.
62': PLAYER CHANGE : KEB : Lobo in Baljit out.
60': Still the score line is 1-1.
51': Now the score line is 1-1.
49': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Peter Carvalho scored goal for Dempo.
HT : East Bengal is leading 1-0.
45': Last Year Runners up is leading 1-0 against defending Champions.
40': 1-0 for EB. CFL Premier rest matches 16/5 : MMB-USC, 20/5 : KEB - USC, 23/5 : KEB-MMB .
37': IFA confirms 3 rest CFL premier League matches between East Bengal, Mohun Bagan and United SC. wait for a while for perfect dates...
35': 1-0 still for East Bengal. Courtesy Penn.
30': Still East Bengal is leading 1-0.
23': The first leg ended 1-1.
20': East Bengal is leading 1-0.
17': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.. Penn score goal for East Bengal with his solo skill..
15': No score yet in the match
10': No score yet in the match.
2': Attack of KEB from left, Dika to Soumik but Soumik failed to dribble a Dempo player.
1': Match starts at Tilak Maidan, Goa.


MMB : Odafa 28', Jacbos 50'

MMB : Shilton, Aibor, Nirmal, Mehraj (Snehasish), Biswajit, Denson, Nabi, Jacobs, Tolgey (Eche), Odafa, Sabeeth
PAI: Poire, Pritam, Deepak (Vishsl), Souvik, Narayan, Milan, Pronoy, Thirthankar, Shaijumon ( Holiocharan), Alwin,
MOM : Quinton Jacobs (MMB)
FT : Match end, Mohun Bagan win 2-0. Man of the Match is....
90+2': Two back to back attack of Pailan, Eche cleared both times.
90': Referee added 4 minutes.
90': Pailan got corner, Eche cleared.
89': Brilliant effort of Odafa in POailan Box, beat three players but finally his shot went out.
87': 2-0 is the score line for Mohun Bagan.
87': PLAYER CHANGE : PAI: Vishal Kumar In and Deepak out.
86': Holicharan collied with Eche. Holi was injured now fit.
STAT: Mohun Bagan won the 1st leg on 24.3.2013 against Pailan Arrows by a margin of 3-2.
85': 2-0 is the score line for Mohun Bagan.
85': Biswajit's throw in, cleared.
84': Jacobs to Nirmal in right but cleared by Rajinder.
82': MMB got corner, Odaga's grounder went out.
80': Still 2-0 is the score line.
77': Rajinder's shot went for corner.
76': 2-0 is the score line for Mohun Bagan.
75': Mohun Bnga is attacking now in right through Sabeeth.
73': PLayer Change PAI: Milan Singh out and Rajinder in.
72': Snehasish fouled Doungel, Free kick for POailan. Free kick cleared.
70': Corner for Mohun Bagan, Sabeeth corner cleared.
70': Still 2-0 is the scoreline for Mohun Bagan.
68': Drinks breaking.
66': Jacobs fouled Pronoy.
66': Bagan is dominating in the 2nd half.
65': Odafa well passed to Sabeeth but his went for corner.
63': Corner for MMb, Cleared of Jacobs shot.
62: PLAYER CHANGE : PAI: Holi Charan in and Saiju Mon out.
61: PLAYER CHANGE : MMB: Snehasish in Mehtrajudding out.
57': Odafa to Jcobs to Odafa again but cleared.
56': Odafa crossed drom right beteen 5 Players but ball went wide.
55': Nabi to Jacobs to Nabi but throwin.
53': Odafa's shot from out side box went over the cross bar.
53': PLAYER CHANGE : MMB: Tolgey out Eche In.
51'; Mohun Bagan is now leading 2-0.

50': GOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Jacobs scored goal from a brilliant Free kick.
49': Foul to Sabeeth just out side of the box. Free kick for Bagan.
48': 2nd half match starts.
HT : End of Half time. Mohun Bagan is leading -.
45+2': Lenn got a chance, Nirmal cleared.
45+1': Odafa to Tolgey but ball went out.
45': 3 minutes more added time.
43': Odafa's shot went out from 2nd Bar.
41': MMB attack again, Odafa to Tolgey but cleared.
40': 1-0 is the score for Mohun Bagan.
39': Pailan again got throw in in left.
38': Throw in for PAI in right. Clared in MMB box. 36': Free kick for MMB, cleared.
34': Saiju mon fouled Aibor.
33': Pailan is attacking.
32': Denson fouled Thirthankar in left of their half.
31': Shilton saved an one to one from Saiju Mon.
30': Mohun BAgan is leading 1-0.
28': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Odafa scored Goal from Denson's Brilliant Pass.
25': Nabi moved from right, passed to jacob's, Jacob to Odafa but cleared
24': Lenn's attack cleared by Nirmal.
23': Shilton saved Dsiju's header.
22': Drinks break by Referee.
21': Still attacking of Pailan going on now.
20': Still no score yet.0-0 is the scoreline.
19': Odafa's shot missed the target in 1st Bar.
17': Now Bagan is attacking from right now..
16': Mehraj to biswajit in left, Biswajit to Sabeeth but uncontrolled the ball.
15': Odafa beat two men but cleared,
13': Pailan is attacking from right side.
11': Nabi fouled Saiju Free kick, Cleared in MMb box.
10': 0-0 score line.
10': Corner for MMB, Jacobs corner from right went to Poire.
8': Pailan attacked again, Biswajit cleared.
7': Match is going on mid firld.
5': 0-0 is the score line.
5': Free Kick for PAI, Aibor fouled Doungel.
4': Again attack of MMb, Tolgey's effort but Saiju cleared.
3': Bagan's attacked from left, Biswajit towards Odafa, miss pass.
2' Milan Sing's shot went to Shilton.
2': Corner kick cleared by Denson, for throw in.
1': Free kick for Pailan, Thirtho's shot went for corner kick.
1': Match starts, kicked off by Pailan Arrows.
0': Bothe teams are in the line up. Referee and his other helping staffs are ready to kick off the match.
0': The match will start soon at Kalyani Stadium.


(IL : 28.04.2013: PUNE FC   4-0   AIR INDIA (FT.)
PFC : Moga 34', Douhou 50', 77', Boima 84'.
PFC: Amrinder, Othallo, Anas, Chika, Gurjinder, Karma, Puia, Arata, Paite, Douhou, Moga.
AIR: Bubai, Gagandeep, Ojeme, Souvik, Junior, Prakash, Pratik, Henry, Johnychand, Vijith, Rahul

PFC MEDIA TEAM : Pune FC made it ten goals against Air India FC after thrashing them 4-0 in an I-League Round 6 rescheduled encounter at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Pune on Sunday. Earlier, Pune FC logged a huge 6-0 win in the first-leg over the Airmen eight days earlier.

With this win, Pune FC kept pressure on leaders Churchill Brothers whom they trail by two points having played a game more. The win was Pune FC's 15th win this season and now have their best-ever I-League tally of 49 points as the hosts stay on second place.

Playmaker Douhou Pierre's second half brace (50th & 77th minute) and goals from strikers James Moga (34th) and Boima "Jerry" Karpeh (84th) gave Pune FC another big win. However missed chances saved the rivals from further humiliation. Pune FC took charge from the opening minute. Six minutes into the game, Moga went wide on his half-volley after Karma set him up. Minutes later his attempt was blocked by keeper Bubai Singh after he connected Douhou's low ball.

At the quarter hour mark, Moga on a counter cut back on the right and unleashed a left-footer which was blocked by the keeper. The rebound fell for Doohou, but a defender cleared almost instantly. Four minutes after the half-hour mark Moga gave Pune FC the lead. The striker headed home winger Khanthang Paite's inch perfect cross in from the left.

At the other end, Pune FC custodian was in the form of his life blocking every attempt into the box. He pulled off a brilliant save on Jonychand?s Singh's swerving long-range attempt. Pune FC took their one goal lead into the break.

The hosts doubled their advantage almost instantly as Moga and Douhou combined again. Douhou dispossessed an opponent in the midfield; Moga picked up the loose ball and set up the Douhou who held off a defender's challenge before placing it well past the keeper.

Half an hour later, Douhou completed his brace to hand Pune FC a three goal lead. Controlling a throw-in from the left, the playmaker turned around, beat a couple of defenders with some quick feet and finished at the far post. Air India were restricted to few attacks but whenever they created an opportunity, they were denied by the in-form Amrinder.

Six minutes from the full-time whistle, substitute Jerry ? on for Moga - put the final nail in Air India's coffin. The striker controlled Chika Wali's long ball on the left, skipped past a defender inside the box and slid the ball at the far post. The goal was almost identical to his strike against the Airmen a week back.


12.05.2013 (I-L-R/26)- EAST BENGAL   0-1   SHILLONG LAJONG (KAL - 90'.+ 4' add. FT. )
SLFC: Taisuke 11' ( M.O.M ). Y/C: Subodh(EB)
KEB : Abhijit, Raju, Gurwinder, Arnab, Robert, Vashum, Subodh, Kevin, Robin (Chidi), Manandeep , Baljit (Borisic).
SLFC : Basant, Passah, Min-Chol-Son, Jibon, Lallawmzuala, Subhas, Samson, Boithang, Sho, Taisuke, Sushil....Referee : Umesh Bora.

East Bengal completed their I-League mission for the year 2012-13. In Kalyani today they were defeated by Shillong Lazong FC by a solitary goal but finished third in the I league table. The last match of the red and gold were a mere formality as Pune Fc ranked themselves in the second position yesterday over coming the Pailan Arrows by a margin of 3-1. So, after being the runners up in the last two years in the Morgan era this year East Bengal finished third.

Today East Bengal coach Travor James Morgan has completed his 1017th Day (31.7.2010 - 12.05.2013) in East Bengal. Kalyani Minucipality Chairman Dr. Nilimesh Roy Chowdhury felecited him with 1017 Red Rose and some Gift for the Coach.

The experts are in the opinion that East Bengal can be ranked much higher if they can capitalize the opportunity and in some matches the deep defense failed at the dying stages of the match unable to keep the lead.
Trevor Morgan today rested his foreigners as East Bengal will have to play three important matches within a week.The pre quarter final of the AFC cup at kolkata and two of the remaining matches of the Kolkata Premier league against United Sports and the Derby with the arch rivals Mohun Bagan on the 23rd. Shillong Lazong Fc took the lead in the 11th minute of the match.

Taisuke after receiving a pass from the mid field dribbled pass Raju Gaikwad inside the 18 yards and places the ball beating the advancing goalkeeper Abhijit Mondal.

East Bengal dominated in the midfield leading by Raisagmi Vashum and Subodh Kumar but the strikers failed to equalize.Manandip and Baljit can be blamed for the misses. In the the second session Morgan replaced Cheddi and Barisik in place of Robin and Baljit.

East BVengal created pressure, played a number of passes in the midfield and in the middle third, but unable to create any positive results. At the dying stages of the match Abhijit Mondal came to the rescue of his team when he saved a shot from Baithang other wise the red and gold had to face more problem.

East Bengal are with 47 points to finish third in the I league. They are the team who is economical in conceding oals. Records shows that only 18 goals scored against them. But it should be mentioned that they had conceded some unnecessary goals specially against United Sports and Air India which is mercy less. Shillong Lazong ended the league in the 11th position with 28 points to their credit.


12.05.2013 (I-L-R/26)- UNITED SIKKIM   0-3   MOHUN BAGAN ( FT..)
MMB : Nirmal Chettri 6' (Assisted by Denson Devdas), Odafa 70'-Pen, Tolgey 87'
USK : Rakshit, Sandesh (Sonam), Anwar, Lepcha, Munmun, Farid, Raju (Ashis), Sahenshah, Tamang (M.O.M ), Nurudeen, Pablo...
MMB : Shilton, Nirmal, Aibor, Eche, Biswajit, Nabi(Manish Sr.), Jacobs(Tolgey), Snehasish, Denson, Sabeeth, Odafa.
12.05.2013 (I-L-R/26)- DEMPO SC   2-1   SALGAOCAR (GOA - FT.)
SAL : Gabriel 16' :: DEM : Seuoka 21'(Pen - Karanjit fould), Anthony 90' (assisted Abranches and Carvaho)
SAL: Karanjit, Augustine, Gabriel, NIcolau, Sobrosa, Rahul, Josimar,Lamare, Randeep, Francisco, Gilbert.
DEM : Subhasish, Rowlin, Antao, Samir, Debabrata, Climax, Anthony, Clifford, Peter, Sueoka, (M.O.M ), Koko..........Referee : Andrew Sekhar
12.05.2013 (I-L-R/26)- AIR INDIA   0-3   CHURCHILL BROTHERS (GOA - FT..)
CB : Ravanan40', Jaison, Henry MOM : Sandip(CB)
CB : Sandip, Raju, Ravanan, Tamba, Denzil, Ashley, Lenny, Henry, Bineesh, Balal, Sunil.

Kalyani Municipality Chairman Dr. Nilimesh Roy Chowdhury handed over MOM

United SC beat ONGC in their last I-League match today at Kalyani.

11.05.2013 (I-L-R/26)- United SC   3-1   ONGC (KALYANI - FT.. )
USC: Ranti Martins - 28(Pe), 43, Vincent 57'
ONGC : Kainston C 70'

USC : Subrata, Deepak, Chinta, Bello, Dhanachandra, Tapan, Lalkamal, Tulunga, Rafiq, Vincent, Ranty..
ONGC : Rehnesh, Wahid, Robin, Hassan, Sandeep, Sachin, Jatin, David, Yusa, Brown, Lalmuanpuia........ REF : Arun Pillai

86': Chance to 2-3 for ONGC, Keinston got a ball in ope space but Tapan saved.
70': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 3-1 by ONGC. Keinston C scored from Jatin's free kick.
64': 3-0 leading by United SC.
57': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 3rd goal of United. Vincent scored through a brilliant header form a measured right sided cross of Deepak. 4th goal of Vincent in this I-League
48': Left footer of Vincent went wide.
HT : End of 1st half. United SC is leading 2-0. Both by Ranti Martins.
43': GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL : 2nd goal of Ranti martins. what a finish by beatig keeper in the box. 27th goal in this I-League.
41': What a saved by Subrata again!!. Brown's bullet shot from left flanck saved by Subrata.
40': 1-0 leading by USC.
28': GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL : Ranty scored through Spot kick.
27': Pealty for USC. Aseola fouled Vincent in box.
20': Chance missed by Vincent. one to one in box with the keeper but his lob saved Rehnesh for a corner.
14': What a Save!!Subrata Pal two back to back save, Eric's left footer saved but deflected and Lalmunapuia's shot saved again. ONGC lost a sure goal for Subrata.
11': ONGC's Yusa's attack in left and counter attack of Tulunga and Ranty saved by Rehnesh.
7': Brilliant save of Subrata Pal, OPNGC's Lalmuan's left footer from inside box well saved by Subrata by diving in left.


I-League: Pune FC seal 2nd spot; down Arrows 2-0 for best-ever finish

11.05.2013 (I-L-R/26)- Pune FC (Moga 40', Boima 65')   2-0   Pailan Arrows (Pune - FT. )

PFC: Amrinder, Othallo, Anas, Ralte, Gurjinder, Rocha, Arata, Paite, Douhou, Moga, Jerry.
PAI : Poerei, Vishal, Shouvik, Pritam, Milan, Pronay, Tirtho, Narayan, Alwyn, Holicharan, Doungel.

PFC RELEASE : 11.05.2013 : Pune FC clinched the second spot in I-League 2012-13 campaign with a comfortable 2-0 win over Pailan Arrows in a Round 26 encounter at the Shri Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Pune on Saturday. Goals from strikers James Moga (39th minute) and Boima "Jerry" Karpeh (65th) handed Pune FC all three points who logged their 16th win of the season.

The tally was highest ever achieved by Pune FC who took their tally to an all-time best 52 points from 26 games. Currently Pune FC are level on points with champions Churchill Brothers. Pune FC began the game explosively with Jerry creating a chance in the opening minute only for an alert Arrows custodian Soram Poirei to deny.

Midway through the half, winger Khanthang Paite sent in a ball from the left saw Moga connect in front of the goal. His attempt came off the cross bar and his rebound was blocked by the keeper. Pune FC finally took the lead six minutes from the break. Left-back Gurjinder Kumar found Jerry in the center who controlled and bulldozed through the defense before taking a shot. His attempt was blocked and fell for Moga whose first time attempt beat the keeper.

The hosts took their one-goal lead into the breather.

After a slow start to the second half, Pune FC doubled their advantage twenty minutes in. Playmaker Douhou Pierre dispossessed a defender and set up Jerry on a run on the left. The striker controlled, held off a defender and slid the ball past the keeper.

The opponents restricted to few chances were denied by the defense and Pune FC 'keeper Amrinder Singh who pulled off few brilliant saves. The hosts created a few chances late in the game and held on to their two-goal lead to wrap up the match.


11.05.2013 (I-L-R/26)- Sporting Goa   2-2   Mumbai FC (GOA -FT..)
MFC: Yakubu- Pen-36', John 90'+2'
SCG: Dawson 54', Victorino 76'