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I-League: East Bengal lost home match to Dempo SC in 5th Round

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17.10.2013: EAST BENGAL   1-3   DEMPO SC (KALYANI - FT.) :: GO HOME PAGE
KEB : Abhijit, Naoba, Okpara, Arnab, Soumik, Mehtab, Dika, Tulunga, Lobo, Chidi, Moga.
DEM : Subhasish, Debabrata, Honda, Simon, Samir, Carvalho, Jewel, Clifford, Beto, Jeje, Billy.

FT : Match end. East Bengal lost their home tie to Dempo in 2nd match of this I-League by 1-3. Beto got the Man of the match award.

90+2': Dempo is going to 1st win in this I-League while 2 nd away win against East Bengal.

90': 5 minute added time.

88': Moga's header went wide.

88': Jeje's right footer from Debabrata's pass went for Corner.

86': Now the scoreline is 3-1 for Dempo.

85': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL East Bengal reduce to 1-3 from Baljit, Got the pass from Moga in top of the box and his grounder right footer finds the home.

83': PLAYER CHANGE TO DEMPO : : Beto out and Godwin Franco in.

82': PLAYER CHANGE TO 10 MEN EAST BENGAL : : Naoba out and Gurwinder in.


80': Still Dempo is leadig 3-0, Scored by Miranda in 3 minute and Beto in 54 minut and Beto from Epnalty in 76 minute.

78': Chidi got a chance to score but nice blocked by Dempo's Honda.

76': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Beto scored the 3rd goal for Dempo. It's his 3rd goal in The I-League and 7th goal himself against East Bengal for Dempo.

75': Penalty for Dempo Okpara shown Red Card for 2nd yellow card.

73': Mehtab's kick went to Dempo keeper.

72': Corner for East Bengal as Chidi's shot deflected from Honda.

71': Sanir Naik is injured with Chiddi and he is under treatment.

70': Still Dempo is leadig 2-0, Scored by Miranda in 3 minute and Beto in 54 minute.

68': Naoba's poor cross from right cleared.

66': Match resume. Baljit cross fro, right went out.

65': Match stopped for a while as a cracker blasted in the field.

65': Still Dempo is dominating the 2nd half.

64': PLAYER CHANGE: EAST BENGAL : : Lobo out and Abranches in

62': PLAYER CHANGE: DEMPO : : Billy out and Joy Ferrao in

61': REast Bengal midfield is not functioning well.

60': Still Dempo is leadig 2-0, Scored by Miranda in 3 minute and Beto in 54 minute.

58': Corner for Dempo, Clifford's kick but foul in Eb box.

57': Moga fouled Honda of Dempo,

56': Corner for EB from Dika's left sided attack, Mehtab's corner went to Subhasish hand.

55': Dempo is leading 2-0 now.

54': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Clifford's corner kick and unmarked Beto's brilliant header beat Abhijit.

52': PLAYER CHANGE: EAST BENGAL: : Tulunga out and Baljit in

51': Clifford's brilliant left footerjust went wide over the cross bar.

50': Beto was fouled by Dika, Free kick for Dempo.

50': Dempo is dominating the motion of play.

49': 1-0 is the scoreline for Dempo.

48': TOday's match is a stage rehershal of East Bengal as they will play the away of AFC cup Semi Final agaist Kuwait FC on 22nd Oct at 47': Trailing by Clifford Mirands's score in first half East Bengal is searching for Equalizer now.

46': East Bengal is playing their 370th match in I-LEague including 1996-97 5 Priliminary Round Match.

46': Starts of 2nd half.

HT : End of First Half and Dempo is leading 1-0.

45': Referee added 2 minutes more.

42': EB attacked, James Moga's left footer tested Subhasish.

40': Still 1-0 for Dempo SC.

39': Okpra back pas to Arnab and Arnab to Abhijit.

36': What a good move of Beto from left, beat two EB player but finally ball cleared by a corner. Corner is cleared.

35': The scoreline remain same as Cempo is leading 1-0 by Clifford's score in 3rd minute and East Bengal lost the opportunity to equalized but Chidi missed the Penalty shot.

33': MISSED: Chidi's right footer went wide from 1st post. Low and weak gounder.

32': PENALTY for East Bengal as Samir Naik handeled the ball.

31': CHANCE again to Dempo, Same scene of 1st goal, Billy crossed from right and Cliffor on the way to push but he was unable to touch.

30':Still the scoreline is 1-0 for Dempo.

29': 2 back to back corner for East Bengal, last one went to Subhasish's hand as Mehtab kicked the corner.

26': More and more attack of Dempo, now from left, Beto from Jewel and his shot went out.

25': Dempo is playing in ground passed.

24': Soumik long ball to Lobo, lobo to Moga in DEM box but he was offside.

0': ANswer of Match Quiz-3:Beto scored 5 goals so far for Dempo against East Bengal in I-League.

22': Still Dempo is leading 1-0.

20': Chance missed of EB from Mehtab's left sided corner, Moga's header from Corner wnet to Chidi but he was too let.

19': Naoba's corner kick cleared for another corner.

18': East Bengal attacked from left, Lobo's cross and Moga's header went out for corner kick of EB.

17': Throwing for East Bengal in their right, Naoba's throw in cleared.

16': Wrong pass of Tulunga to Moga, cleared.

15': Still 1-0 for Dempo.

14': Again Jeje in attack for Dempo but finally Arnab blocked.

13': Beto's corner kick cleared by Okpara.

12': Another action of Dempo tfrom Jeje but but his shot went for corner kick.

10':Still 1-0 for Dempo.

10': Yellow Card to Okpara.

9': Clifford's left footer free kick went to Abhijit.

8': Beto was fouled by Okpara, Free kick for Dempo outside of EB box.

0': ANswer of Match Quiz-2: Chidi scored only 1 goal against Dempo in I-League so far.

7': Free kick for EB in their own half.

6': Lobo attacked from left side but finally he was unable to control the ball.

5': The scoreline is 1-0 for Dempo.

5': Chidi was in the action from right but cleared by Dempo defence.

4': Dempo is leading 1-0, currently the fastest goal in the match.

3': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Dempo scored goal through Clifford Miranda. Billy crossed from right and clifford followed the ball unmarked easy beat Naoba in run and scored.

2': Beto's shot went to Abhijit.

1': Beto was brough down by Mehtab from out side of EB box, Free kick for Dempo.

1': Match starts at Kalyani ,Dempo kicked off the match.

0': ANswer of Match Quiz-1: out of 15 home tie East Bengal won 8, lost 1 and drew 6 matches to Dempo.

0': Jam packed Kalyani stadium today.

MATCH QUIZ-3. How many goals scored by Beto for Dempo against East Bengal in I-League??

MATCH QUIZ-2. How many goals scored by Chidi for East Bengal against Dempo in I-League??

MATCH QUIZ-1. East Bengal played 15 home match so far against many win and loss in those matches?

0': Today's referee is Pratap Singh.

0': 29th encounter between the two in NFL/I-League will start soon at Kalyani.

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0': Kalyani Stadium is going to full house today.