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I-League: Mohun Bagan drew goalless against defending Champions Churchill in away

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MMB : Sandip, Aibor, Kingshuk, Eche, Wahid, Adil, Denson, Zakir, Eric, Yusa, Ram..
CB : Arindam, Ahmad, Raju, Satish, Ravanan, Hugo, Thangjam, Lenny, Hammed, Henri, Hugo, Binnesh.
' MOM : Wahid Sali (MMB)

FT : Match end. The final score is 0-0.

90': Sandip is injured and under in treatment at ground.

90': Saran's kick went for their corner for Bagan clearence, Again Saran's corner kick went out.

90': Eche fouled Henry in right of their box, Free kick for CB.

90': 6 minute added time.

89': Yellow card to Balan for fouled Yusa.

88': Both teams are tryung to score a goal.

86': Still no score in the match.

86': CB attacked, Henry's header from left sided cross went out.

85': Attack of Bagan Yusa to Eric in right but his shot went wide.

83': Throw in for Bagan. again throw in. ball went to Bagan box.

81': Chance to Cb, Lenney to Henry in open area of MMb box but well done Kinhsghuk with a good tackle to cleared the situation.

67': PLAYER CHANGE : MMB : Sankar Oraw in and Yusa out.

80': Still no score in the match. 0-0.

78':Well effort of Bagan attacked in CB box, Sabeeth to Yusa but finally cleared.

75': 0-0 still now is the scoreline.

73': MMB attacked from Left Eric to yusa in left of CB box but it was too fast to collect, ball went to Arindam.

71': Danger for Bagan, Saran got the ball in 6 yards but well saved by Sandip for Corner. corner kick cleared.

70': Still no score in the match.

69': PLAYER CHANGE :CB : Jaisan Vales in and Ahamad.

69': Missed by MMB, Sabeeth got the ball in left but his shot went wide from a close.

68': Eche injured ffrom a clearing. He was taken to outside of the field

67': PLAYER CHANGE : MMB : Sankar Oraw in and Adil out.

65': Still 0-0 is the scoreline.

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63': Good another attack of CB from right flank but Henry missed.

62': Up and down game is going on.

60': YELLOW CARD TO Micky as he fouled Denson of MMB.

58': MMB got free kick for Yusa's foul. Denson to Efric and Erik shot aimless and went out.

57': Yusa injured by a tackle of CB player and he is lying on the ground. Yusa was taken out of the field for treatment.

56': corner for CB, cleared from Bagan box.

56': Eric well effort from out side if the box, his left footer grounder from Yusa's pass saved by Arindam.

55': PLAYER CHANGE : MMB : Micky Fernandez in and Hugo out.

54': Attack of CB, Long ball for Henry but Sandip came advance and cleared.

52': Corner kick of Yusa cleared.

52': Yusa's corner kick. Hugo injured and taken out out of the field for treatment.

52': Counter attack and BAGAN got a corner.

51':Another corner for CB from right side of Sandip, Ball cleared from Bagan box.

50': Still no score in the match. 0-0.

48': Churchill attacked and Hugo's shot well saved by Sandip for a corner.

47': PLAYER CHANGE : MMB : Sabeeth in and Ram Malik out.

46': 2nd half starts.


44': Yusa attacked from left searching for team met, Where is Ram Malik, Ball cleared.

43': Good attack of CB, Henry's header from a cross of Saran Singh went out over the cross bar.

41': Still no score in the match.

40': Match resume after drink rest.

37': Attack of CB, Hugo to Lenny in left side of MMB box but Wahid was alert.

35': Still the scoreline is 0-0.

35': Wahid's cross from right cleared by Satish.

34': Yellow card to Balan of CB.

33': Yusa hodl the ball more time for the reason the ball snatched by two or three CB players.

32;: Satish Singh fouled Yusa, Free kick for Bagan, No impact.

30': Counter attack of CB, Lenny's long ranger went wide.

30': Well attck of MMb, Eric to yusa in left wing and he ran into out side box of CB and his right footer went to Arindam.

29': Miss pass of Eric in left, wants to pass Ram but ball went for Throw in.

28': Attack of CB, Raju from left but wahid blocked him properly.

27': Sandip is now busy to collct the long shot of DB, Satish Singh overlapeed and his shot went to Sandip.

26': Attack of CB from left to right, Raju to Lenney to Hugo and his shot went to Sandip.

25': Still 0-0 is the score line.

24': Attack of CB, Henry to Hugo but well cleared by Knshiuk.

22': Attack of Bagan, Denson to Ram Malik in left and Ram to Yusa in outside box but his shot went wide.

20': Still no score in the match.

18: Injured Hugo is undr treatment in the ground.

17': Kingshuk blocked Hugo's attack in midfield, but it's foul as referee said.

15': 0-0 is the scoreline.

15: Ram Mlik's effort from left but failed to make any good movement, as ball cleared.

14': Churchill is attacking more now.

14': 1st corner for Bagan, Yusa short corner to Denson and denson's cross and Adil's header went out.

13': Corner of Hugo cleared.

13': What a shot of Hugo, his long ranger saved by Sandip for a corner.

12': Agin attack of Cb from right through Lenny, passed to Binish to Hugo but Hugo's cross went to Sandip.

11': First corner of CB, Hugo's corner and Hammed's effort went out.

10:: Still 0-0 is the score line.

9': Ball went to Throw in for CB from Denson's atttacked.

8': Again free kick for CB, Zakir to Yusa in left .

8': Ram Malik was fouled Free kick for Bagan and Denson's kick well collected by Arindam after Eric's header.

6': Ball cleared from Lenny's free kick.

6': Free Kick for Churchill from a bagan fouled as Lenny got the ball from Raju.

4': Denson to Eric but ball cleared.

3': Lenny's kick clered from MMB box.

3': Another attack of Churchill from left by Hameed but foul. Free kick for CB.

1': Churchill attacked from left through Henry, but Eche cleared.

1': Match starts at Duler Ground.