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I-League: East Bengal lost their home match to Salgaocar.

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Salgaocar Sports Club of Goa are leading the I league table with sixteen points after the end of their seventh round. At Kalyani Municipal Stadium today Salgaocar out railed East Bengal by a margin of 3-2 and register their fifth victory. SCROLL DOWN BELOW FOR LIVE COMMENTARY..

It's a frustrating match yet again for the Red and Gold as this is their second loss after Dempo in the league. Salgaocar struck at the eight minute of the match when a shot from Darell Duffy was partially saved by Abhijit and the rebound was put into the empty goal by Karma T who was lying unmarked. A minute later Salgaocar increased the tally when Francis Fernandez lobbed a ball over Abhijit's head into the empty goal. Salgaocar played a well combined team game and utilized the chances of scoring. While East Bengal had the ball possession but unable to beat the Salgaocar defense.

In fact the Salgaocar's central defenders Chika Walli and Caitano Costa did not allow James Moga and Cheddi Eddeh to create any danger. Salgaokar increased the tally at the 60th minute when Chiffton Dias scored following a pass from Francis Fernandez. East Bengal came back into the match at the middle of the second session and scored a brace but unable to avoid the defeat.

In the sixty forth minute James Moga headed in a cross from Kavin Lobo from the right and Samilen Dongel places a pass from Harmonjot Khabra in the 77th minute. At the dying stages East Bengal created pressure in the Salgaocar's defense but failed to level the score.

East Bengal are now on six points from four matches which can be reckoned as poor performance in the recent years. East Bengal being the favorites of the I league have to develop in all departments in the coming days in order to climb up the ladder. This is Salgaocar's first win against East Bengal in the I league at Kolkata.

01.11.2013: EAST BENGAL   2-3   SALGAOCAR (KAL - ..90'+5'.....) ::---:: SCROLL DOWN BELOW and REFRESH PAGE
KEB : Abhijit, Naoba, Gurwinder, Okpara, Robert, Lobo, Mehtab, Dika, Khabra, Moga. Chidi.
SAL : Karanjit, Chika, Nicolou, Costa, Augustine, Karma T, Cliffton, Rocus, Gilbert, Francis, Duffy.
REFEREE : Umesh Bora - Delhi.
LIVE From KALYANI- By Prasenjit Bose (BABUN)

FT : Match end , East Bengal lost home tie 2-3 to Salgaocar. Chika Wali of Salgaocar has been declared Man of the match.
90+4': Mehtab's corner kick went to Abranches but his shot went wide.
90'+4': corner for EB from Khabra's shot as karanjit saved it.
90+3': Throw in for EB, Robert throw ib cleared.
90': 5 minute added time.
87': 3-2 for Salgaocar. 86': Gurwinder's effort from top of the box went out.
85': Corner kick of SAL clared now.
83': Lobo's corner cleared. Abhijit well saved a shot of SAL from a counter attack for corner.
82': EB got the corner, Lobo's kick clered for another corner.
79': Now the scoreline is 3-2 for Salgaocar.

77': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL East Bengal reduce margin 3-2 via lenn as he got pass from Khabra.
75': 3-1 for Salgaocar.
73': PLAYER CHANGE : Lenn in and Chidi. out.
71': PLAYER CHANGE : Rahul Kumar in and Karma out.
70': 3-1 is the scoreline for SAlgaocar.
69': Free kick for EB, Moga's shot went wide over the bar.
67': Yellow card to Gurwinder of EB.
65': PLAYER CHANGE : Abranches in and Dika out.
65': Now the scoreline is 3-1 for Salgaocar.
64': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL East Bengal reduce margin through Moga's header goal. Lobo's cross and Moga's header.
62': Now Salgaocar is leading 3-0 over East Bengal.
60': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL..Salgaocar 3rd goal through Cliffton Dias.
57': EB attacked, Moga's bycycle kick went over the cross bar off Khara's cross.
55': 2-0 still is scoreline for current table topper SALGAOCAR.
54': PLAYER CHSNGE : Baljit in and Naoba out.
52': Baljit and Joaquim is warming up in side line.
51': Goal kick for SAL for a move of EB.
50': Still Salgaocar is leading 2-0.
48': Naoba got the ball in right bu his final pass went for SAL goalkick.
46': Starts of 2nd half match at Kalyani.
HT : It's halftime now and Salgaocar is leading 2-0, scorers are Karma T and Francis Fernandez.
45': 2 minute added time included.
42': Still 2-0 is the scoreline for Salgaocar.
40': Karanjit collected the ball from advancing Moga.
39': Gurwinder's throw in to Dika but no action ball cleared from SAL box.
38': Salgaocar good movement but blocked by Okpara.
36': Gurwinder fouled Duffy, Free kick, Francis shot cleared.
35': Still scoreline is 2-0 on behaf of Salgaocar.
34': Salgaocar is now attacking more.
33': EB attacked, Chidi to Lobo in out side of SAL box but blocked by Costa before another action.
30': EB got free kick, bad shot of dika went to SAL player's body.
28': Another movment of SAL, Francislong pass to EB box in right for Duffy but well placed by Robert before his reaching.
24': Dika's corner kick and lobo's shot went to Karanjit.
24': anattack of East Bengal and Lobo's left footer saved by Karanjit for a corner.
20': 2-0 is the scoreline for SALGAOCAR.
18': Throw in for EB, No action, Mid field oriented match is playing now.
15': Salgaocar is leading 2-0.
15': Another corner for East Bengal, Low corner of Dika, Ball headed out by Chika.
14': EB got corner, Naoba's kick cleared,
12': Salgaocar is leading now 2-0.
10': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2nd goal of Salgaocar, now Francis, Abhijit was advance and Francis lobbed the ball over Abhijit.
8': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL..Salgaocar scored Through Karma T. Abhijit saved duffy's close shot but the ball defleted and came to unmarked Karma T who pushed in open net. goal,
7': Another attack of EB, Robert from left to Mehtab and his long 5': No score yet. 0-0.
3': Attack of East Bengal, Chidi's shot missed the target.
1': Match starts now.
0': Match is coming up...

I-League: DEMPO SC hold Mohun Bagan at home match.

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01.11.2013: DEMPO SC   0-0   MOHUN BAGAN (GOA - FT.)

DEM : Subhasish, Debabrata, Simon, Honda, Narayan, Carvalho, Myron, Pronoy, Billy, Beto, Clifford.
MMB : Shilton, Shouvik, Eche, Kingshuk, Denson, Katsumi, Pritam, Sabeeth, Zakeer, Manish, Eric.

JAYDIP DASGUPTA : In an important match at Goa, Dempo and Mohun Bagan locked in a goalless draw. It was a must win situation for both the teams, but neither of the teams failed to create any positive results. Dempo are now with seven points from seven matches, while Mohun Bagan are with nine points from nine outings.

Mohan Bagan and Dempo both have included young stars from Pailan Arrows. Narayan Das,Holicharan Narjary, Allwyn Goerge and Pronay Halder who were impressive in the last season for Arrows has been in the Dempo squad. The prime task for Arthur Papas is to build up a team for the future. But, Dempo who are the winners of the I league for the maximum number of time are in trouble in the pro Armando era.

Mariners are facing the problems of injury from the beginning of the season. Odafa is yet to be included in the line up, Erik has an injury. Katsumi Yusa after a stomach problem, today tried his best to be positive but did not get any support from his colleagues. The match was of lots of miss passes and failed to yield any thing positive except in the last minute when Beto's head was saved by Shilton and the rebound was kicked wide by Allwyn Goerge.

FT : Match ended. 0-0 is the score line.
90': 4 minute added time.
90': Chance missed by Dempo, Corner kick of Clifford went to Beto and his close header saved by Shilton well.
88': Dempo attacked again, Holi's left footer went wide.
87': Holicharan effort from a pass off Cloffort but poor shot.
85': 0-0 is the scoreline still in Goa.
83': MMB attacked, Yusa to Ram in right but his cross cleared.
80': No score yet.
78': Denson's free kick went out.
77': Yellow card to Simon who fouled on rushing Yusa. Free kick for Bagan from top of the box.
75': 0-0 is the scoreline.
74': Billy's weak shot went to Shilton.
72': Pronoy Haldar of Dempo injured in the field and under in treatment. He was tackled by Denson from behind.
70': 0-0 is the scoreline while East Bengal lost 2-3 to Salgaocar at home in Kalyani.
69': Corner for MMB, Yusa took the kick cleared from Defence of DEM.
68': Beto fouled Adil in bagan box, free kick for Bagan in their own box.
65': Still 0-0 is the scoreline.
65': Denson's corner cleared.
65': Yusa's right footer from top of the box saved by KG for corner. 64': PLAYER CHANGE: MMB: Ram Malik in and Manish out.
63': PLAYER CHANGE: MMB: Adil Khan in and Zakeer out.
62': Corner for DEM, corner kick went to Shilton's hand.
61': Slow pace in the match now.
58': Beto's header from corner kick went wide over the bar.
56': PLAYER CHANGE: DEM : Holicharan in and Myron out.
55': 0-0 still now.
55': Dempo got a corner from counter attack, Carvalho's kick cleared from MMB defence.
53': Subhasish well collected the kick of Denson.
52': Corner for Bagan from Manish attack in left of Subhasish.
50': Still goalless.
48': Zakeer and Pronoy collied.
46': PLAYER CHANGE: DEM : Alwin George in and Carvalho out.
46': Starts of 2nd half match with goallleass.
HT : No score in the half time.
45': 2 minute added time.
43': corner for DEM, Beto's corner kick no impact, cleared.
42': SLow pace in the match. Shilton's goal kick went to Gallery.
41': Corner kick of Beto cleared.
40': Brilliant shot of BEto from 40 yeards but well saved by Shilton for a corner.
40': Still 0-0 is the scoreline.
38': MMB got a corner but Manish shot cleared.
34': Sabeeth to MAnish in right and his brilliant right footer went out for na inch.
31': MMB got the corner, Manis kick and Eric's effort dismissed.
25': Beto's close header from Carvalho's right sided cross went over the ross bar.
24': Souvik cleared a ball from Billy's right sided attack.
21': Myron's left footer went wide.
20': No score YET IN THE MATCH.
14': Zakeer is injured and under in treatment in the field.
12': ERic's right footer from out side box saved by Subhasish and finally ball cleared in DEM defence.
10': Yellow card to Debabrata to Yusa.
10': 0-0 is the score line.
8': Manish shot went to Subhasish.
6': Corner for Dempo, Beto's kick cleared.
5': No score yet in the match.
4': Simon from right wated to pass Debabrata but good side tackle by Yusa.
3': Dempo now pressurising to MMB defence.
2': Manis in right and got a ball from eric but throw in for DEM.
1': Match starts at Goa.
0': Match is coming up...