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I-League : Mohun Bagan lost the home derby to East Bengal.

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KEB : Abhijit, Naoba, Opara, Arnab, Saumik, Khabra, Mehtab, Lobo, Dika, Cheddi, Sueoka.
MMB : Shilton, Pritam, Aibor, Rawilson, Souvik, Kingshuk, Katsumi, Denson, Sabeeth, Odafa, Erik.
Referee : Pratap Singh....... REFRESH THE PAGE TO OPEN FULL...

JAYDIP DASGUPTA : A World Class goal by Lalrin Dika Laltey helped Red and Gold to register their third win in an I League Derby against the arch rival Mohun Bagan at Kolkata today. It was in the 71st minute of the match when Dika received a pass from Harmanjot Khabra in the Mohan Bagan half. Dika took just a second to react as the ninety thousand spectators watched his left footed shot curled in beating the Mohun Bagan custodian Shilton Paul to give East Bengal the 1-0 lead.

It was a challenge on part of Armando Colaco after he took over from Marcos Phalopa earlier this week. Armando had four days in his hand before the Derby. This Goan had a successful tenure with Dempo Sports Club, who was confident enough for success before the Derby. It's a dream debut for him as he started his mission with East Bengal by winning a match which any one dreamt of. In a post Match conference Armando admits that he will adopt the system of his previous club, but he requires time to do so. He dedicated the win to Marcos Phalopa while the goal of Dika to Trevor Morgan.

Apart from the solitary goal of Dika it can be reckoned as a evenly poised match as both the team can score in the first session. Erik Muranda missed a clear goal in the 6th minute after receiving a pass from Odafa. But it was the Abhijit Mondal who came out in the right nick of time to save the East Bengal citadel.

Ruiji Seuoka was clear to score in the 43th minute in side the 18 yards with Shilton at his mercy. But the Japanese striker shot straight to Shilton which should have been converted.

Karim deputed Kinshuk Debnath in an unusual position in front of the two deep defenders. Though East Bengal played a number of ground passes in the middle third but the Mariners deep defense lead by Aiborlong Khongjee was good enough to restrict the Red and Gold strikers. Odafa Okirie after returning back showed his class and could have scored if Abhijit Mondal were not being the savior.

In the 59th minute a cross from the right by Pritam Kotal, but his powerful head went straight to Abhijit. In another occasion in the 68th minute Odafa dribbled pass Arnab and Opara but his shot from inside the 18 yards went straight to Abhijit.

Karim Bensharifa while interacting with the media after the match says that he lost to the individual brilliance of Dika. He feels that his deep defense has played a good game and had reacted according to the situation.

With this win East Bengal are now 10 points from six outing as Armando’s target is to win the I league . Mohun Bagan remains with 10. oints from nine matches But East Bengal are having a better goal advantage.

FULL TIME : East Bengal win their away Derby in I-League by 1-0, scoerer and Man of the match..- Dika.
90'+2': Players Change in MMB: Manish Bhargav in place of Rowilson
90'+3': Denson's forward pass to find Odafa, good pass but well collect by Abhijit
90'+1': Players Change in KEB: Gurwinder in place of Sueoka
90': 3 minute added time. Chance to Odafa, shot went over the bar
90': One minute regulation time remaining in first Kolkata Derby of the season
88': Another long ranger of Lalrindika, went wide
88': Good procession football of East Bengal.

86': Mohun Bagan is trying to best for Equalize.
85': Chidi's right footed long ranger, went wide
85': score -- Mohun Bagan 0-1 East Bengal.
82':Players Change in MMB: Sankar Orao in place of Eric
82': Moga's shot, went wide
81': Mohun Bagan's move through Souvik and Odafa, no space in defence. Ball cleared
80': score -- Mohun Bagan 0-1 East Bengal.
80': Long run of Sueoka, his right footed shot went wide
79': Will he be a lucky person?

78': Armando Colaso's Debut Match for East Bengal in Kolkata Derby.
76': Ram Malik's centre from right, went wide
75': Nearly another chance to EB, centre to find Moga, Shilton saves it
75': score -- Mohun Bagan 0-1 East Bengal.
74': Referee shown yellow card to Dika for opening Jersey after goal.
73': Brilliant goal by Lalrindika. Left footed long ranger from 25 yards out, beat Shilton and finds the net.

72': PLAYER CHANGE - EAST BENGAL : Tulunga in and injured Mehtab out
v 70': No score -- Mohun Bagan 0-0 East Bengal.
69': Great Excape of East Bengal from ODAFA courtesy Abhijit.
68': WHAT AN ATTACK of ODAFA? Beat 4 defenders in East Bengal box but his close shot went to Abhijit.

67': Mohun Bagan's attack through Odafa, too many defenders to block him
65': Chance to Chidi, good tackle
65': No score -- Mohun Bagan 0-0 East Bengal.
64': PLAYER CHANGE - EAST BENGAL : James Moga in and Kavin Lobo out
63': Moga is warmin up in side line.
62': Great Experience of Ram in his first Derby match.
62': PLAYER CHANGE - MOHUN BAGAN: Ram Malik in and Sabeeth out
61': Denson's free kick cleared in East Bengal box.

61': Mehtab committed a foul against Katsumi, free kick to Mohun Bagan
60': No score -- Mohun Bagan 0-0 East Bengal.
59': Brilliant right footed cross of Pritam to unmarked Odafa. Arnab wasnear by.
59': GREAT EXCAPE of EAST BENGAL- Odafa's header from Pritam's cross well saved by Abhijit.
56': Moga is warmin up in side line.
56': Counter attack of EB, long pass to find Chidi, Rowilson clears the ball
55': No score -- Mohun Bagan 0-0 East Bengal.
55': Tackle of Denson to mehtab, free kick to East Bengal
53': Corner for Mohun Bagan. Denson's kick wll colected by Abhijit.
52': lalrindika's corner, cleared by Shilton, another centre of Lalrindika went wide
50': No score -- Mohun Bagan 0-0 East Bengal.
48':Lobo's header, too easy for Shilton

47': Brilliant chance to EB from Mehtab's corner, ball just missed second post
46': Sueoka's through pass, brilliant clearance by Aibor
46': 2nd half starts.
HALF TIME: No score -- Mohun Bagan 0-0 East Bengal.
45': 2 min added time.
45': CHANCE CAME TO EAST BENGAL - Shilton looks injured. Best chance of the match so far
45': One to one chance to Sueoka, he missed a open sitter, good block by Shilton
44': Khabra's long ranger, went wide
42': YELLOW CARD TO SEUOKA of East Bengal, who fouled Rowilson.
42': Mehtab's forward pass to find Chidi, but Chidi is in offside position
41': Ralte's centre blocked by Pritam. But Ralte is in offside position
40': No score -- Mohun Bagan 0-0 East Bengal.
38': Naoba's centre to find Chidi, Aibor clears the ball
38': Pritam's long throw-in, Abhijit collects the ball in second try
38': Mohun Bagan's attack, Arnab clears the ball

37': Lobo committed a foul against Pritam, free kick to Mohun Bagan
36': Flying clearance of Shilton, Lobo's long ranger, too wide
35': Rowilson committed a foul against Sueoka near corner flag. Free kick to EB
35': No score -- Mohun Bagan 0-0 East Bengal.
34': Chance to Lobo, good block by Pritam
33':Mohun Bagan committed another free kick for foul against Sueoka
31':Brilliant clearance by Arnab to clear the ball from Odafa
30': No score -- Mohun Bagan 0-0 East Bengal.
27': Denson committed a foul against Sueoka, free kick to EB 26':tackle of Sabeeth to Saumik in box, free kick to EB.
25': No score -- Mohun Bagan 0-0 East Bengal.
25':back to back two shot one from Chidi and another from Lobo, blocked outside the box.
24': Okpara looks injured with Eric, now he is fit.
22': Mehtab's corner, foul in box, free kick to Mohun Bagan.
22': Chidi's forward pass to find Sueoka, good block by Rowilson and corner to East Bengal.
21': No score -- Mohun Bagan 0-0 East Bengal.
20': Mehtab well cleared a ball from Eric in their box.
19': Well save of Abhijit, an attck of Yusa from left.
17': What a Good Move of East Bengal--played 5 passes. Lalrindika's centre from left flank and Chidi's header, went wide
16': Mehtab's corner and a long ranger of Lobo, went wide
15': No score -- Mohun Bagan 0-0 East Bengal..
13': Naoba miss pass and Denson long ball from mid half fot Eric which was cleared by Okpara.
13':Too many miss passes by both the teams
11': Forward pass to find Chidi, Aibor clears the ball
10': No score -- Mohun Bagan 0-0 East Bengal.
10': Naoba's cross and well colection of Shilton of Mohun Bagan.
8': Dika's corner kick finally cleared from Khabra.
8': East Bengal earned corner in left from Chidi's attack.
6':A one to one chance to Eric, save by Abhijit and a return chance to Odafa ball deflected by Arnab and a corner to Mohun Bagan.
5':Yusa clears the ball fromc orner
5': No score yer. Mohun Bagan 0-0 East Bengal.
4':Rowilson clears the ball from Sueoka, corner to EB
2': Collision between Okpara and Eric, Uga looks injured, game stopped
1':Ralte's left footer, sirectly in Shilton's hand
1': Counter attack of Mohun Bagan, Abhijit saves the ball
1': Match kick off.
0': Both teams are in the field.
0': East Bengal in Yellow Jersey.
0': AIFF vice president Subrata Dutta and MIC- Sports Madan Mitra present.
0': More than 70-75000 fans came already in the stadium and more crowed are waiting in que to enter.
0': East Bengal is warming up in Southern end while Mohun Bagan in northern end.
0': I-League 10th Round - Kolkata Derby will start soon.